FIKT: The Problem of 3(iii)[c]

You may not be aware of the aeronautical term FIKT.  It’s pronounced “FICK-tee” when you talk to NTSB or state aircraft accident investigators.  It stands for Flight Into Known Terrain.

Given UrbanSurvival is about long wave economics, where we periodically replay grand waves of euphoria and depression, talking about crashing makes a good bit of sense this week as we haul out our comparison of 1920-19299 and 2009 through this year.  To us the rhyming is at least very-damn interesting!

(Don’t stare at the lower green arrow too long.  We only go there if this really is Depression #2 dawning.  Too early to tell whether the financial tourniquets and bubble gum will hold.)

We have tremendous admiration for what the Federal Reserve in general, and former Fed chief Ben Bernanke in particular, are trying to do.  It doesn’t get enough praise in the financial press. They’re trying to make up enough “easy money” to paper over a 35% economic decline.  And so far?  So good.  At least sort of….

You see, in my work, we are about March 20th, 1930 or so.  We’ll get into that chart in tomorrow’s report.  The gist of it, though, is that recognizing that the US economy was due to completely crater in March, the Fed pulled every lever they could think of in pursuit of Bernanke’s L4L (lower for longer) rates.  And so far?  It’s working.  The trick is it needs to work until 2024.  (The financial press buried the term through 2023 which to an oldtime like…er…me…means Jan. 1, 2024.

So:  Can it KEEP working?  That’s where we begin to ponder whether we’re flying toward a “safe landing in 2021” or whether we’re about to “fly into known [financial] terrain.”

Or in pilot terms:   Could we be FIKT?

Bounding the Problem of 3(iii)[c]

Our view of things is pretty-damn “unconventional.”  There is a witches brew of spreadsheets that have only the barest path-o-logic to ’em.  The main insight, though, (after aggregated markets theory we cobbled up)  comes from 2 standard deviation trend channels (*or what we just eyeball).  Along with Elliott wave counts.  A dash of On-Balance Volume and dueling fast and slow stochastics, and a dollop of MACD for trading our lunch money-sized account.

I think there’s a case to be made that since we hit the recent highs September 2 when our Aggregate Index topped at 32253.54 (which was the green “e”, we have done a (*left yellow trading box) 1 down, a two up, which was an a-b-c.

Than we started down into the (dash boundary) Wave 3 trading box.  And since this could be a 3 or 5 wave down, though more likely 5 waves, we colored in the 3(i) as a red trading box and the expected 3(iii) down as the right-hand red trading box.

At some point, theory (though it’s too long a brew to discuss here – which is part of what Peoplenomics is about) of Aggregates offers the idea that we MAY get down to the lower (red arrow pointing down) trading box.


Fingers Crossed

Of course, we can speculate all day long.  Since it’s possible that we have had 3(iii)[b] finish, then today might be something like 3(iii)[c] – which translates to being in the third of the third of the third.  Which (to put it bluntly) is where shit usually flies.

We’re not playing this all greedy-like.  Because the Fed has printers and better modeling than us.  So we are ready to stop-out whenever things turn.  Which could be any time.  The world is crazy…and says the market (being a third of a third of a third) could continue in FIKT mode until our next “Turnaround Tuesday” in the worst case.

But hey!  Maybe Superman will show up… I think the  Mouseketeer’s Club  – OK “The Mickey Mouse Club” had  Jimmy announcing Wednesdays were “Anything Can Happen Day” and says over here this is “Showtime!

How Durable Goods “Showed”

Funny you should ask:

“New Orders New orders for manufactured durable goods in August increased $1.0 billion or 0.4 percent to $232.8 billion, the U.S. Census Bureau announced today.  This increase, up four consecutive months, followed an 11.7 percent July increase.  Excluding transportation, new orders increased 0.4 percent.  Excluding defense, new orders increased 0.7 percent.  Machinery, also up four consecutive months, led the increase, $0.5 billion or 1.5 percent to $31.2 billion.

So it really depends how you want to account for the Fed’s cranking out of money.  Since this is a dollarized number, we have no idea whether net “production units” are up, or down.  Though we suspect down.

But then everything is suspected of being a “downer” these days.

After the number, CNBC was headlining it as U.S. durable goods orders rose 0.4% in August, vs 1.5% increase expected so our “look out below” view is still in play.

Rip N. Read Dept.

Ah, the thrilling radio news “days of yesteryear…”  The smell of two hot, oily blondes Model 19 teletype machines.  Yellow paper and blue ribbons in the United Press International Machine, white paper, black in the in the Associated Press machine.

Yards of copy would pile up.  The sharp glass on the machines was used to “rip down the wire” which was hung on pegs.  Thus informed, and stacked with some network audio “actualities” (voice of the newsmaker) and “wraps” (reporter plus a newsmaker), I  would fill up 5-minutes, 8-hours a day pretty much non-stop for 13-years.  But I digress – except to periodically honor the real radio reporting greats like David Garcia and Pye Chamberlain and my mentor BR Bradbury.  Yup.  News is better than real work.

Today (pretending to be progress) we have to rely on our RSS feeds for such content.

Which we merely  point you to for the details.  With a side of context coaching as we go.  Ready?  Cub reporter status awaits!

Rip’n away…

Oh, my.  October surprise in the works? New York Times: John Durham has turned attention to FBI’s investigation into Clinton Foundation.  Say, didn’t Russian interests contribute something like $145-million to the Foundation (ahem), or is my memory going?

Stirring up AmRev 2, looks like: Protester hit by vehicle during march down Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood.  We observe that “right to protest” does not include right to fire bomb…but hey, detail, details and the maudlin Marxists are marching.

Meantime, in the People’s Breakaway State of Oregoon, we notice how them “peaceful” protesters were “biden their time” overnight: Portland Protesters Hurl Molotov Cocktails At Police, 13 Arrested.

The “true believers” keep lining up for more though: Portland Protester Tells CNN She’s Willing to Throw Water Bottles at Police ‘Every Day’ If It Will Stop Police Killings.

Meantime, the namby-pamby nature of socialist government in becomes more apparent in Portland protests: Prosecutors decline attempted murder charge against Molotov cocktail suspect.  Do-overs and mush-heads will be the death of the Republic.

It’s not like an old-school level-headed reporter thought this up on his own: New York City, Portland, and Seattle are officially “anarchist jurisdictions,” according to DOJ.

Meantime, we find it interesting that although the mayor of uprising Portland says he will  not step down, stories are whipping up in the PNW press like VERIFY: Who takes over if Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler resigns?”  Why are they asking, if he says he’s not?  Division, fellow citizen.  Divide and conquer.

In a little more reasonable move? Students start petition to rename Portland school after Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  We now return control of the country to the (sane) rest of us.

Off to write eoplenomics for tomorrow and rustle up something interesting for Sunday.

Have a great (whatever this is) and ya’ll come by for Sunday coffee and to see what disasters have been wrought by then.  Getting close to quake time now…got a case of water?

Write when you get rich,

50 thoughts on “FIKT: The Problem of 3(iii)[c]”

  1. “So: Can it KEEP working?”

    Considering that for a second… IT COULD.. maybe.. the fly in the ointment is .. when they went option 2 they left the velocity of money flowing… Like for myself.. I feel the velocity.. those around me are really starting to feel that velocity.. there isn’t a dam thing any of us can do about it..
    the options now.. shovel money in pockets.. keep oil the reason the dollar is secure and secure it with oil.. Oil touches all of our lives in a variety of ways..
    the trick is.. how do you do that.. shovel cash and keep people spending and the dollar secure..
    With Stories like these one has to question.. they successfully buried the stories and investigations put it out as fake news. Yet its huge.. JB has defended his kid and in some cases bragged about his ability to curtail by getting people fired from their positions..
    How effective would they be in negotiations.. you give someone a million dollars theres an undocumented agreement that you will return that favor at sometime in the future.. we have seen four years of a party refusing to agree to the other party winning the election.. they have spent billions of laborers dollars trying to stop that administration from achieving anything at all..
    as from my position in the social environment.. I wonder just what lies ahead for us in the next year or two.. you can’t shovel money in peoples pockets without getting it from someplace.. historically the results are disastrously dangerous… a total reboot is scary because it is a total reboot.. everything is shut down and everything has to be started as new.. no industry no jobs.. no money..
    I am juggling like a MF to make this years budget so far I am seeing a ten percent increase not counting the increase in food costs.. scary.. and a decrease on income.. the health insurance said that the covid didn’t affect this years rates.. because they had already been agreed to for this coming increase.. that is ten percent.. the cable company seven percent.. net flix roughly ten percent.. so I am budgeting for a ten percent increase in everything..
    the news stories today was DJT wasn’t going to accept the outcome.. excuse me when all the signs are that the Democratic party isn’t the ones that have accepted.. signs that there may be open corruption and false data flying around about the president.. it is all scary.. if you think about it it is real scary..

  2. The following article describes a hard times business. A used condom enterprise.

    Think about the infrastructure needed to extract value from used condoms. The Notel innkeeper sells a condom. Within a few days the same condom is back on the same shelf sealed as new again. Vertical integration, for sure.

    Factory caught washing and reselling used condoms

    “The owner of the warehouse said they had received a “monthly input of used condoms from an unknown person,” state newspaper Tuoi Tre reported.

    A woman detained during the bust told police that the used prophylactics were first boiled in water then dried and reshaped on a wooden phallus before being repackaged and resold.”

    • well steve.. if you think about it.. Its like used tires.. I get new tires.. and the tires I get rid of still have some wear on them. the shop I get the tires from.. resells them as good used tires.. so it makes sense .. its still a slightly used product.. with a lot of tread left.. for someone that is poor and cannot afford new tires.. the used tire is better than nothing at all..
      Kind of like pagpag if your starving..a plate of pagpag and surviving might just be the difference..
      Greece just went through times like this.. elderly dumpster diving.. for food.. I see someone dumpster diving.. I have the restaurant owner invite them in for a meal.. I pay for it…

    • when I see people that are in definite need.. I am reminded about the futility I felt.. the desperation.. when we went for a year without an income.. the image of my wife.. being brave and not showing her emotions.. then when she thought everyone was in bed asleep .. she would break down into tears of desperation..
      I have never forgotten where I have been.. I try to help as many people that I can in the same situations.. you see it all around you.. most don’t recognize it though.. because they have never been in those shoes.. so they condemn those going through the hardness of society..

  3. Do you think the Veitnam protests are worse, same or smaller than the current protests? All things being cylical… is the 153 day mass murder cycle still in play? Or is it just being stalled or drawn farther out for a greater wave? Like last time.

    I wss down by the airport and saw the fire fighters practicing on a plane. My mother and I along with several others thought it was a real airplane fire. Hmmmm….

    I lost my glasses. Lol I can see good without them, I just can’t see what im typing on my phone. So I had to go by memory. So I guess it’s time to give it a rest.

    2021 was the year that the Road Warrior was the setting for. One of my all time favorite movies. My favorite is ‘Fury Road’ “witness me!” No so much for the setting with the Bullet farmer, Gas Town, Water Land. The cars in Fury Road are real fab projects. Thar Cady on the pizza cutters has twin 502 motors with turbos and blowers. That is some cool stuff. I grew up around racing.

    Funny that im driving a Truck called Mad Max and 2021 is the setting for The Road warrior. Hmmm.

    Well off to kick my own ass at the Iron Sanctuary. I never look at an opponent as something to lose against. Im only in competition with myself. We will see if youth, strengh and speed can beat intuition, telepathy and clairvoyance. I already know intelligence is no match for intuition. Intuition always beats intelligence. No matter how smart someone is, i can see the play before the thought enters their mind. I always win. So far that has been the case.

    Well, and getting your ass kicked every once and a while produces humility. Humility is so good for ya. Its also produces growth.

    I think eye still got it. Even tho I’m OM status now, im getting younger. When I was a kid the gym was about Bigger, Faster, Stronger. Well, if ya can’t take a hearty punch in the mouth and adjust your stance and position? what will ya do when the shtf? People these days get suicidal over a meme on facebook or not enough “likes” on their filter selfie.

    Im Voting for John Wayne for President. Back in a time when getting your feelings hurt wasn’t the end of the world. As rhe Tao Master told me in the park one day, “F your feelings. You think William Wallace needed a tissue?” Sage Advice.

    Que the song, As good as I once was. Toby Keith.

    Clique 116!


      • Andy, welcome to OM world! At age 42 in almost everyone, we start to get “recession of the near point”. It means you can’t focus on stuff that’s close and that means the small print on a phone. If there’s a Dollartree in Alaska, get a bunch of cheap reading glasses at $1 per pair. Stash the extras for when you lose or break a pair, and maybe get a good pair for everyday use. Just don’t get the super powerful ones – save that for when you’re really old. I’m looking forward to reading your book. Good luck and stay in touch!

      • NW Mike, you don’t hit OM till fidy according to the old dude running things round here. Who certainly knows more than Eye.

        42? Mike you may be the answer to the universe. Just everyone forgot the question. ;)

      • Here’s a Deep Thought:

        What do you get when you multiply 5 by 9?

        Like somebody with my moniker would forget…

    • I can see it now…The Chicken-Bunny driving a black Ford Interceptor XB – GT Coupe thru the Post Apocalytic Alaska/Canada/PNW..”now where was that dam Refinery located?” Dont forget to pack and load Ure sawed off least 1.

      • Ahhhh the Chicken Bunny! Hahahahhahahahahahha! Yep, I am the Chicken bunny! Hahahahhahahahahhahahha!

        I got ass handed to me. Hahahahahhaha! It was awesome. I got some learning to do. Hahahhahaha! Still got all my teeth tho. Except the 6 missing ones that were already gone. Hahahahahha

        I was just punched in the mouth 2 months ago from my Sisters best friend. She hits pretty hard for a girl. I dont hit girls. She knows that. But she halled off and punched me in the jaw for putting her dirty panties in the microwave and serving them hot on plates for breakfast to the fellas at the house. Hahahaaha

        My sister laughed so hard she peed her pants.

        Have a good one.

  4. I’m still having difficulty with this chart & these boxes because the biggest retrace I can find anywhere in this structure is slightly above 38.2%. A second wave should go 62%, but of course corrective patterns can do whatever the heck they want. In Feb, the big drop came after a 50% retrace.

    Here’s an idea:

    Take a look at DAX.

    It has a second wave and the current third measures out to 12180 or 11470 if we are going to get the giant 2.618 ext.

    As you know, the whole structure may only give us 3 waves instead of 5, so we won’t know unless it blows past the first level or only bounces 38.2% in 3 waves from the bottom to go into a 4th.

    I’m going by that for now (since I’m short anyway from 13,300) and using it as a gauge for the manipulate, rigged US counterparts.

  5. Oh and i found “the girl” last night. Shit. Haha. I dont need no sexy, bossy little brunette ruining my life and picking on me about the mustard stain on my t-shirt. Too many damn synchs to ignore tho.

    All pony tail bouncing around hanging out of a camo hat, talking about wheelin in the mud,, huntin and fishin and staring at me with them tiiddies, like I have an apple in my mouth on a spit. Damn it! I was hoping she was down in the lower 48.

    I hate her already. ROTFLMFAO.

    Catch up wirh ya fellas in a after the announcement of the postponement of the elections. I still see that.

      • No sir. Just cute little thing in a 4 wheel drive truck. All eyeing me like I was dinner. Her friends all came did the honey bee dance, she was staring from across the way to see if i was a dog. I am q dog. But im not a dumb dog. Im house trained. I didn’t dance with them. I B lined over to her and started doing the dishes and she smiled and joined me. 5’2 110lbs. Definitely a stick if dynamite. She started talking about wheeling, fishin and huntin. I just smiled and nodded. I did give her a twice over and she smiled. Nothing big, just touching hands in the soapy water. Im hella sensitive when i touch people. Meaning I pick up all kinds of energy signals and stuff. Boy howdy, I know she felt it too. Butterflies. Haven’t had them in a while. Not like that.. I didnt ask her out but as I was leaving she said how long ya gonna be up here? I said as long as it takes. She said i hope it takes a long while. See ya around Mister. I said i hope so and she got big smile on her face.

        She is the girl, I found 10 lime colored bic lighters right before I got up here down in Idaho at various places. When she bent over, she was wearing a sub lime colored panties. Earlier, When we went out to smoke, she came up and asked me for a light. I handed her a lime colored lighter and she said, thats my favorite color and the color of lighter I always use. I swear I lost or someone stole the last 10 lighters I bought. I said you don’t say. Here you can have this one. She smiled then and thats when the link was connected.

        Have a good one. I got alot stuff to do. My mother has me rearranging the living, moving in new furniture and a big ol honey do list. Since my step dad hasn’t been able to do much the last few years. Off to fix a leaky faucet. I probably won’t be back for a while. Always good to see everyone’s crooked grins around here.

  6. things are getting interesting,,,”Police cars revolving lightFlynn update – Interview 302 from FBI Agent William Barnett

    “BARNETT believed the prosecution of FLYNN by SCO (Team Mueller) was used as a means to ‘get Trump'”
    I like to follow this twitter acct,,ya, I know,it’s twatter, but this guy post a lot of gov. documents, you know that stuff we call evidence,,FBI notes and court filings

  7. This info is pretty cold by now, so it’s probably safe (for me) to discuss it. (…as in I don’t wanna get Seth Rich-ed)

    I got a phone call from a friend on election night, 2016. Afternoon, actually, depending on where one draws the line between afternoon and evening. Specifically, I was a tiny bit after 4 pm on election night.

    All the NewsFaces in the “Biggie-Smalls” shots on the TeeVee were reviewing Where Things Were — at great and exhausting length. Most were showing ebullience — their gal was about to be chosen Suzerain of the Earth.

    4pm — keep that in mind.

    A guy who worked for the NYPD had told my friend, whose business is Federal Serious Preparedness for a Big Paycheck, that the Clinton campaign had just cancelled the mega-Garucci celebratory fireworks display, set for the river off Manhattan Island. (I don’t honestly remember which side — Hudson or East River side.)

    Fireworks. Cancelled. At just before 4pm.

    Told me everything I needed to know. At 4pm.

    I’m hoping for a similar call this year — although just WHAT evening it might be — calendar-wise — is an open question.

    Hoping. Not expecting: hoping.

    May God guide the electorate —

    • I wonder when folks will get the idea that our so-called Democracy with their so-called elections are overrated?

      Most people just want to live in PEACE. Some opinion

  8. George, why are ‘we’ always caught flatfooted when Keynesian stimulus steps in to fill the demand breech during downturns? Based on past actions, Conservatives apparently think that deficit stimulus should only be used during good times. Best, Mike.

    • You mean like when Obama “saved the economy? LOL… I know you’re concerned when you talk about BS economics when your team as the SCO case blowing up and Judge Emmett’s covering will be over before the ‘lection, of course.
      Frankly, be an interesting case: Fed Judge removed, foundation results in indicts, special council office indictments…yeah…how about we toss in slow Joe in meetings. Was he there Jan 5?

  9. Yo Radioman,

    What do, action/forewarning/hooligans & aloof/organisation/wrenching, ALL have in common ?

    They are ALL Anagrams for California +Oregon + Washington = Secede post Election of TRUMP.

    Everyone – quick look SURPRISED !

    They found large mail sack full of Military Ballots (mail -in) for TRUMP Dumped in a ditch in wolfes’ Pennsyltucky.

    wolfe being the EVIL P.O.S gov who Killed hundreds of Seniors forcing covert19 INFECTED to STAY in Nursing Homes & REFUSING to Send to the Sick to Hospitals. Conspired with the He/She Health Slob, who has such a lack Respect for his/her own self as to appear in News Conferences looking like an Unkempt homeless woman/man. Same gov. who keeps getting his gaping arse reamed by PA Court -Judge (s)

    Great new resource up at – U can keep an eye out on EM Energy/Fields in Ure area..

  10. You comments on the AP/UPI wire brought back a lot of memories for me. I still remember when MLK was shot, The bell on the teletype sounded like a phone ringing. It was non-stop.
    I was broken from rip and reading by another announcer one day when he had my news pulled and ready to deliver when I got to the station. The final story was a feature with something about an anniversary of Fidel Castro being in power. To celebrate, the government owned pants factory had pledged to produce a certain number more pants that day. For some reason that struck my giggle box and I couldn’t finish the news and weather. After that always proofread my news.

    • There was one (maybe I was hung over) and Lady Spencer Churchill had died.
      When I booted the words, though, it came out “Lady Spuncer Churcher…” and I lost it.
      So did the jock…so it was all good. for a half hour, I couldn’t breathe.
      Nothing to compare with it – not having your copy set on fire during the news or they guy peeing in a wastebasket behind you quite loudly…but it’s all good because?

      “Its only rock n roll, but I like it, like it, yes I do…”

  11. “Can it KEEP working? That’s where we begin to ponder whether we’re flying toward a “safe landing in 2021” or whether we’re about to “fly into known [financial] terrain.””

    Yes, as long as every Network financial planner and talking head keeps up their constant spew of optimism… Likely, since NO ONE wants to be the person to whom fingers point in history books, for the next 200 years, as “causing” the Magnum Depression by starting the panic from which it sprang.

    20-year house of cards.

    It’s going to be really brutal when it comes crashing down…

  12. “The “true believers” keep lining up for more though: Portland Protester Tells CNN She’s Willing to Throw Water Bottles at Police ‘Every Day’ If It Will Stop Police Killings.”

    Rioters killed by police – zero
    Police killed by rioters – 15

    How long is she willing to throw water bottles, to stop the killing of police?

  13. I really think this is important and needs to be explored at least:

    In short, a major percent of the population may be immune to SARS-COV-2 due to memory T-cells from other coronaviruses cross-reacting to this current virus. SARS-COV-1 also cross-reacts. This is without any antibody production. These T-cells can either directly inhibit the virus and/or stimulate B-cells to produce antibodies. We may have already reached herd immunity levels.

    If this is true (likely), then we’re using a very costly approach to limiting this virus with a rather low level of medical utility. Obviously, that’s not true for political utility. I’ll still be taking precautions, but I’ll not go crazy over them.

  14. 3,3,3,3,… there’s a gap that wasn’t filled all the way back on March 15,1933.

    Most likely the old financial system goes there and is quickly abandoned for the new Fed-Bux scheme. A lot of heart attacks that day. They’ll scare us for sure… like a Batman flick

    “For the first time ever the “full faith and credit clause” is being challenged.” “Will SS checks go out?”

    Most Fed employees will be told to stay home as cities completely fail. A couple of overseas U.S. bases will probably be attacked and self-destructed for effect. The U.S. falls into receivership and the blue helmets come in.

    All the fear leads us to wonder are thoughts anti-matter that materialize on the other side of the frequency wave? Every time we’re scared and think scared thoughts perhaps a manna like substance falls from the sky, over there.

    • Social Security checks will ALWAYS go out. The government may inflate the dollar to where they’re worthless (and cover their asses by jiggering the “offishul rate of inflation” to negate COL increases), but the checks themselves — they’ll always go out…

      • “it’s a simple cash flow problem on
        September 26, 2020 at 12:37”
        you change your handle with every worthless post,and whine cause we don’t care about your view,,take a stand or fall for anything,,go eat more bait,,it aint healthy,ask the fish I had for dinner

      • other brother darrell..

        I’m sorry that actuary tables and mathematics pose a problem for you. The article also stated a few solutions (raising Soc Sec taxes, retirement age, etc)

        No one forces you to read my posts, so if they are worthless why don’t you scroll right past them?

        Your hostility only emphasizes how irked you are when stated facts disagree with your fantasy bubble….

      • Hey What’s your face,,didn’t mommy love you enough, that all you do is spread hate,,
        “Social Security can be fixed… on”

        “The Chilling Claims, Counters and Clips (riflemagazine)
        Throw some water on ya… on September 26, 2020 at 12:32”
        [Ure flags for content violations]

        Thousands of right wing ‘Proud Boys’ (Trump supporters) descend on [Ure Portland, they usually bring guns (Oregon is an open carry state if you have an OR license to do so), doing their ‘confrontation/instigation’ of violence thing….(right wing extremists, also with anti police views, may be looking to deepen civil unrest)

        “Atty Gen’l Barr can’t fix your ticket.. ”

        “it’s a simple cash flow problem”

        Motley Fool is just a sales pub for their own sale gimmicks,,gave up reading their stuff decades ago, and the rest of your posts quotes are just bottom feeder bait
        we the normal people do Not subscribe to proud boys violence any more than the damn anti-american antifa bitches, even Alex Jones is a slobbering mossad puppet
        it is only in cities and states that have left wing George Sorass loving puppets are these damn riots allowed, and only there are the proud boys allowed to play together with them,,all morons

        did you see the prayer march in DC? the silent, but now not so silent moral majority and now we get A SUPREME COURT JUSTICE,,pay back time,,just the beginning of the STORM,,,watch Huber U.S. Atty, Utah, the stuff he is investigating with the U.S. Military Justice system will bring pain,,no leaks,,the deep state/traitors are scared shitless,,are you prepared
        now go eat your Rolaids,,it will help your upset tummy

  15. Will the real Don please stand up?

    Apparently Papal Patience has expired judging by the exit from Vatican royalty of a cardinal enmeshed in what appears to be a hundreds-of-millions Vatican fraud in a yet-to-be-realized Chelsea, London, luxury property development to aid the poor. The deal’s Italian broker intermediary, a former fiancee to a daughter of a convicted fraudster who opted instead to marry a famous Beatle, has a body of financial work a phone call reference away from companies with Sicilian and Japanese mafia connections.

  16. right again .. listen do any of you get it ? this is the big one you can throw all predictive tools and guru sheet away including the yellow dog .. get it !! big one , biblical ! that old pisspot Elliot wave is no guarantee of anything .. if I had to tell the dead old fart . massive ABC . just like I told another government worker , prechter on march 6 09.. they all get paid for the showtime .. listen .. right here do nothing . another week out the side , time and price still deflating .. get new navigation for shorts only , Monday .. discipline makes good investment

  17. “Since it’s possible that we have had 3(iii)[b] finish, then today might be something like 3(iii)[c] – which translates to being in the third of the third of the third. Which (to put it bluntly) is where sh*t usually flies.”

    What is really scary: Ure wave count and Prechter’s seem to have merged.

    Thus, the long heralded wave form of the impending Elliott economic doom approaches, while the Ice Road Chicken Bunny Warrior spreads the Word to the tribes of the soon to be frozen North. I can’t remember which ancient text prophesied these marker events, but I am nonetheless filled with sublime anticipation of coming episodes in the tale.

  18. I could not see how to post a comment on last Sunday’s column, where you stated critical thinking has gone out the door.

    I believe that maybe you need to look in the mirror, as you lack it on certain subjects. Here is an example of an xy female because of hormone exposure in utero.

    If hormones can change ones sex over what genetics would suggest, then it might also alter brain wiring.

    Quite possible that it alters ones working such that your nervous system is looking for one signaling agent (estrogen) and only finds Testosterone. Seems to cause my heart rate to maintain about 100 bpm, until I take menopause supplements (estrogenic). Yay me, as that will alter my body over time and people who can’t think critically on issues they disagree with, will ostracize me for trying to attain my health.

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