Investing in Happiness

Age-old question here, but with some different views.  Including how personal consumption of “Happiness tools” may be changing from social distancing.

A few headlines and the chart pack, too.  Which is getting very interesting in light of the Fed tossing more money into things this week…

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43 thoughts on “Investing in Happiness”

  1. Link for this morning’s column is not working. It takes me to a page that says this, ‘No, bad guess. Try something else.’

  2. wow that is wild… No peoplenomics.. says I am logged in.. yet it says I am not logged in bad guess try again..

    • what is funny Is I could log in to one before todays.. then go to the master index and pull up this mornings post..LOL LOL…any hints on the issue..

      • LOB,

        Good work, I noticed the same.

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  3. One day — not too far off, possibly — a LOT of things may go down because they speak against the Reich.

    That’s what it will feel like.

    …and you will be powerless to do a goddam thing about it.

    For now — right now, today — stop and consider what those days will mean to your family, and what you can do — right now, today — to make that a survivable, even if fantastically inconvenient, event.

    Tempis is fugit-ing like crazy.


    • “…and you will be powerless to do a goddam thing about it.”

      Unfortunately william.. we are now! Even now we can see that no matter which side wins during this election the nation will stand divided..
      I will accept the outcome no matter which side wins. It doesn’t matter what my personal beliefs and opinions are. As a bottom feeder like the vast majority of those in our country I am totally dependent on those in power.

      I Think the rel separation came when they promoted greed and outsourced jobs getting rid of the middle class..
      It didn’t even matter what history has taught us through the past.
      Today they even brag about their level of corruption. Flash it in your face then convince you that its all false then proceed to bury it from view.
      If your not afraid of the future then in my opinion your tucked in the box of fake reality

  4. “We’re still Cloroxing everything though people think we’re nuts. ”

    We are to.. another friend bites the dust..
    “Good Game of Life” Quality of life…
    “Reality Transurfing.”
    now that is a great book.. what are some of the things that stand out.. there is nothing to fear but fear itself.. or .. put a smile on your face.. look at the positive our lives reflect our image..
    if you think dark thoughts then dark thoughts will follow.. in our home.. dark movies or things revolving around dark themes.. is not allowed.. I personally will not watch something like saw etc..

    • “if you think dark thoughts then dark thoughts will follow.. in our home.. dark movies or things revolving around dark themes.. is not allowed.”

      Smart thinking, IMHO, “as in Heaven so on Earth.” And guess where Heaven is? It’s right there in peoples head.

      • A high percentage of the few new movies coming out on DVD seem to be horror flicks. That sort of thing seems to be more attractive when you are sitting at the house SOL, I think.

  5. Happiness is a Glitchy Peoplenomics sign-on page.hum–min-a, hum-min-a.

    Actually find great happiness in Walking The Dog (s), get the fresh air, raw energies/essences, meet other Dogs (energy exchange) and other Walkers/Hikers (energy exchange).
    One of ECD’s 2 main goals in life ; Live a Virtuous Life and Walk the Dog (s)

    No Debates – NOT Going to Happen .

    Why R U not taking the hints/conditioning/talking points ? Creepy joe is going get SICK (er) this weekend and Pull-Out.

    RedOctober is here – Operators R @ “lockout” depth/periscope depth (50ft.)

    Rocktober 1st the “Hunters” Moon Transforms into the “Harvest” Moon – moisture has fled, CORN is Ready For Harvest..

    “from the sands of the Sahara, to the south east Asian mud, U will find a fearless Frogman, with his fingers dripping BLOOD.

  6. why watch the news, when everything around me, tells me everything I need to know before it happens. We need only listen.

    My condolences to the families.

    For the first 2 hours you are awake you are still in Theta state. We need only change how we think about what we think. I am rich beyond measure. I am a good father. I am a good son. I am strength, i am good fortune, I am good luck, I am Abundance, I am Prosperity, I am generosity, I am kindness, I am compassion, I brilliance, I am love, I am Beauty, I am dynamic, I am motivated, I am fast, I am expansive, i am clairvoyant, I am telepathic, I am unlimited living energy, I am healthy and i am Wise. I am iam.

    Iam in Latin means “already”. It only a small space that changes its meaning.

    May you be these words as much as i am Iam.

    Off to the gym to play with gravity. Have great weekend

    • Awesome song choice -thanx 4 sharing the youtube version – I have been signing the Words WRONG for over 30 F-ing years…alwayz thought it waz “I got a heater in my truck and I’m off to the Rodeo” duh ohh!

      Starting to question some other “vivid” memories from the early 80’s..

      • We would hear this every night at the bars — even the hoity toity college bars where the preppy frat rats hung out…all over the Midwest. I probably “visited” two dozen colleges between my college and “grown-up” years. The Rodeo Song was the one song that was on every jukebox in every bar. I believe EVERY redneck garage band in North America covered it at one time or another. This is the original release, from Canadian “country boy” “Garry Lee & The Showdown” (1980?) I used to have it on 45…


    My view was those with the most toys are the winners..

    This brings up the cute story of good king Midas…

    TED has a great view..

    In the movie based partly about the legend oh Hua Mulan theres a scene at the end where she apologises to her father for loosing his most precious item..his sword. He in turn gives the best answer .. the sword has no value, your what matters and has value..
    Things are just things the glitter and glamour is all show.
    The vast majority of us will die penniless with only a couple of boxes of assorted crap and the memories of what we stood for.
    Years ago I took care of a patient that put all their being into their wealth..the medical community drained them of what they valued most in life..all those years that I cared for them they didnt have one visitor . When they passed on I like I always did went to their funeral.. who was there.. I was..all those years of looking at the gold coin as the only thing of value was shown.
    I personally believe in karma.. I may be poor in the way of gold coins. But rich in other ways..
    That’s kind of why I did the cardboard box show the grandson that life may deal us cash flow trials and difficult times but it’s what you make of those times..
    A thing is just a thing..its what you make of your life..

  8. Great column this morning. Your comments are how I live my life. Adapt or die. If we could only realize that the world is Constantly changing around us and that by transurfing each and every wave of this change, treating it like a sport or really fun, dopamine enthralling game, then it eliminates the debilitating stress that divides all of us. The result is gratitude, Love, unselfishness, intentional wisdom and collaboration. In fact, utilizing the collective intelligence of all of us towards one common goal can do wonders for productivity, happiness and the pursuit of bliss in our lives.

    This column of your today George…It’s a keeper.

  9. But what if our lives are predestined? What if the control we exercise on our lives is an illusion of control, and we are traveling a predestined lifeline with little to no deviation from the original purpose?
    What if there is a conductor and we are all performing our individual respective part in the symphony unbeknownst to us as we serve a greater purpose/plan?

    A person’s steps are directed by the Lord. How then can anyone understand their own way? – Proverbs 20:24

      • That’s a great book.. I got this months book request from a young lady that’s been incarcerated. ( she shouldn’t be where she is. Unfortunately I dont have the means to get her adequate legal help. Because of fear of reprisals she wasn’t willing to give testimony..sad to..obviously those have never experienced fear or dealt with nasty people.. anyway) I am planning to add that book to the this months reading list.
        Great book..

  10. On ‘thinking’ and choosing your thoughts. The perfect guide I have found is the “Law of Attraction”.
    On short high intensity interval training… I get that weekly here, beating back the jungle and mowing the yard. Aerobic bursts for 20 minutes, rest, rehydrate, and go for some more. When the muscles become flaccid and refuse to obey… it’s time to quit. Protein drinks and recovery rest the next day. Something I learned when training for marathon runs in my youth. After a long run, consider yourself ‘injured’ and take at least one day off for recovery.
    I am not rich, but when working life took an unexpected terminal turn, I worked it out and landed OK at my retirement home. It’s all I ever dreamed about in ‘retirement’… complete with some great ham radios. Yes, I am happy with the results. Do I have everything I want? No. Do I have everything I need? More than enough!

    • “Do I have everything I want? No. Do I have everything I need? More than enough!”

      Had to make my comment, because with me it’s opposite.

  11. There are terrible things that happen to people that are mostly all out of their control… accidents, genetic illness, those kinds of things. But the vast majority of our lives are just as we think and believe and “will” them to be. If you see darkness around every corner all day, then your world will be dark upon dark. If you look for opportunity and openings and for the better sides of life, you’ll begin to find these things all around you. And they’ll find you, too.

    In other words, we each get what we decide we want for ourselves. That’s a truth that most people just can’t handle so they reject that with a passion like a reflex. They can’t bear to accept that they themselves are the main source of their problems (and the source of their answers). So they end up living lives they don’t like, thinking thoughts they don’t want to think, having feelings they don’t want to feel, working at jobs they hate, marrying someone they eventually can’t stand, wondering why their kids shy away from them, and identifying people and things all around them as being the source of their problems. But one place they will never look is in the mirror.

    This Existence is a blank slate. Your own life is a blank slate. Yes, there are all kinds of agendas and persons working on you to think and do one thing or another. But that’s all a smokescreen. Your life is a blank slate and you are free to do anything with it you wish. Including… thinking that everyone else is at fault and there is nothing you can do about it. Life will give that to you and then just shake It’s Head. Happiness is available always… but you have to want it and mean it.

  12. Wow.

    Thanks for taking the time to address my questions in the chart pack. We see much of the same, but our numbering might be different.

    Yup. Friday left us guessing. It closed right at the point where if it doesn’t drop Monday the pattern has slightly changed. The dollar didn’t believe the rally, but we will see.

    Your work is freaking amazing. All of it. Going through some of the earlier articles on the people’s side.

    Shhh… nobody tell George he’s grossly underpricing his services.

  13. you hear anything about this George? Preliminary echos for the election? Biden says he will step down immediately after taking the presidency? And the cover up saying it is a CNN false narrative?

    Someone sent me this. Saying remeber when you wrote that Bernie Sanders was the next president but wouldn’t take office and the next president wouldn’t last a month in office? We are already seeing language about that.

    Funny I havent talked to that person in years. Just out of the blue I get an email.

    • they must read ure site or the only thread I post on GLP regularly. Because I only post here and there and not much any more there.

      Pre-echos for the election. I just do NOT see a woman president. I have considered this many times. Not that women arent able to president. Im just not emotionally attached to the presidency. I dont care. I just objectively look at the data through psychic means to see it for what it is, not what i want it to be. Women carry a unique creator type energy signature.

      I mean i don’t see everything and sometimes I’m wrong. Im sure I would have noticed a female president tho.


      • Take it for what it’s worth (practically nothing) but the Simpson’s prophecies see Trump bankrupting the country then a woman (possibly two, since Lisa is the first “straight” woman) following Trump.

        There are at least 20 correct predictions so far, including Trump winning, machines switching votes, Disney over Fox, etc…

        My favorite and the least likely to ever unfold — Homer predicting the mass of the Higgs Boson particle & the equation before it was even known to exist.

        These writers seem to see something in advance, or are they directing manifestation of it on a mass consciousnesses level, especially in movies.

      • Titor talked about it before the Simpsons. Lol

        I do believe the Simpsons is “front loading” not predictive. The Rand cooperation also does “front loading”.

        And the simpsons aint always right.

        Bidens girlfriend ain’t no lisa simpson. That’s forsure. Warren would be closer to Lisa Simpson. Which is who i thought would hitch her wagon to Bernie and Joe would drop out, after the elections were postponed for a year due to martial law being implemented after the economy collapsed.

        But that hasn’t happened, yet.

        And what do i know? Lol

        Shit, i just asked to speak at Spiritual Dinner next Saturday. Me and my big mouth. Lol. I dont see everything. I was taking to my friend Todd from the band sublime this morning and i may do YouTube video. I didn’t expect that. I just came up here to help my Momma and now I’m speaking at a Spiritual Dinner. I have spoke before but its been a long time. I have also given the sermons at church. Which is odd because im not a priest or a pastor. Last time i spoke was a spiritual breakfast infront of 1200 people. This will be a much smaller venue. 250 maybe. I spoke on the nature of Addition and the spiritual malady 7 years ago at a well known west coast MC biker camp out inftont of over 5000. I was so nervous my then ex wife gave me hummer before I went on the stage so I would simmer down. Ha ha ha.

        The Creative Intelligence of the Universe is the Big deal. Im just a speck on a speck.

        I dont turn down a oprrtunity to be of service to my God or my fellow man unless otherwise directed by said God not to do so.

        Its always odd when im called to give someone their last rites which i did for all my grandparents and over a hundred others, or speak infront of a large group or a pastor asks me to give the sermon. Especially when I have no formal training or expertise. Ugh. Thy will be done.

        If i am lead to do a youtube video I will let ya know. It’s always a vonerable thing. Getting soul naked inftont of a large group. I belong to a bunch of groups this one and one is AA. I never officially joined some of them. Just sorta happened.

        Hmmm. Off to the gym to fight Age and gravity. Lol

      • What do i know? When in comparison to the Magic Magnifying mind of Infinite Creator?

        Im just another Bozo on the Bus. Lol.

        A handsome Bozo. But still a Bozo. Haha.

      • Andy — In agreement on KH not the character portrayed by Lisa. Liz is a closer match, but I was thinking someone more like Gillibrand. The timing is also off. Knowing the market has another wave to the top at some point and more needs to be blamed on Trump, I’m going with him as the winner for now. I also had 2024-2028 as the timeframe for a woman before TSHTF this year. Somehow, I just don’t think the Elite are done using Trump as a pawn just yet…

  14. Love the fairy tale stuff but the world is stuffed . No amount of smiling will stop it . On the depression . Heard all the stories of deflation and inflation. One thing that always has been constant is a high tech depression, power cut off now just ordet take away. No car get an Uber . No job get credit. The list goes on . The vegetables are done

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