Personal Financial Train Wreck, Anyone?

Or, how I turned a 40% gain into a 10% gain by modifying a successful trading approach.  Not a tale of woe (though anyone who says “It’s only money” is a damned liar). It’s really about the soaring cost of a good market education when you’re out on the theoretical edge.

Death may have the marketing slogan “Grim Reaper” but looks to us like A.I. is becoming the “Grim Thinker.” Which we will examine in detail this morning.

I probably couldn’t have chosen a worse time to change from day trading to position trading if I had tried. It is real money, sure, but I can make it back, no problem. Just ticks me off (at myself) that I didn’t see it coming, better.  Lessons learned?

Based on our doctor visit results Tuesday, we will likely live at least long enough to recoup, since our health is excellent, even though our change-of strategies timing ain’t.

Market data dumps are on the way plus there’s the matter of craziness ahead…ah, that.  Need to sample water from that end of the pool, too.

Trader’s ponder du jour? Coffee, tea, or flee?

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44 thoughts on “Personal Financial Train Wreck, Anyone?”

  1. Thanks George … as the saying goes … “markets fool the most, most of the time” …….. painful at times … but not to worry, as there is bound to be more “time-based self-ordering fractal pattern” predictions which seem to never be correct … so looking forward to another update (the many there has been over these months), which wont happen. Keep the faith, as I know you do … life goes on

  2. While going through The Gateway Pundit’s and NewsMax’s offerings today the thought kept going through my head that the whole mess was nothing but a bunch of chicken-shit events that have come out of the DEvolution of our country and World.

    From McCarthy sucker punching one of his rivals, to the treatment of J6ers, clearing a path through the excrement for Xi in SF, the removal of Bishop Strickland, wag-the-dog stories on Israel, Bribem and his boy, “Bidenomics”, Newsom, 8-on-1 murder in Vegas of a high school student, the non-existent border, a “MSNBC Host Says with Straight Face That 45-Year-Olds Couldn’t Do What Biden Does” – on and on and on. I feel the same way I did when I finally got to see the movie “Idiocracy” – “How do I get my life back after wasting my time paying attention to this stupidity?”. I thought the movie may, at least, have some humor to it but even the acting was baaaaad. And so few people really care enough to acknowledge or do anything about it until it all falls apart under their own feet.

    I mean, seriously folks, do you reeeealy think we’re going to make it to the elections next year?

    • Bill
      November 15, 2023 at 08:36
      “MSNBC Host Says with Straight Face That 45-Year-Olds Couldn’t Do What Biden Does”
      Bill, that’s rich humor. In order to “do” what Biden does, the hypothetical, 45 year old would have to remove most of their brains and surround their self with brainwashed, liberal, anti-American pieces of crap. No challenge at all….

      • they’d also have to dip dip to lows that would haunt the average person.
        it’s called having a conscience ..not the deviant science of the con..

    • Well said. News other than local events and weather is a waste of valuable living time. And no I doubt there will be elections next year but I said the same about the last 2 so who knows.

    • “I mean, seriously folks, do you reeeealy think we’re going to make it to the elections next year?“

      “There is no precedent for an extension of a term. Previous states of war have not disrupted the four-year election cycle. The election of 1864 was held during the Civil War, reelecting President Lincoln in a landslide. In 1940, after World War II had broken out but before the U.S. had entered it, President Roosevelt won a third term, and in 1944, as the Allies were advancing towards Germany, a fourth. (The 22nd Amendment, limiting presidents to two terms, was ratified in 1951.)”

      In light of that, if there is no election in 2024, it won’t be because of war … leads me to believe it would be something worse, such as atomic war on our soil or just the usual confusion but probably confusion on steroids.

      So much damage has been done in the past several years, both at home and abroad, and every candidate will be suspect … that I’m skeptical of (anyone’s) remedy.

      Meanwhile, in case you missed it,- Democrats seem to have turned to (god) ?

      Get a load of that guy’s necklace. – Whatever floats your boat, I guess.

      • He’s giving Flavor Flav a run for his money!

        Perhaps a better question would be “if there are elections next year will anyone believe their outcome?”

        • “if there are elections next year will anyone believe their outcome?”

          The supporters of the victor will…

          As to this:

          “MSNBC Host Says with Straight Face That 45-Year-Olds Couldn’t Do What Biden Does”

          I published the link to Mr. Biden’s daily calendar, some time back. AFAIK only Bob, in Canada, picked up on it.

          I would like to see a few hundred, or thousand, or hundred thousand, publish that calendar here, there, and everywhere — especially on every unsociable media site, because most days, when Biden even shows up for “work,” his “workday” consists of waking up, receiving the Daily Briefing, and doing either nothing at all, or going to Delaware (to do nothing, at all…)

          The reason 45yos couldn’t do what Biden does is they would die of boredom within a week. No matter how lazy you are, once computers and gaming consoles are removed from the mix, there is only so much inactivity you can engage in, before you go absolutely insane…

        • LOL LOL LOL you would have loved it… I seen a guy wearing a vote for Biden t-shirt…with a mushroom cloud behind and on the bottom said go brandon go..
          I still have t-shirts coming for myself.. saying vote for none of the above..

        • Monkey does a review of Bribem’s (BribeME) itinerary every time he puts out a video. It’s pathetic to see “Flash Bang” having such a lazy time in his declining years at our expense.

  3. “Houston bureau spies an odd street crime to look for more of: Memphis cars block FedEx truck on road, pillage packages.”

    Modern stagecoach robberies.

    • Installation of a Panic-Button in all delivery trucks seems to be in order. Quick ! What companies would be contracted to install location/police call panic buttons in UPS., FedEx., and all the rest ?? Are their stocks on the open market ?
      [ Everything is a business model – right ?]

        • in the early eighties there was a truckers strike and all the wild cat drivers were being shot at..and that is exactly what they did.. hired someone to ride with ..
          The real problem is.. There was a Real change in the police protection since then.. I knew a driver for the cabinet company.. he was in one of those cities and stopped at a stop light.. an officer behind him.. put his lights on and asked him what in the hell he thought he was doing.. he said the light turned red.. Yes but in this neighborhood your lucky your not dead or having your load stolen while you park here not get your truck moving or I will let you find out for yourself..
          another driver was in another big city.. and someone stole his radio.. he called the police and they said.. no one is dying.. we won’t even go to those neighborhoods unless someone is dying at night..
          another driver.. got to the place to late .. and decided to park in the big lot.. security of the plant came out and said get your truck behind the gates.. you wouldn’t live through the night in this neighborhood..
          NO the danger has been there.. that is why truckers find a truck stop an hour or two outside of the cities to park at.. could tell you truck driver experience stories all night.. fed ex and ups are just learning the necessities of how areas are.. and after defunding their only protection for those neighborhoods.. because of BLM and Antifa.. then letting in millions of illegals and being trucked to those neighborhoods… phew.. I haven’t heard any new stories..

          Oh .. they have regulations on guns in that city.. and the only ones that have one are the bad guys..

          I think it is funny that people felt safer under Trump than biden.. and then.. there has been millions of illegals added to those neighborhoods.. I wouldn’t want to be fed ex or ups..

  4. BOHICA G,

    sounds like you violated Down % Cover Rule- You should Never, Ever let a winning Trade become a Loser – tis what Rules are for, DAMMIT!

    HIGHER 4 it Chief.

    Can I get a witness ?

    = New All Time Highs !

    ..and no I aint talking bout Alaska Thunder Fuck marijuana strain or Love…although ATF is some stoney good weed.
    (was a this show-hard rock day -bumped into DLR in crowd..big dude,shredded jeans with lots bandannas, doing spins kicks in middle of crowd on a small hill/rise)

    ? Dont y’all feel better now after listening to a lil EVH guitar shreds? Sounds like Victory to Moi.

    Step back from Ure market chart – further Genius, can you see the whole time line ? Can you See the over all Trend ? What direction does it look like its going ?

    * UP and to the Right, so on average…I aint talking bout Love .
    BuyBUyBUY BTC for health and happiness.

    See ya at the Cashiers window – You can count on it ; )

  5. “Russia hit depleted uranium depot.”

    The ‘cognitive fog’ among the people will become a little thicker as we transition to Morlocks breathing radioactive material.

    Biden couldn’t swallow losing a batch of premature enemy babies, “Israel offers incubators for Gaza babies after Biden says hospitals “must be protected””

    The old Hitler quandary, do you rescue your killer?

    • the people that did the horrible attacks deserved to be dealt with… BUT… with the annihilation of the gaza and the millions of innocent people of all ages whose lives are being destroyed.. in retaliation for the horrors that a few did will only expand the hate for generations to come.. and is also just as horrible.. its a no win scenario.. those that are now seeing loss of family and security will hold grudges where before they were probably thinking about something simple like getting that loaf of bread at the store…. that horror will last until eternity.. we hear of the gas chambers of the NAZI and the death and destruction of our retaliation for the action of just a few is just as horrible.. its to late now.. but mankind should be following the teachings of christ or of Confucius or the other philosophers of our history..
      acting rashly and with violence and hate won’t solve this..

  6. “In the casino, the cardinal rule is to keep them playing and to keep them coming back. The longer they play, the more they lose, and in the end, we get it all.”
    — Ace Rothstein (Casino -1995)

  7. There’s a sappy Netflix short series

    All the Light We Cannot See (miniseries)

    which involves SW radio. OK if you have nothing else to do.

  8. Eight Clevelands.., one McKinley and one Grant. Been a very good week., so far. Three Indexes with a scattering of Call Options., and have moved my stops up pretty tight – as I don’t trust it to continue – not like this.., This market has climbed so far and so fast.., looks like a thirty foot flag pole stuck a mere few inches into the ground – no support at all.
    Currently setting up for another three to four day trade – Put options. Timing is everything, right now.
    I still have a sneaky feeling that it will be a major international news event that will blow a hole in the side of this septic tank of a market. No idea what “news”.., or where from…., but this just doesn’t feel right. Can’t tell you why – just a ‘feeling’.
    “A feeling? Please reframe from your emotional outbursts and get on with your task.” Mr Spock said with venom laced sarcasm.
    “Stay Frosty !”
    – Side Note: I do not consider this “Day Trading”. To me., day trading is anywhere from two to six hours – with the occasional over the weekend buy-in. What I am currently doing is what I call “Positional Trading”.., three to seven day trades. Much longer time span, I just had to modify my math-models and expand my charting., which sets Elliot Wave onto the back burner.., which I do use for possible overall direction – but not – short term trading.

  9. The guided missile destroyer USS Thomas Hudner shot down a drone fired from Yemen over the Red Sea early Wednesday. The drone was not aimed at Israel., but the destroyer., in what is considered the first attack on a U.S. Navy vessel since the war between Israel and Hamas started. The drone was reportedly fired by the Houthi militia [ terrorist brethren of Hamas] – which has declared war on Israel and just about everyone else.
    – I do believe that Yemen is about to become one vast target. When asked if the Pentagon would respond militarily – “..,we always reserve the right to respond at a time and place of our choosing.”


    Been reading a lot of complaints on that.. what I don’t understand.. is.. Didn’t the USA and NATO the UK etc.. all make the claim a while back that spend radioactive shells were acceptable and blinken said radioactive bombs weren’t as dangerous as global warming..


    why is everyone complaining that the ammo dumps with the spent radioactive shell in it that we sent there were destroyed.. they need to look on the bright side of this.. make lemonade out of lemon’s . They don’t have to use their toasters to make toast.. put a little sun screen on and get a tan instead of a sunburn..
    Well I was being what is that word a smart ass.. those morons shouldn’t have ever considered doing something that stupid and send over spend radioactive shells to be used.. cancer rates will soar all over the NATO and Ukrainian landscape over that level of stupidity. Maybe those lazy bastards should read some of the reports on studies that they had paid millions for… they actually might find out that doing crappy things like that has more damage associated to it to absolutely everyone.. that radioactive will flow all around the globe.. Look at the studies that were done on fukishima and the level of radioactivity on the PNW of the USA.. I still won’t visit or buy wild caught fish after I read some of the devastating affects that there was from fukishima.. ..

    • NATO did say Russia would pollute the fields with radioactivity. The fields are polluted and technically the radioactive material is on the field because of Putin.

      Funny how it works but NATO was right.

      • This -Ure logic is terribly flawed – borderline.

        Technically -USA/UK supplied the depleted uranium munitions to ukraine zionazi regime.

        EVERYTHING spoken by TPTW is spellcraft. So when israhell tells you Hamas is doing ____ &____ , they are telling what They did and are doing.

        Everything is upsidedown/inverted – EVERYTHING.

        On the cusp of what clifford b high calls hyper novelty – its the stuff dreams are made of..”darkest before the dawn”

        Stand by for complete destruction of ukraine – nothing but a lil shithole of a “city” Kiev will be left, Nothing.

      • what happened is similar to a fire line.. we would do the same thing.. if you can contain the contamination in an area..
        the whole idea or the reasoning for nuclear is to create a weapon so horrible that no one would ever want to use it.. deterence theory..the Deterrence theory holds the reasoning that nuclear weapons would deter other countries from attacking with their nuclear weapons, through the promise of retaliation and possibly mutually assured destruction. Nuclear deterrence can also be applied to an attack by conventional forces. which is why they made the spent radioactive shells.. deep penetration and even if the people survive they are dead.. It was wrong for them to send those shells to those areas then try to make it look reasonable by saying it is the acceptable radioactive weapon.. I am not a fan of radioactive anything.. its extremely expensive to deal with the waste.. and is way more dangerous to work with.. we don’t know enough about it.. NOW coal.. I love that stuff.. it has a lot of energy.. if you use it right it is safe and clean.. with a minor change in the burn pots.. similar to an oil stove.. you can have a waste oil stove.. and that works great.. and if you change the burn pot.. it to is clean..

    • amen… keep it close.. read the printing in red..
      ignore the old testament.. or consider it a teaching example on how not to treat your neighbors..
      the ten basic rules..
      10 Commandments in order in simple terms
      You shall have no other gods before Me.

      You shall not make idols. or worship any other god before me.. ( we worship a number )

      You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain.seriously be respectful

      Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy. in the surge for more numbers we gave up on this.. the one family and worship day of the week..

      Honor your father and your mother.

      You shall not murder.

      You shall not commit adultery. Now this one is quite a deep thought one.. what is adultrery.. in many cultures.. those that you have sex with are your spouse.. is it being faithful to those you share yourself with.. ( lol andies in trouble with support.. LOL support and dedication to those you commit your sould to)

      You shall not steal.

      You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.

      You shall not covet. I see so many people that want what someone else has.. I knew a guy that he thought in his mind that no one else had the same troubles he had.. I tried to explain it to him.. everyone you see is going through some drama.. that you know nothing about.. what you see is the MASK… to cover over what they are experiencing..
      when you see beyond the veil of the mask.. you can see a lot.. once you see it you cannot unsee it.. and it becomes more obvious as you go forward in your meetings along the way..

    • Gandh?ran Buddhist texts are some really good ones to read..
      you can buy them here..
      you can read them here..
      just like the teachings of christ and the ten commandments.. the five virtues of Confucianism..

      1 Sat is the virtue of truthful living, which means “righteousness, honesty, justice, impartiality and fair play.
      do unto others be honest..

      2 Santokh, or contentment, is freedom “from ambition, envy, greed and jealousy. Without contentment, it is impossible to acquire peace of mind.
      Practice truth, contentment and kindness; this is the most excellent way of life. One who is so blessed by the Formless Lord God renounces selfishness, and becomes the dust of all.

      3 The exercise of Daya, or compassion, involves “considering another’s difficulty or sorrow as one’s own and helping to relieve it as far as possible. Compassion also includes the overlooking of imperfections and mistakes of others, for to err is human.”
      Be kind to all beings

      4. Nimrata, translated as “humility”, “benevolence”, or “humbleness”,

      5. Pyaar requires Sikhs to be filled with the love of God.

      Let the Fear of God be your feet, and let His Love be your hands; let His Understanding be your eyes.

      the teachings of christ.. do unto others..he shared his teachings by stories.. the five things that Jesus taught us..

      boils down to one.. it is my belief that the church of jesus christ of latter day saints is filled to teach everyone the lessons that christ thought was so important.. do unto others.. be the one to make the changes needed to those around you..
      OK enough preaching LOL LOL that is why the wife does not allow me to talk religion..
      be kind and walk with love in your heart this beautiful day..

  11. “We would not be surprised when (if?) Ukraine begins to move, in earnest, on the Crimea, that Russia will light off one and likely several small in-theater nukes.
    But not yet. The Russians are good chess players and the story that needs to “soak in a bit” in the West is “Ukraine war: Leak shows Western special forces on the ground – BBC News. Act of War if True.”

    Everyone around that is involved knows the truth.. but then the story of my father.. I wanted a toy.. dam I wanted it bad.. but my father said.. patience wait for it.. if it is to happen it will…
    They are good chess players and They know just like the US DOD knows if it is true.. they of course won’t tell us.. but if we step back and look at the whole puzzle.. dump the pieces out on the table .. just like we did with our grand daughter that loved puzzles.. and you put the pieces together..,of%2011%25%20from%20September%202023.
    oh not only is the gulftainer group deal bad.. but it sure looks like we are paying them to..
    and the more pieces to the puzzle that you spread out.. the uglier this whole thing is.. from my perspective it is the poison pawn trap.. get rid of our critical supplies.. and for what appears to be support to their deviant lifestyles..
    they bought our manufacturing.. own our country and we are all dependent on them to even pay for our daily living.. we borrow the money to fight these wars.. they manufacture our goods.. we are so screwed.. the best we have in my opinion to look forward to is the worst depression in modern civilization.. we have ignored our infrastructure..
    our grid and infrastructure is built for what appears to be profit not security.. leaving the whole country vulnerable.. then the open borders allowing people to enter that have openly threatened to attack from within by doing exactly that..
    and a congress that has agency heads telling them sorry charlie we will get back to you.. or more simply kiss my brown spot..
    they can afford to be patient.. let the dollar bill implode.. and the families that have been in control for thousands of years get dethroned.. and they take the place.. our industry is gone for the most part our steel mills are mostly gone.. all our parts come from someplace else.. our daily living comes from someplace else..and once we have depleated enough of our strategic reserves and they have gotten enough of the members of the sleeper cells to enter.. and our military is deployed.. they can pretty much take the country without a fight.. especially if the administration is able to get the arms from the citizens that have them..
    I am not a gun person.. I am a spatula and pots and pans person so I don’t have anything for anyone to take.. but there are a lot of people that do have them..

  12. Re: Train Wreck
    feat. Anyone?


    One regrets to inform that DJ George is otherwise occupied while conducting an advanced research paper towards his dma degree. However listeners are welcome to tune their dials to Chinese state media CGTN. “Empowering the World” reports live from the Xi – Biden San Francisco confab with an English subtitle “shaping a promising world”. The corresponding Chinese subtitle reads “The world has me and the future is promising”.

    We heave not a Xi of relief.

  13. I heard some ” financial expert ” say today the we are not going into a recession , more like clinton’s markets. Looks like we are saved , NOT.

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