Berkeley Riots AGAINST Free Speech

Those insolent left-winger/anarchists tore up the Berkeley campus last night. With chants of
No border, No Nation, F**K Deportation” the latest lefty-outburst set off firebombs and went off campus to continue raising hell.

Their motivation? A speaking gig by this guy – let’s Wiki him, OK?

“Milo Yiannopoulos (born 18 October 1984) is a Greek-born British journalist, author, entrepreneur, public speaker, and senior editor for Breitbart News, a conservative news and opinion website based in the United States. He wrote previously using the pseudonym Milo Andreas Wagner.”

“You’re kidding, right?”

Nope, the leftist toads, you see, don’t understand free speech very well. They figure that free speech applies to their swill but no one else gets a word in edgewise, and if they try, well out come the firebombs and masks…

Which is what happened last night.

To be sure, Berkeley has long been a breeding ground of bankrupt thought…and to so remind the molly-coddling administration how the world REALLY works, president Trump has informed the school (paraphrasing) “Get it under control or lose your Federal funding.”


Then, as I was sitting with my first cup of brain-juice, a hell of an interesting thought occurred.

Remember those so-called FEMA camps? You can find references and vids all over Youtube about ‘em (Google search result here).

What if the seriously paranoid got these “camps” all wrong?

Here’s something to think about.

Let’s hypothecate that 10-20 years back someone in the Continuity of Government business looked at the growing use of psychoactive drugs by the U.S. population and posed this damn interesting question:

“How will we handle a significant fraction of America going CRAZY all at the same time?”

Even then, a significant fraction of people were on anti-depressants and such…but the trend was what they would be looking at.

We don’t have any “hot, fresh data” but we do know from a quick search of the web that WorldNetDaily was reporting “70 million Americans taking mind-altering drugs—Exclusive: David Kupelian tells untold story of nation’s rapidly escalating drug dependence…”

Let’s do some math: Let’s assume that the US population in the data period was around 310-million. That would push out 70-million as 22.58% of total population.

But the figure in key demographics is likely far higher, especially in the teen through age 40 area. In fact, few people over 60 are users, and few under age 3 or 4 – so let’s toss them out.

Then thanks to president Glad-He’s-Gone’s open border nonsense, maybe the most recent arrivals have been “diagnosed” and “hooked up” yet.

So perhaps, something on the order of 70-million were popping their moods, but out of a much smaller total-pop, perhaps 250 million – or even less. Now we’re getting up closer to 30%.

And the trend has very little likelihood of reversing any time soon, thanks to the mass programming that includes “Tell your doctor…” and such.

OK, back to the plot then.

What if a responsible party looked at open borders, the soaring national drug dependencies, and oh yeah – soaring divorce rates and asked “What if we have an outbreak of mass insanity? What will be our National Policy Response to such an event?”

And then along comes my favorite group of “Bullshit and it’s Bad for You” folks – the purveyors of Socialist Media!

Now we have a key working class in demographic that is about one third on brain drugs (the trend has no reason not to build on three or four year old data) AND these people (often lacking solid parenting other than leftovers from the Nanny State nurseries – schools) come down with a contagious mental disease?

Well, this is a far-fetched scenario, isn’t it?

Why to be true, a large fraction of America would have to believe Donald Trump didn’t win the election. Ooops!

Then you’d need to have programmed a ton of people to believe that Donald Trump wants to be Hitler….Ooops! There’s that group…

And of course, let’s not leave out the obviously insane who believe people from uncivilized countries, unable to look up how well America works and implement our Founding Documents which aren’t exactly hidden online, should have the same rights and privileges of citizenship that people here have.

What do you do when the mass hysteria – spread on crooked social media – breaks out?

The measured response is simple: Cut off federal funding until the Big Berkeley Daycare can restore order.

But suppose that it spreads more. Suppose there really is another showdown which underscores the spreading insanity.

It’s been around for a long time. Rioters and insurrectionists (Baltimore, Ferguson et all) don’t seem to understand that burning things down is not a reasonable Economic Development program. No company in its right mind would relocate or open new facilities in such places.

That said, it is the nature of mobs of any stripe to ignore the logic of cause and effect. Mobs don’t act in rational ways.

On the other hand, Berkeley property-owning residents may have a class-action line of legal redress against the University: Care to bet that home sales around the Berkeley camps see depressed prices as a result of the spreading insanity?

As a result out here in the Outback, as we watch America sink, this marvelous bit of Thinking the Unthinkable appears.

Opening FEMA camps to anyone who rebels against civil authority and turning them into Chinese-style “re-education camps” might actually be a long-term Continuity option.

A kind of patriot’s Cultural Revolution. Painful for China, but seems to have set them on the path to domination of World.

For those who would be arrested and convicted of rioting, it would fulfill their deepest fears that “Trump is Hitler.”

For Continuity contingency planners, it would be an effective means of isolating the delusional from the general population. And for fiction writers, it sets up all kinds of fascinating plot lines, doesn’t it?

Sheesh. Insanity is out of the bottle and the dangerously delusional mindset sown by the Obama administration continues to run amuck as the ongoing attempt to destroy America rolls into plainer view by the day.

Soon enough we will dispense with reporting “news” and just call it what it is.

The daily Anarchy Chronicles.

Fed Rates Hold

There never was much chance of the FOMC raising rates yesterday. If there was, I would have told you about it. But that’s not where history is pointing.

In our models, the S&P should head up north of 2,300, but after that all bets are off.

There was a business case that the Fed would be able to raise rates three times this year, but I’m not holding my breath.

We are at a damn strange point in socioeconomic political history. While we should work our way up to the All Time High between March and August, when it arrives, the Fed will have to be very careful this time to get things right. Spotting peaks in the economy is not something the Fed’s any good at.

To make the point, let’s see how well the Fed did anticipating the peak of the Tech Bubble in the spring of 2000. I’ve circled where stocks in tech were peaking – winter into spring 2000:


Worse, however is that as we experienced in the 2007 to 2009 decline, just lowering rates to essentially zero doesn’t necessarily jumpstart the economy:


All of which leaves us to expect that when the market gets to its blow-off high this year, and when secular confidence in Donald Trump eventually goes the way of Herbert Hoover’s approval ratings – and necessary by any error on the president’s part, more like the attack by the bitter left will pay off – we should see the Fed continuing to act based on expectation bias and that, in turn is set by failing to realize they are reacting to Anarchy Chronicles, not legit news and data.

But that’s what makes the period ahead – including the 2-year slide we see to a mega-depression bottom in 2020 such an interesting ride.

The trick – as always – will be to remain steadfastly grounded in values and data and not be swept up by the “growing madness of Crowds.”

Forget the faux news channels – instead I expect you will gain far more insight into our present (and growing) predicament by reading Charles Mackay’s 1852 classic “MEMOIRS OF EXTRAORDINARY POPULAR DELUSIONS and the Madness of Crowds.” Free from the Gutenberg Project so you really have no excuse. Unless you’re busy burning your mask from last night.

Challenger Jobs Cuts

Press release data – here you go:

“The new year started with an increase in corporate downsizing, as the nation’s employers announced plans to cut payrolls by 45,934 in January, according to the latest report on monthly job cuts released Thursday by global outplacement consultancy Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.

January job-cut announcements were up 37 percent from December 2016, when planned layoffs totaled 33,627.

While last month’s tally was the highest since last April (64,141), it was 39 percent lower than January 2016, when employers announced plans to eliminate 75,114 jobs from their ranks.

January job cuts in 2016 were dominated by the energy and retail sectors. This year, planned cuts were concentrated in just retail, which continues to reel from the shift toward online shopping.

The top four job cuts announced during the month occurred in the retail sector, with Macy’s leading the pack by reporting plans to close 68 stores and decrease its headcount by 10,000 workers.

“Overall, it was a solid holiday shopping season, but several retailers, including Macy’s were unable to capitalize on stronger consumer confidence and spending,” said John A. Challenger, chief executive officer of Challenger, Gray & Christmas.”

The Problem for “President Real Estate”

(No, that’s not pejorative, that’s where Donald Trump’s expertise is…)

I have been telling you for the longest time that we are coming to a Depression where beside blowing-up Pension Funds (founded on impossible dreams of annual returns) we would see the ultimate showdown between Brick and Malls versus Pricks with Clicks.

Drilling down into the Challenger data, there’s this peach summary of the early stages of economic collapse in Retail:


Tomorrow we will see the “offishul” Employment Situation (EmpSit) but it will likely begin to soften such that over the next month or two, the rubber chicken circuit will head from one FedHead after the other about how they’ll take a ‘go slow’ attitude toward more hikes.

Fact is, they won’t have a choice.

Hand Me Another Press Release

Last one was not fun, so try this one:

Nonfarm business sector labor productivity increased at a 1.3-percent annual rate during the fourth quarter of 2016, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today, as output increased 2.2 percent and hours worked increased 0.9 percent. (All quarterly percent changes in this release are seasonally adjusted annual rates.) From the fourth quarter of 2015 to the fourth quarter of 2016, productivity increased 1.0 percent, reflecting increases in output and hours worked of 2.2 percent and 1.1 percent, respectively. (See table A1.)

Annual average productivity increased 0.2 percent from 2015 to 2016. (See table C1.) Labor productivity, or output per hour, is calculated by dividing an index of real output by an index of hours worked of all persons, including employees, proprietors, and unpaid family workers.

Unit labor costs in the nonfarm business sector increased 1.7 percent in the fourth quarter of 2016, reflecting a 3.0-percent increase in hourly compensation and a 1.3-percent increase in productivity. Unit labor costs increased 1.9 percent over the last four quarters.

We would no doubt have higher productivity numbers if employers banned cancerous social media at work, but don’t let Reality intrude…

And in Other News

NPR continues to bash as bash-can with “Trump’s Supreme Court Pick Is A Disciple Of Scalia’s ‘Originalist’ Crusade.”

Freedom of religion, anyone? Or, does NPR not recall that in their efforts to divide not unite America?  I didn’t hear a cry at some of the more God-less picks, did you?

Prison Time for Leakers?

With an AP story that president Trump hinted at using U.S. forces if Mexico can’t control its side of the border, the denials are flowing hot and heavy.

The Hill reporting “WH denies report that Trump threatened Mexican president over ‘bad hombres’.

To us, it’s another well-orchestrated attack on Trump credibility. The story is believable to the suggestible libtards of America – and even some of us in the middle.

But the main thing is that I would expect Trump to task the Secret Service with finding the leak, plugging it with charges and prison time.

The AP can hide behind source protection, but at some point, when dealing with delicate relations with foreign countries, doesn’t leaking secrets become sabotage?

Well, off to work now…more Friday morning including those breaking job numbers.

For now, futures are down 51 on the poor job numbers just out.







91 thoughts on “Berkeley Riots AGAINST Free Speech”

  1. You went too far today, George. I’m a long time reader, but I can’t take seriously advice from someone who seriously advocates use of “re-education camps”. Tone it down or you will loose me.

      • In some circles, there is a prediction that 100 million Americans will die at the collapse. Let’s see, re-education camps or 100 million dead. I pick re-education, they will pick death taking 25 million of us with them.

      • Hell – they’ve been in re-education camps for the past 20 years – it’s called the American Education System – perhaps if it had been labeled with Communist, Socialist or whatever it actually may have been noticed – and of all places Berkeley- the place where opinions of all kinds were cherished for ages – and now eating their own – what a paradox.

      • THEY are already using satellites to allow people to cross the border so we need to take the government back to use the satellites to keep the people from crossing the border

      • Take away citizenship. Get a 3rd world country to accept them as part of our humanitarian package negotiations.

    • Well how about if we use the term “boot camps” instead,the biggest problem with this country and a very large part of its population are pussies, they can see the problems but have no solutions nor really care, like what’s going on in Berkeley where they are smashing private property burning cars, now the solution would be to round those involved up make them pay the damage expel them from school with no refund of any monies paid,but then again I’m sure that would be to harsh for most…

    • Looks like you need to access some military documents, such as FM-39.40. Also do some research on COG (Continuity of Government).
      George is not making this up.
      There is/was a very nice film make by Jesse Ventura’s program on Youtube. BYT, he had a book called something like “documents the Gov’t doesnt want you to see” or something like that. It was very interesting.

  2. policy options?
    fluoride in water, no more gmo’s, ban anti-depressants, smart meters, elf towers, chemtrails, corpmilgov…and especially all ngo and false flaggers promoting/instigating. it appears we are reaping what we have sown.

  3. George, You can’t please everyone so please yourself. Call it like you see it. Keep up the good work.

  4. There was an article that came out either late this past Summer or early Fall about a CA university prof, probably Berkley, that made a study and subsequently wrote a book about we out here in “Fly-Over Country”. She moved for a year to northern Louisiana, Duck Dynasty country, to find out just how bad it really was. To her surprise she found that, no, we don’t sacrifice and eat our children, we’re actually pretty intelligent, are reasonably peaceful and even manage to take a bath several times a week. To her it was a great revelation and, if I could find the reference again, I’d recommend it to some of the lurking anarchists that harangue this website. I find it beyond amazing that the dissonance between these over civilized people and the rest of the country is so great one actually has to make some kind of “study” out of it as a biologist would a bunch of lab rats.

    I attended a few sessions of a local Socrates Society that was trying to get started back in the late 2000s. One deranged lady who obviously had not thought much through her whole life started advocating the “no borders” notion which indicates to me how far back this goes. When I asked her if she realized that legal borders are what define and allow our life here in the U.S. to exist she went dead silent and had nothing more to say. The shallowness of that gene pool still amazes me. Apparently all they can do is reproduce while people that actually think about actions and consequences have better things to do. I heartily endorse President Trump’s advocating turning off the welfare magnet that attracts these hoards to our country.

      • Thank you! That must be her. She does a great job of “turning off her liberal alarm system” and earnestly tries to understand where her interviewees are coming from rather than being a maniacal left-wing fruitcake. I may actually buy her book. She’s also trying to figure out how her democratic party can come back around and appeal to the ones that left her party for Trump. I don’t hold out much hope for that discovery as it seems it was lost on the anchors that were interviewing her. I did like the way they allowed her thoughts to flow. They did do their best to show the worst of Trump, Heaven knows it’s there, but she came back as a real investigator in her field to explain the people’s true feelings both for and against Trump even though they voted for him.

  5. Milo, mentioned in first section, is self described gay, Libertarian, Jew which is an interesting mix. He said that he has ex SEALS as his personal bodyguards and they got him out of danger last night. What a wacko world we live in.

  6. Re: Berkeley
    Any of us who lived through the sixties recognize this replay of behavior; in fact, Berkeley was at the center of the so-called movement 50 years ago. The new aspect is social media, which maintains a simmering pot of crowd mentality ‘at the ready’ to be sparked into action with the tweets of a small number of inciters. 98% of the participants in last nights’ activities were the curious and the kooky just looking for some action. Sadly, some of their young impressionable minds were hijacked as the size of the crowd amplified the emotions and created a sense of anonymity that allowed behaviors, led by alphas to evolve into violence.
    We should be more concerned with understanding the nature and identity of the alphas than with the results of their actions. They operate on both sides of the equation.

    • Dd, I agree with your assessment of the ratio comparing the “kooky action seekers” vs the “incite and destroy” types.
      It is, and always has been, the right and responsibility of every police department, in every community in the USA–to protect the lives and property of that community. The problem arises, as I see it–when the “far-wright-ous” Use their soapboxes to justify their radical solutions of internment, in lieu of time tested,and proven as sustainable–Standard Law Inforcement!

      I have done a fair amount of digging around physc sites, and was drawn to this theory of far-right recruitment:
      “many perfectly moral, rational, and high-functioning individuals may be easily manipulated and exploited by a charismatic individual. The leader’s ploy is to seek out gullible, timid, or anxious individuals; convince them that he has all the answers; continue to repeat these answers; and play to their sense of self-superiority by demonizing everybody who doesn’t subscribe to his system.”

      • Jon said
        “They are still protesting and the crowds are growing bigger and bigger with every incindiary grunt that comes out of his small round mouth. #Resistance!!!!”

        NWO said:

        “order out of chaos”

        Who benefits?

  7. George I always hated the FEMA camps but today you made me laugh and like them. Something needs to be done with these blue, purple, and pink hair freaks running around causing trouble. Seriously first policy change would be go after Soros and his NGO’s. That would end 50% or more of these events from happening in the first place. Second police need to arrest them and charge them with Terrorism and lock them up under NDAA act as enemy combatants no trial needed never to be seen again. Then Trump can say Obama signed this into law in 2012, sorry folks blame him.

  8. So G.,here we go again.. Long before “old sol” begins to illuminate the hither-piney woods-lands” Ure “muse cave”, it appears to me– you have already begun to engage the “Demons of Disassociation”, once again!

    U start the day off with a dissertation about several informative and thought provoking theories of humanity’s need to utilize it’s capacity to create, in a more efficient and immediate fashion.

    Throw in a few examples of Ure accolades of Ure possessions, acquired–(seriously,though–does a Porsche Ever Not “run well”?) And oops (sorry the Ex got the Gold Mine and Ure ended up with just the Shaft)–through incorporation of Ure Theories, and it is well worth the read.

    Then, just as the first rays of Sol, begin to illuminate just where the Hell Ure really living–it awakens Ure “Evil Twin” he proceeds to take control of Ure keyboard!

    A expunged theorem of Ure Reality screams at Dr. Ure’s Creation– “It’s ALIVE”–“Opening FEMA camps to anyone who rebels against civil authority and turning them into Chinese-style “re-education camps” might actually be a long-term Continuity option.”

    R U Really advocating this? Even as you state–Ure in the Middle.
    The Middle of What??? A “PineyWoods Neo-Nazi Bootcamp??
    Ure (stooping to the little d ness) concoctions of LibTarder’s and LeftyFacists, do in fact have great cause for concern from the ranks of Far Right Extremists, but if Ure a “middle of the road” guy–“Jenny, leave everything, just as we prepared! The Hordes are at the gate, and what they find there will be our salvation!”

  9. Is Yiannopoulos paying to speak there? Is he or are his supporters paying the rent on the hall, paying for his travel and lodging, all that? Fine. But I suspect the costs of his visit are coming out of student fees. If that’s the case, then students have the right if not duty to express their displeasure at how money extracted from them (on top of everything else they have pay for) is spent. Were I going to college, I’d be very unhappy about how much money is poured into athletics departments [i.e., men’s football] and coaches’ salaries, while useful departments go begging.

    • And you are exactly right with ritualized warfare/sports. But when did the student mollycoddled wackos ever light off a Molotov over sports?
      No, someone is pulling their strings and those someones ought to be behind bars.

  10. George I’m not sure the students were protesting AGAINST free speech; the speaker was allowed to speak and what he said wasn’t embraced.
    To be clear,fringe lefties make me just as queasy as fringe righties, and freedom of religion is just that. It shouldn’t bleed over into politics and personal agendas adopted by groups that think alike that happen to be in the same circle of power.
    Personally, I’d like to see Trump have people of varied opinions and backgrounds with him, helping him achieve some of what the voters want.
    Yet I work for a company that employs about 76,000 people, some of which need legal assistance with the indefensible executive order that looks to be part of some business plan.
    The people Trump wants to keep out usually don’t follow the proper channels to get here. The legit folks are having more problems than anyone who can sneak in here, and they still are; the ‘order’ didn’t change anything for the rats that slip through no matter what.

    The list of countries seems to exclude one’s with which Trump does substantial business. Since everything’s a business plan George, I don’t think this one is designed to help us out any.

    • Trumps problem (articulated by G2 who lives in LiberaLand of Wash St.() put it very well.

      WTF do people expect Trump to do? He’s a take-charge CEO who has just taken over a failing company, skirting bankruptcy…so you expect him to golf like Obama while America burns? Truth be told, I don’t know whether Obama played golf during Ferguson or Baltimore, but the point is Trump is a leader as opposed to a caretaker. He’s at the front where he can see from whence to lead. Not like the Nobel medalist at all.

    • The speaker was not allowed to speak, he was evacuated before the event even began, and they still continued to riot.

  11. What if the re-education camps are camps to protect the groups that the government wants to protect, the groups of essential personnel that don’t make enough money to build shelters. I read,a long time ago, some of the razor wire was positioned to keep people out.

    Another alternate idea, the Berkeley riot seems to have a crazy ideology similar to Brown Shirts of pre Hitler days. Hitler came in power with their help, then Hitler took the Brown Shirts out, to gain the control of the rest of the people.

    Those Berkley kids might be tools to a bigger game with a bigger prize.

  12. You have made a foolish mistake to associate any correlation between academics (good) and polidemics which are bad. No, Berkeley stomped on ‘free speech’ and one of the surest signs of a closed/limited mind is the inability to cope with adverse opinion.
    Berkeley has become a sewage outlet and it sucks at the government financial teat to attract the super-bright and buy its reputation. But the anarchists in the street reveal the other side of this long-term runaway monster.
    Which is why I prefer working with Stanford grads, thanks…and I have many times. I have yet to meet a practical Berklum.

    • fraudulent President John please explain that one. the popular vote doesn’t elect our president the electro college does.

  13. Is that grape Kool-Aid, Jon? Hater in chief? See my earlier remarks about a competent SEO taking over a bankrupt country, not company.
    He’s supposed to play nicey-nice while shit collapses?

    • God I hope the Secret Service sees this shit and starts cracking down on threats to kill leveled at POTUS. Jail the perps!

      • I just sent the link to the local news double dog daring them to cover it. I mean, they are interested in reporting the truth…they just said that the other night. hahahaha

        If it wasn’t for the video one might wonder if it’s “fake”. I still question it, but feel it should be looked in to for sure.

  14. George, give it a rest already.


    You see, when we fled Europe, there were ‘blood feuds’ and wars between Christians. (A lot like the Shiites and the Sunnis now, killing their people, sapping their resources, burning their buildings.)

    So they came up with an ingenious solution — The government was out of the religion business — like totally.

    Hence, the 1st Amend says: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; . . .”

    So now we have Right constantly trying to play cutesy, and erode that, and make us a “Christian Nation” and put us back into that world of chaos, murder, arson.

    And by the way, George, the rest of that truly brilliant document talks about the right of assembly and petitioning of grievances.

    And remind me George, the last time we saw such large scale civil protest was when — well that would be when the genius Righties, your team George, marched us into Iraq, irreparably broke the Middle East, cost us 5000 splendid foot soldiers and put $8 trillion onto the national debt.

    And BTW, about that national debt, you were saying????

    And BTW, if we followed the genius of Originalism, we couldn’t have had the Louisiana Purchase, to name just one little problem. And the next time you think about the ‘wisdom’ of Hobby Lobby, and finding corporations in the ‘people’ penumbra, ask if it’s ok if I not pay taxes because it’s against my religion to support our nations’ wars?

    Lastly George, why are you still so angry? You won. Now try and govern responsibility. Best, Mike.

    • When the anti-Trump stupidity dies down, I will silently FTB (fade to black, a television switching term).
      But no, stupidity is here to stay.
      Stupidity is a business model.

      • G., Can’t buy into that “ftb” explanation! U and I know that Ure Business Model is to “STS”(stir the S—) and reap the bottom line of what Ureness craves!
        Tomorrow morning, as you prepare the compilation of Ure Dreamstate reality–please skip that Devil’s brew of “FranknUre” you profess to need for awareness, and proceed with the Pyrenees Pureness that normally precedes Ure consuming the gooh!

    • Since you seem to have drank the left’s kool-aid, let me remind you that the 1st amendment protects your right to PEACEABLY assemble. Not to riot, not to burn down your city, not to assault people, etc. Get a clue before you spout off next time.

    • Well, Mike, my petition of grievances, were I inclined to address/release it, would take the Berkley rioters breath away.

      You should be glad for moderates like George and Trump.

  15. George have you noticed a ramp up in people calling for violence? I have. I’ve seen on several different sites where Leftist are actually goading the Right wing fellows to fight the Left. There’s a lot of,”well the right has so many tough types they could clean up the left in days”. I wonder is this the purple revolution that the Clinton’s seem to be starting with their strange purple outfits after the elections? Almost the exact play book as in the Ukraine where the East and West are fighting each other and the same (((tribe))) runs both sides.

    Personally I think Trump would do best by defunding the Left as much as can. Arresting the violence promoters and giving them some decent jail time.

    I have been very heartened by Trumps actions. I was really worried he was just another paid head that would run the country even further into the ground but so far he’s kept his word. I don’t expect him to preform miracles but if he just does what he said it would relieve a lot of Americans.

  16. It amazes me that people take a simple reversal of the “expected” purpose of the FEMA camps and then go off the deep end. Expectations are part of the problem.

    The “expectations” of the bunch at Berkeley were not met, and they threw a fit. This is very similar to somebody forgetting a birthday, where the “expectation” is that someone will give you a party or gifts. When that doesn’t happen, there is a reaction in your brain because you feel left out, jilted, looked over, forgotten or otherwise. 95% of people cannot deal with revising their own expectations – and thus have trouble with change.

    Nobody should let their own expectations rule them, yet every day most people “expect” things to proceed as they did yesterday – which is why so very many people are fearful of change. I think hunter-gatherers were much less prone to unmet expectations as they strolled across their turf, killing rabbits and picking berries and such. Minimal expectations allow your mind to wrap around change and new things much more easily. Same thing as “one day at a time” thinking. Take life as it comes, not bemoan that it isn’t what you “expected”.

    And I haven’t even gone near the word “entitled”…

    And then we have Jon, who is still grieving over the political end of the “great orator” Obama. Nobody thinks Trump is a saint, but he is change from decades of long seated “expectations”. Hence the magnifying glass applied to him, as peoples expectations are being wrecked or go unmet.

    This whole thing reminds me of the caveman in the movie ‘The Croods”, who literally beat it into his kids that “change” and “new” were bad and would cause their death. Glad I watched that with my grandkids now – think others should watch it too.

    Man, I gotta go make popcorn – this show is getting interesting!

    We are just talking here, us hoi polloi, so no need to get bent too out of shape when George proposes an alternate view.

  17. George, your little experiment with putting lights on your head has worked, but not in a good way judging by today’s column.

  18. After reading this post the one thing I can agree with is, “Insanity is out of the bottle and the dangerously delusional mindset” is on display.

    It’s all cool though because it won’t be long before the calls to lock up students, lawyers, professors, academics and intellectuals will follow. All in the name of freedom and republican hegemony.

  19. Re Berkeley, cutting funds should be generalized to all higher ed. I am not aware that the Constitution mandates such support.

    Some commentators seem to think that free speech allows one to stand up in a crowded theatre and shout fire.

    Abolish tenure. Why should faculty “dead wood” have job security when many americans can not find work.

    How about calling the reeducation camps WPA camps?

    First they came for the right wingers but I did not speak up because I was not a right winger…

  20. Hi G
    The part I like best about today’s stuff, was the number of replies it created. Being up here in the middle of Canada, it is odd to watch people respond assured of their accuracy, while simple logic can wreck a lot of responses. One must understand the difference between empathy and compassion when looking for the answers to the USA’s problems. Empathy blinds people to the truth of what needs to be done, because its all about how they feel. Compassion contains judgment and is not all about the “one” as empathy is. You have a right to be angry. Keep it up, it makes people react, and that just might create positive thought and positive change before its too late.

  21. Canadian here. Congratulations on electing a man
    who loves his Country.He presents himself well,
    in a very serious and dignified manner. He definitely is going against the grain.

  22. George – home run on today’s column! You may be more correct than you may realize. Though I strongly suspect you already know that.

    Those who refuse to consider the ideas G put forth today – simply put, you may soon find out how close to the truth his words are.

    To those who actually support the Berkeley riots (and other riots) – Doesn’t matter who is speaking or what their words are about, US law does not allow violence, burning, and property destruction just because one “feels like” doing it or claim they were incited. That’s called anarchy. It doesn’t matter who was speaking at Berkeley or what they were saying, violence or rioting is still a crime. Peaceful demonstration, OK. Conduct violence, you can legally be made to go away.

    Our confirmed and soon-to-be confirmed cabinet members were each selected for a specific reason, and I’ll guarantee it has nothing to do with the agenda from the last 8 years (maybe 30). The reason is nothing nefarious or illegal, but quite the opposite. Do you suppose that maybe, just maybe, there are things happening under the radar that you are unaware of – things that no “news” org is willing to report? Do you suppose the ideas George lays out this morning are possible? The answer to both is a resounding yes. All you have to do is to conduct some honest research, suspend your normalization biases, and find a person or two that has participated with things outside your daily world.

  23. I am working and don’t have time to look it up, but I think since the Berkeley governing body is likely involved in approving speakers, who exactly OK’ed this guy to speak?

    If the university OK’ed it then we have 2 likely reasons:

    1) They have zero understanding of their own student body, hence the reaction
    2) They understand their student body and wanted an incident

    C’mon – give me a third option!

    a) They just couldn’t care less?
    b) The guy cut his speaking fee so he was a bargain?
    c) The kids voted on it and he won the same way Trump did, by the silent majority? (they don’t exist near the campus, as I recall my geography)
    d) The speaker lied in the synopsis of his proposed subject matter?
    e) Nobody else wanted to speak to this particular student body?

    Cui bono, cui bono, cui bono…

  24. I am so done with these trolls, especially Jon and AI. If they get banned, would they just change their names next week and keep at this s#!t? Wonder how much Soros is paying them? It’s getting extremely old. I welcome differences of opinion, just not nasty attacks meant to inflame. Sad,sad,sad.

    • So P., Ure “welcoming of different opinions”, is prefaced by–“as long as I agree with them”?

      The “Soros B. DeMille” conspiracy, as I understand from U and Ure followers, is one in which Mr. Soros– writes, acts, directs, and produces the feature film “Left Is Your Only right in America”?

      In general, any type of productive human interaction, includes a potential for producing “extremist activity”.The ability to control your anger against those of opposing views, could perhaps open new channels of perception in relation to “productive solutions”?

    • LJ simply can’t stand it that the Rednecks he came to hate back home have finally gotten together and ousted his messiah, his legacy and his successor, Hillary. If I didn’t know enough Southerners to know it wasn’t true I’d be saying that Southern boys just gotta hate.

      I’ve often wondered how LJ and his friend he said pointed him to this site actually get along? Or was it simply a cover story to search out and harangue those former antagonists of his youth? It’s the same tactic the LGBT crowd used when they actively searched out and targeted helpless bakers and photographers to take their hopes and dreams from simply because they disagreed with their “lifestyle choices”. The gays I know and have talked with are deeply embarrassed by these tactics as are real thinking liberals. See the Berkley Sociologist I wrote about, thanks again FM, below who has a truly intelligent, inquiring mind – a TRUE intellectual humanitarian: I fear for her safety at Berkeley.

    • While I am no apologist for the aforementioned, it is George who decides who is heard. Never mind that though, ever hear of free speech? Unlike many of the Left’s protestors seeming objective these days and within the boundaries of common ethics and morality it, free speech, should apply to all equally. Labeling someone a troll because they have a different opinion, puts you on the same level as the Berkley protesters … in my opinion. Restricting freedom outside that which infringes on your own no matter which side of the politcal spectrum one is on, is the fodder of the tyrant

    • G, Pam, UrbanSurvival Fellowship,

      (sung to the tune of Please Don’t Eat The Daisies*;)

      Please, please don’t feed the(paid)trolls, please please…

      When I see posts from jon, al, wave crave it immediatly gets skipped. Before I was able to identify who/what they are & I did read their screeds not once was there common sense, just more inflammatory tactics of TROLLS.

      In unity – all together now – sing it with me:
      Please, please dont’ feed the (paid) trolls please please…


    • HEY! JON! How about telling all of us ignorant fools who YOUR CHOICE of a proper role-model would be?

      Then: sit back and watch how easily he/she too can be shredded when we so casually disregard all rational thinking as you are so fond of doing.

  25. Who is pulling the strings on the east coast msm. They are sure working on destroying Trump. What is their motive or who is the motivator behind them. Interesting times. Just read a piece on CBS explaining the Yemen attack and they said the attack was in the works last fall and everybody had full knowledge of the plan. Some of the other news outlets have made it seem like Trump just pulled it out of his hat. Like Reuters and NYT

  26. Pardon..but whats the story with medicare..?..I recall Rosevelts old age security and health, at 65, yet every time i look for information on it, i find sales people,(frauds) selling insurance,? Part A, part B,C,D,E, F, and i think false news and looters and the moneys looted….?

    • Lucky you were never average, as insurance has cost. Me two thirds the average wage for years upon years,as i had enough doctors placing pre existant conditions in the insurance reports for more than a decade..?

    • With medicare for my wife I went from around 900/month not including copays, to 134/month for a Humana PPO. For me since I had VA coverage I got a Humana Advantage plan which costs I think around 30/month,I don’t have to pay the rest of the medicare premium. There are deductibles of course but with our small group policy for my wife we always spent the max out of pocket for drugs and copays for the tune of around 6K/year plus the 900/month premium (before the ACA her monthly premiums were 1200/month). Now with the Humana PPO Medicare plan her copays total out to around 1K/year including her tier 4 medications. I went from near bankruptcy to flush and plush when she turned 65. She has had no problem getting the care she needs either. No more fussing with the insurance company to get the care her doctors prescribe like we used too have to do. I love Humana’s Medicare plan. There is a God…

      • I have no social security, and have at times had hundreds of thousands go thru my hands for taxes, one of the “big shots” so medicare looks like it may be expensive and “charity”..? Perhaps i may need better information….

  27. All I’d heard about this Milo guy was he is a racist misogynist islamophobe blah blah…but when I listened to some of his speeches, hes quite articulate. Not at all like the personna the liberal media painted him. I was very impressed. The protesters riot because they cant articulate their beliefs as well as he does. So they become violent.

    • Thinkj back on the “all I heard” sources. Find that boss and you have America’s #1 saboteur

      • Now a mislabeling of an event as the Bowling Green Massacre is being used to demonize Kellyanne. The massacre of some American soldiers happened in the middle east but the terrorist who were involved on that massacre were aporehended in Bowling Green KY. Their arrest lead Obama to implement the 6 month ban on processing refugees from Iraq that was never made public. Kellyanne should correct the record.

  28. The FEMA camps are for those they want to save, those necessary to rebuild the country in their image after the crash. Got your ticket? Then take a look in the mirror, and say, “too small to save!”

    The camps could be the source of the prison labor that will make the USA competitive again. Prison workers, and glad of it, after 2/3 of the urban population is dead, killed by gangs that formed up to forage for food.

    The USA is too large to encapsulate a universal breakdown. In one area it will be the electrical grid. In another it will be the gasoline supply. In a city the water system will fail, in another, the sewer system, etc. Characterized by the federal government saying, we will print you some dollars to get this fixed, and foreign suppliers, the only source for the parts to repair, saying we don’t want your stinking dollars.

    • So hold up there – you completely dollar-free? I mean, no income flowing from USA to Ecuador for you??
      I was going to offer to spend all those “stinking dollars” you don’t want…

  29. George,
    i am sure you already KNOW the left has paid trolls to visit almost every conservative type sites and try to disrupt and discredit them. yours is NO different but we know it and you should be PROUD because they evidently ARE AFRAID of you!! keep up the great work

    • I think the script kiddies were p.o.’d they couldn’t take down the site and thus resorted to in-person trolling visits. Been dealing with trolls for the last 20 years and am more than happy to let George take care of his, here.

  30. We do need to move toward rationality. Both Russia and China have had experience with large scale “re-education camps”. We’ve had a little experience in WWII. It’s eviscerating to a culture and something no sane person can seriously condone. I’ve had the dubious pleasure of knowing two people who lost parents in the Cultural Revolution, and one who was actually incarcerated. It’s not pretty. We can’t allow this in our country.

    Even today, China is scrambling to find shreds of their broken history and heritage. The scar of missing relatives is still with them. The enigmatic Asian smile will never betray this pain.

  31. Greetings All,
    Wow as a person who lived through some of those turbulent times called the 60’s-Early 70’s. I’m always amazed at how folks get worked up over things happening around them and then not only want to put thier 2 cents into the conversation! Yeah- Butt want to act out thier feelings!
    Examples of my experience: 1) Survied Watt’s Riots Aug 65. 2) went to last Beatle Concert in Aug 66. 3) Survied Newport Music Festival Aug 69. ? 4) Lived and survived forced school bussing in during 70-72.

    What saved me as I look back,was a History Teacher. Who always taught his students to be informed! Listen to others but do your own research! Don’t look and or research your own feelings on a matter – Know Both Sides! Before making any choices on, what side of the fence you want to be on! Finally he always promoted a MLK approach to stating your side! Since he was a Kenndy Democrate and marched with King in the 60’s!
    Through his guidance an My Own Spirtual – History studies/path over the years. I have found that the truth always ls somewhere in the middle of two opposing views! That violence is never productive! An finally that one of the wisest quote I’ve every heard is; “We will Just have to Agee to Disagree”, should we find no commen ground!
    However this should never allow us to have meaningful conversations that allow us to move forward for the common good of ALL!
    In closing remember that those who may wish to divide US! Will always want us divided, since this works in – on their behalf! Violence will always leed to Violance and never allow us to come together in a common goal!
    In Love, Peace an Sunshine Always!

    • Why do I hear Scatman Crothers when I’m reading your post? It’s a great one. God bless ya. You’ve lived through some history!

  32. I used to have a website called the world’s best which doesn’t exist anymore and I put an advertising agent on Google and I put one on Yahoo and what happened is because I put the lowest denominator price they were each competing and then within one day I had 10,000 hits and it continued for over a week and a half but more about the the reason that the hits took off was because of the content that I was advertising which was very controversial which had to do with the new or newly found energy source which had to do with water because this was a water site right but anyway what I use was the technique of the guy who made a million and one day when he first ever ties I use his advertising technique and it worked in one day I got 10000 with this really know her Mungus but shut it down quick and then continue because that’s not my ambition I just wanted to see if it worked so from that we find that if we all the sudden put something up and advertise something that’s against the tradition of the powers that be there will be a lot of discretionary it’s upon your place there going like hey let’s try this out and see what there is there this find out what you have is for real I mean that’s just the way the advertising technique Works has George Bernardino’s as George already knows

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