Market Data Screams “Worry!!!”

There is a reason our Peoplenomics report Wednesday focused on the light-up (into World War 3).  Because the waveforms are screaming odds of a replay of 1929 are materializing before us.

Consider this view of the pre-Depression Dow and our own Aggregate Index work which is a meta index more suited to widely dispersed modern markets:

We believe (but this is not financial advice) that the run-up and subsequent collapse into the Great Depression is mirrored in modern times.

In fact, if we line up the decline from the likely peak of the modern Wave 2 rally (July 31, 2023) and align it precisely with the decline from the September 3, 1929 high, we are just crazy enough to see what looks like a “rhyme.”

The global investment world is much faster nowadays, of course. Inter-market entrainment is faster.  So the informational asymmetries that accentuate declines are not likely to be quite as extreme.

But, having said that, as a late mentor of mine taught, “The markets will still make their targets.”  And if that’s the case, prices half of present index levels could arrive before “sell in May and go away in 2024.”

As you can see, we not only see a halving between now and next May (and maybe before the end of January), but we also can project a fifth wave decline (war? depression?) when the final Wave 5 down happens – if indeed it does at all – ahead of the 2024 (presently scheduled) election.

A More Immediate Problem

We can’t say with appreciable certainty that such a future will arrive.  It’s more like a geophysicist looking at the seismographs and seeing what has historically been a series of precursors to a major temblor.  In fact, there are real (brilliant) geophysicists like Didier Sornette who uses precisely this approach to “solving markets.” Which he laid out in “Why Stock Markets Crash: Critical Events in Complex Financial Systems.”

The math in this one was reasonably intense (I waded through it back in 2002).  Much more recent (and approachable) was his “Man-made Catastrophes and Risk Information Concealment: Case Studies of Major Disasters and Human Fallibility” which makes more sense if you have an understanding of “news influence” and some senior management time under your belt.

In our recent discussions of time theory and the various approaches to “knowing the future in advance” it should be evident that Remote Viewing is one, Big Data Set linguistic shifts is another, Dream work has to be in there. As does fractals (which a long-time reader/contributor generously explains on his site The Economic Fractalist over here). Next we have to blend in Elliott waves, Trend Channels, and even successive waves of technology documented by Andrew Odlyzko (An Undertaking of Great Advantage, But Nobody Knows What It Is)  and of course, Cesar Marchetti’s work on successive S-curve replacement modalities.

Throwing the whole of it on a wall (which we did as the Internet bubble was collapsing), we noticed the 85-day moving average seemed to be a better long-term investment “long or short” indicator than the more common 50, 100, and 200-day moving averages.

Which gets us to the problem at hand. We just broke under the 85-DMA.  I penciled in a big arrow so you can see the area of the fight ahead:

Having broken the 85 DMA, the next chart (visual logic) support level is the lower bound of the long-term trend.  We expect something of a bounce before the market goes into the weekend, but the odds of panic declines next week, cannot be written off as entirely improbable.

Concurrent with this is the Bank of England, which, like our own Fed Wednesday, held rates in place.

“The Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) sets monetary policy to meet the 2% inflation target, and in a way that helps to sustain growth and employment. At its meeting ending on 20 September 2023, the MPC voted by a majority of 5–4 to maintain Bank Rate at 5.25%. Four members preferred to increase Bank Rate by 0.25 percentage points, to 5.5%.”

We expect central bankers to continue failing to realize that when tax revenues don’t keep up with interest alone on national debt, that raising rates becomes a form of financial suicide. In effect the CBs will be charging themselves more when rates are raised.

Except, the news may intervene.  I may be crazy, but I’m not giving this week’s winnings back.

Data Day

Philly Fed

Key Current Indicators Turn Negative

The diffusion index for current general activity returned to negative territory, falling from 12.0 in August to -13.5 in September (see Chart 1).

Current Account:

The U.S. current-account deficit, which reflects the combined balances on trade in goods and services and income flows between U.S. residents and residents of other countries, narrowed by $2.4 billion, or 1.1 percent, to $212.1 billion in the second quarter of 2023, according to statistics released today by the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA). The revised first-quarter deficit was $214.5 billion.

U.I. Filings

The experience of unemployment filings:

Little on tap Friday, so a bounce into the close is possible. Next week, though, Housing on Tuesday is iffy.

WW3 – Progress Report

Our Manufacturer’s Resource Wars have broken out all over the place.  At least 8 and arguably 10 fronts are active now. Places like Armenia, Ukraine, Syria, Turkey-Greece (pending), Palestine, Gabon, Niger, Taiwan (pending, possibly this weekend), North Korea…(Yoon: Seoul will not ‘stand idly by’ if Russia and North Korea make weapons deal – And how are India and Pakistan getting along off the cricket pitch?

Ukraine today not only has a problem with Russia, but also Polish Prime Minister: “We cut off the supply of military equipment to Kiev” – Preparations for an invasion of Western Ukraine? Kiev’s got a major problem rolling out.

Which then gets to another report centering on the question of when will the Slow Joe administration commit American forces to the fray.  Just now we read Strange incident in Moldova – Farmer finds American soldiers: “Leave, we don’t want you” (vid). Sightseers?

Meanwhile, corporate chieftains are slicing up Ukraine after (if there is a Ukraine): Volodymyr Zelensky holds secret NYC meeting with private equity bosses at JPMorgan, Google and Blackstone to discuss rebuilding war-torn Ukraine.

We see similarities with an Optimist’s Club meeting.

Oh, not a war front yet, but going on the watch list: Saudi Crown Prince on Iran acquiring nuclear weapons: ‘If they get one, we have to get one’ | The Hill.  Gee, ain’t world wars swell?

Taiwan Tingles

Color us skeptical of China waiting until the Taiwanese election in January before forcing the reunification play.  There are multiple reasons, but the main one is the U.S. arms will be arriving shortly and the Buy’ed ’em administration has the blue coats coming to lock in closer relations (as you’d expect from the war party).  State governors from Arizona, New Mexico seek stronger economic ties with Taiwan. And Virginia has opened a tourism office there.

Meanwhile, China would also edge toward an early (*surprise?) reunification because the western media positioning frenzy is being started up: Meet Taiwan’s resistance. If China invades, civil defence groups stand ready. Then toss in the much lower odds of a moderate winning in January: Taiwan’s Former Top Cop Wants China Talks If Voted President.

If reason won’t prevail, then guns will. And delay just gives more time for arms to flow in.

Everything Else

Stupid distractions abound, don’t they?

The American communists are at it again: The US is allowing hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans in the country to work legally.  Borders for Ukraine, but not America? WTF, Joe?

Along those same lines: Mexico has either just overtaken China as leading exporter to U.S. — or it’s had title all year – MarketWatch. We assume they mean goods, not people.

Strike movement possible? Stellantis makes a new contract offer as UAW prepares to expand their strike.

BTC tumbled back under $27K with the market’s drop Wednesday.  Meantime, Mt. Gox extends repayment deadline by one year (  Kicking a virtual can down the road.

ATR: A Consult with the Dead

This is another in my continuing “woo-woo” adventures resulting from working hard to improve recall of events in dreams and carry them back to the waking world.

Sounds nutty, for sure, but damned interesting at the same time.

The bottom line of his (and we’ve been on the “knowing future in advance problem” for a couple of decades now) is that there is “entertainment and information flow” in the afterlife.  A message received loud and clear from doing a “news shift” in Dream Realms at what was almost like a radio station would be here in waking world.

Well, except the morning news host was someone I worked with in the early days of KMPS in Seattle, who’d come from  our sister station in Sacramento.  Who (here’s the kicker) died in 2007. If you haven’t figured it out from your own work, souls in dream realms may be living (still alive in waking) or deceased over here.  All works the same in dream realms.  Which is neat to grok on the shamanic trail.

I could go on for hours about this unique experience, but the main thing I woke with was a rather fascinating question I’d never asked before.

Given that the future is in some way “voted into existence” by the global mass consciousness, is the DAILY NEWS supposed to be teaching us something?

In other words, when we experience or absorb a “news item” is it coloring or instructing on some aspect of pending future?

Whole different way of reading the news, right?

For example: Hollywood studios, writers near agreement to end strike, hope to finalize deal Thursday, sources say (  What have we learned from the strike?  That human creativity is addicted to change.  We need a constant parade of fresh ideas and notions?  Hmm.

Or is there a teaching to be found in FT World News on X: “‘Enfeebled’ UN fights for relevance in divided world? Is it a subtle nudge in the direction of “War is coming because ya’ll can’t get along?

This was one of those dream-to-waking lessons that will take a few days to process. But the hint and message (is waking state news trying to teach us things?) meaningful or just a side effect of working on lowering my personal noise floor?

Ah.  Grocery run day ($700! Yikes!)  Fortunately, my lunch money day trading addiction has been paying off nicely. Might even reenter a short position after a rally into Friday.  We shall see.

Write when you get rich,

73 thoughts on “Market Data Screams “Worry!!!””

  1. Ure attempting to be too specific Yorge. Ure charts and mine look similar though mine is SPX and when the contracting triangle (flag) lower bound broke, well, it didn’t matter much what JayPow did/said. Going down? Yep.

    I also find it interesting you bother with unusual DMA samples when “off the rack” 50/200 works well enough for my purposes. Add in that it’s more likely everyone else is looking at / programming algos at the same std measures.

    But, boys will be boys :0)

    The most alarming signal this week is our TNX breaking the prior high (4.363) yesterday, printing all sorts of higher highs while older, longer dated Treasuries slump. Conundrum spirals at / onto bank balance sheets, insurance Cos., pension plans, 401k stable asset accts, and gobs of others. We are in deep Kimchi.

    I don’t think we lit the WW3 candle. I think we are imploding in oh so many ways and the result will be fugly. You do _not_ have to garden. You need food. You need water. You need a plan _before_ hungry not-guests arrive.

    That’s my plan. For now we are not hunkering down but can shut local access to Che Egor (easily up to 1/4 mile) in an hour. Hope I am being overly cautious and … per frequent discussion with the Mrs., eat my mistakes.

    ATL: our local deer herd is out and about, in broad daylight and all over the scape past dark. The rut approaches so they are exceptionally stupid right now. Egor’s future steak dinners? Maybe. Note to self: practice with 12g.

    World stage: please, please keep Brandon in the basement.

    Biden appears to wander off UN stage without shaking President Lula’s hand at end of joint speech – leaving Brazilian leader visibly irritated – minutes after President walked through a flag to take the podium

    [for those keeping score at home, first Brandon disrespected the Brazilian flag then … the Brazilian President (who was clearly miffed). well done ole fella]



    Four more years? Puhleeze. It’s not age that matters. It’s cognitive capabilities and the whole country / whole world knows our leader is … deficient.

    Write when you get cogent,

  2. Well take a look at the 2016 episode of The Simpsons entitled “Monty Burns’ Fleeing Circus”. You’ll see a town attacked by laser-like beams that leave a deadly stream of fire in their wake, quickly incinerating an entire town. And in the aftermath, among the rubble, there’s a closed blue patio umbrella standing tall—just as we’ve seen in Lahaina—presumably due to the theory that lasers target the red end of the light spectrum, not the blue.

    We weren’t warned, but we were told.

      • It might be interesting if it wasn’t password protected. I bought the book, and the password I was given has not worked since.

        • Hank,for the older posts you have to use the password from the book, NOSTRADAMUS AND THE THIRD AGE OF MARS VOLUME I, not NOSTRADAMUS AND THE THIRD AGE OF MARS THE PROPHECIES OF WORLD WAR III.

        • Another thing, if the password doesn’t work, delete cookies and clear cache, then try again, if still a problem, close the page and then reopen, that usually works for me.

    • “Of course, the uncanny ability of The Simpson’s story scripts to predict future events has become an urban legend. Now it has come into view exactly how it is that Matt Groening is so prescient.” — G.A. Stewart (August 29, 2019)

      • I haven’t been able to get on any of the password protected content for a whole now.
        I have cleared cache etc. I wonder if it has to do with wi down defender.. ever since windows up dated and they put the new privacy measures several password protected site will not allow me to view.
        Hal turners site is another one that won’t allow me to read.

    • I’ve wondered lately just how many kilowatts… or megawatts? it takes to get a laser thru atmospheric attenuation and hit the ground with enough burning power to accomplish the Lahaina wonders. Does somebody have nuclear power aboard these satellites? Just an old moron pondering…

      • Ures’ is a correct line of thinking… memories powerful laser weapon tests @ NavalAirStation China Lake. Lights in town used to go down, when one of things powered up and discharged/fired. Noticed the effects whenever they would be testing – early 80’s
        But as a E-5 at the time, ” I see nothing” -sgt schultze

      • to much.. focal plane ..
        you can take a 99 cent pointer laser and aim it at a wall and see the spread.
        one of my projects is to take. trapezoid reflectors and focus the rays or concentrate the rays onto a fresnel lens .. the goal not to melt steel but to get a temperature to sear and cook..
        a beam spread from the upper atmosphere.
        for a DEW to work would take satellites in space with directional mirrors to help direct the beam to concentrate it enough to actually create a fire.doable but not the physics of this you see the challenges it would be.. as a single beam the spread would be to wide and most definitely would have been obvious.
        with the winds that there was and the poor landscape management they had. a spark would have created the resulting blast furnace.. I believe the fallen line and a hidden smoldering ember makes perfect sense. the math for laser would take a good sheet of paper or two to calculate the variables ..

      • This is why I made the comment some time back, about the AC-130. You’re an old radio guy, so you know about inverse squares, and such. No matter how “coherent” the light is, light that lases plays by the same rules as any other electromagnetic radiation, and loses its mojo over distance.

        BCN’s post is also noteworthy, and he ain’t lyin.

        To build a laser that eats steel from afar, takes megawatts of power at transmission voltage, not line or “mains” voltage. Several of the EE nutjobs I used to read got visits from men in black (cars) after causing a brown-out or black-out of nearby cities. They eventually learned to use a battery bank and cap-pile, and bleed off electricity over a period of weeks or months, to fire a laser or EMP device for a few milliseconds. (Engineers are a special kind of crazy…)

        To be fair, it doesn’t take 10000 degrees to light a tinderbox on fire. Several seconds at probably 700 degrees would likely do it. Still, anyone can look up the laser (I suggest LL for starters), do the math, and know how much power would be required to Jim Morrison and José Feliciano the local landscape from say, 180 kilometers up…

        • Ref to the links in the PN piece – the USAF project claimed power of 3 megawatts (guessing that was an erp_ (it’s own engine and cap bank in the test bed. Yes that’s real power and coherent list does inv. sq at significantly longer distances. There is less inv/sq inside the near field however and as one person explained on the web “The near field for a laser pointer is only about a meter long, but for a military laser with a beam diameter of a meter and a half (such as the ABL), the near field can be a hundred kilometers.”

  3. Found it kind of odd this morning: Bank of America makes bold new prediction – S&P500 forecast raised to 4,600 by the end of the year.
    – Ahh.., what? We were just there in late July., that’s only 230 points up. How is that “Bold New Prediction” ? Guess I’m missing something here.
    Sorry George – I did not see a rally forming for today – at the close yesterday. Did a modest options/put bet at the close on the S&P – paid off nicely – good lunch money. Don’t see the S&P gap ‘down’ at the open very often., but it paid off.
    – Did I ever mention that I hate ladders? No? I’ll repeat that for the hearing impaired – “I HATE LADDERS!!”. It is a recent development – never bother me much before., but when I cross the 70 boundary – they have become a new nemesis. Have a new rain gutter to go up – 43 feet – not too bad – but I am considering dropping a few hundred and letting some youngster do the balancing-act.

    • My firefighter/emt son G2 – who was with the district just south of you – would applaud your prescience. I on the other hand am incorrigible and still bulletproof at almost 75. Check your emotions as a loss of someone very close can trigger agoraphobia which can express acro as well. Any reticence about crossing high (scary) bridges like the West Seattle or the Vantage Bridge? At our age, an unreconciled fear in one area can repress and mysteriously pop in another, related.
      Been there, through that.

      • Used to jump out of perfectly good aircraft for a living.., no problem there.., and there are only two people in my life that are close enough to me, to make any impact – both are just fine.
        Don’t know what caused it – but I don’t like getting up beyond fifteen feet, or so – anymore. Once on a roof is no problem – just going up a ladder to get there.., is now a problem.
        “I’m an old man, psychological bullshit??” – more than likely. Yeah., I know.., suck it up, cupcake!

        • I know what your returns have been – +400 percent ytd isn’t it?

          Hire not one but maybe two. Get the house painted, too. Roof OK? Money is to spend, it is not the end in and of itself. Hire a landscaper to put in a few new raised beds…

        • no it’s not psychological bullshit….
          it’s called wisdom.. at our age we know how bad you can get hurt falling 6 inches a child or young man we had that feeling of invincibility..

        • “Don’t know what caused it – but I don’t like getting up beyond fifteen feet, or so – anymore. Once on a roof is no problem – just going up a ladder to get there.., is now a problem.”

          The ladder has always been a problem for me. I started getting vertigo at about the second rung (not a good thing for a roofer or painter, and I was both, at different times.) I never looked down, and once I got to height I’d do nothing for 3-5 minutes, to “acclimate.” Once acclimated, I was functional at a fairly high level. Until then, I was totally worthless.

          The last few years, when I’ve had to go up, I’ve sprung for the $125 (I notice your prices are higher than mine) for four hours in a bucket lift ( ). At 43 feet, if you can get the lift in place, this might be a viable option for you…

        • Ray- I once had to hang TV camera and lights in a domed roof tennis stadium in a bucket lift at full extension. The swaying damn near made me lose my cookies… and I’m not normally given to vertigo or fear of heights. I was crouching and leaving finger prints in the steel rails until the thing stabilized and I carefully did my job without swaying it. My boss wanted to go up with me a second time to inspect and I refused to go with another person in the bucket moving around. “Be my guest… but you’re going alone!” I told him.

        • @Hank

          “Ray- I once had to hang TV camera and lights in a domed roof tennis stadium in a bucket lift at full extension. ”

          No, thanks.

          I think I’ve left fingerprints embedded in the controls. I’ve got a 70yo 42-foot antenna tower. 30 years ago I had no trouble climbing to the top. The last two times I’ve been up, I was in a bucket. It is no more scary than being up that high on a Class-2 (cheap) aluminum ladder, but it’s also no less scary. With the bucket though, you have a floor under your feet, instead of a glorified dowel rod, and you have an actual rail to white-knuckle into, until the damn’ thing stops swaying in the breeze…

          I’ve been pretty much prowling I-70 the last few weeks. Can’t remember if it was STL or Indy, or Columbus or Youngstown, but somewhere betwixt and between, I passed two 150 foot bucket trucks, side-by-side in full extension, while the guys in them were working a high-tension line. I believe I could charge a machinegun nest with a .22, more-easily than I could fill either of those guys’ shoes…

        • @LOOB – in my 20s I climbed and replaced all the lamp bulbs on the TV station’s 1,000 ft tower. Three flashing beacons and four levels of 3 sidelights each. Top was a 50ft flagpole with ‘rib cage’ slotted antenna strapped to it, and a 1kw red beacon atop that tilted open to replace two 500-watt bulbs. I took several pictures from the top, strapped on, and leaning way out to flex the flagpole while looking down for the pix. Good fun as long as I had solid steel to hang on to.

      • New green house – seven years ago
        New roof – six years ago
        New double insulated siding – doubled attic insulation – house trim painted – five years ago
        New wood stove, et al., twice the square footage rated – five and half years ago
        .., a few other heavy-weights – all from my lunch-money trading and no dipping into savings.
        .., been considering a whole new raised bed set-up., put it in now, before the bad weather and be settled and ready for Spring.

      • In my case, at 82, I had vertigo about 20 years ago and have not enjoyed climbing ladders since. The vertigo broke the comm line between my head and feet. Vestibular rehab was able to twist the broken wires back together, but without wire nuts or solder. Now those twisted connections are oxidizing, and the communications are tenuous at best.

        Flying doesn’t bother me in the least, so it’s not a fear of heights. It’s a lack of self-confidence that my feet will do as my brain commands, and the signals from my feet will reach my brain. That’s why I leave handprints in the angle iron ladder on my water tower.

  4. George, I’ve been pondering on the Clif High et al video all week. I had already listened to part of it the week before you posted it, but I finally had time to listen to whole thing on Monday. The word ‘ejecta’ really stuck in my brain. There’s a limited number of circumstances where that word would be used as a descriptor. For small scale explosions the words used for the same material would be either shrapnel or debris. I suppose it could also be used in a biological context for vomit or other projectile substances, but let’s not go there, though!

    That narrows us down to the Sun, eruptions, impacts or nukes. Hell, maybe all four.

    Based on the other language around the event from the remote viewing it doesn’t seem like the Sun covers all the bases even though large outbursts and materials are sometimes called ‘ejecta’. I suppose a grid down situation from a large solar storm could lead to nuclear meltdowns or something and invoke ‘cesium’ contamination.

    For eruptions, not all volcanoes are created equally. Being a geologist I’m somewhat familiar with the types. Eruption types all has to do with the chemical make up of the offending lava. Hot spot volcanoes like the Hawaiian chain don’t generally have ejecta associated with their eruptions. Their lava is made of up of melted oceanic crust that is iron rich and has low viscosity. It flows right on out with no problem. It’s the volcanoes around continental plate boundaries that are really dangerous. The lava in these types of volcanoes has high viscosity because of the melted continental plate material that is high in silica. This lava stops up the works and allows high pressure to build and cause explosive eruptions. Think St. Helens or Vesuvius. There are a lot of those on the planet, but only a few that could reasonably catastrophically erupt any time soon that would also have the possibility of causing serious problems for humans. North America as a few of these types but none that have been revving up recently. There are a handful in the pacific region but those are far from any real populations.

    Italy is at the top of my list with their super volcano Campi Flegrei. If volcanism is the culprit behind our magic word ‘ejecta’ this is where I put my money. This thing has been building toward an eruption since at least 1950 and it could erupt at any time. Stock up on olive oil while you still can.

    Some people have their money on nukes as the source, which is also a good bet. I believe the word ‘cesium’ would come in to play here, as well. There’s a short list of sources for that material, too. Personally, I prefer volcanoes.

    Finally, we have extraterrestrial impacts. They happen as we know and the word ‘ejecta’ is used to describe the material that’s throw out from the crater. In the context of the video it’s implied that the source of ‘ejecta’ is somehow man made but blamed on a natural source. I doubt you could disguise a nuke as a natural impact, but maybe it’s possible to use a space-based high energy projectile device or direct an asteroid to purposefully hit the earth. Either of those would difficult to discern from a natural event and the press would have no problem fooling the general public.

    Finally, and this is a stretch, possibly even a barrage of the moon with nukes that’s blamed on asteroids. The aim would be to cause large debris (contaminated with cesium from the nukes) to fall on the Earth. That’s getting out there, but at this stage in the game any thing is possible.

    • So the “Rods from God” never was implemented? It sounds as if it would have been a perfect solution in order to avoid radiation contamination while getting a bigger bang than a fleet of bombers could bring.

        • can you imagine a falling pipe from space..
          I was going to make the kids a nervous rocket launcher..out of pool noodles.. boy did I get the lecture on that one..needless to say they didn’t get the toilet paper gun it would have been a bad mistake. the kids still have random toilet paper wads on their ceilings in spots..
          thors hammer now that has a lot of yeah butts in it.. like the idea of hanging a cable on the space station anchored to the earth to raise and lower fters..
          well I think it’s a stupid idea a lot like flinging mirrors to aimed the sun’s rays back to the sun.. who in the hell came up with that idea..and how can they justify being paid to think up a stupid idea like that lol lol lol

  5. George, item in transit. Thank you!
    Another re-cap concerning yesterday’s outstanding offering:
    I’m glad folks are paying attention even though it is not at all pleasant. It can be overwhelming to the point of having to take a break everso often with a couple hours of Bach. Pulls the gyroscope back upright, centers the being.
    Thanks again.
    Stay vigilant all
    Candles and Wheels

  6. Ive spent more time on the road this week than I care to remember. Yesterday was the second trip this week to KC to see the lawyer taking the probate case for my Uncle. Sheesh, I felt so dirty after that meeting I just wanted to take a shower. Stopped by my financial advisors office just a couple doors down in the same building but everyone was huddled around the big screens watching Powel spew so I couldn’t scam a free lunch this trip. A stop by the house to check on youngest sons progress on getting his stuff straight and then home. On Tuesday wife and I made a hour and a half drive to watch a grandson play football. The game was in a small town that is 45 minutes by county road off the main highway. I unwisely misjudged my night vision capability so after leaving the game found myself severely visually hampered causing the 45 minute drive back to the main highway to become an hour and 20 minutes. The copilot/wife went into TIZZY mode to the point I threatened to place a blindfold on her so I cold concentrate on the road. I shouldn’t have taken that shortcut I saw on my map that turned out to be a gravel, part of the time the rest dirt, road. The remaining 2 hours by main highway was very quiet and the ambient temp was very cool. This all led to all travel away from the ranch to occur during daylight hours and since she is watching the news all the time it will NOT be acceptable to leave the wife home alone overnight anymore. No problem there. Cataract surgery is scheduled for late December if we are not blown up beforehand.
    Stay safe. 73

  7. Rooting for Stellantis is like rooting for MINI or Subaru and people go along. I think they’re serious.

  8. “The American communists are at it again: The US is allowing hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans in the country to work legally. Borders for Ukraine, but not America? WTF, Joe?”,U.S.%20officials%20told%20The%20Times.

    Well Dam that state of Texas anyway transferring those illegals to the sanctuary cities like nyc and marthas vineyard and beverly hills san francisco……Texas transferring those illegals to bigger sanctuary cities is becoming a real problem.. martha’s vineyard cannot handle them and nyc is being swamped.. california is a real mess having so many show up.. so.. the answer to that.. make texas keep them .. make a ruling so that they cannot stop them from entering but then a ruling to make texas keep them there LOL LOL LOL

  9. a powerful magnetic storm will impact Earth on September 21 and 22.

    On September 21, it will reach a K-index of 6, and on September 22, it will reach a K-index of 7. This corresponds to indicators of a red-level storm., possibly affecting communications.
    A K7 is nothing to get your tightie-whites is bunch over., but it could interfere with radio and some satellite communications.

    • and the usa that designed the grid for profits rather than security.. scary thought huh.. and every study that’s ever been made said the same our design a few would make huge profits it is about the number after all.. that in the event of an emp attack or solar flare we would be thrust back to the stone age.. 98% loss of life..
      while china has been diversifying their grid to secure it from a total failure and building ghost cities and factories to keep society moving..we in turn said screw the usa and the people here..
      it’s about the coins and nothing more..

    • consider that a moment..
      let’s say out of the millions of illegals in the biden open borders had let’s say a hundred thousand one on we hundredth of a percent are warriors like they said over and over that that was how they would defeat the usa. come in ad a refugee..
      and the grid goes down.. in the turmoil and with our own army gone to some remote land to fight.. an emp hits and the illegal foreign forces attack.
      my curiosity is I had read that there was a rumor out that the family business was paid money from those groups to allow refugees to enter.. if that is true then is it allowing an enemy force to enter and oay them money to live here give them jobs and security ..isn’t that wrong..or isn’t there aaw or something against people doing that .

    • That explains partly why I was totally exhausted today and needed to sleep. This evening I have more energy. Some of us are really sensitive to those things, and dental X-rays too. Too bad – I have some real work to do tomorrow.

  10. No Worries Chief, be happy!

    For we are living the dream..MMT – MOAR MONEY TODAY! wootwoot. What could possibly go wrong ?

    Not a dam thing, its all right as rain, just follow the script, and pull it forward.
    Wait what ? You didnt get a copy ?
    Heard there was one or two floating around on the dark web, but then again so to are Aliens, alien devices/parts, artifacts, photos..for sale, on a blockchain. You know authorities ALWAYS try to cover that scheisse up – hard, thus blockchain.
    No, if you dont have copy of script, just means you were not in the “right” breeding program to begin with. Again no worries, everything and I do mean everything is coming out into the Light.

    Havent heard of the breeding programs that have been going on for 1000’s of years. Wonder why there is rule for Us, and JUSTus for the “elites” ? Fav modern German philosopher Thorsten Pattberg (the hammer) sheds some light on the phenomena, Terms of Breeding –

    The Truth:
    Man with a pure heart builds a World for everyone.
    Man with a dark heart, builds castels for himself.
    ..public school edumacation spelling nazi’s.
    -“Get in the Ring” – GnR, wuss warning

    How many castles pooteen got ? Seems he rather enjoys KILLING more and more white christian Males for his tribal Masters in isRAhell.
    Sorry Boris & Natasha – you be screwed just like us Americans, by the same dark RKMafiosi .

    Got BTC, Got A Crypto Bank?

  11. I finally hit my 66 and a half mark so I talked to the SS people this week. Now I have to wait for TRS to get me a piece of paper that details my participation in that and then they can begin what’s left of my SS retirement payments after deducting my penalty for having another retirement program. Given what we’ve been going over it seems like my prediction of never seeing any of those payments coming in is a probability. I just hope the general financial situation headed our way will preclude any bills showing up as well. Tax season is upon us also. Sure was hoping the bottom would have fallen out by now.

    • WTF – penalized for participation in TRS ??? Oh no Mr Bill!
      Warning following clip contains a DEW in action.

      How does that work – Ure SS penalized for participation in other Retirement Plans ? Could you have Lump Sumed it up front, converted to IRA, and avoid penalties ? Pissing me off just reading about this BS.
      Rat bastards took the double dipping away from Health Care plans years ago, Dental followed soonly. Good ole days when I got check in mail after a doctors or dentist visit (multiple health plan coverage)

      HATRED is not strong enough word 4 me 2 describe them..

      • Yep. Because when you work in the Texas School System and some state gov. jobs they don’t deduct SS and it goes to TRS or some variant. I still had my 40 quarters and more in, but I didn’t always have what they term something along the lines of a “significant figure” of $1300 or more “contribution” into SS every year. Employment was a bit spotty some years before I started full time ranching but without TRS I’d have been getting around $1375 or so. Go figure. And the SS people say it’s all supposed to help the lower wage earners – my a$$!

  12. Three market guru’s have stated that a major Bull market is in the works. Motley Fool warned that the Bears are about to be “strangled”. [ Have they been right – even once this year?]
    I don’t what they are looking at to come up with that prediction. They certainly are not looking at the bond market. I don’t see a bull market developing right here.., does anyone else ?
    My Aggregate dropped below its 30 and 85 DMA.., the S&P500 broke the phycological 4,400 level.., the 13 week Treasury is at 5.3%…….. Powell basically confirmed “Higher-For-Longer”., possibly into 2025., with at least one more rate hike this year…,
    I don’t see a bull market coming. What are they selling?

      • Hey now. Some in the bidness are saying ad nauseum we are on sale. It’s a Clearance Clarence! I’m pretty sure the same hucksters have declared a soft landing. Now … I’m generally pleased with landings of any sort but think we will experience turbulence before touchdown. Please put your tray in the stowed position, seat full upright and remain seated until the ride comes to a complete stop. Thanks, Cap’n Egor

        ps – mixed messages is what makes a mkt

  13. Just returned from a 2-week trip to Rome. On the ride from our hotel to Rome FC0 airport, our driver, who owns his own company and is a partner in the hotel we stayed at moved our conversation to current international diplomacy. His father was an ambassador from Africa, and he kept gravitating to how important the U.S. is to global stability. His personal opinion is that China will definitely find a way to absorb Taiwan. It may be via war, corrupted politics or Taiwanese surrended. His reasons intrigued me. He was of the opinion that China needs Taiwan and (later) the Phillipines) for a future global precious metals monopoly. Think Lithium, Cesium, Gold and Silver, among others. Plus, the ‘port’ aspect of these two S. Pacific island nations facilitates trade and shipping opportunities from Africa, India, and Australia let alone the ocean floor. He did say that he believes China does not want open conflict with the West. A nuke exchange would severely damage China’s economy and contaminate land for decades or longer. The will pursue the Sun Tzu method: “win wihout fighting.” Their trade position and global market monopolies in high tech and other areas give them the decided advantage. He was a pleasure to listen to and convese with. Wise fellow. My wife remarked that it is unusual for me to listen quietly for the hour ride to the airport. I spoke up only to ask questions or offer my geo-political opinions. My wife even enjoyed the conversation (probably because he did all of the talking!)

    • There is also a lot of Chinese treasure still buried on the Philippine islands. I forget which Japanese general hid it in all its many locations but, I think it was the History Channel, had a short series on this – right up until they were on the verge of finding one of the main caches. That’s when the series abruptly ended. Very strange … not.

      I certainly hope Taiwan destroys its technology base before China gets its hands on it.

    • I’m surprised that China hasn’t infiltrated millions of mainlanders to Taiwan, just as everyone has done to the USA. They speak the same language, albeit with an accent, and they could pressure the government to the left, just as our illegal aliens have. I agree that there will be some resolution to the “Taiwan Problem”, though I don’t know how. I just know that China would rather not alienate the island more than necessary to assure compliance.

  14. 9/29. I can’t wait. Maybe if y’all survive it you might ask yourself about the accuracy of all the prognosticators and reflect upon it. I mean, everyone does the opposite of what kudlow says. Maybe you can learn from it instead of living in fear, believing predictions that don’t come true and moving on to the next bit of fictional doom porn. While you’re all running around preparing for bad stuff that doesn’t come true, life passes you by.

  15. Just went over to Glenn Beck’s site and he was talking to Paxton. According to Paxton – 1. HE. CAN. NO. LONGER. PROSECUTE. VOTER. FRAUD. The court of criminal appeals struck down the law. 2. NO ONE from the governor’s office called him after his acquittal and up to the moment of the interview. Abbott just split his britches with me! And 3. Paxton just learned of the cutting of the concertina wire on the border that allowed in, what, a few thousand illegals?

    Texas will go blue if all this is allowed to stand. Soros wins everything and we’ll see a host of Betos all over Texas running it into the ground.

    • You gonna tell em to leave ?
      Hopefully they will take the miserable grays with you ever forget that smell?

      Think they will pull the plug, before losing this planet.

      Ought to be one humdinger of a battle – Qoj over DC, lasers , plasma weapons. I sure do hope I get to see a photon torpedo in action..from a safe distance of course

  16. “in other words, when we experience or absorb a “news item” is it coloring or instructing on some aspect”

    Rolex’s and Samsonite luggege in the Advertizements today.

    i accept the offer. thank you.

  17. “Money is to spend, it is not the end in and of itself.” <— i thought i saw that.

    boy i tell ya, i might have to take your advise and go to Ft Worth, TX.

    look at this beauty. that is a road trippers dream mobile.

    1960 VW Beetle, 29,000 original miles. 4 speed on the floor. so pretty.

    youd get more miles out of that than any other new car at that price! and you know damn well that car is naturally EMP proof.

    so beautiful. i drive it every fucking day, everywhere. they mob through the snow.

    • Lord I miss my ‘bugs’. Growing up in Wisconsin it was the only car I would want in snow! No anti-freeze needed. Thin oil for the winter cold, and a plug in heater for those extended -20 below times. And doing donuts in the ice covered parking lots…. :-)

      • Skinny tires — much better in snow than modern meats. 5.60×15 — same size as my MGA. They suck on ice, but kick butt in snow or slush, and if’fn there’s two of you in the car it’ll never get stuck, because if it does, you simply pick it up and lift it out of the ruts with your [gloved] hands. ‘Takes forever for one to get warm in winter though, unless you add a gasoline auxiliary heater…

  18. if you click on it and look at the pictures. omg its so awesome! *insert heart eye emoji. lol

    its a masterpiece.

    • Tugs at my heart strings for sure. We left a 60s-something European Beetle in the driveway of our Dallas home when we moved to this location. Dad had passed and no one else in the family had time to help us make the final move. My maternal uncle had brought it over from Europe so it had the side semaphores(sp?) on it. They’d been disabled to Americanize it. I was in Jr. High and didn’t know any better either. So many treasures have been left behind!

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