Merit-Based Lifespans

You know the Fooled and Doped Administration has halted public sales of NMN – a potentially life extending supplement, right? What is not being spoken of much is the gross (obscene) violation of medical ethics in play.

Years ago, there was a study on low-dose aspirin, and when the trials showed the intervention worked, the study was busted and the people not getting the low-dose aspirin were given the option of taking it.  The statistical life extension from reduced cardiac risk was that major.

We won’t dwell on the fact that Seniors are going to die ANYWAY so give us what we want.  Instead, we will look where this is all going.

Eugenics fans will be thrilled to see how it’s a major milestone on the road to Merit-Based Life Extension.

Sorry, dear readers, but this is exactly the kind of overreach the government pulled off by patenting many of the marijuana compounds.  Gave them power they didn’t need, and which is certainly NOT in the Constitution.  (Neither was mandatory EXPERIMENTAL SHOTS.

In the interest of full disclosure?  Elaine and I did NOT get The Jab.  But, since Elaine is 80 and I’m quickly closing in on 75, we figure if we want to self-medicate, we have that right. Or, should.

Not after a bunch of Nanny State ass clowns (who decided God made mistakes with His Flora) should usurp our freedom to choose.

You can choose an abortion but they’re moving toward control of healthy aging.  Though, we’ll admit, with less than 10-years until Social Security blows up (and benefits will have to come down at least 25 percent) we know there’s an actuarial excuse out there somewhere.

‘Pay To Live is on the way!  And, as we’ll explain, a Chinese-style Social Credit Score is likely to determine your lifespan in the very-near future. Maybe even more than diet and exercise once you get up into our age range.

After the ChartPack and housing data, of course.

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35 thoughts on “Merit-Based Lifespans”

  1. I’ve read NAD+ is still available (cost more) if you have a need to take NMN …. fyi …… Thanks again George for all your health/aging prevent ideas , good stuff

    • Already put a $100 prepping bucks on that option, but yessir…rolling the clock back will get regulated. Which is worse than Hitlerian when you think about it.

  2. Sir, i just bought some nmn and the company says that the fda is not enforcing the ban yet, since the ban is being challenged in court. Kind regards, steve

  3. Live Long and Proper ?

    AYFKM ? Da F is proper in Ure narrow ass control freak mind? Unless typo – me thinks not. Just so you all know – I gotz Ure “proper” hanging right here tween my legs.

    “Proper, we talking Proper, world being consumed by DARKNESS=andrenocrome freaks (bloodline “banking”families- “black nobility”driven by the “dracs”) KEY word Black = DARKNESS – absence of light, and U talking “Proper”.

    Points on Rich living longer – due access to better Care/Caregivers by virtue of being rich. This argument on first blush seems reasonable.
    Consider the fact majority of “Rich” folks have Higher Levels of Edumacation, and thus access to higher paying more complex, difficult jobs/careers. Not to mention network effect of going to College with Ure frat bro’s, how I got my first position in Financial industry, after going back to school – alumna hire.
    Higher levels of Education leads to better decision making, better information, better access to best in class. Those genius ass hippies from 60’s living off the land have and are still leading the alt health movement.

    “See what happens to the hapless Bears in here? Rolling in their buy zone, but at some point, they got to make some money!” – Yeah and “BTC is bunch of made up numbers that anyone can do, no barriers to entry” .

    Yeah sure, and some point pedo jo and the cackling ho will come clean on their crimes against humanity.

    No matta, like I told yaz, BITF was in a 3/tree day decline, yesterday being 3rd red candle down. It was in here youse should have reapplying Dr Zogg sexwax to Ure board. The kahuna is a low roller right now, slowly rising as it pushes up against sand bar. Uins wanna be paddling Ure ass off right about now, cause this bitch gonna break on that sand bar, and when it does if you listen carefully, you will be able to hear me and Snoopy yelling at the top of our lungs – KowaKOWABUNGA!
    Why so enthusiastic this AM – you see DIS lately – profiting off the Go Woke, Go Broke meme. Short Term Naked Put buying – Iger is doomed, this ship overburdened with DEBT and queers..which ironically is title of new disney release..

    Queer Debt, The story of how bushs, clintons,obongos and bribems destroyed America.

    * To repeat/reinforce..pedo jo is leaving the scene of the Crimes, the mannish women-cackling ho gets to be 1st female president, 4 a sort while. She will name/select gruesome as her VP. She will leave the scene of crimes next, leaving another gay fake/?man in WH in time for 2024.

    I know, the script and plot BLOWS Big Baby Chuncks, but it is the only “Show” in town right now. And we all know –
    The Show Must Go On.

    Dont forget …when, not if crash corrections come, EVERYTHING will REprice, everything.

  4. “Seniors are going to die ANYWAY”

    The older we get the less we have to lose. The Japanese seniors who volunteered to clean-up Fukushima know.

    Shared cost healthcare is modern phenomena. Most post Civ War patients paid for healthcare out of pocket (Helen Keller). Today the group pays for healthcare costs and treatment costs can go unlimited (2019 AZ coma patient who turned up pregnant, Maria Alejandra).

    To be a little snarky fear of death started when “they took god out of schools”.

      • Yupp.. as a good frined says.
        your alive… then your dead.. see how fast that is ali.. – then dead.
        which is why our family custom is.. when everyone leaves.. they get a hug and are told how much they mean to us.. that way if either passes on while apart.. you will have that last moment memory of letting everyone know how much they meant to you.. no regrets.. no thoughts of.. I wish I had one more moment to say just how much they meant to me…
        things come and things go.. the only thing that is important are those we have around us. so everyone give those you care about a big hug .. and tell them how much they mean to you today… and if they give you guff about it say.. well dr. Oz says it is the most important thing a person can do.. if they say well dr. oz never said such a thing then say.. oh I meant to say it was Dr. Phil…

        • You’re right.

          People don’t have much respect for DEATH.

          “Death is the only wise advisor that we have. Whenever you feel, as you always do, that everything is going wrong and you’re about to be annihilated, turn to your death and ask if that is so. Your death will tell you that you’re wrong; that nothing really matters outside its touch. Your death will tell you, ‘I haven’t touched you yet.”
          ? Carlos Castaneda, Journey to Ixtlan

        • People don’t gots no sense of humor…

          The only thing we know with absolute certainty about our life is we’re not going to get out of it alive.

          I suggest folks have fun, and stop taking stuff so seriously…

  5. Consider Nicotinamide riboside. Available at Amazon as Tru Niagen. Do your own research.

    • We’re already there – but glad you’re seeing this bum’s rush, too… Hey, you got Elon’s number? Trying to get interest up in my voice-mail to mp3 on the web concept…

  6. I took a quick look yesterday on Amazon for NMN supplements & found many offered. This AM, I went back to buy a supply, and there were none. Seven pages of simular, but no NMN. I guess I missed the boat…

  7. George, you and Elaine might want to cultivate flowers, for example:

    It might be a bit hot where you are, so it could be an indoor ornamental. Beware that it’s super toxic to cats, so sequester it from any roaming felines. If used as a medicinal plant, the therapeutic index is quite narrow, so real care is indicated.

    As we move into the Craven New World, it’s important to know and understand as much medicine as you have time to study. Learning organic chemistry syntheses might also help for hard to find substances, along with fermentation and enzymatic processes. An example might be:

    if anyone had interest in NMN.

    We’re fast moving back to the time when we must each be our own doctor, pharmacist, and clinician, though hopefully not dentist; or at least have someone we know that’s competent and we can trust with our lives.

    No doubt, I’ll either die young or get caught up in the MUN trap. I’ve had required medicare for almost ten years and never used it at all. I don’t even know where my card is, though I carefully preserve all other ID. It seems more a profit center for someone else than of any value to me. No doubt something will eventually break that I can’t fix, and the odds are that nobody else can either. I’ll live ’till I die – probably with a negative social credit score, but hopefully a few more fun life experiences to take with me, and some form of value to leave to my kids and loved ones.

    One thing that the medical establishment doesn’t seem to realize is that they are not worthy of trust, since they’ve betrayed us far too many times. Many of us seek alternatives or will do without, if only to maintain our own personal autonomy and keep them out of our lives.

  8. Here’s a take on the UPS strike.

    “The Teamsters union, which represents about 340,000 UPS workers.”

    “O’Brien (union leader) says full-timers work 60 to 65 hours a week, while part-time wages are actually closer to $16 an hour….

    O’Brien says part-time workers are currently “working for poverty wages,” and his goal is to ensure UPS establishes a livable starting wage for these workers. ”

    $16.00/hr is poverty. Next time someone implies that’s a lot, tell them it’s poverty wages.

    O’Brien would know. He works for the Teamsters and their pension fund was bailed out by all of us last December. They earn too little to fund the pension ecosystem.

    “Central States Teamsters Pension Fund Becomes the Largest SFA Rescue

    The multiemployer plan will receive $35.8 billion in assistance, making it the largest bailout under the Special Financial Assistance program administered by the PBGC.”

  9. Martin Armstrong: The White House claims that Vice President Kamala Harris made a gaff by saying that the goal was to “reduce population” when she should have said pollution. Of course, the immediate claim is that anyone disagreeing with that statement is engaging in a conspiracy theory. As they say, actions speak louder than words. She actually said the truth, and it is not a conspiracy theory. In Washington, they have been concerned with reducing population, which is the entire agenda behind climate change.

    It was NOT a gaff. They tried to change it to pollution after the fact because of the backlash. This is by no means a conspiracy theory. This has been a movement funded by the rich people behind the climate change agenda. They both go hand-in-hand on the same path to hell. Don’t forget Gates’ fund to chip all women like a dog so he can use 5G to turn off the ability even to have children.

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