Markets: “Return Seatbacks and Tray Tables…” Time

We are blessed that we have not had to issue the dreaded “Assume the crash position found on the card in the seat pocket in front of you…” advise, yet.  But it’s getting closer.

A few short headlines before an incredibly serious column today:

Oh, and market futures are flat for reasons that will become clear in a chart as we roll along…

How to Tell the Future

Serious up:  This morning, the waft of war “eau d’ ouch” may be seen in the following developments.

…and the whole table is set for an ugly war.  Russia’s even moved up blood supplies near the front, reports have it.  So, all that’s missing is NATO’s version of Napoleron (as Nostradamus spelled it) and a white horse to him to sit on.

(Bill and Ted‘s with Napoleon porking a banana split to “Ziggy-Piggy” at the ice cream shop rolls across the cerebral cortex viewer.  I gotta swear-off or change brands…)

Silly Vanilly and the Kabul Klutz have the narrative firmly in hand.  Sorta.

3-Minute Chart Class

“Seatbacks and Tray Tables” 

Maybe Covid has kept you from “moving about the country freely” as one airline positioning statement had it, but there are two times when the FA’s (flight attendants) tell you to put your seat backs up:  Regularly when a landing is imminent.  The other when a crash is at hand.

A huff on the whiteboard marker while I explain.

Here is the Big Picture, Short Term, USA that we update for subscribers on the Peoplenomics side of the house:

Let’s take a tour of this thing and see what it’s [potentially] warning us of:

The Big Black Numbers:  From November 8, the US stock market has been in high-vacuum suck mode.  You notice headlines like Markets post worst month since 2020, as recovery slows and rate hike worries rise – business live | Guardian making the rounds.  True, it’s hysterical for reporting “worst since 2020” is what, a year?  Unfortunately, for a thinking person, it will be remembered the decline of 7% came along with a 25% increase in the Monetary Base reported by the Fed.  (pauses to huff marker again)

Elliott Big Count:  Sure, looks like (referring to big black numbers) 1 down, 2 up, and we MAY still be in the larger (black number) 3 down.

The Nature of 3s:  Since we are arguably in a major down trend (covid, yada, Pelosi-Schemer-Bidet Budget Disaster (PSBBD), yada, yada..) We’re thinking the 3 ought to be five waves down.

Small Yellow Numbers:  OK, if you’re looking for five-waves down, then as the small yellow numbers show, we’ve done 1 down, 2 up, 3 down, and we are likely in (or completing) a 4 up. The expectation I’ve got is for a five down which could literally collapse any old time.

Gray Outlined Boxes:  I use these in order to skip completely the Elliott Wave numbering protocol.  Earlier reference to the cerebral cortex view port settings is suggested.  These boxes notice the passing of the market through the top of the (larger) Wave 3 (falling) trend line. (huff)

Bottom Right Declining Trend Line:  IF we’re not completely delusional, the market shortly will organize a Wave 3 (5) decline to complete the series as Russia goes armed tourista in Eastern Europe and the nuke dance begins.

Now, let’s think about this:  If the market turns down today or tomorrow when people realize Vlad ain’t playing around?  Then we have a decline larger than the 1 down box ahead.  If we have an ugly (complex 4) then we will go down slower, but lower to finish.

Charts Tell Future?

Maybe better than Astrology with an exceptional figure or two (like the now-retired Arch Crawford of The Crawford Perspectives).

I will go into this in Peoplenomics more tomorrow, but when you understand Elliott, how waves “nest” and how the future has a numerical basis (which involves Luck – main topic on PN tomorrow) THEN you can see a case where Biggest Scale Wave 1 down will be from Nov. 8, 2021 market high down until we have closure of this wave’s completion. OR, we have screamed into a final larger 5 on the Bullish side.

IF we don’t break higher, November to whenever a line holds in Ukraine becomes Wave 1 down.  The Nostradamus (False Peace) my friend G.A. Stu Stewart writes about over at “The Age of Desolation” website MIGHT (statistically somewhere over zero) be envisioned as the Big Scale Wave 2.  Then China takes Taiwan later in the year and we get Wave 3 down, which should be a Mutha-Giant.

Still, world doesn’t blow there (because the numbers don’t work, because the US is still intact and no world-ending nuke-biowar shows up yet).

The nesting is clear when you plug in the Ukraine as Ultra-Wave 1 down.  The False Peace would be Ultra-Wave 2 up.  We know the Ukraine down wave should be around 10%.

This leaves Ultra-Wave 3 down (*in the nested scheme of Future) looking like the fighting over Taiwan and as the USA heads for food shortages and urban warfare when the chips are down.

In my consigliere’s cycle work, war 2023-2025 is expected.  Which means that after the US market drops a projected 27% (or more) from losing Taiwan in this model:

(Ideally the math says a 26% decline in total markets)

Follow to the Future

Here’s where we’ve gone in this short expository:

  • Ultra-Wave 1 down:  Ukraine crisis.
  • Ultra-Wave 2 up:  Waiting for China to move, happy talk.
  • Ultra-Wave 3 down:  Loss of Taiwan
  •  Ultra-Wave 4 up Rally on good news from semi’s after losing Taiwan chips.  China wants us intact for food production downstream.
  • Ultra 5 Down: This is where WW-III is inserted.

But there’s one more Elliott problem implied here: There’s another even LARGER sequence which we’ll call the Mega-Wave sequence but more for the first-class passengers on Peoplenomics tomorrow.

For now, ears open for the seat backs and tray tables spiel.

A Further Prediction Note

Looking at the future in a meaningful way is an avocation wrought with risk.

As a generalist stooge, I will tell you that in my thought processes, while technologies like predictive linguistics no doubt have value, their susceptibility to outside influence (namely by lying-scum socialist media platforms) that is likely to result in a sub-optimal future forecast.

There are plenty of “stock chart” techniques, including Elliott, channels, and certain technical flags that can tell market futures, as well.

Thing is, forecast accuracy improvement navigating the Future doesn’t stop there, either.  Sure, while nested logical trading forecasts around Elliott may be financially useful, it’s also likely that prophetic dream work (which I rolled out as the site in 2008, since being spun-off to Lt. Col. rtd. (And multiply degreed) Chris McCleary who ably keeps it rolling forward and where new dreams are posted daily…)

Then there’s Nostradamus’ work on Stu’s site:  Here’s a FOURTH way of “seeing future” as seen from an ancient view.

Speaking of oldies:  John of Patmos did pretty well in his book about future, too.  Perhaps you’ve heard of it?  Revelations?

What about all the work Gray put in to Nostracodeus – where we tore apart web content seeking “indicator words of future tense?”  By tracking action verbs like “next week” and cross-tabbing to subject like “Ukraine”, we can begin to set in the corner posts for Ukraine’s most likely statistical future.

Remote-viewing?  Above our pay grade.

Now we’re up to what?

  • Predictive linguistics (High, Google, Recorded Future, etc.)
  • Market trend-nesting (oddly, a Peoplenomics subject area).
  • Predictive and prophetic dreams:
  • Nostradamus and his oil pot over on Stu’s site.
  • John of Patos:  Bible, Revelations.
  • Word Frequency Analysis: (Ure and Grady, Nostracodeus project).
  • We’ll skip all the other technologies your tax dollars have funded, like remote viewing and that whole genre of budget dust.

Each of the specialties (in Future) has its own “vertical market” guru.

It has been my insight/intuition since 2014 or whenever, that a singular approach to Futuring includes the software engineering risk of a “single point of failure.”  Which is what’s happening on social in general and now even the short-message systems are compromised knowing that linguistic gillnetters are fishing twits on the web.

Along the way, we’ve learned a lot about ourselves.  Goes back to the (generalized) business problem of Frederick Winslow Taylor.  Who – as father of time and motion studies) – was always seeking the “one best way”.

Geniuses behind individual technologies often believe they have that one best way and that only their organization (or viewpoint) is on the “right path.

An aging, ADHD, lazy, generalist like me is troubled by all this:  Sure, technology offers several computer-based analysis tracks, but what of Aggregation?  That might point more reliably to an accurate future view because of the WMI.  You see, in the Many Worlds’ Interpretation of quantum mechanics, there’s the Schrodinger’s Cat / Observer-State reality.

The Cat’s existence is determined by what the Observer expects.

If more than one Observer?  Majority vote rules!  The Future is both democratic but it’s a kind of democracy driven by chance, luck, and Gaussian distributions.

Look at Future Creates It

And in that one tasty morsel of physics lies the most profound mindset change humans have ever faced.  Observer-States not only enables perception of the Future as some level; it also explains how Prayer works, witchery too, and how Intent is some terribly important in martial arts.  Covens are just groupings for more votes.  You following this?

Future as a singular technology or an Aggregate?  You know where I am on this:  Generalists like to aggregate knowing it’s like sighting-in an AK-47. Things just line up.

It’s also like driving around Mt. Rainer in Washington – the socialist state.  Looks a bit different from view-to-view.  And totally like a different rock pile when you compare the views near Enumclaw with the views at Paradise…

Analyzing the future – taking the best stab at it – I continue to believe should be a widespread public endeavor.  Not everyone agrees.

The future was – and will continue to be – the ultimate intellectual high ground.  Fortunately, I suppose, egos and individual genius will save us a while longer.

But even this incremental progress may fall within our powers of estimation.  Since Randomness as tracked by the Princeton EGGS project can represent a kind of “noisy signal generator” for comparison.  Then each of the future-oriented technologies can be benchmarked.  Even better would be Aggregated Future.

Our Manipulated Future

For now, most humans have no idea how this Big Manipulation really works.

The short version is you are programmed by events (and pseudo-news) around you.  This sets an expectation of the Future.

Which dutifully comes along, because statistically under the Cat and MWI, it must.  We all vote, the future appears. Your belief is your vote.

Not sure how we got into this, except to say that the Manipulation du jour ought to feature holding Wave 3 (4) which could be entertaining.

People talk “democracy and peace” all the time.  Not realizing that each time we are massaged (and messaged) into becoming “future partisans” we cast our global vote for a Future that may not benefit all.

Humans are progressing slowly in this direction; the Internet is an aspect of Jungian psychology.  We have suddenly, over the past century, barely begun to see it:

That we can make this Cat live.  Or not.

Nested Elliott waves, some predictive analysis, dreams, John of Patmos, Nostradamus, and WFA argue the Cat is already dead.

We just don’t know it, yet.

Your brain lives 15 seconds ‘in the past’ to help you see the world with stability – Study Finds.

Write when you get rich and call yourself from the future,

71 thoughts on “Markets: “Return Seatbacks and Tray Tables…” Time”

  1. Let me get this straight.

    If there is war, Nostradamus called it.
    If there is peace, Nostradamus called it.

    I don’t know how old you guys are but the U.S. has been at war all of my life.

    If you’re a certain age you were told buy Visqueen and duct tape. Another, hide under a desk. Still another was scavenge the alleys for scrap metals to “support the effort”.

    I’m going out on a limb here. Biden will have a medical emergency this month. He won’t die.

    TRUTH Social will be delayed.

    • “I don’t know how old you guys are but the U.S. has been at war all of my life.”

      Wrong, because it’s NOT war; It’s business, IMHO!
      The USA was never threatened — even 12, 07, 1941
      WE started it with SANCTIONS against Japan.

      Then, as now what are the masses to do if they’re unemployed? Not everyone can be an entrepreneur ;-( most folks are looking for work.

      Politicians do not create jobs. Their job is to create INFLATION and CORRUPTION. Think about this!

      • Ahh, haaa, so you see, I have been a harpin on the fact that if WE do not understand what led to WW1 and WW2, then we are doomed to follow along like little sheeple, as those same peeple that started those wars have not done away with their dastardly ways, instead, they have managed to spend 100 years fine tuning and consolidating their control over majority countries governments, the media, banking, education, health, and making war, and thus can take anyone into any war at any time. If THEY can conceive it, and THEY can make YOU believe it, then you will help them, beg them, to ACHIEVE it.

  2. George,

    Please consider that Biblical prophets and Nostradamus all saw that there is a happy ending to this terrible tale.

    When we just look at the math, the future does look daunting, but underneath that hard reality, we are being led to create that Golden Age.

    I suspect that your work in “the realms” is part of that journey that each of us is on.

    You can either believe in Quatrains, Quacktrains, or the train out of town. Each of us right now is making that choice in how we want to participate in that coming Golden Age.

    Doom Porn, fearmongering, I’m not frightened by any of it or the people who reject it and who can’t handle “history’s downturns”, it’s just the work that we each have to do. We are given the choice to sink or swim.

    Nostradamus Quatrain IX-66
    Paix, union sera & changement,
    Estats, offices, bas haut, & haut bien bas.
    Dresser voyage, le fruit premier, tourment,
    Guerre cesser, civil proces, debats.

    Nostradamus Quatrain IX-66
    Peace, union and change shall be,
    Estates, offices low, and [to] high, and high [to] very low.
    Preparing for this voyage the first fruit tormented,
    Wars cease, civil processes, debates.

    Nostradamus and The Age of Desolation, 2013, Page 793
    This prediction tells us that it is going to be rough sailing for a generation, but in the end humanity will pull through and begin a new golden age. Of course the end of warfare is also a very comforting prediction from The Old Testament.

    Isaiah 2:4 (King James)
    And he shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many people: and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruninghooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.

    • That’s good news for the survivors. As for the rest of us….
      Can anyone provide a description of the eventual blissful state we’re rocketing towards? The New Testament makes it sound kinda pinkish, you know, with everyone loving one another and being paid the same regardless of the work done (Matt 20: 1-16). Will there be a Second Amendment (God, I love my Barrett)? Are we doomed to become…Sweden!
      Also, just wondering how those of you claiming to be Christians square your faith with your belief in soothsaying.
      Looking forward to the day when we can all pretend to like each other….

      • Christianity has a long line of Prophesy and pulling the curtain back for a quick peak. One must realize that Christianity at its base is an eastern mystery religion to begin with.

      • IF you knew your bible or your google, then you would know the answer to soothsaying.

        Just saying, though, you like to think you rub our noses in it, but, we see that your snout is already covered in muck, thus, you can’t find your way out.

        You are just mucking around, aren’t ya? We were just wondering.

      • Having received no direct answers to my questions, I assume that the conflict between your beliefs and the logical extensions of those beliefs caused your brains to seize up. Face it, Christianity in modern culture is “Cafeteria Christianity”; pick and choose the bits you like and ignore the rest. To paraphrase Chesterton, the only thing wrong with Christianity is that it’s never been tried.
        No shame being cast for not being consistent. We humans do it all the time. The wise ones realize this and have the courage to understand that their beliefs may not be immutable. People who never change their minds are not growing.

    • Good stuff Stu, which is reason enough to wish to be part of that ‘rough sailing’ generation.

      The Isaiah text was set to music in the late ’50’s as a choral and pipe organ unison anthem by Joseph Clokey; there is a notable LP (can’t find an upload to YouTube sadly) of the anthem performed by the Riverside Church, NYC choir directed by then famous church musician Fred Swann. The organ then was essentially an Aeolian-Skinner instrument. Stunning dramatic music, and worthy challenge to any descent Hi-Fi system (speakers have got to move some serious air!).

      Most may know Riverside Church as the Rockefeller church and Harry Emerson Fosdick as its first minister. The ministerial generations included William Sloane Coffin (wasn’t he CIA?) in the late Seventies, further inspiring the activism for which the church is known. Inspired by great founders/preachers, and challenged by noble academic institutions (Columbia, Union TS, JTS, Bard, Manhattan School of Music, etc,) one begins to understand how Riverside became a Morningside Heights icon of American adventurism and progressivism. The citation in WIKI is impressive. An amazing place, but . . .

      “. . . and some to church repair, not for the doctrine, but for the music there.”

    • Every tyrannical, narcissistic, psychopathic leader understands what this study declares – fear is contagious.

      We face constant fear mongering from multiple sources and in multiple phases of our lives, aided greatly by the all too complicit mainstream and social media moguls. The drumbeat of fear is constant from opposing political, geo-national and financial principles. The human psyche cannot help but absorb it. We are swimming in it. The fear is viral, an emotional cattle prod, pushing the herd toward the tyrant’s objective.

      I salute Ure positivity, G.A. and applaud the study and research that you conduct. Love the Isaiah quote, BTW.

      • Warhammer, I read the study.

        I have seen this not only with fear, but with excitement, hysteria (as in a gaggle of 16 year old girls that were separated by vacations coming back together to greet a returning Virgin off of a flight; the red faces, streaming with tears, as they were screaming and hugging each other in their mutual reunion bliss was quite captivating, but not catching, for this wizened old lady.)

        Yet, in the times of my life, (from very young to now) where I was under the MOST stress, strain, and fear, I coldly calculating weighed my choices in order to make a reasoned decision.

        I expect this is not able to be studied, and is not measurable, yet, I call it courage, and it is a muscle, and it can be exercised.

        I would imagine MEN fighting together for a REAL CAUSE, and not a bankster manipulated/generated one designed to murder and humiliate, would have felt this strength and courage, over the centuries back to the year dot.

        That’s how I expect to handle anything moving forward with grace and courage and faith.

        Those of you, from the very beginning of this plandemic, if you never gave in, and you saw through it from the beginning, and were suspicious of it; you passed the test. You will be holding the bag when the bottom falls out for all of those you love; you’ll be there when no one else will be because that will be your reward for having this ‘courage’ and ‘discernment’ both muscles worth exercising.

    • Each of us right now is making that choice in how we want to participate in that coming Golden Age.

      Doom Porn, fearmongering, I’m not frightened by any of it or the people who reject it and who can’t handle “history’s downturns”, it’s just the work that we each have to do. We are given the choice to sink or swim.

      Being fully informed is being prepared with the information from all sources and used to determine when you need to swim, and when you need to be out of the water.

      Critical thinking lies somewhere between the extremes and at the fringes. Know when to swim.

  3. As you say there is not as many people working, my question and along with hundreds of others around the USA is WHERE are they? freebies have been cut back and so they are not eligible to be on assistance and they have to live, so that only leaves a couple of other possibilities which some are WAY out there and others not so much. but another aspect is along with ALL the HELP WANTED signs being in most business. If you need assistance by phone for most companies it is RARE that you can talk to someone WHO knows ANYTHING, they all are reading from a script with NO knowledge. it is no way to run a company with any future anyway. When I run into this I blacklist that company. end of story and the end of the country we LOVED!

    • So many folks just gave up or were too fragile to carry on with work after the mindf**kery we have been subjected to. This feels like an unintended consequence of the dumbing down of America; the plan was to turn them into drones but many just gave up. It’s sad for so many reasons. There is hope in the new plan; implement the New American Slavery utilizing hard working, eager and compliant Central Americans to perform unpleasant and low paying labor. Rinse, recycle and repeat. URE’s axiom: everything is a business model.

      • “many folks just gave up”

        Rico.. I believe the problem was surviving.. like the year we went to without an income..nobody cares..the utility companies still want their companies still want the premiums..if you own a newer car or own a house..your not eligible for any of the give away programs and when covid first hit..they went by their regular rules.. unemployed do not receive unemployment benefits. It was a nightmare for us.. the local dollar general is offering 12 an hour to drive back and forth one worker was spending more just for the fuel to go to work..
        To top it off.. the cost of supplies has gone through the roof.. supply lines are a company is hesitant to raise prices..if they raise prices tocover the increase in costs will limit their customer base. One manager said they had to increase the loss leader items per isle so they can adapt to the items that went up.. Zimbabwe here we come.

    • Many of us can get by on 10K a year(without handouts) and live comfortably on twice that. We don’t need to spend all our money on restaurants, movies, sports and other distractions. We’re self-directed and self-motivated. Yes, it’s nice to have a spouse or S.O. around, but sometimes that’s not in the cards, and after long enough, we adapt. We neither give nor take financially, and just do for ourselves. Of course, that’s not so good for the taxing minions, but so what. The bottom line is that we don’t participate much in the market economy, only our own.

      Many of us would need a non-financial incentive to work for others, since money has lost its luster. Regardless of the apparent shortage of workers, there’s still a very strong age discrimination present in hiring, so if we don’t have to – why even bother. The tax minions make for even more disincentives to participate.

      • “Many of us can get by on 10K a year”

        Not around here.. groceries for five is right around 3 grand taxes and insurance . Lol lol.. medical expenses. The new inhaler I have to have is several hundred a month..


        You can say that again MIKE……
        I was a workaholic.. worked night and day.. and average work week was around a hundred hours a week.. hell year was 140 plus hours.. as a payed off my debt to the hospital.. by working full time in trade as one of my full time positions..
        When the wife was downsized..she ran into a road block.. first off she had been a dedicated employee.. a couple of decades with the same employer.. ( that was one of the reasons given as to why she could’t get a job) The other was that she was a professional.. and she would expect to make a more substantial income.. the third and the most prevalent.. was her age.. the people with job service sat both of us down and said that unfortunately between the ages of fifty and sixty are unemployable.. for one you have obligations.. the second you would need a more substantial income.. at 66 they could place her because at that time employers realize that she is retirement age..and will hire them on part time ten to twenty hours a week.. during covid.. the ones able to retire couldn’t get unemployment they retired.. the employers don’t want part time.. they are desperate for full time..50 – 65 nope.. at the hospital they have a ton of listings.. but if you go in and apply they tell the applicant they are not hiring.. the reason.. that is their only fexible budgeting point.. govt. Hospitals are fully staffed.. the issue there is is the magic act.. wanna see how fast a magician can make a thousand people vanish.. just wave your magic want at 3.30 at any govt. facility.. the other thing is.. all those days off.. instead of a 2400 hour work year.. if you take into account all the days off and all the vacation days etc.. they only put 1200 hours at work .. they should work the same schedule as a regular employer.. that is also why there are so many time delays with being seen at a federal hospital..

    • An aging pop. is to be blamed for declining laborforce participation rate (not the millions of jobs sent to China?…any stat nerds out there wanna ‘splain??)

      Still millions more jobs available than number of ‘quits’:

      • “An aging pop. is to be blamed for declining laborforce participation rate (not the millions of jobs sent to China?”

        ??? I believe that it wasn’t necessarily a loss of jobs…. similar to the job openings around here.. they need stockers, bag boys, restaurant servers, etc.. all low income service positions..
        a blacksmith is still a blacksmith a tool maker still a tool maker.. but when the steel mills sent the jobs to china.. they were forced to take positions flipping burgers at the local burger joint.. back when jobs and industrial jobs were still in the USA.. the kids wanted to work at the salt mine.. where dad worked.. everyone had insurance and family insurance for an affordable amount.. then they deregulated and signed the NAFTA .. prices took off up jobs out.. pretty soon mom had to get a job outside the home and dad had to take on a part time job to boot.. the kids no longer had an adult presence at home leaving them vulnerable..
        prices took off and cheap products came rushing in across the borders tax free.. Eventually if there isn’t a war.. wages will have to escalate higher .. to top this off because of cheap products.. ( a color television use to cost shy a grand I paid seven hundred for our first microwave) then down to two hundred.. making a television affordable.. credit cards appeared.. and money was easier to spend… the kids didn’t have to work like his parents.. they even made child labor laws to stop children from working.. my first paid for job af fifty cents an hour was sacking groceries part time during the day at an A and P in Nashville.. it was my twelfth summer.. we worked pulling weeds in the bean fields to and other odd today don’t do that as much in the wastelands and not at all in the city at all… Right now wages will have to raise to compensate.. if not they will have to learn to work short staffed.. in the eighties after deregulation.. people flipped for a quarter an hour or less.. a six pack of pop.. today these kids won’t.. the older can’t work full time and insurance costs are killing everyone.

    • “not as many people working, my question and along with hundreds of others around the USA is WHERE are they?:”

      Around here..the employers are in a bind..they can’t get employees at what they are able to pay.. the low income are not sitting on their hands..why leave one low paying position to work at another.
      When covid hit and shutdown jobs.. many older experienced employees were not eligible for unemployment benefits..many of them were forced to take an early retirement.
      I had considered being a part time worker at Wally world to help with insurance coverage..but they wanted a full time employee not someone working part of time..
      Visiting with one store manager he said he wished that he had had the funds to pay the older employees during the shut down.. everyone assumed that unemployment benefits would be available to wasn’ isn’t and never has been..

  4. There was a picture going around Facebook with a shirtless Putin riding a white horse. It was with a series of photos comparing Trump with Putin. Putin was the obvious winner.

    • I remember that, goes back further than Trump. It was comparing him to Obama, with Obama riding a sissy bike with his bike helmet on.

    • E; never saw that with comparisons to Trump, only O’bummer. And shirtless, I’ll take Putin any day over scrawny, smokey O’bummer.

  5. Frog eating time/day, Kemosabe, “gotz to eat da frog”.
    In my corp sales days, “eating the frog” was making those tough phone calls to irritated/upset customers..doing something that has to be done, just dont like doing it, ever.
    Today its Ukazaria-ne, the ancient homeland – azkanazi’s. They are coming back “home”, pitting 2 ancient foes against one another. Never have they forgotten being forced to convert to a religion, and physically being kicked off of their black sea territories.

    Let us never forget…

    -“The United States never fought a war except to profit the rothchild’s .-PJ

    Dont think US citizenry so willing to spill their blood for Israhell(againandagain) and some “dirty” Ukey’s oligarchs (same diff.) going forward.

    Heads up princton EGGS project..
    – those the same folks that did my advisor/teacher wrong many moons ago. “Pegged hard down” every meter/scope/measuring device in lab when walked in 1st and only visit. Decision-maker (s) there decided it was okay to violate a previously agreed upon stipulation/control with advisors’ lab “partners”. They never completed the experiment (s), they never heard another word from this day. Never gets mad, not even a angry thought (ultimate goal) – U just no longer exist – cutoff forever. I stay the hell away from anyone/thing that the good doctor has cutoff and considered “unworthy”.

    Speaking of unworthy – my TA of market and current conditions seems to indicate “We Bee Going Higher”. So unless the bottom drops out the next day or two, Coot cashing out Short SPY position, and going Loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggggg! Is that a bird? is that a plane ? No its coots trading account net worth – hot dam – lets go G – Buy em Cheap and Stack em Deep! callz that is.

    Cyrpto Flypto G has no excuse anymore – NONE!

    No excuse G, no excuse will suffice to absolve U from not going to Round Rock, TX next Tuesday the 8th.

    Thats right one of the greatest edumacation opportunities of Ure lifetime. Not to mention amaze ballz networking opportunities will abound. Some of the smartest, coolest, most creative peeps on the planet will be in attendance. Jealous does not cover my feeling regards this Mining Conference – U would be very remiss for missing this opportunity.. and U consider Ureself an Investigative Reporter.
    Bought the dip in BTC ? U brave mofo’s – U also richer mofo’s today..that Kaching sound you hear is 100% REAL!
    Following Vays’ toneular advice – at 20% allocation (trading funds) BTC, this allocation will Increase only if (2) things occur; price closes Above both Moving Averages, with a Moving Average Crossover. Most likely to happen prior to $40k – which is CHEAP, U tightwads – self fulfilling that.

    • -“The United States never fought a war except to profit the rothchild’s .-PJ”

      Isn’t there a little “the rothchild’s” in all of US?

      Just asking, and you don’t need camouflage ;-).

      • In a nutshell, choices: NO!!!

        But, all of us on planet Western Civilization, just went through another Rotschild war via the vaccine killing and side effects experiment.

        And camouflage would not have helped; they came for EVERYONE in those Western Civilization countries.

        Sounds an awful lot like revenge.

  6. So far, nothing heard on 7.299 or 3.999 — but I didn’t really expect it — until the wheels actually do fall off, or the national “check engine” light actually comes on. I haven’t made many of the listening periods myself. (Busy stuff happening here.)

    When – If that hour arrives,
    7.299 by day, 3.999 by night. Spot-on channel: no “hunting around.” If channel is busy, just wait till it isn’t.)
    Special listening time slices:
    (All EST or EDST)
    15:15 and 15:45; and 21:15 and 21:45.
    ID Phrase: “Business Model”
    Regional self-organization. No “HQ”
    Some day this MIGHT be useful.

  7. With your prayer and mwi line of reasoning…when there were way way way less human muddling about each one persons expectations had a far greater weight than today…wonder if that’s part of the reason they want to reduce some of us eaters. Is the dark arts/evil stuff a way to get your expectation to have a far greater weight than otherwise expected?

    • Ure NRG physics equation does not seem 2 work..less Humans = less “NRG”
      Why even the christian storybook talks of “where more than 1 of You gathers, I will be there” mumbojumbo. This concept further evidenced by group practice (meditation) atmosphere being “charged” up with the subtle nrg’s…

      Intention/Intentions is Ure fulcrum..

      serving the Source, since 1962

  8. Speaking of John of Patmos, checkout Rev 2:9. True Jews and gentle Jews, the descendants of which group occupies Israel today? Rev 3:9 says the gentile Jews are still with us today. The true Jews pronounced their own death sentence when they all cried “crucify him, crucify him. In 1948 true Jews would have been scattered seven different ways, Deu 28:25

  9. Dam dam and double Dam
    The boss sat down for coffee.. and she says… your collecting books again…go through them and get rid of a few.. so I went through them and dropped off a donation at the library..
    She will flip.. 6 books to be delivered today.. dam

    • Book collecting is an investment in your children’s children Loob. My boss has come to accept it is a relatively innocuous hobby with a lot lower impact than collecting cars and motorcycles. I look through my library and occasionally purge an edition if it has become irrelevant our proven wrong so I laughed when you saw it as an opportunity for an upgrade. There can be no gaps in the shelves.

      • I have many tons of books – literally. There are almost none that I read, since I have more words of value stored on less than a terabyte here. I do read ebooks as much as I have time for. Yes, we could lose our entire fragile digital framework, but then again, all it takes is a generation or two after being bombed back to the stone age for civilization to lose its ability to read anything at all! I’m reminded of the Asimov “Foundation” series as I write this. Yes, a Foundation and Second Foundation might preserve much of civilization, but ours is too complex for a small subset of humanity to preserve it all.

      • That was the issue..the shelves are full.
        When she demanded space to park in the garage I got rid of a ton of books lol..

      • “I have many tons of books – literally. There are almost none that I read, since I have more words of value stored on less than a terabyte here.”

        i have the same thing mike.. I have my ebook reader filled with books.. about 1200 of my favorite.. not to mention the others.. what I was doing.. is getting paged books..hard paper etc.. the reason just in case this does blow up.. if it blows up into a war.. then an ebook reader or hard drive will be worthless..
        and all books that have gone digital.. will be worth nothing.. another lost library.. similar to the lost library of alexandria, or the amber library of Ivan the terrible.. if it all takes off.. and lets say DC was targeted.. Then the LOC would be another of the lost libraries.. many know of its existance.. but access to it.. would not be available..
        by having these in print.. won’t fix a thing but give guidance to others that are looking for information on how to..

  10. RE: Brain living 15 seconds in the past

    My immediate reaction to this is a resounding BS! If you live 15 seconds in the past in many activities, (e.g. walking across the street, practicing a semi-dangerous rock climb, or a fist, knife or gun fight) you are injured or dead. Then again, given the pool of test subjects, there are a large number of slow thinking folks who live long enough to take this kind of test and even breed.
    Check you own experience and mileage for verification.

    • LOL! I tend to agree when doing things like gusty crosswind landings or riding at the edge of control on a motorcycle. I do believe the subconscious mind handles such things and your conscious mind simply thinks that it does. Certain altered states can provide much greater access to these largely latent abilities.

  11. I must say Urban Survival is a much more sane place to be than USA WATCHDOG.

    After having been banned from commenting there, for having posted excerpts and links from The Age of Desolation, because commenter JC is believed to be an alter ego of G.A. Stewart.

    Now it gets better. There is growing suspicion and paranoia among the Watchdog community (see Gerald Celente interview below) that commenters Paul…, Stan, and Self Exiled, who all mysteriously disappeared for a couple of weeks or so, after the JC banning on New Years Eve, are in fact (including JC) one and the same person, with Paul… having now reemerged as IIG. (His unique style was identified by a friend of mine, which helped set the insanity in motion.) There is also a suspicion that a new commenter, Johnny Cool, is also part of IIG Paul…’s “conspiracy. ”

    I am going to have my friend reply to commenter Rachel M, suggesting that perhaps clues to the riddle can be found here,, without specifically mentioning the comments section.

    I suspect this will fuel the flames further, thereby adding G.A. Stewart to this hybrid, all-in-one composite creature, JC-IIG-Paul…-Johnny Cool-Self Exiled-Stan.

    Could be fun!

    • Sorry to tell you JC, but the rest of us really don’t care. I’ll put USAWATCHDOG and Greg Hunter right at the top of my list as reliable and non-fake news.

      • Westcoast Deplorable,

        I used to think the same about Hunter. He is not as great as you or he thinks he is. I followed him and commented for years, and then, all of a sudden, for some unknown reason, he didn’t like that I was posting info from The Age of Desolation site, and other commenters supported his idea that JC and G.A. STEWART are one and the same person.

        G.A. STEWART emailed him personally, got a polite reply, but it did not change anything.

        I also emailed stating emphatically that I am not G.A. STEWART but he never replied.

        There have been some recent comments asking about JC, and Hunter replied that JC stopped commenting. I sent a reply to that stating that I was banned on New Years Eve. You can see it for yourself here.
        His reply was, “Whatever you say JC, if I banned you, it must have been for a good reason.”

        Give me a break. Enjoy your fake Christian hero.

    • I really like the perspective that Gerald Celente provides, but I can’t stand his angry emotional ranting. I’d much rather listen to the same thing in a non-emotional computer voice! Gerald does have good insight though.

      I would say the same thing about Mark Levin – though more so. He’s impossible to listen to with his uncontrolled outbursts. I can’t ever remember the topic, though he’s often the only thing I can receive on the car radio.

      • There are times Levin kills me to listen to. I do so anyway because he’s one of the, if not THE top living USSC scholar (I think he’s had more cases heard than Ted Cruz, but as Government Counsel.) Dude knows his stuff…

        I listen to Gerald Celente on c2cAM — not sure I could take hours of him unmoderated. I prefer though, just to read the transcript.

        There’s not a living talker on RTV whom I didn’t have to learn to listen to, except for Stacey Washington…

  12. Up in the snow covered north of Saskatchewan Canada, our premier is doubling down on having all covid restrictions removed. Even Dr. Jordan Peterson weighed in yesterday backing the truckers in Ottawa and calling on the conservative premiers to remove the innefective covid policies. Our useless boy king here soy boy Mrs Trudeau is doubling down along with state media to villify the truckers, which is only pissing off the working people in Canada.

    • Called Prime Minister(Left Message) 3 times in past 48 hrs. No reply.
      Called Mark Holland MP. No reply.
      Called Ben Lobb MP Got reply.
      Does being a qualified, middle grade, Drama Teacher make you fit to lead a country?
      End mandates or quit. Let an adult govern!

    • Chris is right. Truedope telling us that he supports BLM but not honest hard working truckers was a big mistake like when Hildabeast called Trump supporters a basket of deplorables.

      The hockey sticks are out now!

      • ‘Problem is, fellas, y’all have to find a way to out-vote the gravy gobblers in the big cities. Down here that usually doesn’t happen unless they become apathetic.

  13. At first, I questioned this video but after copying the information the guy provides and following his directions, there pops up some damn incredible information about the formal complaint filed. It’s true. Since this … countries have created distractions as to why covid restrictions are slowly being lifted but, I believe this is the real reason.

    At it’s the First of February, am waiting to see why the term “death month” crossed my path. Could be anything … I’m hoping it’s the death of the BS we’ve all had to endure and not the other potential extreme.


    • Bob, glad you found that video.

      We all need to send the follwing to all mainstream news outlets:
      UK Crime number 6029679/21
      ICC application reference OTP-CR-473/21

      1100 pages of evidence were submitted to Hammersmith CID on 05/01/2022,
      regarding the criminal and treasonous act of promoting and administering via injection known poisonous substances under the guise of a COVID-19 vaccine, where such substances are known a-priori to destroy the health of those that take it, including death.

      Allegations have been made of the most serious crimes being committed by a number of named Gov ministers, Civil servants and the bosses of U.K. news networks.
      The crimes cited being,

      1, misfeasance in public office,
      2, misconduct in public office,
      3, conspiracy to commit grievous bodily harm,
      4, conspiracy to administer a poisonous and noxious substance to cause serious harm and death.
      5, gross negligence manslaughter,
      6, corporate manslaughter,
      7, corruption,
      8, fraud,
      9, blackmail,
      10, murder,
      11, conspiracy to commit murder,
      12, terrorism,
      13, genocide,
      14, torture,
      15, crimes against humanity,
      16, false imprisonment,
      17, multiple breaches of our human rights,
      18, war crimes,
      19, multiple breaches of The Nuremberg Code 1947,
      20, multiple breaches of The Human Rights Act 1998,
      (Treason will also be added).

      You will note that the XXXX (insert MSM) is a news network and so is included as a perpetrator.

  14. “Quod de futuris non est determinata omnino veritas.”

    “There can be no truth entirely determined for certain which concerns the future.”

    Michael Nostradamus in an epistle to Henry II, king of France, 27 June 1558
    (Henry II would die just over a year later.)

    Words to remember for all those who looking into the glass darkly.

    • Multiple timelines – requires viewer & handler to flesh out the details and nail down most probable outcome from among the multiplicity of possible timelines. This is why scoping out winning Lotto numbers is dam near impossible, too many dam timelines/outcomes to nail it down with any kind of accuracy.
      Orion Box would of course be an exception the MN quote – didnt know nosti spoke Latin..guess medical school education would require mastery of Latin and Greek though….wonder was he mixing tongues, so to speak?

  15. Happy (Chinese) New Year to us all! Let’s enjoy the day and plan our year!

    Red envelopes for all that earn them. Perhaps we can send some to the truckers who are standing up for human rights in Canada!

    Tomorrow it will snow here – perhaps a foot, and then it’s deep freeze for the next week or two. I blame it on that silly Groundhog in Pennsylvania. Meanwhile it’s time to get wood in and some diesel in the tractor, so I don’t have to leave the house unless I want to. God willing, power and internet will remain on. I can make the power, but not the net.

    • vegetarian Moon Cakes – the proper form/food for Celebration of the new Year of the Tyger. The “Worm” Turns…

      Worm = insect/grubs

      Puxatawney Phil is one serious ass WhistlePig. Dont know what kinda of ground squirrels you got in SW – but here in the NE, groundhogs are a serious garden pest as well as pest (burrows) to dairy farmers.

      Ton o fun – long distance/small caliber/hot roundz – give a loud whistle, and they will stand up on hind legs and look around – Splat!

  16. i think old coots is pretty smart here . apart from his love of sheetcoin . !!! but ! i would be really cautious swing tradeing any more to the up . as said the RSI and fibonnacci numbers work great . saying that i feel risk/reward only favours short positions . waiting for gold signal is pure patience. i lost a lot of money in the gold market by just buy and hold .. now i just wait for signals and buy and sell accordingly. be real careful folks . georges applications are great but please dont think for 1 moment happy dayz are back

  17. The use of currency and media fear is how they run markets . Sheetcoin is the juice . As told years ago a US treasury. The only the only stock that matters is Apple . Looking worn out again . Be real real careful. You 2 coots !!!

  18. “The Cat’s existence is determined by what the Observer expects. If more than one Observer? Majority vote rules! The Future is both democratic but it’s a kind of democracy driven by chance, luck, and Gaussian distributions.”

    We humans have far more influence upon the ‘Out There’ than most of us ever realize. We are constantly creating what is both inside and ‘around us’ every single moment.

    Yes, the Observer Effect it is. Along with Belief and Intent.

    But wait, you say for example, ‘I didn’t want to be living this Covid Con for the last two years! I wish someone would do something about it! I want my life back.’

    Well, maybe. You’re Waking State mind may said, ‘I don’t like this Covid crap’, and ‘Why are They doing this to us?’. And so you are convinced you are ‘in the clear’ and not responsible for any of this big social psy-op. And by waiting for someone else do so something, you have just dis-empowered yourself and made yourself weak.

    BUT… what many don’t realize is that most of what we are as human mind actors is in our SUBCONSCIOUS. We aren’t even aware of what is going on down there.

    And guess what? Our Subconscious is an even bigger player in the Observer Effect than our Waking State mind. We are manifesting and creating out of down there more than anywhere else.

    So, your Waking State mind says, “I don’t like this ‘pandemic’ and I wish it would stop.’

    But your subconscious is telling you, ‘This is too powerful for me to stop. I can’t do anything about it. I wish someone ELSE would do something”. So your Observer Effect keeps on fueling the ‘pandemic’.

    Again, BUT… what if you subconscious was programed to think, “I am in control here. This thing stops RIGHT NOW. I am powerful enough to have an effect on the Outside World and I say this crap is OVER. And for me and my life, it is over NOW.”

    The only person who can bring ‘your life back to you’ is YOU. Not the little, highly-paid media vax weasel giving you ‘permission’ to live again.

    Suddenly, your Observer Effect is ‘seeing’ a whole new World. You are manifesting and creating a World that conforms to what your Waking State mind desires.

    Precious little other than physical laws such as gravity can stop a full alignment between your Waking State mind and your Subconscious mind. This is a powerful creative engine which is running 24/7 (which the Powers-That-Be have long recognized and thus weaponized against us with propaganda and memes and dark magick).

    The biggest creator in your life is YOU. Always was, always will be.

    • RBS we must pound the shaman’s drums. The Truth you speak is grand. But it scatters the weak and fearful. who have been conditioned (not just here but in China, too) to have an Uncle at the table (Sam or some other surname in China).
      Everyone wants to be boss until they have to pick up the sceptre and rule. Cowards materialize in all quarters.
      Clif High uses the word “fierce.” Yet that word is flavored with connotations of conflict.
      Me? I like “immoveable.” As in “I am the rock, the mountain, the Earth. It is only through my consent that…” Puts ownership back in our own hands. Sensei’s understand the distinction.

      (Back to binge watching Wu Assasssins_)

  19. Black Wednesday 2 February 2022

    For the science of saturation macroeconomics, Wednesday 2 February 2022 is a key trading day.

    Prevously a 20 December 5/11/10/ 7 day decay fractal for US composite equities was identified.
    The 4 phase lammert fractal series is x/2-2.5x/2-2.5x/1.5-1.6y. This means that the range of the numerical series with a base of 5 days = x is 5/10-13/10-13/7-8 days.

    2 February 2022, call it Black Wednesday is day 8 of that series.

    While the Wilshire has lost a few percentage points since September 2021, the CRB is up over 20 percent from its September 2021 level. That’s inflationary for the American comsumer and has been principally caused by excessive money creation. For the CRB this is week 67 of a 33/66- :: X/2X-2.5x series with the second 67 week subfractal composed of 10/25/20/15 of 15 weeks. The CRB is at the time limit of 13/30 day :: x/2-2.5x fractal series. As an example, on a daily basis palladium and oil are fractally at fully saturated valuation levels.

    From the 3 December 2021 low, cryptocurrencies are following an 11/28/23 of likely 24 day series. The peak valuation of day 23 of the third fractal is subtantailly below all valuations of the first and second fractals and the first 10 days of the current 23-24 day third fractal.

    Finally the time course of the hourly valuations of the Wilshire represents a lesson in the fractal time simple mathematics that represents and is the self assembly deterministic nature and science of the asset-debt macroeconomy. On an hourly basis the Wilshire has self-ordered itself into a 8/20/21 hour :: x/2.5x/2.5x fractal series. That the Wilshire had exceeded the third fractal 2.5x time range (20 hours) would be very positive for the start of an overall market uptrend. However, a nonlinear drop in the Wilshire at the start of the trading day 8 of the 5/11/10 /8 day four phase fractal series could change the Wilshire fractal 8/20/21 hour sequence to a 8/20/16/13 hour series with either a 3/6/6 hour decay fractal starting at the 16th hour of the third subfractal or a 3/8/5 hour decay fractal starting at hour 16 of the third subfractal.

    Watch the Nikkei this evening. The daily decay fractal series from 20 December 2021 for the Nikkei is y/2.5y/2y :: 6/15/12 of 12 days and the four phase hourly fractal series from 27 January 2022 is 4/10/8-?10/?6 hour.

    Will Wednesday 2 February be Black Wednesday ending a 20 December 2021 6/15/12 day Japanese three phase decay fractal series and a US equity composite 20 December 2021 5/11/10/8 day four phase decay fractal series?

    Time will tell.

    It should be evident from the ubiqious recurrent time ordered fractal patterns that the asset debt system system is self ordering and has the patterned characteristics of a hard science.

    From the March 2020 lows expect the expected: week 67 second fractal nonlinearity of a 33/67 :: x/2-2.5 series.

    • Dear Fractalist,

      Mr. Ure guided us to your weblog, and warned to read thoroughly and reflect on the info in manageable bites.

      Seriously though, what manifest results exactly are you divining towards ?

      I’m not a rocket surgeon by any means. A humble and simple macro overview of your fractal theory would be most appreciated.

  20. “Follow to the Future
    Here’s where we’ve gone in this short expository:

    Ultra-Wave 1 down: Ukraine crisis.
    Ultra-Wave 2 up: Waiting for China to move, happy talk.
    Ultra-Wave 3 down: Loss of Taiwan
    Ultra-Wave 4 up: Rally on good news from semi’s after losing Taiwan chips. China wants us intact for food production downstream.
    Ultra 5 Down: This is where WW-III is inserted.”

    Hmm that’s only if it stays of my many hats was going through images of war.. Maj can tell you.. we are not very as the US MOVES MORE MISSILES ON THE RUSSIAN BORDER and more military equipment. The US calls up the national guard.Putin is pretty open about the fact that the US is not giving an inch hes asking us to back our missile off his border..what would we do if missiles were parked in VA…ukraine looks like it will light up.Once that happens it’s going to expand pretty quick. I believe there will either be a black flag event or something.. Anyway the fuse has been ignited..
    Also if your facing a bully and his gang.. who do you go for first. putin was a young street fighter and a judo master..Biden if the allegations are correct is only about the family business model..what is his business model in this situation and who is behind this and. Who will profit from it.. who has profited from it already?

  21. George Soros seems to be making a veiled threat to China over getting a deal done with him on their housing market. Recall, a couple months ago, he was there talking to them about Evergrande and chided Blackrock for buying up China stocks at the lows. This seemed more like a “get out of the way of my deal” public notice than a person being helpful.

    Does oil need to come down to the $72.25 area before a war so the weak holders are flushed out and those in the know can buy cheaper? Seems to be how things work most of the time so I’m guessing we’ll hear a lot more about peace, peace, peace before war suddenly hits. Noticed Clif is not putting much out so I’m guessing he’s deep in prep mode.

    I shorted gbp/jpy at 2:38am eastern at 155.18 and a 155.296 stop (11.6 pips). The one hour chart supply box keeps pushing it down so may see a down move before a final push up into non-farm payroll on Friday that reverses risk to risk off/short longer term. twt.

    • One could add self-fulfilling prophecies to the list.
      It seems those with control do have a process of ‘planting the seed’ and then paying people to go into an issue and/or geographic area to fulfill the gardening role of destruction and color revolutions.

      Something we have forgotten…Trump kind of forced/embarrassed the NATO countries into actually paying billions of their years of unpaid military fees. I wonder what was done with all that extra money and how it may provide an advantage and a stand down to any challenger.

      My future telling? I just look at charts,
      – see beginnings of a pattern I’ve seen in the past that I know what the outcome was and
      -extrapolate the new pattern that’s just starting, out to the future
      based on that past result happening again as the outcome for this time too.
      Add in learning Ure Wave and it’s kind of fun a few percent each day with low risk to the account and a plan always in place in case I’m wrong.
      I need some sleep!

    • Soros is a Nazi, the ChiComs are Marxists. They’re both socialist, but disagree violently on which ideology gets to run the show. Remember, Hitler offed the commies before he even started on the Jews…

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