I slept extra-well last night, knowing I have not failed as a parent.

It was a conversation with my son G2 Thursday that cinched it: As you may know he works as an infectious disease investigator in high risk communities (LBGT), is happily straight and dating as time permits, thinking for himself, and constantly challenging himself to be more and learn better.

He had called me to suggest I look at a Facebook post he put up. I was impressed:

“The only political post I am ever going to make:

Want a great country?

Step one: Be great to each other, no matter how different the other person is.

At the core we all want the same things:

-To have a sense of family.

-To accepted, understood and respected.

-To be treated fairly.

-To have the opportunity to be greater, the opportunity to progress and the opportunity to fulfill our dreams.

-The freedom to do whatever the hell you want (within reason of course).

BTW I am pro: Gay, gun, & I’d never tell a woman what she can or can’t do with her own body. Color or nationality: Don’t give a shit, if you’re cool than let’s be friends. And religion: Totally fine with me but: Keep religion the hell out of government. Separation of church and state: There’s a VERY good reason behind that methodology.

We are stronger united than apart. There are people who would love nothing more than to see us all separated and at each others throats.

We live in the greatest country on earth: Start treating each other accordingly.”

I was deeply appreciative of his comments and then he told me a story.

Last week, he helped a Hispanic fellow fix his iPhone. George had noticed the screen was broken and said “That sucks…but I can fix it for you if you want if you buy the parts…”

The young man got the parts needed and the phone owner (along with his partner) met G2 at a local Starbucks. G2 set up “shop” with his iPhone toolkit and went to work. An hour later, the man’s iPhone was fixed and all was well.

The phone owner’s partner had been worried that G2 might be hustling his partner. But no, that’s just who Ure’s are.

“Well, can we pay you, or something?” they wanted to know.

“Naw…just pay it forward…Next time you see someone you can help…pay it to them.”

A day later, a pretty good bottle of wine arrived.

Two things made me proud:

  • Be the Change you say you want.
  • Pay It Forward.

The only problem I see in the world – but it’s why RenaissanceCore.com will be along: Not enough people have the three attributes of G2:

1. Skills that can be shared.

2. The inclination to share.

3. The generosity to send Paying It Forward into the future.

Humbles me to think what kind of world we would have today if this kind of awareness had been taught for a few generations.

Maturity is when old people can learn from young, not just t’other way around.  Well done, son.

The Airline Pilot Story

Buddy of G2’s in a pilot. Selling his home.

“I can’t believe how stupid these Millennial’s are. I put in French drains and did great landscaping to the house I’m selling and no one understands what I’m even talking about…

They don’t have any skills at all!”

Yep, seen it many times. Old people who use the M’s as their social tools don’t share skills or learning. Outfits like the nest of Soros outfits seem only interested in using ‘m and losing ‘em.

Which is why we  have chapters of that Missing Manual for Millennials book on Thursdays around here.

The death of industrial arts in America is to blame.   

SOHO Operations – Monitor Lighting

That’s small office/home office, for those not aware.

I have been trying out (and so far very happy) with the free software product called F.lux.   It really slows ni8cely with all of our research into the Light Crown project and such.

Free download from www.justgetflux.com..

The product allows you to adjust the color temperature of your monitors.  There is a day setting and a night setting.

To use it, set up your monitors (please, tell me you use at least 2?_) so they are as hot (white/blue) as you can set them – usually 6,500 degrees Kelvin or higher.

Then use F.lux to dial things back down to not so screaming white.

Here’s the thing:  When you run “hot” monitors in the morning, you will experience optimal awake state, but by noon, or so, I’ve dialed things back to a kind of medium (4,500K) temperature or lower.  And at night, especially three hours before bed, dial it on down from there.

As you consulting doc on the light crown dealy said “Blue light can really screw with your circadian rhythms so be careful with them…”  And he’s right.  A little bit of white/blue light goes a long ways.

But for those early morning online meetings/conferences where you want optimal sharpness, run the color temps us, but not after noon.

There was a Harvard Health letter about blue light, too, if you need a more authoritative reference than our morning coffee klatch.  Read “Blue light has a dark side.”

Light Crown two is under construction – should be able to get that done today and in use tomorrow.  Since it uses red, green and blue arrays, I try to use it before 10 AM.  And as noted, seems to have a real effect after three days of use. 

Don’t know if that’s from pumping with blue over the right trigeminal nerve stack, or if it’s the overall healing of the red light, but oh boy, anxious to get back on that project. Some master synchronizing effect of the circadians  may be be the method of action…but whatever it is, our researches this spring should bring it into better focus.

Meantime, Back In Front of FTA TV

FTA=Free to Air television

I told you earlier this week we had been captivated by the excellent Chinese documentaries on CGTN (China Global Television Network) on Galaxy 15 at 95° W.

Eventually, though, we decided to go back and rescan Galaxy-19 at 97° W.

A blind-search of all the transponders later and we had nearly 400 FREE TO AIR television channels to pick from. Mostly our old favorites: RT/Russia Today and CNC-World, a Chinese news channel in English with a pretty good global perspective.

Elaine and I will spend a few minutes a day going through lots of the other channels (mostly HD).

Saudi Channel 2 still offers good English content now and then. CNC-World has some good content and RT’s upcoming doc on “The Sorcerers” about drug-abusing youth/wannabe shamans…well, that should be good too.

Jesse’s Back…

The real point of all this – other than FTA television is a fine news-junkie tool – is to mention former Governor Jesse Ventura is coming back on RT with a program simply called “Jesse.”

The promo piece has the former gov. on a Hibbly-Dibblitzen explaining how he wants to go across America trying to find people “expressing their freedom” (or some such).  Since Ventura’s outlook is different that cookie-cutter LameStream Media BS, it may be worth firing up your satcomms and getting ready for his first adventures.

I’m not sure when, exactly as “coming soon” is pretty vague.  I’ll try to remember to mention when it comes along.

One other open-content of note is Iran’s Press TV which is still blasting out English news out our way. You talk about “alternative facts?”

Most of the rest of the 200+ channels (lots of duplicates) plus 100 channels of radio is a religious wasteland of God-marketing and plenty of Imams, too. A few interesting channel names (the Parable Channel) sounded interesting but only for a few minutes as a time.

Fair bit of Laotian and Vietnamese programming on, too.

Weekend is Comms Time

Later today, we will change out battery bank #1 which has been in service since 2008. Using the same Interstate 225 Amp-hour batteries as before.

I looked at sweepers and folk lift packs, but in the end, a couple of golf-carts in series can still fire up a car, radio gear, and so forth. No need to vary from our original design.  Flexible for the Future is my mantra.

Next project after that  will be repair of the 746-foot super antenna. Got the fallen tree removed, but now it’s time to run up the ladder and such.

Look for AC7X on the bottom end of 40-meter CW Saturday around 3-PM, or so.  Banging out Morse Code is still fun and more stimulating than texting.  Faster, too.  And the infrastructure can fit in a backpack.

Hat’s off to Robin Landry who is planning (time permitting) to sit for his Technician Class ham license this month.

Somewhere in here I should be able to get a used Icom R-100 set up on weather satellites.  Not happy with the SDR approach.

Sunday looks to be Greenhouse Day. Should be getting some seeds in. Always something to do up there.

No More Winter?

Weather around the ranch has been on the warm side. Looking at AccuWeather, we don’t have any more freezing weather expected, so we could have a very long growing season this year… We will be able to set seedlings out just about any time they wake up and get ready at this rate. Fresh veggies in April? Yum!

And on the lighter side, we always keep a collection of 55-gallon steel drums around. They begin life usually as Corrosion-X barrels from the oil industry. Then we use them for a while as diesel tanks. After that they cycle into burn barrels…and then then are land fill of sheet steel when banged out for some delusional project or other.

Point  is that one of the drums has just the right seal on it. Whenever the temp passes 53° F going up or down, there is a cloud “thump” as the tank expands.

When it’s cool in the morning, it’s like having an automatic temperature alarm. Working outside when it’s 41 isn’t much fun, but 53 to 80 is a great working temperature range.

Nice to have an automatic alarm drum telling me when to get to work.

Have a great weekend and ya’ll come on back Monday… Weekend is when you work for the only person than matters (your spouse, lol)…

In the meantime, write when you get rich,