Navigating Lifestyle Collapse

Word that CV-19 has continued to accelerate comes as no surprise around here; we’ve been projecting it for months.  It’s how “compounding” works.
Yet, the arrival means more than draconian government regulations, there are the problems of “savings destruction” because that’s the stuff of which major Long Wave Depressions are made.
That and drought.  But, out West, we’re going through a serious dry spell and the long range forecasts are worrisome.
Rather than get wrapped around the axle of more “useless election news” (other than noting that Elaine and I are available for $100 per hour (each) to count votes – and we take direction on which way the count should come out very well…  (kidding, of course!)
Why, if we were in a more “marginal state” than Texas, such job credentials might start a bidding war…
Seriously, though, long-term goals are changing quickly now that many of the “assumptions of retirement” are being turned into “mass casualties of CV-19.”
We will do some spot checks after a few headlines and the charts.  Which are worrisome enough, too…
Important:  It’s Veterans Day – thank a Vet for their Service.

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48 thoughts on “Navigating Lifestyle Collapse”

  1. “Proof to behold: A messy Trump-Biden transition will derail desperately needed stimulus.”

    You mean I have to WAIT for my fifty grand check and the four grand a month therafter.. dam.. dam dam….

  2. Last May, I had a conversation with my Financial advisor. I was concerned about the financial impact of COVID. Realized then that my wife and I had saved enough to get us through comfortably until we were at least 94 even with regular international travel and fine dining. A serious stock market drop would impact that. We got completely out of the market and placed our savings in 1% GICs.

    Our friends laughed at us and left their money in the market which continues to soar. I had a virtual coffee with a good friend yesterday who said he just continues to see his investment account increase by the day.

    I suddenly realized that COVID has created a new kind of wealth. You get richer every day but have nowhere to spend it. If this keeps up, there are going to be a lot more rich people in the graveyard than ever before.

    Oobla dee oobla dah. La la la la life goes on.

    • I’m sure there were a lot of people in 1929 who thought they were laughing to the bank until they weren’t. The markets are soaring but there is nothing to justify the figures; they’re speculative. Maybe the exposure of Deutsch Bank and one of its “famous” customers might trigger the collapse back to reality.

  3. I still don’t understand how you believe that the numbers are accurate at all? I’ve even written on here before that no epidemiologist are working on the stats in the largest cities in the US and this is out if the mouth of the leadership that I have worked with for more than a decade.

    Also you promote off grid living, but it won’t protect you from what is coming. Communism 2.0 will be the solution the Biden and world governments will use and what is physically yours will become ours and you will be happy about it. Thanks to those 8 predictions the world economic forum made for 2030. Which they have now taken down from their site, built are still searchable.

    Besides, most people already got this virus back in Jan/ Feb of 2020. Then again it’s the United States of Amnesia. Which I guess Joe Biden’s dementia fits in nicely for the people.

    • “most people”? How do you figure? If this was the case, the hospitals would have been overwhelmed then, not now.

      • Everyone I know was sick in Jan/Feb of 2020 on both coasts. Also, both of my grandparents tested positive for the virus and survived. In fact she was in her late 80’s, 78 LBS, gets her throat stretched because she has breathing issues, and she survived. This whole Bear Flu is what they are using to destroy small business and bring in the great reset. Also, the department of health is not tracking statistics in NYC and Los Angeles. As I worked for both and can confirm. The lying media is not telling us the truth since they are owned by the corporations that own the United States and have an agenda that is becoming more obvious each passing day.

  4. one daughter in London one in Melbourne in lockdown . borders closed for me . cant leave anyway . and the F#$$%$ market worldwide goes up everyday because some vegetable stole a s3456 HOLE in America in a coup and now wants to jab everyone with zombie death juice . lucky I have 2 daughters . fed up

  5. Mr G,

    “Its time to heal” ! Why after taking it up the arse for 4 straight years – non stop, “its time to heal”.
    After being Lied to – straight in Ure Face!, everyday for 4 years straight, its time to heal.
    After 8 years of active Take-Down Operations against USA/CommonsSense/Morals – Hard Working Americans (deplorables) – its time to heal.
    After 16 plus years Herr Bush/Gruoppenfuher and the evil,twisted idiot boy who oversaw the biggest Public Satanic Ritual ever preformed in modern history – its time to heal.

    Sorry Chief – ITS TIME For Patriots to Start FIGHTING For Whats Right. F- the roths evil hemorrhoids on the ass of HUmanity

    * By the way – with ALL these new infections/deaths/hospitalizations- one might ask ? Where the hell is Flu ? none – Where the hell is the Common Cold Virus this years? none – jus like BCN said..

    • so true mate .. hit them hard . no finance they are finished .SHORT the guts of everything everything , short on the way down , throw all rules to the wind .. they have stolen a country , its constitution its people just like this sheethole Australia . no more .. had a pr%$@ today value a painting worth 100000 at 800 bucks . I said thankyou he said no problem like a scum . I would like to paint a long jack phillipus tjamarra with his head

  6. Once again I was told that the constitution is a conspiracy theory.

    “…with Biden now president elect…”
    “He’s not that yet.”
    “Says who, FOX NEWS!?!?!”
    “No, says the constitution. I don’t watch the news.”
    “ohhh, so a conspiracy theory says so.”

    This was my FIL and me talking last weekend. He’s old and successful. Wants desperately to enjoy the next 10 years as if it were the 90’s-2000’s again. So desperate for it to be true.

    This always scares me. When people hear the rules, and they don’t like it, it’s a conspiracy. I’ve been told to get a new tin foil hat, and worse, because real facts are scary, and fantasy news reporting is much more fun to believe. They have succeeded, dehumanization of the “other” is now complete.

  7. and avoid gold like the plague and them . there isNO buy signal it will morph into a death run . I know the clown in vegas who works for the FED . I know his garbage . kern . gold yeah right . they were all bought off under the instructions of salty moriarty the egomaniac , narcistic old man . fake bull threw the real ones under the bus . they own the gold market and stocks as well . SHORT the guts out of everything , no money no madness

  8. Dude. You are a amazing. I will tell ya what. People don’t really have an idea of all the stuff you do.

    In the last week of building my own website and all that. Im the Ceo, Writer, Editor, Marketing team, It Tech dude, Programer, Mail boy, Lunch Catering crew, office supply guy, R&D committee, Planner, Scheduler, Production specialist, physicists, Data entry fella, coach, cheerleader, public relations personal and HR specialist and a few others all by myself.

    Holy Cow! Doing all that by Ureself every day is a monumental task. That shit kicked my ass. There is Quite a bit to do with setting up advertisement, networking etc. Etc. George, at 70+ you are fricken amazing to do all that you do.

    I’m fifty and my body was lottery sorry this morning from all the work it takes to get up and running. I haven’t had a head ache in probably 6 years. I’m never sick. And this morning I woke up with a splitting head ache. 3 tylenol, pot coffee and 5 Marlboros later and I’m feeling much better.

    To excersise the mind in action that much. It’s super cool. I found myself down in HR (the bathroom) getting an ass chewing about stuff more than a few times. Hahaha

    Big respect for all you do.

    • What you are doing in the simple part, grasshopper. Now, follow a demanding mistress – like the markets – and have enough “real” 9outg of chair experience) to keep it interesting in other areas…
      Oh, and then do three complete sites (like urban, people, and ultra) and fine enough time to work on the house, keep up 30 acres, do podcasts now and then – and a whole lot more.

      Yeah…mental toughness and no room for bullshit

      Oh and check ur site against while you have nuthin else 2-do

      • Thanks Dude. Ya it’s alot. I get crackalakin. I have creating a server on my list of stuff to do, for now I’m just gonna piggy back on GoDaddy for a while while get all the other stuff going.

        I’m so focused and drivin right now that some girl yelled at me the other night for not recognizing her advances. I said ohhhh I’m sorry, you wanna get dinner and she nahh I’m taking some time to myself, so I said ok cool. I’m good with no. I’m super busy working on a lot of projects. She wigged out and said I didn’t say no. How can ya be so smart and be so dumb. I’m like look chick I don’t have time for this. I have a 4am delivery and Im just gonna block ya. She wigged out even more. Her friend calls me and says your not interested in her. I said I’m busy woman. Im so focused I don’t know if a woman is flirting with me or not.

        It’s like Shakespeare said in the second act of Hamlet, “F*cketh the Bitchethes, Maketh the Money.”

        Or something like that.

        Ha ha ha ha

        *Tips hat

        As per your Kitco anomaly? I told ya, “more gold has been got from the minds of men than ever has been mined from the earth.”

        “we need to put the dollar back on the Gold Standard.”

        Sorry about that.


        Later dude.

      Chaldean Numerology
      The numerical value of doorfor in Chaldean Numerology is: 1
      Pythagorean Numerology
      The numerical value of doorfor in Pythagorean Numerology is:  1

      Does this have anything to do with the Doorfore website? Is 1 good?

      Your picture looks like you could be George’s brother.

    • Andy-San,

      If you have have not already done so – then I suggest laying Ure peepers on a copy of dr Joe Gellenbergers – Liquid Luck.
      This is a winna winna chicken dinna, and shouldlResonate very strongly with you.

    • Andy, I hope you read this comment. I’d post on your site, but for the following reason: You’re using Disqus and it’s a data aggregator! It relies on logins from either social media sites or an email login to create profiles on individuals across their entire browsing history, whether or not they’re tied to a particularly defined “real name”. This is a clear and present danger to society – especially so for a “free society”. I don’t even read comments if they require such a login. Other than that, your site is quite interesting and you have a lot of valuable thoughts to share. George end runs this aggregation attempt by moderating everything on his own site and avoiding any applets or calls to the “social” media sites on his pages.

      George, I apologize for this comment being here, but I’m not quite sure where else to make this point. I think it’s really important.

  9. the greatest document ever written . the declaration of independence . and some screwed up slime balls say the constitution is a conspiracy . may there souls rest in peace those brave wise men who warned what is here .. groundhog day 911 . over and over . why even seems they like the clown puppet now George w

  10. George, the top two stories on Urban Survival… today and yesterday… have a bad link! Clicking on the headline takes us to KITCO.COM

  11. George U ole Goat – it is time – as Kidrock hisself has said many times – BAWITDABA

    – da bang a dang diggy diggy diggy said the boogey

    Said up jumped the boogey! Boogey is Pissed

    FEAR THIS GLOBO boyz&girlz – Its Is Here !

  12. G Dude,

    Think we can flesh out some ideas how &where to safely “store” Ure money as The War of the Red & Blue States gets rolling ?

    State Script only works in issuing state, Fed script (USD) will be for Wiping Ureself after dropping the kids off at the “pool”.

    Geocaching some “assets” might be a solid strategy, of course Cryptos (peer to peer) silly. Perhaps ammo, some freeze dried foods, junk silver (US coins pre 62).

    Personally dont “see” that kinda revolution evolving – more of a Mad Max kinda scenario – and who controls the ethyl ?

    Lotz R now waking up to the diabolical financial reset pys-op – and buying physical Litecoin & BTC’s – like currently going on – buying the BTC/LTC complex.
    Thankfully U dont have to worry bout a Tor enabled Hard Wallet for Ure BTC’s cause..
    Chorus: Noooooo Bitcoins for Youuuuuu, No,no,no

  13. “What’s next for Donald Trump?”

    Scott Adams, when he’s not writing “Dilbert,” does common-sense-based political commentary. He currently puts Mr. Trump’s chances of being the next President at ~60%, and Mr. Biden’s chances at ~10%. His predictions are staggeringly left-fieldish, and staggeringly accurate…

    Bear in-mind the Gorical of Al was “President-elect” for 37 days, in a much more-honest and less contentious election than the one just passed (or is that past, or maybe just p!ssed…?)

    ” A messy Trump-Biden transition will derail desperately needed stimulus.”

    Speaking of 2000, the messiest transition in our history was that from Clinton to Bush. The Markets had tanked and Greenspan was working overtime to keep us from the crash we should’ve had, Bush’s transition team was locked-out, and when they finally got in, information technology and information gathering/clustering systems had been torpedoed and vandalized by the outgoing Administration (remember the media chuckling at keyboards that had been glued, or had missing or swapped keys? There was a lot more “tomfoolery” of a much more destructive level, which never made it to the mainstream.) Bush43’s Administration didn’t get rolling until late March, still under the recession, and with no HUMINT on the ground anywhere but Japan and NATO countries (where they did no good, whatsoever.) IMO WTC-1 and 2 were terrorist acts; WTC-7 was demolished because of fatal damage caused by the towers, but I admit the leveling charges got placed awfully quickly and efficiently…

    “… the U.S. would have quickly begun to reassert that much maligned “American Exceptionalism” and would wreck the “cooperative internationalist models” that past administrations had bought into, although largely on wrong-headed (read: Neocon and state department embeds) who are more interested in international stability and not at all in American Exceptionalism.”

    American exceptionalism lies 100% in our founding documents. We, as individuals, are no more exceptional than anyone else. The DoI and Constitution codified “freedom from government interference” and “private ownership of property” as Rights. This is why someone can emigrate to the United States from anywhere else, and create a thriving business and way of life from virtually nothing.

    The primary interest of the embedded swamp trash is U.S. hegemony — dictatorial power over other nations through “diplomacy” (bribery, extortion, threats, etc.) via proxy national leaders. “Stability” is achieved when we get the right proxy or lackey inserted into power (see “Ukraine” for reference…) This is what makes relatively unknown (outside diplomatic circles) State Department agents like Vichy Neuland so valuable to the swamp, and so incredibly powerful. They can literally take down your country and have you (literally) crucified, if you don’t swear fealty…

    “Mid-sized, late model diesel pushers ain’t cheap.”

    Depends… I watched a 2006 Newmar (currently $439k new) 40-footer sell last month for $12,500 — I didn’t have the money, but shoulda bought it anyway and I’m kicking myself because I didn’t. When you consider how much time these beasties spend in people’s driveways, at 14 years, the diesel may just be getting broken-in and the genset and slide-out motors are still as functional as-designed. Newmar is a “Cadillac brand.” I see similarly-aged but less-prestigious Class “A” palaces sell all the time for under $10k.

    “There are a ton of parks in America. And despite CV-19, I think the growth in “outdoor gear” will likely continue if not grow.”

    Camping TP & portable porta-pots, fancy “camp cookware” and “camp foods,” junk “camp tools,” and anything that’ll throw a .45ACP are unobtanium (or nearly so) in the middle Midwest. I had a little excursion last week (y’all can follow along but you’ll have to name the schools, yer ownse’ves) where I hit Columbus, Muncie, Indianapolis, Bloomington, Cincinnati, Louisville, and Lexington in a day. Since my trip a couple weeks back where I couldn’t find ammo, I made it a point on this trip to visit places which sell it, and check out their “outdoors” areas… Found some Norma .308s at a farm store. As far as handguns, everybody had 9s and .380s. The only .45s I saw said “Kimber” and were priced accordingly — no .40s or cheaper .45s, and no pistol or rifle ammo, except for shotgun shells, and one store which had 25-06s. I also didn’t see a single Glock or SIG, in any calibre, anywhere…

    I know a number of States are “open carry,” where one can wear a pistol in an exposed holster without holding a concealed-carry permit. I have rough-camped in places where the deer and the antelope played, but where wolf packs, bear, and big cats also roamed, having only a belt knife for defense.

    I didn’t like it.

    Odds of an encounter with a predator are only a couple percent per day, but odds of surviving, especially a cat or a bear w/cubs are nearly nil, so an inordinate amount of time must be spent on locating a defensible campsite. Were I to do stuff like this again, at my age, I’d absolutely have a .44mag strapped to me leg (because my carry rifle is .44mag), and probably a Glock palm/purse gun as a backup. This “camping thing” m i g h t explain the lack of handguns. Then again, maybe there’s an undercurrent flowing about, of which I have no ken…

    • At first – 6- months back when the center chest Glock holster showed up people locally thought (*perhaps rightly) “That old man Ure’s a little eccentric, you know?”
      Now there’s an occasional “Where’s yah get that again?”
      99% of survival is guessin the future right.
      Whether it’s what stock will go up, which spouse will age well, or what careers will be around in 20 years…”
      You’re a wise ‘un Ray. A tip at the happy to you tonight.

      • Oh she got arrested and fougjt the cops and ended up loosing her lease because of being in Jail and shit. When you are living in the Answer the problem goes away. As George points out often. Haveny seen her since. And the house didn’t burn down. Lol

    • I think Rays comment is one best I read in a long time. Holy Moley bro. If ya find yourself between a sow and her cubs best thing I can tell ya is run down hill if ya can. Their front legs are shorter then their hinde ones. They have a tendency to go ass over T kettle when running down hill.

      Like George says, If ya can read the future like Tonto tracking the bad guys Kemosabe. You can avoid much. I mean if you see a child about it’s hand on a hot stove and you say, Don’t do that! It will hurt really bad. Are you not a prophet? This isn’t rocket science. We all can see the signs. They are all around us all the time. No differnt than sticking your head to the train track to hear the local motive down the line. If ya see the trees change colors you know it’s going to get cold outside. Stuff like that. There is always signs around us present.

      Like my buddy put the old couch outside next to the house. The Next day his Psycho Ex girlfriend movies in accross the street comes over and start screwing how she still loves him. Then I see this youtube video of a song about a chick being mad as hell and lighting the furniture on fire infont of the house about 3 hours later He has a red beard. The dude in the Video singing has a red beard. The couch is next to the house with a bunch of dry brush next to it. And I saw she left a gas can on her porch when driving out. So, I did a lap and went back to the house, immediately drug the couch to the sidewalk and the dry brush I took out to the back yard fence.

      2 days later on Sunday just like the Song says, she is out front of our house drunk as f holding that gas can in her hand. Yelling all kinds of stupid shit.

      But the house didn’t get burned down. Because I moved the couch and all the kindling. Lol while she is standing out there begging to get arrested, it starts raining.

      Most people just don’t pay attention to that stuff.

      Now if you watch the start of this video. You will see exactly what I’m saying. This stuff is always present around us. Most just ain’t paying attention. Lol

      Have a good day. I’m on to create. :)


      • My last trip to the Upper Peninsula (Michigan) I passed a cub in the road. The next day (and 120 miles away) I passed a sloth (2 cubs) at about 80yds, which was closer than I’d prefer to be, even at 50mph.

        A bear is like a dog (‘cept they have an even better sense of smell. A wolf can smell “Man” at 30 miles, a grizzly, about 37 miles!) Ya can’t outrun one (or outclimb or outswim one, either), and anyone who shows their back will lose it. WRT a sloth, you HAVE to locate the cub(s) and make sure you don’t come between mama bear and the babies. If you don’t, it might be possible to slowly back out of the situation. If you do, mama’s gonna plant a terminal case of whoopass on you and a sudden improvement in your relationship with the Almighty is strongly suggested. I’ve never been up close & personal (and personally vulnerable) with a bear in the wild, and have no desire to ever be unless I’m starving and in desperate need of dietary fat…

        “…if you see a child about it’s hand on a hot stove and you say, Don’t do that! It will hurt really bad.”

        The problem with that, Andy, is that every succeeding generation must find out for itself that the stove is hot.

        If Junior doesn’t touch the stove this time, he will the next, because there are some “life lessons” which HAVE TO BE learned through experience. The best you can hope for is to have burn cream on-hand when it happens…

    • “Camping TP & portable porta-pots, fancy “camp cookware” and “camp foods,” junk “camp tools,” and anything that’ll throw a .45ACP are unobtanium (or nearly so) in the middle Midwest.”

      A massive increase in evictions and very desperate homeless newbies will beget a run on the local sporting good store’s camping and firearm departments. As weather deteriorates I would expect runs on portable heaters, sleeping bags and thermal underwear at the same stores.

      I’m not going to bore anyone with advice. If you are at risk, you need a plan b.
      “Locusts on the Horizon” by Plan B Writers Alliance is available on Kindle for $6.99. OK, maybe one piece of advice: preposition supplies away from the residence at risk, preferably one county over.

    • Scott Adams also said Trump hypnotized the world and himself, to Trump’s own detriment:

      What Tonto told Kemosabe, Navajo Code talkers helped win WWII, and Navajo voters gave Biden his AZ win!:

      Native Americans denied vote in some states till 1957:

  14. So the latest from Trumps aides.

    “Do not expect him to concede,” one top aide said. More likely, the aide said, “he’ll say something like, ‘We can’t trust the results, but I’m not contesting them.’”
    Another adviser said that after the legal battles and recounts, the closest the president is likely to get to a concession is, “he’ll acknowledge the results and that we’ll never know how accurate they are.”

    So, in other words there is no there, there in the so called fraudulent election Trump whined about…so instead, he will hold his breath, stomp his feet and act like a toddler. Don’t let the White House door hit you in the ass Donny boy. And his brainless band of supporters play on. You all wouldn’t listen to me the last 4 years. I told you what a idiot this guy is. Can you at least see he is a whacko now? The only reason he is hanging on is that he is afraid of all the lawsuits, debts and so much more that he will be found guilty of will come crashing down on his lousy hairpiece. It has nothing to do with the election. He is scared to death. This whole time he has been using the White House as his safe house. Everyone in his enemy circle in New York which includes friends of mine know this. I have been telling that too for the last 4 years. My bet? He flees the country. I haven’t been wrong yet!

    • Mark,

      One wouldn’t anticipate a Trump-vacated White House to be left a trashed and vandalized abode as when he got the keys for it four years ago.

      I hope California bean counters can figure out how to come up with a few billion dollars of tax revenue now that Proposition 15 failed to pass. Huge relief I’m sure for Sillycon Valley real estate holders and their associated friends.

      • Nobody wanted prop 15 to pass. It was a jobs killer. It was a tax grab and businesses did NOT want it. We had a huge 7 billion dollar surplus prior to the pandemic. Like other states, the SIP and shut downs killed tax revenue. Once everything is back to normal, which it is staring to be now. we will go back to our surplus. You will never win an argument with me unless you know the facts. It’s pretty simple. Yet most of you spout Fox talking points and Fox can’t handle the truth.

  15. Its very simple if you know what instruments to watch. The Treasury prints trillions of paper notes at the Feds Repo Window. Those notes don’t make it into the joe six pack economy. Witness : FRED M2 and M3/MZM money stock versus? FRED M1 velocity. No matter how hard the gas ia being throttled, thanks to a (Convenient? Curiously timed?) Econ shutdown, the Weimar style inflation is only being seen amongst the banksters that get access to said funds and spend it in the various instruments of trading in shares and financial abstractions. Unless more checks start getting dolled out directly to the folks representing M1 the collapse will continue to deepen. And for those fortunate enough to still be making a paycheck? The prices of any of the necessities in life if at all available are starting to climb. Id suggest stocking up on replacement parts , household items, food, water, alt power source, and toilet paper. The scarcities in supply chain are symptomatic of a broken money flow. Time for reset.

  16. One more bit of scewball chicanery from the corrupt Trump team…
    Trump’s solicitation website carries a banner headline that says “OFFICIAL ELECTION DEFENSE FUND” and “CONTRIBUTE NOW.”

    Scrolling down the page would take a donor to the fine print, which shows that donations are split between “Save America,” which gets 60% of the money, and the RNC, which gets the other 40%. None of the money flows to Trump’s official “recount” committee fund until Trump’s Save America share reaches the legal contribution limit of $5,000, according to the disclosures.

    That means that, before a dollar goes into the recount fund, Save America would receive $5,000 and the RNC around $3,300. Donations to the recount committee are legally limited to $2,800.

    If a Trump donor gave $500, for instance, $300 would go to Trump’s Save America PAC, $200 would to the RNC – and nothing would go to his election defense fund.

    Trumps Save America PAC can legally go into Trumps pocket or also pay off any campaign debts. My guess it will go to the ACME Moving company and the containers of gold toilets and such will be shipped to some far away land where he can hide with all the other crooks and conniving dictators.

    • Mark,

      Thank you for subscribing to “The New York Times” and “The Washington Post” feeds.

      According to The Federal Election Commission website page on 2020 election spending, the grand total is hovering somewhere around $3.7 billion. Of that, Mr. Trump spent $601 million, Mr. Biden spent $952 million, and Mr. Bloomberg spent $1,119 million. All candidates considered, for every republican dollar spent, democrats spent over 4 dollars.

      The gold toilets can remain in situ.

    • “I haven’t been wrong yet!”

      Ray….It sure makes it hard to be Humble when your always getting it right…

  17. BTW George, the comments section is back defaulting to the, less than ideal, ” Notify me when new comments are added” setting.

    • In what way Alan? You provide no back-up for your claims…Justnlike your President…or is it that you have careened thinking I have careened. More likely explanation.Idiot.

  18. Comrades,

    Icebreaker Polar Star remains in port at Seattle. Don’t tell me it’s waiting for parts from China…

  19. “Biggest story making the rounds has to do with how bad coronavirus is out in the El Paso area: “Photos show El Paso doubling its mobile morgues after its new coronavirus surge caused a new backlog of dead bodies.”

    They are starting to shut things down here.. News from the Covid patient.. someone close to me caught it.. ( it isn’t looking good..) and the hospital ran out of IV saline solution.. dam them foreign countries washout water standards anyway..

    Its a nightmare in these parts.. and what is funny is so many people just won’t use any of the precautionary measures.. the stores are still having trouble getting supplies..

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