Yeah, like ADP Jobs this week (dis-go up), Challenger job cuts (dis goes up, too) and now we have Emp-Sit. And “dis-goes” where? Press release, please:

“Both the number of unemployed persons, at 7.6 million, and the unemployment rate, at 4.8 percent, were little changed in January. (See table A-1. For information about annual population adjustments to the household survey estimates, see the notes at the end of this news release and tables B and C.)

Among the major worker groups, the unemployment rate for Asians (3.7 percent) increased in January. The jobless rates for adult men (4.4 percent), adult women (4.4 percent), teenagers (15.0 percent), Whites (4.3 percent), Blacks (7.7 percent), and Hispanics (5.9 percent) showed little or no change over the month. (See tables A-1, A-2, and A-3.)

In January, the number of long-term unemployed (those jobless for 27 weeks or more) was essentially unchanged at 1.9 million and accounted for 24.4 percent of the unemployed. Over the year, the number of long-term unemployed has declined by 244,000. (See table A-12.)

After accounting for the annual adjustments to the population controls, the civilian labor force increased by 584,000 in January, and the labor force participation rate rose by 0.2 percentage point to 62.9 percent.

Total employment, as measured by the household survey, was up by 457,000 over the month, and the employment-population ratio edged up to 59.9 percent.

As always we love going over the CES Birth/Death Model. The Current Employment Situation Model is designed to allow the government to ‘estimate jobs’ into existence. Obviously, they can’t find every new app-builder who sets up shop for a few months, so they estimate like crazy.


And how crazy is CRAZY? Notice the annual adjustments… 2.948 million jobs were corrected out.

There’s more in the report but what matters is how the stock market views things.

A few minutes after release, futures were up 100…which means rally on… Did I mention this is dis-go Friday?

The EmpSit is not the only report out today. Factory orders will be out later on. But this is the biggy.

Looking ahead to next week, Gallup Consumer Spending is due Monday. International trade data Tuesday, petroleum inventories mid-morning Wednesday, and import-export prices Friday. A fine week to take a vacation.

The week after is different. Not only will Janet Yellen of the Fed speak, but we get consumer prices and industrial production, so a little more to ponder.

For today, only light to moderate interest in things economic (domestically). We should be able to follow where dis-goes while snoozing.

ahem….Dear Berkeley Police Dept.

Hi Detectives.

Go look at the Youtube video here and freeze-frame the fellow who appears to be macing and instigating.  Spraying the blonde girl in the Trump hat.

Here, let me help.  This is what we call a freeze-frame and screen scrape…note guy on left:  Was it him or another guy?  What did he see?  


Seems to be another shot of him later in the vid, too.

Find this guy yet? have a talk?  Ask?  Don’t you have facial recognition software?

Now, put down the donuts and get the picture out on the street and check airport footage, too.  Thank you.

No, We’re not saying he’s a criminal, it just sure looks that way in the video, doesn’t it?  What did he see?  Maybe that’s oxygen that was sprayed and no harm…but we do wonder, know what I mean?

I’d be contacting the YT poster, too, to see what else is on their cam…but then I’m not a Berkeley cop, am I?

Who [Else] Supports Insurrection?

Well, read how “Illegals Urged to Fight Back against Immigration officials”  and find out…”

Austin City Council member, huh?  Now I know why we don’t live in Austin.

Those Spoiled Brussels’s Sprouts

Theresa May is going to spank the slimy unelected government of Europe today since only five of the 28 member states are paying 2% of GDP for defense.

One of president Trump’s campaign pledges was to harden up on NATO so we’re not paying the whole ticket. And looks like May is the first part of that move.

In return, May smacks down an anti-Trump parliamentarian

Meanwhile, the EU continues to doublespeak the danger of the militant Islamist’s retaking of Europe, refusing to get serious about Mexico-model immigration there. And the price? Machete-wielding man shouting ‘Alluhu Akbar’ shot outside Paris museum.

Lemme see, “religion of peace” is it?

Who can fire the ‘tards who set EU invasion in motion?

Twilight Zone time: Nobody is even asking…that’s how effing stupid the world has become. Wring hands and woe-with-me…all whine, no action.

NY Times Trum-Bash du Jour

Betsy DeVos, Pick for Secretary of Education, Is Most Jeered…”

Yes sir, let’s turn running America into a high-school popularity contest, shall we?

A lot more even is the US News and Whirled (sic) Report story that edges up to the question we were kicking around Thursday. Namely, what it part of America goes (or already is) nuts?

Of course, not as direct as our rude approach (which doesn’t move us), but give ‘em creds for beginning to nibble at “Is being the Party of [Perpetual] Outrage” going to be a turn-off?

Seems to us the correct answer is Hell yeah!  That milepost went by long ago.

The NYT Ain’t All Left/Liberal/Bad Though

When they cover non-political items they have some really good stuff. Example? They have a keen article on the purpose of sleep – which seems to be to forget stuff and rebalance things. IF you can stay awake through the…..zzzz…..

(If they could muzzle the anti-Trump crap, and be less opinion and more reportorial, they’d be a great paper again… I can’t hold my breath forever, though.)

Entrepreneurial Note: New Idea to get Rich! I’m thinking about building a buzzer button so I can bleep-out the slanted stuff on television.

I see one more 30-year old expert I’m gonna throw up. These kids don’t know zhit. I forgot more about politics than these junior weanies who have never covered a legislature and went right to Washington… Think that buzzer would sell? I do…

Life Beyond Cobots

Peoplenomics, our primo content side, got into collaborative robots (cobots) as a half-step into robojacked human employment Wednesday.

Related but important follow up ion the Wall St. Journal this morning about “Contracted: The End of Employees…” is worth reading.

Clickmare on Terry Ave.

Yes, we expect some somber-looking folks around Amazon’s HQ on Terry Ave. North in Seattle with the revenue miss this week.

CNBC has a pretty good summary over here.

Amazon’s always been an interesting company. Back in my sailing days when Amazon was a pup, I asked one of the financial guys who had a boat out near mine (Shilshole) how they were going to recover from a bad miss back then.

The answer was instructive: We made the right moves, we just need to slow while the world catches up.

I think that’s what’s going on now. Amazon is still heading for a showdown with Malls and brick-based retailers and with their two-hour delivery platform, it’s a grand idea.

But the fellow back then was right – maybe they need to slow a bit and wait for the world to change in their direction a bit more before moving ahead.

And then there’s another thing: Amazon is very much a web services company. But what happens IF *(and this is only an IF) people start to spend more time in the non-virtual world?

I look at my son, as an example of a 30-something consumer. Been through games, virtual such as it is, and so forth. But now he’s into solitary back-country winter-in-the-mountains. Likes the solitude and the personal focus that comes with totally unplugging except for his satphone for emergencies.

What happens if more young people figure out they are pissing their lives away down the wifi to make Zuke Markerberg rich? What is the payoff from Social except for friends who “like you” but would never lend you a dime. Do you need friends like that? I sure don’t…

So maybe the Web could take a pause. If Trump is right about making America Great Again, maybe we are in a period of “overhang” where the web has gone where it will for a while. So now can we get back to building new bridges, roads, pipelines, and infrastructure? Can we get some of those self-driving cars up to speed as hybrids that would be 50-state legal?

Can we leave the promise (not the hype) of VR long enough to actually go have a drink at the hotel on the rim of the Grand Canyon instead of blowing up tanks in CoD?

Of course there is a place for people who want the ultimate reality version of Call of Duty… It’s called the US Army and the playing field is wherever the CiC says…

You sure there’s a point to VR? I’d argue it and I think my son’s coming around to asking about it, too…

So yeah, maybe Amazon will spend a little less energy of expanding and a bit more on optimizing…

The future will get here soon enough. And come to think of it, so will Monday.