Server Heaven?

We had a weird error on the Internet today.  Our site here went down (“server crash”) but the strange part was that when it crashed, there is a program we run for added speed which does caching.

At the time of the server crash, the ‘snapshot’ taken was a link to Kitco – and now that the site’s back up – all should be well.


There is a lot of caching that goes on around the net.  So, if you don’t get the expected results, that’s because the DNS information (domain name server) takes a while to refresh around the world.

And – here’s the punch line to all this – it’s why (as my pal the Bitcoin Nazi is so proud of chiding…) “No Bitcoins for Ure!”

Damn right, dude.

I’m getting to old to be chasing down issues – especially ones that are “acts of God.”


Hmmm…message in there?

More in the morning…

16 thoughts on “Server Heaven?”

  1. “Like the Wise old owl. I will be sitting in cache!”

    “See ya down at Hooters dude”.

    “Ureka! I Just struck Gold!”

    “Write when you get rich.”

    Springs to the mind.

    Empirically speaking. It was bound to happen eventually… “You wanted him George and you got him”.

    Well what do ya do? Not all that glitters is gold. Even still, Here, I am.

    Thank you for all you do and continue to do. I’m so very grateful for the path you blazed before me Dude.

    Have a good week. Hope to see ya over at my sight at some point. It’s Trajectory is the future. :)

    Tomorrows post will be in relation to Reefer Madness. :)

  2. This is a good sign George. It means things have changed. It also means I can affect the environment around me including the internet and how it works by thought creation. It means, i can also sway the narrative to a more healthier trajectory. I have been trying for a long time to “alter the course”.

    Remember, when I see massive events in advance alot of the time it is if I am actually there and I have been feeling the magnitude of the “emotional finger print” and remaining unable or powerless to stop these events from occuring or creating an alternative event. I can not tell ya what that feels like. I wouldnt wish it on my worst enemy.

    That has now changed. Good good. This is a good sign. Today is a good day. I have 9 months sober and today I give birth to my baby so to speak… As a man thinks so his life shall be. I have been complying energy and weaving within my mind for 9 months straight a new way of thinking and living. Something fresh and new.

    Today is a good day.

  3. Was there at the precise moment George. They crashed many address at once . Yours to kitco . Others. Just stopped. Information collection as well

  4. {Luddite_Techie_Mode}

    Remember back in Ye Olden Daze when pages were writ in HTML 2, 3, or 4t, for people on dialup modems that’d get 2.4 to 28kbps on a perfect connection (there weren’t any) and we’d author the pages in kilobytes of size instead of hundreds (or thousands) of kb? W3c recommended maximum page sizes of 26k and optimized graphics of 4k or less. If’fn you wanted to chat, you loaded a forum daemon like vBulletin; if not, you just wrote pages and linked it all up… and it was inherently f a s t — no caching required.

    ‘Thing is, chat forums are interactive, where users feed off each other. Blogging is the new norm, where the site owner makes a blog entry, then commenters feed primarily in response to the blogger.

    Now, I’m just wondering if there’d be a market for a hybrid, where a “blogger” would initiate a thread, and then users could go all (moderated, of course) flame war in subsequent posts to that thread? ISTM such a hybrid would engender much less overhead than the Blogosphere and be much faster, perhaps not even requiring caching. The only drawback I can think of at the moment is such a hybrid might limit monetization paths.


  5. what is it with kitco?! I always clear my history but for months kitco stayed
    in ‘history’. I could not get rid of it….and I hadn’t visited that site for many months!

  6. Perhaps, it wasnt me, it was you George. Changing links to gold colored. Thought bout that last night

    Which I love the gold links. Lol

    I should be doing the Audio version today. I thought about doing 2 segmental read translations of my blog. An Audio translation in Gangster and one in Redneck/Hillbilly language. Since I am fluent in both. And maybe a drunkin Eskimo version.

    I recorded the most rediculous theme song in the world the other day and everytime I listen to it, it is soooo funny. Like Japanese Keroke/ Lounge singer version of this song. Everyone that has heard my version has laughed till they had tears in their eyes and the lady coffee stand actually purposed to me while she was in Hysterics this mornging.

    Everything is good?

    • Ohhhh the song. One of my all time favorite songs. This is song is sex!

      I am such a not take myself to serious kinda guy in the real world verses online that I don’t know if I should just be myself or this intelligent fella online. A fee people I know who read my blog told me it is so different than who I am in real life. Because most of the time I dont take life to seriously. Lol

      • Hmmmm like “me tell you now”? Or High Speed Morris? I do speak fluent 80’s surfer, 90’s valley girl and 90 English Punkrocker as well as I am fluent in Walmartese and Hispanic lowrider. Some hippy and some 2020’s Soccer Mom, “Ohh Em Gee, you are soooo Extra today Barbra! Your hair is so fun! Can you please make me a pumpkin spice latte with lots whip? And I will take one of those super yummy scones too!”


  7. And most of the time I feel like an 11 year old boy with a slot car track inside. Sitting in my tighty whities with crocheed Afghan Blanket around me, listing to The Joker by Steven Miller while Chewing 3 whole packs of Juicy fruit while dumping all the cracker jacks out in the floor to see if I got the Tattoo Prize at the Bottom of the Box. Because that was the absolutely best prize IMHO!

    I never feel like a 6’1″, 260lb (I’m fricken too big right now. I don’t wanna be this big) 50 year old man. Who can still Rack as of last week 410lbs on Rows 10 reps.

    Who everyone teases me about being Mr Incredible. Because my uper body and arms are out of purpotionantly Huge compaired to my legs. Ha ha ha. Ever since my youngest called me that everyone is now calling me that.

    Anyway, hope all is well today. I’m off to get that Money. :)

  8. I used to be really good at speaking 20’s slang. “But me Babe. Dont worry you are the bees knees with them get away sticks. I sent bruno with the bean shooter to bop Vinni for preaching.”


    Later dude

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