Living in the “Land of More”

An exercise in Future Forecasting comes into view. We take a concept from our “Invention Day” last Sunday and explore whether we can make a reasonable future forecast based on changing differential growth rates.

If that sounds daunting, don’t run away and hide.  Because, dear reader, you too are living in the Land of More.

This has not only driven our selection of an economic system (grow or die) but also as structural limits to “Moreness” come into view, we will have additional future change to cope with.

Maybe, at the end of the day, economist Lester Thurow will be more right than wrong in his book “The Zero-Sum Society: Distribution And The Possibilities For Change.”

This will be an especially useful report for people trying to break out of the perceptual  trap “Understanding only through contrast.

After a few headlines and the chart stack, as well.

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71 thoughts on “Living in the “Land of More””

  1. “Thank you George Floyd for sacrificing your life for justice. Your name will always be synonymous with justice.”

    Phew deep statement for me.. How can committing a crime and trying to elude the police be a statement of justice..

    the officer should have quick took him down hand cuffed him and then let up.. he was guilty of killing him.. but when should chauven have been removed from his job.. my guess is ninteen years earlier.. when the first reports of his abusive nature began..
    The same with the officers in LA that face planted a white woman and gave her road rash beat her up and shoved her in the car smacking her head on the top of the door.. those gents should have lost their jobs.. all over using a cell phone to check on her kids because her job as a trauma ER nurse kept her later than she usually worked..

    • Or the black officer that just tipped a gent over in his wheelchair off the curb because he was frustraited and the gent in the wheelchair was the closest one..
      what I think will happen is it will curb the law enforcement in high crime area’s..
      Why should I take the chance working there.. give me a lower crime area to patrol..

    • Not excusing abuse. But couldn’t she have put the phone down for a few minutes to take care of the business at hand? Why give bad cops any excuse for giving you bad treatment?

      Compliance in most of these high profile cases could have resulted in no injury or death.

      • “Not excusing abuse. But couldn’t she have put the phone down for a few minutes to take care of the business at hand?”

        Oh I get it and you are right she should have just let the kids skip school instead of trying to keep things normal.. been there myself.. long hours working short handed doctors bitching up a storm because they wrote some god awful stupid patient orders making the nurse call them in the middle of the night ( good lord knows the nurses get it from both ends doctors asking them WTF did you call me at this hour for.. LOL she can’t say because your a dumbass and wrote some stupid order LOL( I have told them that though.. what would they do fire me LOL LOL I was the only one on the floor LOL LOL ).. and a full moon night of crazies gun shot victims stacking up like cordwood and some drunk thinking he is elvis or bruce lee grabbing their ass. You finally get off and get in the car trying desperately to get home in high traffic to make sure the kids are up and out the door on time for school. then realizing that this is not going to work out you give a quick wake up call to make sure they are dressed and going to go to school.. Where She should have just let them miss school and left the phone alone.. .. The ole damned if you do damned if you don’t.. I do know for it to hit the morning shift reports thousands of miles away.. well I sure wouldn’t want to be a cop coming into the ER in LA with an injury at least not for a while until that cooled off LOL,, just like firemen and police they stick up for one another.. LOL LOL .. the demeaning part was the cops giving the ole high five to each other and all of it caught on camera at burger king….

      • I believe she tried. There was a whole crowd there pleading for the officers to intervene and the three officers ordered them back.

    • Have you heard of Tony Timpa?

      Research and find his videos of the whole criminal event, and of his crying Mother.

      1.) Tony Timpa was HELD DOWN FOR 14 MINUTES, his legs were zip tied, his arms were ziptied behind his back, his neck and shoulder was knelt on, his CRIES for help were ignored!
      2.) Tony Timpa was not committing a crime; he actually called 911 for help;
      3.) No Trials for the White and Black cops that killed him;
      4.) No 27 Million Dollar Settlement for his grieving poor Mother;
      6.) No accusations of it being a RACIAL crime against a White male;

      Tony Timpa died under WORSE circumstances than George Floyd. RIP Tony Timpa, we don’t want to forget you either.

    • No, Chauvin, the police officer, was not guilty of killing him. George Floyd did the classic suicide by cop, but used drugs instead of a gun. Chauvin did not get a just trial, could not get a fair trial with the media and the resident in the White House rooting for a guilty verdict. He was effectively lynched to prove that the police department is woke and not racist. But, Chauvin’s guilty verdict will not pacify the race-baiters, and only fuel the false fire of racial injustice. Very sad for the cop, very sad for the nation.

      • “But, Chauvin’s guilty verdict will not pacify the race-baiters, and only fuel the false fire of racial injustice.”

        I agree with that..
        Unfortunately these officers are working high crime areas…and
        All any of this will succeed in doing is limit the police protection for the honest citizens.

  2. We need “Moar vaccines, G !
    ..dammed human resources are starting to get restless again
    running out of time..gotta install moar 5G antennas -stat.

    Who is/was charles leiber ? – ?machine interface ?
    wonder why he was working in wuhan ?
    pfizer evp stating it is a operating system ?
    Have we got a booster for you resources..wont hurt a bit, little soreness, fever..take some tylenol.

    never mind Ivermectin, VitC/VitD3/Zinc, HCQ , please – never remembering “they” never make/introduce a bioweapon w/o 1st producing Antidote (s)!

    They will Never take my FREEDOM – I am, and will continue to FIGHT – one step up and ahead on the threat level wheel – can U say Legal militia ?

    Battles are being fought right now for our COLLECTIVE FREEDOM, the choice will be Ure own, to join in any one of the battles..

    PEACE and Liberty must earned and payed for in Blood every so many 250 years or so, give or take 5 (std dev.)..

    anyone interested in 9 mm semi auto – brand new – hot off the press, no serial number ? just call 1-800-GET- DEAD at GGU limited, operators standing by, yo.

    Got Pyz Silver? U can join the Fight and be a hero..

  3. What is lost in these BLM marters, is who speaks for the victims of these men of “Justice”. I believe most of the promientent rioting examples of those men through the criminal records had a history of abusing women, mostly black women. It is insane where the left has gone on this topic. We can believe two things at the same time. Floyd, Blake and others were terrible human beings and preyed on innocent people in through own communities. We can also believe a different outcome was desired then death or shooting. Where is the left in shouting down criminal activity. Where are their simple message if you interact withe the police comply with their orders. That one small action to comply, and all these incidents would have had a better outcome. Instead we are in bizarro world where committing a criminal act, not complying with police directions, and when a bad result happens, your surviving family is showered with riches, taken from honest citizens, and you are martyred.

    No way in the world I would ever become a police in any area run by democrat leftists. I cannot imagine why all honest police are not trying to find their way out of these war zones with all due haste. They are at severe risk of the same terrible outcomes.

    • “That one small action to comply”

      A lot of people state, “comply”. That’s how we know the gun grabs will work. Most people are programmed to comply and will comply.

      I mentioned the government solicited citizen help identifying the Capitol rioters. It was a success. People complied ratting each other out. The government official probably pats them on the head, “You’re a good American.” ‘I am a good American.”

      Full List of Every Capitol Riot Suspect Charged so Far

    • They are looking for an out. It’s just that Mayberry doesn’t pay as well as Old Detroit. There may also be that problem where all police training is local? I’m not sure if there are national standards which might make transferring easier.

      Your post just reminded me of Demolition Man where San Angeles needed a real police officer to solve a modern dilemma. As bad guys go, Simon Felix was a softie.

      • “It’s just that Mayberry doesn’t pay as well as Old Detroit. ”

        That is True… BUT…. Mayberry doesn’t have the crime and the cost of living that Detroit does…
        Doctor friend of mine went and interviewed in DC.. the money was wonderful.. but the cost of a shack was so expensive that he couldn’t afford to pay for it .. and to commute a hundred miles or so to work.. crime.. etc.. the clincher for him was when he was leaving from the interview and the officer that was escorting him to his car said.. yes and we make sure everyone has a police escort to their car to keep you safe every day.. LOL..
        My doctor had retired.. ( dam her.. LOL knew her since she was in school working the floor with me.. I will give her a piece of my mind to when I see her at the grocery store LOL LOL… )
        the new guy.. was bitching up a storm.. ( to the wrong guy let me tell you) he was talking about the wage difference from a set income position.. and he had to work his rotating weekend.. excuse me.. that is just normal.. we all had to.. what he didn’t take into account is sure he probably only made a quarter mill.. a year as a set income.. but he didn’t have to pay for his rent for the clinic.. or his nurses wages and benefits.. or any supplies or equipment.. if he took all of that into account he was probably doing better than he would being an independent.. not to mention the benefit packages they get and the golden goose health insurance for nothing at all.. and every holiday in the book off..

      • @ LOOB

        “but he didn’t have to pay for his rent for the clinic.. or his nurses wages and benefits.. or any supplies or equipment..”

        Or the real biggie, the malpractice insurance. My GP joined the regional healthnet in 2003. In 1999, when he was independent, my office visits were $19 (actual cost.) In 2003 they were $169. I asked him “Why?” He told me “I had a nurse and an aide/receptionist. The malpractice insurance premium for the three of us was over $1mln. I simply could not afford it. Now, the hospital system pays me $199k per year, which may not seem like much money for an MD with 30 years experience, but it is much more money than I have ever made before…

      • “Or the real biggie, the malpractice insurance”

        I figured he still would.. a hospital may say yes we offer malpractice.. but it is their insurance and trust me they wont hesitate to toss him under the bus.
        I knew a couple ladies that they did that to.. we keep our own private malpractice coverage all the time..

    • “I cannot imagine why all honest police are not trying to find their way out of these war zones with all due haste. ”

      They do..many police departments gave a hard time finding people to patrol those area’s of higher crime.
      From the way I understand it theres a higher hazardous duty pay for officers willing to take the risks associated with patrolling those areas. And the more extreme areas many wont venture in to after dark.

  4. Good report.

    General price level deflation will come. As example a lot of people have been buying silver because of the “short squeeze” (that never materialized). My speculation is most of those people live with debt and probably don’t have paid off houses. When the deflation comes they’ll miscalculate and sell their silver to keep their house. And the kicker is instead of the $100+ a zip they were expecting it’ll probably be $3.00. $1,500 for a Monster Box they paid 20K for. Ouch.

    It’s a rerun of the mortgage debacle. Everyone then went to the stock market for cash to pay their mortgage, but the stock market gains were gone.

    “People are already getting into hiking and camping.”

    Too many people. Poop City!

    “Tobias Miller has had his nose to the ground at Great Smoky Mountains National Park for the past 18 years, building, fixing and maintaining the vast network of forest trails that lure people from around the world.

    But sometimes, his nose gets too close. That’s when he spots — or rather sniffs — the lumps of human waste, sometimes hidden under a log, sometimes left out in the open along with a field of what he calls “white flowers,” aka toilet paper.

    It’s one of the many impacts that Miller, a supervisory facilities operations specialist who manages the park’s roads and trails, has seen growing along with the record-breaking hordes of visitors.”

    Moreover, I read the link you posted awhile back, “10 Ancient Sites That Might Be Stargates, Wormholes And Portals To Other Worlds”

    The link (below) cited Sedona and a “Doorway of the gods”. I wouldn’t mind driving out their, meeting up with explorers and survey the area to prove/debunk the portal.

    10 Ancient Sites That Might Be Stargates, Wormholes And Portals To Other Worlds

    • Might wanna check out nazca lines, one in particular, in South America

      There is a PERFECT example of dirhanna/stargate evidence..

      1 particular spot that shows black skid marks, tons of them, burnt/stained into ground – all centered/oriented in same spot – as if flyng/floaty craft were popping out of “tachyon travel” and landing/landing gear impacting on same exact spot..

      .. those w/eyes to see

    • I’ve been running into articles that state people are cashing in their 401(k)’s to buy houses with cash. Better returns?

  5. George, thank you again for another wonderful slice of your mind in today’s Peoplenomics.

    Your overall view of things prompt many thoughts –

    On the most basic levels nothing exists without it’s opposite in existence at the same time – positive and negative charge; magnetism and repulsion all of which creates the Universe we experience “Good” and “Evil” in; times of plenty being created from the fallow times of want even if not experienced by people that went through lean times. The cycles keep coming whether we learn from them or not. As you outline in almost every issue, the efforts to keep the good times rolling are falling prey to the Law of Diminishing returns.

    I remember a conversation I had with a friend back in the 90s when markets were going up driven by New Tech. His basic premise was that things will always improve and take us higher but the “still, small voice” in the back of my head said things ALWAYS have an end if only because of our limited global environment as long as we’re confined to Planet Earth. Perhaps he was riding a wave of prosperity at the time but he couldn’t see, or seem to perceive, of any kind of end. It’s nice to have that kind mindset and some significant contributors to your Comments Section demonstrate such a mental condition with wild abandon – even to the point of a refusal to admit any and all shortcomings.

    The more you have the more you have to lose, hence the fact that your things DO own you. This is one of the root causes of the Normalcy Bias which is the most difficult attitudes to overcome when change is being called for. Everyone in the “Developed World” spends their life driven by accumulating wealth and “things”. Not so much in the rest of the World which is shrinking more rapidly than anyone wants to ponder. For some reason the aspect of acquisitiveness in the Monkey Mind doesn’t seem to apply in the hunter/gatherer cultures that still exist. Perhaps it’s due to the need to change locations periodically that promotes a leaner lifestyle. I just did a search for the YouTube documentary “Guns, Germs and Steel” (it’s still there) that explores this dichotomy. If a person can fashion shelter, gather food and resources and either heal themselves from sickness and injury or, at least, avoid them why build cities, especially when the oldest inner parts devolve to not much better than cave life?

    The requirement of a “civilized” lifestyle is ever more extensive accumulation of knowledge and its dissemination through educational systems. Education that allows for creativity and innovation is the fuel of the Engine of Prosperity (even in a finite world) in a society that advances through merit rather than cronyism and nepotism. That being the case it’s curious to watch the actual general destruction of these education systems in our own lifetimes even though Meritocracy contains seeds of its own demise. It makes you wonder if the people at the top of the pyramid, having the ability to see farther, intentionally quash the education of the masses not simply to maintain their monopoly on the Accumulation Game but to attempt to shield themselves from the inevitable End in a finite system. Or, could it be that they are simply doing what we, here, see every week day in the efforts of those behind the scenes to avoid in any way the natural economic cycles that reflect the most basic building blocks of the Universe? Is Meritocracy, taken to its extreme, the opposite wave form of cronyism and nepotism?

    • The investment market is nothing more than individuals gaining at the expense of those losing, or buying and selling. Like Monopoly, at the end of the game somebody will own everything. Those who exit early spend away what they have left in that other game called Life.

      Now, are the sellers really losing, or are they the gainers while those still in the game are the eventual losers?

      I wonder if there’s a paper somewhere discussing these different perspectives and how they might motivate different types of people.

      • As long as those still in the game are acquiring resources from an increasing pool of either raw material or production the game continues. If the pool is going down then it’s a game of musical chairs … and I think we can both agree we’re on the Titanic.

    • These elites DO educate their children, in the old ways, start 3-5 languages before age 5, and they have the opportunity to learn ALL of the things that are necessary to be successful via their own Meritocracy (that’s the resume anyway) and then, once in to their key positions, use all of these opportunities and abilities to control us. (Look at all of them in their esteemed educated fields that are used like a club against the American people daily.)

      AS evidenced by Prince Harry, that does not necessarily mean the ability to be and receive education is there, nor the appreciation of the opportunity.

      There are so many of these elite children, that do get a very good education in all ways and things important, and easily fill all the very most important vital positions, especially across the developed world, that are needed to make the world go round; not a lot of people actually, that is why they do NOT need the masses children.

      In America, the selling point is anyone can work hard enough and become successful. What is now apparent is you will not get that success from public schooling.

      It has to come from within, but everywhere it is all tied up. The higher you climb, the more the gate keepers will either remove you from the pool, resist and sidetrack or eliminate your opportunities/connections/funding, buy you out, or destroy you or your reputation. Sometimes, you will not even realize it has been done to you until you look back many years later, and realize what happened to you.

      You can see cracks in that WALL of un-atain-ability via what the Ivy league schools are now revealing; how they have discriminated against White Caucasian Christian males/females easily for the last 40 years and probably longer. Some schools are now actively limiting their freshman classes to 25% Caucasian Whites.

      Here is a good article on the Elite pyramid:

      IF you pay attention, EVERY SINGLE PERSON THAT SPEAKS to the American people, in ANY capacity, has been CHOSEN. Not one got there by their own accord.

      I have typed this before, but it bears repeating: a well known English radio personality revealed about a year ago, that HE has been friends with the English Prime Minister, Boris Johnson for over 20 years. 15 Years ago, Boris Johnson told him that he would be Prime Minister one day.

      So, there you go. Votes and voting do not matter.

      You have no choices, except the ones that George Carlin spoke about in this great clip:

      • This is what I meant when I said Meritocracy has within it its own seeds of destruction. It eventually falls prey to its own cronyism and nepotism. Eventually those outside the gates of privilege become the minority so they either have to deal with the great unwashed masses or be overthrown by them as has happened time and again throughout history. Somewhere out there are our modern era George Washingtons and new Founders. It will be a long slog back to Reason – that is if The Second Coming doesn’t occur first which will result in the same. In the end we’re all knuckle draggers in need of guidance from Above.

  6. Re.: Obesity

    Last Saturday (4/17/21) I heard a news report on Minneapolis’s WCCO radio the average weight of an American woman is 171#. Not 130# !!

    74% of people in the U.S. are overweight.

    As the graph illustrated, Black’s are disproportionately fat, Asians hardly ever.

    The poor life choices of Black’s is the reason Covid is more of an issue with them. Not so much for Asians.

    Interesting that the health community constantly stokes the anti-smoking agenda while being overweight is the primary cause of health issues.

    • It is actually Vitamin D3 deficiency that is causing the high Covid numbers in Blacks, as well as obese patients of all races. This is now confirmed. Look it up.

      We are also, in the USA bombarded with additives, preservatives, crappy non-nutritional goop that is called processed food. We also allow glyphosate (Roundup) to be sprayed on most all of our mostly genetically modified crops, especially corn, soybean, and most grain crops.

      Monsanto, now Bayer, know full well that Roundup causes cancer, tumors, and obesity. The studies have been carried out in other countries, the studies that Monsanto/Bayer did not do, which were studies lasting longer than 3 months.

      The FDA, and CDC are NOT your friend. The USDA has been gutted, George Bush the 2nd, really carved it out.

      The CDC is a PRIVATELY owned For-Profit company making billions off of vaccinations that have also been proved to do a lot of harm.

      Organics has been under attack, our own government allowing a lot of loop holes. For some reason, and it is NOT the profit reason, Organics are a threat to the government funded Agri-complex businesses.

      Health is Wealth but it is not promoted in our society; illness is.

    • The Blacks make the same choices as Whites and Latinos. It’s a peer-pressure thing. Their bodies process food more-efficiently than Whites, so consuming what is, essentially a Western European diet, they’re going to tend toward obesity. Asians eat a Eurocentric diet less frequently, and their native diet (or derivatives thereof), very frequently, so although their bodies are also more efficient than Western Europeans, very few tend toward obesity.

      I personally don’t pay much mind to “obesity charts.” Until COVID, I had been 6’1″ and 225 pounds, ±4 pounds, since I was 15 years old, save during two extended hospital stays. After more than 50 years, I figure that’s about where the Good Lord intended I be. I can wear every piece of clothing I wore in high school (although pants are a little bit loose and shoes, a little bit tight.) Since the lockdowns, I have dropped to 207, by simply axing restaurant food and eating organic at home. ‘Still obese according to the charts, but I have zero “dunlap” and I can look at my belt buckle when I cinch it up…

  7. I’m with Andy and G.A. Stewart. We’re gonna’ need some divine intervention to get out of this mess and I don’t feel like that’s the plan. Not in the short term, anyway. I think we’re on the doorstep of some really biblical stuff. Cats and dogs living together, etc.

    Call it a gut feeling, but it’s just about time for mandatory girding of the loins.

    • Amen Sir!! I am in 100% agreement. I have felt this way for longer than I will admit. It has already started locally in family matters for me (?”as above, so below”) and my life repeatedly acts as a “canary in a coal mine” for what is generalized to come. This is why I rarely post on George’s site anymore. I cannot even describe my current situation. I have been here on Urban since 2012 & used to email G & post, & my stuff was covered in old columns. So, I would like to say Thanks to all who contribute to preparedness issues here: I continue to learn much. But everyone needs to “fly their plane” & make appropriate local executive decisions (as we are in the most deep turbulence in the next few years we will likely ever face) & someone has to. Remember to put on your OWN oxygen mask first or you are useless. I am afraid we may not land. Thank You all, esp: George, Looking Out of the Box, Ray, n_ , William at Radio Ranch, GA Stewart, MAJ13, Warhammer, Lakota Bob, NMMike, RocketMike, James Johnson

    • Not all divine intervention is providence. Noah? Sodom and Gomorrah? The Crucifixion? 40 years in the desert?

    • Yes sir, Sir.

      I felt this coming on along about 2008 or 2009. 2012 seemed to focus a lot of people’s attention on apocalyptic possibility and probability, but after the “Mayan washout,” people forgot — THEIR SUBCONSCIOUS DIDN’T, and when I’m around people, I can feel their general apprehension — it weights me down.

      No matter one’s background, chasing tornadoes tends to “tune one in” to animal behavior. Horses and hogs are very bright. Cattle and sheep are very stupid. I firmly believe the only reason God put them on the planet is as a portable food source. That said, a cow critter is really stupid, but it can sense a tornado from 20 miles away. WE can’t. Humans can’t even sense one from two miles unless it’s an old storm that’s carrying a considerable amount of debris, making it visible. Yet for the last dozen years or so, I’ve felt an “unnatural anxiousness” when I’m around farm animals too (even cows.)

      It is like every critter with a life expectancy of more than two years, feels _something_ too, and that bothers me.

      I’m not an Andy.

      I don’t question the empathic storm. I accept that God’s design may not involve the survival of the United States, or any other Nation of Man. That doesn’t concern me because if the Almighty is involved, the plan is above any pay grade any of us will ever attain. ‘Thing is, if it’s not the Hand of God that we’re feeling, then it is the hand of Man, and humans with serious (like genuine “life & death” serious) power, are to a one, selfish bastards.

      I just know something’s coming and I strive to do what I can to increase the probability that my progeny survive, whatever, and if possible, so do others within my sphere of influence…

  8. Phew busy morning.. snow lost night and this morning the dandelion’s are out.. do to prep for the coming attractions and make some dandelion wine.. I’ve been out picking dandelion flowers.. I need seven gallons of flowers. Told my mini me he gets five dollars a gallon.. dollar general here he comes lol..
    We can’t stop what’s coming.. so just prep with what we normally curiosity is the watchers and an alien intervention into our stupidity..
    Make sure the pantry is full and keep the tanks full of fuel.

  9. We developed the ‘less is more’ mindset back in 1979 during the peanut farmer’s reign. Sold our brand new house in a Dallas suburb that we were just getting finished to our satisfaction and bought 35 acres of pine trees as far from civilization as we could get and still be in Texas. We moved a used mobile home onto the acreage, and the wife moved here. I couldn’t find work here, so I stayed with her mother in Dallas where I had a good job for 9 years. Finally a job opened up here, and I took a 50% pay cut to move here full time. Best move I ever made.

    Now we raise goats and chickens, have a modest garden and all the house we need. Near zero stress, nearest neighbor is 1/4 mile away. We occasionally hear a car on the road at the end of our 700′ driveway, but we can’t see the road for the trees. Nearest town is 13 miles away, so we don’t run to Wally World 3 times a day for trivial stuff. A couple of trips a week for shopping and dinner out at Catfood King or Chicken Distress, and we’re good to go.

  10. so good , such a good scam fraud day . yep DSI doesnt even matter !! that idiot selling packages at 1700 bucks a hit . foolproof trading !! guess what ! useful as tits on a bull . yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  11. Beetles & climate change dropped our Canadian imported lumber:

    A lot of wood shipped to China for furniture manufacturing (low wages paid), and then finished product sold to U.S. consumers..,wood%20products%20to%20the%20world.

    Major lumber suppliers and their sources:

    Battery run cars and non pollution is the future:

  12. Spit in your face and tell you it’s raining . Vege zombie !! Gold ! Sheetcoin ! Stocks! Real estate ! Got rid of the shorters so woopeee!!! Not this one yah crooks . Sark guru have yah fun .

  13. Heard the one about war!!! That’s a beauty!! As big as the Covid scam . Fchina Frussia . In bed with all the other facists . Hey maybe cook up alien invasion we can have a war with mars !!! Independence day

    • Was it Stone Mountain or Elders of Zion that said TPTB need to whip up a global threat like alien invasion to unify the world governments? There is a lot going on with large scale atmospheric-level holograms…

  14. Reflation ..that’s a funnier word than inflation in a facist economy . Global as well . Reset !!! Screw the old way . Move over old men the new guys can see a light at the end of the tunnel. Yes that’s a fing train and it’s coming right for you . Young fresh veg zombie led by old greedy narcissistic pigs .

  15. “For one, loud-mouth political hacks (specifically Maxine Waters) calling for additional confrontation, may have opened the door for an appeal by Derek Chauvin: Tainting the jury which was not sequestered during the trial.”

    Since the jury was not sequestered, Maximouth and senile Joe have each given the Defense, grounds for the entire conviction to be overturned on appeal. Additionally, the “Murder-2” and “Murder-3” charges should not stand up on appeal, as the crime does not fit their definition and legal delineation. By not sequestering the jury and by sending them home every night, the Court made it easy to discover their identities and target them for retribution for an “incorrect” decision — jury tampering and intimidation at its finest.

    NOW, thanks to Maximouth, should the verdicts be overturned on appeal, a new trial is probably not even possible. This leads me to pose a new mental betting pool:

    With grounds for dismissal or retrial blatantly apparent, will the Appellate Court overturn the verdict, or will they toss Justice out the window, to minimize the pending widespread rioting and anarchist insurrection?

    Hint: It doesn’t matter. We, the People, have already lost.

    The rioting is going to happen anyway because the Commies (BLM) and the Nazis (Antifa) couldn’t care less about either police brutality or Black folk. They are ideologues, and will simply latch on to the next means to an end, or “martyr to the Cause…”

    • Cant’ wait to see Maxine running around in her coal black spandex support sooper dooper soote and cape with “Can’t Touch This” written on it. If that won’t scare people into action nothing will!!

  16. “Cynically, we expect the Left will quietly embrace racism in order to confiscate guns.”

    Bear in-mind, the National Rifle Association is the oldest organization in the United States, formed specifically to aid Black people. The NRA was formed to get firearms in the hands of former slaves, so they could protect them and theirs, and enjoy the freedoms they gained via Emancipation by becoming Free Citizens, and which the Southern Democrats deigned to deny them.

    The Commies have shown no hesitancy in going for the NRA’s jugular. I doubt they’ll have a problem engaging in any other practice or policy which separates Blacks from their Rights and Freedoms, especially if it also separates Whites, Browns, Reds, and Yellows from THEIR freedoms…

    • Ray, your obsessive white guilt is showing along with the meds that lead to your deranged thinking.

      NRA filed for bankruptcy, 2021. NRA founded to improve Union soldiers’ marksmanship AFTER the Civil War, noticing that 1000 shots were fired for every Confederate soldier hit and/or killed. (note: not founded to ‘specifically aid Black people’)

      High Fructose Corn Syrup/ High Fat meals or ‘poverty cuisine’ are causing obesity (England’s poor shows same obesity increase as America’s poor – obesity is not ‘racially selective’ as a few on this site would like to believe – but, hey, keep blaming the victim, doesn’t that absolve your white guilt?)

      $20 billion per year in U.S. farm subsidies, the lion’s share going to to U.S. corn growers (corn is biggest crop grown in U.S.)

      • I know “fire for effect” continued to be a problem up through the Vietnam War. With the advent of the M16A2 and its 3-round burst mode, I suspect the problem still persists. Wasting 3 bullets is better than wasting a magazine of 15.

      • Why hello, Mr. Troll.

        Your blatant racism is showing today. You should probably crawl back under your rock until you learn to hide it better…

      • Everyone to their seats for a 10 min time out.
        If everyone would put away their racial priding and shaming we would have a lot more time to spend on useful stuff.

      • “obesity is not ‘racially selective’”

        I agree… I think that its economically selective..

        Fresh fruit and vegitables is very expensive..if you have a family of four and make let’s say 80 Bill’s between the two of will be eating a diet filled with bulk.. pasta , rice, potatoes etc..even with that your monthly grocery bill will be between 1200 and 1600 .. to keep dome semblance to a rounded diet and rather than fresh your going yo be eating processed…If you have less then you add more bulk and less canned..

  17. 13.60 userx . The psycho fart in Vegas be creaming . 2 weeks of fixing yellow dog and happy days . What could go wrong !!! Wake up Len play the rigged tables and slots . Never thought that evil could get so strong . May the force be with you Jedi

  18. “Particularly curious is that the modern day Ford Focus is within 20 pounds of a 1967 Ford Fairlane.”

    …And reclassifying WRT size. A 6’4″ man could lie in the seat of that Fairlane without his head or feet touching the door handles. Most 8yo kids couldn’t fit that comfortably in a Focus.

    • The demise of the bench seat ruined the utility of most cars. The doors of modern cars are really thick and waste as much space as the useless console. They separate a couple into different zones – outside the intimate zone. When growing up, a guy usually drove with his girl in the middle and the right part of the bench seat empty. It felt good. After dark, they could enjoy the evening without having to book a motel.

      If we stayed with the utility level of modern cars, we could eliminate at least a foot of width and aerodynamic footprint if we simply dropped the console and returned to bench seats. Most cars are driven for the majority of their lives with only one person on board.

  19. “But, as we have argued many times, government regulations on 5-MPH crash rules, bumper requirements, and crumple zones, have dramatically reduced vehicle mileage improvement potential. These add weight.”

    Lots of… My prewar International half-ton truck is made out of steel — REAL steel! The body and fenders are 18ga, the frame, quarter inch box, the curb weight with a 6′ pickup bed and 4 gallons of gas is 2789 pounds. My “identical sized” early ’90s F150, made out of 24ga steel (also with a quarter inch frame) is a couple Big Macs under 5900 pounds, with no gas in the tank (but lots of “lightweight plastic” in the cab and under the hood…)

    • The 1983 Chevy half ton I owned had heavier metal in its body than the ’05 F350 I drive today. I’ve thought many, many times how great it would be to have it back and put a modern fuel efficient engine in it as a work truck – or any 1970s truck that I could customize like that. But Eric the Car Guy put out a video the other day detailing the legislation that makes all modifications of any vehicle illegal. This flies in the face of the massive after market industry but, oh well, if it passes inspection …

      • We have had 1978, 1981, and 1965 trucks in our shop this last month. People want to get them running. We have had a 1964 Lincoln Continental convertible and a 1961 Cadillac DeVille show up this month, too. Beautiful cars. Got a 1957 Chevy on the lift now. We are loving helping these owners.

      • Just as good money drives out bad good quality drives out the planned obsolescence products.

        Jay Leno’s video on the Lincoln Continental and one of the few guys in the country that is good at refurbishing them is total gold. But what I wouldn’t give to have my grandmother’s 1957 Buick Special back again!! Electric speedometer, aftermarket A/C, plastic on the seats from the day she got it. It was a death trap in a wreck but a gem moving down the street.

  20. i thank george for letting me express . he is the only guy that didnt isolate me . so siths be prepared today we launch machiavelli programs . cascading codes at designated levels . like the old kids game kerplunk . so keep on going and nice that you are letting me setup for the price of a six pack of beer at each . of course always in the money but they aint the pain givers . the machiavellis are

  21. “…electricity is not the pollution-solution for Moreness. All electricity does is move the dirty creation of energy somewhere “off camera” and then tosses-in up to 15 percent inefficiencies.

    In a designers dream, the efficiency of electrics would not include the conversion inefficiencies of high voltage distribution line losses. And the charge efficiency factor of batteries.”

    …Of which no-one who’s not “played the game” is aware. I always assumed a 20% loss. Because people don’t “see” that for every watt they purchase to charge a battery, the battery pack only receives about .7 watts; for every watt the battery pack sends to the motors, about .8 watts is available for the motors to do work, the remainder being lost to friction and electrical resistance, and dissipated as heat. Inverters? Don’t even go there.

    Electric car battery packs are made up of protected 2600mA or 3000mA 18650 Li-Ion battery cells — the same ones as my fancy flashlight (except they have solder leads instead of contact nubs.) Tesla’s management is the best, but aside from its shape there’s not much difference in the pack itself, between theirs, and everyone else’s. It takes a lot of oomph to charge nearly 900 2.7v batteries. ‘Care to guess how big the charging cable should be, to limit current loss to an acceptable 3%? ‘Care to guess how big the charging cables aren’t? Hint: Granny isn’t going to like slinging a 60 pound cable around to charge her Tahoe, ergo, charging efficiency losses are going to be 20%, just through the charging cable. But then, people won’t “see” it, so they won’t know any better…

    • Do remember, though Ray, that the charging can be improved with high voltage.
      Lesson for non-Raylians: the Power transferred is limited by Amps.
      So if Granny wants a 20 amp cable weight, the voltage on the wire must be higher.
      At 12 volts 20 amps is 240 watts. .313 horsepower
      At 24 volts 20 amps is 480 watts
      At 48 volts 20 amps is 960 watts
      A 120 volts 2o amps is 2.400 watts 3.13 horsepower
      At 240 volts 20 amps is 4,800 watts or 6.26 horsepowerr
      The 480 volt line up our street? 9,600 watts – 12.52 hp. In reality it is bigger than 20 amps worth of copper, though.
      When you get up to a 280 KV line at 20 amps? 5.6 megawatts. 7,320 horsepower and enough to run a washer.

      • If we can charge or phones with proximity charging stations, why can’t we charge electric cars with similar pads in the garage floor or driveway pad?

      • “Do remember, though Ray, that the charging can be improved with high voltage.”

        Of course, and I’m assuming the charging stations are running either 440 or 480 vdc. The (very) little research I’ve done (because the current tech is so immature) indicates an 80% charge on the battery pack, in about 20 minutes. Going by Tesla’s info (‘cuz they’re the only ones, so far, who have any engineering transparency whatsoever) their battery pack is divided into either 4 or 5 clusters (depending on “normal” or “extended” and the vehicle in which it’s used) but I don’t know how the cells are wired (whether the clusters are wired for voltage or current) so what I’m looking at is raw batteries — 2400vdc @ 3A (assuming they are using the solder version of the Samsung ICR-18650 30Q, because it is the most consistent and reliable cell currently available), guessing the cell-quantity per cluster, and assuming four clusters are dedicated to the motors and one to the onboard electronics (+ a few miles of “emergency driving range”). I don’t know that that’s how the Tesla is set up, but it is the way I would have engineered it. They are more open about their tech, but still not that open, because theirs is the current best, and they’re not going to make it easy for VW, GM, to reverse it. Ergo, without having one to take apart, I have to go with what I KNOW, and guess the rest.

        Hey, I’m not going to try and build another electric car or hydrogen/electric hybrid, so to me it’s just an interesting mental exercise. Still, 2400vdc @ 3A m/l does yield numbers with which one can play around with their spare mental clicks…

  22. “We are a “challenge-based species.””

    And therein lies our salvation, or our demise.

    This is why I told you many years ago that “outer space” was our answer.

    The vast majority of our psychological maladies and issues are caused by a lack of challenges in our everyday lives. We lack challenge, so our minds invent it. When John Q had to work 16 hours to survive, and Jane Q had to work 12-14 while taking care of the kiddies, social ills and psychological maladies were rare, and when they did crop up, their manifestation was obvious and their solution, succinct and speedy, and often final.

    There is not sufficient challenge to living on Earth today. Even the primitives in Africa and South America have it much easier than their ancestors because they can barter into slices of the modern world. Therefore, we must accept the challenge of Space or regress technologically to the point that “only the strong survive.” I don’t see Man devolving itself to a cro-mag level, voluntarily, so any such devolution is going to come at an horrific cost. I’d rather join Kirk from Star Trek than Moonwatcher from 2001…

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