Market Telegraphing Future?

This being Adolph Hitler’s birthday, we have a natural inclination to be especially on guard against evil and its followers this week.

And although we still h0ld that events which [MIGHT] lead to WW III will not happen until Orthodox Easter (May 2), what concerns us now is the degree of coming ripples in the fabric of mass consciousness.

This assumes, of course, that there is such a thing.

Anticipatory Fear

We see it in a number of “story clusters” passed off as “news.”  There’s Minneapolis and there’s Ukraine.  There’s Taiwan and there’s Pelosi’s “razor wire coup” in tax & spend land; bound and determine to hike taxes, start war, and pack the Supreme Court.

Which gets us to an American Values crisis:

  • We hold that Maxine Waters should be censured for inciting more “violence to come.”  She’s a hate-peddler supporting violence, a divider not unifier.
  • Joe Biden’s siding with Ukraine and playing demonize the Russians ignores upcoming events in the region, including a chance later this week that Belarus (north of Ukraine) will throw-in with Russia. The West just tried to overthrow Belarus and botched it.  Which could leave NATO shut out of the rich petroleum reserves of eastern Ukraine.  Not particularly valuable now, but ask as depletion runs its course.  When war comes to the region it, too, will be about money, power, or self-aggrandizement.  But, isn’t it always?
  • The Supreme Court packing? That will f*ck things up, even more.  Just another example of Digital Mob Rule – DMR.  Something the crooked left has gotten so good at, as to pervert values like total equality, sound money, and something we’ll get into more in Peoplenomics tomorrow: “Enoughness.”
  • Pols – Lying through their teeth:  In the meantime, the Bidenista’s are obfuscating the Mexican/South American slow-motion invasion of America.  By axing the clear, unequivocal term “illegal alien” from govspeak.

The applicable Ure family saying about inability to speak Truth is?  “They couldn’t call it shit, even if they had a mouthful of it.”

Thus act crooks redefining language for high-level manipulations toward the take-down of America 1.  Not sure what to call this rising successor, but “America” is not longer an accurate description in values-based language.

Like golf, we can bitch all we want.  But the balls are all in the rough now.  Which gets us to the matter of?

Financial Confidence

Sure, you have to park that federal “gimme money” somewhere.  Anyone who is not debt-free is a damned fool if they don’t reduce their debt burden and spend any leftovers on improving their education (hence, value).

Instead, a fair piece of the Made-Up-Money has landed in the market. But with no more dispensations in sight, the market may be coming back to reality:

There is a short whiteboard session to fully grok what’s going on.

First, we seem to have completed (right half) a five-wave Elliott sequence when we use the lens of our Aggregate Index.

Elliott purists won’t like a fifth wave ending in a 3-step move (a-b-c) so the short to medium term might ideally see a decline to the red “critical support” bar on the lower trend line.  Then, with luck, one more heave-ho to the upside.

The lower red bar – a good drop down from here – is where the real battle over future could be fought.  It’s the top of a smaller Wave 1 and if a decline takes out the first red bar, well….  Then, if the second red bar fails, we can start thinking about what the world would be like with prices halved.

Think about how these would feel:

  • A Dow in the 16,000’s.
  • An S&P 500 which is under 2,000.
  • Bond rates well over 2%.  Yesterday the 10-year closed at 1.6%.
  • While inflation ticks up for a short burst to over 10%.

I don’t know about cryptos, but a note from my deflationist pal Jas informed me of how cryptos are really doing in India:

“Yesterday, a desi friend asked me about Bitcoin, and I told him that I don’t understand enough to have an educated opinion. Then he mentioned that Indian govt is clamping down on it and I guessed that it is because of the “black market, or #2” i.e., undeclared, money.

One thing is clear that it is God’s gift to money launderers and blackmail artists. Allah o’ akbar! God is great.

God loves moneyed crooks a lot more than honest hardworking people!!!!!!!!!!!! If you don’t get it then you are blind to reality. Moneyed crooks in India have lot of #2 money. And I know…”

Since you don’t know (Dr.) Jas (a godlike fellow in DSP’s evolution at the Big C router company), trust me when I tell you his family has hundreds of years experience in money-lending on the sub-continent. Jas has forgotten more about finance than most ever learn.  And he laddered bonds down from their top in the early 1980’s with something he called the Six-Pack strategy.

Jas’ assertion of the big role of BTC in blackmail has shown up in at least a half-dozen emails this week.  “Send us xxx BTC or we will…” kind of thing.  Dirty criminal money is making a first-class run at driving out government money.  If you own cryptos, you’ve already decided who to throw in with.  Ure’s advice remains unchanged.  We never bet against the side with an army, navy, and the power to tax and convict.

In Ure’s Shorts


Is there a “docker” in the house?  Historic backup at Port of Oakland could be bad news for consumers.

You do know what an expectorant is, right?  Russia Expels 2 Bulgarian Diplomats in Tit-for-Tat Move.

Move over Tesla!  VW Beetle rebooted as Punk Cat electric car.

Speaking of Musk – my buddy Michael’s ground station for StarLink showed up (finally!) We’ll be passing on info as he gets it set up and working with his home’s big mesh network.  Looking forward to ours.

What Matters: Liars & Rent

#1 We like to mention that governments – and this is a worldwide problem – usually are very Big on telling their subjects what to do.  But, when comes to government following its own rules on things like climate, the results are terrible.

Now, this story is about the climate “do as we say, not as we do” in England, but the concept, in our view is widely extensible.

As age 73 inches toward me (and Elaine hits her next milestone from 1943 this week)- we’ve come to appreciate that there is a long Truth Season in politics.  It runs from the day of taking office to about 9-months prior to a re-election campaign.  The Liar’s Season runs from when someone files to run for office, until the votes are counted.  Then all bets are off.

#2 Renting Your Life is growing.  My buddy (the Major) recently had a problem with Lightroom 6.  He likes the product – a lot.  But, even though it’s not officially supported anymore, he received exceptional support from Adobe (India) which got his install squared-away.

But in the process, he was struck by the move of software companies to the “rent to use” model.  Adobe is just about all subscription now.

Major’s happy with Foxit Phantom which is still an “ownable” .PDF product as far as I know. Grownup Adobe is a rental.  We really like Microsoft Office, but again, subscriptions are becoming the new way of doing business.  Themes like “recurring revenue” and “customer for life” are creeping up.

Mainly in the business side – for now.  But it’s moving in from areas I’ve worked in before, like higher ed. ERP.  Annual model there works well.

Personal Bottom line:  Free cash flow in your personal life will get much more valuable in the future.  With new self-driving cars coming, we expect ownership sharing (fractions) will come.  Who can park $100,000 in the driveway?

Software is already going down the “rent to use” path.  And with home ownership likely to disappear for millions in the great inflation to come, so too, renting a roof will become even more widespread.

Even things like power bills are being averaged (monthly level billing) because people don’t plan their lives well.  And, while we love to write two checks a year for insurance, the number of people paying a monthly car insurance or home insurance bill is absurd.

Name of the game – when comes to owning your own future – is to avoid payment commitments of all sorts.  In order to accumulate wealth, going with a 10-year old word processor (rather than an annual rental bill) might make sense. You can’t type any faster on the newest, latest, greatest.  Even voice recognition is slower than typing – once you go through error correction.

Ure family wisdom is “You can only spend it once.”  Try to buy permanence, not transitory feel-goods.  Lowest cost for a minimum required outcome.  If you can’t “own it” don’t “buy” it.

Write when you get rich,

59 thoughts on “Market Telegraphing Future?”

  1. Slappy Maxey censured ?! thats it?

    “the street justice league” has far more appropriate plan of recourse for ms maxey
    ..popular refrain form 1879..soon to ‘echo’ again in the US.. “Coupez-le, desactive”

    All the nasty/hateful shit that public official has said regards the duly elected The President of the United States,Race, Republicans – most foul, gross, disgusting public official I have ever had the displeasure of seeing and hearing.
    – no true reflection of Cali progressives, their Values and Views exists today.

    On a lighter note – At least she makes Aunt Esther look like a cutie on dutie..
    nother recipe for the saturdaze gourmet.
    Like some Milk wit those…?

  2. The ‘Ure’ opinion on crypto. First, let me say that I am a recent ‘convert’ and only within the last month or so started to buy crypto. No, I am not here to convince or convert, but simply to provide a few thoughts.

    First, let us dispense with the fairly useless thought that the US government represents any paragon of honestly and virtue. Oh, I may have believed that as a young Marine Corps officer over 35 years ago, but definitely not now. The crooks and money launderers that you speak of George are in both camps: US government and everyone else. Money has been laundered in USD $$ much, much more so than any cryptos to date. Washington, DC is now a great sewer of corruption that is not in any way different than the organizations of Gotti, Lucky Luchiano, Gambino, et al.

    In a sense, for many honest people like myself, cryptos are a possible hedge against a very corrupt monetary system. Also, precious medals – which I own. You can hedge the USD in lots and lots of things: food, water, silver coins, guns, whatever. In the end, ANY hedge including crypto is just another vote against the corrupt system. People naturally start to vote against corruption – cryptos are just another vote out there!!

    By the way, about your Ure advice: ‘Ure’s advice remains unchanged. We never bet against the side with an army, navy, and the power to tax and convict.’

    Seems to me the former Soviet Union had a quite powerful army and navy. But the rouble died, and so did the mighty Soviet military and court system (if you could call it a justice system – like America). The same will happen when the USD dies. Ships will rust in port and planes will corrode on runways. What looks so formidable is NOT. It’s just illusion.

    Hedge accordingly my friends – meditation and prayer are also good investments.

    • A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. It is luring to want a piece of it. One guy I heard put his stimulate check in and is a millionaire today. Easy come easier to go.
      My teenager says if she can’t touch it it doesn’t exist. Only one gets that pass. Brother-in-law plays the govt sponsored casino. He made all the years money by mid Feb. Rest of the year is vacation. Say la ve’ and to each his own. Rule number 10 comes to mind with the gambling. Just my own personal hangup. But we all seem to have trouble with the 10 simple rules for life, Yet we are expected to follow every law that the critters in the district of Criminals pass.

  3. In 3D design, the model has always BEEN rental, but primarily because the CADCAM software guys realized their stuff was too expensive for small biz. CADCAM guys make their software dial-in for verification, and if it cannot make the connection to home office, it will not run. Some even retain dongles IN ADDITION to the ‘ET phone home’…

    In USA, these guys prosecute vigorously and are dunning you for your “seat license” payment without fail. OTOH, they also are not very helpful when you run into a problem with their product. I cannot tell you how many times I have been told to do a “fresh install” as they allege the part heirarchy has been corrupted – only to have the exact same problem after overwriting the old install. Fortunately, they have not yet licensed out participation in online user forums – which is where I go first these days.

    So there is always an answer – to solve this, you just have to make a trip elsewhere and buy other.

    I am currently running decade old versions of most everything on my machine – because they are more robust and not as humongous on my SSD and they are not all “wired into” the internet. I also never allow auto-updates – just not cool when you let one update and then get a cascade of issues due to changes in that particular item…

    The rental model can do what it wants – if it gets bad enough, then more people will opt-in for open source stuff or simply continue the old, as in Win95 still functioning across the world.

    When you look at things like Off365 and similar products (Adobe Photoshop anyone?), the primary thing they have done is to offload the help section to the internet, and then increasingly use the internet as a storage point for their bloated, unimaginative shitware.

    But as we know, the internet is more likely to get expensive and spottier as we pretend and extend this hodge-podge system we use today. So I am using stand-alone versions with open source as backup – because I just can’t see paying these outrageous software fees for products as useful to me as the IoT “talking fridge”!

      • I have three perfectly good scanners and one perfectly good printer boxed up and sitting in the corner because their manufacturers chose not to provide drivers for a new version of Windows. The old printer has a metal case and is built like a tank. The new one is all plastic – it does a good job of printing, but if a flange breaks somewhere it’ll be toast.

        I know of no open source equivalents for hardware drivers. All the manufacturers seem to have jumped on the same planned obsolescence (via software) bandwagon. Presumably anyone writing an open source driver would be in danger of copyright infringement. In the old days drivers for every old piece of hardware out there were available as part of Windows.

        Obsolescence of the hardware itself sometimes has workarounds. I was able to replace a turntable motor on a 10-year-old microwave, and that move quickly paid for itself, especially since new ones have a penchant for dying shortly after the warranty runs out. Crafting home brew device driver software, however, is not an option for most, except maybe a system engineer.

        I think only regulation can resolve this situation, and we all know about how likely that is, and all the hassles it would create. Under the capitalism model, theoretically someone should buck the trend and provide quality stuff to outsell the competition. Under the oligarchy model, not so much. Of course, no system works too well when driven by greed.

      • djb: Consider LINUX.

        Drivers are never copyrighted unless they require a proprietary library to function. The open source community tends to be very accommodating WRT writing drivers for “obsolete” hardware which allow it to function with current *NIX kernels…

    • “Hodge podge system – extend and pretend..

      Bunky – does the coot got a $$$ making eye deer 4 U, that solves Ure bandwidth probs.. THETA
      check it out – G dog will tell U its a cyrpto, unfortunately G is working a weak side band on this issue, THETA is technology – that IS the future..

      ? Theta Fuel -? Theta Guardian Node? knowledge makes..

    • “I am currently running decade old versions of most everything on my machine –”

      I am as well O2….Where I ran into an issue was I had to repair the computer.. the equipment change and ended up with a new machine number.. my Photo shop program would not register to the machine.. which sucked.. it cost me a lot to buy the stupid program and now today.. the option they have is a monthly subscription.. which I won’t do.. I have to much going out already and a photo printing program.. the same thing happened with my digital darkroom program.. same issue.. equipment change and only one license.. sucked.. I totally loved the DDR…

      • I use a decades-old version of JASC PaintshopPro (before Corel bought JASC out) for the vast majority of my drawing work — have nearly as ancient copies of CorelDRAW and Photoshop for more serious work. I use an ancient DesignCAD and 3DsMAX for modeling, VirtualDub for most linear vid work and have (also ancient) versions of Premier and AVID for nonlinear vid editing. I have more-modern standalone tools, but honestly, the oldies do everything which needs to be done unless one is subbing to LucasArts (and Dizzney doesn’t play nice with subcontractors.)

        All the new tools provide is a pretty interface and better container-compatibility (there are always workarounds), and they do it at the expense of gigabytes of program and library storage, no portability, and subscription models. Since I have a dedicated A/V box and am no longer “in the game,” the time saved* is of no consequence, the results the same, and most of my graphics and A/V proggies will run on anything from Win95 OSR2.1 to Win10, MacOS 7.4 on, and RedHat 2.xx on, without either hardware or software issues.

        * I don’t care if it takes me 15 hours, or 50 hours, to render a video because I’ll never again do it on a time schedule. I “drop it in,” set the filter stack and transitions (if it’s a video project) then come back a day (or a week) later and transfer the finished product. In the meantime, I simply do other stuff and ignore the A/V box…

  4. Oh, heck, George. How many times have we all said it – we rent our homes from the county tax assessor and the IRS. When M$oft finally skewers W7 I may finally look into Ubuntu again but I think by then the Internet will be accessed only by licensees as your writings have foretold. VPN’s? Plenty of ways to block those at the ISP level. I will sorely miss Office 2007. At least we’re on the verge of paying the car off which is our last major debt apart from credit cards which usually are paid off every month.

    BUT the possibility that all of this is moot is always existent in the background according to that other Highern’ a kite Nutjob in the woods up North.

    Cluck, cluck.

    • I use Linux Mint, with Brave browser on a machine and I use Windows 10, again with Brave. Some software I want is windows only so I continue having machines that run it. If you want to upgrade your windows 7 to windows 10 there are a few free ways.

      I use the best tool for my job and I try not to be mad the developers want to be compensated. I also do not give my services away. I certainly appreciate those that develop and opensource their work, but I don’t expect it, and where I have regular use, I will paypal the dev some coin, if they have this mechanism set up.

      • W10 has been nothing but a PTA for the new PCs I’ve installed at my wife’s office. The updates that regularly hose the OS that you can’t say no to indefinitely. The fact you have to have a M$ account they can track you with, not that W7 and its license number is much different. The fact that W7 can’t access W10 shares in a work group environment even though the vice-versa is true is annoying beyond words. (That may not be true in an actual domain network but I can’t get my wife’s boss to spring for all the hideously expensive M$ server software). I’ve been to various help sites trying to get the share thing figured out a few years back but nothing seemed to work. Oh, and the fact that M$ dropped the Windows Easy Transfer tool in W10 was another head banger, too.

        I might upgrade to W8, MIGHT, to get a little time extension on this old home PC I have but I’d rather avoid W10 altogether if I can down the road. The last time I played with Ubuntu was in ’12 or ’13 so I’m sure it’s changed a lot by now. Don’t have a transition plan yet but the need could pop up at any time.

        Are there any laptop brands that Ubuntu tends to like better than others over the past 3 or 4 years? Gently used equipment has served me pretty well with only one or two exceptions in the past.

      • “Are there any laptop brands that Ubuntu tends to like better than others over the past 3 or 4 years?”

        Bill, you can buy LINUX-native lappys from both Dell and H-P, configged either with one of the many flavors of Debian or the many flavors of Ubuntu. Both companies shifted to a *NIX-friendly hardware package, years ago and anything, from either, should see no compatibility issues. I would grab a “live install” image of your favorite flavor (or maybe even a half-dozen) and burn some DVDs, (or load some flash drives, which is what I did) just to make sure everybody plays nice, but I also prefer doing a little more work up-front, so I don’t have to sort & troubleshoot on the back end. A search for “live install” will turn up everything from the HAM-specific version of Debian to Fedora, Kali, TeX, Android, and even some portable Windows versions (OS hacks — probably safe, but you’re on your own here, and YMMV…)

      • Thanks Ray. I’ll copy that to my notes. Now that you mention it I do remember seeing Ubuntu as an OS choice when I was shopping new Dell PCs many moons ago.

  5. George,
    Imagine if after 9/11, the Conservatives hadn’t manipulated the country into Iraq, and instead had spent that (borrowed) $10 trillion on Infrastructure. Imagine if Reagan had tripled the national debt for Infrastructure instead of trickle-down tax cuts. Imagine if the R’s had used their juice in 2016-2018 for Immigration reform (or even Infrastructure) instead of for tax cuts 87% for the wealthy donors and repealing O’care for the lobbyists. Best, Mike

      • A lot of folks need to swallow the Black Pill, so you can realize that this two-party system only serves itself and the eternal government. Funny how regardless of whether there is a bluecoat or a redcoat admin, the country runs with a SSDD policy. We never met a war we didn’t like, we never reduce the military budget, etc., etc.

        If people haven’t yet figured out that we will NOT vote ourselves out of this mess, then grab 2 more cups of covfefe – what will actually cause the US to change is losing a war in a very clear fashion or else the dollar finally dying away as reserve currency.

        There is no way to “self-heal” from the craziness we have ongoing in this country. Stay gray and stay away from either side, becuse they are financed by the same slush funds…

      • OM2,

        You’re on to something.

        George “Go out and shop” Bush won a second term.

        bush: go out and shop

        And if you challenged that statement Conservatives of the day quoited Brittany Spears:

        “Honestly, I think we should just trust our president in every decision he makes and should just support that, you know, and be faithful in what happens.”

        — Britney Spears

    • Oilman below says better then I. But open your eyes. Both parties are corrupt and have been for a very long time. Try and recall the last Democrat voting for something that increases our freedom or financial independence. Name a few prominent dems speaking the truth about about the narrative from BLM that cops are hunting blacks. Imagine any republicans paying the bails for the capital hill rioters, but we see the vice president raising money for those in BLM/Anifa? We could bicker back and forth forever, they are almost all terrible people. Also remember, all spending and tax bills originate in the house, the president is only 1/3 of the approvers and his vote can be overridden.

    • Imagine Mike learns the difference between conservatives and Liberal Establishment dickheads (that’d be the mainstream officeholders from both major political parties), or discovers there exists this chronologic archival records system called “history,” by which he could enquire of said chronological record and discover Mr. Reagan had no control over any Federal monies appropriated, nor for what they were allocated or upon what they were finally spent. Why shoot, upon making such a discovery, he might further discover why some people consider him a mindless troll, and stop giving them cause to so-think. Imagine…

  6. “The Verdict” comes down sometime in the next few days. All the players are staged and primed for a Major Civil Disturbance Event. All the Big Mouths have mouthed off, all the wine bottles are filled, skids of bricks will probably be delivered to strategic points sometime today. Money(for bails) is being collected. (..and probably skimmed.)

    All is in (or very near) Full Readiness.

    With America in paroxysms of disorder, any rapid and definitive response to ANY “international event” would of necessity be severely constrained. Or absent. Strong Letters may be written to the U.N., as the clock burns, and the situational cement firmly sets.

    Call it The Great Distraction, if you like.

    Head feint, and three days later, the world is irretrievably a changed place, and there will be no going back. (Multiple Theatres.)

    Sometimes one recognizes that he’s actually IN the boiling water only when it’s too late.

    As Scotty often said in Star Trek, “She’ll blow soon!!!”

    • Just read on the local online news that Biden publicly stated he is “hoping for the right verdict.”

      Has any of the lib media asked Biden for some clarification on just what the “right verdict” would be?

      “the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury.” ~ U.S. Constitution, 6th Amendment

      Biden and Waters are toying with the “impartial jury” aspects of the 6th Amendment by openly opining from their lofty seats in the Federal government before a verdict has been reached. No way around it.

      • at least waters and biden aren’t co conspirators unlike trump tweeting about flynn’s trial, manafort’s trial and stone’s trial. i also present as evidence all of trumps tweets about judges, justices and the judiciary. no way around it.

      • I actually think Chauven should have been prosecuted.. The bigger issue is.. he was physically smaller than most of those that he was suspected of abusing in the past.. he had nineteen years of complaints..
        The issue I see is.. One.. if you have a history of being to physical and your major method of control is by limiting their oxygen.. then he should have been moved to an area that had fewer crime reports than keeping him in a high crime area.. if the abuse by force still continued then he should have been fired over a decade ago..
        Since the police department usually sends those they feel competent to handle a physical situation to the high crime areas.. this will go over pretty hard for anyone willing to work in those area’s..
        the thought of a friend of mine drives truck.. was in a major city and while they were unloading the trailer he came back out to the cab and his radio had been stolen.. he called the nine one one and they said.. what in the hell are you doing in that neighborhood this time of day.. unless someone is dying or dead we won’t go there till morning..
        With this in mind then there should be people fired from the scheduling department as well for keeping someone with a long history of being abusive on the schedule..

      • instead its similar to the old statement..
        Yea though I walk through the valley of death I shall fear no evil..
        Because I am the meanest SOB walking in the valley..

      • OG, your TDS is showing. Trump’s tweets are called “opinion.” There is no conspiracy there, except by the Establishment of both Parties, to attempt to frame him for anything they possibly could, or invent something when they couldn’t.

        Because the jury was not sequestered, Biden and Waters are both guilty of attempted influence, and if it can be proven that a single juror heard either of their statements, felony jury-tampering.

        Not conspiracy, fact.

        I, personally, want to see Chauvin hang, but I also want to see the people who pulled both his, and Floyd’s strings, hung beside him.

    • I disagree. The Department of Homeland Security, Department of Justice, Department of Defense, and Department of State can all function autonomously. Will the Prez have a hard day? Sure, but not as hard as those putting the briefings together.

    • In other words, NOW is a really good time to nail down some offshore, and unaffiliated news sources, and CHECK THEM FREQUENTLY because we know already that unless someone nukes Gotham, the “peaceful demonstrations” are going to be wall-to-wall, 24/7 for (at least) the next several days. This crap will, without question, be the biggest U.S.-centric “wag the dog” in memory.

  7. George

    “ripples in the fabric of mass consciousness”

    It’s more true than you think!

    The Torsion Field that is the fabric of the universe reacts to human emotions.

    Go here for a good tutorial on this:

    It’s a bit long but worth the time!

    • “Ripples in the fabric of mass consciousness…”

      I had the great pleasure many years ago to hear Richard Hoagland lecture in person on the Monuments on Mars.

      I also had the remarkable experience of taking a weekend course with Dr. Marcel Vogel. It changed my perspective on ‘how the world worked’. Read about Vogel and see if it changes yours…….

      • Thanks for the pointer. I have been to two Hoagland lectures and learned a lot. I like the fact that he uses real data not opinion! “The truth is out there!”

  8. Starlink–Our son is using it, it’s great. Just remember, it is Beta. We’re at 46 degrees north, and get ~10 sec dropouts a couple times an hour. Maybe once a day there will be a couple minute dropout. Generally 100mbps down, yesterday there was a short time with 250mbps. And occasional slowdowns. Remember again, it is Beta!

  9. I ditched “MS Office” when they went subscription and just downloaded “Open Office” which offers about the same features at a big ZERO price. The only subscription software I buy is Malwarebytes. Makes sense to me they should charge a fee for the updates since the nefarious crowd never seem to take a day off. And the other program I’ll shell out dough on is “Driver Booster 8”, which actually DOES it’s job and keeps all your drivers up to date.

    • Libre Office is the other fork that orignal Oracle (free) software took (Open Office mentioned above is the other fork). BOTH forks are good but I prefer Libre Office since it is the one that seems to be the one most continually updated with the newest features.

      • Libre Office is available for the Mac, Linux, and MS Windows, in 64 and 32 bit versions, so if you are still working with on an old dog, you can get an up-to-date version.

    • I too ditched msoffice many years ago, switching first to Open Office, then Libre Office and never regretted it.
      I also switched to linux Mint and never regretted it either.
      In fact I had a party when I was finally 100% Microsoft free!

  10. every where i look are gurus . i am sick of all the rubbish they talk . get used to it . deflation , crash , war , depression . insert gold firmly . 25 years i have seen this yellow dog . con em all or git yah sheetcoin or dodgycoin

  11. George: “If you can’t ‘own it’ don’t ‘buy’ it.”

    A true sense of “Ownership” is always basically an illusion. We can never “own” anything. The best we can truly call what we have in life is “Temporary Trusteeship”. Do the best you can with what you have for as long as you might have it.

    Do we “Own” our own lives? Do we not start as “possessions” of our parents and families? And then, of the State educational system? And then – back when people aspired to actually find jobs – were we not “owned” by our employers for most of the day 5 or 6 days every week? Year after year? And our priests and preachers? Are they not trying to “collect” and “bag” us with their big soulcatcher nets to notch a few more strokes onto their Soul Saving Tally scorecards to please their Soul Bean-Counter bosses?

    And what about our personal lives? Our “Significant Other”? Do we ever “own” them? Is our relationship a “thing” or object of possession? Doesn’t each person always retain the right to walk out the door at any moment? And the same it is with any other personal relationship? We enter into a “temporary contract of contact” with them without a fixed term, otherwise known in the Business world as an “At Will” position. You stay there as long as someone else says so. Including, you. And you have no grounds to sue to keep your job (or relationship) because your position was established as per someone else’s whim. Vows? Who keeps those?

    Thing is, we WANT to own things. We WISH we could own things. We TRY to own things. But we never can. And we never will.

    The best we can do is “own” our own Soul. We retain most possession and control of that at all times. And that’s the ONLY thing we take with us when we “go”. Even so, that doesn’t stop others from trying to grab that away from us, too, all our lives through.

    Yes, trying to have as much control over the things we want and use in life is always most preferable. But in truth, it’s like trying to hold a bunch of water in your hand. Try to hold it as you might, it’s always going to slip away.

    Enjoy things while you can this very moment. And then, the next one. And the next. The sands are always shifting. That’s all we get in this cosmic playground. Maybe that’s enough.

  12. Been using the FREE “Foxit Reader” for many years now …. and really like it. Not as powerful as the paid product but does everything I generally need done. Combined with the PDF generator/editor that came for FREE with each of my Brother multi functions machines (as part of the scanner package) I haven’t found a need to move to any paid PDF product, but if I would it would definitely be one I could own such as Foxit.

    As for Microsoft Office … sheesh RENT it??!! I won’t do that!!

    I own 1 set of the full Office (2007) plus a 3 license set of the Home Office (2007 also), so being the cheap bastard I am I have NEVER upgraded to a newer Office version since I have 4 licensed copies that I already OWN.

    Want something NEW and FREE thjat does just about everything MS Office does? Get “Libra Office” which was originally an Oracle product that they came out and distributed for free with because Lawrence Ellison HATED Bill Gates. Over the years they spun off the side company that had their Libra Office software (it broke into two forks but Libra Office is the best version) into a non-profit and it has been continually updated by software types over the years so imo it is as powerful as the current versions of MS Office (I am sure Larry Ellison’s software engineers are the ones contributing their “time” to update that software package for “free” “LOL” since Larry Ellison STILL HATES Bill Gates).

    Personally I prefer Word Perfect. Preferred it in the old days, prefer it today. fwiw a stripped down X8 version is available in a 3 license set from Wal-Mart for $50 (versus the newest version is about $250 or $350, forget exact amount, for a 1 license set)

    As for Bitcoin … while India may be clamping down China has suddenly – just this week – opened back up in allowing it’s citizens to again participate in the Bitcoin revolution (about 75% of all Bitcoin mining is currently being done in China) after trying to shut down Bitcoin in China about 3 years ago. Is the change in course wrt Bitcoin real for China? If so that could cause Bitcoin demand to SKYROCKET, if for no other reason than the Chinese people are notorious gamblers.

  13. Today is 4.20,but Isaiah 5.20 is more applicable today:

    “They say what is right is wrong and what is wrong is right.”

  14. I hate having the gift. I’m so fckin sad right now. I see Into peoples lives, their path inertia and I’m so powerless to stop the carnage of their choices. Even when they know I can see world events. I show them proof time and time again of outcomes on a grand scale. Even when I havent seen them in 2 months or even talked to anyone that we both know where they live in 2 months and I message them and say how was the Harley ride? When I haven’t even spoke to them in a month and they never told me they were going for a Harley ride and I knew they would on that day a month before they even met the person they were going on a ride with. And I warn them, the person you are with is going to beat you so bad you will be in a coma for a month in front of your child and you will be lucky if you live. And your ex will take away your child. They dont believe me. I said he will hit you in the mouth so hard it will sound like chopping wood. In front of your child. They reply, I’m safe. You dont know everything. I said how did I know you went on a harely ride today when I’m 5 hour drive away and havent been to where you live or talked to anyone there in 2 months. How is it the day I message you. When we havent talked in 3 weeks I know you are on a Harley ride that day? And you dont believe me when I’m trying to help you change your course and warn you that you are in a really really really bad situation!

    And I’m powerless to stop it. Because I get involved I will end up in prison. And I cant intervene.

    Ya see, I don’t say everything I se. I don’t do personal readings. That doesnt mean I dont see into peoples personal lives. I see into everyone I knows and most people I meet even when I’m just standing next to them at a grocery stores lives. Sometimes I can even hear their thoughts. And sometime I can think stuff and they say it right after and then I hear them next to me say to someone ele, wow! I dont know why I just said that

    I have many abilities that I dont talk about. Seeing the future of the world is only one.

    It occurred to me, that if this person I just warned doesnt change her course and this guy puts her in a coma…because all things are related on the macro and microcosm scale. Then we have less than 10 months. Maybe as soon as November until the entire planet spirals into madness.

    And like the Japan Earthquake and Fukashima or Chernobyl part 2 that I predicted to the exact date having has a vision of it on rehinharts comment section while typing in a day dream. I prayed for 3 months it wouldnt happen. Evey day on my knees. And it still happened. I couldnt stop it. And I dont want anyone that I loved and had a relationship with especially the SHG to get hit so hard in the mouth that it sounded like wood being split. And I never want anyone to have pain like that. I want the world to be a better place. Having these gifts is so hard on me. I’m so sad. So sad.

    Sigh….. i dont care if you believe me or not. If she doesn’t change her course. It is a reflection of the data in other areas… and the work will spiral into madness. No later than November this year. I can do nothing to stop it. best thing I can do is prepare and I dont think you can prepare enough. Everyone will be turning on each other and everyone will become insane. Not making sense and speaking incoherently and super detached from what is happening Around them. and it will be worse than I can even bare to look at. I have to close my mind on seeing it and make a big effort not to see it, because it is so horrific.

    I’m sorry. I can’t stop it. I wish i could. I’m trying to enjoy today and I keep crying off and on because I cant stop it.

    All I can do is what is in front of me. Please prepare. I hope she changes her course. If she doesnt the data supports a Butterfly effect on the world scale. And I’m powerless to stop it. All I can do is love the ones around me, help them as much as I’m able and enjoy this day knowing the pedals are falling off the flower and when the last one falls… the world spirals into madness.

    Good bye. George I will call you when I feel I am able. I cant talk about this shit right now. I’m trying to ignore it so I can be present for those who are around me and enjoy the last days of life as we know it to be on earth now, because when the last pedal falls off the rose? They will never be like that again. Good bye. I must take another path. By doing so, maybe I can change some stuff for others. I cant change the world. I tried so many times. And failed. I can only see it before it happens.

    I’m sorry.

    • Thank you for sharing while you could – and stay to the path. DUDE works ‘is world in odd ways. We just need to have the faith to keep on walking it…

    • The Trojan Priestress of Apollo Cassandra was right as well, and may have shared the same gift or curse. Otherwise “Be still and know that I am God” seems to be in order.

  15. Black Lives Matter, Blue Lives Matter; All Lives Matter. And so does the rule of law. Murder is murder whatever “Lives” you ascribe to . And this was as cut and dried a case of murder that ever was. Justice prevailed today; thankfully.

  16. People think God, he sure talks about sex alot. Besides the fact that chasing pretty women is fun.

    I feel alot of people pain and I see into their lives and the world scale and when I see all this sadness and destruction? Sexual energy is the force behind creation and creation is pleasurable not painful destruction.
    Put on my shoes and see the world through my eyes. See someone you loved and had a relationship with walk into a situation and see and feel them getting beat to a coma and the horror of their child as she watches it unfold. Feel her little body shake, all the pain she feels as she watches her mother horrifically beat. And then tell me I’m a sex addict. Tell Me, how it feels when you warn this person and they do it anyway. Then see them scream into the night from their hospital bed after, sobing great tears, I SHOULD HAVE LISTEN TO YOU! after being in a coma for a month and find out they can never see their child again becaer the father took her away after putting his daughter in that situation.

    And you have to move forward with your life, leaving them behind and help the ones in front of you.

    Not only that. Tell how it feels to watch all this devastation in the world and madness. Feel it in advance and then be powerless to stop it.

    Its fcking brutal. It’s really hard on me. I assure you. It would drive most people insain or to kill themselves. Would drive most people to a really bad drug and alcohol problem. Most people can’t even handle their own feelings. Let alone see someone’s future and know how horrific it is and feel their pain and their 5 childs horror and sadness as they watch the person they love get their face caved in. Or 250 people scream in horror as commercial passenger plane crashes.

    But i dont drink and do drugs. I help people. I go to the gym alot to take the stress off of me and I meditate alot. I have only slept with 3 women in the last year. But sex is one of the ways it takes the edge off.

    And nobody really gives a shit. They just want to know how bitcoin is going to do. Or what’s the lotto numbers. Or where is the next earth quake.

    And I don’t say shit about it 99% of the time. But I’m telling ya right fing now! It is hard on me. It’s a damn good thing I’m not a puss. And alot of the time. I have to say to myself. Cowboy up! We have 68 more years to go. And I’m tired.

    I just wanna go to the beach and eat yummy food with a beautiful woman, have yummy sex, play in the water and forget about the world. Sometimes I can turn it off. Meditation helps alot. And I constantly am in dialog. I just to wear the world as a loose garment. THE DUDE, helps me alot. It really sucks being poor too on top of all that shit and trying to just survive in this world as it is right now. Let alone all that. Sigh.

    I dont know why I needed to say all that. It is written that God is a long suffering. and I am HIS friend. So I guess it goes with the territory.
    It took me all day to detach from that with love. I helped a few other people. Now I can move forward in my new direction. But that part of having all these gifts sucks. I wouldnt wish it on anyone. Not even my worst enemies. However, I know that eventually they will feel it too, when the books are open and the big audit happens on the other side of life. Except they wont get a chance to detach from it like I do. They will feel it all non stop.

    This is why I dont give personal readings. You have free will. It’s not my place to interfere. My place is to help those in front of me. As best I can to find their own solutions. everyone thinks, “I wish I could see the future! I wish I could read peoples minds. I wish I could know their thoughts. I wish I could see who was the next president etc etc.” No you dont. Because it comes with a very heavy burden. When I first got the gift after my 9th NDE it was so unbearable and debilitating before 9/11 happened, I ended up being a lunatic homeless person who lived in write park strung out on heroin for 2 years. Because I couldnt stop feeling the pain of everything. So I did IV drugs just to numb it down.

    I had to learn how to feel the Joy’s too. I didnt even know I could for the first 2 years. Learn balanced and how to use meditation to be somewhat normal. That is the straight up truth. Shit doesnt come with an instruction manual.

    I’m done whining. Time to get. Good bye. I dont know if I will call ya or not George. I dont really want to talk about it anymore. I’m done and I’m moving on. Please pray for our country, I do every night. Please pray for our world. I do every day. Its gonna get so shitty unless something changes.

    The only advantage I have over everyone else. Is I already felt it before it happens. So when it happens? I’m over the feeling from it and able to move and take action while everyone else is freaking out and feeling it for the first time in real life. I already moved pass the horror and Terror of it all.

    Good bye. I wont say another word about it. Or make another post. This phone number and email have expired. Andy has left the building. I’m moving soon to a new locality and starting over in a new direction.

  17. And to be 4 car payments behind and to be standing at the door 3 feet from gold. Fortune and fame and to know that is right there. One step and your rich, your report will go viral and you will be rocketed to wealth and fortune, the world stage all your financial problems are solved.

    and to walk the F away because you choose to help some homeless person in the future and your daughter and a million other people like in the stories you wrote that will have better chance at life from using your gifts to help them. So you walk away and say, “What profit a man to gain the whole world and loose his very soul.”

    And that girl in the yellow sun dress that you see in the future but you dont know if she is real or not. You trust your ability see the future more than that gold, fame and fortune in front of you.

    And everyone including yourself screams in your head! Take the fucking Money! Are you nuts?!!!!

    But if you take it, then you wont be there for anyone of them, like the true stories you wrote on that website. and that girl in the yellow sun dress. But you walk by faith in your abilities that God gave you in an NDE. You have no evidence that the girl in the yellow sundress even exists. Or any of the people on your path. You just know they are there and if you take the fame fortune and wealth? Every one of them unknowingly is counting on you being there at that moment your supposed to be there.

    So you walk away. And dont look back. Everyone says, I could do it. Easy choice. Until you are in my fckin shoes. Dont think its that easy. It’s not. Most people would go insane just from feeling one events worth of pain. Let alone all of them. Let alone stay sober.

    So I’m walking away. I just thought you should all know the honest truth. Maybe it will help one or more of you find your own way.

    On the other side then. I will see you there if I don’t along the path as it happens.

    • I see too, but not to the level of detail that you do.

      I also studied brainwave biofeedback. You likely have Delta waves extending for miles – literally. I saw this with people who had head injuries. They became extremely psychic overnight. It was frightening to them and they could not tell ‘normal’ people what was happening to them.

      You are not responsible for the carnage you see on the news, are you? You are not responsible for the carnage in the lives of others around you.

      My suggestion is to create a very strong image and mantra, that also contains a blessing for the unfortunates you meet. Repeat forcefully and silently when you encounter such people.

      Also, in meditation, seek a spiritual helper or helpers, to whom you can turn over most of the work of soul retrieval. Do not do this alone.

    • Best of luck Andy.

      I don’t have any “gift”, and wouldn’t want any since I think it would be a curse NOT a blessing. To be able to see and feel the future pain in the lives of both individuals and for the masses, since much of what the human experience is IS pain, would for me be debilitating. Better to be “dumb and happy” imo.

      May the world treat you well and may you be able to at least partially block out the future pain that you see happening. Live for the moment and forget the future – since in the future we all experience pain and earthly death, though what is on the other side may be something different. Better or worse I can not say though I do believe DAMNATION and HELL is real.

    • There’s a fine balance between love, compassion, and detachment. Without that balance, you can be dragged from your center to the whirlpool in a moment. You can’t save the world, yet you can certainly help. If you don’t help yourself first, you become a liability and the second victim. Chop wood, carry water, get reliable income, and then extend yourself to others while maintaining a firm anchorage in yourself.

      It’s been a long, strange trip in my own life, and I carry wounds from both experiences and lack of them. I’m sure that’s true for most of us. You seem to have the uncommon ability to enjoy chasing women as much as actually catching them. Congratulations. Recognize that’s a valuable part of who you are. You’re of value to them as much as they are to you, or they’d decline. Never apologize for wanting and enjoying sexual connection. I don’t. I’m sure most are better off for having the experience, though others in their lives might not agree.

      Godspeed on your journey, and thanks for the very useful posts here and on your site.

  18. Here we go again !!!! Woosh!!! Up yellow dog up the Dow !!! Woosh old bobby moriarty !! Oh big correction bobby . Fing old turd

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