Markets: Count Dropula (but Hype Recovery)

“I just vahnt to suck your vahllet!”  Yes, the all-American horror movie is back and playing the lead is Wall Street.  Likely to play through Halloween, when the democrat-driven Election Hysteria promises to be the next block-buster at failing media does the only trick it knows:  Crisis-Rolling.

Before we lay out two interesting “Jobs” stories, though, a momentary reflection on?

Ghosts of Data Past

At the close Wednesday, I swore off doing any market play-by-play.  But, if you missed it, our calls for the Wednesday session were spot-on.  I don’t plan to do that any more, since I don’t make any money on it. Less work to leave my trading notes on the desk.

The exercise may have been useful to people who can’t figure out what a simpleton in the woods could possibly know about trading “modern stocks.”  No much, as it turns out.

Let’s roll out the white-board and huff on the dry-erase markers for a moment.  (Ahhh…much better, thank you!)  

Consider the market position at the close yesterday versus the all-time highs  back on February 19th of this year:  See where the growth has been:

Which screams what, exactly?

First, is the Blue Chips have been given the blues.  You just can’t have 9 percent fewer people working and not notice some consumer discretionary going “Poof!”  Ditto for the S&P 500, but a smaller “poof” (a “puff” maybe?) because there is more tech in the mix.

But the screaming winner was?  FAANGS ruled!  When the Fed decided to shovel money into this (turd of a) market, it seems to have landed mostly in the tech sector where Americans are still captivated by Harlequin Romances of EBITDA earnings.  Which is really remarkable, when you think about it:  How deep was the crater from the Internet Bubble bottom (2000-2003)?  $5 to $7-trillion?  And yet, high hype growth stories are still in vogue.

It’s like we haven’t learned a thing…which, come to think of it is more likely true than we’d like to believe.  Meantime, either Tech’s on Crack or the Dow is oversold.  We’ll take the drugs and curtain #3.

Count Dropula

Trend channels (*Raff), Elliott (R.N.) and other technical concepts aren’t particularly hard to grasp.

Until a short while back (where “e” peaked) we had been in a nice rising market.  Not that it was real – since the Fed has made up 30-35% more paper in this period – by what matters is “real” or not, the profits spend the same.

That was the rising trend channel there on the left.  Which then broke, resulting in a downward trend channel in red.  so, until we break convincingly above that red declining trend resistance, we have our bear suit on.

Bears think they can count in this Circus, so they figured we did a wave 1 down, a 2 up and we COULD be in a Wave 3 decline.  And that means that Wednesday MIGHT have been 3(iii) down and a little pause in here for a 3(iii)[b] could be constructive –  for the Bears.  Or is that over, already?  We shall see…

If we get a small bounce today?  Well, let’s see what happens….  Ure’s still expecting S&P 3,000 before election day.  (Which we will rename as Crisis Day with all the hype going around…)

The Weekly Jobs Report

What might result in a tick up in the market today would be a decent jobs report.  So without further delay:

“In the week ending September 19, the advance figure for seasonally adjusted initial claims was 870,000, an increase of 4,000 from the previous week’s revised level. The previous week’s level was revised up by 6,000 from 860,000 to 866,000. The 4-week moving average was 878,250, a decrease of 35,250 from the previous week’s revised average. The previous week’s average was revised up by 1,500 from 912,000 to 913,500.

The advance seasonally adjusted insured unemployment rate was 8.6 percent for the week ending September 12, a decrease of 0.1 percentage point from the previous week’s revised rate. The previous week’s rate was revised up by 0.1 from 8.6 to 8.7 percent. The advance number for seasonally adjusted insured unemployment during the week ending September 12 was 12,580,000, a decrease of 167,000 from the previous week’s revised level. The previous week’s level was revised up 119,000 from 12,628,000 to 12,747,000. The 4-week moving average was 13,040,750, a decrease of 478,000 from the previous week’s revised average. The previous week’s average was revised up by 29,750 from 13,489,000 to 13,518,750.”

Sheesh – enough revisions to give me a headache…  The next speed bump on the Financial Freeway to Hell will be the Fed H.6 Looney Money Stock report too late except for the after-hours session.  Which is where we might…er….let’s keep a few cats in the bag.  

Headlines around the job report go to the idea “Jobs continue to struggle” when in fact, jobs are doing just what they should do.  What’s REALLY  in trouble is excessive consumption…notice how no one mentions this?

Anyways. the Durable Goods tomorrow seems likely to be a reveal on that.

Jobs, Trump & Media Hysteria, II

Hysteria’s contagious, in case you hadn’t noticed.

A short discourse (after another huff on the marker, thank you) about how the Internet elites are playing “Hide the Sausage and Going After Trump.”  As you’ll see, this involves a different kind of “jobs.”

We begin the tale by asking Google “Who owns The Atlantic?”

Result #1?  The pointer is to David G. Bradley’s Wikipedia entry.  Which is absolutely wrong and misleading because if you read far enough into it, you find deep in the article several sections in:

“On 28 July 2017, Bradley sold his majority ownership of The Atlantic to Emerson Collective, which is an organization owned by multi-billionaire investor and philanthropist Laurene Powell Jobs (the widow of former Apple Inc. chairman and CEO Steve Jobs), but with Bradley retaining a minority ownership share.”

And yes, she is a democrat.  In fact, she is a very, very BIG democrat as we see in the website list of her largess over here.  Come to think of it, the Emerson Collective fit in the high roller column, too – tossing in at least a couple of million to various liberal causes.

I mention this because her publication (The Atlantic) is the source of much left-leaning hyperbole which lately has been raising the question of whether Donald Trump will leave office IF defeated by the Biden-Harris ticket.

Mostly, I mention this for Ure’s daughter #2 – who wondered how crazy it is going to get.  I told her basically what I’m telling you:   “Everything’s (still) a Business Model.”

Yes, taking over the government is a business model.  With this kind of big money sloshing around (and the republicans aren’t poor, either) we have to think voting is not quite what it’s made out to be in the brainwashing centers schools.

Bash Central?

Ure’s point is when you read  the recently far-more left-leaning anti-Trump stories out of  The Atlantic, you can do some homework and follow the money.  Because, looks to us like The Atlantic has become really focused on Donald Dumping:

This may reveal a business opportunity, though:  Why doesn’t someone just come out with Trump Hate Monthly?  Hell, I might take Curtain #2 and launch  The Jerk Joe Monthly… (and spearhead serial impeachment drives, lol.)

We don’t have elections in America – who are you kidding?  It’s all about persuasion blocks and money.  Thus, it would make more sense to just put elective positions up on eBay and name the high bidders on the fly.  That way we’d at least be able to adjust our wallet flows according to the bidders bent.

Here’s something absolutely hysterical to me:  Why in God’s name would a conservative talk show host like Rush Limbaugh be such an Apple fan?  Am I the only one who looks at where the money flows eventually?

In presidential elections, you vote once every four years (even after death in some cases).  But Ure enjoys the pleasure of daily voting.  Linux,  Android…solar panels, living on his tree farm.  You following this, right?  The  walk and the  talk are in modest alignment…

I’m still not sure why that other Texas environmentalist never made a big deal about his very eco-friendly home over in Crawford, but maybe there are laws to political dances that I’m not on the distro for… 

Ure Serious?

After much discussion about how “Uncle Ben’s Rice” was somehow racist, Adweek note popped in yesterday that it’s going to be “Ben’s Original” henceforth.  

Affinity group marketing is an odd thing and we’re beating a pathat to insanity. We look at the Mars Foods move with some skepticism, too.  Consumers (based on how they vote) are a pretty stupid lot.  Amazon must know this because they sell black rice AND white rice.  And what is now (vanilla?) Ben’s.

As gender insanity spreads to the groxcery aisles, we look for the predictable appearance of  gay rice and  straight rice.  Women’s rice and men’s rice will follow and ad budgets will continue growing…

Speaking of gender, did you see ForbesGender Recognition Act: 6 Things We’ve Learnt From The Consultation Results?”

And one more: The U.K. Government Has Finally Responded on Gender Recognition for Trans People. LGBT Groups Say It Is ‘Lackluster’”  But this leaves us wondering “Do you want equality of legislated “Specialness?”  Sheesh. Sounds like the latter to me.   Can we PLEASE get back to equal meaning something radical…like equal?

Airport Kennels

Here’s a ground-floor business to get in on:  Airport Kennel Operations.

Came to me in a flash as I read how “Dogs that are trained to sniff out the coronavirus are being deployed at Helsinki Airport.”

The digital brain began to scream:  “How many dogs do we need in airports?”  I’m allergic to all but a few breeds like SCWT’s, poodles and such…so air travel is becoming riskier all the time.

  • We had regular police dogs
  • Then Bomb Dogs
  • And Drug Dogs
  • And now…remarkably…CV-19 dogs.

I’m telling you, we can take the remnants of our 24-different bathrooms plumbing company (one for each gender here lately) and flip it into an airport kennel.  Even more revenue if we can have people bring their pooches to the counter at check-in….

I have two bags and a Labradoodle to check in…”

Sick, Just Sick

(No helping me now…)

CBS reporting CDC director warns 90% of U.S. population susceptible to COVID-19.  They don’t give any clues how to get into the 10%, though, so onto the useless stack.

Then, thumbing through the “sick” stories…

Michelle Obama Jokes Her Daughters Have Gotten ‘Sick’ of Her and Barack Obama During Quarantine.”  Didn’t take a quarantine for us to get there…

And your tax dollars at work: The US Military’s Latest Wearables Can Detect Illness Two Days Before You Get Sick.  Not on Amazon, yet… but fashion – or what passes as it – is sick already, anyway.

Off to wait for whatever…  The big Event at the ranch today is it’s Garbage Day.  Whee!

Write when you get rich,

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    • Hi Gaye hope your weathering the times ok….. I have discovered that Amazon is my friend to.. LOL LOL LOL when you can’t get it anywhere else.. amazon has it.. or can get it..

    • Hello, Gaye, how’s AZ?

      The genius of Bezos is he got 100,000 small and niche vendors to sign on to his “affiliate network.” When I’m shopping for nearly anything that’s not food, I am looking for a particular item to perform a specific function, and there’s no such thing as “almost,” or “good enough.”

      I go to a hardware or genmerch or craft (or whatever) store to “buy local,” an item they should have on the shelf (often something their website says they DO have in-stock), and they don’t: “Yeah, we can GET that — it’ll take about two weeks and you will have to pay shipping…”


      Amazon (or one of their affiliates will (almost-certainly) have it. They’ll deliver in two days, often for free. It may cost more; it may cost less (it always costs less after cost of shipping is figured in. The point is I won’t have forgotten how to finish the project I’m working on, when it arrives.

      I don’t like shopping Amazon or fattening Bezos’ wallet or head, but when faced with an unacceptable alternative I’m going to do so, or at least use Amazon as a starting point from which to search for a manufacturer or vendor…

  1. “How many dogs do we need in airports?”
    We had regular police dogs
    Then Bomb Dogs
    And Drug Dogs
    And now…remarkably…CV-19 dogs.”

    You know.. I love to go car shopping.. car salesmen use the same tactics in sales that a lot do.. they have one salesman working with the people .. one salesman reading the people.. then you have bob the floor manager LOL make an offer then I will see what bob has to say.. if the one reading the customers sees something he steps in tag team fashioned.. so I would take one person just to work with the one reading the people keep his butt busy.. and if he has to take the offer to bob.. the offer just dropped ten percent if the salesman isn’t smart enough to know what sale prices are.. ( they do it is on a sheet )… LOL well one place was really tough to do that with so I would take my buddies dog.. he was such a whiner.. but if he sensed someone being edgy he would just nip the buttocks LOL.. not hard just enough.. god those were the days.. I loved to go car shopping just for the fun.. get all kinds of great things by doing that.. but what if.. if your single you could use a dog that sniffs out inspired ladies in busy airports and shopping malls .. LOL pheramones you know improve the single or lonely mans odds LOL LOL.. and a dog doesn’t have any manners at all just sticks its nose where it wants to make sure… LOL sort of like a guy I use to walk behind just to apologize for his actions and manners LOL

  2. Yo G-Dude,

    We already bring our dogs to check in counter.

    Majority of airports in US have Poochie Powder Rooms – near front of each Gate (A,B,C,D,..)

    They have plastic fire hydrants & green astro turf for the poochies peeing pleasure.

    Sinks, short hose for wash down of astro turf, hell I even peed on the hydrant once during a particularly rushed changeover to connecting flight(mums the word).
    Haha no modesty here – as they all have big glass window in entry doors.

    Good to know my (2) little Irish jacks will keep the “Grumpasaurasses” well away while traveling – exactly opposite of the reaction little Children have to Us at Airports – The Pied Piper got nuthing on ECD.

    No worries Didi&Gogo..

  3. True story 1 year ago I was having transmission problems with my 10 yr old truck – I read where Range Rover was having sales problems especially with the Velar model. Made an inquiry on true car – got an email that day from a local automation dealer internet expert. Ignored it 2 days later same thing ignored it. 2 days later I get an email from the general manager – I send him a response that I’d be glad to haggle but from their invoice not sticker. He responds send me a car from inventory – send him a 67k sticker he sends the invoice back 58k and says call this guy. It’s like the 25th of October. The guy calls me a day day later – I tell him 52k knowing full well it’s all over – he calls the next day to my surprise and says they’ll split the difference – I give him my price again – they sell me the car the last day of Oct. They have to move units and they get measured every way you can imagine. One of the metrics is internet sales – they hadn’t sold a car off the internet for the entire month. If you are a sucker or a corpse they’ll give you 3k off sticker just walking in the door- your mileage may vary.

    • Never a deal for a Range Rover or BMW. They are nightmares of repair expense after they are out of warranty. Everyone knows this, so their resale values are some of the worse in the industry. Better to pay for the Lexus or Toyota, and have the car age better and lose less money. In 3 years expect the Velar to lose something like 45% of its purchase price, close to 60% after 5 years. Something like a Toyota Highlander will cost less and depreciate around 40% after 5 years. At least getting an incredible purchase price will help offset some of future pain.

      • “Never a deal for a Range Rover or BMW. They are nightmares of repair expense after they are out of warranty.”

        Joe.. that is why I could have owned a four year old Bentley that cost 265 grand for fifteen thousand.. its out of warranty and rich people buy that crap just so they can show other rich people they are rich enough to own one..once they get out of warranty rich people don’t want to pay for repairs.. so they ditch it.. it is then the cheapest car on the lot.. and the salesmen always target single women or the poorest people walking through the door to buy it..
        the people that owned the bentley was riding the brakes the whole time they owned it.. ( 25000 actual miles) the car dealership wanted to ditch it for the brake job.. yup the pads were over seven grand and they had to fly people in to install them..
        God you’d look good in a caddie LOL LOL LOL… I bought a chevy chevette paid a thousand dollars more than my neighbor that bought a Mercedes’s same year less miles..the Mercedes’s ended up sitting in a field a year later because he couldn’t afford the repairs needed while I put well over a quarter million miles on the chevette..
        the best is not always the best.. its an image issue.. someone wanting to look suave for the ladies or to impress work colleagues.. SEE I’m IMPOTENT I drive a LOL LOL LOL
        Just a humorous view from the bottom.. the same with houses.. why in the hell does someone that only has two people need the space of a mini mall.. my house is bigger than yours.. LOL LOL..

      • “Better to pay for the Lexus or Toyota, and have the car age better and lose less money.”

        I bought a toyota Prius.. new.. four years later I bought the plug in Prius.. when they went to offer the trade in value.. I said no thanks.. and gave it to one of the kids..the car was in great shape had under a hundred thousand on it.. and what they offered was only going to reflect a five dollar difference on the payment of the new.. the cuts that were made for buying the prius plug in.. was low enough that the end cost was less than the cheapest new car on their lot. for five bucks I think I can give it to someone so that they have a decent car.. and I am anal about repairs and service calls.. they have now been driving that car for five years without any maintenance calls..

      • This is why, when asked about a new car, I point people (especially da kiddies) toward Hyundai/Kia. I’m not a fan of new cars, because a motor vehicle is a “depreciating investment,” which is accountant-speak for “guaranteed money hole.” However, there are many people who will NEVER learn how to change their oil, and for them, the build, reliability, and bumper-to-bumper offered by H/K can’t be beat. They’re not Lexuses (Lexi?) or Mercedes, but the Genesis and above are close, and much cheaper, until you consider depreciation…

  4. Heads Up G/Survilalites – Hot Potato Alert!

    US Mint just open up for Purchase of One per Customer – 1 oz Palladium Eagle Coin – at the not so cheap price of $3000/per at Noontime today.

    These coins will go QUICK – JM Bullion is offering customers $200, to Buy the coin and Sell it to Them as of this AM.

    The $3000 price tag is about 25% premium over Spot price @$2238.00

    • And everyone here knows “spot” is a joke for every commodity market, especially PMs. Welcome to the REAL market where open bidding will reign supreme when TSHTF. All the premiums we’ve been seeing are the real price for the commodity on sale according to what the market will bear as the currencies go South.

  5. “As gender insanity spreads to the groxcery aisles, we look for the predictable appearance of gay rice and straight rice. Women’s rice and men’s rice will follow and ad budgets will continue growing…”

    It’s inevitable — It is all about shelf space and brand visibility…

    • Boy speaking about grocery stores… Ray I was looking for white grape juice.. and pomegranite juice.. my thought was to make some wine for the wife.. she went to a vineyard and loved the wine they made.. she bought a couple of bottles and I tasted it.. it has a little orange and lemon in it to.. who would have thought that grape juice would be hard to come by..

  6. And in the “you can’t make this shit up” category…

    Gobsmacked at the unintended consequences of hypercomplexity, I am.

    Here on the backside of Hubberts Curve, I do believe we are going to encounter even stranger things. There is also the latest EIA report:

    If you cannot see the setup for an oil spike in these charts, then you must have strayed to a porn site inadvertently.

    I don’t know where all your readers are at wrt the energy slide we are on, but every day I am glad I have always been a DIY’er. I wasn’t planning on planting castor bean plants just yet, but it may yet be needed before I pass on to the next life. It seems like stupid is accelerating? Or maybe it’s just government gone wild??

    • I suppose it depends on how often those things need to get started! If it was only once a month, that could work. Great engines though. I’ve wondered why we just burn heating fuels rather than running a NG, propane or diesel engine for charging batteries or feeding the grid and using the water jacket to heat the house.

      I suppose the answer is obvious: EBM, and/or building codes.

    • “If you cannot see the setup for an oil spike in these charts, then you must have strayed to a porn site inadvertently.”

      Well O2… your probably right.. and I can honestly say I didn’t even have to read that report to know that its all a setup.. the dollar bill is known as the petro dollar so it just makes sense…. Looking on the bright side a porn site is definitely a whole lot more enjoyable and less stressful.. just don’t eat Cheeto’s and watch at the same time..

  7. “CBS reporting CDC director warns 90% of U.S. population susceptible to COVID-19. ”

    Now THAT’S an improvement. A few months ago, it was 100%.

    Speaking of, has anyone seen the Brown University COVID Schools Study?

    “Researchers found that only 0.23 percent of students and 0.51 percent of teachers had confirmed or suspected cases of the virus… or confirmed cases specifically, the rate fell even lower with only 0.076 percent of students infected and 0.15 percent of educators…”

    “Everyone had a fear there would be explosive outbreaks of transmission in the schools,” Osterholm told the newspaper.

    “In colleges, there have been. We have to say that, to date, we have not seen those in the younger kids, and that is a really important observation.”

    Thus confirming my observation that kollege kids lose 40 IQ points and 100% of any “common sense” they may have accrued during their formative years, once they enter an institution of “higher learning…”

    Original article from the WaPo —

    • My gut told me to doubt that 90% number as soon as I saw it. Then again, keep the schools closed. They’re an incredible waste of time and energy, and Zoom does a fantastic job of transferring information compared to previous efforts at distance learning. I’ve been impressed since starting two courses a month ago. I do well and avoid three hours of wasted commute time each day. In fact, I’d have never taken one of the courses if I needed to attend in person twice a week. I do miss physical interaction with some of the students though, and it’s made the possibility of hookups much less likely.

      A couple of hints for those who wish to use Zoom:

      1. Use a really fast computer with at least two screens. You can get by on DSL only with a fast machine. Faster connections are better. Find a screen recorder app and install it so you can record everything, regardless of host permissions.

      2. Set up a studio area with a blank or aesthetic background so nothing unintended gets in the video, and get a decent microphone. Arrange your camera and lighting so you look your best. Have desk area available for reading and writing. Get properly dressed so you won’t be caught with your pants off if you have an interruption.

  8. “I don’t plan to do that any more, since I don’t make any money on it.”

    Have you ever thought of starting a “mutual fund?” Why waste that accumulated knowledge w/o sufficient payoff?

  9. Is it really only 9% fewer working? Was 911 an inside job? Is the current health crisis a mask to cover financial collapse? In order to have a clear understanding of what is going on there needs to be A certainty if facts are really facts. If not, it is never possible to be right. They win you lose.

    • Science handles uncertainty by setting confidence levels and if you meet that level, your ideas prevail – for the moment. In all probability, you’re right to a degree. Life is uncertain, and facts are even less so. Enjoy life and get paid and/or laid if possible. It’s probably the best we can hope for.

    • G3, I have always assumed that government lies rather than tell the truth. Always assumed if it took me a week to do something, it will take government a year. If it cost me $10,000, then it costs my government $100,000.

      Always assume the most malicious intent emanating from government.

      Those assumptions have yet to be wrong for me.

      So the facts are not important – the actions and intent behind the various ‘facts’ are. Reading what you posted, you already know this, right?

    • “Facts” are always “facts.” They are not, however, necessarily factual or true (except in concrete sciences like mathematics.)

      The real questions, for questionable or untrue facts, are “why” (and sometimes, “who”)?

  10. Once the mainstream media has been taken out and then everything will return to a better normal ,,the chief they are using will be pulled out ,it will be gumless,
    They will be hung,,,,, and the thousands will have a say and what come see about everyday woah blockchain turn me on,,,,.
    The old pyramid will be replaced with a new Summit.
    The old will sink like an old boat.
    Everyone behind this old movement will be frothing. And feel the possible inflammation.
    The positive outcome will be protracted.
    We will encounter the right of visit.
    In a long spiral manner.
    Now that you’ve had a taste of the sweet bread.
    You will be able to condition yourself for the future

  11. yes spend decades .. destroying gold to make ussa .. then expect to pump it hard with the help of worn out old farts who you pay and expect hey magic .. yeah right tell us another one . narcissists are us .. like foghorn leghorn on bugs bunny .. remember that !!! nah many minds have no capacity in vege state

  12. If you don’t mind, I’m trying to understand your EW count & compare notes & path moving forward. Do you have the ATH on 9/2 as the top of W3 or W5?

    I have it as W3. I also have us measured out to bottom around 3180, which is close. A little continuation overnight and it could be there by tomorrow. If we bounce to 3300 tomorrow instead of the high already in, then yeah… I can see the next leg going lower.

    I see where you got 3K, 38.2% of the whole thing from the March low so that’s a possibility as well. Regardless, How do you have us NOT going all the way back up before coming down again, especially if this a 4? At this point, your scenario does seem more likely but the measurements just aren’t working. I can’t find a damn second wave in this whole structure down. I knew to short it on 9/2. That was easy. The top hit with a 62% extension of the second zig-zag & 4th wave and a 100% extension off the first, which I was able to calculate when we turned up in June.

    Possibility I see is after it bottoms before the election (either 3180 or 3K area) we get W1 up, W2 down, rocketship W3 up, then we get stuck in a triangle for W4 closer to the day. Winner announced, E leg hits ATH by Nov 9. Results get challenged, TSHTF elsewhere, we dip below the March lows, then turn around hit back up until 2023 to finish it off and top out W5.

    You are aware — democrats want this below the Aug 3rd close on election day. Not that they can control it, but I’m sure the folks up there know about the LPL indicator (which might be wrong this year).

    This has been a very, finely tuned and controlled demolition down. I had a Nov VIX call position before the drop. Exited half on a double after the 1st leg down to 3350. My exit price has never been reached since as the market has come down. Same with inverse ETF’s. SPXS has only gone up $2 from the low… The better trades were in Forex. Short AUD/JPY, long USD pairs, etc… + the daytrades on ES.

      • I was looking for a place subscribers can post outside the public forum. Didn’t know it existed or I would have posted there. How do I access it?

      • Thanks,
        Just to clarify a few things —

        I definitely have it as 5 waves up from the March low. I think that’s fairly obvious. The W3 I have is for the ATH. Some how, I do not think we have hit the top of this market longer term.

        From the 2008 top to the 2009 bottom, a 1.618 extension up goes to 2144, which we hit in 2015, then backed off. We are well above 2.618 now. Normally 3.618 (which would be 4011) gets skipped and we head straight to 4.236, which would be 4585.

        I see it one of two ways: 3 waves down to 3,000 then another 5 up at 100% gets us close, 4393. Or, it just comes down below the March low and starts over. I like scenario 2 better because the final wave up should be impulsive and this one is not. My timing for a final high is out in 2023, so that would work.

  13. Well, I saw that the Fed is talking about recession bonds and by passing congress and the treasurey to deposit strait into people’s accounts. “He who controls the money makes the rules.”

    Here comes the one world currency set up. Lol

    But what do i know.

    This how dumb I am George. I got my ass signed up in a rough neck fight club/training gym up here. My cuz said im weak. Hahah. And then as the words came out of my mouth I thought, did I just say that?? Im too damn old to be wrestling, power lifting and working out with a bunch of 25 year old platform fellas.

    Then I hear God say, ya pussssss! Haha

    So, i start at 4am. 3 hours in the gym 6 days a week. An hour in the ring with someone trying to tie me into a pretzel. Ugh. I shouldn’t have been making fun of Henry the Bear and his discovery of electricity. Lol.

    Im too damn old to be getting my ass kicked on a daily basis. Im sure it builds character and to much applause of the people who don’t like me. Im still not backing down. Hahah

    • wait until you get the black n’ blue marks from grappling – bruises the shapes of fingers on your biceps.

  14. Nah big nite tonite for veges. Moriarty ready to spray venom. He wants money . Greed . He wants a slice 2 . Got plenty of veges on board . Money money money

  15. The section on cars & buying newer so you can drive for Uber / Lyft:

    I nearly spit my coffee out on the monitor.

    Driving for them is for people who royally suck at math.

    Most areas are over saturated with low pay and high turnover (once drivers figure out they are trading the equity in their vehicle for cash).

    The IRS (not the most lenient agency on the planet) believes it costs you $0.58 per mile to operate your vehicle. The pay rate in LA is $0.60 per mile plus $0.12 per minute, and that DOES NOT include driving to pick up passengers. Theoretically, if you started from your door step and got consecutive rides to where ever with no deadmiles in between and ended up right back at your doorstep with the last ride, you’ve netted $0.02 per mile plus $0.12 per minute ONLY when you had passengers in the car.

    Places like Orlando pay even less. I think it’s somewhere around $.40 per mile and $.09 per minute.

    This is one reason why we have AB5 and Prop 22 in California. Drivers can’t do math. The other issue (the bigger one): Uber loses money, drivers lose money, no one pays taxes. The state wants their cut.

    • “The section on cars & buying newer so you can drive for Uber / Lyft:
      I nearly spit my coffee out on the monitor.”

      OTFLMAO… I hear ya on that one… when I was young.. a co worker of mine said.. deliver newspapers.. I went and thought heck I would check into that.. so I did.. the figure they gave me was amazing as to what they were willing to pay.. I told my father he said.. do the math.. before you consider it.. but in my mind.. that big number looked very tempting..( kind of like the stimulus.. the number looked tempting but no one did the math) as nice a figure as it was.. the actual cost was low enough that I was paying the newspaper company about a Nickle a paper to deliver their papers LOL LOL LOL LOL.. needless to say it didn’t take more than a month for me to figure it out.. thank god.. the same thing delivering pizza’s.. never deliver to the wealthy neighborhoods.. there is a reason why they have to bribe the drivers to deliver there.. and the way I hear it.. they add the tip right onto the cost of the pizza now.. the drivers couldn’t afford to deliver to them..

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