Coping: With Personal Time Management

You may notice columns will become a bit shorter some of these mornings. Ure pal is going through a period this spring of “too many projects, not enough George.”

A couple of them I have told you about before. After almost 6-years of owning our own airplane, it is time to left that pass behind us. So in the next month, we will have buyers coming to look at the plane and that will occupy some time previously devoted to writing. For one thing, I’d like to keep it polished up a bit since people often (wrongly) equate the amount of polish and shine on something with maintenance. I remember from my airline days, our director of maintenance had an outsized budget for airplane washing. When questioned, he simply pointed out that passengers equate clean/shiny exteriors with safety. Even though we all know that safety is an inside-out proposition, at the non-expert level, that’s just not so.

Mow the lawn in front of a nuclear power station and the public – rightly or not – will assume the same care is being taken with things on the inside. So that’s the plane issue.

The second time sink this year is the garden and yard. I’ve decided that since there is a chance that we may sell this place and move into a rental home (like a condo for a year or two) that the same phenomena would take place with the property.

Left in its native Texas wild-state, the property is probably worth $5,000 per acre. But like with airplanes, when limbed-up, mowed, and all the brush burned-off, it might fetch another $500-$1,000 per acre. Granted, that may not seem like much, but run out with the land size, it adds $15,000 – $30,000 to the possible sale price.

No, we are not moving yet, but we will be going over when to move in order to maximize personal wealth in an upcoming Peoplenomics report. I mean, when you think about it, if you could have sold your property in late 2007 or early 2008 and closed around the bubble in property prices, then bought back in at the bottom in 2010 or thereabouts, you could have doubled the home you could have gotten for the money.

Thing is, most people don’t think in radical terms like this, but for those that do the old sayings “Sell when there’s a crowd” and “Buy when the blood’s running in the streets” is pretty good advice.

It would be a shame to leave such a nice, sustainable homestead for sure. But again, pragmatically, age is coming along and we don’t want to be quite this far from emergency services for the final few chapters of life.

Next time sinks are maintenance projects around here. Friday, George from Interstate Battery up in Tyler brought me out the latest batch of 8 golf cart batteries. Takes time to get that all hooked back up, the system optimized, equalized, and we are only 45-days away from the annual “re-tilt the panels” into their summer position.  ONly an hour for that, but if you’re on the phone?

None of it is particularly BIG in and of itself, but there’s always more than meets the eye. Cleaning up the old connecting cables is a couple of hours…and so it goes.

Next comes the Greenhouse. My first batch of tomatoes should be showing sprouts any day now…but here’s the problem: They haven’t so far. They went in the ground, well-watered and on a seed mat on January 30. As of Sunday afternoon, the Beefsteak tomatoes weren’t showing life. Not sure if I’m seeing life in the broccoli, or if that’s wishful thinking.

Point is, with the long-range weather forecasts looking pretty good in terms of early gardening this year, I really need to pay attention to getting the seedlings started. I’m not too keen on paying $2.99 for baby tomato plants…

There are some things on the house that need doing, too. Been several years since paint, so about time for that and spring is much nicer working weather than later on in the year.

A deck for the “180° room” needs to be done. Yeah, a couple of days work (3-4 more likely) but again, that times comes from somewhere.

Old Man Labs has a number of projects still stuck in the Neutral Zone. The most important of these is my ongoing research into dimensional-shifting of physical objects using electronics and I got some of that done Sunday.  Mumbo-jumbo for anti-gravity experiments.

The path I am following is to do serious generalization of past woo woo  events, real or not, and see what they have in common.

Using this technique (here’s a hint for your own work!) you can actually find at least half a dozen electronic similarities between the Beech Bonanza report in “The Fog” and the Philadelphia Experiment, the Montauk Project, plus assorted other events including some aspects of several modern UFO sightings.

Sure, toss in Aztec, NM and Roswell, too. Problem with this project is it remains on the back burner to more important short-term projects like the Light Crown project, although that is at a good holding spot now (one crown done, parts for V 3.0 are on hand) and we will be adding pulsed operation in V 3.0…waiting on some MOSFETs for that

Ham radio has taken a back seat lately. As of this morning, I still haven’t found the couple of hours to get the 746-foot super antenna back in the sky where it belongs.  This week?  We’ll see…

Although I got on the air for a while Saturday, the personal collection of ham gear needs attention. I derive a huge amount of pleasure from having the skill to fix old tube-type electronics. The stuff is relatively easy to work on but that brings me to the final point.

Although my four eye surgeries last year well as well as was expected, I’m still cursed by only being able to really see well for about 8-10-hours per day.

I know that doesn’t seem like a big deal, except that when I roll out and come over here to share the morning coffee with you, the contacts go in at 6 AM. That means many days, especially when there’s pollen around, the good eyesight is gone about 2 in the afternoon. (I wrote some of this on Sunday on a whole monitor, zoomed in and using 24-point font with no contacts in…but reference, details, and spreadsheets are a bear.)

I’ve been trying different eye drops (Systane is one, for example) but when I’m rolling on writing projects I tend not to blink enough so that dries out the contacts and next thing you know it’s like there is a fog everywhere – so time to take them out, rest the eyes for at least and hour – and maybe not even then…

So that weighs too.

Not A Web Mogul – Yet

A few of the trolls over in the comment section have dropped a snide line, or 10, recently about how “greedy George” is making a pile of money on UrbanSurvival.

Well, not quite…

I don’t mind telling you the truth…since it seems to stick in the craws of trolls:

Our income from those Google ads to the left was $4,854.00 in 2016. Those few Amazon ads for products netted us $4,221.81. Comes to $9,076.

But it’s not all profit. Each year I go through at least two keyboards, one or two computer upgrades, web site hosting, and so forth. Then there are communications costs for two dedicated onramps to the internet (satellite and a landline) which means all in, we spend (and I will use the 2015 figures because those tax figures are easy to grab) About $4,800 in expenses.

Now let’s back out $4,800 from our Mogul-sized $9,076 and we’re down to $4,276.

Now let’s look at the per hour numbers.

I seldom take more than a day or two of vacation – and UrbanSurvival has been here every morning on schedule with only one or two outages in 2016 – and considering the eye surgeries, that’s quite an accomplishment.

Four days a week, 7-hours per day and 52 weeks pushes out to? 1,456 hours.

$2.93 per hour.

I could get a significant raise working at Lowes in the electrical or plumbing department.

Honestly, without the subscribers, none of this would make any sense. They, however, do matter. Without them, Urban would not exist.

A Question for the Board of Directors

So here’s the question for you (honorary board of directors member that you are): Which of the following strategic courses seems like it would have the highest payoff?

1.Reduce the total length of the daily reports to a total of 1,200 words (combined). I could shave an hour or two a day in research and writing that way.

2.Cut Urban down to two or three days instead of four and leave Peoplenomics alone.

3.Reduce Peoplenomics to one day per week – not sure how we got to twice a week, but it happened because of just too much in the way of “fast market conditions” for once a week to make sense…

4.Or ?????????? (Maybe I should dictate using Dragoon Speak and see how that goes…

I’m open to suggestions. But getting up at 5 AM to get the eyes working by 6 and working like a maniac constantly banging a keyboard makes less sense the older I get.

I will at least finish the Millennial’s Missing Manual… That, like UrbanSurvival, is more project of joy/gifting than actual work.

I’m reminded of the old joke (but it ain’t funny anymore) of the old guy on Death’s door who says (it was a cartoon caption) “Gee, I wish I’d spent more time in front of my computer working…”

Elaine and I are thinking about taking a few trips once the air machine sells – leisurely driving trips. Seen the country fall under the nose of the plane enough. But she keeps telling me about this hotel on the trim of the Grand Canyon.

Or…and this is an oddity: Maybe we should start up the UrbanSurvival travel club.

Been thinking about that, too. If we went out doing jaunts around the country we could visit a lot of places and have a lot more value…

So if you have thoughts, do send them along. Unless you’re a troll, of course.

Write when you get rich…

73 thoughts on “Coping: With Personal Time Management”

  1. I suggest the following pecking order to change the way reports are generated.
    Most desirable
    Option 4
    Option 2
    Option 3
    Option 1
    Least desirable

    …STeve – KF5VH

  2. George,

    I’d be good with Urban 3 days a week instead of 5 with the option of additional days depending on world affairs. Then throw in trying it with Dragon Speak to shorten it up even further. That extra couple of hours of sleep plus the freed up time to work on the all the other ankle biters will do wonders for your attitude.


  3. Hey George,

    You and Elaine seem to be doing the very type of strategic thinking the wife and I are engaged in. Plodding along through life reacting to seemingly random events and circumstances seems a foolish way to live. We made the move, by way of a deliberate compromise, a few years ago. Now, we are living a few miles from a small city. Our ten acres afford privacy, our own well, and yet we are minutes from very good healthcare and other services. We may need to give up our little homestead in the future, as even ten acres means a certain amount of work,but that is an ongoing conversation. Hopefully, we’ll know when and where to take our next step. I’m not a pilot, but as a lifelong motorcyclist, I know there will be a time when the long distance rides will end. Until then, we’re traveling as much as time and commitments allow. And you absolutely should stay at The El Tovar. It is one of Harvey’s best, with a near perfect perch on the South Rim.

  4. I just renewed my Peoplenomics subscription and thinking over the craziness of this past year I was really grateful to have your insights to make some sense of it all. You’re so prolific and I remember your mentioning Dragonspeak that I told my sister last night that I thought you used that program to get all this news out. But maybe that many words gets hard on the vocal chords? Is Dragonspeak better than voice messaging on a smart phone? My iPhone comes up with some funny bloopers. Sometimes I leave them in with translations and LOL for entertainment. Shorter columns would work for me.

  5. “2.Cut Urban down to two or three days instead of four and leave Peoplenomics alone”

    yes you could but the habit of checking for a read is now targeted and you start losing relevance for a lot of people. The less presence there is the less likely you are to maintain the readership.

  6. Longtime subscriber….Seems I mentioned this to you over a year ago to cut The”freebie” site back and keep People at twice weekly…with a slight upgrade since they have been slipping in overall quality of content…Launch the trolls more aggressively also …..

  7. Current state is great but if you have to downsize: The highest value of Peoplenomics is the twice a week charts with your commentary. That’s why I pay. The longer pieces in Peoplenomics, not so much. Daily urban is nice, coping not as necessary.

  8. So the gloom and doom self reliance model you have been preaching for years is now no big deal? And moving into a condo is self preservation ? What happened to the total Apocalypse and social breakdown we were all warned about ? Every thing is a business model i guess .

  9. First: “The highest value of Peoplenomics is the twice a week charts with your commentary. That’s why I pay.” – I agree 100%.

    Second: as far as the value of the sites to YOU, only you truly know if daily updates do anything for adding or maintaining your subscriber base. Otherwise it’s just a hobby and if it’s not fun, why do it?

    Third, I do enjoy the daily missives, but you’re a one man band, not a news agency with staff. If you need to cut back, cut back.

  10. Speaking of “clean exteriors” this also applies to restaurants. I used to service restaurant equipment, after passing thru the beautiful and spotlessly clean dining room then through the door to the kitchen, it was more often than not, a shocking experience. From clean and orderly to filthy and disgusting. Customer perception of course based on the exterior appearance.

    • I agree with Chris. Also, I would hate to see you raise the Peoplenomics subscription rate. For someone like me $40 is a lot of money to splurge on a subscription. I dropped a mag subscription so I could subscribe to Peoplenomics. Personally I like your non-economic ramblings, especially when you talk about ham radio.

  11. If you are going to sell the homestead, consider moving costs and utility hookup fees Etc., Etc. !! Don’t let the Bastards get you down George, they have absolutely no idea of how hard you work. Just tell them for $9,000 a year and all of the hours you work they would like to purchase the business, just make an offer !! As always nice, articles this morning, and keep them coming.

  12. George,
    You could reduce the daily US posts without holding to a rigid schedule and I think you would still retain readers. Some days there just isn’t much to talk about for any of us and the thought of spending increasingly valuable time creating filler material is not optimal. So I guess that is a modified #2. Quality over quantity. I subscribe to other blogs that seem almost random in their posting schedule but I still check them regularly. The risk of not attracting new readers would be greater with regular mediocre content than with periodic forehead slapping ‘wow’ stuff.
    I like the travel club idea too.
    Dragonspeak is ok if it doesn’t create too many (pretty subjective) mistakes.
    We sure got strung along with the “golden years” line of bs didn’t we?!

  13. Do like the woodpile does he only publishers once a week on Tuesday that gives him time to do all the other things he wants to do and then when he does report its a diversified report, HAVE A GOOD DAY

    • keep your property and rented out with a managing service for 10%,or open an RV and campground site having a manager live on-site while you live in a condo

      • Get hi dollar from waste disposal companies that will use your land and destroy it and ruin the whole area, ha. .couldnt resist that one,oops

      • keep it in the family and have yours retreat and go back maybe twice a year to do maintenance on the land

      • probably has a big enough following that a lot of people would like to see and stay at the RV campsite Oro Homestead of George Eure of Texas in Texas,make a few bucks off of royalties and Goodwill when the time is right.

  14. Family comes first George. you haven’t figured that out yet. Old habits are hard to quit. Don’t ever slow down, just switch gears. I’m learning that as I approach 60.

  15. I would go with option 1 or 2. Maybe even cut back Urban to one or two days a week. I will miss my daily urban ritual but it will make Peoplenomics even more delicious.


  16. Go see the grand canyon, stay at the hotel which is probably the El Tovar. I stayed there one new years eve long ago. Great view and as the party progressed we were dancing on the deck overlooking the canyon (in the snow) and the next thing I knew we tossed one of the complimentary champagne bottles over the edge to see how far it would fall.

    Keep observing, writing and publishing. Do it your way.

  17. Hi, George. Just tried to add to the discussion but the post seems to have disappeared? Do you have it or should I resend?

  18. My “hourly rate” it a bit more than yours but no way as much as the corporate world. I have many of the concerns you do, although we DID dump the Harley and we DID move closer to civilization.

    As always, I am here to help you sort through it all!

    PS – Perhaps we should synthesize our websites.

  19. Hi Geo,
    I’d prefer you not change anything with regard to format and frequency, but I would support an increased subscription rate to $45/year. That might make the amount of time you spend at the keyboard a little more worthwhile. Or hell, I’d even spend $50/year to read your stuff every morning. Keep up the good work.

  20. I would suggest limiting Urban Survival to a news scan rather than using it to elaborate ideas and do it 5 days a week. Or skip Wednesdays if you want since people with the U.S. habit already do. Peoplenomics could be Saturday when I (and many other people) have time to digest it. Every now and again something happens that shouldn’t wait a week, but you could post in U.S. the availability of a Peoplenomics “Flash Bulletin” or “Special Edition.”

    • If you’re seriously thinking about selling it you might want to take the alternative which is one part of the property rented out to someone can put a trailer or an RV on it and that would maintain the taxes and the upkeep of the property and if you felt still the need to come back your place is there for your retreat until the given time that you absolutely cannot go back anymore the property will still be in your name and the taxes will be paid and the upkeep will be taken care of and also if wanted a manager for 10% could take care of that on the other hand if you just want to get rid of everything you got and go to one of those big apartment buildings with other people I said why not do it I mean but on the other hand if what you want is to have a place that all family can come too and live together at one point in time I would keep it and some of the ideas that I have suggested where you would be able to keep it and have family there kids grandkids and if you live long enough you’ll have great grandkids for more who knows have a good one buddy

  21. go to Dragon
    Keep 2 days of Peoplenomics – Wed & Fri (drop Sat)
    shorten the M, Tu, Th commentary to 1200 words

    Yup, my 66 year old eyes can’t keep up with the desire to do everything I want to do…..

  22. Leave all your tools and everything you have their take nothing with you unless absolutely necessary and open an RV George Ohr Museum people would come to pay to see for an extra fee in addition to the camping fee

    • And every once in awhile when you get on Coast to Coast you can plug your RV Museum site wow Who Would Imagine That

      • You say well I don’t have time well that’s where you Are the employer and the person who sets it up for you would be the employee or maybe contractor or family member or who knows and George is in his condo and he’s got his computers and he’s masterminding the world from his condo in this condo is all the necessary tools for him to Mastermind the world and right the bacon dollar book and Wiley’s in their writing the rest of the world is doing the George urban survival thing maybe once in a while going to the actual retreat where George used to live what a magnificent experience yes people with flying with their planes and a taxi would come get him or some kind of service and people would sign a disclosure saying that they cannot hold your organization responsible for the snakes that bite them or for the flooding that happens, but what day would get from it is this great magnetic feel that surrounds your house and people from all over the planet will want to come and experience this magnetic field that you felt Once Upon a Time

  23. Publish daily but cut the length of daily’s so you still get traffic on ads and links. As a subscriber, I like twice a week charts :-) and commentary.

  24. The way the rest of the world handles your situation is to move a young family or two onto your property. In a sane culture, this would be family.

    As for me, almost 8 years ago, we minimized our footprint, left the USA, and bought an apartment house and are onsite landlords. The rental income covers our living expenses, and we now bank 90% of our social security checks. CD’s down at the bank pay 9%, and our property increases in value about 7% per year. If we need repairs, maintenance, we bring someone in for $20 per day.

    That $300k condo would cost a third of that here, and your taxes would be less than $100 per year. Medical expenses are 15% of the cost the USA. Most expats have no car, and do not need one. Not speaking Spanish is not a problem. It costs $15 to bring in a cleaning girl to clean our living area once a week. Not having a girl come in is considered spousal abuse(grin). Once you get situated in housing, (a new three bedroom unfurnished apartment is $400 or less) you can live like a king on less than $2,000 per month. I know several expats who do well on their $850 social security check.

    Remember, if you have never visited one of the top 5 expat destinations in the world, what you think about expatriation is what somebody wants you to think, and I assure you, they do not have your best interests at heart. Life is so good here my wife calls it summer camp for adults. Once you see the quality of life we have and what it costs, you will be absolutely stunned. Plus, we do not have a predatory government trying to impoverish us at every turn.

    George, Once you start selling off your “stuff” you will realize that your USA lifestyle was never a business model. It was a series of optimized decisions in an environment where there are really no good decisions left to be made.

    That’s how it looks from Ecuador.

    • sounds enticing but then everyone I know would have to move there too oh well I guess that’s a drawback but thanks that is a nice place without any disgrace

      • Why do you think all those Billionaires and millionaires are all buying places in New Zealand because they don’t have friends and family here all they have is them in their pocket book and their immediate family but no one else so they have the ability to go like hey I got a place I hear I’m going there which is thousands of miles away from the people who are my friends and other parts of my family it sounds desolate to me why would I want to move to the other side of the earth away from everybody and everything I know unless ,unless unless unless ,have a good day I’m sure it’s beautiful I’m sure everything you say is true and it makes me want to be there but I live here and you’ve made a decision in your life to move to a place 4 reasons as the same reasons we decide to live where we are living now it’s because a place we need to go to feel safe regardless of the rest of the human race ,HAVE A GOOD DAY

  25. Kill most of your charts on Peoplenomics. I suspect most subscribers skim over them as quick as possible (I do). Keep the oscillator chart.

    • Most subscribers seem to love the detail in the other charts./…but another idea in the hopper – thank you

      • Believe it or not I’m a makes more stocked investments just for the heck of it because I learned my lesson back in 2008 and nine but anyway oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah

      • I think that when you make charts you should make or have as many Diversified types of explanations or as you say charts some could be with human figures animal figures anyway you can simulate a charge so that from the scale of 1 to 10 you are hitting on all bases of the people who want a chart to see because all charged do not assimilate I guess that’s the word to all people so some people respond to colors are the Reese respond to dimensions and others respond two vocals and as you said you have a musical thing that you did on the stock market I think that would be something I would display every day is the musical thing on my website since it is a new innovation I would put that on my website everyday to give a general a simulation of what’s happening and it would be vocal or sound orenda vibration that everyone can hear or see or feel or vibrate well I mean there’s probably a half a dozen other areas that we haven’t discussed how people can feel the things that are your that you are telling us beyond the scope of just reading it it on a screen and I think that is where the major breakthroughs come through ,have a nice day

      • If I put such figures on my charts (man bent over as bull approaches from behind comes to mind) the charts would no longer be charts. They’d be either a) cartoons or b) documentaries

      • Get well pictures are a universal language I mean couldn’t you see the Chinese and all the other language for languages looking at your pictures for advice every day just from a picture display

  26. Peoplenomics one day a week.

    Charge more for the subscription. Im sure the comment section here cost you something.

    Allow only people who subscribe the ability to post comments ( that should greatly reduce the trolling also ). They cross the line and get banned , no refunds. The internet world has its fill of worthless anonymous trolls.

    Please , you are getting into the “old fart” territory here !!! So please , take whatever time you need , step away from the keyboard and enjoy yourself more. Enjoy your family. Seems like most people here are mature enough to understand and accept that thought.

  27. Perhaps someone should write a “Survival Guide for Old Farts” (of which I am one.) The equations are quite different than those for young families. No debt and low maintenance time and costs become more important than good schools and employment opportunities. Defensibility becomes something like a shotgun in a house on a cul de sac with several cops as neighbors rather than a homestead 40 miles from nowhere. One unknown is which will come first: self-driving cars or vision too poor to drive, so “walkability” becomes an issue. Food storage, sprouting, and a small hydroponic set-up replace a large garden.

    I finally traded a flip phone for an iPhone after a medical crisis which suggested I might live longer if I had a phone that the EMT dispatcher could locate in a few seconds. Surviving a depression and Social Security cuts (higher probability) takes on a higher priority than low probability EOTWAWKI scenarios. Proximity to teaching hospitals which affiliate with and backstop local practitioners becomes an issue.

    Were it not for the issue of quality medical care and medical costs subsidized by Medicare, I’d probably be in Costa Rica, Panama, or Ecuador right now. Instead I am happily ensconced on the Treasure Coast of Florida away from urban congestion and surrounded by some really rich people who provide nice targets for marauders and who, for now, make sure the area has A1 medical facilities.

    George, I wish you the best of luck in figuring out where and how to relocate. It’s really a set of equations with too many variables and parameters that can only be guessed at. But you certainly are not betraying the “prepper” or “survivalist” mind-set. Rather, you seem to be more realistic than the complainers who approach life from a younger perspective.

    • Thanks Marc – yep, I have a chart which will be up tomorrow morning in response to one critical comment (“where did the apocalypse and prepping go?) and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it

  28. One less day a week (or shorter versions) for Urban and keep Peoplenomics the same (though maybe swap to Fri instead of Sat for it). The free part is interesting and part of many folks’ morning routines, but the pay site pays for the keyboards and such. Both are good, but I tend to read the pay side a bit more thoroughly many days.

  29. As member of your board, I’ve advised you previously: it’s your site and you get to make the choices on how you spend your time on it. But from my vantage:

    Bottom line: you love being able to predict the market open, which pretty much precludes a later posting time.

    Every time you announce you’re cutting back on the length of your articles, the wordage seems to increase.

    You got to Peoplenomics on Saturday in one of your attempts to cut back. The Saturday report used to be a freebie part of UrbanSurvival; eventually you switched over to two paid reports a week (Wednesday and Saturday)and four freebies (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday). Since most consider your charts to be the value portion of your efforts, perhaps you might consider doing a short (750-1200 words?) commentary on Tuesday and Friday, with your charts and predictions on restricted access to subscribers only. Then use Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday for a few longer reports and your Coping sections.

    Personally, the Coping section is what holds the most value for me. I’d love to see you create a Ure-cam so we can watch your garden grow. Also, you’ve forgotten that watched tomato plants never grow. Play them some soothing classical music and leave them alone for a week. They’ll be fine.

  30. post-cataracts several years ago. Best results from Systane Balance. Best price Walmart. Beta blocker increases the dryness.

  31. Regardless of where you’re at on this planet the one thing as a parent that you do want to do is be able to enable the existence of a place that day your kids and grandkids will have in the eventualities it’s something drastic does happen and that’s what we all do we want to provide something there in case all the other things fail so that we can continue our species pretty simple huh thought you’d like that

  32. George, do what us best for you. Only you know what that is. Don’t worry, we’ll still be here whatever you decide.

    Personally, I think you could issue a couple contests or such throughout the year with some nifty prizes of your own ideas. Like take all the trolls and throw them into a list with a number assigned the we could all play an on line version of Pin the Tail on the Asshole.

    How about guest posts, Oilman and Warhammer maybe.

    And thinking about it the 18 year old asian girl does have it’s merits. Ahem…As a paid intern of course.

  33. George;
    I’m about a decade ahead of you, and a few miles South. We have lucked out in a sweet spot in one of the small cities South of Houston in that there is much to be involved in, and good medical care all around us. The cost of living is not too bad (so far). We live in a senior apartment complex that is quite comfortable. A negative is that there is no place to put up an antenna, so it’s on the car or in the attic. Several senior complexes are under construction so choices will be even better in about a year, but one needs to get their name on a list. Our waiting list is about 18 months.

  34. I look forward to your 6-day a week posts. If most of your morning posting thoughts are formulated the afternoon before, write it then. Get up in the morning when you want.

  35. Shorter columns are agreeable because they will convey your unique perspective on things as has been enjoyed in the past. If it makes sense to run Peoplenomics once a week rather than twice, so be it. Whether it’s Peoplenomics and/or Urban that has a frequency adjustment, you may wish to consider amending a least read day so that the bulk of the readership will still be tuning in at their habitual times.

  36. I didn’t know that as a honorary BOD member, I get a vote, but thanks.
    Long time subscriber here.
    Try Dragonspeak. ….sounds cool.
    I know many enjoy the charts, but I am not one.
    Only allow subscribers the option to comment.
    I’d pay more willingly if necessary.
    It’s a necessary everyday stop.

  37. Dragon has been really good since 11. It can take dictation faster than even you can write. I think you would be surprised.
    Proper names, technical terms and contractions are about the only things you would still have to type by hand.
    Ok, so the grammar isn’t quite there yet, and turning it off has you saying “comma,” “period,” and “new line,” often enough, still, it works a lot better than you might think if you haven’t tried something like it in the last few years.
    I’ll keep reading whatever you decide.
    I may not evven be breaking even yet, but most of the advice you give (NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE, right) is worth consideration, even if I’m not smart enough to follow it all the time…

  38. Option #2 sounds good to me. I only read the “Coping” part anyway, which wouldnt need to be current. I do skim slightly the business stuff, totally ignore the airplane stuff, and generally ignore the woodworking/ project stuff. Between yours, Steve Quayle’s, and Youtube jsnip4’s stuff, I cant get any work done. That is, the 3 of you are so darn interesting that it takes up too much of my life. Maybe a Youtube channel would be a good option. And bring in some bucks.

  39. Option 4 is a no brainer – go for it and see how it works out.

    Option 1 or 2 to whatever extent you wish. I read all of what you write.

    PLEASE keep the Peoplenomics twice a week and generally as it is. I find that it’s worth the read and I do hope others will subscribe to support your efforts. I’d leave the comments open to everyone since there’s a lot of good info there. The trolls are a pain, but you might just screen the non-subscribers. Of course, if someone is truly out of line that subscribes, you could set them to be moderated or ban them outright. Anything to save some time.

    I find both the Coping and the regular news valuable, and as a Millennial wannabe older than you are, I find the missing manual to be very helpful!

    Most importantly, do more for yourself and family. We all care! And if you want to go drive-about in the USofA, we subscribers would always appreciate the chance to get together and socialize over drinks, dinner, or whatever.

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