"V" – As in Virus and Vacation

The Ure’s face an interesting problem: One you likely will come up against if you haven’t already- vacation planning.  If you have “places to go” and “people to see” what is the best way to get there?

Not exactly a “mainstream economics” question – like how the Fed is watering down the purchasing power of money while trying to “paper-over” a Great Economic Disaster. 

But, it’s a practical question.  Because some of us are old enough to remember what a nice, leisurely summer cruise around America was like.

We’ll dig into the strategies and costs, but first, the assorted headlines (and virus projection update for the week).  And what Saturday would be complete without our ChartPack or Podcast #25 (here)?

Click on in, Bubba (or Bubbette, as the case may be)…

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22 thoughts on “"V" – As in Virus and Vacation”

  1. While we Canadians are normally more than welcoming to American visitors, under the current circumstances we have closed the border to non-essential travel. The border is likely to remain closed for the rest of the year. You might be able to visit Bonhomme Carnaval during the winter festival in Quebec City in February.

  2. “seeing how democrats try to “manage the mobs” should they win.”

    I am surprised that they haven’t dropped out of the race.. you have noticed how quiet they all of a sudden have become.. for three plus years they were screaming at the top of their lungs spending millions trying to discredit DJT.. Now they may have bought the sinking boat.. They can’t.. not without doing the exact same thing that the present administration is doing.. they have no control over the greed of those in true power.. they cannot fix the broken federal reserve.. paying back the deficit is beyond anyone fixing it.. ( the obvious course change is go bankrupt then restart fresh.. which would knock everyone off of their pedestals.. )
    you can’t tax it.. they should have gone a flat tax when Jimmy was in office.. ( not matter what you think he had the right idea.. passing the millionaire tax relief package of 78 was not the answer.. raping the american laborer through deregulation and trickle down was not the anwer.. ( even though it could have been if our corporate america was still interested in fixing the economy instead of making more money for themselves) or dropping the dollar off of the gold standard )
    so now the path that they started down forty years ago has hit the top of the hill.. if I was the president now.. let the democrats own the farm.. and the livestock.. to many bulls in the pen and to many cows without the grain to feed them.. dump the money on the table let it ride for a couple of months .. it will fall.. and from looking for a freezer. it is obvious that most of the people see this as a possible future.. they are two to three months behind with a list.. and hundreds of people on the list.. I paid for mine putting my name towards the top of the list.. coins.. well I still say that coins are not being made because it won’t be very long and the metal in the coins will outpace the face value..

      • I totally understand trumps stand on the virus and is adamant about getting the country back up to speed..
        A clue…. is He’s not a politician… he’s a business man. His business revolves around travelers spending money..
        Not just any resort either luxury resorts.. I dont have a clue how much regular maintenance is but my guess is the monthly talley for one resort is more than I could make in the next ten years. Not even considering the wages of the staff that has to be on duty to maintain them.

        It doesnt matter how much money you have oil r what your status is .. the loss of millions of dollars a month is a sobering event. Someone that’s hit Rock bottom has the fear of it happening again.
        My other guess is like most upper crust people the money is on paper. The equity from the property’s the crap you own..
        He’s not a spring chicken and wants to leave on top.
        The velocity of money.. a double edged sword.. he should have frozen everything ..option one.. he didn’t I understand his reasoning.. hes going option 3..
        If the virus explodes this fall . Then the maneuver to option 3 will look like an idiot made the decision and they will rush to option 1.. if it doesnt then he will look like a genius..
        Dumping more water in the table to get the economy flowing will only expedite the collapse..
        No one will go to the tariff of incoming goods and services.. we destroyed our industries over greed and the virus showed us just how much..we are totally dependent on others for our stuff..
        Our nation painted itself into a corner. We are damned if you do damned if you don’t..
        The dollar will implode prices will follow Zimbabwe and Argentina..

  3. “You had enough money, and you could get up (like the old Southwest Airlines ad said) and “Feel free to move around the country…”
    Where would you go?”

    My list of dream places..
    the water gardens of china..https://www.google.com/search?rlz=1C1CHBF_enUS856US856&source=univ&tbm=isch&q=the+water+gardens+of+china&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwia5MX2-9bqAhXOQc0KHUbpCVYQsAR6BAgHEAE&biw=1600&bih=757
    the great wall of china..
    the pyramids of Egypt.
    the wonderful Gothic structures of Russia
    the Balkans
    Eiffel tower
    the cliff dwellings
    grand canyon
    machu picchu
    Underground City in Cappadocia
    stone henge
    Just a few of the more interesting spots.
    Unfortunately.. I have never been on a vacation nor do I have the cash on hand to make those trips.. so I depend on other world travelers.. ( a friend in the diplomatic corp took pictures of the gothic buildings for me.. the same for the pyramids and antarctica..(thank you nasa for making my dream of seeing both poles a reality) and of course National Geographic.. that take the time to travel and see the life and times of those in other countries..the rest i will find in books and magazines

  4. Forbes

    Worse Than Covid-19?
    China And Kazakhstan Disagree Over ‘New’ Virus
    China is panicking people the world over about viruses and here is another one: an unknown pneumonia
    sweeping Kazakhstan that was highlighted by the Chinese Embassy as a fair warning to their biggest Silk
    Road partner in Central Asia.
    The story broke on Thursday.
    And on Friday, Kazakhstan rejected China’s warning of a new bug circulating on its home turf.
    The South China Morning Post reported yesterday that the Chinese embassy was getting nervous
    about a spike in pneumonia cases over the last five weeks.
    “The death rate of this disease is much higher than the novel coronavirus.
    The country’s health departments are conducting comparative research into the pneumonia virus, but
    have yet to identify it,” the embassy said in a warning to Chinese citizens in the country.
    Kazakhstan public health officials said it was standard pneumonia.

  5. Last year we picked up a 19ft travel trailer for many of our retirement travel plans. Last week we got back from a cross country trip to Pensacola, FL to visit our son (currently in Navy flight training). RV traveling is wonderful, especially in these social distance conditions. Lunch and rest room breaks were at any convenient parking place. Calling ahead about 10 miles is great for no-wait, hot carry out food. Other days a burger or spaghetti cooked in the RV were just right. We found several great state parks to stay at plus some commercial RV parks. (Prices were $30 to $55 per night.) And every night we had our own bed, potty and shower. That’s luxury!

    • “Vacations”? Just say ‘NO’. Certainly no air travel. If you MUST go, the personal RV where one can self-isolate and distance from the crowds is the way to go. You don’t need people if you only want to see the scenery. I’m lucky in that I can ‘day trip’ a vacation on Hawaii Island anytime. Hop in the car with drinks and snacks and drive for some new scenery, maybe a good take-out spot for lunch, and I can be back home in the evening in my own bed. Local ‘micro vacations’ to get one out of the house and off the ranch for awhile.

    • RV sales exploded through the roof several months ago. Where people expect to go is beyond me but people have taken to the idea that a bug-out bag just isn’t enough. They’re planning on taking as much of the house with them as they can. As long as the gas stations are open their range is from sea to shining sea. When they close, they camp where they run out of go-go juice.

  6. FYI……..plague has always been present from Albuquerque west into Ariz and north into Colorado. Present in ground squirrels, prairie dogs…As Albq grew into open space domestic dogs were encountering prairie dogs and bringing fleas home. Surprise. It comes and goes with ???weather??? Worst case I heard was mid 80’s. Couple with 10 year old girl visiting. On way home to N Carolina she got sick. Docs in N Carolina did not even have plague on their radar and the girl died. So if you get exposed in these areas be treated locally or be sure and tell of travels when you arrive home. You do not want it to settle in your lungs and become pneumonic, that is a tough one to fix. I used to have a button purchased in Albq that said “land of the free, home of the plague”

  7. First, regarding the podcasts: I really like them! This morning I was not feeling great due to humidity and was able to relax on a recliner in the dark and just listen, rather than reading. One thought though – PLEASE hit mute when slurping coffee! There’s something about that sound that made my nausea worse. There was some technical (squelching) issue with the interview, but it was understandable and I can hardly complain about value added enhancements to PN.

    Regarding travel: For those that can afford it, a private jet charter flying point to point can bypass the TSA molesters and allow you to carry anything legal(or not) on board. At least you’ll know that if you get there, your stuff will too. Of course, you’re stuck renting a car on the other end. This can work best when you have limited time or energy and are going more than 1500 miles from home. Driving for days to get somewhere and looking forward to the same coming back is not always fun, especially with heat and humidity. Saddle soreness is real. Most of us, including me, will have to deal with those things. I have few reasons to travel, generally business and seeing those that matter. Sightseeing along the road is boring, to say the least. The quicker the trip, the better. Fun trips in an RV are best for those who travel with an intimate companion or are able to easily acquire one along the way.

    One problem with an owned RV is that if anything goes wrong, the towing and repair costs can be horrendous. The rental costs are generally high, and it’s important to know who pays for breakdowns. One other problem with any RV is parking. Walmarts are limiting if and when you can park overnight – especially since their hours are limited these days. A class B RV is much less obvious and will fit into a parking space. In some areas like the northeast, there are very few places to park and a large RV is illegal or impossible to park in many neighborhoods. The class B(van) RV is ideal for many couples or singles and can be towed by a regular wrecker. A SMALL (under 1/2 ton) trailer with A/C can be a good alternative to the RV if you can handle the parking situation. I’d avoid those that weigh six tons unless you’re bringing a massive family. All except the teardrop or popup kinds present a massive frontal area. Pulling this through the air at 75mph uses a lot of power and gas. Lastly, a light truck camper is an option for those who own a reliable pickup truck.

  8. Coin Shortage = Venezuelafication of USA ..its a clue/symptom of pending collapse..

    But its all good – Jeffe – Silver, Gold and ..BITCOIN! Will see U thru the rest of Year 0 – to the “reset”

    Got Silver & Gold ? cause as we all know by now..No BTC 4U!

  9. We just returned from a 9 day trip to NW Wisconsin. Visited friends whose normal lives are pretty isolated. Spent time isolated at their family cabin fishing, reading, hanging out by campfire. Took a circuitous route to avoid metro areas. Washed hands after getting gas. Ate carryout in car. Took all our groceries rather than shopping there. Only stopped in county with 12 cases only 3 active to get fishing licenses and fireworks. Wore masks. All for naught when friends with friends showed up last night there. I was seated by someone I just met at dinner to discover he thinks the virus is a fake and he works in essential job no mask. Allergy symptoms or virus now? Getting tested Tuesday.

    No more trips unless I am the host and in control of the environment.

  10. Wife and I made a trip to Sturgis and the nearby monuments a couple of years back. We both tired of the trip within a day and were ready to return home. The only place we wanted to stay for more than a couple of hours was in the Badlands. No crowds.

    When we made it back home the wife said “Tell me again why we just did that?” So, like sticks in the mud, we stick to day trips.

    Stay safe. 73

    • Same here and I’m the only one in the house that got the danged thing. Not that it was life-threatening or anything. Just had to get the “update” in my immune system.

  11. I don’t think you are going to be doing anything like strenuous hiking or walking for a while. Maybe stay near home and and go to town and eat carry-out in the parking lot when it suits you. Is there a drive-in picture show within 100 miles? Or do some one-day driving tours around the area. When was the last time you rode around looking at the countryside for half a day? Road tours of east Texas are not a bad leisure activity.

  12. “Always plan a trip in a big circle. People who drive down one freeway – and return the same way – are pretty small-thinkers,” Pappy Ure held.

    This is one of those “way of thinking” rules that you learn young and apply for the rest of your life. Even going to the store, I have 3 1/2 ways into town and back if going into Palestine, 3-4 ways going north to Tyler, and a dozen ways if heading anywhere else.

    I hate it when time or circumstances dictate that I must twice cover the same piece of pavement in the same day.

    I NEVER leave or return home by the same path — makes it too easy for someone to “lay for you.” Heck, if I could figure out different paths to follow to mow the lawn, which wouldn’t be ridiculously inefficient, I’d not follow the same path with the mower, either. There is always something new to see, even in one’s own back yard…

  13. I’ve seen bunches of small (18-30 foot) old (roughly 1980-1995 vintage) used Class “A” motorhomes for sale. They seem to go for about $180 per linear foot and be mostly (GMC chassis) 454 or (Ford chassis) 460 gassers. Trailers are newer and cheaper for the same space. I watched a clean 29 foot 2006 trailer (3 slideouts and a stupid amount of luxury gofasters) sell for 4 grand last week. WallyWorld is self-limiting. I haven’t driven as much this year as in years past, but I’ve covered Schenectady to Memphis to Moline to Traverse City (Michigan), and have yet to see a town of a couple thousand or more, which didn’t have shuttered businesses and deserted strip-malls. Michigan and Northern Wisconsin have an insane number of roadside parks along their secondary roads. They become “free RV parks” at night. I suspect most Southern States do also, but stick to the ribbons once I get south of the Tennessee River or S or E of Point Pleasant.

    Catching a Gulfstream from Orlando which was rented to shuttle someone to Houston is probably the cheapest, fastest way to get to Mouseland — Problem is, you may wait a month before you can catch a similar plane back to Texas.

  14. I don’t know, un-named secret police grabbing people off the streets for no cause or miranda sounds a lot more like Pinochet’s Chile.

    How soon til some “protesters” get disappeared?

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