News as a Disorder? Not in the DSM-5, yet.  So, grab $112-bucks and buy your own copy of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th Edition: DSM-5 while you can. Bound to be a collectable.

While Abram Beneson et al  did such a masterful job in Control of Communicable Diseases in Man (14th ed. through 1990) there is nothing in it about “news” or “infotainment” as a communicable disease.  “We’re in a war without guns,” observed wife Elaine this morning.  Such is the nature of coup d’état’s.

Yet, the data stacks up all around us: What used to be “news” is now largely propaganda fed by left-leading media and their syndicates which habitually support Soft Coup conspirators.

We have no further to look, to support our thinking, than the front page of the  NY Times; a once reputable journalistic outpost. The Times alleges:  “Trump Pressed Australian Leader to Help Barr Investigate Mueller Inquiry’s Origins — The discussion was another instance of the president using American diplomacy for potential personal gain.

Another instance”???  Really?

We recently reminded you of the Six Questions of Journalism *Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How). It’s critical to ask all six when a story like this appears.

I’m compelled to chastise the Times for asserting this is “…another instance of the president using American diplomacy for potential personal gain…”

It is not, at least provably so, yet.  Leaving their assertion nothing more than opinion and thus the Times is guilty, in our analysis, of convicting a sitting President or wrong-doing without trial.  The Court of Public Opinion is crooked.

It’s the kind of thing you’d expect during a Marxist coup. Who needs a firing squad if you own the media?  Modern coup’s skate if “gun free” it appears.

The next important shortfall in the latest Trump hit-piece is who leaked the classified contents to the Times Are former Obamanistas still getting their daily intel briefs?  No one seems to be asking those kinds of questions.  Is Obama getting briefs?

We come to the doorstep of the Soft Coup leadership, which the Times identifies in today’s story as “...according to the two people with knowledge of the discussion…”  WHO, damn it?  Who?  And then HOW?

The Soft Coup effort is shielded by carefully orchestrating the newspaper’s views, obscurring the facts.  A phony consensus is then portrayed.  The “party on the outs” gets sucked in.

How?  This is done when a normal conversation between global leaders interested in global corruption and presumed “secret”  is leaked and twisted into a political football.

Carefully note the Times use of the phrase “ effect asking..” Another propagandist’s tool:  Act as though something is a fact when it’s NOT.  See how this rolls?

It’s here we circle back to the Media-Communicated Psychiatric Disorder observation.  The terms “in effect” and “un-named sources” are two of the slimiest in all journalism.  They are used when the content of a story is uncertain.  The Times has already effectively impeached Trump (along with Pelosi and Schiff).  the fix is in, the phony consensus being sold.

Which leads Where?   Facts are no longer needed. They are an inconvenience to the law-breaking Coup. Only innuendo is needed because that’s what works.

Let’s be clear on something being soft-soaped by the Mainstreem crooks:  the Trump administration is pursuing an investigation of former VP Joe Biden and his abuses of power – strong-arming foreign governments with US funds – for his son’s benefit.  Crooked Joe should get a pass because he’s a political opponent?  Not in this world…yet, that’s what the lefties are selling, you see?

Not only had Biden acted in a crooked manner but then audaciously bragged about it.  Getting a Ukrainian prosecutor fired in six hours by threatening to withhold American aid.  Trump, on the other hand, merely asks for help (with no mention of aid in the transcript) that Ukraine tell U.S. investigators what they know about dirty Joe and Ukraine involvement in the DNC/HRC email server cover-up.  All hits the fan.  Can you spell double-standard?

That’s right,  the real crimes were the ones covered-up by James Comey and his partisan underlings at the FBI.  Hillary’s skating team.

While the Times is the leading leaker for the Soft Coup, we must also mention that MSN picked up the story. When gullible readers of the Drudge Report clicked-over to to read the story, no doubt some missed that it’s a story being pushed by the NY Times.

Let me frame it this way:  “The NY Times, is in effect, the news bureau for the Soft Coup.”

We have to believe this has not escaped the notice of attorney general William Barr.  With any luck, he has a quiet grand jury sequestered somewhere that will – in due course – not only indict the leaders of the Soft Coup (which gets to former Obama officials) but also co-conspiring “media outlets” that rebroadcast the Soft Coup press releases.  Which – in our view – break federal laws by outing conversations president Trump has had as president.

The media’s body slam of Trump is based on the frail notion that Trump needs any help from Justice or Barr, to mop the floor with Joe Biden should Joe even survive (due to corruption in his Ukraine story) to be Trump’s opponent next year.

Our deeply held conviction (if you’ll pardon the choice of words) is that other left-wing elements, operating at the behest of the Democrat National Committee, are breaking federal laws in a desperate attempt to derail Trump’s second term.  They have effectively neutered his first three years already. with no proven Russian involvement.  Lies of told, huh?

Clearly, to this reporter of 50+years seniority in reporting, democrats were forced into their ill-thought impeachment drive because Trump/Barr were heading down an easy path to indict Joe Biden ahead of the election.  Dems were forced to take the impeachment “low road” in order to seize the “communications initiative.”  They will have to ride this pony all the way to the election now because they have no other sales pitch.  God knows the House hasn’t accomplished anything of note.  Do-Nothings need to make up stuff…following?

This battle, well described in 2002 by Yergin and Stanislaw in “The Commanding Heights : The Battle for the World Economy” now features partisans working-over both sides of the political apparatus.

The Soft Coup leaders were in a video-game-like situation.  You know:  First look, first shoot.  They  had to take the shot to remove one of the “two old white men” from their ticket.  This leaves ’em one “old white man” – socialist Bernie, who may give some undeserved respectability to bankrupt socialist policies.  Which leave Liz Warren’s presidency (with Yang?) and as we’ve explained in the historical context, Warren’s likely to reprise FDR.

Back to our original point:  The news is crooked insofar as it’s obviously biased and run by a Soft Coup cell.  Both parties are morally bankrupt, no doubt, but, the baby-killing, open border party appeals less to us.

American politics could do with a great deal of reinvention. But that doesn’t involved ending the Electoral College which preserves the rights of smaller states.  The lefties want it gone because that’s how Digital Mob Rule works.  Three states would then decision America’s future.  Maybe Texas ought to return to nationhood, again?

Major media – facing an excess of communications bandwidth and little actual news – is desperate for eyes and ears.  Bills have to be paid. Hysteria is driving current events to echo Yellow Journalism:

“Yellow journalism and the yellow press are American terms for journalism and associated newspapers that present little or no legitimate well-researched news while instead using eye-catching headlines for increased sales.”

All summed up this way: “An English magazine in 1898 noted, “All American journalism is not ‘yellow’, though all strictly ‘up-to-date’ yellow journalism is American!”

Today America doesn’t have much “journalism” left.  The modern perversion is an outgrowth of a Soft Coup to install Digital Mob Rule.  When comes to actual news, there are few barriers to entry.  The desperate result is part yellow, part fake, and highly communicable.

This makes it very much disease-like.

Social media can, to use the right term, instantiate a number of disorders.  Just out in September was the paper “Distress, Suicidality, and Affective Disorders at the Time of Social Networks.

When news syndicates repeat biased antigovernment reports (by suborning law-breaking and distributing these in support of a Soft Coup agenda, such as impeachment), coupled with social media repost and re-tweet technologies, a feedback loop has emerged that induces mental aberrations.

Leaders of the Soft Coup are proceeding exactly in this manner.  Since it’s a new level of  crime – levering social media complexification to unseat a sitting president – it’s akin to Treason, but not yet cast in law.

I remember covering the November 1971 case of D.B. Cooper.  Like the cancerous remnants of the Deep State, socialist infiltrators, and prior administrations, there was no law against air piracy at the time Cooper jumped the plane.  He invented the “crime category” skyjacking.

The Deep State/Remnants have invented their own “new category of crime”  Media manipulation for a Soft Coup. 

Because it’s more complex than singular acts treason (like the Rosenberg’s theft of H-bomb secrets) its very complexity makes it difficult not only to comprehend but to codify and then enforce.  the classic “Loophole big enough for a Kenworth.”

Just as Osama bin Laden took the obvious weapons of mass destruction parked around airports in hand, the Soft Coup has picked up and orchestrated the previously loose connections and they’re playing ’em like a symphony.

There are no laws yet existent, barring such orchestrated use of multi-mode mass messaging via networks to affect radical political change.  What you are seeing, however is Treason 2.0.

We are thus, floundering in a state of National Emergency without the brains to see it.  And therefore we lack the legal skills to promptly excise the cancer before it metastasizes.

Which it did when Pelosi caved-in to the shrill demands of the Soft Coup.

Reader Note:  Anti-Trump comments and those off-topic of the specific feedback loop will not be approved.  This is not partisan anymore, it has become clearly psychiatric.

One Further Thought

Given that such hypothecated feedback loop (across media, such as from “news paper” to “syndicate” to “repost/retweet”) has been weaponized for political purposes, we have to consider whether this has occurred previously in recorded history.

For example, was there a great warning contained in the Bible’s book of Genesis where the Tower of Babel is told? (Genesis 11:1)

Go with me on this:  Could it be that past high civilizations on Earth have run into this communications overhead problem before?

We have demonstrably succumbed to media communicable psychiatric disorders –  MCPD’s we’ll call them – already “talking past one-another” with alarming frequency.

Sheep are easily herded when media do not faithfully report facts for The People to judge for themselves.  In its place are manipulated presentations of events; such that facts are are asserted where none exist.  As in “sources” and “in effect” which frankly are propagandist tools.  See Edweard Bernays, Propaganda.

My point being, if there is a historical case of communications failure, does continuously compounding media not lead at some point to a re-splintering of society?  Are we in a historical template which most are not aware of?

Back to the Circus

Time to inspect the clowns, again:

China’s rolling missiles on parade (again) as ‘No Force Can Stop the Chinese People’: Xi Celebrates 70 Years of Communist government.

Despite the bent of the front section of the NYT, they do have good content in their biz section.  Like this one:  “Eat Less Red Meat, Scientists Said. Now Some Believe That Was Bad Advice.

Proof of news dilution: Recipes for National Homemade Cookie Day, Oct. 1st!

Eating more?  Let’s look for the book-end story, then, shall we? Found it!   Americans are getting bigger.’ FAA testing if passengers can safely evacuate cramped airplanes.”  See?  there is some logic of news.

What is Time thinking? Here’s Everything New on Amazon Prime Video in October 2019?

Am I suggesting Time is trying to reprise TV Guide?  No, but they also have this: Here’s Everything New on Netflix in October 2019 — and What’s Leaving.  Just saying…if it quacks like a duck…

Here comes winter: Cold and snow for parts of the West, summertime heat for the South and East.

Dow futures early were up 9 points on the S&P.  More than one is apparently born every minute. That said, we notice that all of Europe has turned red, so whether Monday’s Rosh Hashanah (ends tonight) gains will hold through the week remains an interesting speculation.

Time machine construction discussion on  Peoplenomics tomorrow…

Write when you get rich,