Life-Long Learning – Holiday Edition

-things I learned This Week:

  1. Turkey is for Our Convenience

Not the calendar’s.

We will not be doing the turkey Sunday, as planned (rescheduled from Thursday). Because we both have other things we’d rather do.

Messing with a 20 Lb. turkey didn’t sound like as much fun as tossing a pot roast in and letting the slow cooker take care of things. 15 minutes of prep (including fine gravy) versus well over 90 minutes by the time the turkey goes all in – gravy and stuffing, then into freezer bags. Holidays are for fun.

But it’s for US not the calendar.

  1. Reynolds Slow Cooker Bags Rock

We did our second pot roast today in one of these gems. No mess at all. I mean like spotless. Totally worth doing! These make slow cookers as good (better) than anything in the prepared food or frozen aisles.

A precut veggie assortment, a custom trimmed big roast, a seasoning pack and ¼ cut of red wine.

Not a diet book in the making, but so?

  1. Big Learning Point in 3D Printing

Sort of a newbie at this but the bad parts this week did have a lesson in them.

With a partial print nozzle clog, the finished piece is weak and layer attachment sucks. Have to work a bit more on “nozzle hygiene” going forward.

The “part density” can be weighed on a kitchen scale and that gives great first to last print consistency checking.

  1. Internet Learning of the Week

This is a weird one: I didn’t realize until this week when it took me an hour to figure it out, but…

The Peoplenomics website is written in, but not managed by Microsoft Expression Web – a now obo product. I love the editor, though.

I was having extremely long delays when I added a link to an article. When you’re a high-speed “production writer” the idea of such a trip wire sucks.

Turns out that in Expression Web, you have to make a deliberate effort to change a document from a “web page” (in which case, endless ExWeb updating goes on behind the code curtain to manage a website) OR with an empty directory and empty “web site” you can save discrete .HTML files not part of the web. With this implemented, things go crazy fast again. Who knew?

No changes to existing files needed, but I was surprised when I got into it.

Promptly administered a good personal ass-kicking, too: I had (in a slow old man moment) missed that a web page is a member of a .web (site) and an .html (doc) doesn’t auto-tie to a site. I didn’t catch that my .html pages were being tied to the site and causing molasses to freeze up.

(If you got this far, take a certification test Monday!)

  1. Things Are Disappearing Here

Elaine has been having a hip issue. Bending over to pick things up is sometimes painful. So Mr. Helpful bought both of us some “reachers” on Amazon. We had five of them. Now only three remain. I used the 40” long one to pick up golf balls out on the three hole “rough country” mess.

I just ordered three more (a 2-pack of 30” and another 40-inch version).

Thing is, unaccountable disappearances are on the upswing again around here: A half box of Earl Grey disappeared. Cat isn’t acting wired, Elaine claims innocence.

  1. Even Landline Phones Need Power

After falling down hundreds of times, my old office landline phone bit the dust. New AT&T landline with speakerphone showed up. Still dials with no power on, but features disappear when the power drops. Speakerphone use, for example. EMP dependence is still creeping in around us.

We keep two landlines hot. Not so much because of EMP fears. But because we have to talk around to get enough bars to make a call out here in the sticks.

  1. Drive By Hunters are an Issue

Heard tell of a white pick-up last year that was shooting deer from a moving truck. When a Dodge dually (white with a few running lights out) turned around in our driveway Friday – the only vehicle not belonging here – we went into high alert. Elaine said probably just holiday joy riding. I’m up-armored in case not.

Trust but verify.

  1. Winter Could be Cold

Our first brush with freezing temps will come Monday night says the Saturday mid-morning look. Small chance of ice shows in January. Going to be putting plants on seed mats over New Years. Got  50 six-inch pots coming. Going to over-compensate for setting things too late to flower/fruit next year.

Zeus the cat is working back toward our laps at Martini time, now. He knows a lot more about weather than we do.

Still can’t pronounced adiabatic winds worth a shit, but that’s a cat for you. Slurs his words but we’re not hiring a speech pathologist for the cat. He’ll just have to keep working on his own speech issues.

  1. Anything for Bees

Another action point after doing some research: Putting out some big strips of wildflowers.  Some are drought resistant types this year. Most are perennials since it’s hard enough to get me to do things once, let alone twice. More hummingbirds and bees welcome.

Pollinating by hand with an electric toothbrush doesn’t look, in retrospect, like a smart move. Besides, who preps by storing electric toothbrushes?

Bottom Line?

A day without learning something new is wasted.  (Even if it’s just a new excuse to try one…)

Even on weekends, learning never stops. But it beats hell out of lowest-common-denominator BS TV shows.  And it’s learning in areas we call hobbies.  And from books we enjoy for reasons that were never apparent while in school and getting free meals from our parents….

Write when you get rich,

29 thoughts on “Life-Long Learning – Holiday Edition”

  1. A fee things George,

    I will email ya later. Got the phone to stay on till the 30th. Start focusing on the Zero Report today. I had to help a friend and I did a ritual with her yesterday and you could cute the creative energy with a knife in the car. She is a cosplay model. I never hear of that until the other day I have a few abilities I never mentioned anything about before. I can only give that stuff. It’s kind a funny when you ask some IF you could have anything you want in life. Like anything. What would it be? And they say, a winabego. I just starting laughing. Ok ok. Well we got to start somewhere. What does the Winabego represent to you. Because a Winabego is a symbol. It symbolizes a deeper yerning. And then I do a short ritual with them, it’s very humbling for me. I have done it maybe a dozen times in my life. It’s always weird everyone wants to have sex with me after. I even had a straight fella try to kiss me on the mouth one time after I did the ritual with him. I said whooaa buddy. He said I’m not a homo I just I’m sorry I didn’t know what I was doing. It’s ok dude. There is a whirlwind of creative energy around us. He said I know I feel like I’m heavy drugs. He says I’m not gay. I said neither am I and your good. Just step back a little. Ha ha. I have never slept with one I have done that ritual with. It’s not about that and I’m just so tanked when it’s done I end up eating giant plate of biscuits and gravy, 2 boxes of mac and cheese and sandwich the sleeping for 10 hours. Take alot out of me.
    The first time I did that ritual was with a 16 year old male kid that was a drop out. He asked for what he wanted. And 12 years later he is a nuclear Physitist. Good for him. Like eye said, I have quite a few abilities I have never mentioned.

    Hopefully making some mulah soon will one of them as I have someone going to help me with marketing and my rough around the edges residual self image. Lol

    The next day I’m super charged and super empowered.

    It’s like seeing my own personal future. I’m not very good at that. I’m really good at the world stage. Not so good at it in my own life.

    I got the creative juices flowing today. Holy cow. Just got to my prayer, ritual and meditation spot. Over looking the Valley. Birds are singing. I like that alot.

    I will be turning off my phone for 12 hours while I go look at the future. Listen to some music and make my rounds to some website I haven’t been to in a very long time and dig up some old books.

    Maybe see the woman for a half hour later. I just don’t want be distracted. Sometimes I feel like that dude I’m the show Quantum Leap.

    Remember my story about the crow and mouse? It was originally a Buick. I wrote in there a Dodge Truck last time to see if I could manifest one in my first website before you revamamped it and made it more betta. “God drives a Dodge Truck. ” So maybe it was just God saying Hi. That was what came out of knowhere, killed the crow. And saved the mouse. Titled: Of Mice and Men.

    Bug guy looking in on ya.

    Making his list of who is naughty and mice.

    I love naughty woman tho. Hahaha.

    I will post it again later. It’s a good story.

    Have a wonderful day. I figure out how to print to PDF, jmake so it’s read only and not screen shot able just not sure how to make it a grocery cart item and make down load. I think I can put an encrypted key on the PDF. Lots to do.

    First talk to the Creator and listen to His opine.

    I really like 3 D printing. Hope to have my own printer as a hobby in the near future.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    • That ritual is just a super deep “soul touching” intimacy. And sexual energy is the driving force of creation here on planet 4. The moon being included as per the rounds, rings and root races omg other old writings. It’s even the driving force for plants replicating. Lol.

      So it’s natural when you get that deep creative force, and all the boundaries fall away and you connect at the soul level to wanna “Bang a gong and get it on.”

      But as the person running the show, I have to keep that from happening. And sometimes that is hard as F. And I haven’t failed at keeping the rituals purity.

      Yesterday, ms cosplay said and I quote. I have never felt this peaceful in my life ever. Never not once. I feel like I can float along the clouds. I sad well, there is gonna be a shake up of things, a reorder of your life. You can expect that to come in the near future. As the Creative mind of of Infinite Intelligence, will rearrange stuff to grow the spiritual seed I planted in ya. Takes some time. However you asked for it and thats what ya wanted. Some stuff will have to change to set your feet on the path for it to grow and blossom. Some stuff you might not like. Because “there is a certain comfort in familiar pain. ” You know what your gonna get and it’s routine. Now that the ritual is complete, and you are going in different direction on a new path? That means some stuff has to fall away. Just how it is.
      Anyway. Have a good one dude. After I get the shopping cart up and figure out how to make the grocery cart and down load available, I probably take ya off as an Admin. Lol. I trust ya tho. So that is why haven’t. Yet. .

      • Andy materialize yourself an ideal working partner for your endeavors. Dont be involved with this partner in any other way except creating and then do a split of proceeds. Casinos come to mind and then possibly online gambling so dont have to travel.

      • Well its good to be the grasshopper when the Sensi shows him a new move. I got to the chapter today that says, dont tell anyone your plan in Think and Grow rich. Show them what ya can do. I always thought it was more like, If you wanna hear God laugh? Tell him your plans.

        I do so much stuff intuitively… that it takes a bit for consciousness to catch up with my subconsciousness and Intuition.

        I know some people have a hard reading me… because they dont understand me. 99% of the time, when Im writting, I am pushing forward with the Mind of my soul… intuitively and my conscious mind is trailing behind like a pup trailer. All stretched out and Way back there behind the motor, weighing 50,000 lbs . I have to use my mirrors to make sure I swing the corners wide enough to not run over the monkeys with their fists in the vase holding the candy waiting to be bopped in the head. aka People looking Social Media memes in side there their phones.

        reading the future is like drving a stretched out, 70 foot, 8 axel Truck and Pup weighing 105,500 lbs around the down seattle One way’s there between the Amazon Buildings and Google Office buildings at lunch. there is ballet to it. Swing wide enough out into the other lane, then cut back so you head on someone going the other way, and drag that 50,000 lb pup trailer tires around corner 2 inches from the curb, while speed shifting from 2cnd to 9th gear. All the while listing to Willie Nelson sing “on the road again” on the radio at 7, slugging a gallon of black coffee, cloaking down a Marlboro red and calling on the CB to see if the Hoe is open on the site or do I have to drag bags cause got 70 trucks haulin today and we cant be staging down town because the city hates our guts and want traffic to flow..

        there is a dance to it… a finesse. same with seeing the future. and if ya can do that dance well…. my hats off to ya too.

        My website will be a series of amazing storeys, parables, synchronicities and miracles.
        its also going to be a place to buy a transcript of the future.
        its also going to be a place to listen to podcasts with guests who tell ya about who they really are… get real and honest. like sitting around the bonfire having a cup of coffee and smoke… kinda conversations.

        and a whole shit load of funny stuff. because if you are taking this life too siri mouse….. well, let lighten up.

        off to grab those spinning cogs in the future and get this shit show on the road. Ha ha ha.

        so, enough of the chatter bait. Time for Action, action and more action. Action Andy, I like it. Could be my porn name. ha ha ha. I was almost a porn star twice. I respectfully declined. Its really good money… tho. The world needs truck drivers and porn stars too

        just like the world needs people who can right the future reports. i spose.

      • ‘DONT, head on into something coming the other way.’ lol i may need ure assistance at editing my report. i figure 2 sets of I’s is better than just mine. since i tend to leave words out that i didn’t mean to from time to time. lol

        and MY lovely Ms Rebel Yell… is one set of I’s.

        Cue Rebel Yell,
        Billy Idol

        Clique 111:1

    • “It’s always weird everyone wants to have sex with me”

      That’s usually when I wake up…

      • LOOB, you’re the lucky one! I’m lucky if I have a dream with ONE woman that wants to have sex with me.

        Then again, remembering dreams is a rare occurrence.

    • Andy, I am glad to see you have someone helping you with marketing. You are out of my price range because you haven’t told me why that $111.10 will make me ten grand. Keep up the good work. You will be seeing success soon. Don’t forget automatic renewals & the upsell.

    • Awweeee that will be the price…I was waiting for the answer to what God thought was a fair asking price. my consciousness just caught up with intuition. lol




      OK G0d, If that is what ya say so? that is what i will go with. THankS big dude.

      • I will be looking forward to when it goes on sale. Remember a lot of $19.95’s = A lot more than a few $116. Are you going to use affiliate marketing?

  2. Adiabatic? LOL! Last night I got reminded of the adiabatic lapse rate as I drove home over the mountains. From drizzle and rain to white roads to serious snow that slowed me from a normal driving speed(classified) down to 35mph. It’s COLD today, but still a happy day! Too bad the wood I was going to cut and burn is under that snow somewhere.

    Today I get to write my final paper for a class. Something to fill in a few gaps in my knowledge. At least I have four sources of heat here.

    Yesterday I learned something. I was visiting relatives and turned on a TV hoping to see a science fiction show on SyFy. No such luck. Nothing even scheduled except for non-scifi shows. Then I tried to find anything else of value on cable. Again – strikeout. There was a movie or two, but each of them had 50% of their running time dedicated to commercials. Not only that, but there was no pause or rewind. Even youtube is much better than that. Eventually I got out my laptop and had some fun with real-time information. I’m rather surprised that anyone can still justify cable.

    • “I’m rather surprised that anyone can still justify cable.”

      Well I totally love prime and netflix and disney plus gaia and curiosity stream.. I have the peacock to..
      We have cable.. the reason.. local channels. We live in an area that’s dead.. the other reason the numbers on the remote..parents cant get the modern i pay the 340 a month for cable..while i watch streaming tv..i have a smart tv and can cast youtube from the phone to the tv..its pretty nice

      • OMG. $340 a month? I”m outraged at paying $120 a month for internet, VOIP phone, Sling TV and cell phone services. Maybe try Netflix discs and leave off all the optional movie services.

      • Oh I hear ya N……trust me.. it gets to me to.. we live in a dead zone so they have you by the short hairs.. the internet sucks here..before the tower was put up.. you literally had to have an aluminum foil hat on and carry around coat hangers to get any cell service.. the land line phone.. which I am not sure what it costs now was fifty something a month and that was without long distance.. and everything was long distance.. so for the longest time we had a pager.. there was a pay phone at the end of the block and we kept a roll of quarters on the fridge.. someone would call the pager leave their name and number and if it was important we would run down to the payphone and make the call.. or wait till we were in an area where it wasn’t long distance to call LOL.. Now at that same time cell service was a hundred dollars for thirty minutes of phone calls.. to give you a time line.. now if you have verizon you get good cell service here.. and I use tracphone.. its cheaper..
        I do have netflix and some of the other streaming services.. I got those trying to get rid of our cable bill last year when there was such a huge jump in rates for everything.. the cost is hundreds less.. but the wife hated the new remotes and the parents did to.. it went over biblical.. the crying and wailing and gnashing of teeth was to compensate I made cuts in other area’s.. this year.. starting december the cable company made a ten percent increase to.. I even tried to talk the wife into selling the house and moving into an apartment or town house.. by moving thirty miles I can get the rates cheaper for cable.. if you get into the right townhouse group they toss it in as part of the rent.. and no maintenance.. they supply washers and dryers.. in every town house.. no maintenance.. and renters insurance is cheaper than home owners by a lot.. but then that suggestion went biblical to..

  3. I learned how to roast a wild rice & cranberry stuffed duck in bang bang sauce. Quite good and my husband was pleasantly surprised at the taste and the lack of smiling head (A Christmas Story joke for those not in the know). I also learned that there are two type of cats: cooly aloof or wildly psychotic. Not sure which A-hole is preferable, tbh. Since they’re both out to kill small and unsuspecting pests, I let them stay. But I did not share the fabulous duck with either of them.

    There is more, but when looking for serenity in houseboundedness, that’s all I got.

    • Ure right on Silvermitt – regards Cats.

      In the immortal words of ECU’s “sainted” Granny..

      “the only good Cat, is a dead Cat!” hahahaha

      Happy Holidays!

  4. An alternative to the electric toothbrush pollination method is to use a leaf blower at one end of the hoop house and move down to the opposite end. It is advisable to secure those lighter weighted items during this process. A small battery-powered unit is better for those smaller greenhouses.

    On another note, I was very disappointed and angry that my grandparents voted for the wrong side again this time. So upset I doubt I will ever visit their graves again.


    • Dam Jim thats a wonderful idea..
      Because the farmers are primarily using GMO cropsthe bee companies are not bringing the hives around to this area.
      One gent told me that the nicotine produced to kill pests in the GMO’s also kills his bees.. so he says he won’t drop any hives around here.
      Getting the garden pollinated is a huge issue for me..

    • “On another note, I was very disappointed and angry that my grandparents voted for the wrong side again this time”

      Me as well.. the next time I visit their graves I’m going to have a few choice words for them to…

  5. “Still dials with no power on, but features disappear when the power drops. Speakerphone use, for example. EMP dependence is still creeping in around us.”

    When I was growing up .we had a party line phone system.ours was seven rings.. anyone could listen in.. today they have switching systems etc.but if two lines are on an open circuit your phone can transmit using a low voltage. The old crank wall phones. Pulsing the voltage would charge up the cap and wring the bell..take them both off the hook your connected..
    All that other crap won’t work but you have a voice connection..
    In theory during an EMP if the wire is secured and switches open you would still be able to communicate

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