“Maker Frontiers” for 2021

Ready Or Not…

It’s almost here.  2021 looms.

With a little free time on holiday weekends, it’s useful to turn off most of the hype-crazy mainstream media.  Instead, try doing a “personal performance audit.”  Designed to answer key questions.  Like?

  • “Did I have a Plan this year?”
  • In the unlikely event you did, “Did you get anywhere near a goal?”
  • “Do I have a plan for 2021?”
  • “What should be in my personal 2021 plan?”

If you doubt the value of  plan, the old saying “Poor Planning Promotes Piss-Poor Performance” is worth remembering.  Just “P” pee all over the place…

Frontier 1:  Understand the World

There are only a couple of core concepts needed.  First is “Close to Home Matters.”  If an event happens with 100-feet of you, it matters more than anything 8,000 miles away.

Example: Dishwasher overflowed in the house Friday.  Local, right?  Meantime, Iran bomb scientist gets whacked 8,000 miles away.  Which one had more impact on Ure’s life?  (Only a cup of water escaped; a knife stuck down too far and jammed up the works…  short adrenaline rush, though!)

The Personal SWOT:  Short for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.  Piece of paper, divided into four sections.  Where are you Strong?  Weak?  Threatened?  See Opportunities?

Build a Personal Intelligence Platform:  RSS is a great tool. So are Google News alerts.  An hour of tinkering and you can put in things like all news about your company, your city, your commute, key vendors…all kinds of things to “put you in the know.”  Goal?  Good-bye blind-sided.

Example:  If you work at Boeing, do you have RSS feeds on for anything mentioning Boeing?  That might make sense, given the virus, air travel, sketchy future…. that kinda thing.

Write a Financial Goal for 2021:  Anyone can make $1,000 more next year.  Hell, inflation will do that automatically if you make $50,000 or more.

Key personal question is “What will YOU change in order to be WORTH MORE?” 

If your present employer doesn’t see your value, others will.  Be the best at what you do and the money follows.

BUT you need to demonstrate superior  worth and value.  The old “put wood on the fire, then light it” story.  Not the other way around…

Secure Your Basic 6

Under all conceivable futures, you will be miles ahead of the herd if you constantly think in terms of:

  • Water:  Whether you want new water filter for home with a reverse osmosis system, or whether you pick up a couple of LifeStraws for the car (Amazon, $13 LifeStraw Personal Water Filter for Hiking, Camping, Travel, and Emergency Preparedness) you never want to be unsure of where your next glass of water is coming from.
  • Food:  Same holds for calories.  You should always be able to put your hands on a couple of weeks of food without difficulty.  There are just too many threats (earthquakes, fires, civil disorder, lock-ins, tornadoes, hurricanes…) to live ignorantly.
  • Alt. Housing:  Do you have a choice of three or four “back-up” roofs you could sleep under?  I know people who live in cars and have a gym membership for showers and workouts.  Cheap!  A private mailbox (PMB)?  A tent works, family if you’re on terms and they’re close.  Co-workers if not?
  • Skill-Building:  This gets back to the basic “To Make more, Be Worth More…”  What’s the cheapest, fastest way to get the “paper” needed to warrant the income you’re after?  In social services, the Masters is the money paper.  In flying, the Air Transport Rating…and on it goes.
  • Build a Side-Hustle:  It’s always nice to pick up some change on the side.  Unlimited opportunity for people with hustle!  Everything from yard work, snow shoveling (in season, along with leaf blowing), house painting, interior painting, hook up as an apartment maintenance dude…the opportunities are endless.
  • Pickup Trucks Rock:  Have the habit of looking at the FREE section in Craigslist?  Why, seems like there is always a way to flip a few bucks in there.   Oilman2‘s tastes run to giveaway hot tubs converted to fish (and shrimp) farming ponds at his ranch.  I like old furniture (wood) and pallets…but it’s all according to what your vision is for your own space.

Frontiers Always Change.  Flexibility owns the future.

Frontier #2:  Idle Hands

Humans are slowly withdrawing from the physical worlds into the notional “Space between Our Ears.”

Dangerous trend, that.  We are still mostly physical beings.  Sure, the music, the art, the gender marketing, blah, nblah, blah.  But the satisfaction of being able to wrest something of value from raw materials out in the physical world is marvelous.

Value in software?  Sure…uh-huh…some.

But value from a fresh T-bone steak on the grill, from garden-fresh organic food?  Homemade wine?  Is JB still making rum?  You own beer?

Heft has value.  Hype is weightless.  Here, have a zero-ounce virtual dinner.  See it?

“Idle hands is the Devil’s playground.”  Or that pizzaria.

Woodworking Skills

For about $100, you can become a “woodworker” if you set your mind to it. 

Hammer, saw, electric impact drill.  Toss in some hustle, Internet access, and maybe a can of paint or varnish.  You’re in!

Basic tools?

I have often joked with my son that these are really all the basics you need to build a house.  No, it won’t be as pretty (or quick) as a high-dollar chop saw, contractor table saw, nail guns, big jobsite compressor…and let’s sub out a framing crew and a sheetrock gang…  But when comes to tools, you want to get things done cheap?  It can still be done.

About here, we’ll all hold hands as I say “Hi My name is George and I’m a tool slut…”  And we’ll go around the room to give you a chance to confess your own tool and workshop addictions…

Best new tools this year:  Small electric handsaws.  Battery powered.  And the corded 4-1/2″ circ saw which is great for cutting down big sheets of ply to sizes that get squared and trued on the table saw.

Reality wrecks life if you let it:  At 71.85 years, single-handing a sheet of 3/4″ birch ply onto the table saw is a PITA.  Buy tool, banish barrier.

3D Printing Skills

I loved being on Coast this week to talk about my newest time sink, skill expander.  See my https://ultra-make.com site for more on this set of skills.

Again, Amazon’s got a ton of low-end 3D printers.  You get what you pay for, but a Creality Ender 3 is a great entry point.  $206 on Amazon for a basic Creality Ender 3 3D Printer Fully Open Source with Resume Printing All Metal Frame FDM DIY Printers 220x220x250mm.

But, if you want the higher-end version, toss $290 at the problem and walk away with a Official Creality Ender 3 V2 Upgraded 3D Printer with Silent Motherboard Meanwell Power Supply Carborundum Glass Platform and Resume Printing 220x220x250mm.

The main differences between printers are things like the “build bed” and the quality of the other components.

The main thing with 3D printing is to understand the workflow process.  It’s not like hitting the print key on your PC – yet.  Goes like this:

  • You need a design:
    • 3D database like Yeggi.com or Thingiverse.com
    • Or make your own with a free TinkerCAD.com account
  • Download the design to your computer.
  • Designs need to be “sliced into layers.”  Ultimaker.com is the hot ticket for this software.  Cura 4.8 is the current build to choose.
  • Sliced design is saved on a TIF or SD or MicroSD (varies).
  • Machine is prepped (important, see manual for bed leveling and pre-heating).
  • Print runs.  This can be slow – 24-hours and longer for a big print.

It’s a flow – you will get used to it.  Keep your plastic filaments away from cold and moist.  I just had some botched prints overnight due to not feeding filament from the dryer and it’s been cool and wet here…

Metal Working Frontiers

The price of plasma cutters is coming down – a lot.

Check the $367 Cyber Monday Amazon price for a Lotos LTP5000D 50Amp Non-Touch Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter, Dual Voltage 110V/220V, 1/2 Inch Clean Cut, Brown.

I’ve been very happy with my Lotos (bought back there was chump change from a $500 bill, lol).  Main tricks to a plasma cutter:

  • Virtually all of the lower cost units need an external air compressor.
  • The air needs to be dry – so an inline water and oil filter really help improve cut quality.
  • Buy consumables ahead.  The cutting parts wear quickly, especially if you spend too much time “contactless” lighting.
  • Get your welding magnets out and use them to hold a 3-fooit piece of scrap angle which is a dandy all-purpose cutting guide.  Unless you’re after an “arty” wandering cut.
  • Best trick:  Use the plasma to “pre-drill” holes in steel plate.  Steel’s odd stuff:  Bear to get the first (pilot hole) through.  Easier to ream out.  So the pin-prick hole from the plasma rig reduces steel drilling by 50% (or more).

Stick welder prices are cheap.  But with good reason:  It’s MUCH harder to run a good bead with a cheap stick welder than even a low-end wire-feed welder.  My recommendation?  Get a good wire feed welder.  My stick beads still suck.   (I refuse to get a rod oven…)

The other main metal working tools will be a 14″ cutoff saw (one that will handle abrasive and carbide blades).  And a damn good 4-1/2″ grinder.

You can pick up most of this gear up cheap on Craigslist with a little patience.  Not so much on plasma cutters, though.  They’re fun!

Best sources of material for metal work around here?  Used bed frames if you can find them – are WAY cheaper than fresh steel.  And don’t under-estimate what can be done with leftover or recycled T-posts from fencing projects.

Off to work on the multitude of things here.  WIP – work in progress – can move on Sundays as well as any other day…

Write when you get rich, or build something…


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  1. How come Coffee is not listed in the basic 6 George? bare the thought! No bean to fuel the masses!

    I have not been to bed yet… still doing my survey. so far it has produced much…..

    a few more hours and then a nap to let it soak in. and a scour of some old posts and thoughts i left on a few fringe sites to see what they tell me about the nature of things. Is TimeBomb 2000 still fora? may have to skip that one… im pretty sure I left a 2021 date item over there.

    then I write.

    have wonderful day

    • Andy: I read your update on doorfore. It is getting better but not $116 better. Better was George’s idea on pricing, because, in all my years, I have never heard of a successful businessman asking God how to price their product. It is like asking God for stock market picks. Doesn’t work. Work works. Good luck. I think it can succeed.

      • $9.95 for the first month & $19.95 A month thereafter. When they first sign up, they go on automatic renewal unless they cancel. I think You can do it with Paypal.

      • Ya pay for what ya get. Won’t say anymore about it. I will do Quarterly reports. Pod cast is a differnt animal.
        Lol. The price is set. Buy or don’t buy it. I consult God about everything. Because God knows the shit I don’t. I make mistake on who is running the show and what HE thinks is best is best. It’s God’s report and God’s site, even my life and soul belong to the Highest God. God is my friend. I’m not so bold that I would contend with HIM.

        Because NC..

        In the end? It all belongs to God. Lol. Ya can’t even take your body with ya. And there other world’s than this one. I’m just humble servant to HIM who sends me. It’s my job to right it. It’s HIS job to see it through.

        This is George’s site. Enough said about that.

      • And it’s not like I can send the report to China and have a factory make it for $0.23 a day. Then bring it back over and sell it for $280 like a pair of Jordens.

        Which is more valuable. A pair of tennis shoes or knowing the future ahead of time.

        People drop $300 on a northface jacket and don’t even blink an eye. Which is more valuable. A northface jacket or a detailed transcript of the future? Lol

        I spose that is something everyone has to decide for themselves. I’m not producing a

        I’m not selling tupperware here or tealite candles or avon Mary Kay. Lol so I’m not going to price it as such.

      • I mean the Thighmaster sold for $54 and grossed over $50 million in sales. Lol

        You could buy two thighmasters for the price of one of my reports. Up to you. Really. I am to write it and charge what I was advised to charge.

        I do apologise George. I don’t let others opinion sway me from what God tells me. Lol. Just a matter of perspective I suppose. Either you have more faith in the Thighmaster or God. Lol. I spose that is what it really comes down to.

        Have a great day. I have a transcript to rite. For we do not rest on our laurels. Or hardy’s. And then tomorrow, I’m spending the whole day in bed with my girl. I’m very excited about that.

        Should up and available by Tuesday morning. To whoever keeps asking me to call them? My email address is on my site. Please just email me. Lol I’m hella busy. But I will answer when I can.

    • Call me

      [admin note: Go to Andy’s site doorfore.com and leave messages there – we ain’t an answering service!]

      • Ha ha. I already answered that. I clearly stated in my last post, for you. I’m not Jesus on my site.

        You are a little late to the punch mister.

        And ya might have missed the point about this is George’s site. Lets keep it to his topics. Which sometimes is me. Lol

        FYI: I got it done last night dude. I almost chickened out. I feel so much when look at all that stuff floating out there in unfolding abstract potential
        Thee woman is going to proof read it outloud to me, edit it for gramerical issues and I will figure out the cart thing after a few hours of taking a nap. Im pretty sure I covered every continent and atleast 25 counties inlcuding their political systems, economy’s projected GPD’s as eye see them tc. Etc. . Quite the feet for a fella who types comments with his thumbs on the regular and is used to driving a big rig. Should be 100% since I invested alot of time and effort into it compaired to winging it from a lawn chair, with a hotdog in one hand, a phone in the other and a catch up stain on my t-shirt while talking shit. Lol

        Gnite. Or gmorning. Whichever.

    • Sorry I forgot my Que. I appreciate all Ure help. I sent ya an email. If anyone wants to know what up with what I’m talking about they can go to my site. Let’s just let George’s site be about Goerge. I appreciate you George bunches. I appolgise for any detraction from what you are doing. And yes, 3 comments a day. I meant no disrespect. Moving forward now.

      Que: https://youtu.be/HTsw5lqzBbk

      ~ Dr. Hook ~

      As good of a Martini song as any dude.

      Click 116!

  2. Ure Basic 6 list is a good start. Some input from readers with recent experience would help flesh it out a bit. My experience is relevant, but out of date. I typically had money in the bank for my road trips, which made things a lot easier.
    When working out of town for extended periods in the past , I normally got a PO Box locally, either at the post office or UPS store. The Feds have tightened up on identity requirements for a PO box, but a person should be able to get a box somewhere in an urban area. UPS would take deliveries from anyone when I used them, including Amazon, but it is best to ask before signing up.
    Next I would get a storage rental big enough for a small trailer. I have found that a small trailer which can be towed by most anything works best. I would try to piss-ant the move solo with the little trailer as much as possible. This might be a way of pre-positioning supplies out of reach of repo men in another county for someone who is in danger of being evicted. With mail-order foam beds now available, if you got the cash, outfitting a small living space hundreds of miles down the road with a 4′ x 6′ trailer has become more practical. A pick-up with a camper cover is a multi-functional alternative, and might allow you to forgo the storage unit. But the storage units are cheap, and provide much needed storage space for people in extended transit scenarios.
    Typically I would take out short term or monthly leases on an apartment, but that requires a credit check and much cash, which is probably not applicable to this scenario.
    Gyms with showers were hard to come by earlier this year, but RV parks, truck stops, or even an employer might be an alternative.
    I’m glad to see Ure starting to address this issue, G____.

    • Your experience is both relevant and timely.

      To add to it:

      A 5×8 trailer is better — make sure it tows properly. There’s a lot of trailers in that small range (4×6 to 6×10). Most are Chinese. Some are okay, but some are not properly weight-biased. If a trailer doesn’t have sufficient tongue-weight or its wheels are too far forward, it’ll wander all over the road, and I’ve been dragged into near-fishtailing more than once, in a truck or SUV, by a riding mower sized trailer with a bad weight bias. My Jetta has a Class-3 — can’t even imagine what a trailer like that would do to a vehicle that weighs more’n a ton less than even my small pickup…

      Pickup/shell will be either 38″ or 42″ max height. A hollowed-out “popup” truck camper might be better, ‘cuz then you could have 6’ when you needed it. 42 inches sounds like a lot of space until you have to haul something (and I had mine outfitted as a rolling combination EMA forward-supply vehicle, and emergency BOV. ‘Notice the dual-usage? Two usages, one vehicle full of stuffs, and a fancy decal on the back which permits me to be on the road even under a worst-level emergency lockdown or Martial Law. Most county Emergency Management Agencies are volunteer. All the materiel in the truck is stuff I purchased, for sale or donation to EMA in time of need — but it’s my inventory, not the County’s or State’s, so if I bugged-out in that truck, I would not be stealing anything. BTW a “Mr. Heater” propane heater, a piece of horse mat, and a sleeping bag makes a truck shell an off-grid living space.

      The EMA truck is not my actual BOV. THAT truck is equipped with a bunch of niceties, including barrels and a “honey-dipper” (remember my slant on preparedness is surviving an EMP.) In the event of an EMP, no gasoline, diesel, or kerosene pump will work. The fuel will set in a buried tank until it rots. With an old-school onboard pump a body can cap an underground storage tank, drop in their own hose, and fill ‘er up. I would pay for it, of course, in suddenly-worthless FRNs (if there were anybody to take my money), educate the proprietor on the shelf-life of modern fuels and why they needed to sell that crap as quickly as possible, and if I liked them, would also explain why I WOULD shoot them if they tried to steal one of my cans of PRI.

      • Small, fully enclosed trailers like a Pace are my choice. 5′ x 8′ trailers require more cylinders to tow than I typical have in my vehicles.

      • Now, I understand…

        The Pace is probably my fav. They’re an Amish product made outside Middlebury, Indiana (been by the factory lots. It lies just south of I-90 at the US-131 exit…) They’re an excellent trailer — so are the Wells Cargo (just south of the Amish Mall in Elkhart, IN), and Haulmark (off I-90 between Indiana Rt-4 and US-131.) 4×6 is becoming damn’ hard to find, although Pace still makes the “Journey” in a 4×6. I think the towing secret for these little guys is more the aero-nose than the cross-sectional width or weight — that and they’re all properly-designed, not thrown together.

  3. “Did I have a Plan this year?”
    In the unlikely event you did, “Did you get anywhere near a goal?”
    “Do I have a plan for 2021?”
    “What should be in my personal 2021 plan?”

    Yes and no.. I did get all the big projects done.. because of covid19 few of the little ones were put on hold.
    Alterations to the plan affected by covid

    How I do my plan.. I have a pocket tablet.. the list begins. Urgent projects are placed at the top .. I check off each one as theyare accomplished..
    Repairs and future builds. Then emergency issues go to the top of list always.


  4. G –

    U aint kidding -alt housing is an enormous concern, and major responsibility of any head/co-head of household.

    Non Spiritual types ignore the following: 1) more and more info comming thru regards Grid “issues” in near future (3yrs) in Northeast. Grid down issues WILL lead to nuke plant issues – and there are a hole bunch of nukes in the NorthEast.

    2) Southeast (Flalala) – same phenom with info / South Flo Rida.
    -past season, took weeks, in some areas, for Hurricane water levels to subside, taking out roads/sidewalks in process – this Will get worse with each passing Hurricane season – till saturation level is reached..Lauderdale,Miami, Everglades = underwater soonly (3yrs).

    *Might want to think about Higher Ground…https://youtu.be/QsaWoSq-OBo

    ? What/How do U think the REST of the World thinks about the UN – United States Dollar – in light of a glaringly illegal, UNCONSTITUTIONAL, Blatant -In Ure-Face – THEFT of the PRESIDENTIAL election? Answer: stick a fork in IT! sellsellsellsell

    Just watch; USD versus Euro, USD versus Swiss Frank..down bubble .

    “too bad U couda been a contenda – instead a pretenda” – with NO Crypto prior to TGR.

    All together now … NO CRYPTO 4 U!

    Look on the bright side – at least U can still use the USD to wipe Ure ass with after the TP runs out, again..

    Viva La Revolucion – Hi Ho Silver!

    • “U aint kidding -alt housing is an enormous concern, and major responsibility of any head/co-head of household.”

      Yeah… sadly I had to tell a friend he had to divorce a wife of over fifty years.. so that he could continue to live in his house..
      I then told their son that as disgusted at his dad that he would be .. that it’s the only way..
      His wife is in a medical facility and at a quarter million a year .theres little else he can do.. seen it a few thousand times..its also why I have the gentliving in our spare bed room. Unfortunately I don’t have any more spare bedrooms for him to live in..

  5. George, where did the USDX chart go? It used to be at the top with the Au and Ag charts, and then they moved to the bottom. They were always a bit skittery when volatile as it seems that the Kitco calls didn’t always respond under heavy demand.

    Did you remove the USDX or is it just not loading? It’s quite useful to figure out if the metals moved for that reason or something else. Thanks.

    • It was costing too much in rankings and page load speed.
      Delicate balance there.
      The smart readers are patient. Ones under 50 and now, now, no, OK where the FK is it? types.
      Grow the product or quit…
      Oh and there’s been a code issue with that chart too… exec decision

      • The obvious solution is to have a dedicated chart page (oh, wait. You already do!) and just have an obvious link to it (like a cap of one of Kitco’s graphs, suitably modified) in the header and footer of your page. Then your page-load speeds would be zero-dependent on some other site’s ability to write a script using good code, or not get themselves hammered to a stop. Since you already have the chart page, why not shuffle the gold and silver charts onto it as well, and make the link a little more obvious than the text link you now have…?

      • No problem George! I can afford a couple more clicks as necessary. There’s enough good people and information on this site that I’m here every day unless I’m in transit or really overwhelmed with time constraints.

  6. Not being the Texas-sized tool slut that Ure are, I’m just digging on my new drill press. Tired of hand drilling holes that usually come out crooked. Ryobi 10″ table top with a nice little vise clamp and laser cross-hairs make it easy to punch out a bunch of plastic antenna wire spacers.

      • But then what would I do with the new drill press?? LOL! I’m making these out of short sections of 1/2″ PEX tubing. Printing challenge?
        Naw, you don’t owe me anything. Glad to be of assistance.

  7. George
    “Reality wrecks life if you let it: At 71.85 years, single-handing a sheet of 3/4? birch ply onto the table saw is a PITA. Buy tool, banish barrier.”

    Why don’t you rig a Chain Fall / Chain Hoist and nylon straps to pick up those large items? It beats straining your back! Put it on an over head trolley track and life is good.

    Here’s a typical source:

  8. Christmas gift ideas..

    I hate just buying something.. I usually make something . Since I’ve already gotten requests for my homemade spiced rum.. that is what I’ll give.
    It’s like the valentine’s bouquet.. I got a toilet brush holder turned it into a mini water fall with lights. Greenery going up the side with love birds in the top block in the brush cup greenery with the bouquet in the center over the pump.. my thought is a woman can only have so many bud vases..since give flowers regularly. It has to be different.. like the follow the clue to a romantic rendezvous..day spa hair outfit dinner and room..
    Well how do you give someone a bottle of liquor that would make it special..
    This year it will be the bottle..


    • Dam man – you Rockafellas sure roll high. Round these parts of Pennsyltucky we roll with lg mason jars -for holidays – hot glue some purty ribbons & some sparkly scheisse on the lid for that festive jaun.

      • Lol lol lol..definitely not a Rockefeller…lol I’ve done the Mason jar thing to..etched cheap glasses …if I buy more than one I can get the price lower.. the spiced rum if I make it is about 2 bucks a bottle and the decanter 20 a decent once a year gift. With the kids grandkids I have a total for everyone 25 of 600..
        I wanted to give the little einstein once a month crafts for the little ones but that’s twenty per child per month..not in the budget..

  9. I’m afraid some of your Trump-hating readers will have to be put on suicide watch if the electoral college vote goes 270+ for Biden. I don’t think they will have anything left to live for with DJT out of office.

    It appears that the one last hope left for the serial Trump haters is an expert witness:


    Step back from that ledge guys. Dr. Kesh is from the government and he’s here to help you safeguard your obsession for another four year run.


  10. Reading of the sorrow and hardship for people just to get a meal on thanksgiving. George are you ok . As a mate can’t you just relate to reality . Live in the moment . F 2021 F 2020 and history . People are suffering .hungry . And you wanna talk about trivia and wacko economics. A crash is what’s needed . Everything!!! Start again. Respectfully

    • or we could just release aussie Spec Forces on the INNOCENT Women & Children around the World.

      Just F-ing SLAUGHTER EM ! “bloody useless eaters” – dont forget to Pre-Torture, “jus luv it when they scream in horror begging for their lives”. .NEIN!

      • To LCN and I’ll Never Tell,

        Your incendiary maniacal vicious threats will be scrutinized accordingly by the fbi:

        Consider that your posts warrant reporting to the authorities…and Good Morning Moderator! is there anybody home? (oops, forgot George is always in ‘anything goes’ ‘asleep at the wheel’ mode) would you please wake up and look at what you are sharing!

      • “or we could just release aussie Spec Forces on the INNOCENT Women & Children around the World.”

        Or.. COVID19 …

        Or start a new war someplace so billy big bucks can have a little more jingle jangle in his pockets….
        In my church.. they have been telling people for decades and decades that they should have a food stock.. having been through the times where it was necessary to have them.. both with and without the food stock.. I can tell you they aren’t joking. people are starving..I went to send food.. and the shipping company told me to save my money.. that the govt. of those countries in most cases seize the funds and sell the grain back.. then you have unscrupulous companies that play on the sympathy’s of man to gain wealth.. the correction that is coming is going to be a tough one.. seen the chart that George is showing of drought conditions.. think about that for a moment.. and future crop’s.. all the worst depressions and govt take overs happened around times were the people were hungry.. they seize from the rich to make themselves richer with the view to the people that they are there for them.. financial analysis is absolutely important.. my hope is to glean enough information so that I can survive this coming correction.. putting up seeds learning new skills.. and understanding the trends is super important.. when you read the post from Mark in SAN FRAN where he is concerned.. that is when all hell is going to break loose.. it takes longer to get to the top of the pile but when that starts to tumble.. watch out.. I think that is when we all need to know the skills of the guy living in a cardboard box.. most of us are three paychecks away from being on the street.. six paydays away from starvation.. and in my church that has been telling the people to prepare.. only six to fifteen percent have got the stock to survive the coming collapse.. we seen a brief scene of the panic over toilet paper.. and laundry soap.. when it topples that will be for everything.. the ladies in Greece that were selling their bodies for a can of soup.. college girls today willing to share their company for books or help with tuition..
        Having known people that escaped the Nazi’s and one the ended up in a camp.. some from africa that escaped being clubbed to death.. I can tell you that is a rosier picture of some of the stories I have heard from actual people that survived in other area’s..
        My personal experience.. was scaping grain up off of the ground behind farm wagons going to the elevator and pounding into a crude gruel in an old cast iron pan.. ( still got that pan to LOL) having the door left open on an apartment to an unheated hallway so the heat from the hallway could get into the apartment.. it was hell.. car broke down and I had to walk twelve miles to work in the winter without winter boots or gloves.. newspapers stuffed between two pair of pants.. then when the plant closed.. I scraped the fat off of the hides of road kill for the month the fur factory was open.. steam cleaned blood tanks.. and scooped hot dirt from a radioactive spill.. among other things.. when I fell thirty feet and got busted up.. I had to crawl for food and water.. so my good man I have been down this road.. it is important and the messages that George is giving all of us is vital to us all..
        I pray none of what I have been through will ever happen to anyone here.. I can tell you that is one of the major reasons why I search out someone that falls through the cracks every year for my xmas gift to me.. most people are paid every two weeks twice a year there is an extra paycheck.. those two paychecks are budgeted in for my helping hand gifts..

      • Wake up Moderator: Who said anything about pizza or Q?
        I was showing compassion for all the crazy leftist f@cks like you. Please, don’t cause yourself injury over your really twisted thang for the Donald. Step away from that ledge.

    • Hmmmm – See Lt General McInerney

      >Server Farm? Osprey tilt rotors? Ret. Army Spec.Frcs.? Franfurt am Main – next to Airport?

      Nah – its conspiracy theory…

      • It’s always a conspiracy theory until someone goes to jail or gets whacked.
        ECU- What article are you referring to? I don’t see any of the Army server seizure stuff posted here. That meme sounded like a preemptive conspiracy theory rumor to discredit any journalism that follows.

  11. George,
    Re tools to build a house with. How could you over look the framing square (no batteries required). My maternal grandfather once sat me down and explained what all writing on it meant. It was not a short lesson. How about throwing in good framing level. BTW be careful buying a new framing square, some of new ones shed their shiny coating significantly reducing their utility. The world of manual carpentry and wood working is one worth exploring.

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