Markets: Shameless “Hype and Herding”

“Savior Joe” has not only stopped Covid in its tracksjust days prior to taking the Oath, but by the Hype-Along Headline crowd Monday, he was also bringing fresh confidence to the markets.

Typical of Financial Press deceit was this type of headline:

Record High?  Isn’t that true?

Well, yeah…sort of…um…MISLEADING!!!

It’s why we turned over the leaf of logic following the 2000 Internet Bubble Implosion and decided to build our own Aggregate Index.  Reason?  The Truth is Out There.

Yet?  Crooks on Wall St. are already whispering half-wit idiocy in the ears of the lame-ass public.

Why an Aggregate?

The ever-so-touted Dow Jones Industrial Average is 30 stocks.  This is out of more than 4,000 stocks traded in the U.S.  As you can (or should) be able to grasp, with a moderate (government-backed) bankroll, you could “arb up” the pricing of the Dow (futures) by selectively buying call options on just 30-stocks.

When the government is going along with (and helping) the Fat Cats unload at the top of major moves, the public is often about to get bent over.  Especially when we leave the “effective lower bound” of rates and return to a “show me the money” world.

Some Reality:

Since a POSSIBLE high of February 12 (36,365.73) our Aggregate Index closed Monday at 34,336.23.  And this morning?

Based on early Futures prices, 34,845.65.

I’ll save you the Calculator Work:  We’re down 4% since Feb. 12th.

Where’s the (off-screen) bleeding?  Well….to round off for you… The Dow is up 1.71%.  The S&P is down 1.8% and the NASDAQ?  Down 8.56%.

This is the same-exact “talking out of both sides” that happened following the 2000-2003 Tech Wreck.  Trillions (some figure $7 of ’em) were not even mentioned as the Dow and S&P rallied skyward.  Devastation in Tech Hollow was papered-over.  Empty promises of Tech ran into our Logical Limits of Hype problem, you see.

IoT hype circa 2003:  Do we really need encoded food that will self-order from an  online grocer?  IoT sounds all so good, until you ask the hard questions. Like “Who’s gonna pay for this?”  [Fortunately, we are the world’s leading producer of Dumb Consumers now…]

Like electric vehicles.  They do have pollution, but you don’t see it because it’s at the generating station two counties over.  Smokestacks, fracking, dead fish runs…

You sure you’re awake enough to follow?  Most “wokees” aren’t.  It’s much easier for weak-willed sissified narcissist’s to join a “Cause” and let some else do their heavy-thinking.

Fine, as long as you’re OK with living the Lied-To Life and you don’t mind being a moral turd.

Harsh Reality

Again – based on Futures pricing early – we were looking for a rally to carry on this morning and into perhaps late in the session.  

Say, didn’t some genius tell you in a column Monday  (yesterday isn’t that long ago, is it?):

“We’ve like to see an early morning low,  [yep, got that] then in with enough hysteria to jam the market up more. [check: headline number tout]  Then maybe a high around the close tomorrow [That’s now today, so stand-by kiddies…] since a sell-off on Consumer Inflation Wednesday could be interesting.”

Demand Matters

Two simple facts the Financial Press doesn’t look anywhere NEAR deeply-enough at:  Demand and Money Supply.

If they did, they would be screaming from the rooftops about 10-million fewer workers who can’t (even stimulus included) continuously consume as much as 10-million more workers.

They would also scream about the Fed H.6 Money Stocks being hidden from the unwashed without data export skills.  It has been becoming all-too-clear that “Made Up Money” was the ONLY reason this utter pig of a market is still afloat.

Joe Moron and Janet Money-Dancer are selling “normalcy bias” hard as they can because somewhere, some bright dude in the back room has probably whispered: “F*ck this up and we fall into Global Depression, Famine, and War…”

We are confident that We the People have the brains.  It’s just that living in a Representative Auction Block nation, those who should represent US are just bent on buttering their own bread.

1929 All Over Again.

Yeah…even with the futures rallying.

See it?

Even with a rally today, all the bullshit and bluster about “record markets” is political slop for the slow.


Let me give you the Maraschino Cherry:

The all-time high of Tesla was $900.40.  Yesterday, the stock traded around $600.  Don’t tell the guy in  the slOval this, but Tesla is down a bit from records.  And the transition from the “free money’s effective lower-bound” rates could be as much fun as dumping a Goldwing on a gravel-laced turn on a mountain curve.

Notwithstanding, Elon Musk may have done more than anyone in history for Preppers.  But we’ll explain that tomorrow on the subscriber side.

For now?  

Read the Data.  Too early to be an  all-out Bear – but especially a Bull, too.  Nimble-Dexterous Trading.  NDT.  (NZT helps, lol).

Ure local pragmatist only pulled a tiny 0.588% gain out of Monday.  But if you’re quick and know how things can compound, over 200-trading sessions that compounds to 13.7% per month.  Or, more realistically, 2-3% because pragmatic NDT trading is tough.

Seems like hardly anyone “does the math” anymore, though.  Maybe because it’s now considered racist.  In defense of my (privileged, but with no pro sports opportunities, ear-marked admissions quotas, or special funding) there was no Masters in Ethnomathematics when I was being schooled.

Yep – Ure will tell all who will hear it:  “Screw robotics – ethnomathemetics is our future!”  But, I digress.

You will get some stock picks wrong…nearly half… which is why hair-trigger poker is such good training for market play.  Dump losses instantly. But, again, I digress.  (Though I’ve gotten pretty good at it…)

The word “investment” doesn’t really mean anything when the book value of Bitcoins is zero, does it?

It’s OK…dollars are quickly catching-down with ’em.

BTC is at $54.137 each this morning.  Depravity survived the night.

A better indicator of manias would be hard to find.  Tulips and South Seas Company shares, but only perhaps.

Say, speaking of Bit parts:

Another “Urban Got There Early”

Logic must be an incredibly elusive element:  finest of rarium and unobtanium.

Yet, there it was:  Bitcoin mining eats more power than many small countries.  We harped.  Cajoled.  Preached the Gospel of Earth Stewardship.  To empty ear spaces and the media silence.

Well, hallelujah brothers and sisters!  Let me hear you put your hands-together for the break-away ACTUAL news operation that still exists inside the NY Times:  “Bitcoin’s Climate Change Impact Is Under Scrutiny

Kudos to the Times’ Andrew Ross Sorkin for his quote from Bill Gates:

“Bitcoin uses more electricity per transaction than any other method known to mankind, and so it’s not a great climate thing.”

No shit.  ‘mazing.  Who gets the bill, Bill?  Cryptos are Senseless Immoral Planet Killers’ in an already senseless world suffering from digital mob rule.  Worth a trillion, now, though.  (To the ethically-challenged.)

We will say it again:  If you ever owned a Bitcoin, you took part in raping the the Planet.

You proud of that?

(We bought solar panels with our money, instead.)

Watching the Hype Machine

We love stories likeMorgan Stanley is bullish on prospects of recovery in Australia, India and Singapore from Covid.

Why, here’s a Motley Fool syndicated story:  “Young Americans Plan to Invest Stimulus Checks in Stocks.”

You really gotta look up the difference between “Investments” and “guillotines.”

Much more useful – a NASDAQ from MF story:  “Warren Buffett Just Bought These 3 High-Yield Dividend Stocks. Should You?

Why, almost makes stocks respectable-like.  Last surge as BTC profits roll in to wash ’em up a bit?

Cynic Patrol

Sit-Rep and debrief:

For the incurable sheep in ewe, tryBuckingham Palace’s reaction in focus after Harry and Meghan’s bombshell interview.”

Either climate change is back, or Weather Averages Over Time.  (But, God, don’t let George go on being factual, indignant and self-righteous so much…)  As: “National weather forecast: Record high temperatures possible in parts of US.

Windows what’er’wall?  “Victims of Microsoft hack scramble to plug security holes.”

OK, heads:  Oklahoma’s medical cannabis dispensary licenses decline for the first time.

Another rich one from CNNUS lawmakers want more research on pandemic’s mental health toll.”  Like we need to find out how f/u and stupid we are?  Help me here…ain’t it, like…obvious?

Elaine Got Fired

From a slow start out of the gate on hip surgery recovery, we passed something of a milestone Monday as Elaine’s P.T. guy said “Don’t come back till your weight restrictions are off…”

The adventures of Hip #1 included a slight crack of her femur, leading to banding and a 50% weight reduction precaution.  But, she was doing everything the P.T. fellow wanted – in good form – and with very little (almost no) pain.

We had been looking at a 2-times a week PT regimen from now till almost the end of the month.  Sweet.  Time opens up…

There was a downside (always is in Life in the zoom out, since it’s a closed system and balance is required).

You see, going to town for PT offered something of an adventure for us.  A drive-through meal.  So, last night’s was through KFC.  (Done with that for another year – some things are almost like body clock functions:  “Once a year eat this….”  Clarifies memories and past decisions.)

We still hadn’t made it back to WhatABurger – Elaine’s appetite seems boosted by a BBQ/bacon cheese burger with everything and a large load of fries.  With no PT, no burgers.  See how balance rolls around?

Seriously:  Her rate of recovery seems helped-along by following her cravings.  Not much research on that, but we have three research opportunities to rent-out daily.  I think medical-food links are among the most opportunity-rich areas of personal decision-making and accountability.

“Healthy wife costs you some burgers, Ure”  Odd message from Universe, but is this how enlightenment comes about?

Leftover clam linguini again for moi and then to work on the Elon Musk/Prepping story for tomorrow…

Write when you get rich,

77 thoughts on “Markets: Shameless “Hype and Herding””

  1. Sorry grasshopper,

    “enlightenment” minimally requires that Ure wakes up(starts to spin/faster=better) his chakras.

    WTF r Chakras ?? nrg centers corresponding with..f-it, ask an Indian Aesthetic.

    Humans’ chakras are as a rule , dormant .

    -“they” really dont want anyone to learn and practice this – simple breathing exercises – Slow In&Hold, SlowOut & Hold, eyes closed – mental image construction – imagine the colors of each center from bottom to top, starting with Red..

    Reptos not good with Bitcoin/both sides.

    – it is DECENTRALIZION – the LAST thing Slave OWNERS want is decentralization.

    Got Fed Coin yet ?

    U will..

    right after U “the jab” operation – AKA the genetic mark of the beast…its a beastly system, no?

    -Anyone hear anything regards frogs overrunning clinton compound in NY recently? moar BS prolly..

    • Hmmmmmm. Well the president of a nation in Africa said, we not take the Vaccine. A few months later Ebola outbreak.

      Rumor has it that if you take the Vaccine for the Rona? The Vaccine for Ebola will be ineffective. And NY put out a now hiring Ad for Nurses willing to work with Ebola patients brought from Aftica to New York. As the pot thickens. Uhem plot.

      Ya know George, I never mentioned this before. One of things I do is as i read Urban Survival on my phone, as i scroll even through the comments, my thumbs occasionally highlight “random” words because of pressure changes on the sensory of the touch screen.

      Today’s words: See, balance, money future, and environment..

      I dont do it on purpose. My thumbs just highlight words on their own while I scroll.

      After I write on my own site, I read it on my phone and as I scroll I notice the words that highlight by my thumbs as I’m scrolling. Most of the time it’s not the words I’m actually reading. Just an oddit9i noted.

      Time trim the fat, redesign my morning routine and shift my whole mind set. Moving forward.

      Ride the lighting.

      • Lol I have to use a magnifying glass lol. And autocorrect game fuming.. I still think someone at google gets his jollies with that.
        Its exactly what I would do for a joke.. years ago a good friend of mine worked in an office.. I put a program on his computer that would pop up a message is that all the faster you can type. Then heaven help you if you miss spelled a was hilarious.

      • For 1 hour in the morning, close your eyes & repeat to your subconscious mind “I am a successful internet blogger – Doorfore”, & ideas will come into your mind to make you successful. Write them down & formulate a plan. Forget the girls & 4 letter words & get real.

      • Dude – that AINT ebola, nor was the last time they phys oped a ebola infected nurse into Atlanta/CDC – she was still alive-CLUE. I know for a fact Tanzania does not have the virus, dont believe in the virus – U jsut cant get a room in Zanzibar right now..Russians r all over it..

        The footage used for that particular ebola phys-op was over 10 years old from old 60 minutes footage – ebola is pure FEAR mongering bullshit.

        You literally Melt in front a persons eyes when infected w/hemorrhagic fever. U bleed out of every orifice, including skin pores – dont know what “that” bullshit virus they are trying push off on us now – prolly is one of the more Virulent strains of bat virus’s that were supposed to be “released/escaped” in wuhan..whoops..nanobot insects?nah too scifi

  2. i don’t think on thursday during his national address that biden will claim that he stopped the covid pandemic in its tracks. it’s nice of you to want to give him credit though. on the other hand i’d be more than happy to post lots of links for all of the times that trump said it was over or that it was nothing or trump took credit. remember, it will disappear like a miracle and we’ll all be back in church for easter. jeesh, you folks gotta hate.

    • OG, thanks for reminding US, Trump was right, election is over and covid is disappearing and churches are opening up with Easter just around the corner. The owners of the world (see George Carlin) hate Trump and love sheeple especially lamb chops, they pushed the Plandemic. Why You always bring up hate? We don’t really hate people, just the lies and ignorance and well, those who harm innocent children, you know , the pedophiles and satanists, that go offer up children to Baal or Mulock. Nothing new under the sun, nothing to see here folks, move along, here is a Podesta child torture video

    • What happened to the State of the Union address ?

      Like El Pretrendente Bribems mental state – Non Existent.

      If it dont exist – cant be /has not been proven -what exactly is it ..Q ? Qannon? the Russians, the space nazi’s, reptos, jesus/god (s) or one big giant lie of a psychological operation..

      – supposed to drive Ure imagination and FEARS – U know the frequency band..

    • ” i’d be more than happy to post lots of links for all of the times that trump said it was over or that it was nothing”

      Either one of the presidents I think it doesn’tmake a difference who is in charge. they have to it is important to get everything up and people consuming. Our system is one of consumption rather than one of manufacturing we transformed our country into a personal service state…. during shut down they went option 2..and left the velocity of cash moving.. then attempt to go option 3 and pretend it isn’t anything at all.. its vital that they get everything up to normal as quickly as possible and people spending eating out etc. . People were left high and dry.

      • I actually think it’s too late. My thought is that they will try and get it going again. And then revert back to the old standards used throughout history. People are way too far behind with a third of the people facing eviction and another third of the people that were using credit cards. It’s a nightmare.

  3. The electric auto pollution comment is not really fair. Even if re-filling your auto with electricity from the dirtiest power source, it is still cleaner then burning fuel locally, especially if in the “city” form of driving, which is the least efficient. I think something like 20% of the electricity in the US is now renewable (not necessarily life cycle clean). Someone like you, who have solar and don’t travel much, would be close to 100% renewable. There are reasons BEV don’t work for many, including up front costs, long trip delays, model choice, longevity, grid stability. Running cleaner then ICE no matter the power source should not be among the concerns.

    Just because some people on the green size are crazed and ignore facts and data, does not mean that we shouldn’t let the data guide us in discussing those topics.

    • The problem is such cost analysis is too shallow: We should be selling insulation, food preservation systems, and underground housing.
      In electrics, what is the cost of the copper to all charging points? Battery recycling costs or energy and on and on…
      For now, a jug of crude goes further than a jug of lithium.

      • Especially true for those of us who drive long distances once a week or so. If each of those trips is 300 to 600 miles, no current generation pure electric car can complete the mission – especially if it’s over mountains and/or at high speeds with a full load. Average daily driving is only a valid metric for commuter type use.

    • Yes electric is the future, but why should the cities have the right to put their pollutants in the country side. Which to me includes those dam windmills and 3000 acer solar planes. There is know reason you can’t produce your own power like my family dose on are two house hold farm.

      • Yes there is: Greedy pricks in power industry who don’t want their “franchise” challenged.
        They hate net metering and resort to crooked accounting to make their case.

      • The Prius Plug-In or Prime is the most sensible car available today, since it’s a Hybrid you get much of the EV benefits w/o running out of juice in the middle of the desert. Most of my consumer missions are in range of the EV only capabilities. Since mine’s a 2012 the range for EV only has gotten a bit shorter, but it’s still 8 miles! And it’s utilitarian as they come, they’re used as taxicabs and even after that much use are ready for more!
        Helluva car and I’ve owned a bunch!

      • “Most of my consumer missions are in range of the EV only capabilities. ”

        W/D… a good tip.. the downside of the prius is the 12 volt 300.00 battery.. the 12 volt is charged the same way that a standard auto charges a 12 volt battery. If your doing the majority of your driving within EV limits the 12 volt doesn’t get adequately recharged. Because no one anticipated this in the design.. I suggest you putting a maintainer charger on the car. Most of our driving is within EV limits when we started showing a huge discharge a maintainer went twenty bucks you’ll ever spend. Another tip is every few months drive the tank down.. otherwise your gas could get old and gum up..

  4. The Buckingham Palace racism story is probably a flak operation to save Prince Andrew.

    It’s possible Meg and the red head are unaware and mesmerized by MK Ultra control.

    • I hate the fact that mass media decided to pick on meg harry and little archie.. I realize he’s public and famous but as I’ve said before.. it’s tough to be first married and build a decent relationship. no matter what your status. I wish they would leave the kids alone. Let them find and nurture they’re relationship.

  5. The divergence between the DOW and NASDAQ yesterday should have raised at least one small red flag.

  6. George, I recently read, “REPORT FROM IRON MOUNTAIN ON THE POSSIBILITY AND DESIRABILITY OF PEACE.” Written in 1976. Available on UTube.
    So much of what is now happening now in the politics of the nation are routinely considered and the findings and recommendations laid out for your consideration. The REPORT as I understand it, was a commissioned work to brain-storm methods of addressing national problems.
    The recommendations by the authors are mostly what we are seeing being released and acted upon by the new Washington crowd. Reading this as it was published in 1976 is like getting a preview of what the newbies of Washington have in store for the nation.
    If this REPORT is where they are getting their ideas, our troubles are just starting…

  7. You are on a roll today with your energy arguments. Here is my quandary, Fed dollars have no future. Our government clearing is inflating it to the moon and all political signs show no slowdown. If I keep my stored earnings in dollars, they lose value each day and that rate of loss is increasing. Should I buy more stuff, vs savings? You also rail against buying stuff we don’t need. I would have to cut down some nice shade trees to put up panels and I cannot bring myself to do that. I have to wonder if those electricity arguments include paying for bank branches, datacenters, data warehouses, people commuting to those locations etc, that banks need to service Fed dollars. So I diversify some savings into crypto, with the understanding it is no real asset, and only backed by like minded people looking for some sanity in how to store some value, and yes uses electricity to do so. Lately I prefer tying myself to folks storing wealth in crypto vs trusting our leaders with their monetary policies. Could it fall apart, sure it might, but it is given, Fed dollars will crash.

  8. Two things:

    1) I believe that the brayne communicates non verbally to the body in generating “specific hungers:” a strong sudden desire for something not routinely eaten (or drunk) I speculate that over the eons of human evolution, this ability for biochemically self-fine-tuning arose.

    2) I used to have some minor 76-year-old Knee Trouble.
    A friend told me his chiropractor told him to take four olives a day. Any kind — black, green — didn’t matter. So, I tried it.

    Knee Trouble went away after a few days. So I stopped. K.T. came back. Resumed olives. K.T. disappeared. After several months of good discipline, I stopped again out of negligence. K.T. came back. Resumed olives. K.T. went away. Hmmmmmm. I am now convinced.

    Wife having some arthritis in the thumb. She hates olives. She got desperate. Tried “that damn olive thing.” Guess what. Every time she stops, Thumb Trouble returns after a day or three.

    I ain’t no Science Guy, and I don’t play one on TeeVee, but this “damn olive thing” seems to work.

    Feel free to laugh and dismiss. Your pain is… …yours.


    • Edgar Cayse once told a family after doing a reading on a boy who had an illness that doctors couldn’t figure out at the time, to have him eat nothing but green bananas for a month. Cured the boy of his ailment.

      According to Louise Hays, all them issues are a result of some spiritual manifestations in physical form. Sometimes she is right. Lol

      Always look for your comment Mr Ranch.

    • be skeptical of anything your brain tells you. it is one organ of many in the body. it is kept in a cage. the brain has no sensory inputs itself. don’t listen to your brain any more than any other part of your body. the brain is fed data, makes calculations and tries to predict the future. it’s a computer in a box.

      the brain will create problems when none exist just to keep itself, and you busy.

      would you still be friends with someone who one day tells you to reward yourself with a piece of chocolate cake, a smoke, a drink or whatever and then the next days chews you out for rewarding yourself? that’s what we do to ourselves.

      in your entire life who, or what, has been more critical of you than anything/one else? who made you doubt when you shouldn’t have or maybe said you couldn’t or made you fearful? lots of honest people will say themselves, meaning their own thoughts, the self doubt, the brain.

      think with your heart and feel with your brain. it’s all connected. one organism.

      • think with your heart and feel with your brain. it’s all connected. one organism.

        Beautifully said; thank you. Reminds me of the HeartMath Institute’s work which has been researching heart/brain connections for 30 years or so;

    • William. I guess I will just have to eat my pain. not that I want to, but unless your
      chiropractor chap can suggest something that I might eat to cure a very, very painful Immune disorder, Im out of luck.
      And I am definitely with you on the Body feed back food thing. Though I tend to do this for myself. I you listen your body will tell you what you are missing.
      Unfortunately life being what it is, there is no cure for everything, and that is as it should be, so I am stuck with things like Pain meds and Immune suppressants.
      Any actual cures welcome, no quackery please.

      • I am not a doctor, nor have I ever played one on TeeVee, or impersonated one. Having said that…

        A very long time ago I was working as a lowly Bench Electronic Tech at a medical research institute. (I soldered connectors and changed out dead batteries on med gear.) They were studying “squalene,” now known as Coenzyme Q-10. It was first isolated and identified by Japanese researchers from shark livers in the late 1950s and 1960s.

        Two words: It works. Over the years I’ve repeatedly seen it do good things. It’s slow. Takes weeks to produce as effect, but it works. Consult your official doctor — it could interact with other meds: I don’t know.

        The immune systems are subtle but comprehensive things — and somewhat delicate. So, don’t lightly screw with them.

        They (we) also learned that one or two cups of coffee — NOT the de-caf kind — are a strong immune system stimulant. Most doctors laugh at this.
        More than two cups is less good, but up to two a day is beneficial unless
        there is some contraindication, like heart trouble the caffeine might aggravate.

      • Most of the veterans I know prefer Kratom for Pain and Inflammation. Much more effective than prescription pain meds, which is why in the USA the regulators are eagerly seeking to outlaw it. Borneo White Vein Kratom is the best balance between price and body/mind/spirit performance.

        Someone smugly accused me once of probably being addicted to Kratom. However, that’s like saying you are addicted to food. My dose has stayed exactly one level tsp (teaspoon – about 4 grams) for over a decade. IMHO, “addiction” comes from recreational use and abuse, where you need an ever increasing dose to get your fix.

        Kratom is from the coffee family, and does not impair you – unless you overdo it. Then you’ll get some dizzy or euphoric type side effects, and then puke. Sort of a self correcting herb. YMMV

        The important point is to find your dose, and that takes at least 3-4 tries. The first time you take it, you are opening up some never before used endocannabinoid pathways, so your body might do some strange things. For most people, it is a feeling of Euphoria, but not “high.” Others might be nausea or sleepy (etc). Kratom quickly settles down, and soon becomes your Go-To organic remedy for pain & inflammation.

        If after about 3-4 tries of 1-4 grams you still can’t tolerate Kratom, then you are most likely a THC compatible person. That happens to about 15% of the US population, according to some expert medical advice from a wellness center in Tampa.

        In the US, Retail price is $150 for a pound. That should last easily 5-6 months of regular daily usage. So roughly a dollar per day for the finest pain & inflammation relief for chronic and acute conditions.

        Kratom has a grassy taste, but it is easy to put a splash of a fruit beverage in it, and actually make it enjoyable. My daily mix is in about 2 ounces of water (4 grams Kratom), which completely dissolves and doesn’t leave a powdery or grainy texture. Then a splash of cranberry juice. That’s just part of “Finding Your Dose.”

        I can’t speak to Immune Suppressants. Best of luck with your research.

      • ” I am stuck with things like Pain meds and Immune suppressants.”

        That’s where I am.. but I finally said F×÷k it .first off I use the recipe off of Gaye Levy’s site strategic living and have for some time..i had lost the recipe then found it thank god..
        I was waiting to be able to pick up what could be beneficial from the pharmacy where everything is mixed to specific standards..with this past few months being total hell and one prednisone prescription after another . I decided what the hell, so I am also taking CBD full spectrum jell caps 4 times a day.. I just started that 2 weeks ago.. the pain was so intense that I felt like dying.. I’m sure you know about the fight or flight body response and during the severe episodes you end up pacing.
        Anyway mine seems to be triggered by rapid changes in the barometric pressure.. I also got a vape use as an inhaler..( I wish they had inhalers with precision doses) that during severe episodes I can use it at the same time I take tylenol.. update.. the first two days after starting the jell caps.. I had to use the vape pen two puffs at pain med time..then it was one puff before bed for two days. Now it’s just the jellcaps..
        No prednisone or oxycodone no hydrocodone or tylenol or naproxen and no roxinol..just the jellcaps and the pain lotion..
        I do add menthol crystals to the lotion mix because I like the cool penetrating feeling..
        If you can get it where you are do give it a try.. your bones wont be affected and your teeth will be ok which is one of the biggest issues with the opiates..and it’s not addicting..
        I will keep the others on hand for a time just in case.. but if it keeps working like it has the past couple of weeks. I’ll dump the nasty crap in time..

    • I wish I could remember the name of the doctor that claimed arthritis is a “lack of Potassium disease”. I ate a lot of NSAIDS for my aching joints. Then I tried some OTC potassium supplements, 99mg. The potassium mineral supplements worked better to relieve the ache than the NSAIDS did! I take a potassium pill morning and night now, and I haven’t had any arthritis aches in a couple years. Bananas are high in potassium, and work also. My friend eats one every morning. I like bananas occasionally, but I cannot do that every morning. So I take the pills.

  9. If you signed a 1040 in the last 20 years, you financed rendition, torture, genocide and the creation of more than 12 million refugees created by USA military operations. And a few million civilian deaths as well. And reestablished slavery in Africa by firing $680 million of cruise missiles into Libya, and murdering the leader of the most advanced Africa country at the time.

    Just check the juvenile cancer statistics in Iraq, since the USA fired it’s first (safe!) depleted uranium tank rounds in the country. The USA nuclear industry surreptitiously used it as a cheap way of disposing of spent nuclear fuel. Created as an anti armor round, they were used indiscriminately on urban targets. Provided courtesy of YOUR tax dollars.

    Genocide has been an official USA foreign policy since NSSM 200 was signed into effect in 1974. It has never been rescinded.

    Screw your solar panels. Energetic cost of manufacture, installation, maintenance and DISPOSAL are no improvement environmentally.

    10 years ago, I used to hear “Americans, good people, bad government.” Don’t hear that much any more. As an Asian friend so succinctly stated, “if there is such a thing as karma, nothing that happens to the USA could possibly be worse than they deserve!”

    Not necessary to post this George, but America has problems partially caused by the failure to call people on their white boomer superiority shit.

    • All roads lead to rome & reptiles/dragons..

      pedophilia, banking, human /drug trafficking , intelligence, war

      who is Pell ? rhymes with 1&2 dimensions..

    • Seriously I believe it isnt the people of the USA that are evil.. it’s those that are controlling those that should be looking out for the people…
      And they aren’t even American. The sadder image is they dont just manipulate our leaders but several countries and their leaders.

    • What does race, age, or lack of it have to do with anything? I earned what I have and am proud of my accomplishments. Your opinion is irrelevant, as is your race/ageism.

      Signing(or failing to sign) a form 1040 has zero effect on what the bureausaurus of DC chooses to waste FRN’s on. We have little to no control over that monstrosity. Allegedly, the income tax pays the interest on the national debt. Maybe, maybe not. We’re on the path of Zimbabwe and Venezuela and don’t have a clear way to get off it without the loss of a great deal of American blood. We might as well enjoy the ride for as long as it lasts.

      • “Allegedly, the income tax pays the interest on the national debt. ”

        It Use to… was it last year that the interest on the deficit finally overtook the taxes coming in. Or was it just equal to what’s being brought in…anyway I totally expected the USA to claim bankruptcy on its debts a couple years ago now..
        They obviously are using creative bookkeeping to make it appear solvable..

    • EcuadorExpat,
      Many of the thing you say are true. Even here in NZ the Government has signed up for the War on Terra, and so there is a form of collective guilt by degree everywhere and for everyone.
      You lost me, and many others no doubt, with the unnecessary – ” white boomer superiority shit”.

    • “white boomer superiority shit”
      Izzat anything like “expat superiority shit”?? I call it all BS. I happen to be white, and a boomer. Neither of my choosing. But I always believed in equality of human beings. I was never taught to hate or racially divide. I worked for everything I have in life…. in the private sector, not as a guvt. ‘taker’. Everyone in life has an equal opportunity to accomplish a decent life of their choosing. Some choose not to. You obviously choose to sit on the sidelines and snipe.

    • “Just check the juvenile cancer statistics in Iraq, ”

      I myself am curious about the cancer stats in the PNW after Fukushima.. there was a lot that wasn’t being disclosed and quite a few scientists were told to be mum about the stats..
      I still won’t eat wild caught

      • I can’t say anything about the PNW, but I can say that I was watching CPM rates for my local area(22 average pre-3/11/11 using a non-pancake Radalert). The unit was not calibrated, yet it was and still is consistent with itself). After 3/11, rates rose to almost twice normal(on average) and remained higher than normal but still within acceptable background limits for the unit and its counts. Weather – especially precipitation, would raise counts and background slowly dropped back to normal(22 CPM). When the WIPP fire happened and there was a radiation release, there was a noticable effect for a while, with waves of higher CPM for a month or two. This was a series of informal observations at my place, not a scientific study. It was mostly for my own information. If counts went up x5 and remained elevated, I’d have been alarmed, and if they went up an order of magnitude, I’d have been elsewhere. The basic Radalert is essentially a gamma counter, nothing more. A sensitive gamma spectrometer would be needed to analyze radiation levels and isotopic composition in food. Obviously, random particles of hot radionuclides would be very difficult to detect, yet would be a clear danger if ingested or inhaled.

      • I appreciate that mike.. I had read some stuff that was truly scary.. and then the mutated fish that was showing up..
        I dont even know if any of that stuff is still available or not. So it’s nice to know someone that had a meter. When i was young i worked day labor shoveling hot dirt and no one let any of us know about the specifics until after the job was finished . No protective gear or meters just a quick day labor job.

      • LOOB, working with potentially hot material is never safe, but we live in a far more radioactive world than prior to the 1940’s. We can deal with a lot, but it’s always a bit of Russian Roulette. The fish in the Pacific were exposed to massive amounts of radiation from downstream air and water fallout from the Fuku event. There was biologic radioconcentration at every stage, and the entire ecosystem really got blasted. Of course, the apex predators got the worst of it. Bad luck alone could mutate a fish in it’s early growth stages.

        The hottest particles have relatively short half lives, and the heavy transuranics will tend to sink into the mud at the bottom of the ocean if they can. Nature cleans up our messes, but not always on a human time scale. I’ve been around radiation labs and have a lot of respect for the unseen. Sometimes I can sense a “deadness” in an environment and know I don’t belong there. I’ve felt it when near a radiation source too.

      • Bwahahahahaha – Granpops U -dont know how deadly accurate Ure intelligence analysis actually is..

        GAMMA Radiation
        – has been and still is, pouring into Maine and North Carolina – right F-ing now.

        U take Ure dosimeters and geiger counters up Portland , ME nuke plant area and take some readings, same as Raleigh, NC nuke plant..

        So prolly dont want eat ANYTHING from either of those areas – Nuke hotspots – but its Gamma rads -so no worries..and besides it will be easier for Parents in those two areas to locate their kids running around outside on spring – summer big azz lighting bugs.

        Wonder why nobody says a word about this..

  10. O. Gardener,
    I’m afraid you’re spot on. Welcome to the culture wars. LOL. The R’s have become the party of Culture War and the Big Lie. Never solutions. Cops shooting too many black guys? Pro athletes aren’t patriotic. Virus shutting down small businesses? Dr. Seuss. Rightwing extremists trying to hang Pence as pretext for martial law? More Dr. Seuss. People cold in Texas? Oppressive masks. The middle class halved? Kids marching at Berkeley. Climate change? Al Gore goes places. Pretty sad, actually. Best, Mike.

  11. Trust God, clean house and help others. Will get to a review of the Prophacy today. See what I see.

    Texas succeed from the Union yet?

    Everyone is aware that every country has a “federal reserve ” a “central bank” even china, right?

    There is only 3 countries who dont have “federal reserves” or “central banks” and please note these “federal reserves” or “central banks” are not national governments agencies. They are group of private banks who control all the currencies of the world except 3 countries. Those 3 countries are: Iran, North Korea, Syria.

    Lebanon used to be one. However Ratchet Hilary made sure that changed. Kept her out of Jail, dontcha know?

    Worlds largest fresh water underground source. It’s not all about oil.

  12. “Joe Moron and Janet Money-Dancer are selling “normalcy bias” hard as they can”

    They have to…
    The vast majority of the people are so disconnected from what’s going on that they can’t even recognize the president when shown a photo.
    If they really understood the current state of affairs they would panic.
    It won’t take long though. My computer is dying.. I had to take it in. It’s so old that it has to be replaced . I had considered just buying the components.. a graphics card that a year ago would have cost 275dollars is 1400dollars today.. I did find a unit at a small shop that is still working on last years inventory and obviously are out of touch . On the shelf they still had graphics cards for 78 dollars that at the other computer store was selling the exact same card for 995dollars .
    Needless to say I bought the system. The exact same system at the other place was three times what the system I got..without the cost of cloning added on..
    As prices inflates so will the realization that things are changing..

  13. Hiya George,

    Adelle Davis wrote several books on nutrition back in the 1970’s. One thing that stuck with me is that food cravings can uncover nutritional deficiencies in children. Pica usually is a deficiency of minerals. Meat, deficiency of protein, iron or B12. Milk products, calcium or magnesium….If I was a home, I would have three of them on my shelf. I used them when my older son thought being a vegetarian was important. (At 41, he is an omnivore…lol)

    As for the travel nurses, I am in a couple groups for both medical professionals in general and specific for travel nurses. We are getting burned out. Not all travel nurses are “making bank.” I love to travel and this pays the hotel bills. I went to Graceland and a “Haunted bus tour” over the last two weekends. But most are trying to pay off student loans and save for retirement.

    And I would love the link to the “Covid vaccine decreases resistance to Ebola” research. My guess is that it does not exist.
    I DID find these articles:
    1. From Cedar-Sinai – TB Vaccine Linked to Lower Risk of COVID-19:

    2. Social resistance drives persistent transmission of Ebola virus disease in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo: A mixed-methods study:

    Gotta run – work calls and those detoxing patients can’t care for themselves…


  14. George you might hate me but all that cardboard is a fire hazard.
    In two days I could arrange your shop with 2-3 rolling racks and plastic see thru tubs
    all arranged neatly with the ability to roll your work to you when all parts arrive or just pull the tub to the workbench..
    Plus putting in a simple software that will create work orders, parts lists and instructions with the ability to attach pictures. As a plus you can add parts costs and labor hours for future reference. Cost to you? You buy the rack and tubs with an option to pay gas from SE Louisiana. My qualifications?
    Once loaded a 18 wheeler trailer for a radar system that they thought would need two trailers. Managed a manufacturing business for 15 years implemented software and machines that was able to do with 5 people what used to take 15 and cut waste to under 2%. So if you’re game? Oh as trade I need sourdough bread making class. Have SF sourdough starter ready.

  15. Bilderbergers (with cheese & bacon)
    Bohemian Grove (where the elite meet & greet)
    Davos (I never remember the right name for that klatch)

    2) Magicians are good at misdirecting the attention
    and concentration of the audience by indicating something with a grandiose flourish, while the left hand is doing something secret and subtle.

    Cuomo’s interns. Harry & Megan & Her O-ness. ..and so many, many other distractions that Alistaire Deacon calls the “popular rubbish,” are the fascinating mental masturbation chewing gum for the mind. All flash and prurience, devoid of any useful or enlightening content.

    Something horribly interesting to take your mind off your basic savage screwing as it happens.

    See an old book from circa 1970s: “The Hidden Persuaders” by Vance Packard. WAY ahead of his time. We’re there now, at long last.

    • What ? – no link to theme night song – played on outdoor loudspeaker system during that rather special annual “snipe hunt” for the “grovers” fear inducing delight and enjoyment.

      ..”the teddy bear picnic”

      – very low vibe that

  16. ” I think medical-food links are among the most opportunity-rich areas of personal decision-making and accountability.”

    It seems my small-town medical center has figured that out. The food for patients was nothing short of amazing! So there I am on IV antibiotics and a liquid diet awaiting surgery in a day or two. My new roommate is a motorcycle accident victim, all bust up, and what does he get for dinner? Pot roast beef with all the trimmings! The fragrance was nearly unbearable in my condition of ‘no solid food’. The hospital satisfaction surveys all had an area of ‘food satisfaction’ in them, and they were really striving to shed the ‘hospital food’ negative image.

    Five days later after I recovered enough from surgery they let me begin eating real food again… in small amounts. My last night in the hospital, for the ‘last supper’, I had the pot roast beef. Waited ten days for that treat. Then I felt well enough to go home.

  17. For those over there. The Washington Examiner reports the US is to attack Russia, via a Cyber attack in 3 weeks. Should I dismiss this as an act of insanity – we attack in 3 weeks. Your papers have gone mad, (and they have), but this is not the Washington (Moonie) Post. Or maybe prepare accordingly. Hahah.

    Everyday brings a new gem of insanity to wonder at, and increasingly so.

    • Vichy Nuland has been loosed on the world again — an intentional act of aggression committed by the Biden Administration toward, frankly everybody.

      Vichy has a serious hard-on for Russia and Putin.

      I suspect the article is a conspironut wet-dream, but with the Administration having released Vichy from her shackles, I would discount nothing. The fallout should miss Kiwiland, but I’d lay in an extra store for continuity’s sake…

  18. talk your rubbish as they rip us off .. what a fing champion of the FED the chews and the facists .. vale george one can only pray evil is exposed and destroyed

  19. For Ray,

    “China’s consolidated fiscal deficit is a staggering 18% according to the IMF, far worse than Brazil, and debt is skyrocketing in all sectors.”

    Over @ tha 0 hedge

    Quick look surprised! Everyone is all China China China China! China!


    Ohhh my gawd! China is going to kill the USA economy!

    Ninja please! China been suppressing their currency for years and years! Why do ya think they changed over to Cryptos? Repeat after me, “Hidden Negative Itrest rates.” You could run 100 points negative and not damn seol on the planet would know, except maybe a few Hebrew accountants.

    As Trump says, “Never be cheap on 2 things. Pilets and Acountants.”

    Because they are sucking Hine tit! That is why.

    China is a disaster financially.

    300 million mouths to feed versed 2 billion? Who do ya think has to work harder? It I have 3 kids to feed at hole and you have 20? You best be working triple double time. Lol

    Facts, Yo!

    • ‘Been well-aware of these facts since October of 2019. They’re bad, and China’s slide is accelerating.

      What I meant by my post the other day is: China is holding (more or less) a trillion dollars in U.S. debt, most of it in the form of Treasury notes. China’s economy is tanking, so they need something of actual value to right their books. If we devalue the Dollar, either through a “currency devaluation” or by inflating the money supply, the Treasury notes China is holding will become nearly valueless.

      My post assumes we will eventually “go Zimbabwe” and begin issuing very large denomination FRNs that are worth no more than today’s FRNs, then use them to pay off the China-held Treasuries, thereby screwing China badly, when the Chinese are themselves in desperate financial straits — pissing them off, and driving them into a war with us…

    • Thumbs up there n_______. Haters don’t care what they’re allied to as long as they feed their mutual hubris. And if they can make bank on it …

  20. Friends,

    Well, there we have it. Former tabloid editor and insufferable CNN host Piers Morgan stormed off mid-segment during ITV’s “Good Morning Britain” program. His bi-racial weatherman colleague ripped into Piers for renewed disparaging remarks made about the Duchess of Sussex. The verbal missiles were hailing down. Clearly all parties had departed from reading off the teleprompter. Television gold.

    Mr. Morgan is no longer in the employ of ITV.

    Is CNN hiring…?

  21. Hank about 2 mo ago was in VA hosp while they were adjusting my meds for A FIB and I was enjoying as fine a food as you can imagine. Feeling great and eating well. It dont get much better than that. Got too noticing the food gurneys when they picked up after meals. Over half our wing barely touched their plates. I even wrote the director of the hospital complementing the kitchen staff. You can tell they are using chefs for their supervisory people.

  22. For RBI
    Can you give us the name of a reputable source for Borneo
    white vein kratom? I am interested in trying it…..

  23. Kratora ( is where I prefer to shop, and have been doing so for a number of years. No commercial ties to them, just very well treated by their customer service. Look at the price for 454g (1 lb), it should come up $149.99.

    Also, down the road a bit if you do purchase from them regularly, they’ll let you upgrade to “Wholesale.” Those only come in 5 Kg bags, but the price is about 70% off compared to the 1 lb size. Otherwise, even as a wholesaler you still have to pay full retail for the 1 lb bag, and wholesale price for the 5 Kg bag.

    The only other thing I can remember is they have the same problem with banks & credit cards that gun dealers and other CBD distributors have, so you’ll have to check and see what payment methods they can accept. They accept several cryptos and I think also do bank drafts, but I’ve always opted for a wire transfer.

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