Lunch in the Toilet?

We don’t usually speak grossly, but we have been telling you since not long after the July 31 high this summer that we were going down into the macro-Wave 3 Down.

We also from last week were pointing with an arrow to the bottom of the ascending trend line.  How we go down and through that on our way to Perdition will be on the subscriber side tomorrow.

Still, with the Dow down more than 400, we wanted to share how close things are to bouncing off the bottom of the ascending trend channel:

This is not to wish anyone ill or poor returns. It’s just a lesson in life that a dime-store MBA can compete with most of the High Dollar cliquey schools where who you know and who sells blow means more than thinking independently.  (Bitter, Ure?  Naw… making a point, though.)

It’s just that we may be crazy, but our “sticking to the numbers” seems to pay off now and then. There is (from last night’s events) more reality in pro wrestling than in this market.

Here’s to short side lunch money!!!

Write when you get rich (and look for much more on the $40/year site tomorrow with over a dozen charts.)

9 thoughts on “Lunch in the Toilet?”

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  2. Just rough numbers…is the military industrial complex at about 25% of the Fed budget 25% of the industrial budget at 7x funds flow versus 2x service flow? No…. why? Military has consolidated down since 1990 to few firms..much like Sweden… so many sister divisions… outflows into commerical areas (electrons, ect) ensure some semblance of sanity if issues arise.

      • when the demonrats pull the pedos plug pre convention and insert Michael (the androgyne) Obongo as the candidate, and is installed by 4threich/wef – literal Hell on Earth becomes our reality.

        once again reaffirming “Faith is Meth for those that already belong to Seth. Transcending flesh , living behind this electromagnetic mesh.”-HP

  3. Went 100% cash an hour before the close and did better than the close. Looks like a short covering rally to some degree in the last hour of the last couple of days. My 3 NOV17 425Puts did well. Now hope for a small rally prior to re-enter puts.

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