Where’s Amelia?

One of our long-time readers passed along a fascinating news release Tuesday.  Since this had turned into something of a Woo-Woo Wednesday (markets panic next week and we’re talking about time machine ideas on the subscriber side), how ab out one of the finest mysteries in American history to sink your teeth into over coffee this morning?

Was Amelia Earhart Kidnapped and Held for Ransom?  Sure looks possible….

Expedition May Hold New Clues About the Mysterious Disappearance of Amelia Earhart

The Search Is On to Find 15 Missing Passengers and Crew of Pan Am Airways Flight 229 that Disappeared Without a Trace While on a Rescue Mission to Bring Home Amelia Earhart

LEESBURG, Va., Oct. 1, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Lost Clipper Expedition 5 announced plans today to send an International Expedition to a small remote Micronesian island in the Pacific Ocean where the team believes the bodies of 9 crew and 6 passengers of Pan Am Airways flight 229 are located. Flight 229 disappeared without a trace in July 1938 and is thought to be the world’s first mid-air hijacking. The massive flying boat, called the Hawaii Clipper, was built near Baltimore Maryland and mysteriously vanished between Guam and the Philippines despite one of the largest naval searches of its day. Guy Noffsinger, a retired Naval Intelligence Officer, has researched the mystery for over 20 years and gathered evidence from four previous visits to the tiny island with the goal of recovering and repatriating the victims’ remains. Together with retired DEA Agents Steve Murphy and Javier Pena of Netflix TV Narcos fame, they intend to reveal the true history of this 80-year-old cold-case. They also intend to uncover how the Hawaii Clipper was on a secret government ransom mission to rescue aviatrix Amelia Earhart and her navigator Fred Noonan, who also vanished in the same region a year earlier under similar circumstances.

Experience the interactive Multichannel News Release here: https://www.multivu.com/players/English/8617651-lost-clipper-expedition-5-pan-am-flight-229/

“The time has come for us to finally uncover the shocking truth and share the painstaking analysis of events. We will investigate the chain of evidence that shows Pan Am flight 229, known as the ‘Hawaii Clipper,’ was on a rescue mission to bring home Amelia Earhart. The plane was carrying a ransom in gold bonds to trade for Amelia Earhart and was hijacked by Japanese agents in a ‘double-cross’ event. The attackers flew it to Truk Lagoon (called Chuuk Lagoon today) where the crew and passengers were interrogated and executed while the seized aircraft was sent to Japan to incorporate its engine technology into Japanese planes used to attack Pearl Harbor in 1941,” said Guy Noffsinger, Leader of the Lost Clipper Project. “Now, we are inviting everyone to join Expedition 5 by way of a unique private online event so that ticket holders can actively participate in solving this mystery and experience the moment of discovery, as we go live when search dogs are released to find the remains of the crew and passengers.  If Expedition 5 unearths these human remains, then history books will need to change the start of World War 2 for the USA from 1941 to 1938.”

To get your tickets and become a team member of Expedition 5 and receive your exclusive official expedition patch with certificate of authenticity, go to www.LostClipper.com/Expedition5. The main event is scheduled to start February 18, 2020, with live coverage of search dogs and teams in action expected Friday, February 21, 2020. Ticket purchases prior to November 1 are eligible for a vacation give-away that covers the cost of hotel and diving for 5 days; see web page for details.

ABOUT http://www.lostclipper.com

The Lost Clipper Project is the culmination of decades of work by Guy Noffsinger and other members of the Lost Clipper team.  The project team is dedicated to serious research and investigation by capturing hard evidence and documentation to find the truth of significant historical events. Evidence and documentation uncovered from four previous expeditions to the remote island have been successful with the aid of local islanders. This location was the site of the US Navy’s Operation Hailstone in February 1944, where over 200,000 tons of ships and planes were sunk within the lagoon, making Chuuk Lagoon the premier wreckage dive site in the world.

For more information, please visit the website at www.LostClipper.com.

We would love to be on such an expedition…because this kind of thing is right up our alley.  Minus the creepy-bities in the lagoon, of course.

Seriously – Good luck to Guy and the crew and keep us posted!!!

Write when you fish up a sunk bond treasurse or find the perps…


7 thoughts on “Where’s Amelia?”

  1. What?! No secret digital decoder ring??

    Seriously, tho, the amount of history around and through WWII eclipses ancient Rome it seems. There’s still things to be revealed for generations to come.

  2. George

    “then history books will need to change the start of World War 2 for the USA from 1941 to 1938.”

    I once worked in a U.S. Government facility. I happened to see a set of blue prints of the facility, (unclassified), dated 1939. This facility started it work life as an aircraft manufacturing plant. It was built by the same man who’s manufacturing facilities built all the WWII landing craft, Andrew Higgins.

    FDR knew war was coming and he was making preparations for it.

    • Indeed, the P-51 and B-17 (among others) were produced in special lots on American assembly lines for the British. The 1939 Neutrality Act permitted the U.S. manufacturers to sell to foreign allies if they paid in cash. Britain shelled out over $1B for various models of U.S. military aircraft. American auto assembly lines were easily converted for aircraft manufacturing (except for producing the engines, which were made at special plants). The Brits had to transport the finished aircraft on their own ships, which were under constant threat from German U-boats. American industrial might allowed the Brits to survive Hitler’s air bombardment during the infamous ‘Battle of Britain.’ American pilots (essentially ‘soldiers of fortune’) were sent over to train British pilots and to also fly coastal defense combat missions until the U.S formally entered into combat in the European theater after Pearl Harbor.

    • Ok, RM & WH, no surprises here that our own government along with Britain was pre-planning WWII, along with our banker friends, you know they bought lots on both sides….and profited heavily from influencing and funding Hitler. Oh, vey! The lies we have been sold and told about WW2!

      This pre-planning was in evidence before Vietnam also, and 911; oh, you mean, you don’t know that Bush the 2nd pre-planned 911 with Blair (and other actors) leading us into Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and soon to come IRAN….Oh, come up to speed now, ya’ll.

  3. ” history books will need to change the start of World War 2 for the USA from 1941 to 1938.”


    If one searches “Flying Tigers” they’ll discover this was the nickname given the U.S. Military’s “American Volunteer Group (of the Chinese Air Force),” that the Tigers were extant until 1944, and that FDR ostensibly formed the AVG in 1941.

    When one finds the link to the movie, they’ll see John Wayne’s mug began showing up in a P-40 in 1942 — somehow, within a year of the (secretly-formed) AVG.

    I haven’t opened any of the links, but would be willing to bet a body’d have to get close to Page-2 of Goog’s mostly-useless linkdump before they found one which even mentioned the (mostly American) North and South American mercenaries who flew “shaving cream” sorties to end the Malaise”* against the Japanese FOR YEARS before anyone in the U.S.Military noticed.

    * If you don’t understand this phrase, please do yourself a favor and GO READ A GD HISTORY BOOK!

    IF one were to assume the Earhart disappearance was an Act of War against the United States, honesty should dictate that they also assume the bombing and strafing American mercs did against the Japanese in the Malay Peninsula and Archipelago from ~1931 until the AAC took notice of them in 1940, were Acts of War against the Japanese…


      Just like the news.. you have to read several from all sides to get the true history.
      The History that is taught is tainted so that you’ll believe the story that they want you to believe.

      • That’s why when I want to read an actual history on something, I search out books written before 1963…

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