Our Sunday Morning Post…

…will be along shortly.

Try about 10:30 AM Central, 11:30 Eastern.

Or, if you are on the left coast, try when Mickey’s right hand is almost straight up and his left one straight down…..

Ure has just finished some “outside work” and is drenched in  sweat so food and some hydration is more important – sorry!

Mental toughness and sheer will-power are among your most important assets when you’re 71+.  Trust me on this…this is what looks like…

(gotta mow the wild eyebrows one of these days, lol)

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  1. aww come on george, you’ve EARNED those wild ass eyebrows! Have a wonderful weekend, ellen the llama farmer!

  2. I keep hearing about coin and currency shortages. Could it be caused by the Feds infusion of dollars into the economy with the physical currency to back it up?

    • Fred.. I personally think it is all about devaluation of the currency.. coins take metals.. if the metal costs more than the coins face value it is better to not print it.. or print it up in a metal that isn’t valued as much as the coins face value..
      in 43 copper was an expensive commodity.. today the value of a copper penny from 1943 is..
      a couple hundred grand.. http://definition.org/copper-penny-1943-85000/#:~:text=While%20the%201943%20steel%20pennies,anywhere%20from%20%2460%2C000%20to%20%2485%2C000.
      Not long ago they took copper out of pennies because the value of copper was more than the value of a penny.. people were buying pennies to sell for the copper content..
      with them dumping tons of numbers on the table to keep the noodle floating in the economy.. the chances are extremely good that the metals in the coins could go skyward in value from the metals..
      Lets keep it real.. and just put digital numbers out.. you will see the same thing with paper currency when the value of the paper in question out performs the value of the dollar sign attributed to that piece of paper ..
      at this point we are in uncharted waters.. the tax income isn’t anywhere near enough to take care of the interest on our deficit much less the deficit.. with it as high as it is.. lets be honest.. even if they taxed the one percent ninety percent of their number value.. it wouldn’t take care of the deficit or the interest.. so there is very little they can do from my point of view.. the only option is let hyper inflation take over.. which it will .. depending on how they handle this.. devise a different currency.. then devalue the present currency.. lets say a million to a dollar.. as an example.. go bankrupt start new.. leaving everyone with money in the bank valueless.. lets face it.. if the dollar is gone the dollars you have won’t be worth anything.. and numbers in a bank are just that.. numbers on a sheet of paper..
      “It’s usual for economic professors to tell a hyperinflation story to their students: A gentlemen had gone to a store to buy groceries and had brought his money with him in a wheel barrel. He was distracted somehow and left his money and wheel barrel unattended. When he returned he found the pile full of money still there, his wheel barrel however was nowhere to be seen.”
      I use to have a photo of people carrying baskets full of gold and silver to trade for baskets of vegetables in the last couple of months we seen where an ounce of hand sanitizer was going for the cost of three ounces of silver and a six pack of angel soft sold on ebay for almost twelve ounces of silver… unfortunately I had to get a different computer and the photos were gone..
      So far the way I read it we are following the same path as Argentina and Zimbabwe.. if they react the way that Greece did then everyone on social security and medicare will be without their funds.. if they go bankrupt it will open the doors for china( the manufacturuing entity of the world ) to step in with their currency that is backed by gold.. or heck they could back it by steel or canned goods.. or if I had enough.. I have said I would create a currency backed by peanuts.. NUT BUCKS… LOL.. peanuts for dollars cashews for LOL LOL get the image.. but it would be backed..
      they could go for HOGS.. then you would really have pork.. but.. it is all up in the air.. what George has been predicting for years is going to happen.. when we don’t know.. a good guess.. I thought 2012 or 13 .. that the economy would tank.. they dumped more water on the table.. when DJT got in office.. I thought heck we might just pull out of this.. tariff incoming goods and services.. close the borders to invading herds of people.. and bring industry back.. Our legislators in congress have been fighting this ever since..
      the virus took away everything he tried to do.. and since he didn’t go large and in charge and stop the velocity of cash.. and went option two.. it accelerated the death spiral.. now going option three.. well that is a stupid thing to do to.. but it keeps the velocity of cash flow going..
      if they don’t dump more water on the table and let it dry up by stopping the unemployment payments.. it will accelerate it even more..if they dump more money on the table then it will extend it for a few more months ..
      IT IS COMING.. if a bottom feeder like myself can see it.. good lord.. someone with some brains will definitely notice it..
      I think that is why freezers are backlogged two to three months to.. not only is the industry in china slower on making them but there are so many looking for them because they see it coming to..
      its just my opinion

  3. Morning George. Ya don’t look too bad. When I come in from pushing the gas rotary (non self-propelled) around the patch I am drenched from my shoulders to almost my knees. Have taken my T-shirt off and wrung it out. Three times is the record in one mowing job.

    As I have over an acre to push mow, up/down small hills, I do it it in 2 days. Really dislike the word ‘exercise’ so mowing is the thing. Gives me a chance to think, if I can.
    Blood pressure and pulse is like a ‘teen ager’ and I’m still med free. Being med free is my goal for 80 years of age which is not too far away.

    Keep plugging away at it as it is All Good.

  4. George,

    I know that look… “crazy professor eyebrow”. I wonder if it is a Danish thing? I have one headed that way as I get… wiser.

    • “crazy professor eyebrow”

      If you ever want to be a real azz… see a young woman that just got her eybrows plucked and stare at her for a second then apologize and say.. I was just curious about why you had one eyebrow higher than the other LOL… Its a cruel thing to do.. but funnier than all hell if you pick someone that you know..

  5. Start early and work into the day. We just finished filling a 20 yard dumpster cleaning out one house this week. Could have used a 30 yard one. Those solidified concrete bags were the worst. Luckily most of the work on the ranch is over (fingers crossed) for the year. Fence work is always there to do somewhere on the ranch but plantar fasciitis on one foot, ankle pain on the other and various aches and pains, especially in the shoulder joints, make me go “hmmmm….”.

    • I do necessary outside work later in the morning when the relative humidity has dropped, or late evening in the hour or two before sunset(and the hour after). Unnecessary outside work is on hold until September at least. Monsoons are here and it’s the worst of heat and humidity together. I mowed for the first time this year and just ran the tractor and bushhog anywhere it would fit and then quit.

      I might do welding later today in the garage, if I can jig up some parts right. For now, I’m in cooldown mode in front of a fan sans clothes. If you have A/C, I strongly suggest a fan to work with it and keep the air moving across your body.

      God Bless George! I have no idea how to survive without heat stroke in the tropics of Texas.

      • Brother Mike _ 6 PM local temp is 94 F – in the shop 87. The swamp cooler helps a bit, even with 61% RH outside. Get yourself some of those cheapy digital RH meters – We need data! Why? RH in Las Cruces is only 20% with temp 98.
        Says in my data that a swamper chiller would give you comfort of 77-78 in the shop. And if’n you can’t work all day in that, then you’re older’n me in “sweat years..”

      • George, I’m older than you by months, and possibly sweat years too. We both hail genetically from the northern climes.

        It’s hard to run a swamper or A/C to keep cool when you’re working outside and necessarily in the sun. A hat is sometimes helpful, and often just keeps the heat on your head. Last week the temp and R/H here were about the same as yours. Hopefully, it’ll get a bit cooler soon. I’ve had a brush with heat stroke and don’t ever want that again.

  6. It is a Danish thing. Both my Danish grandparents had the same eyebrows.
    I’m exempt because mine all disappeared. Wear them proudly and without butch wax…

  7. ‘Bout time you posted a picture which showed how you REALLY look! {grin}

    I wear that look about once a day now, since my choice of getting things done is to work when it’s blistering, or work in a cloud of mosquitoes. BTW I’m Norwegian and Swedish, not Danish, and have that same eyebrow…

  8. I know that look! Thursday I mowed the lava hills and fruit trees… my ‘aerobic exercise’. Upon which I smelled a dead rat in the shed. So Friday I masked and gloved up and emptied out as much of the shed as I could and cleaned up rat urine and pellets. Finally found the maggot ridden carcass under the hot water tank (up on blocks) where it had been festering in that oven for a week. After a thorough hosing and disinfecting, I patched the rat entrance holes. I then had to schlep all the tools and crates and stuff back into the shed. Funny how strong smells are also strong memories. I will be remembering rotten rat smell for weeks. Yeah… I know that look.

    • Courting a young lady once (billions of years ago…) I smelled something odd in a very seldom used basement bathroom.

      Yessir, there is nothing more puke-reaction inducing than the small of ripe ala rat.

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