“Oh my God- Another Book” begins the morning with the first chapters of yet-another book I’m thinking about writing.  Well, maybe more than thinking about.

This one is all about the coming Digital Dark Age.   The one that follows deteriorating relations with China, Iran, Russia and whoever else holds a grudge.  As they all gang up on the U.S. and take down our backbone of modern Life the digital world.  Imagine what is implied.

Food?  Nope.  Water?  None – Ma Nature’s got that one on the string.  Money?  Naw…we’re already making up more than we can excuse.

The web? Toast.  Ever get serious about penciling out just how truly awful it could be?

I don’t think people realize.  This is a believe it, or not, book.  One remembering a time before microwaves, before color TVs, before rigged elections, open borders, and communist leaning teachers who seem to program our kids to talk out of the left side of their mouths, too. Technical in some ways, like how hacking works out.

Which we will get to, after we check the Nancy Puddle (Pacific) for any big splashes and crashes.  Oh, and a stop in the Chart Office, too.

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78 thoughts on “OMG-AB”

  1. “remembering a time before microwaves, before color TVs,”

    LOL LOL LOL… I remember my first microwave oven.. a panasonic.. with tax a little over eight hundred dollars.. and a five year warranty.. got it in 85… swore I wouldn’t use it as a glorified coffee warmer.. and didn’t.. it took years before I nuked a cup of coffee back to life then…COLOR tv.. LOL.. I built a satatlite dish and receiver in the late seventies.. from a set of schematics.. they didn’t sell them.. there wasn’t any dish tv or direct tv.. none of that.. seen many of the big stations come online ..and many many live link news.. wanted to know the real news.. watch the unedited live links.. you got the picture right away.. had a couple guys come to the house and ask me how I made it.. I handed them the radio shack books and said here you go.. read those.. and use a string.. LOL LOL I still get a chuckle out of the commercial.. can you hear me now..
    LOL LOL because the piece of test equipment was at that time over a half million dollars.. and to adjust the equipment was a pain in the ass.. so I would sit on top of a ladder and make micro adjustments.. and yell out.. can you see anything yet.. LOL LOL LOL.. took a week for me to find a satellite.. I will never make another one.. they have factories of people in china making them for two bucks a pop.. LOL
    I didn’t even have a color tv until 1989 ..dial up.. k mart had the blue light link dial up.. you just had to watch their commercials every half hour..cost was free… now you get faster service with a cell phone.. my first cell phone was just for the truck.. fifty bucks a month and you got thirty minutes of call time.. LOL LOL
    our area is in a hole.. you cannot use sprint or any other network except those that log on to verizon tower.. to use a cell phone here.. in the beginning was wearing an aluminum foil hat and carrying a coat hanger.. and if you were lucky.. sitting on top of the house..
    I had someone ask me why I didn’t get an antenna.. did.. I couldn’t put it up high enough.. then showed them the tv antenna at the bar downtown.. sixty foot pole just to get local channels.. LOL well maybe seventy foot pole.. its two power poles together LOL LOL LOL
    boy look at today.. pdf.. I had physical books.. millions of libraries around the world open for anyone wishing to read.. newspapers from around the world at a glance.. television and mini movies.. how times have changed.. I use to have every number in my phone memorized.. today .. where is that dumb phone.. LOL LOL my first house had an out house.. today you cannot have one.. because of ground water issues.. I had to build the house and put in the bathroom.. we did have water to the sink though.. the sewer pipe I replaced.. was made of oil paper.. just think how many old homes still have that..
    amazing how much we have come and how far we have fallen back.. take the local mechanic that lost his mechanics because of covid.. and the new graduates from mechanics school.. they aren’t taught how to do repairs.. they are taught to follow a computer screen.. how much does that affect every aspect of life.. we had to make most of what we had.. girls knitted and sewed.. and made lace.. heck my daughters know how.. to make lace.. they don’t do it.. but they did know how.. grandma and mom taught them.. today mom is at work.. run down to the store and grab some..
    click instant television.. the true wealth of a country.. the libraries.. think of the lost libraries of ancient history.. even if a book isn’t read now.. one day.. that book will pop up.. and someone will read it and gain the knoweledge with in.. we value gold and silver.. I think because not only is it pretty.. but that mankind was genetically programmed to value it.. from the stories of the annunaki… just like we were programmed to know the basic laws of our maker.. so we start build destroy loose it all and start again.. from scratch.. the knoweledge passed down by those trained in the field of experience ..

    • 1974 was a very good year. That was the year my dad bought a color television and I learned that Gilligan wore a red shirt. I agree about the libraries, and have a ton of pdfs (and collect old books when I come across one). I remember going to libraries as a kid and seeing shelves jam packed with books. Today, the libraries have big open floor spaces, the shelves are at 50% capacity, and anything over a certain age has been taken out of circulation.

      • Yes .. I am not sure when my parents bought a color tv.. ages before I did @James in Palestine I didn’t learn Gilliganwore red until the late 80’s lol..
        In those days wages were less than 3 dollars an hour and I couldn’t afford that luxury. in 94 nurses made just about 5 bucks an hour I remember them making a fuss because techs made 3.75 the administration swore they were gettinga huge raise..then corporate said no..the admin gave them their bonus that year to keep staff.. one cent an hour lol. My doctors nurse was one that I worked beside.. the hospital she worked for cut nursing staff.. she was going to an important meeting locked her lock and maintenance cut it and gathered her stuff…after that wages started going up in the middle nineties. even now tecks make around 12.. the assisted manager at the gas station makes 12.. at the dollar general 9 for clerk manager gets 15 assistant gets 12… low income rent is a thousand dollars plus utilities even with it being an income based rent.. I cannot even imagine making six digits and not being able to afford anymore than a bunk bed..
        We do ok with what we get.. and even have enough to help others that aren’t as fortunate as we are..
        What’s funny is we had that little house no bath..and a bathtub hanging on the lol.. I remember the feeling of excitement the day I hooked up the shower.. it had fallen off a truck and was damaged.. I had to figure out how to fix it.. I had been tossed under the bus by an employer..couldn’t get a loan for toilet lol .. been there done that..

      • My favorite books to collect are the McMillan’s Pocket Classics that were school text books in which kids, at the time, wrote all over and decorated them. My “Treasure Island” book is written so well and with so many details you’ll not see in any version today (forget about “Wokeness”, these things get a bit explicit) that you can even “hear” the accents of the characters when they speak. The writing level is on what would be today’s college level, without a doubt, but these were late Elementary and above books for students in the 19-teens or earlier. That ancient paper script is, indeed, my treasure.

        There’s nothing more important in prepping for the SHTF world than having a good library.

  2. C’mon man!

    As has been foretold for ages – the new world messiah is here & its digital /VR .

    “Ranging” skirmishes leading up to the big one lighting off as we watch stupefied by the chemies/poisons =flouride/glyphosate/chemtrails/ frequencies- assaulting Global pop. everyday.

    * there is NO reaction time for counter strikes – when hypersonics are involved, which they are now. Invisible to all known radar – just ask Nato or Poland -where their base, equipment and personnel were vaporized very recently.
    Go ahead – ask a US Army Artillery gunner about ranges and capabilities of US artillery versus Russia and or Chinesium big guns.

    * rumor has it C. Rhodes &co. had access to or acquired a “darkstone” a fragment from the planet “Mulge/Tiamat’s” destruction. thank the one with no package or bits left after Horus laser sliced away his reptile-man hood..

    The biggest piece of this debris was/is the infamous Ben Ben Stone – the Arit=the Eye, a highly magnetic antenna.
    This was placed on top of the Great Pyramid, not shiny capstones, they came later.
    This “magical” stone enabled Zehuitti/Toth and “priests” to scan the Aether and the Cosmos.. looking for/tracking the “the eye of sound” = remnant of Benu, the old moon of Mulge/Tiamat.

    “Recovered” info suggests djed “power” towers inside were energized by turbine under great pryamid by the 2nd Nile -the underground one. Djed towers placed 3 -4 on either side of interior of pyramid – when energized in combination with Ben Ben Stone CREATED a very effective Energy Force Field around entire pyramid plateau area = protection from shiny silver disks/missiles operated by Setes/Enil and his wickedly viscous annunaki troops.
    The fragments/stones – give off “strange” energies, said to Give “farsight” to intiates, long-er life to Rhodes and assuming these “darklings” still have one and are bathing in its energetic emissions – helps explain the longevity of some our darkest “elites” rockafellas/redshields/sorasses/kissingers ect. hunh all from the same “team”

    No worries – if not in tune to current spiritual realm realities – couple 4 clotz shotz & strap on a VR – its whole new dimension to enslave you in..

    Further proof the final battle is nigh – Thor has just arrived in Philadelphia !

    ! An Angel named Thor..



    we knew this a while ago.. the pivotal point of no return.. the NATO and USA forces were at the point that if they really wanted to keep what they had going there.. they would have had to go in whole hog and the men behind the curtains pulling the strings would have had to put their own homelands and families in the line of fire jeopardy which they try so hard to not involve their own homes or life.. .. on an issue that I believe was totally avoidable in the first place… Now there are to many fronts popping up and not enough people to fight each of them to maintain the superiority position the poison pawn trap go after the pawn and expose the king.. If Taiwan erupted.. would they draw back all the support for Ukraine go to taiwan full hog or send more of the crafts protecting the home fronts…… and then what if .. everything was erupting at the same time whos defense do they rush to and what do they leave open and undefended…. israel and iran.. syria and israel..turkey and greece there we have how many carriers there in the south china sea.. I wonder how many we have around the USA..
    .. then the WHAT IF… there was a surprise eruption here at home we still have numb nuts dragging over a half million a month of illegals from countries that swore vengeance how many of those are warriors in disguise.. did they assume that that they were lying when they said that was what would happen…. then the print athon.. printing money faster than ever and nothing getting done and no one in the hourly wage earners gaining any support from the administration.. leaving the economy eroding.. which would be worse a weimer depression.. or a war we cannot win…. .. our supply chain has been destroyed.. and our manufacturers of not only everything we depend on today but most of our food as well..are all from someplace else.. most of whom are being brought in to the folds of those we are picking the fights with..
    I get it.. what could go wrong.. even though we are positioning.. so are they.. and gaining support and building bridges from countries that we have been no so nice to and burned bridges with in the past..
    what does sun tzu have to say about it..
    “All warfare is based on deception. Therefore, when capable, feign incapacity; when active, inactivity.”
    “In executing an Artful Strategy: When ten times greater, surround them; When five times greater, attack them; When two times greater, scatter them.”
    It is the rule in war, if our forces are ten to the enemy’s one, to surround him; if five to one, to attack him; if twice as numerous, to divide our army into two.
    Sun Tzu..
    what we aren’t being shown is that we are slowly being divided.. leaving the home front vulnerable..
    but then I am no one special just some nut job in the wastelands there isn’t a thing anyone in the USA can do right now.. congress is on vacation for their hard work until september where they work what four days.. .. I do realized that there are real smart people running this show.. they have to have more information that what I can see reading the daily papers. It all just looks real foreboding and ominus ..

    • “No abbots, monks, no novices to learn;
      Honey shall cost far more than candle-wax”
      “So high the price of wheat,
      That man is stirred
      His fellow man to eat in his despair”

      think of this.. split us up.. divide and conquer.. then as winter approaches.. the supply line is disrupted..Now ninety proof has torked off the country that manufactures our goods and food sort of reminds you of them defunding the police doesn’t it .. and winter coming along.. when would you want to spark off an emp.. well you could do it while it is hot.. and muggy.. but my dreams have always been with it cold outside.. dark and gloomy.. the storm from the NW.. a currency that has essentially been destroyed.. and they are dumping our debt bonds..

      Nostradamus Quatrain VIII-65
      The old man frustrated by his principal hope,
      He attains to chief of his empire,
      Twenty months he will hold rule with great force,
      Tyrant cruel in giving way to one worse.

      • “when would you want to spark off an emp.. well you could do it while it is hot.. and muggy.. but my dreams have always been with it cold outside..”

        Hot weather makes people irritable.
        Cold weather kills them.

        Each has its advantages…

  4. “Things” usually develop either faster or slower than you think they will. This is driven by the physical realities, and/or the “pushers” efforts.

    Pundits are almost always wrong on the timeline.

    “Things” usually go off in unexpected directions, too — but that’s a different disquisition.

    Aggressive or urgency-driven pushers push towards “too soon.” Fearful or prudent people tend to go too slowly.

    Chances are, no matter what you (or the sources that have cred with you) think, “Things” will more often arrive sooner than you’d like.

    Some activities, I have heard, think August 17th is an interesting day. (Most of the straws in the wind are stupid-silly. Not to be taken very seriously. And they are subtle and hard to correlate with a straight face.)

    Whenever (or if) anything happens along the lines of a big inconvenience, it’ll probably hit when you’re not looking.

    7.299 by day, 3.999 by night.
    Locally self-organized. Stick strictly to the exact numbers, If you go fishing around, up or down, you’ll miss each other. If the frequencies are busy, just wait it out till they clear, but stay smack on-channel, be patient, and have confidence.

    “A watched pot never boils.” (Not actually true, but you know what that means.)

  5. I must say that I was impressed with the Pelosi entourage arrival on the tarmac in Taiwan. The mode of conveyance was a graceful and venerable 737 (in vip configuration of course) rather than the presidential fat albert. Your Nancy walks softly and carries a big stick? No doubt the comradsistas on the Mainland were tickled pink with her fashion statement attire as well. Talk about sticking it to The Patriarchy!

    I don’t know if anybody pulled up Chinese news websites like CGTN yesterday. Every single news piece on the front page was about Taiwan and/or Mrs. Pelosi. Obviously Nancy isn’t running scared of yapping Shih Tzus offleash in Beijing.

    Toto, someone in Washington has a brain after all.

  6. “not even counting on their ability to use their civilian fleet (although owned by the government I would count the MANY “ferries”

    what is really funny is .. Whose kid is it that is still listed on their board of directors LOL LOL LOL

  7. Good for China de-Colonizing from the $. Bad for us though. Could be really bad if you’re dependent on a U.S. government payment.

    Anyone notice .gov is raising money offering a gimmick rate for new money (below). Just like Papa Duck getting an ATM CC cash advance to take the fam to Chuck E. Cheese, Uncle Sam is getting ready for the War Time Stimmies.

    “I don’t think people realize. ”

    Is humanity really on the right path?

    We need a reboot. Human Struggle 2.0. (But this could be our 3rd or 4th try already.)

    “KEY FACTS: I Bonds can be purchased through October 2022 at the current rate. That rate is applied to the 6 months after the purchase is made. For example, if you buy an I bond on July 1, 2022, the 9.62% would be applied through December 31, 2022. Interest is compounded semi-annually.”

    • Seems like a no brain’r with zero coupon….. If the fed note wasn’t about ready to be recalled /repriced. needs to added to the risk assessment.

      Swapping Crypto at ATH’s just when the rate crescendo peaks may be a strategy. That would rhyme with selling out gold holdings in 1980 and plunging into 30Yr T bills and converting to STRIPS.

      Have to see what what bonds denominated in CBDC look like.

      We are still early. Got Blockchain?

  8. Agree with the self reliant and resilience but have reservations with the most remote. They will be the first targeted I believe. The recent uptick in remote burglary and stealing here in my opinion are nothing more than probing actions. Who is watching and how far will they go to defend their property.
    On Pogo “We have met the enemy and he is us”. The BLM, Antifa, Defund the police, et al will be whining the loudest when the bell rings.

    Stay safe. 73

    • “have reservations with the most remote. They will be the first targeted I believe.”

      This is why every person of substance should have a shotgun and know where the local lime pit’s located…

  9. The bell has been ringing for some time now. Its just being drowned out by the Noise and Virtue signaling lol.

  10. George, the sentence below stirred my pot. I, along with a group, have been contemplating this for 4-5 years now.

    “remembering a time before microwaves, before color TVs,”

    Worst case scenario is the EMP.
    Think farmers with a mule plowing the lower 40, and it goes down hill from there.
    The wind turbines MAY still make power , depends how compooter dependent they are to work(assuming there are still lines to carry power) and some cars may run but good luck finding a gas station that can pump fuel or functioning refineries. Solar panels MAY still function? results on that are in conclusive so far. Assuming solar panels still function but only during daylight once the batteries are gone.
    If your HF, VHF, UHF rigs are stored in Faraday cages they may work if you have the power (think bicycle operated generator / alternator). BUT the repeaters will most likely be gone.
    A society reverting to 1880 in the blink of an eye with not enough horses and mules (or horse shoer’s ), and a total lack of absolutely essential skills. (think bicycle repair shops with a good stock of tubes and tires or cow milking skills , yes by hand. If you can get coffee beans you’ll have to grind them with your rifle butt.
    90% population die off in one year and weight watchers obsolete.
    Yea George, good material for a book, a horror novel.

  11. It sounds crazy today, but I have been saying this since my first book in 2007.

    I think that we are going to do a year or three in the 19th century and then head straight for the Dark Ages for a few generations.

    Get ready for the Great Displacement… everywhere… and real invasions.

    The Age of Desolation, G. A. Stewart, 2010, Page 307
    I originally had difficulty with this particular paragraph in my original manuscript, but China’s navy has grown to two hundred and sixty vessels compared to the United States two hundred and eighty-six vessels. And I also believe that the Chinese are exhibiting startling new approaches to old naval tactics, such as a Chinese diesel submarine surfacing in the middle of a United States Navy exercise.

    It is my suspicion that a fleet of unused Chinese cargo container ships that sit idle during the first year of the global economic crisis will be turned into troop transports.

    And so here we are 12-years later and the odds have only gotten worse.

    • I tend to agree, which is why my preps have involved ways & means of doing things in an 18th Century world.

      • See.. now Iearned how to do stuff not for preparing but so we could enjoy the same things those that make more money are able to enjoy.. couldn’t afford potato chips back when.. so the kids could enjoy what other kids took for granted..we made them..
        What was funny is the other kids were envious… which I never understood..

    • Stewart
      That’s scary as sh*t. There is no way to prepare for that. I can save enough food for a year, maybe two. I might store a few antibotics but certainly not a lifetime worth. I can’t store the drugs I need. I can’t prep against hungry, armed horses and cannibals. Damn.

      • There is a way… and back in the day I do remember George and the Web Bot Prophet discussing Self-Organized-Collectives.

        It is leaders encouraging everybody in there constituency to grow victory gardens and start networking with local and state manufacturers.

        Sadly, the time to plan and organize was years ago; supply lines will quickly dry up now.

        George is right, if we can keep some stuff working, we’ll be back to baud rate. For the survivors, there are future business opportunities ahead for comm people.

      • @Eleanor… I had to Learn how to make what you enjoy. Was it a good thing. I believe all the hard days I have experienced was for a reason.. to teach..each time I learned something new..
        Look what you use..daily can you make what you use the creature comforts.. then learn how..
        Even though I buy most of what I get.. I know how and have made the things I use daily..
        I have the tools oil, cheese, liquors, what do you do if your cloths are worn out..can you sew knit..make a rug or weave cloth..make shoes..
        That is why I believe all the studies done say there will be a 98 percent loss..

      • Years ago FEMA asked each community to make up an emergency plan. At the time the towns mayor asked me to assist him with it..
        The plan was as a community.. an individual can not prepare as an individual.. so we gathered what hobbies people had.. each person rich or poor has a skill set to be a benefit to the community.. the trappers hunters fishermen the farmers mechanics etc. The ladies that still sew knit etc..
        As a community pulling together you can survive..
        I bought an earth block press..for a mission so they could make a clinic a school and a church.. I bought one to..for here.. if it never gets used that’s ok . But if hell erupted then shelters can be made..and if the community pulls together.. a small house can go up in one day..
        A hall for a community kitchen..
        Remember Noah he built a boat for years in his community..i am pretty sure everyone thought he was nuts..the suitcase of knowledge..

    • I can do 19th century standing on my head and laugh at the ones that can’t. The ONLY thing that really concerns me is further invasion and occupation by forces from elsewhere on this Earth. Leave us alone to tend to our own, taking care of the scum that has led us down this path, but being led off to death camps and slavery is the game-ender. There is no mercy in those peoples’ hearts. China lusts for our bread basket interior and at some point may see its acquisition as a possibility. I have NO doubt there is a plan afoot there. We, the current occupants, are just the modern day Indians needing to be swept aside. Frankly I’d rather see a scorched, radioactive Earth than being forced to hand it over to them.

      • The thing the Indian “moaners & whiners” have overlooked for 200 years, is the American Indian lost out to a more-efficient civilization. The Indian had a bow, the Conquistador had a fire stick. Arrows were more accurate, but guns shot a lot farther, and when a musket ball landed, it did frightful damage.

        If’fn we’re “playing Amish” and some foreign agent waltzes in with advanced weaponry & tactics, we’re toast. We will lose out to the more-efficient civilization, and aside from selected children and some “service girls,” will probably be massacred to a one. WE were sympathetic toward the “Noble Red-man.” There is little which is “noble” about contemporary Western “civilization” of any color, and potential invaders are much less likely to be sympathetic toward us…

  12. I think I found a video clip possibly predicting great conflict between American “D-Fens” and Asians. From the strangest places.

    Falling Down – “Korean Convenience Store”


    Argument over ‘money’.

    As “William “Bill” Foster” walks to the cooler notice the three cases of “Hamms” in the background. China bought American pork factories.

    After opening the cooler notice William takes a can of Coca-Cola (Atlanta) and slides the cool can across his brow. That’s a sign of Global Warming.

    Back to the counter notice the large pig to the left of the Coca-Cola can and the American flags to the right of the Coca-Cola can.

    They start arguing about the $ again. The Asian thinks the $ is worth less while William thinks his $ is worth the strength of a 1965 $.

    Later after William calls the Asian “Chinese” the Asian identifies himself as Korean….

    The Korean asks William to leave, but he won’t leave…. There’s a brief struggle, the U.S. flags are knocked to the floor.

    William gets the weapon. Notice the “Corona/Corona” sign in the background.

    After the Corona/Corona sign a fight breaks out.

    Korea is going to attack us.

    I didn’t notice the things that were smashed… or looked at the numbers for dates….

    • At the cross roads of corona. A timing queue . interesting that SK Prez wasnt able to meet with fancy this week.

  13. Before color TV? lol. I remember before any TV at all. Parents’ first phone was a 4-party line. Each household had a different ring and be careful what you said because sure as not someone would be listening. My grandparents’ phone was one like this
    It was still on the little table in the hall when we emptied the house in the early ’70s.
    Heck, the first couple years in the little 4-room house my father built we had a real ice box, a cistern for rainwater, a little donkey engine that ran on gas to run the DC electric. Father had to re-wire the house when electricity was run out to our neck of the woods. Butane was the gas until NG became available. Until then Mother cooked on a little 2-burner kerosene stove and we had the wood-burning fireplace for winter heat.

    Those were the days. I wonder how many folks could manage to live like that these days. I’m most happy to have lived it and do not look forward to maybe having to live it again.

    I guess my yearly renewal check didn’t make it in time. Can’t get in the Subscriber section.

    • Yeah, I remember those childhood days in the country home. Wood stove to heat the house. Big gardens. Mom always canning something. No TV. I remember when we got our first TV… black & white. Even after moving into the city, my folks got a nice console TV for the living room… in B&W because color was ‘too spendy’. Wasn’t until the 70s that we kids bought Mom & Pop a small color trinitron for the kitchen counter where they watched most of their TV at the kitchen table anyway.

      I managed to amuse myself playing outdoors then, and I can do it again anytime!

      • “I remember those childhood days in the country home. Wood stove to heat the house. Big gardens. Mom always canning something. ”

        LOL my father heated with wood.. as he got older .. it got hotter.. and it was the family joke that when we had a family dinner.. it would get so hot in the house.. that pretty sure everyone was stripping down to their skivvies.. LOL LOL.. we would joke about it as dad would say.. time to put another log on.. LOL LOL LOL and he would comment back.. just wait till you get old and are on blood thinners LOL LOL

    • “Parents’ first phone was a 4-party line. Each household had a different ring and be careful what you said because sure as not someone would be listening. ”

      My parents had a party line.. ours was seven rings.. one short five long and one short..

      when they dumped the operator system.. it went into a junk pile.. along with all the television equipment for the tv.. our first television of my parents was a six inch round tube.. and we would sit there with all the neighbors and watch shows.. one of the gentlemen that came to watch tv.. was a stable boy for the buffalo bill’s wild west show.. and he would tell us kids about what the true characters of the television shows were really like..

      • OH years later.. when the guy that had the junk pile died.. all of these items went on auction… and the operator system was used in a few televison shows that eveyrone has seen along with phones etc..

  14. I’m not trying to be a dick toward humans that happen to be LEO, but another ‘police’ story. Her LinkedIn below.

    Oxford security guard didn’t stop shooting, thought injured student was covered in makeup: lawyer

    Detroit — An armed Oxford High School security guard failed to stop a mass shooting that killed four students and injured seven others, thinking the attack was a drill and that one student was wearing “really good makeup” as he bled to death, a victim’s lawyer argued Wednesday.

    Oxford High School shooting: Attorney says security guard failed to act, thought shooter was an ALICE drill

    Attorney says Oxford High School security officer “walked around” as shooting happened

    “Attorney Ven Johnson said that Security Officer Kimberly Potts was seen on security camera footage “walking around” during the shooting, and not going into action to engage with the active shooter.

    Johnson alleges that Potts, who was employed by the district, did not have her body camera on when the shooting happened.

    According to Johnson, Potts is no longer employed by the school, prior to becoming the security officer, she spent decades as an Oakland County Sheriff’s deputy. ”


    “….Student Monitor at Oxford High School and involved in the November 30th school shooting ,

    Crime Prevention in Highland Township, Fundraising , Juvenile Detective School. Mentor of an elementary student in 2000’s,

    Looking for a security job in the schools for 2022/2023”

    • I’m not trying to be a dick sounds the same as with all due respect. I have observed those saying it mean exactly the opposite.

  15. A guy I have known for the past six years – Princeton educated, with a year at MIT., DoD trained and retired a Lt Colonel from intelligence., five years ago moved to a beautiful, remote spot in northern Idaho., and has spent the past five years building a great self-sufficient home. Needs nothing from “the outside ” if necessary. He has sent me a few pix.., well thought and looks great. Two years ago he over-heard a conversation at a local diner – that shook his world.., and he has gathered enough intelligence since that day, to prove what he heard was true.
    There is a group of people who have formed a private, secret militia. About fifteen of them, roughly half are ex-military combat vets, scattered all around his area. But, it is not the kind of militia you would understand under their definition. They have no intention of fighting for the people, and defending their rights. Their plan is to raid other self-sufficient homes and take everything they can find., slaves included.
    He is capable of fighting and defending against two, or three., but a well-organized attack from a dozen, or more? Nope. He has put his place up for sale., and has offers four times what he was put into it., and is a rush to build a new, semi-remote safe-haven – that for now he is keeping the location a secret. [ but he did tell me the closest big city – 24,000.., interesting choice.] Luckily, he has a friend, also retired military in the area and together are getting it squared away rather fast. Move-in ready in another couple of weeks – then a work-out from there. He will do it., I have no doubts. [ very large underground green house already in.]
    My point? No place is truly safe. Mad Max Militias will probably form all over the country.

    • I am not believing the self sufficiency end of this as people are not prepared for the manual labor as the machines cannot be powered or break. I see all these homesteaders with tractors, escalators, wood splitters, chainsaws. He might have been better off to join the militia then to try and hide from them. At least you can organize protections through a full day and night and and have division of labor to go plant, pick and process wood for heat. Having a year of supplies might delay the inevitable by a year, but if alone or with small group, likely roving gangs will find you. We will see, but hunger will cause people to do anything to satiate. People will not get through through mass energy or tech failure in isolation, but those that form a reliable tribes, will be the one likely to continue to pass DNA. The folks forming the militias, will likely be the successful ones. They will have hunters going out to “collect” resources, while skilled folks grow and protect their food. You best have some skill or knowledge where leaders will be willing to share resources. Weak, sick and old likely need not apply. This is the “normal” human condition through our long history.

    • Forstchen’s ‘One Second After” series continues to be a wonderful primer for TEOTWAWKI. One can only hope to have the right combination of people around them, as described in the books, to form a coordinated, dedicated defensive operation for your small town/area when this happens. The only way for one person or family to make it is to be invisible, literally, and leave no traces of their existence. Otherwise – you will be found so take the offenders out before they take you.

    • Which is why the best defense, indeed, the only defense is secrecy. Once your redoubt is known, it is in-doubt, and will be taken.

      Ever hear the theme song from “The Legend of Billy Jack?”

      “One Tin Soldier…”

      If you live in a secure fortress, people will tell stories back & forth, convincing each other of the fabulous wealth of riches you’re guarding for yourself. Forces will build against you until they are sufficient to overrun and conquer your fortress, then they will do so.

      Your redoubt location and preps must be secret.
      You must have a secure and secret means of escape.
      If your redoubt is discovered, you must escape before raiders arrive in force.

      If your redoubt is sufficiently valuable to you, after it is overrun, YOU can become the raider and possibly, eventually drive the others off — but the place will be known and “Coven” or “The Original Caste” will start singing in the background, again…

      • Just another reason not to be too “hot to trot” about using silver, gold or other stores of value when things fall apart. Puts a big target on your back. Best to wait until you know what the social rules are where you are and some measure of community security has been established – even if you’re pulling a midwatch a time or two during the week in your town. It’s all just “play it by ear” until you know otherwise. Your neighbor could be your worst enemy –

        “Hairdresser Robbed at Gunpoint While Working Out of Her Home After Her Hair Salon Burned Down”

        “The hairdresser was reportedly expecting her friend to come over so she kept her back gate unlocked.”

        “Two masked suspects in hoodies forced their way into the victim’s home and immediately knew where to find her cash box/safe.”

      • Agreed. The real reason for LTS food is to get you through that 6-8 months hidden, while the riff-raff kills each other off. IMO it is only after 8-9 months that one will be able to identify those who wish to preserve & rebuild, and tell the difference between them and those who wish to take and kill.

        The killers will hide it well, until they can’t, any more…

  16. It took me a long time to read your column this morning George. The “Digital Dark Age” has been on my mind since I read Nicole Perlroth’s book “This is how they tell me the world ends” about a year ago. I went back and re-read a couple of chapters today. Scary but very believable shit.

    This award winning cyber security journalist in her 500 page book, paints a very dark picture of the future. To quote one testimonial, “Reads like a modern day John le Carre novel, with terrifying tales of espionage and cyber warfare that will keep you up at night, both unable to stop reading and terrified for what the future holds,”

    So, I look forward to reading your new book like the other two I have read. You are a good writer. You had better write fast though. We are getting closer to the mad max scenario when the internet goes down. I hope I have a hard copy to read by candlelight.

    Interesting to note that Nicole Pelroth now spends most of her time off grid in her cabin in the woods.

  17. “I do realized that there are real smart people running this show.. they have to have more information that what I can see reading the daily papers. It all just looks real foreboding and ominus ..”

    Absolutely, LOOB !! It’s like watching a monkey sitting in the driver’s seat of a remote controlled car … and we think the monkey is actually driving. Yep, real smart people with a remote.

    Remember when shtf somewhere and the president would address the nation, telling us to be strong and do what you can to help? And would go on to tell us that we are strengthening our forces and resources to protect this (once) great nation ? – No man, we’re getting dragged down on purpose. We’ve lost too much, with no plan to build back up to our former power.

    Big Pharma dove on raising prices as soon as Biden was elected. They knew. We had an astronaut almost stranded … where was Elon Musk and his space team? Silent. And I don’t hear bazillionaires bitching about anything. They’re either making money or shutting down businesses. But we don’t really hear what they see and know … and no complaints from once upon a time CEO’s.

    What happened to building up the infrastructure?? They got the money for it but see anything different than the same orange barrels on the road? And even less of that. Bridge near hear is getting a new paint job … but it’s actually privately owned and ya gotta pay to cross it. That ain’t no government job.

    If this wasn’t a controlled burn, some things would collapse quickly, not little by little, by little. – and those things that are slowly falling away, no one seems to want to fix it before it’s gone.

    Ever since Bin Laden was thrown out to sea, I’ve wondered who has actually died and who have been crisis actors. We don’t seem to get proof of shit.

  18. some of the contributors here are robots . Yep folks if yah not trained to resist psyops be careful. Buy gold and short market

  19. Yesterday’s column on process was a good call. For now it looks like the Biden administration got a very big diplomatic win. But, longer term it might not count for much.

    China is very sensitive to weather on the timing of its Taiwan invasion. This is so because centuries ago China attempted to conquer Japan. It ended in disaster. China sent a fleet and an army to Japan. The fleet was enormous and the Conquest of Japan was a sure bet. Then a big storm came sinking ships at sea and in the harbour while those few crews and soldiers who made landfall were wiped out by the Japanese forces. Japanese history books refer to the Storm as the Kamikaze or Divine Wind. China won’t make the same mistake twice.

    That said the Island of Taiwan is being bracketed by Chinese military drills. What this means is that in an invasion any forces that attempt to relieve Taiwan will face a barrage of missiles and or gunfire. If you look at where the “drills” are being conducted China is in the process of training its forces to create safe corridors between live fire zones.

    For historical reference you can look up footage of the initial attack on Iwo Jima in WW2. The US Navy completely surrounded Iwo Jima and gained control of the air and then sent in the Marines. The Marines suffered 100,000 casualties while the Japanese lost 80,000. The Japanese kept the Marines pinned down on that beach for days. The Marines raised the flag on Iwo Jima before the island was fully controlled.

    The Chinese could lose in an invasion if the Taiwan military forces are as determined to fight as the Japanese were. I have no idea of the level of commitment of the Taiwanese people. But it would have to be as great as the British resolve in the Battle of Britain and it would have to rely on Chinese forces running out of conventional ammunition so that when the allies come to relieve Taiwan China is caught in a vice.

    But with proper training and the fact that China is the world’s largest industrial power it is very unlikely that China will run out of supplies. In addition to the Battle of Britain there is the WW2 siege of Malta for historical reference. The British government initially felt that they would not defend Malta and then in the 11th hour they decided to defend Malta. It was up to the Navy to get supplies through the gauntlet of Italian and German forces. It was a very close call. But in the end the Navy came through.

    If the Allies decide to fight will they get through? The main allies are USA UK Australia and other ally that matters is Japan. If the Japanese decide to defend the Senkaku islands all bets are off. This has the potential to escalate into a world war very quickly. With NATO occupied in Ukraine, opening a second front in Taiwan would place immense pressure on the allied forces. If Japan decides to engage the war will rapidly escalate because Japan needs to maintain shipping lanes from Indonesia and the Middle East for oil. This would start as the largest Naval engagement since the Falklands in 1982 and escalate to the largest Naval battle since WW2.

    • Plausible. No chips for You ! Time to re check/stock inventory spare parts for all things convenient. Looking like the final purchase opportunity is eminent.

  20. Weaponised USD . Stay tune folks . It’s on!!! Bring it on !!! Gold up market crash the real goldbulls dream now its on !!!

  21. george where have you got that aggregate chart hidden ? you didnt !!!!!!!!!!!! bit of erotica eh !!!

  22. I think there will be a digital dark age at some point, but it will only be allowed to last long enough to frighten the public into accepting the new system. Of course the new system will require more monitoring and giving up more freedom in exchange for security. It will be blamed on the war, a hacker, or whatever, but it will be the same globalist puppet masters who control all sides and play them against each other.

    It might also be a handy way to delay or cancel the midterm elections or a future presidential election.

    • that totally depends if we have the stuff to replace broken or burned out equipment.. remember our grid was not designed for security but profit.. like china they build more and more coal fired power plants and set them up across the country.. one goes down another fires up.. each independent and yet works together.. ours are clustered.. we should have been supporting solar for the homes and solar towers.. at every sub station.. starting with the one the furthest from the power plant and worked our way back to the hub.. instead you will see huge solar grid arrays.. close to the power plants.. the hundred year storm of texas should have given everyone a clue.. it didn’t .. still the lets make profit not security.. a bad ice storm took out power for one whole section of a state because of the same reason.. but then I am digressing on an old old old rant of mine for decades back.. when I first learned about solar panels.. we design for the business model not the security of a country..

  23. ” the installed (via the open border) military units of unAmerican’s infiltrated from the Third World, all turns the year into an unthinkable horror for virtually all but the most self-reliant and remote Americans.”

    Again — lime pit, aqua regia or oxalic acid, and phosphoric acid…

    With a mess of Marxist judges and prosecutors installed by George Soros* and a nation at war, under siege, and under Martial Law, there’ll be no removal of the soreassed jurists. THEY will not make a case against any invaded and installed enemy, but WILL make a case against any Citizen who defends him/her self against an enemy infiltrator…


  24. “Somewhere in the vicinity of World War I, retailers began to hand out “Charge Cards” to their biggest and best customers. It was a way to fund “impulse sales” – for which the customer might not have ready cash in hand.”

    Please — “Charge Plates.” Mom had several, stamped steel, about 1.5″x3″, with her name and account data stamped in high relief. The machine which made an imprint of the card looked like an antique heavy-duty desk-stapler, and pressed hard enough to push that relief through 5 sheets of carbon paper and onto 6 receipts. The one for J.C. Penney came in its own little red plastic card-wallet. I can’t remember the others — something about standing in the corner for ransacking Mom’s purse affected my 3yo memory…

  25. “I’d draw your attention to the decline rate in $1-bill print and the increasing rate of $100-bill printing. ”

    Bear in-mind that 50 years ago, $1000, $5000, $10,000, and $100,000 bills were circulating currency. It was not unusual to see Bob Barker give out a $10,000 bill on “The Price is Right.”

    This explains a great deal of the increase in printing of $100 bills. The other principal reason is: For most practical purposes, a ca. 2020 $100 bill is worth about the same as a ca. 1970 $10 bill.

  26. BTW, If’fn I were to design an attack and troop landing on Formosa, it would be on the southeast quadrant of the island. That is where both population and defenses are thinnest. Cargo ships could house myriad landing craft, disguised as containers, and many SAMs, hidden in containers, but ready for use…

  27. So many brainwashed people here and zombies . My
    Mate george Ure got bought out but he is one of em . Watch the paranoia . If this reaches print folks . Simple . Buy gold short market . It’s finishef

  28. Hey yankee hey fat fib 73 when you wake from
    Your piss and pig . Ukraine finished . All over gone . Where yah goin next patriots gotta sell that guru stuff . Ask g a Farken something he found Murdoch’s cave

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