The Calm Before the Witch Trial – Sunday Calculus

I’ve been spending too damn much time in my chair.  Because we are in the “window” where a possible Replay of 1929 could turn frighteningly real.  I’d suggest you reread a short history of the Salem Witch Trials not so much because the dems might accuse 200 people, also, at present run rates.  But, because they are so instructive in the mechanics of manias – which we’re in right now.

The high-level economic view is that most of the “moving pieces” have fallen into place on the social dynamics side for 1929 to re-materialize:  The sexual “shock force” of the late 1920’s was the “flappers” who, along with jazz music, were a major affront to what was then a prevailing norm.  In much the same way, this role is filled today (and monetized, as were flappers) by the LBGTQ (r, s, t, etcetera) movements.  With their own music, too.

In lieu of Prohibition and Gangsters like Capone, et al, we now have MS-13, et al.  And instead of taking over Chicago, looks to us like the black tar epidemic is going bigger and in all major markets.

Then we have the Trade War rhyme ongoing.  President Trump is reprising the mistakes of Herbert Hoover.  And, we’ve been pretty sure for a few months that Elizabeth Warren will reprise Franklin Delano Roosevelt as the Newer Dealer.  And she will be pressed by a socialist mob (as was Roosevelt) and like him, she will likely have to face war with China in the 2024 period, just as Roosevelt did.

That means, Warren (or whoever) (or Trump in round 2) will have to really focus on defense.

Our plan is to buy defense stocks after a crash.  War is the traditgional economic medicine and the “death industries” do well before the sh*t starts to fly.

What’s different today is the out-of-phase echo of Teapot Dome, which happened well before Hoover’s time.  And yet, just at we have Hoovervilles, there are people calling out Trumpvilles in places like Seattle.  Not enough free lunch yet.

Core problem of Modern Times is “the Middle is Gone.”  What I mean is, you either take the dole OR you work 100-hours a week.  The 40-hour week middle is still there – on average.  But have you looked for a 40-hour week job, lately?  Most come with 20+ additional hours if you want to keep the job.

All of which lends support to the idea that there is a 90-year cycle (plus, or minus) a bit.  And, coincidentally, there’s NASA work going back to the 2008 area that identifies both an 88 and 200- year cycle in climate, too.

As should be obvious, there was a lot to think about Sunday when my friend Robin Handler called.  He runs the Options Signal Service.

We began with a discussion of what was in Peoplenomics Saturday.  Namely that we should find out in the next few weeks how well the ’29 rhyme will play out for this cycle.  As of this morning, here’s how the opening was headed based on early futures pricing:

There are a large number of caveats, and this is NOT trading advice!  That “all declines are self-similar” is a key one disclaimer – along with others on the Peoplenomics side.

A discussion of the general lay of things ahead focused on three ideas.  First is there’s a (smaller) chance of more or less instant BIG decline.

I’m not a fan of that – mainly because the chart suggests we could still have a week, plus a few days more, before things heat up.  This  got us to the second scenario and gotta say, we didn’t have much disagreement.  Sideways a bit, and then onto the ledge.

Robin’s approach involves one set of methodologies (whatever LN Nodes are) and mine involve another (Aggregate Indexes and intermarket linkages).  But a pretty ugly market before the end of the year and likely even before Thanksgiving is a fair summary, I think.

My work holds out that the skies could part and we move to new all-time highs next year, but short of a trade breakthrough, and democrats ending their witch hunt, that’s an also-ran – at least for now.

Dollars Matter

Handler’s view is the big play to watch in coming days will be the US dollar.  He was kind enough to share the following chart with me to run it by you this morning:

In the early going this morning, gold was down another $12-bucks so the rally in the dollar could persist a bit longer.

Handler by the way offers UrbanSurvival readers 50% off on a his nightly service – click here if you’re interested.

Back on the dollar and the replay, there’s lots to think about:

  • Remember market crashes don’t happen from the tops or even the middle of trends or trading ranges.  They happen from when the market is really wrung-out.
  • Thus, an ideal deal for a REAL 1929 replay of the Crash could come in late October, or early November, when we could drop down to levels touched over the Christmas Eve washout last year.
  • In a “real” Crash, we could play along for maybe another week, or so, then head down when the WWT (Washington Witch Trial) gets underway.  Once we start bumping into the lows from last year, well, that’s when you consider the odds of a REAL crash that might take the S&P 500 and the Dow, down to lows that were seen in 2009 (March/April of that year).
  • Then, should THOSE fail… well, that’s when my other friend named Robin (Landry) sees the S&P in the 800 or  lower range come in.

Is there some good news?  Well…yes, and no.

The good news about the dollar is that it means foreign investors either still have confidence in the USA OR (and here’s where it gets ugly) everyone who plays in FOREX already sees this as a “buy the rumor” (of Witch Trial) this week which would be followed by a “sell the news” (from the Witch Trial hassing out Bic’s and gasoline) next week.

Another semi-good bit of news:  It makes the markets act in a cohesive way PLUS is means that there’s even more money  and more information in play which, in modeling, reduces the extreme volatility.  Since crashes are ’emotional’ and relatively tied to information asymmetries that occur.  24-hour global markets are really a good thing…but only to a point.

Since part of the weekend was involved in time machine design (more Wednesday for subscribers, but the key thing I found was “In general, transverse waves occur as a pair of orthogonal polarizations…”) remember there was an equation that was taken as proof the sound barrier could not be broken.

Economists today, similarly hold that there are “laws in economics” that be broken.  I expect several will be demonstrated as unreal when pressed to the extreme.  One sometimes needs to be a generalist to see things, though.  Cross-specialty templatizing is a hobby around here.  Most SME’s (subject matter experts) are as narrow as tracing paper on edge.

In sound propagation, for example, acoustic shadows and wind can move sound around a LOT more than most people commonly believe.  In fact “In the 1862 American Civil War Battle of Iuka, an acoustic shadow, believed to have been enhanced by a northeast wind, kept two divisions of Union soldiers out of the battle,[14] because they could not hear the sounds of battle only 10 km (six miles) downwind.”

Same kind of “templates” may be at work in economics.  Which is to say we likely have a ton of  beliefs about the solidity and robustness of the global interconnected economies with hnyper-complex derivatives overhanging, that are just waiting to fail when put to a “real, uncontrolled stress test in real time.”

And should any one of those assumptions fail, it won’t be like a single bank (think Deutsche) going down.  Nor would be be a region going bust (thing the European Union).  It will be (replaying 1929) where the  whole world implodes.

To wrap up, let me try to articulate the modern financial quandary this way:

Would you, at the time of the Salem Witch Trials, have sent money to Salem (or even Massachusetts) betting on a higher return than elsewhere?  Or, would you run up the price in Salem as much as you could and then bail out before the bonfires get lit?

Yeah…something like that as next week comes into view.

Also Worth Knowing

Witch Trial Minutia Dept: 10 and shrinking: The House Democrats defying Pelosi and resisting Trump impeachment.

So, in the Great Historical Rhyme, is Hong Kong like the new Poland of Sudetenland?  Only asking because China Plays ‘Fight the Landlord’ to Tame Hong Kong.

Good one on CNBC: Peter Navarro: Reports that US would restrict Chinese companies were ‘fake news’.  Say, you don’t think it was a Trump-bash, do you?

Grease me up, Dept: Oil down more than 1% on trade war jitters and Chinese data.

And if your favorite breakfast food smolders, How Weedmaps’ major change in course may impact the cannabis industry.

Missing Links:  You know we’ve been saying how climate hysteria will begin killing off jobs, right?  Lookie here: Boeing and Airbus to see reduced jet demand as climate awareness grows, UBS says.  From the mouths of banks, huh?

And Europe’s unemployment rate was 6.2% in August.  Higher than here, but the best its been since 2000, says the report here.

OK, futures have chilled down a bit (adjust that iirst chart down to just above Friday’s level in your head).  Off to toss some eggs arfound and slug down more bean before the open.

Bon greed!   Write when you get rich,

57 thoughts on “The Calm Before the Witch Trial – Sunday Calculus”

  1. G, good report.

    Thinking about Warren “as the Newer Dealer”.

    What could the new New Deal possibly be? Looking at the historic record, everything is already guaranteed and backstopped – the free money spigots are flowing wildly.

    My 85 year old uncle has told me many times, before the war, nobody had money. They only thing that changed was government guarantees were injected and credit was turned on full blast since1944 (GI Bill),

    We see the debt slaves asking for a “reset”. I’m a net saver – they want my money!

    The New Deal will have to include wholesale cancellations of promises. That may be the best strategy – scrap the system.

    • There will be NO NEW DEALS…just the same old ‘business as usual’…BUT with a lot less ‘players’….SEE Georgia Guide Stones and UN AGENA 31…..A brave new world….and NOT many are ‘left’…to be ‘chosen…..This IS where GOD returns to ‘reap what they have sowed…..again HERE is where NOT many will be ‘chosen’…..EVIL is removed…..’in a blink of an eye’….Forever….do I here an AMEN……

      • d – you wrote “and NOT many are ‘left’…to be ‘chosen…..” As an avid dreamer I’ve been hearing towards the end of some dreams off & on for quite some time a voice saying “We choose you.” I was always wondering what I was chosen for & what you wrote really resonated with me as their answer. Thank you.

      • Hillary Clinton, being an accolyte of Saul Alinsky, is without question a Bolshevik Communist. All those that support her are either the same, fellow travelers or useful idiots.
        The real reason the hate DJT and his supporters (deplorables) is HRC’s purpose as president was to create a ‘New Deal’ into communist country – after weapons and ammo confiscation from the ‘cold dead hands’ of their owners, just like HRC did in the Ukraine back when she was Sec. of State(!). This would have also been a centennial celebration of the Russian Revolution.
        The Bolsheviks murdered 29,000,000 – 30,000,000 WHITE Russians after the takeover.
        The tribe Alinsky belonged to, although appearing to be ‘white’, does not consider this to be the case and that would explain the growing hatred of whites in this country.

    • I think you are seeing the problem clearly. In the land of debt slaves, debts are magically transformed by the debt slave’s ego into assets. The underwater McMansion with the 30 year note is a debt, not an asset. The debt slave is bound by the shackles of his own ego and delusional ambition. Some actually come out ahead from debt servitude, but it isn’t the norm, as the credit industry peddles.
      Liquidation of debt is the primary output of a depression economy, not price deflation. This process is sometimes referred to as “credit deflation”, which generally confuses the newbies.
      Several economist types have seen evidence of a transition from a debt slave economy to a depression economy already in progress here, and have recently commented publicly. No debt slave accepts their arguments, because that view would publicly expose the servitude that their ego blinds them to. Every man a bare-assed little emperor, to reinterpret the Huey L. legacy.
      The solution for the individual debt slave is as difficult as it is simple. Live below your means, and operate on a cash and carry basis. For most, the ego will not allow that. And that is where the depression economy comes in, forcing fiscal restraint on individuals who are slaves to their own impulses and delusional ambition. This is not a painless or victimless process. Lives and ambitions of a multitude will be trampled and in some cases, destroyed. And the grandkids will hear the stories, and vow to never repeat the mistakes of the grands, while the great-grands ignore and the cycle reoeats.
      When a whole nation is forced to throw off the chains of collective debt slavery, then things get ugly, as they will here. And the leftists circle and plot, all the while competing for the hearts and minds of the kids.

  2. Gee George – a really salient and clear post this AM. In fact U prolly have “readers” who Value this electronic news. But of course these “readers” are digitally blind. Just like the writer hisself.
    IF there was any Value to ANY of this AM’s missive – that perceived value would render mute ALL your arguments regards BITCOIN having No Value (s)..Electronic Scarcity?Mathematical Scarcity?. Ure Brainiacs still dont understand what VALUE is in the Digital Age…

    Ure going to great lengths to Protect exactly WHAT? pray tell???something of Value ?

    Maybe.. if U consider anything,information, file (s), records, pictures, videos,reciepts,returns ect; as only a 1 time use – U get to Use it one time – hope U chose a DataBase/storage solution that is stable & will still be around in 10 years/20years/30years.

    Point being – if you assign ANY Value to ANY digital piece of information U have just made A Value case for Bitcoin..congratulations class..bunch of M@&@^$

  3. All the dollar hoarding by foreign investors as things continue to worsen overseas has led to the repo market crisis and continues to show a divergence coming between private and public interest rates (Armstrong). If things continue to get worse more capital will flow into the US pushing assets higher contrary to the predominant belief that 1929 is at the door. Having been an investment advisor for the last 30 years (now retired) I have noticed that when sentiment is on one side of an issue the opposite outcome usually occurs (markets climb a wall of worry and slide down a slope of hope.) In reality we could yet see a replay of 1927 to 1929 (also 1989 in Japan) yet to unfold which would confound everyone. Eyes open…for all possibilities.

  4. George,
    -Unfortunately, sadly, the Market is again the victim of yet another dumb move by Trump — forcing the clearly reluctant Pelosi to open an impeachment inquiry.
    -Why after so narrowly beating the Russian conspiracy vote tampering rap (but not obstruction), he would immediately go back to the well this time actually to extort the dirt, is beyond me. In the process, withholding military aid important to our national security as the ransom. Then deep-sixing the incriminating evidence, and later the DOJ actually intercepting and blocking the complaint from Congress. Then threatening the actual witnesses with being summarily shot as traitors (more obstruction), and now threatening the opposition (Schiff) with arrest.
    -Hardly the acts of the innocent.
    -I personally would rather discuss the national debt, or climate change, or even healthcare.
    But here we are.
    Best, Mike.

    • I’m sorry. I read the transcript. There was no extortion effect. Just more made up bullshit by the dems. Quote me one place where he offered a quid pro quo. Cite it or silence…your choice bubba…

      • Amen. Seems Mike is still getting things different than what the rest of us are reading. Wonder if he is really as successful as a realtor as he says.

    • @Mike

      It might help you to see a different conclusion IF you were to broden your input…..

      Early last year, the Swiss Propaganda Research center (SPR) published information cementing into place something many of us already know—the “mainstream” corporate media is controlled by the Council on Foreign Relations.

      “It is no secret that over the last 4 decades, mainstream media has been consolidated from dozens of competing companies to only six,” writes Matt Agorist of The Free Thought Project. “Hundreds of channels, websites, news outlets, newspapers, and magazines, making up ninety percent of all media is controlled by very few people—giving Americans the illusion of choice… Top journalists and executives from all major media companies are integrated into the CFR

    • Your ignorance is showing. Check out the 1998 US/UKRAINE Treaty on Mutual Legal Assistance In Criminal Matters. Trump is doing exactly what that treaty spells out. And he did NOT try extortion! You should read the REAL news before you litter this comment section with MSM lies.

    • Mike, it’s like facing the wind and holding your hand up to stop it, isn’t it? LOL. Anyway, the root problem is the President has no government experience and doesn’t know or care to learn the rules (or laws) of behavior. He will continue to trip over himself and grow more frustrated without ever figuring out why. In government, everybody is held accountable and the checks and balances were put in place for a reason. When he realizes this includes him and he adjusts his “methods” accordingly, he’ll find more success and less blowback from the Congress and other Federal agencies.

      • Great answer JoeM…but the thing is…Trump [unjustified slur redacted – G].

        and to abqjoe…I am the realtor. I don’t Know what Mike does. And I read the transcript too. If you don’t see that Trump overstepped his boundaries, then it’s because you don’t want to believe he is wrong.
        [No, some of us can read what’s in black and white, not which we have been programmed to want to be there! G]

        The thing is…he is wrong so many hundreds of times a day and deflects those wrongs into a totally unrelated made up issue that your minds have been numbed. This is what con men do. Deny and deflect…

        [Balance redacts as it’s about Trump, not the soft coup which was the topic of the post… – g]

  5. “War is the traditgional economic medicine and the “death industries” do well before the sh*t starts to fly.”

    The sad part is that before…we were the manufacturing kings of the world.. today the very countries we could be involved with are those that does our manufacturing for us.

    100 hrs a week…that was my normal work week before my body shut me down.. not counting travel time.. the better the pay the worse your treated to.. yup.. I went for all my years and never could take a full time hospital job.. well calling in sick isn’t an option at most companies but there you were issued vacation time you just weren’t allowed to take it. I think it was the last five years or so I would give ed away my 80 hours of vacation to p e.g. ople extremely ill.. I couldn’t bank any more time I couldn’t take it and if you were out with azz n extended illness..well your not coming back..your job is filled..even though I was on the schedule daily for five years after I was gone.. we use to call them ghost techs..I would put in the suggestion of nlow up employees with velcro..who says we are short staffed.. just call them admin and everyone working will believe it lol…
    War.. this time as small as the earth has become..that scares me..especially since we are letting illegals storm our borders where militant war lords already told us they were going to enter here and attack from the inside..we are weaker to because the way I see it we have stretched ourselves to thin. We have spent more than we can afford and we no longer build our military machines.

    With the let’s reach out and touch someone it’s just to obvious that hell will rain down on us this time.

  6. George,
    Good article as usual. I had a conversation with a Bitti (bitcoiner) the other day and he was as irrational and emotional as the deplorable above. Makes you wonder who they are trying to convince!

    Regarding the impeachment issues for Mr. Trump. I think that the Dems have no clue what they are about to do to themselves and to this country. I don’t know how they take this illusion of a crime, a phone call, and think for one minute that this is an offense that is high crimes and misdemeanors!

    You have mentioned that a war is the solution to our economic troubles. What if it is a war within the boundaries of our own country? Maybe not the same type of war with guns and killing but, a real war for the soul of the country and the rule of law?

    • A war within our boundaries would work quite well. Whether it degenerates into an actual shooting war or not, do you (or anyone) believe the anarchist-communist elements of the Left would not wholesale-firebomb anything they could heave a Molotov cocktail into, simply because they’d have license to do so?

      ‘Doesn’t matter if no one at all dies. What matters to an economy is that a lot of stuff gets broken, burnt, and sacked, and that noncombatants are displaced. THIS is what makes “war” an excellent growth stimulus and recovery model…

      • “A war within our boundaries would work quite well”


        We have been very fortunate to have been allowed to avoid the horrors of war..

        It’s easy to read a book and think you can survive hell..
        It’s quite another to live it. I was fortunate to buy a box of books at a rummage sale I set them aside and forgot about them. Several years later I rediscovered them and went to read them. One was an old leather notebook. Inside was the diary of a farmer that was asked to go to Russia to teach the farmers there how we raised crops here. The czar asked for help. His people starving ..while there there were rumors of war and the bolshevik army started their March across the nation. They would March in to villages the bodies of the infants of those families along the way impaled on their upraised bayonets.
        Fathers forced to watch their wives and daughters beaten raped passed around to all the men then killed before they kill you. Your homes and lands destroyed.
        I took care of a woman that escaped the ghetto.. hiding in culverts as their friends shot beaten..the fear.. the horror of gasping for breath from gas..
        All because a few shatheads want more. We have been fortunate to sit at home in peace wondering if we should buy the next trinket on the market..
        I starved one year..had to scrape the fallen grain off the ground beat it into a grudge gruel so that we could eat the door to get the warmth from azz n apartment buildings unheated hallway..
        No sir.. I dont th think we would fare very well at all..we make all our shtf emergency plans with the luxuries we are accustomed to.
        Many have never had to deal without

    • IMHO, the Rule of Law is dead! Illegals get out of jail without repercussions that the Citizen would never get out of jail for. The elites get in and out of jail like getting in and out of bed. No repercussions (and that is if they are even caught). The rest of citizens get to pay, and if they have extra dough, they fight, for a time, but in the end, they settle, unless it’s a newsworthy piece.

      No Rule of Law Left.

      I wonder, George, since we are at the End of an Age, can you help explain why all this money is being spent, with regards to spend it all now, cause, as you say, it’s going to collapse anyway and no one (government) is planning on paying anything back.

      In the Great Depression, at least people had VALUES, which a hobo had a chance for those values to kick in before someone kicked their teeth in. What’s it going to be like now?

      • “can you help explain why all this money is being spent, with regards to spend it all now, ”

        Because you can still get something for it..

        Time has forgotten that during the depression when people woke up.. having been millionaires the night before and penniless the next day.. the stress was so unbearable that many lept from the tops of the skyscrapers they built.

        “Winston Churchill, visiting New York, was awakened the day after Black Tuesday by the noise of a crowd outside the Savoy-Plaza Hotel. “Under my very window a gentleman cast himself down fifteen storeys and was dashed to pieces, causing a wild commotion and the arrival of the fire brigade,” he wrote.”

        The scary part I think …is if we fall as far as it’s been predicted the crash of the weimer depression will be viewed as a trip to Disneyland

  7. Winters I make crisco candles for an emergency heat or make jelled alcohol.. both are great and last a long time..
    Jelled alcohol I have to ho by some sidewalk chalk the good stuff made out of eggshells not the stuff made out of plaster of paris.. grind it up yo a powder.. or b.c. take your old eggshells and grind them up either or.. the sidewalk chalk has coloring tints which will give a nice color.. then mix it with vinegar… it should foam up .. what you need is the calcium acetate at the bottom.. filter it then if you used household vinegar you’ll need to boil it down to about half ten percent mix it add your alcohol to your desired thickness.. jar it up ..
    The other thing I want to show the kids is how to make a high pressure alcohol lamp and stove. But then I’d have to FORCE myself to drink some bottle beer so I can use the bottles as chimney lol lol..tough job but someone has to do it.right…lol.. get the cars ready for winter driving ..
    I should show the kids how to make a hobo furnace to just in case your fears are correct.. George
    Grandson came in yesterday begging me to help him save a baby mouses life.. his daddy put traps in their camper. So we drank bottles of water and made live traps to catch it..baited it with peanut butter and crackers.. if we catch it we will release it where it can live happily ever after

  8. USAT headline read: “Pelosi intends to move quickly on impeachment”

    Since it says “quickly, ” one may be sure it will be anything but…

    Should the House draw up formal Articles of Impeachment, it MUST then vote. Once the vote is taken, irrespective the outcome, the House is done with the process, and it completely loses its value as a propaganda tool for the upcoming Election.

  9. ‘black tar going bigger and better’?? Keep up with the times, fentanyl has taken over:

    13,000 more Fentanyl overdoses than heroin:

    MS-13 has failed at drug trafficking:

    Most fentanyl comes from China:

    • Hmmm…. what do you buy that’s made in the USA….

      Old biological warfare labs were converted into drug testing labs.. the vast majority of our drugs are produced elsewhere our saline solutions IVs are manufactured in countries without water standards and regulations..
      GREED .. is the culprit..

  10. If one person has the digibyte network backed up on their home computer or even if you had a cell phone with a lot of storage and you have some solar or a small handheld solar and battery for charging cell phones generator to keep your cell phone or your computer charged running and there was another person who had the same setup on the computer and other cell phone and they are nearby each other two people can make a transaction.

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    But like I said I don’t see any of this going to happen if it did happen for a few days people will barter and help each other out but if there was a long-term EMP that lasted for your two people would be bothering and they would not be using digibyte yet because it’s not widely known it’s only a drop in the bucket but in five years from now did you bite will be widely known and used and if an EMP happens then it will be used exclusively especially with all the new technologies in this area that enable us to keep contact.

    Sorry this is a rough draft that you will not be refined by me. lol

      • So the short answer is if the grid went down long-term never came back up no Bitcoin digibyte know those would be of no value to you but if it happened 5 years from now yes they would have value.

        Now off the grid went down for a year and you have these digital assets all you need is the keywords 12 to 15 of them and when the grid comes back on whether one year or two years or however long and you have a cell phone you put these into that cell phone and as long as somewhere someplace the whole digibyte or Bitcoin network was backed up on a computer that was EMP proof everything will resume and if you had 10 million dollars of digibyte or bit Bitcoin you will have it a year or two whatever later when the system the electronic systems come back up.
        Just buy entering the 12 to 15 seed phrase word code will enable you to retrieve all the money that you previously had as long as some place on the earth had those transactions on a EMP proof computer which I know we have plenty of them.
        May all beings be lovingly fulfilled may all beings be financially fulfilled may all beings be readily. fufilled so be it

    • If… theres really a 98 percent death rate of the population, and we go through a war that pushes us back to the stoneage..I wonder what some archeologist will think in a few thousand years when they are digging through the ashes of the past rubble and come across all of this..

    • blpg:As a store owner who deals in multiple small transactions for everyday necessary items, I would never waste my time trying to do a transaction the way you describe. In my neck of the woods very few of my customers would even have an inkling of understanding of what you are talking about. To quote an old bumper sticker “Cash, grass, or ass! Nobody rides for free!”

      • That saying still holds true mr. Whacky..

        Cash,gas,or one rides for free

        One in five college girls are willing to trade their personal time and friendship in exchange for help with college tuition..the thought by many is..what’s the difference going to a bar and for a bottle of beer and peanuts give it away or go to a show have dinner and get help with my tuition.. there again it’s all about money

        The cost of books alone for one year will save them fifty thousand over the extent of the school loan period.

      • I agree with you 100% this is only a drop in the bucket as far as the people that know about this , but in five years time I dare say 50% of the people will know about it in the U.S. and over 85% in other countries ,the other small percentage will still stick with cash,checks,visa and mastercards ,,I know I still will be into all of them unless there is a government shutdown in any of them, for instance in Venezuela the president Maduro was against Bitcoin and ethereum but now he’s all for it, and we’ll be announcing using it Bitcoin and ethereum for the reserves

  11. Sir,

    …a bit o’coin for your thoughts…

    “Double, double toil and trouble;
    fire burn and cauldron bubble…” ?

    Perhaps an ambrosia of Peleus will show the heel in a recorded future of the hermit kingdom?

  12. “the odds of a REAL crash that might take the S&P 500 and the Dow, down to lows that were seen in 2009 ”

    I think your being an optimist with that prediction George….

    ??? What is the prediction of the time wave zero..I wonder if his brother Dennis is still around after he left the university…a perfect person to discuss this in depth over coffee and a danish..
    Like any prediction time cannot be calculated for an exact event. A prediction is subjective to the past present and coming events..just like the market swings global climate change etc. Everything nm plays a part.
    The old butterfly effect theory..

    Or the k-wave..

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