Dueling Sanctions: The Early Days of WW III

The visit of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan will go down in history, we’re thinking, along with other great historical gaffes. 

Like Chamberlain on Appeasement of Hitler.  Sometimes bright people make very bad decisions. The underlying processes leading to conflict have not really changed since World War II.  In WW III, we will see more whiz-bang tech, sure.  But ultimately, we are locked in a Policy Conflict.  That’s where wars come from.

Consider European policy as Hitler was on the rise in Germany.

“[Neville (appeaser) Chamberlain sought to conciliate Germany and make the Nazi state a partner in a stable Europe. He believed Germany could be satisfied by the restoration of some of its colonies, and during the Rhineland crisis of March 1936 he had stated that “if we were in sight of an all-round settlement the British government ought to consider the question” of restoration of colonies.”

Fast-forward to present times.

The behavior of the Biden policy advisors – sending special forces to train Taiwanese to repel China – and backing that up with arms shipments and now the Nancy Visit -seems to hold that with enough negotiating and firepower China will give up on re-unification.

As my consigliere points out, though: the Future is driven by the politics.

  • China IS going to take Taiwan back and melt it into a political unit of Beijing.  Only a matter of when.
  • As we have explained, there is a hard economic reason to hold over the 2020 cohort of the PLA this summer – reduces stress from unemployment in China’s soft economy.  Once in a lifetime window.
  • The U.S. wants to see that “go slow” because here lately, it has become apparent to the (genius) Congress that America has been “resource stripped” by offshoring far too much of our manufacturing.
  • Responding, democrats are throwing money at the problem – Chip Plant urgency is all over the place.
  • “The $280 billion industrial policy passed with bipartisan support and will boost domestic manufacturing of computer chips.” says one report.
  • But as happens in Washington, the timeline is wrongheaded.  For example, CHIPS Act to provide money to chip makers, but when? (dispatch.com).
  • But the problem is “right now” and “of the essence” – the Chip Shortage is already dragging on the U.S. economy:  Toyota profit down as chips shortage keeps customers waiting.

Clearly, Pelosi has again miscalculated and misplayed her hand.  Like to be wrong, though, so let’s see how things roll.

We do have one model that suggests markets will be half present levels by year end, but we’ll save that for the Peoplenomics ChartPack Saturday morning.  Damn interesting, though.

market volatility is just getting silly: Treasury Curve Inversion Deepens as Yields Jump and Then Plunge.

Dueling Sanctions

Joe Biden will, as we see it, go down in history as beginning WW III by committing the U.S. to Ukraine.  Where a puppet regime (which displaced an elected government) had been tweaking Russian-speakers in Eastern Ukraine by turning off irrigation water and in other ways goading Russia to fight.

Once the actual battles began, Biden had only to begin sanctions to launch WW III processes.  Then, in quick succession, Russia responded with sanctions of its own.

Pelosi’s failure to comprehend China’s requirement to “always save face” has not touched off Sanctions by China of Taiwan today.

China’s economic sanctions on Taiwan over Pelosi visit ‘symbolic’, but could hit billions if tensions escalate | South China Morning Post (scmp.com).”  Given the Biden’s questionable ethics in Ukraine – not to mention sheltering Hunter Biden’s conduct from public prosecution – we think it’s a given that coming into the high-risk Labor Day to Veteran’s Day war window, dueling sanctions will increase.

For now China Imposes Trade Sanctions on Taiwan Over Pelosi Visit—But Leaves Out One Critical Item.  Spoiler alert: Semiconductor chips are still moving.  But China knows its escalation path is simple:  Even if not stopped, even slowing the flow will hurt.

Shortages and Supply Chains

China has already been alerted to the delicacy of the U.S. supply chain thanks to the obsequious environmental leftist government of California. Which, by limiting older semi-truck rig access to SoCal ports, set off import declines.  As the import problems rose, the ripples hit the rails until now, supply chain woes are on the verge of imploding the economy with very little needed to push the economy “over the edge.”

See, we don’t need nuclear weapons to begin the mass killing.  Escalation of Sanctions will do just fine.  Russia turns down our fertilizer, the grains for export (to China, among others) will fall down the road.  As it does, the balance of payments will crater in 2023 – which will require additional economic “engineering” to paper-over disaster.

This may sound grim – to call Biden the cause of WW III – but fear not:  Democrats this fall will wrap it up in a flag and low information voters will salute.  Democrats might even keep one half of Congress.

Data Speaks, We Listen

A check of Wikipedia shows that – despite an onslaught of malicious lies pumped by the stupid leftists – the definition of Recession remains in place:

“Although the definition of a recession varies between different countries and scholars, two consecutive quarters of decline in a country’s real gross domestic product (real GDP) is commonly used as a practical definition of a recession.”

Where National Denial will become truly entertaining is this fall.  When we are likely to have a third quarter of negative real GDP reported.  That’s when the term “economic depression” will become hotly debated 9-months will be in by then.

“A recession is briefly defined as a period of declining economic activity spread across the economy (according to NBER). Under the first definition, each depression will always coincide with a recession, since the difference between a depression and a recession is the severity of the fall in economic activity. In other words, each depression is always a recession, sharing the same starting and ending dates and having the same duration.”

The definition of Depression will be easier to avoid, however, since inflation covers it up.  See, even if goods (number of widgets, say) is down 50%, if inflation has more than doubled their price, then it could be argued that on a current dollar basis, there’s no recession, no depression.  In fact, however, that’s why unit volumes are so important in supporting our views on the economy.

Let’s go look.

Railroad Results

This matter of units versus paper fiat is a very big deal when you’re looking at shipping data.  This week’s Rail Time Indicators from the Association of American Railroads tells us:

“Total U.S. carload traffic for the first seven months of 2022 was 6,900,820 carloads, down 0.1 percent, or 6,610 carloads, from the same period last year; and 7,912,632 intermodal units, down 5.8 percent, or 485,376 containers and trailers, from last year.

Total combined U.S. traffic for the first 30 weeks of 2022 was 14,813,452 carloads and intermodal units, a decrease of 3.2 percent compared to last year.”

One reason for the carloads holding up is exported raw materials.

“In July 2022, 10 of the 20 carload commodity categories tracked by the AAR each month saw carload gains compared with July 2021. These included: coal, up 5,588 carloads or 2.2 percent; crushed stone, sand & gravel, up 5,197 carloads or 6.7 percent; and motor vehicles & parts, up 3,726 carloads or 8.2 percent. Commodities that saw declines in July 2022 from July 2021 included: primary metal products, down 7,065 carloads or 19.2 percent; all other carloads, down 3,311 carloads or 15.1 percent; and stone, clay & glass products, down 2,202 carloads or 6.7 percent.”

Since the Bidenista’s are down on domestic coal fired plants, where do you suppose coal could be going?

If the administration were really serious about all the climate virtue-signaling, they’d cut off all coal exports.  But then, the balance of trade goes to hell.  Easier to let it slide, but hold it as another Ace to play as Serial Sanctions on the Path to War ramp up.

Food will come next.

And if you want a new (electronic) whizzy from China, might want to move up purchase plans.

Gaming Ahead

China has begun firm, but not gigantic sanctions now.  Mainland ramps up sanctions on Taiwan over Pelosi visit – Global Times.

Logically – D.C. egomania being what it is – we would expect some puffery and braggadocio from Biden given runaway Nancy’s visit.

This would give a reason for China to begin throttling chips.

Then it’s game on.

Cheer Down at the Docks

Actually, some good news about supply chains – for now and the very short-term one month horizon:

Los Angeles:

Long Beach:

You can do the math here, but for example:

Loaded inbound in June 2021 combined as 764,854.  This year in June? 860,367 – so (for now) imports were up so hats off to the ILWU for up 12.48 percent in June.  Now, if independent truckers could afford to haul loads…

For now, overall, what we see is a soft analog to the balance of terror – as the U.S. sells “global warming coal” elsewhere with U.S. voters too dumb to connect the dots and see how they’re being “had.”  Same with energy imports with Biden’s anti-petroleum screed.

New Ex-Im Trade Data

Out this morning from Census:  Big demonstration of how a powerful dollar makes the (*at home inflation) go down better:

Our Aggregate Index closed Wednesday at 35396.84.  A week previous it was 34113.69.

That’s a 3.7 percent gain in ONE WEEK.  Can someone please point out what the bloody f*ck is 3.7 percent better this week.

Challenger Job Cuts

Just out:

“Job Cuts Surge in June 2022, Up 57% From May, 59% From June 2021; Highest Quarterly Total Since Q1 2021” began their report.  Key to our thinking was this part because it provides so longer-term perspective:

“In the second quarter, employers announced 77,515 job cuts, the highest quarterly total since the first quarter of 2021, when 144,686 cuts were recorded. It is 39% higher than the 55,696 cuts announced in the first quarter of 2022 and 14% higher than the 67,975 cuts announced in the same quarter last year.

So far this year, employers announced plans to cut 133,211 jobs, down 37% from the 212,661 cuts announced through the first half of 2021. It is the lowest recorded January-June total since Challenger began tracking monthly job cut announcements in 1993*.

Well, EXCEPT that 2021 was a lockdown year…which is when employers were making lots of cuts to save profitability.

Tomorrow morning: U.S. “official” jobs data. We can hardly wait.  Bet remains we will not surpass total working employed’s high-water mark set in 2019.  But we love a good fairytale as much as anyone else.

Worth Keeping an Eye On

America’s character is really in the shitter when you see stories like Blind man attacked with his own cane in San Diego, Good Samaritans also injured. Homeless perp in the box now on 3 attempted murder charges and an outstanding felony warrant.

On the other hand, though:  MMA fighter witnesses New York City assault, immediately leaps into action and takes down suspect.  Toast of Gotham as a result. Well, except…

Both of which are put into perspective by the ID Theft, Fraud, Prison: The Wild Life of a Bishop Robbed at the Pulpit.

FAA Looking at this all wrong:  Are airplane seats too small? FAA soliciting public comments on minimum dimensions.  BUTT (yes, butt) is the problem. Too many fat-ass passengers.  Back when I was an international airline VP, we used 170 pounds as an average passenger weight. Changed in 2005: The new FAA standards increase(d) the average adult passenger and carry-on bag weight to 190 pounds in the summer and 195 pounds in the winter — up from 170 pounds and 175 pounds, respectively. The numbers include an extra 10 pounds for heavier clothing in winter and 5 pounds for clothing in summer.

The counterpoint to this is? More Americans Are Going Hungry, and It Costs More to Feed Them.

And the latest installment in Joe’s Crooked Kid is out in today’s NY Post reporting Hunter Biden linked to 2018 deal sending grain from Ukraine to China.  Fortunately, there are two systems of Just Us in America – one for the rich and powerful.  Which you and I don’t qualify for.  Leaving us with the other one.

ATR: Math Dopes

Struck me Wednesday that we/us Americans are our own worst enemies.  We don’t have a good handle on math, anymore.  No, it’s not racist – but the breakdown of number-based thinking was really underscored by an email yesterday.

There is a quatrain in Nostradamus about the old ruler holding office for 20 months.  All over the web these days, you can see forecasts of Biden leaving us in August.

Thing is – for no real reason – I looked it up – and from the Inauguration in 2021, Biden will not have 20-months in office until SEPTEMBER.

You would think people could do something as simple as count.  But, no, even counting must go into the racist column, now, as well?

Slow Joe on the Go?

Military affairs contributor Warhammer offers this – which is frightening:

“Even the most diehard democrat must realize by now that Biden’s perpetual covid is a smoke screen for some other underlying situation or condition.

Biden tests positive for fifth straight day after ‘rebound’ COVID infection | The Hill.

Kamala Harris is not exactly instilling confidence in her ability to take over for SloJoe should the 25th Amendment come into play.  But isn’t it interesting that the person 3rd in line for the presidency, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, traveled to Taiwan, performing a very presidential-like role on the world stage (and winning positive reviews in the process).

Forget about the midterms. These developments lead one to wonder what the Dem National Committee has in mind as 2024 approaches.  And is it just me, or has Pelosi figuratively yet unofficially grabbed the diplomacy reins of the executive office (as conferred per Article II of the Constitution) while the Dem congressional leadership and the DNC try to figure out a way forward without igniting a constitutional crisis.”

This is a non-trivial concern.  Because Biden’s cough was back yesterday and it’s therefore our entirely news-based irresponsible diagnosis that he will test positive again today.

The problem with Nostradamus forecast is that when the old ruler passes out of power in 20-months, we get an even worse ruler.

Unfortunately, seeing the Succession list, I can easily see how that could happen.  Sobering stuff.

Write when you get rich,


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  1. Morning George

    “Tight lipped” ?? (Well, if they say so.) – interesting read …

    Tight-lipped Taliban leaders gather after U.S. says Zawahiri killed | Reuters

    And a little monkey see, monkey do …



    (NOTE: “Russia has used its so-called foreign agent laws for the past decade to label and punish critics of government policies.”) Hmmm ??

  2. “the balance of payments will crater in 2023 – which will require additional economic “engineering” to paper-over disaster.”

    yesterday.. one of the ad’s that pop in .. was an analyst to sell his research.. I listened half heartedly.. but then got thinking about what he said.. that Joe Biden signed an executive order early in his administration to do away with the dollar and bring in a digital currency and give the govt. full access and control to all money transactions by the citizens of the USA .. now I went back to find that same ad again.. but cannot find it..
    I don’t know if this is the one..


    dam the one time I should have clicked yes now I cannot find it LOL LOL LOL.. recognised the guy.. but I didn’t want to spend the twenty bucks on it..

  3. Yo G,

    got Ure pearl handled pistols shined up, cleaned, oiled and ready ?

    Nasty news all a big smoke screen for now, but keep those peepers locked on the”sanfrisco treat” CCP and Kid ill-the show must go on..

    Real action is going down in Upper & Lower kazaria(ukraine&Lebanon). ? Or did we miss the Ruskie/Aryan agreement, you know the one where Iran trades drones for advanced SU-35 fighter aircraft?
    Tween May 24th and July31 – Iran transport aircraft made as many as 18 mysterious flights to the Russian Federation and back.

    This will pop off soonly – Israhell plan& ran thru all the battle scenarios including the long range flight&refuel plans (chariots of fire exercise)
    1st -massive airstrikes with closet support USA – looking to minimize combat capabilities, then they will deal with Lebanon, Syria and Hezbollah.
    No worries regards nuke football in US, hypersonics are invisible to known radar, to fast for any kind of warning, only on ground S400/500’s are capable of engaging em. But, but what about the our secret Rods of god – space platform weapons sys (Satellite US326) ?
    Not steel “rods”, secret nuclear platform.
    This is why PooterZ put a Russian “Inspector” Sat on its trail – and currently be tracking” US326 at about 70 km .

    It really F-ing SUX when Ure “team” is the Dark Side/DARKNESS/No Light..really SUX!

    *Street report note: a current quote for a Generac 22kw installed, sans propane tank or bottles = $10,000
    Is that par for course” – Northeast/MidAtlantic mkt ?

    • Correct – emergency, emergency backup – better half/war dept- wants one – has one in 2nd and it runs flawlessly, as long as there is propane in the tank.

      1st grand baby on the way 1 months time.highest usage is Summer when HeatPump is under full load – 2 hrs max on twin bottles.therefore would regulate heatpump operation hours to nightime primarily.

      Winter comes – and with it danger of Freezing my ass off.
      Tank can be buried, Generac can be camoed & already have all windows in house outfitted in blackout curtains.. nothing see here, nutting at all.

  4. There should be no question. The Sea Hag stated in Taiwan that Ben Franklin was president, she cannot seem to string more than 3 words together to make an intelligent sentence, her husband walks on a DUI charge, lies like a rug. So Hell yes she is more than qualified to take over for slo joe.
    Sea Hag, Kammie and Hildebeast, oh my.

    • RE: Hildebeast (‘hill’larious, Jim) – I once considered Hillary might be the Scarlet Harlot of Revelations 17-18, the Whore of Babylon, but “Sea Hag” and “Kammie” definitely look to the ole Hill a competitive run for the title.

      • I had a nightmare once where Hildebeast anointed Chelsea as a cabinet member.

        Still gives me the heebie geebies.

      • “I had a nightmare once where Hildebeast anointed Chelsea as a cabinet member.

        Still gives me the heebie geebies.”

        that would not be considered a dream @Jim in MO.. more on the order of a nightmare LOL.. what terrifies me is the symbolic meaning behind the necklace and earrings that she is seen wearing so often.. and does she actually know what the symbols are for.. ..

  5. “There is a quatrain in Nostradamus about the old ruler holding office for 20 months. All over the web these days, you can see forecasts of Biden leaving us in August.

    Thing is – for no real reason – I looked it up – and from the Inauguration in 2021, Biden will not have 20-months in office until SEPTEMBER.

    You would think people could do something as simple as count. But, no, even counting must go into the racist column, now, as well?”

    OUCH!!! Suddenly, the water got hot.

    I ask, “Can people read?”

    You must have missed this:


    July 29, 2022
    “Of course, when we start the count is important. There are two dates to choose from; on November 3rd, 2020 is when Biden supposedly won the election, and January 20th, 2021, was when Biden was sworn in as President. I have chosen the time span from November 2020 to August 2022; however, there could be some creep into early September.”

    So, I’m not sure what generated that, but moving on…

    …Though usually his comments are hard to decipher, I certainly can assure Len daquino that I’m no clown, but I have wasted a lot of time in my life trying to communicate with clowns like him.

    His attempt at hip-hop, rap, street poetry, or whatever it is he does is definitive. Try doing it in Mandarin, you still have some time.

    I’m out of the pool. Good luck to everyone here!

  6. Sometime ago, I made an analogy for the current state of things with white water kayaking. Sometimes you can hear really rough water before you get to it and can avoid it if necessary. Then again, sometimes you can’t avoid it.

    Cinch your life jacket up good and tight.

    • Not that it will help..but I will pop some D batteries in the Geiger counter and adjust the levels on the pocket readers..

    • The most dangerous WAVE in the world ..
      Sometime…check this scheisse out for the biggest Kahunas currently surfed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JkMWoHjnaRw
      About 2 Aussie big wave surfers going to the massive north Atlantic land breaks at Nazare, Portugul.
      Famous british lad is seen dropping in to a 65 ft face- FACE, wave catches him, churns, and you can see the body get flung out in front of this monstrosity.
      Look and observe..SEE the fire in their eyes and faces. Great review from surfer regards his hairy ass ride and how the monster caught him as well.
      These guys roll with (4) Co2 cartidges in their life vest/flotation devices – more than enough to blast Ure ass to the surface – only to be beaten to death in the surf zone.

      • An epic description of the “Eddie Aikau” up in Waimea Bay, Oahu. And then there’s ‘Jaws’ over on Maui. Those dudes are insane that ride those monsters.

  7. I live in the plains our property is not far from a major train track. I can hear the train coming from miles away as it horn blows as it passes through small towns. During Covid I actually felt slight panic when I no longer heard the trains… However, This last weekend the trains stopped me every time I went down the dirt road.. As I sit waiting it feels 1/2 my life for the trains to pass by with double stacked cargo loads of shipping containers almost all labeled China Shipping. It will be interesting in the future if the cargo loads pass less and if they will be carrying so many containers labeled China.. I am not savvy to all economic data though I try to keep up… but sometimes the train activity out in the middle of no where can say a lot.

    • Oz, Did you see any Klub K Quality Assurance labels affixed to the containers? LOL. actually not so funny. So Many containers, so many gaps in supply chain. Bad Math?

      • And how many years have they had them…in what 35 years..it wouldn’t take but a few a year placed in storage..
        China has only been using them a few years as far as we know..but Russia has had them since the 80’s talk about a goose chase..and we don’t check containers..sold off our ports..and toll roads..lol lol closed for road repairs please take the detour..
        Our politicians are eligible to take vast donations..

  8. It is getting harder these days to get a win for the good guys in a sea of open and unpunished crime in major US cities. The video of an 80 year old California liquor store owner blasting a shotgun at a masked criminal pointing an assault rifle was a good start.

    As I watched the cowardly perp run out out of the store screaming “he shot my arm off,” I did a fist pump. Does that make me a bad person George? I’m starting to worry.

      • One of my hats was that I use to do crime photos..
        I never got use to the grisly things.. we have a hallmark home..definitely a g-or-pg rated.. nothing grisly on the tube… I will watch drama..but a hack Sally up or bash the zombie not a smokin chance in hell a child can walk in and watch what I watch..

      • Loob,

        I’m right there with you. After seeing all of that type of thing I could handle and then some, I don’t participate with it in anyway.

    • I have said for years.. give everyone getting on a plane a gun.. no more hijacked planes..
      I was in Sam’s club ..visiting with a guy that just moved here.. he was shocked that no one cared about him carrying a gun.. I said probably because almost everyone here has one..
      Now I’m a personally a believer in a pepper gun or taser.. but I don’t fear a legal gun owner..bad guys will always have access to weapons..

      • I was in a Wal-Mart in Indiana a couple weeks ago. Indiana went to [some form or other of] “Constitutional carry” a few months back. It seemed like 2 out of every 3 shoppers was sporting a Glock 17 on their hip. I put the likelihood of being caught in a robbery or a crossfire as “very slim…”

    • BIC,
      I saw that also and had the same reaction as you!
      “Street Justice” is better than no justice.
      For a govt ‘official’ to violate his oath is – at best – felony perjury. Maybe these Soros DA’s need an intro…

    • Sounds like Central Planning is prepping to make things in USA again. That would be a good thing, esp if it started with sourcing our own petroleum from US territory again. (also means it’s 1941 all over again).

    • Using Great Lakes ports to relieve congestion at the ocean ports is NOT POSSIBLE.

      The Welland Canal around Niagara Falls/Gorge can only handle ships up to about 12,000 tons and 27′ maximum draft (as I recall), a bit bigger than the Liberty ships of WW2, and only about 5% of the world’s shipping fleet today are ships that are that small … and those small freighters are mostly used for servicing small ports in small countries around the world.

      Without a MAJOR upgrade NO current container ship is going to be going up the Welland Canal into the upper Great Lakes (max draft depth of the canal is 27’+-)

      The furthest inland the LARGE ocean freighters that predominate today can get to is Quebec City. The LOWER River Terminals at Quebec City have a 90′ draft ability, the city wharfs right near the city itself are 65′ and 50′ as I recall. Most don’t realize it but the St Lawrence is tidal all the way up to the downtown Quebec City wharfs, a few miles upstream from the lower river terminals with their deeper drafts … which places it being tidal 600+- miles inland from the Atlantic Ocean – most people don’t realize how far inland from the ocean the St. Lawrence comes as a tidal river.

      Upstream from Quebec City BEFORE the locks going up further upstream is Montreal which has a 50′ draft level, and the locks going upstream from Montreal to Toronto (Lake Ontario) limit vessel draft depth to 35′.

      It would cost MANY BILLIONS to upgrade the locks at Montreal and the Welland Canal just to allow 50′ draft level ships to pass … forget about the 90′ draft level that most of the bigger ships now require (the new BIGGEST container ships I dimly recall now require a 110′ – 120′ draft level).

      Anyway … a long way of saying NO BIG OCEAN FREIGHTERS are going to be unloading in the Great Lakes.

      Specialized small freighters do make the trip into the Great Lakes, most of the outbound trips being grain shipped in small bulk cargo ships (from Toledo, Duluth, Thunder Bay, and a little from couple of other places) Chicago’s export grain port is now OFF LINE for grain exports via ocean ships since the port authority elevators were sold, the Chicago elevators are now only shipping out via barges down to New Orleans and Unit Trains to New Orleans or Baltimore. Virtually no other ocean vessels ever called on Chicago once ship sizes began to increase, and the few that did had to go upstream through downtown Chicago … requiring EVERY BRIDGE in downtown Chicago to lift and it is a VERY narrow windy river, be a real PITA for an Ocean freighter to navigate, even with tugs helping it)

      The HUGE lake freighters, size of aircraft carriers, that do ply the Great Lakes are strictly “lake boats” since they are too big to go down the Welland Canal or through the Locks at Montreal.

  9. Justice??? Pedo pete’s boy has been an unregistered agent of foreign countries , China ,Russia, Ukraine and God knows who else. All with the blessings of pedo pete. Where is the special prosecutor?

    • Hmm..just out of curiosity..who gave him the codes to the DOD T/S files…personal list of phone and cell phone numbers of the highest ranking politicians.. you wouldn’t think that these other countries would actually monitor them do you..or once in the DOD site drop a few mini programs in the site to monitor them..similar to what the usa does with the citizen’s..
      Who says crime doesn’t pay.. sure doesn’t have anyone of political or upper society on their side..

  10. George George
    I admire your persistance in wondering how the financial markets are failing to reflect the reality of the economy. You have been predicting the reprise of the 29 crash for so long be may get the 2029 before it applies.
    The financial markets are a commonly accepted signaling device regarding the health of the economy to those too lazy to look beneath the hood. Once the markets truly fail, the social and political collapse will be rather sudden. So it is in the best interests of the PTB to keep things looking positive.
    Black Rock has been given a blank Fed check to manipulate derivatives to make sure the market keeps climbing. This is the ultimate short squeeze that will wring out every bear until there is no money left to bet against.
    Your cycle theories work fine as long as there is some rational ability to assess market conditions. Full manipulation means that they can keep pushing that baby higher against all rational analysis. The fall then will have nothing to do with Elliot cycles but with such catastrophic events that the illusion can no longer be maintained.

  11. Looks like one huge Fire-Drill coming up. American politics and leadership in complete turmoil with Biden out and Harris in. and I doubt there are very many who will follow Harris. Pelosi making her international stage play for power., mid-term elections having the possibility of both houses going Republican. Weather window opening for the Straights. President Xi humiliated and bitch-slapped., by a true Bitch., and his seemingly life-long goal of bringing Taiwan back to the mainland. China’s National Congress coming up in November, where he has to reign supreme, or he is out, then probably dead. Ohh., and let us not forget the War in the Ukraine and that possibly expanding before the Winter weather comes., and Israel will have to act soon to stop Iran.
    – Looks to me like it’s going to be a very different world by Christmas.

  12. Wow. Camo-clad in-vogue president Zelensky has apparently had a 40 minute Zoom meeting with the “South China Morning Post”, Hong Kong’s “newspaper of record since British colonial times”, appealing for Chinese intervention for peace with Russia. SCMP of course is now owned by Alibaba, of the 40 thieves Arabic fairytale, and headquartered in Hangzhou and the Cayman Islands.

    Why not just call up the CCP in Beijing? Ask for Mr. Xi at the special operations desk?

    We now return to the EurAmero Telethon and Artillery for Ukraine appeals.

  13. Forgetting..”The nationalist kuomintang has ruled the island of Taiwan since 1949 after losing the Chinese civil war to the communists ans retreating there with US help”..?

  14. “Where National Denial will become truly entertaining is this fall.  When we are likely to have a third quarter of negative real GDP reported.  That’s when the term “economic depression” will become hotly debated 9-months will be in by then.”

    Hmm .. he’s already said he doesn’t see a Recession.. what do you want to bet.. that they will skew those numbers to reflect a positive growth… I am guessing that a other stimulus will come out before the big bang..

    • Ukraine, Taiwan, Syria, Tehran – we’ve got all kinds of questions about what he does “see” threse days. If anything besides a telegrifter.

  15. A future is rewritten. “Batgirl” has been shelved in a joker”s riddle. Why did they pull the plug, Alfred? Such are the dynamic duelling worlds. I guess we’re just not ready. The Belgian-Moroccan directors hope the film can eventually be seen, inshallah.

    Shut down the Bat Signal. We now return to Gotham City where the president is scheduled to host a roundtable event in one hour of how the Inflation Reduction Act is reducing costs.

  16. The CHIPS Act.

    That’s a trait of a Command Economy. Communism. But it sounds cool.

    I’m going out on a limb here and will say once the subsidized chips come online computers will start blue screening more than ever. Even worse than those airplanes Boeing pushes out with their subsidies.

    In the future we’ll hear about mass deaths do to catastrophic chip failure.

    • “I’m going out on a limb here and will say once the subsidized chips come online computers will start blue screening more than ever.”

      Intel “backdoored” their BIOS/southbridge for years at the behest of the CIA; the CCP may have created a second tunnel (or simply compromised the one Intel installed) when Intel fabs began populating Asia. Of course Micro$oft backdoored the hell out of every flavor of Winblows from at least 3.0 on.

      I can’t even imagine how perforated computers’ BIOS and OS will be in the future.

      I will say there’s a reason the CIA and NSA write their own *NIX-based operating system and run them on computers whose motherboards (chipsets) you and I can’t buy.

      Steve Gibson should die, a billionaire. (Read his archives. I lived that stuff in real time, and wasn’t 1/100 the security geek he was, or still is.) Gibson Research is totally going to have a revival, once the new American fabs go online…

  17. “Fortunately, there are two systems of Just Us in America – one for the rich and powerful.  Which you and I don’t qualify for.  Leaving us with the other one.”

    Hmm would that be the bend over and grab your ankle clause..
    There’s so many alleged crimes you cannot count them all.. thousands of photos and videos.. documents etc. Amazing then come right out and tell everyone that if anything came of any of it there’s a pardon waiting.. it just gets better by the day.. the media hinted of a possible viral infection.. my thought was.. Hmm forcing, possible extortion to some of these world leaders..that knew about the deceit and deep perversions.. and knew about the dual standards. Just think about the satanic pedo group..the minute that the membership rosters came out it vanished.. all the news paper stories of a suspected ring all the investigation.. gone their own websites cleaned up.. these leaders knew that ..my thought is a little Borgia.. feed into their greed and perversions and slipped aittle something extra in the special drugs and women..

    • My siblings mate passed away..so they decided rather than be at home they are traveling..right now a seven day cruise in Australia.. they had to make arrangements for 2 to get the special rates.. the total cost ( before transportation to the dock) 80 dollars for 2 birthing .. they have 10 cruises lined up so far they have traveled on 4 of them..
      The kids same thing traveled to a resort outside the usa.. I tried to talk all of them out of traveling right now they thought I’m paranoid. but the resorts are giving it away and you can’tbuy the food for a backyard cookout for what the whole vacation cost them ..just to get people back into traveling after the covid shut down.
      The kids return next week..

  18. A fist pump today for Florida Governor Ron De Santis. The good guys are fighting back. Go Ronnie.

  19. For punishment for all facists and gurus after market close today . Write 1000 times . Record rate rises are not good for markets and do not short gold in record inflation. Do not leave till done 1000 times

  20. China did toss coins into Japan’s “economic zone”.

    Perhaps Russia goes @ Poland while China goes for Taiwan with a diversionary volley of missiles @ Japan. NORK and Iran launch a nuclear sneak attack on Atlanta, GA – which may fail thus George’s “coastal event”.

    Chinese missiles suspected of landing in Japan’s economic zone

    Five Chinese ballistic missiles appear to have splashed down southwest of Okinawa’s Hateruma iIland in Japan’s EEZ.


  21. “See, even if goods (number of widgets, say) is down 50%, if inflation has more than doubled their price, then it could be argued that on a current dollar basis, there’s no recession, no depression. In fact, however, that’s why unit volumes are so important in supporting our views on the economy.”

    This should make John Williams’ the most-popular site on the Internet for the newsy crowd. Even though 94% of them are going to want to gloss it over, they’ll still need to know what they’re glossing.

    FWIW I’ve been arguing in favor of “unit volume” over “dollar volume” since before the turn of the millennium, but rarely do I get a convert, because it’s so much easier, just going with the published and publicized, but thoroughly deceptive dollar volume numbers…

  22. “Logically – D.C. egomania being what it is – we would expect some puffery and braggadocio from Biden given runaway Nancy’s visit.”

    Or appeasement. Nasty’s visit was not sanctioned, and indeed the Creeper came out against it nearly as harshly as his campaign critiques of Trump. Joe likes being a “pocket dictator,” even though he rarely knows (and doesn’t comprehend) the ramifications of his dictates.

  23. “Loaded inbound in June 2021 combined as 764,854. This year in June? 860,367 – so (for now) imports were up so hats off to the ILWU for up 12.48 percent in June.”

    I would prefer to see today’s data compared to that of 2019, and adjusted for the 3.1% net increase in population in CONUS, before I give any plaudits to the stevedores and shufflers…

  24. I know Liz Cheney is the evil spawn of devil Dick, but I didn’t know he was still alive. That battery powered heart of his has lasted all these years? He’s featured in a new ad for daughter Liz, calling Trump a ‘coward’ and the old demo saw… “The most dangerous man in America”.
    This coming from the deep state goon that sat in the command bunker directing the 9/11 attacks on America. The deep state is reaching deep to discredit Trump with all their evil minions…. this one without a heart.

    • ..no matter battery operated heart.
      Global meditation event several years back caused/contributed to his heart failure event – right on Cue. A most beautiful thing!

      ! – and THAT IS the single most FEARSOME Power of the People. This is the sole/Soul reason for all the bullshit manipulations(kaos causing) to keep every single Human being distracted, not being Connected to SOURCE 24/7 – never coming together physically in spit of fact we are all connected to everything-everywhere =amazing

      “Already exist across all time and space – “Already All Places, just shifting Focus” -CB

      forfeit is that Soul, darkside =darth..Darth Dick!

      F-off and DIE DD!

    • “That battery powered heart of his has lasted all these years?”

      ????? Battery???? I thought it used an extension cord @Hank in Hawaii….

  25. Syrian-flagged, US sanctioned cargo vessel Laodicea has apparently been released by Lebanon. Its grain and flour cargo was not stolen from Ukraine after all according to Lebanon. The ship was last seen going in the direction of Syria.

    Nothing to see, folks. Carry on.

  26. Listened to the a hole we got out of jail today . Low life should have left him chewing corn forever . All patriots like George . Kerry some camel
    Show . What a disgrace , I hate America . You are scum
    . You
    Have blackmailed and screwed the world , you can all get patriotised . Scum

    • You know, Len, you are actually right about something here – and that is that at some point, the US manipul;ations of honest (remember when?) finance will come back to burn us. Law of Karma at work.
      Yet it’s not the little people like our readers – it’s the crooks at the top -0 interested only in short-term gains and in the business of making everything perishable so there will be more demand – and thus fake growth and thus… Well, you know the drill.
      All because of interest – and there is a notion about that interest is the driver of cyclical economics. We’re doing research now on whether the Muslim/Islamic banking approach (fees, buy-=sell, but not interest or compounding)_ is a reliable alternative to the boom and bust.
      Stay tuned on the PN sider.

      • Perish the thought that somewhere along the way the Christian world lost the Dude’s thread, and here we are in earthly abyss with a capitalist 1% dictating socialism to the 99%. Remember folks, keep it all halal. And if you make nisrab, don’t forget zakat or there will be inquisition at the mosque?

      • Yo George-
        Good comment.
        Interest/compounding is the definition of USURY. This is British ‘banking’ which is the device for them ultimately controlling the World!
        Why does the Left love A. Hamilton so much? Simple, he was our first Sec. of the Treasury and unconstitutionally established the first Central Bank – he was a British agent! The charter for it ran out in 1812 and Congress failed to renew it – ergo the British invaded and sacked DC! The 2nd US Bank was established and lasted until the mid 1830’s when Pres. Jackson again failed to renew the charter. The British sent an agent to assassinate him but both guns failed to fire and Jackson beat the crap out of him with his cane. But, Jackson did not transfer the banking functions to the Treasury Dept. so the several States did it resulting in total confusion.
        The British didn’t give up and as a result of certain created trade crises they instigated our “War of Northern Aggression against the South”. Not surprisingly The war began with the British banks (Rothschilds) financing both sides! The British agent financing the South’s name was Erlanger, I can’t recall the name of the one for the north (a few years ago a beer was named after Erlanger).
        The were assessing very high interest rates 27%-32% against the North so Lincoln said ‘Up Yours’ and issued Debt-Free US Currency called the “Greenback” which removed the franchise from not-so-great Britain – of course this resulted in his assassination. The British had been infiltraiting the government so after the war they had control and passed “The Act” of 1871 which transformed the US into a British invention called a corporation (This was a Treasonous act that earned the slow hanging of all participants up to, and including today). It took until 1913 (and several created banking crises like 1907) for them to once again, regaining control of our “money”. It didn’t take long for WWI to show up then the stock market ‘Roaring Twenties’ followed by the Great Depression leading to WWII. That’s enough for now. All we need to understand is that 1871 the United States of America (our corporate name) we have been slaves to the British – we fight their wars, and they take the money. We sometimes hear of our ‘special relationship’ we are on the bottom and they are on top!
        The history of our country is a history of ‘money’. We need to wake up as time is short.

  27. Don’t worry fatso started to
    Short again . USA USA and USSA . Mushrooms baby that’s what you need , fear ? F off fool

    • Best advice ever in my business life: When writing anything in anger – especially if there’s a drink involved – isa to let it age overnight and look at it in the cold dawn light with a sober mind…

      • Wise be the “Oscar” living in the west Texas outback.

        Great advice that, along with never ever dip Ure “pen” in company ink..or anywhere else in public.
        Speaking of outrageous displays of public debauchery – was that G. Ure seen riding a jetski at Lake Travis over the 4th of July weekend ? Rumor on the web about a older news reporter frm local outfit in pink leather chaps – riding a jetski at the Hippie Hollow Otter Fest…Who knew?
        ?where the hell did you find pink leather chaps ? ahahahhahahahah

        got pox?

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