Misdirection Friday (Stocks, Biden, Economy)

No, last night’s Pandemic speech by Joe Biden is not a State of the Union speech.  As this little snip from the U.S. House website here says:

The formal basis for the State of the Union Address is from the U.S. Constitution:

  • The President “shall from time to time give to the Congress Information of the State of the Union, and recommend to their Consideration such measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient.” Article II, Section 3, Clause 1.

The constitutionally mandated presidential message has gone through a few name changes:

  • It was formally known as the Annual Message from 1790 to 1946.
  • It began to be informally called the “state of the Union” message/address from 1942 to 1946.
  • Since 1947 it has officially been known as the State of the Union Address.

I could go into more, but the pertinent facts seem to be these:

  • The lefty footwork lately seems to focus on the notion that Biden’s off the hook this year because it’s his inaugural year.
  • The pandemic talk last night wasn’t an SOU in our view.
  • The House is still behind razor wire – just like any other two-bit coup in third world countries.
  • And between the Fed no longer reporting Money Stocks (the latest we have been able to find from their much hyped Data Download Program covers only to Feb. 1, there’s no question the coup/ring leaders are playing massive financial games with us.

All for our own good, of course, you understand, right?

Producer Prices in a Sec.

While we have an [actual] data series to update this morning in the form of Producer Prices, we need to disavow any belief in what they might infer.

Here’s the Investor’s Conundrum in a nutshell.

  • Maybe the numbers are totally honest…
  • Maybe they massively under-report deflation, though.
  • Or, Maybe they massively under-report inflation.

Which one do you roll with?

A sane person (136 of us remain on Earth) would simply look up how much money the Fed has made up.  EXCEPT – now the same lying Fed that hid M3 under Greenspan is hiding M1 and M3 under Powell.  (For our own good, of course!)

Where goobermint seems to be headed is into slower data, less candor, more excuses as the ruling junta Makes Up Money at ever-more Weimar-looking rates.

We are – in our slow-witted judgment – smack in the mess we’ve been warning subscribers about on the Peoplenomics side for years:  We are in a deflationary depression (for now) with the Fed (aided and abetted by the ‘hind-the-razor-wire clown posse) making up enough money that the Big Lie of Normal can be maintained.

Hell of it?  Seems to work.  But only if you don’t think deeply about money, prices, and value.  A Bitcoin this morning is $56,363 and has a book value of nothing. (“Crypto Slides After CFTC Probes Binance On Derivative Trades“)  Oh, and Bitcoin is still a Climate Crime.

Tesla stock closed yesterday about $700 a share.  Book value per share (mrq) $23.16.  You do own a calcamulator, right?

There has never – historically – been such a pile of asset-slop foisted on an entire world before.  Demands a new way of thinking.  Allow me to introduce?

The Steerable Circular Fizzlebunk

The process – not entirely unlike a recursive macro gone mad – works like this:

  • Society used to look at itself in a thoughtful (values-based) way.
  • With the computer and social media, that all left the building.
  • In its place Digital Mob Rule.
  • And Legacy Rulers – who create sock-puppets (AOC, Bernie, Portland, yada, yada) – and they support the radical Left (who can’t read a balance sheet).
  • The Rulers – in return for lawsuit protection for the Socialist Media types – become Ruling Click Baiters.
  • Steerable Clicks for a protection racket…what could go wrong?
  • Well, except the promises are too expansive and expensive.  Time to make up money.
  • Enter the Fed.  Hide the monetary data.  When bad, sleazyspeak through it.  Use terms like Doctor and judgment a lot.  People don’t question authority nearly enough.

As we know from a certain laptop, everything is for sale.  And thus, as long as the illusion persists, the media companies don’t break ranks, and the Fed keeps hiding the obvious, We the People are left riding a financial merry-go-round.

But woke and enlighted like we is:  We’ll call it an ERP-like interactive, steerable, circular fizzlebunk.

Graceful – as Houses of Cards go.

So Back to PPI

Sheep release, please:

“The Producer Price Index for final demand increased 0.5 percent in February, seasonally adjusted, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. This rise followed advances of 1.3 percent in January and 0.3 percent in December.

On an unadjusted basis, the final demand index moved up 2.8 percent for the 12 months ended in February, the largest increase since rising 3.1 percent for the 12 months ended October 2018.

Most of the February advance in prices for final demand can be traced to a 1.4-percent rise in the index for final demand goods. Prices for final demand services increased 0.1 percent.

Prices for final demand less foods, energy, and trade services moved up 0.2 percent in February, the tenth consecutive advance. For the 12 months ended in February, the index for final demand less foods, energy, and trade services rose 2.2 percent, the largest increase since a 2.4-percent advance for the 12 months ended May 2019.”

Where this is nutty – and economically indefensible (or definable for that matter) – is when the adjustments to the measuring units (dollars) are not revealed.  Dollars in circulation are up 26% at M2 and near 100% at M1.

After the data, stock futures were up 66 on the Dow – which means like everything else – people aren’t considering watering down of purchasing power.  Simply insane!

Oh, still, not really new highs yet in the Aggregate Index – more on the Peoplenomics side tomorrow.

Comes Down to This:

We might as well be measuring the economy in cubits.  You don’t know if those are Sacred cubits (25+ inches), Royal cubits (18+ inches, distance from elbow to tip of longest finger of the King), common cubits, or even particle-sized q-bits.  We sure as shit don’t know how much slop-money is crashing about.

That’s why the supply chain is in trouble and chips are down, so to speak.

Most people are shitty dot-connectors.  So, let me help.

When Inc. is advising (via MSN) “How to Protect Your Supply Chain Against Resource Scarcity” you should begin worrying and asking tough questions:

  • Is my medical shopping list done?
  • Got seeds?
  • Water supplies?
  • World without Data plans?
  • World without Power plans?

Naw – Forget It

Average people are average because they don’t question mindless media spew like these stories from this morning’s (alleged) news flow:

Look, I said shorter columns and I meant it. Now, go be a good little average ‘Merican and go  study “Harry and Meghan: The week that shook the monarchy to its core – and what happens next.”  Two grownups and a cat out here won’t waste their time.

Life is down to 7,300 days – and that’s if we make another 20-years.  Useful thing to remember.

More tomorrow for the grownups (on Peoplenomics).  Or, just be surprised.

Write when you get rich,


37 thoughts on “Misdirection Friday (Stocks, Biden, Economy)”

  1. George, glad that you tossed out the 7,300 days number. That gives me 7,300 more Happy Hours!
    YEA! Life is truly great with the right attitude.

  2. Ohhh my leeeegg!, ooohhh myyy arrrrrmmm, ohhhhmy arsssssse, the pain the pain, arggghharghhh@%$##@&@^$#^&#$$@^$ -theres no sunshine when Ure short…

    Dude G, did U forget to start Ure brain today ? Wtf r U talking bout “no book value” BTC ??

    How the heck do you think coot is going to come up with enough$$ pay his fed taxes this year?

    Crime Family Capos -pigloser &schermed better speed up that stimmy $ – so I dont have file an extension- gdammit.

    “Poor” coot , otherwise wont be qualified for any of that seemingly limitless amount of “free” Stimmy. Golden Papaya & Arch Angel live badders require cash $$ to purchase, and lord knows coot needs the FULL Terepene profile, without the heat &smoke – cool & smooth just like coot..hahahahahah =humor.

    USD/Gold/Oil – Un-limited = sideways laying 8 = Infinity or 21 Million BBBBBBitcoinz – weekly chart looks fantastik! daily seems to be setting up classic handle portion of a text book Cup & Handle pattern -U can watch and learn real time..

    -“on the way to Cape May ? nope on the way to $70k -F.U. IRS!

  3. “any other two-bit coup”

    It’s human nature for the military folk to stick with the existing government. Food and paychecks.

    The older ones who set us up over the decades are no help. Food and paychecks in form of pension.

    A few days ago I was talking to someone who mentioned a website where we can identify and turn-in capitol rioters. The comment was,”hey, it’s $25,000.” The serfs have their role too.

  4. George–all that made up money just goes straight into the stock market. That’s where the inflation shows up. Bet you could make a tight correlation between growth of the Ms and stock prices.

  5. Do the symptoms of Bitcoin cooties include ill temper ? Maybe Andy wasn’t seeing zombies; maybe he was predicting bad humored SOL crypto enthusiasts.

    • The preprers paradise is a scene from all them movies and alot like texas hold’m and fly fishin. Up and down the river.

      Whether its, Gambling, Hunting, fishing, fightin or fckin.

      One things to remember N from the movie, ‘Any witch way you can’ and the Wizard of Ahzz.

      “Right turn clyde.” Was always good for a laugh.

      Bulls and Bears is like sport fishing and fckin!

      Eventually everyone gets a turn.
      Just remember,
      It’s a game of catch and release.
      Zambies! Bambies! and Barbies!

      All hooks!

  6. “The House is still behind razor wire – just like any other two-bit coup in third world countries.”

    My take on it is .. they have to perform.. and the economy has to rebound exponentially.. so JB comes in and covid is cured in a week..
    BLM and Antifa stop almost instantly.. dump coin in pockets to get people to spend and even dump coin in pet projects.. ( I call that a pulled pork sandwich by mixing it with barbeque sauce dumping coin in peoples pockets..) they have to skew the numbers so it looks good on paper.. and gain the support of the people.
    there needs to be some misdirection of course..because if you can’t sway the attention of the people it will go back to the situation at hand..
    My guess is on the MSM channels there will be a ton of singing about ole joe…
    they adequately buried the hard drive and gave the pedo child and his interesting adventures a big huge book deal so he won’t have to go crawling back to his supporters for more coin. who knows he may even have a big govt. deal….
    It all depends on the IF.. IF they can gain the confidence of the people and … IF.. our creditors feel secure.. IF they don’t then there is a pretty good chance that they will resort to the old tactics that have been used for thousands of years by those that would rather steal what they want through force rather than pay for it..
    we seen the monkey slap the lion with a stick.. and the lion came back with a roar.. will the monkey go back to slapping the lion.. or will he leave it alone.. DJT had a false flag every three months since JB jumped less than a month into office.. that would mean a false flag event in april if the three month trend continues..JMHO

      • Hooked, Quit eatin the stink bait on the bottom of the catfish pond,,, is has a hook in it! You swallow the main stream news media like a catfish does stink bait
        “Guardians of the Pedophiles”
        I am surprised that Slow Joe did not have a little girl next to him during the Chyna virus speech, just so he could sniff her a little, and help him get through that speech, we all have our addictions
        I had a waste basket next to me during his speech, puke puke
        The vile creatures of the swamp attacked Trump from the moment he declared his entry into politics, they were/are protecting their control over the swamp, that darn Trump was draining their control over US, but no, you reject the lifeboat, and still are attacking him after he/US was CHEATED out of this last election, this movie ain’t over and you know it. That is why you are still fearful and on the attack. You admire those raping humanity, both in medifore and reality. Now go pay your climate change tax to Al (stick it to ya) Gore, which will only make you poorer and him richer
        I wonder if the space force will track this covid relief money to foreign bank accounts and then back to our beloved politicians bank accounts?
        I just do not understand how you can not see that everything Slo Joe has done is an attack against US, or country, and our Constitution.

  7. Misdirection ?!?

    You talking misdirection – did you see its I’s last night during address ?? Go back and look closely – as close as you can – tell me you see any hint of Light/Life in those “eyes’ – they look as dead as dead can bee- g.e.e./clone

    While we bee on misdirection – that is exactly what is going on with da book and 2 Samuel Chap.15 thru 18. – try this on for shits & giggles..

    – Change the names like king david or whatever it was to “The Rightful King” or “The Self Appointed King” and read out loud..

    simply stunning, and fun.. as much fun as getting real high and starting Pink Floyds’ Dark Side of the Moon album, while watching Wizard of Oz, on 3rd lions roar…movie turns to Color just as Money starts playing..”duuuuude, did U see that?”

  8. Not long ago, when Trump was still president, Pelosi was working with the military to take away Trump’s powers. That is a coup. Right in public, documented for all to see.

    It’s not even a matter of fake news in this case. It was accurately reported, but no reporter called it a coup. People only think about events what the news tells them to think about events. In your own life, do you take your cues from the news? Since news is mostly opinion… How much of your opinion is merely someone else’s opinion? Probably most of it.

    Compare to the capital riot. All the claims have been debunked, and yet it’s still called an insurrection. No guns seized, nobody murdered (except a rioter). No coup intended.

    It falls into “steal a few bucks, go to jail. Steal a billion, go to congress”. All depends on who is reporting it.

    • coup /ko?o/ noun a sudden, violent, and illegal seizure of power from a government.

      in·sur·rec·tion /?ins??rekSH(?)n/ noun a violent uprising against an authority or government.

      Pelosi publicly admitting that she spoke with the joint chiefs after trump fomented the violent insurrection doesn’t qualify as a coup.

      The violent takeover of the capital on 1/6 in order to prevent an election from being certified qualifies as an insurrection.

      Words matter. Don’t forget trump’s insurrectionists were looking for ‘nancy, where are you nancy’ and to ‘hang mike pence’ and most importantly to stop an election from being certified and the peaceful of transition of power from occurring. Should I ignore the gallows they built or trump supporters beating cops with the american flag and blue lives matter flags? Shame on you.

      The first non peaceful transfer of power in the US happened because of trump and people like you. If you hate democracy that much you can maga today by moving out of the US.

      • OG you forgot the whole cut and paste, straight from google,

        a sudden, violent, and illegal seizure of power from a government.
        “he was overthrown in an army coup”

        now who was nasty Nancy attempting this with? OH ya the military

        and FAKE trump’s insurrectionists, antifa bought and paid for

        You are watching a movie, smoke and mirrors, the hidden hand, Can I talk you into playing the shell game with me?
        WE need a vaccine for TDS

  9. After the last 2 con-gress STOLE a collective 5 (FIVE) TRILLION of digital green RAG PAPER (Look up worlds largest robberies in the history of the world)
    We are the suckers left holding the DEBT. So gamble Any Which Way You Can while Clyde scraps the Caddy. Its a small club and none of us are in it! The current Don’s in the Con-gress make the Mafia look like boy scouts. If you can even get selected to be a con-gress critter you still can be throw out UNLESS you play ball with the senile drug addled Donette. She is the super Queen.
    Just ask her. Interesting how the PUBLIC SERVANTS became the slave masters on the plantation.

  10. Deflationary! Nyet! I need a fair amount of OSB to get some jobs finished, and there’s been a 3X increase in price. I’m deferring doing that and even playing around with redesigns to avoid using sheet wood at all, while using some used 2x stock to just get done with it. There’s definitely a limit to how much I will pay, since it’s for me, not for a customer. I’m sure others feel this way. Generally, there’s a price drop in winter, but not this year. Spring is just around the corner and I may have to bite the bullet. Yes, prices may revert to the mean, but that’s unlikely any time soon. By the time supply and demand begin to balance, money dilution will become far more apparent.

    Regarding bidet and its “speech”, I didn’t waste time on it. All I know is that whoever is in charge(if anyone) is not at all interested in the American people. I heard muttering about what people with jabs will be “allowed” to do, and wasn’t sure if I should be angry or laugh. I’ll not voluntarily get jabbed and I’ll do what I want! That’s the American way.

    If bidet is afraid to come out and lead from the front(like President Trump), why should we even pay attention? And yes, even President Trump was wrong on occasion, but he didn’t hide and cower behind razor wire.

    Bidet is just a clown. Behind that clown are some evil creatures. I just don’t know who they all are.

    • the Gina-abul = annuna gods, annunaki , and their genetic slaves miminu/grays

      white/albino ones (males) – germany

      shades green (males) – usa/nato?

      strong physic abilities – can read & project thoughts/emotions..violent by nature inability to feel Love – and thats the nice ones, the winged ones -pazuzu types – very dirtynasty creatures..historical figurines, accounts .. Earth Overseers..still.

  11. So here in NZ the “vaccination” campaign is about to kick off. Three lies are being told to promote this.
    1. It is tested and safe
    2. It works.
    3. Its free. (taxes anyone)
    The real danger will arrive (as Israel shows, despite the coverup), when the vaccinations start. For myself I will have to avoid the vaccinated as they will be shedding the virus and possibly incubating stronger versions. Any sympathy for those who take it has dried up. You will deserve what you get.

  12. Lawdy!

    Optimists Prime is on roll today!
    In case you haven’t figured it out yet dude. Trump verses Biden is the Valassic move of “The Carrot” or “The Stick”.

    Obviously Biden is about as useful as a stick. Here is a $1400 stimulous check! Go fetch!

    Dont mind that the government is spent $16,000 of your taxes to give ya $1400! Take that shit down to the casino and bet all it all on Red and double your money! More beans and rice for you!


    Its spring time! The world is waking up from hyper nation and about to start the annual planetary fck fest. Economically, Biologically and fundamentally!

    Its psychologically! You smell the pheromones from Main Teet to Wall Teet! Its instinked!

    Seems fitting. Dontcha think Mr Positive attitude?

    Been seeing alot of signs that one of the Ex’s is gonna return to me soon. I love a good crucifix as much as the next fella. I only hope it’s not the last wife. She nailed me to the cross and cast all her sins on me with Glee. Ha hahahhhhahhahhahha!

    The squeaky wheel gets the grease! Or the lube on the tube! Or is its puts the lotion on its skin or it gets the Hose?

    I dont if to Cue: Good Dirctions by Bill Curtington or These Magic Moments from Grease?

    Uhmm uhhh fck it!

    Cue: ~Summer Nights ~


  13. Ohhh ohhh. Some is pissed about that. Hahaha.

    I ain’t a people please. I’m a God pleaser. I ain’t a hopeless pleasure seeker. But I could see how some would think that. Hahahhahahah

    Rack em! Remember the while ball sinks the black ball to win. Start with the blue balls.

    It’s a game of planets. Hahahahhahah

  14. and futher george what is the problem of calling out the fraudster gurus. you can all knock your president . why cant i expose people like [redacted-G] . whats the problem ? his record as a charletan speaks for itself . this time the trickery has left him wide open

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