Hardening War Lines, UN Fiasco, Fools in Charge

Early stock futures had the markets set to give-back half the Friday Bear slaughter.  We’ll be hoping for more, having thrown in with the negative Nelly’s late last week.

We will keep this morning’s column short.  Since the major focus around here is still spring cleaning of the office.  And getting ready for taxes which will be along all too soon.  The usual assortment of downloads, the “2021 Taxes” folder on the desktop is filling up, and the detail spreadsheets are getting populated. YMMV but prolly not by much.

Ukrainian Kabuki

Kabuki (???) is a classical form of Japanese dance-drama.

Everyone here is hoping for peace,” my Ukraine-based tech support agent (troubleshooting an SSL problem with our Ultra-Make.com site told me over the weekend.  Sadly, the Event Stack is ready to collapse.  Here’s why:

  1. Six Russian landing craft are likely to pass through Istanbul on their way towards waters off Odessa today and tomorrow.
  2. Russia’s “soft-call-up” has been ongoing claim social media accounts.  Biggest problem is whether you believe social.  (Pass.)
  3. We figure Bidensky or NATO is likely behind the report today revealing Cyberattack Targets Belarus’ Rail Network To Slow Flood Of Russian Forces Into The Country (thedrive.com).
  4. Of course, this muddies the water on my “war bet” with Daughter2.  Since reports from the front today reveal Ukrainian soldier wounded amid two enemy attacks in JFO area (ukrinform.net).
  5. And there may be more to follow as reports late Friday told us EXCLUSIVE Russia moves blood supplies near Ukraine, adding to U.S. concern, officials say | Reuters.  Story has been mainly disappeared from the news cycle now, however.

Later on, the UN Security Council does kabuki theatre as Russia, US, Ukraine to square off at UN Security Council – The Washington Post.  We fearlessly predict – since Russia has a blocking vote – NOTHING will come of it.  BUT, it runs the clock into Tuesday as what are now up to 135,000 Russian soldiers are ready to visit Europe.

The (damn, crooked, globalist-run) Mainstream Media are rolling with loserville future-meaningless crap.  Examples look to us like Woody Allen’s ‘Rifkin’s Festival’ Grosses Just $24,000 at Box Office and some crap about the upcoming alcohol-fired StuporBowl.

Must be something about my age:  Could it be that in your 70s, the tolerance for bullshit and time sinks decreases?  Do we seasoned citizens get crotchety or wise?  Or is it that we don’t play with ourselves as much as the young do with their mental masturbations of social me-me, Hardlywood and sports?  Useless life-burners.

WRM: The Weakly’s Planner

“What Really Matters.”

Your personal future will not likely be as much shaped by Woody’s latest loser.  Nor Bowl movements.  Instead, might we offer:

America is being managed by the Four Fears:  Covid, Ukraine, Taiwan, and the Supply Chain.  Most everything else is minutia in terms of how life will roll around you.

Other than this, two features on the national weather that caught our eye included:

Wind and Winter pretty well sums it up, reckon.  We may get some “wintry mix” here in the East Texas Outback Thursday, but we get that every year, more or less.  It’s still winter, you know.

Yes, Supplements Work

Taking these supplements can help lower risk of developing autoimmune diseases – Study Finds.  Send it to your skeptical friends.

ATR: Guns, Gear, and Tools

Bull’s eye:  Visiting G2 spent Sunday welding up and mounting the new target for the shooting range.  Made of some 3/8th’s thick see I-beam, we’ll see how long it lasts.  Quite a while, I reckon.  Until a Barrett .50 comes to visit.  Then, all bets are off when the “reach out and touch” boyz play.

A few “test pops” from the 9s didn’t so much as dent.  Hell, they barely scratched the paint.

Speaking down-range: Problem with shooting sports is all the gun cleaning that follows.  Love the smell of Hoppe’s #9. There was an outfit over in Louisianna a few years ago that made a men’s aftershave/cologne that smell exactly like it. Potion #9, I think they called it.  If you run across it (or another Hoppe’s smell-alike, please send me a note.  For now, an order of Hoppe’s No. 9 Air Freshener, Pack of 3 for $12 bucks on the Zon will have to suffice.

Code in the Cold?  I failed to make mention this weekend of ham radio’s Winter Field Day.  Always the last weekend in January.  I’ve made a note to visit Home | winterfieldday next year to see if anyone else can be encouraged to take radios out into the cold and wild…

During radio contests, there’s always a ton of QRM – the Q-code abbreviation for interference.  Best one-liner of the weekend was a feller on the 40-meter voice band offering advice to a rude contester:

“Hey buddy!  What you do is look for the Biggest Knob on your radio and then give it a good hard spin.  Go somewhere else…”

Sent a thank you to Rings Workshop YT channel for their shop organization videos linked in ShopTalk Sunday.

My missing in shipping new toolbox is due to land tomorrow (fingers crossed).  But in the meantime, retired TV engineer Hank out on the Big Island is skeptical of Ure having a personal benchtop organizational epiphany.”  “Getting another tool(box) will not solve the ‘Operator Problem’.”

While America persists in “making up industry” across a whole raft of political correctness concepts (which ultimately divide the country), we’d sure like to see additional monetization’s developed for those of us who are “organizationally deficient.”  Having “grief counselors” standing by for Bad News events could be supplemented with “Messy Workbench Interventions.” Especially on Monday’s.  Be something worth President Brandon Do-Little taking on, fo sho…

Write when you clean up a bit from the weekend,


80 thoughts on “Hardening War Lines, UN Fiasco, Fools in Charge”

  1. If the 9 didn’t even scratch the paint or make a dent in the new target stand one question comes to mind. Are Ure sure you hit it? :)

  2. George

    Years ago I had a chance to fire my M1A Battle Rifle in 7.62 NATO caliber at a 3/8 inch thick steel target. This was at a 100 yard public range.
    I only fired one round to see what effect it would have. To my surprise the full metal jacket round almost penetrated the plate. It left a crater on the plates front side about the size of a Quarter coin. The back side of the plate had a dome of expanded steel that was raised almost 3/8 inch.
    I was using Winchester ammo in 7.62 x 51mm standard NATO configuration.
    I am very satisfied with that rifle and have put less than 500 rounds through it to keep the barrel as accurate as possible just in case Ma Bell as I call her needs to come out her rest. I call her that as she can reach out and touch the target with a Long Distance call!
    I have the matching scope that is calibrated for 7.62. A blessing for old eyes pushing 73 really hard!
    All citizens should have a scoped rifle ready to remind the politicians who really owns the country!

    • “All citizens should have a scoped rifle ready to remind the politicians who really owns the country!”

      Politicians don’t (give a hoot!!) about that and other issues, unless someone really did mean it ;-(; That’s a slim chance, as history has proven over and over. However, many suckers believe in the power of the gun, IMHO, of course. (Think about the Jews before the holocaust — if you need an example?)

    • One of these days I intend to get an M1A to accompany my Garand. I promised myself I would some day after firing my qualifications in the Navy in Guam. Fell in love with that rifle right then and there. Just can’t bring myself to get an AR. Too many whistles and bells.

      Waiting for my .308 Winchester M70 Varminter to come back from the shop after putting a Krieger barrel on it. Hopefully ought to dot and “i” at several hundred yards and may reach out to a mile at the ranch. It’ll be an arc like a mortar but we’ll see.

      • ARs are Barbies for men. You buy the basic rifle, then add all the stuff to dress it up. They’re also like potato chips. No one can have just one. I held off for years, then finally fell into the depths of depravity and built one. That one was lonely, so I had to build another for my wife. Black Rifle Disease is worse than Covid. It’s contagious and expensive. But hoo-boy, are they fun to shoot! Much more accurate than I had expected, and almost no recoil. Even my wife enjoys shooting it.

        As for the M1A, it won’t do anything ballistically that the M1 won’t, it’ll just do it more times before having to reload. That M1 is good out to at least 1200 yards with its iron sights. Just be sure to calibrate the elevation on the sight before trying long distance.

  3. I am just below the 70 mile marker, BUT YES with age comes experience which dictates in many (WISENESS) for some of us it is more than others as that is effected by your variety of life experiences. for me highly classified work in various fields along with mucho time out-of-country in 3rd world dumps as well as other places gives me LOTS of perspective on MANY things.
    The base near me is still vacant of the fly boys and this has NOT happened in the 18 years I have been here. They were sent out, this only happens when things are close to going hot. SOOOOOO it is not over yet as far as the potential is still very high.

    • I have to call and see if my nephew has been deployed..they gave him thirty days off just after xmas..

  4. I highly recommend those interested in strategy and policy development read the following article from the Center for Strategic and International Studies.


    The authors present a list of ‘most likely’ analysis of alternatives and their recommended courses of action (COAs) regarding the anticipated Russian invasion of all or part of the Ukraine.

    Regarding whether the U.S. should stand up to a Russian incursion/invasion, the authors provide their historically based recommendation:

    “In his 1947 Foreign Affairs article titled “The Sources of Soviet Conduct,” Cold War diplomat George F. Kennan remarked:

    [T]he thoughtful observer of Russian-American relations will find no cause for complaint in the Kremlin’s challenge to American society. He will rather experience a certain gratitude to a Providence which, by providing the American people with this implacable challenge, has made their entire security as a nation dependent on their pulling themselves together and accepting the responsibilities of moral and political leadership that history plainly intended them to bear.34

    The U.S. leadership that Kennan described is increasingly essential.”

    Ukraine will be a ‘make or break’ event, not just for Joe Biden, but for all of America. How the nation and its allies respond to Russian aggression will chart America’s course for decades to come, if not centuries. But the overall mood in America is decidedly different than it was in 1947 when Kennan penned the above quote. The nation then had just led, and won, the war against fascism. Industry was booming. Confidence in our leadership was high. The nation was generally truly united. Today, not so much. Citizen stands against citizen, race against race, cause against cause. The nation needs to collectively take a good, hard look in the mirror and ask if ‘we the people,’ our conflicted society and our desiccated industries have what it takes to engage in a protracted conflict which could end many young lives and cost trillions of dollars to prosecute? I’m on the fence on that last one.

    Of one thing I am certain. America is at a crucial pivot point in its history. Much depends upon how the nation as a whole responds to coming events. As a military officer I was expected to respect whoever held the office of the presidency of the U.S. and obey all lawful orders issued by them. Per the Constitution, they are the commander-in-chief, but modern presidents, especially 44, 45 and 46, do not neatly fit into that pivotal role. Furthermore, presidents must rely upon their senior defense officials and intelligence agencies to help them make the right decisions in matters like the Ukraine. What worries me tremendously is how poor that advice was on the recent Afghanistan withdrawal. Not that America shouldn’t have left that crucible of chaos, but how the exit was so poorly executed. I’m left with the impression that America’s top military leadership lacks key skillsets and, as a whole, are not up to the tasks required of them to do their duty and to do it well. There are bad actors out there who think nothing of murdering thousands or millions to achieve personal power. That reality needs to be confronted and thoughtfully planned for. I’m left feeling that, if there is such a plan, it is covered in dust within the bowels of the Pentagon. Dear God, I hope I’m wrong.

    • With respect to your vows as well as mine, we are obligated to remove the sitting president as dictated by the constitution protocol and Biden fits that theme in more than one way, BUT so did Obama and NOTHING happened.

    • When I was pulling Alerts under the bunnies of Arkansas our DEFCON was at 4. I wonder what it is now?
      If it gets to 2 then I might pack up myself and the Mrs. plus my son and his family and head for our rural Mississippi property!
      A well placed nuke at the junction of Canal Street and the Mississippi River in New Orleans would affect us greatly in Slidell across lake Ponchatrain from the Big Easy!

    • Military Power FOLLOWS economic power, and no, trading pieces of derivities paper and insurance or banking instruments does NOT count as economic power, only MANUFACTURING, INVENTING, with WORK FORCE EDUCATION/DEDICATION and TRANSPORTATION assisting those first two items count.

      The US is no longer the world’s Economic Power when one looks at manufacturing, though we “currently” are still the inventing powerhouse with Japan, Germany and China nipping at our heels. (Europe has a MUCH bigger manufacturing economy than the US does now, about 80% bigger, but both of us now pale in comparison to China)

      With economic decline comes military decline, relative to those who now reside higher on the economic ladder. My review of history shows that the response delay /lag is about 15 to 20 years, but the switch between the US and China is now here in spades since on a PPP basis China went ahead of the US in the 2000-2010 or so time frame depending upon how you crunch the manufacturing numbers, and have only gotten worse for the US since.

      On the most basic level look at the old standards as to which country was considered the most economically powerful … they revolved around steel production and transportation. WRT steel China with 4x our population produces 12x the amount of steel that we do. WRT aluminum it is worse, China outproduces us 20x. Run down the list of all of the basic items for an industrialize society and China is out producing the US up to 100/1, steel is actually our best performing category.

      Transportation? You need to look no further than China’s high speed passenger rail system (technology STOLEN from Europe … but then they IMPROVED upon it). OMG, no comparison to the US, light years ahead o fus even with their regular passenger trains.

      China’s freight rails have been similarly built up into a mighty and efficient system. Roads? Starting from scratch they have built a highway system that is MORE impressive and bigger than our Interstate Highway System.

      On the technology and invention front China is pouring HUGE amounts of money AND allowing new companies to get started and for the founders /inventors to make LOTS of money off of them (unlike Russia where the Oligarchs want to keep all the money in THEIR pockets).

      In the basics of science arena China is now pouring 10x to 30x per year what the US is spending, and per a friend who is on the board that approves NSF funding for certain types of science in the US in a grant where the US will fund a couple of Phd’s, 5 grad students and a couple of helpers for a research area China will fund 20 Phd’s and 20 grad students plus an unlimited number of helpers and lab space.

      China’s Research Labs are where many of the new breakthroughs in Science are going to be coming from once they have another decade of experience of operating those types of research labs behind them (most of the senior scientists actually did post Phd science training in the US with a smattering of some who did it in Europe instead – so they are very familiar with how the US has run it’s basic science research and are duplicating our efforts but with 10x to 20x the amount of money).

      Then of course we have the fracturing of the US population wrt our cohesiveness as a culture. The banker class has been determined to get richER at the expense of the workers utilizing a number of “tricks” to do that including offshore of manufacturing and starving existing businesses of R&D and investment capital … which has discouraged and alienated much of the traditional working class of the US.

      Finally you have the situation where the Political Elites have LIED to get the “Cannon Fodder” into a series of Wars, a dyanmic that extends all the way back to the Vietnam War.

      Tonkin Gulf? – US Navy ships panicked shooting at phantom targets, which LBJ knew but still used the event as an excuse to get us heavily into Vietnam

      Gulf War 1 – Children being tossed out of Incubators? Sheesh … to say nothing of US Ambassador Gillespie reading word for word the cable from DC giving Sadam the Green Light to invade Kuwait

      Gulf War 2 – Sadam’s WMD’s? The US government and press attacks on the UN inspectors and even on the US inspectors who had been in and said it wasn’t happening was unbelievable … and then add in Colin Powell’s absolute LIES at the UN!! Colin Powell KNEW he was lying when talking about the Yellow Cake, and the WMDs, – anybody who rises to his position as CJCS knows the process from having Yellow Cake lying around to making an atomic bomb is long and tortuous, why it has taken Iran so many years and a HUGE industrial effort to finally get to being on the cusp of having one. Iraq didn’t even have the electrical generation capacity to run the centrefuges needed … and it is easy to measure the electricty that is being moved and one can’t hide all those high tension power lines they are ABOVE GROUND and easily observable – which Colin Powell KNEW (unless he was dumb as a box of rocks – which nobody claimes he was).

      Afghanistan – staying there for nearly 2 DECADES? (and then even with total air dominance and artillery support losing to a bunch of sheep herder types 1/2 of whom couldn’t even read or write) Sheesh …

      Much of the US population NO LONGER BELIEVES OR TRUSTS the Washington DC Political /Military Establishment nor the NY City Mass Media Establishment when it comes to their Crying WOLF when it comes to War anymore. The one constant about the cries coming out of those two major establishment sectors has been LIES, LIES upon LIES to justify WAR. Year after year. Waq after War.

      Why should the US public be willing to allow their sons and daughters to be MORE Cannon Fodder for the lies that those in DC and NY can’t seem to stop telling? Apparenlty they are NOT, at least any longer.

      Ask yourself WHY is the US Army now offering $50,000 enlistment bonuses for NEW enlistees? Obviously being patriotic isn’t cutting it anymore to get young people into the service.

      The US is HAVING TO GO to the “Mercenary Army” model so as to be able to continue to get people to fight for the US now. NOTE the high percentage of people in the combat areas where they US has been over the last 20 years who were there as CONTRACTORS, ie: paid MERCENARIES in the parlance of old, since they were doing jobs that previously the military did itself, INCLUDING FIGHTING!!

      Over 1/2 of those in Afghanistan at least the last 10 years of us being there I have read were “Contactors”. Great money for being a PAID MERCENARY for the US Government over the last 20 years, know several all of whom all who made or make in the hundreds of thousands of dollars a year for being a “hired killer” for lack of a better set of words.

      Ukraine …
      Ukraine is NOT critical for the US. If it wasn’t critical from 1789 until 2014 for the survival of the Unites States (225 YEARS if you can’t do the math) it is NOT CRITICAL TODAY!!

      If Ukraine is so critical for the US’s survival why weren’t we willing to go to War against Russia about it in 1945 when we had hundreds of thousands of troops sitting in Europe? Or go to War over it in the 1960’s? or 1970’s?

      The US is currently WAY over extended militarily for what it’s economy can support.

      The US is WAY over extended militarily from what it’s own population will support (why we have been FORCED to move to the Mercenary Army model with lots of MONEY for joiners and massive money payments to “Contractors” who are really just paid Mercenaries since the population will NOT join for fighting all the Wars that the Political and Media elites want the US to fight).

      Ukraine is NOT worth one single American’s death imo (and as shown by the Army’s new “Bonus Payment Scheme” the American Public is NOT rushing to sign up so as to fight in this new War that they want to get the US involved in)

      • Those who refuse to confront aggression are doomed to be consumed by it. This is a harsh truth across the vast spectrum of human interaction, from abusive partners and family members to our neighborhoods and schools and ultimately, with other nations. Teddy Roosevelt’s Big Stick philosophy applies. If we turn our backs to the abuse of tyrants, tyranny wins. Like standing dominos, nation after nation will fall, including America.

        Looking at Gen George Patton thru the lens of history, he was right about the Soviets/Russia. They cannot be trusted. Quoting Patton:

        “Russia knows what it wants. World domination. And she is laying her plans accordingly.”

        “Let’s keep our boots polished bayonets sharpened,and present a picture of force and strength to the Russians. This is the only language that they understand and respect.”

        “There are all kinds of low class slime who are trying and will continue
        to try to wreck this country from the inside. Most of them don’t know it. but they are actually working for the Russians. Some of them do know it, though. It doesn’t matter whether they call themselves communists, socialists, or just plain liberals. That is what thay are doing.”

      • “They cannot be trusted. Quoting Patton:”

        When Greed is involved in making decisions.. NO ONE can be trusted!

      • @LOOB

        ““Colin Powell’s absolute LIES at the UN!!”

        ??? Was he lying or did he believe it.. ”

        The problem with that Baltimore Sun article is it was written by someone with neither the desire to research or a relationship with someone who was actually “in the know.”

        I’m going to say this once, here and now. It is the absolute truth. Although I cannot cite sources, most of this material is public domain now, should someone choose to search it out…

        Saddam Hussein became the exalted leader of Iraq by offing Iraq’s “exalted leader.” Before that, he was Iraq’s equivalent to our “Secretary of Agriculture.” He was a genuine, bona fide biomolecular scientist (and a good one) who worked his way up the Iraqi food chain by doing very valuable work on diseases and parasitic infestations of livestock — specifically cattle.

        You will often read stuff, written by a lazy journalist or someone with an anti-American political agenda, regarding the U.S. sending bad bugs to Hussein.

        We did that.

        The writeup is biased or “agendaized” when it fails to mention the OTHER 26 NATIONS WHO ALSO SENT IRAQ BAD BUGS (and bad fungi like anthrax.)

        Iraq in the 1960s and ’70s was one of 28 nations whose government Ag programs did work to try and solve issues regarding cattle infestations and transmutable disease. ALL 28 traded strains of germs, bacteria, viri, and spores. This was Hussein’s scientific specialty, and the reason we (and the Brits, French, Canadians, Germans, Soviets, Argentinians, Japanese, Aussies, etc.) ALL sent local strains of things like botulism, mad cow, and anthrax to Mr. Hussein, and all got Iraq-localized strains of same, from Iraq.

        There was nothing sinister or “wrong” about it. It was pure science, done by a bunch of scientists whose goal was to make things better for everyone, worldwide.

        The fact Mr. Hussein turned to weaponizing some of this stuff in the 1980s & ’90s is beside the point. He, and the Iraqis, received it in good faith, and with good intentions.

        The CIA wanted a war with Iraq because Hussein was searching for a way to bind anthrax spores to microdust so fine it would be capable of “swimming” between the molecules which made up our biosuits and SCB/rebreather masks. This would be a bioweapon with a 50-80% kill rate, for which there could be no defense.

        We recovered hundreds of tons of chemical weapons from the Iraqi military.

        We recovered no nuclear weapons tech or enriched uranium, because all Iraq’s nuclear tech was sent to Syria in a series of convoys which traveled under a Russian flag, between the time we began inserting intel and logistics people in Baghdad (October, 2001) and the time we cut loose on Iraq (actually, IIRC the last two convoys left Baghdad at 37 days and 33 {or 34} days before we lit the country up, and contained Saddam’s wives and younger kids, along with treasure & tech…)

        It has always pissed me off that the media “moved the bar” to where “WMDs,” in Iraq’s case, ONLY meant nuclear weapons tech and materiel. As should now be painfully obvious, bioweapons kill people as efficiently as nuclear or chemical weapons — just not as quickly.

        We had no business going into Iraq. We used 9/11 as an excuse, simply because Hussein was getting close to his indefensible anthrax and our analysts deemed that a weapon we simply could not allow anyone to possess. The reason Saddam Hussein was “allowed to be executed” (along with a staff of about 4-5 others, BTW) was to ensure no one else could come along and make such a weapon. To this day I don’t know if W (or Cheney or Rummy) knew the real reason for the Iraq War. However, Bush43’s dad did…

      • LOOB; he was lying!!! I thought we all covered this a few months ago. He was a: Lying Dog Faced Pony Soldier!!!

    • “they are the commander-in-chief, but modern presidents, especially 44, 45 and 46, do not neatly fit into that pivotal role”

      Amen…as long as we keep voting in the same people ..can we expect more from them.
      It’s all scary.

      • We do NOT vote them in, LOOB. Come on, LOOB!

        They are Selected not Elected (except for Trump, they wanted OverTheHill, but they underestimated the American people, so they made sure that did NOT happen again in 2020.)

        Times are a changing, we got technology now, we can flip votes, lose em, recount em, spread em, mob the ballot box with thousands, and add on dead ones.

        Gone are the day of the mob going precinct to precinct.

  5. This is pretty succinct article on where and why oil prices are going:


    The only thing not mentioned is the previously low oil prices and how they combined with pandemic to shut down exploration 4 years ago… so add that into this mix and… voila!

    Natgas has been depressed for a decade, and now it is back in ‘fashion’… with natgas drilling climbing.

    Just kind of a reminder for what is rolling out into next fall.

  6. “The protests in Canada have not really ended.” Correct.

    The polite unwoke Canadians have wakened and not even the CBC (Communist News Corporation) can paint it differently (even though, God knows, they have tried).

    I watched this develop here for the last week. Truckers have come from East coast, West coast, USA, the Northwest Territories and everywhere in between. Tens of thousands of Canadians have stood on overpasses waving Canadian flags as the convoys went down the highways. I read this morning that the total length of the convoys was 10 times longer than the precious world record.

    The CBC did their best to paint this as a “fringe” group of radicals as Trudeau had called them, before they hustled him away to a secret hiding place. While tens of thousands protested peacefully in Ottawa with Canadian flags flying, CBC picked out a very small number of idiots that stood on the grave of the unknown shoulder and also mocked a Canadian hero by draping a Canadian flag around his statue. This was totally wrong of course, but unlike the BLM riots of 2020 in the USA, no statues were painted, torn down or damaged in any way.

    I think we are at turning point even in Canadaland. The liberals have marched us to the edge of the cliff. We looked over and didn’t like what we saw. The “fringe” is fighting back. The truckers who deliver our JIT inventories have a very large club to peacefully fight with.

    • What I’m surprised about is the USA hasn’t shuffled any of congress or other COG political leaders into undisclosed bunkers and stranger yet.. not a word from any of the vacationer’s out for perpetual recess has even indicated their disgust..as the whole world heads for anyalation of mankind..I am pretty shocked I had thought that the senator and presidential candidate from Texas or Rand Paul would of at least gotten on television to voice their disappointment that this situation is spiralingout of control. It was also strange that today the state department and the Pentagon had live updates to the nation ..

  7. “A few “test pops” from the 9s didn’t so much as dent. Hell, they barely scratched the paint.” Ure moral from the story: Stay alive carry a .45!

      • Ure’s is a good one George! But I’m scratching my noggin trying to figure out how to carry a M61 with jungle clips and Barrett concealed. The carrot no problem. If you have plans for an invisibility cloak please post asap! Thanks in Advance!

      • “I’m scratching my noggin trying to figure out how to carry a M61 with jungle clips and Barrett concealed”

        Lol lol lol..that’s easy.. be creative…get a leg holster and if your questioned say your sorry but you just seen a pretty woman.. lol lol..

        • Call my friends up at Gunfighters Inc. Sure a snazzed up looking version of my Kenai chest holder could be beefed to handle a Barrett and an M1A2 hanging on it… Might have to work on upper body strength.
          BTW on CV-19, Albuterol works fine. There’s a Chinesium herbal called Clear Lungs on the Zon I have used.
          Breathing ain’t all bad…quite habit-forming…

      • “Might have to work on upper body strength.” Now that is really royal George! LMAO this morning. Nice way to start the day! Thanks!

    • Sadly I got a call from the doctor just a few minutes ago.. the results of the tests show I don’t have a little lung damage as they had originally thought. Instead there was a great deal more damage from covid.. I will more than likely be using an inhaler the rest of my life..

  8. Bengals going to the Super Bowl?!? That’s a sure sign of impending upset in our Universe.
    If there’s a quatrain predicting THAT, I may have to rethink my skepticism.

    • There was, 34 years ago..

      In the age of the games of slaughter
      there will appear a dance by a player
      certain cats from India in a kerfuffle
      certain to see an Ickey shuffle.

      Quacktrain #0U812

    • Another George,

      I don’t have a favorite. However it would be apropos to have a south-asian carnivore as team mascot getting an invite to the Oval Office set. Who Dey helps kickoff the Year of the Tiger? It has more bite than the commander-in-chief having a photo-op with Rampage the goat.

    • The Bengal is a tiger. Chinese New Year starts tomorrow, Feb 1st, the ‘year of the Tiger!’ Universe is winking.

    • “Bengals going to the Super Bowl?!”

      OMG. NOW I AM AFRAID… besides the fubar in charge working to destroy the human race…HELL is freezing over to..
      We are in a real serious pickle

    • Karma…

      John Madden died — Raiders beat the holy bejeezus out of the Colts.

      Johnny Fever (Howard Hesseman) died — Cincinnati beat the KC steamroller.

      If no major celeb dies in LA, look for Cincinnati to win the Superbowl.

      BTW, probably still not gonna watch…

  9. Next month TRUTH Social will be here, Presidents Day.

    Twitter started with $5,000,000 and didn’t have the template. Trump has the template.

    “June 2007 – Twitter holds its first round of funding, raising $5 million and receiving a valuation of $20 million.”

    “Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG), announced it has secured $1 billion.”

    $1,000,000,000 is an impressive amount to start a social media company. TRUTH Social is going to be so amazing or a

  10. I was taught that – no matter the project., from baking bread, working on the bench., art project., or wrenching on the sidecar rig., it’s not complete until you clean-up and it’s cleaner and in better shape than when you started.
    – So, I don’t have the problem that Ure do. Can’t relate.

  11. I think the situation in Ottawa is worth watching. IMHO, the “protest” begins today, when the idiot bureaucrats asked the drivers to leave. They were tolerated for the weekend, but nothing happened and if they leave, nothing will happen.

    At some point, you need to crowd in so closely that nothing can move for weeks or possibly months. Only when the peaceful yet immovable protesters remain unyielding and the idiots start getting really hungry might they stop their power tripping “mandates”. Yes, that will cause pain, and only pain causes action by these self-appointed tyrants. The truckers are not moving product and even if they go home, they won’t move product, so they’re fully capable of taking down the Canadian economy – perhaps ours too. The Canadian vaxx mandates are set to extend to inter-provincial truckers too, so that will bring the country to a standstill, or at least balkanize it. These truckers have my full support. Freedom trumps safety all the time! Safety is a nice luxury, but most real jobs are not safe, including winter trucking! Take away freedom and people have no reason to participate at all.

    I’d hope that the American “government” would pay attention, but I doubt that they even have that ability.

    • The Yanks have begun to join the party. Justine probably wet herself when the border reports from Niagra, Windsor, Port Huron, and the Soo began to come in…

    • On the Pentagon live update today..the speaker brought up that the country has had threats over the power grid and internet being shut down..
      Best to at least print the ledger out just in case.. then you can at least pull it out of your pocket and say look see I have numbers lol..

    • See Comex Silver Chart – contract trading front month. Exactly matches the GLD Chart.

      What is the GLD made up of ?

      Comex Silver contract is how “they”: control the Price of All Gold Miners. Imagine the Built in Profit makers every month. Long PM miners Puts – check/ profitable, Short COMEX Silver – check/profitable, Shorting against SLV retail orders – so easypeasy even Jorge could do it! ; > )

      SLV Trust goes Long Siver Phyz(for each individual Long retail investor purchase) for trust, goldman Shorts the daylights out of the Comex Silver versus Retail longs?? CAPTURED !
      Regulators, SEC, FNRA – ALL painfully banging the little guys and girls, while rolling over and grabbing their collective ankles.

      We Must! We Must! We Must increase our Profits on their backz, stupid sheepz.

  12. Was @ WMT last night and saw the canned shredded beef/pork/chicken was replenished. It looks like they replace by the 12 can case. Was that a week?

    • Picked up a couple cans of GV Sweet Peas. Cans already in pantry are 15 ounce cans; new ones are 14.1 ounce cans.

  13. “Spring Cleaning of the office”….

    LOL … Ure planet, appropriately named “Ure Planet”, is a different one than I reside on!! No wonder you can be early about things at times. SPRING for most of the country is STILL a few weeks away. Even Miami was down to 33 over the weekend, THAT is not “Spring Break in Florida” weather!! (ah … the memories)

    I’m not complaining here even though this past week saw below zero weather with only a light snow cover. A few days of below zero at night with only mid teens during the day combined with a very light snow cover freezes out most of the bugs that plague Florida and other warm wet climates. Those freeze outs make our springs, summers, and falls, relatively “nice” on the bug front … though I will concede it does nothing to reduce the summer State Bird population in Minnesota, only seems to make them more numerous and hungry (Mosquitoes!!)

    I do wish we were getting more snow this year. Very heavy snows have been North of us by 20 miles, West of us by 25 miles, East of us by 15 miles, and South of us by 15 miles … alas I currently live in a SNOW REPEL ZONE which is NOT to my liking since I LIKE snow, even the shoveling doesn’t both me.

    Well enjoy URE spring!! Ure spring flowers should be poking up any day now :-), ours are still weeks away.

  14. Best book on health you will ever read “Rapid Virus Recovery”….FREE online.
    Nebulizing with hydrogen peroxide. Kills pathogens from your mouth to your
    anus and rebalances gut microbes. It cleaned out my asthmatic lungs and used regularly I don’t need an inhaler.

  15. February 1, Russian has its turn as Chair of the UN Security Council.
    Per UN rules, the Chair decides what is forwarded for a vote.

    Russia will not even need to veto a US sanction resolution regarding invasions, just not bring it up for a vote.

  16. Mr Ure ,

    Nothing was more urgent to report on 60 Minutes this Sunday that on an “Hour of Music.” We can all go back to our reality tv now, kick back an relax. Nothing to see here.

    Nothing to me is a more S is about to HTF warning than that. A National/ Global News(?) Current Events (?) Television Magazine….. Sure….

  17. George, You want to be careful with your still plate. Good friend of mine was shooting his 308cal. at his steel plate, the round came back and just missed him and his son-in-law. But it took out his basement window!

  18. “Must be something about my age: Could it be that in your 70s, the tolerance for bullshit decreases?”

    To me you’re a YOUNGSTER ;-). Just wait another 20-30 years and you will have gotten much wiser, because all issues that will matter is this one: Will you be able to remain independent and be able to WALK; All else will seem less & less important!!

    Longevity is overrated by semi-demented folks.

    • “Just wait another 20-30 years and you will have gotten much wiser,”

      I pray he will be able to..

    • My dear old aunt always had a sweet disposition, despite the advancing frailties of age. She once told me: “The more you complain, the longer God makes you live!”

  19. That winter storm that is being hyped up has me dead central in the worst of it here in S. Indiana. I can let you know Thursday or Friday if it’s all they scream it’s going to be, provided I still have power. :) The ice storm that hit my region in 2009 had my (previous) home without electricity for a week. Ah, good times…

    Hey, just a little fyi, the Kanucks plan to move police in on the protesting truckers. They might have a problem if they do. I just read about one of the security detail for the truckers is an ex-military/police sniper. He already knows the punches that the gov will pull, and is ready with a counterplan, as all good tactical types are want to do.

    • One of the trucks outside Parliament had it’s front wheels removed. It would be much harder to tow if the trailer was attached and the drive wheels were removed and on blocks. Even as they stand, it could conceivably take hours to move one of those trucks if the driver properly disabled it.

      A protest is only meaningful if it makes a difference, and Turdow is moaning that it’s costing 800K a day in lost business. That doesn’t even begin to count the cost of those trucks and drivers not doing the cross border runs. I’m still trying to understand the deep game that requires so many critical infrastructure people be injected with toxins! They’re still serious about it even though the alleged need for these things has essentially evaporated.

      Obviously, the entire western world is under stealth attack. The real question is: “WHO or WHAT is the enemy?”.

    • You should probably keep your head (and tail) down, on this one. I’ve been following this storm since it was a gleam in God’s eye, and I expect a lot of Indiana and Ohio to lose power — all depends on how fast the temperature drops. If you get 1/10″ of ice you may skate; if you get 2/10″ yer done, because that bigassed snowfall is going to stick to the power lines like a crystal-growing kit. If you guys don’t have a generator, I suggest you go to a Rural King or Big “R” and buy one. The panic buyers haven’t remembered those stores yet, but by tomorrow, when there’s not a genset left at any TSC or bigbox between Omaha and Wheeling, they’ll figure it out…

  20. Winter Field Day…. “to see if anyone else can be encouraged to take radios out into the cold and wild…”

    The East Hawaii ‘expedition’ went up over 7000 ft on the side of Maunakea, braving 40 degree temps above the tree line. (Cold for us… jealous for snow bunnies on the mainland) I was not able to go, but the crew had fun. That’s the main thing.

  21. See they used their sheetcoin as a treasury and pumped the juice . Cut straddle . Full short crash mode . Wait for gold buy signal. That’s me

  22. After calling out truckers and tens of thousands of peaceful protestors in Ottawa today for their hateful rhetoric, Truedope then advised us and I quote.

    “I have attended protests and rallies in the past. When I agreed with the goals, when I supported the people expressing their concerns and their issues, Black Lives Matter is an excellent example of that.”

    As far as I know there has not been a dollar’s worth of damage to public property nor a single arrest during this protest. Not one gun shot and the only fires have been in BBQs. If I remember correctly, the BLM protests in summer 2020 totalled close to 2 billion dollars and left hundreds of buildings burned to the ground.

    • The political correctness/Soros brainwashing update involved removal of the Accounting Module and writing over any registry references with a new program called Psi-Guilt. This update only works on models with an Interrupt Quotient of less than 105 and only models produced after 1975. (Geez, BIC, “Humans as a high tech product” column begins to shape up there, don’t it?)

      • Don’t you believe it. I know a lot of people between 25-55 whose Interrupt is beyond release 140, but whose laziness and failure to install the “Common Sense” patch has limited their output to great syntax, but limited to v0.85 data or garbled I/O.

  23. Comrades,

    The WH props department needs Hollywood help. Today they allowed The Boss adjacent a cluttered sidetable and facemask dangling from one ear to address The Emir of Qatar and assembled cameras. The Emir, His Majesty Tammin the Glorious, appeared thoughtful and composed with his mask neatly placed atop a knee.p

  24. Heard, but not able to find a source for this: “Russia has told their people they need to be out of all NATO countries by Feb 5.”
    It almost seems like this is all front running by the US trying to talk people into war.
    It’s been interesting following this massive lawsuit in the EU. Maybe this is what the supposedly impending cia started war will be covering up? https://beforeitsnews.com/the-law/2022/01/reiner-fullmich-announces-grand-jury-proceeding-befin-feb-5th-2458611.html

    • Don’t expect the US to be given an opportunity to participate in the prosecution of a Covid proceeding. The EU will run the show. If the NATO membership changes , it will be over the origins of Covid and it’s aftermath. Refer to A. Lincoln’s discussion of public lies.

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