Rut-Roh, Scooby: Flags Wave (w/updates)

I know I tell you all the time:  No one stands up and waves a flag when a big market move may be beginning..

So, kindly overlook my standing on the bench in the shop with two red microfiber cloths, a railroad flare, fog horn, and farting for all I’m worth.

But could it be that about here the third wave of the larger Wave 3 down begins?

Good thing we don’t offer financial advice, huh? :-)  Better to be an easily-marginalized kook in the Outback.

I think I can here them shoveling in the money from here.  Let’s see where the Dow is by the close today, though, shall we?

9:50 AM (CDT) Further note:  Looks to me like Gold is starting to break down as well.  Down more than $31-bucks.

Axiom: Sometimes when Gold takes a dump, someone BIG is in trouble.

Try to remember how things ripple here:  Gold going down means the purchasing power of the US dollar is going UP.  And since it doesn’t take as much (funny money) of higher value to purchase an asset of the same value, it LOOKS like the market is going down.  All of which can spin any old time, so I stare at the screen all day which makes me old and cranky.  Still, weakness around the edges, but a run up (or holding action) until the European close wouldn’t surprise either.

The next real data point could be the weekly unemployment filings in the morning.  So we continue to sit and twiddle, wondering what will befall us next?

1:55 PM Central Further-Further:  Well, they almost made it hold through Europe.  But, even now with the Dow down more than 400 points, I’m looking around for the spats and the Niagara spray starch for the Mc Duck suit.

Meantime, rather appalled at the latest Atlantic article whipping up “What happens if Trump doesn’t go?” hysteria.  ‘Especially when one of the quotes comes from a democrat contributor.  Yep…Trump hates on a roll, the fear all around is growing palpable.  And we’re short as it rolls on.  Remember last week was it, someone said 3,000 on the S&P by election day?  May not be that long…

Meantime, can they run it back up into the close?  Get rid of some of the small-fry riff-raff?  One more hour till that pony runs in the 9th…

10-Minutes to the Close:  New unemployment claims due in the morning.  Well, are you feeling lucky, Punk?  Do you hold ’em or do you “kah-ching the thing”?

Times like this I am reminded of the old Book of Ure SayingsGive a man a fish and you’ll feed him for a day.   Teach a man to fish, and pretty soon he’ll have cleaned out all the best fishing spots.  Even worse, such scalawags don’t even buy fishing licenses to pay for stocking.  You see, people who act fishy when no one’s looking…well, crooks at heart.. Go ahead give ’em a fish now and then but keep back the family secrets.

Write when we can open our eyes…

16 thoughts on “Rut-Roh, Scooby: Flags Wave (w/updates)”

  1. Hey George, I noticed something strange this morning when doing my readings and meditation.

    “When tho are bidden of any to a wedding. Sit not down at the highest room; lest a more honorable man than tho be bidden of him.

    And he that bade and him come say to thee, Giveth this man place and you that was biden begin with shame and take the lowest room.”

    Luke 14: 8, 9.

    Holy Bible, printed in Belgium in the year 1802

    Notice it has one “D” when it says begin with shame and take the lowest room. I collect old books. I just got this old Bible about 4 months ago. Funny I just read this, this morning. Interesting. Could be just a misprint? It has traveled many miles over its 218 years of existance for me to read that at this moment when biden is running for president against Trump. Im sure its all just a coincidence. Lol

    • Would the newly minted glitter be exchangeable for foreign hard currency? Perhaps yuan country/two currencies is in the cards allocated according to one’s position in The Parties?

      It looks to my eye that the republicans have a lock on The Fed board until January, 2022. Or 2028 to 2032 if the Senate can parachute in sympathizers to fill one or both of the currently vacant board seats, and thereby maintain The Resistance behind enemy lines of Congress.

      We jest, of course.

  2. Wasn’t it Chicken Little who exlamed “The sky is falling. This guy is falling.”? Nobdy knew what he was saying because chickens don’t speak very good Engrish.

    Chickens being Chickens.

    Dow down 409 at the moment. Who cares? Said the wise old owl, I’m sitting in Cache.

    • Only a brother of the North (all others are “outsiders”) would appreciate being in Cache.
      One of my favorites is Cache Creek…where we found some pretty good bear claws as a youth. Pappy would get an 8-day off from the fire department and off we’d go – school or not – Ashcroft BC, was it for the bear claws? May still have some of the adipose for that adventure, lol.
      Keep cache’n ’em

      • wow! That is super cool George. Thanks for sharing. Hope ya liked my winter rig named Mad Max. I didnt name it someone else did. He sure isa beauty. Not a girl in Palm Desert would ride in him. But then, there is plenty around here that will. Lots of pretty girls in camo hats with the pony tail pulled out the back.

        Love that it has a push bumper, tilt top bed with a wench to load up a moose or boo or bear. 454 off headers and glass packs. Out here we have 1000 gallons of fuel store. Just incase we need it durring winter.
        But I didn’t come up here for that. Just here to keep Old Ma and Pa warm and safe through the winter.

        Its really good to be home. Nobody to impress. I like that. Saw 3 moose and one brown bear. Got all the bear scatt off the porch and yard. Going to climb in the crawl space and make sure the heat tape is good and wrapped around the pipes tomorrow.

        Good stuff George. Im off to bed. See on the Morrow.

      • Including five 55 gallon drums full of methanol. My step Dad was Sprint car driver for a while. Run that that racing fuel. He ran the local race track for a while and they stored the left over racing fuel out at his property.

        You know how you keep a thousand lb griz from digging in your garbage cans??? You put all your garbage in 55 gallon metal trash cans, set them on some rubber tires, daisy chain 3 marine batteries together and hook up jumper cables to the cans. My mom said, she thinks Henry is gone to hibernate for the winter. However if I see him, she make you notice how far he walks around those trash cans. One at 3 am Henry discovered Electricity! Well now he is a smart bear. He gives them cans a wide berth now.

        * tips hat to Henry the Smart Bear.

      • Sounds like a stoutly braced yard fence with a fence charger wired to a top conductor might get some respect.
        Many years ago I saw fenced bear-resistant entrances along the Appalachian Trail which required the bruin to double back in a y-shaped pinch point.
        Treat Henry with respect, especially when he wakes up from his nap all constipated. I don’t think your training regimen will prepare you for Henry.

  3. I love coffee… now the thought of infusing helium with beer or wine..a truly fun thought .. since the report on getting an alligator to bark after inhaling helium really got me contemplating the technical complexity of infusing helium in a drink.. lol lol fun thought but much harder to do than one would expect.. back to the coffee.. I love coffee and I have many different brewers as a collection. One of those is a cold brewer.. that uses nitrogen and infused it in the coffee..nitrogen is also similar to helium in that it to is hard to infuse.
    I will continue to contemplate this fun adventure even though I doubt that I will succeed in the quest. If I do succeed it will be hilarious..

      • LOL LOL LOL I thought about using Sulfur Hexafluoride Gas to.. LOL LOL LOL.. but I doubt that either will work in beer.. since it is the light and heavy gas that vocal cords resonate against as you expel LOL LOL not ingesting it.. I still think it would be hillarious .. possibly if you use it in the kegorator then the gas would be in the cup as you breath.. it is worth a hoot filled moment to give it a shot..I had thought of the method used by one beer company.. they put a small liquid nitrogen cannister inside a beer can.. when you open the can you twist the bottom I believe and it instantly chills the beer.. I was going to get a friend and my brother a twelve pack of those for their birthday’s when they were stationed over in Iraq.. nothing like sending an icy cold beer to someone that is in a arid temperature of a hundred twenty.. no cooler needed LOL.. unfortunately I live within the borders of the USA and they are not for sale here.. because it might destroy the environment sheesh..
        give me a few weeks to contemplate this.. see if I can work it out to make the funniest beer ever LOL LOL LOL the cold coffee is really good.. it gives the coffee a nice smooth texture.. and the pot is fairly cheap so are the nitrogen cannisters.. It of course doesn’t get used.. it is in my collection of odd coffee pots.. my favorite one uses the old turkish method of heating the water and to isn’t used..I would if I needed to but its only to look at toy..

  4. Moriartys car yard and guru salespeople are pushing inflationary depression stories again. Eh never give up those gumbas. And this week they will throw in a CD player for free

  5. Bye the way . 35/39 sold before the 16/20 in Vegas gumba fed userx system. Means day 4 or 5 of spiral . She won’t hold together. Don’t worry kern do all my own numbers . Shove your fed system. You and salty and dago dalio and pierre la skunk and Holmes and Sprott find something honest to do . I lost many great gold bulls in 26 years and you tell me now we go up . Please tell someone else

  6. Them Chicago Bears and New York Bears. Well way eye see it they are just making their way to the all ya can eat buffet. Finacially speaking.

    But we don’t give trading advise. Write?!


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