The Weaponization of Social Media

Ouch!  Not a very comfortable topic today.  But an important one to consider going forward.

It began as a simple discussion of how America needs to begin coming up with new – and more effective – ways to fight militant Islamic jihadists.  But in the process, turns out that in addition to having a terrible “soft underbelly” in things like the SCADA systems that run utilities and such, the biggest “target of opportunity” is sitting right in front of us.

Social media…  It’s also why given time, perhaps within five years or less, we will see the arrival of my long-predicted web content licensing.

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11 thoughts on “The Weaponization of Social Media”

    • Yes, it is TRUE!!! IF the whole country could just acknowledge this, we could do things differently! The ignorance in this country is breathtaking!

  1. Here’s one I’d like answered- why to weather channels keep 2-3 week or older stories posted on the boards long after its done? More disinformation and confusing content? NOTHGING is more useless than yesterdays weather report, much less stories still floating around about “upcoming ice storm Jupiter” Talk about fake news. Someone clean off the boards!

    • Ive noticed that too and also with old news stories, not just the weather. If the reader isnt observant they may think its new news. It seems to be standard practice on local newspapers now. Is it to fill space or keep minds rattled. Many people go ogf on just the headlines these days and often times the article content and headline conflict.

    • Yesterday’s weather forecast is useless, but yesterday’s actual weather, by hour, is actually valuable. Best if it was able to be downloaded as a comma delineated file.

  2. Seems that alternative facts are being used by all, as Robert Reich seems to think that facts don’t matter and so lets just say the Berkley riots were caused but brietbart alt right fascists to push an agenda

  3. By the way, Social Media sure seems to make it easier to manipulate the masses as those things that reinforce your views are readily available

  4. Industrial Arts are prevented, in large measure, by OSHA. Since that’s an executive agency and the applicable rules are generated within the agency and not by Congress, President Trump is fully within his rights to direct that the rule(s) be eliminated or deemed inapplicable to educational institutions. Such institutions already have sufficient liability incentive to run a tight ship.

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