No Collapse for 30-Days?

That’s an interesting bet given the VIX was under 20 Friday.  Means no one is afraid.  Saw those levels in February, didn’t we?

We’re guessing there will be more presidential election concerns and possibly conflict.  The Middle East beckons.  Since war is the historical outcome of economic declines, we should expect something, somewhere to light up and head south.

Not out West, necessarily.

China talks as though Biden’s already seated. And on Wall Street, the good times are on a roll – one that has cost nearly $4-trillion worth of paper so far.

What few assets America has need to be carefully managed.  Because if we do see anything approaching an election reversal (or even widespread lack of faith in the outcome) in coming weeks, people are “wearing their politics on their sleaves.”  That’s the makings of domestic conflict.

We have crossed into an odd national head-space:  Me-me-me has become a strain of Us-us-us…but few have figured out yet that the very “coalitions” which begged for personal sign-ons will now (in good-old Bolshevik style) turn first on those who supported “them” most.

As a result, we expect that when (with a small asterisk by *if*) the dems get seated, they will be steered away from further devaluation.

The reason for this would be China.  Which holds a lot of U.S. assets.  By clever manipulations, they will continue to be able to use our drug money (via cartels, mixed by their financial alchemists and banks).  Which would allow the continued shopping spree to buy North America out from under the working class…

Mainly head lines and charts today.  Ure’s in down time.

This is the day we’re doing our turkey, since I worked Wednesday night. Champagne and “gimme the bird” had to wait.  Today, revenge is mine.

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26 thoughts on “No Collapse for 30-Days?”

  1. Oh my G!

    What a fine mess it will be when bribem/Camala R done eviscerating whats left of our once Great Republic.
    How does a second home – on Central American Coast (english speaking country) sound to the “coffee grinds” of Ure retirement/Texas grubstake now?

    U know whats coming next- We already suffered thru 8 years of Technocratic Politically Correct “anal rape” from the ex dumpster-pumpers-in chief obummer/bribem.
    As the USA – is already acclimatized to the CFR’s “Hollowing Out of the American Middle Class” ..jus like Andy in Shawshank – BOHICA.

    No worries though – just sell MOAR VOL. – presactly what Hedggies have been recommending/advising Wealth/Pension Fds since beginning of the FED “feedlot operations”

    DEPENDENCY -its whats for Ure Life”

    Here comes 4 MOAR years of agonizing GRIND, “will grind Ure ass into dust!” – what a drag, no ?

    “sometimes U just have 2 Stop, and say F that!.

    • *

      11/27/20 Belize News 7 –

      Retailers we spoke to underscored that – as you heard – Ramen is also scarce in the US – and that’s because the whole world is on hard times – and ramen is the ultimate hard time food – so it’s become scarce. Also, Ramen prices in the US are up as much as 25 cents per pack.

      G – been warning bout signs of the times to be looking fore – Winter it seems, has come early..

  2. “China talks as though Biden’s already seated.”

    What an interesting thought… He is the president elect… so WHAT IF…. Trump decides he ain’t going to leave….
    what was it that was in the Nostradamus predictions.. and could that be what happens to a president that refuses to leave peacefully.. would Biden have the backing of the US military.. or would Trump still have it.. The wife was telling me she had heard on a news cast that Trump refuses to give up the white house and let Biden in until biden proves the votes he had were real..
    so curiously what would happen if DJT refuses to leave.. who would be the commander and cheif with a military behind them..

    • Quit breathing so hard. Our oath is to the Constitution, not the man in the office.
      And a portion of the UCMJ calls for each of us to resist illegal orders from any superior.

  3. Biden may be going through the motions but I’m still sticking with my Nov. 5th Ann Coulter post. Trump will be inaugurated amidst a shyte storm of controversy but it’s what is NEEDED in this country and he’s the ONLY one that can/will do it. He may also be the next President to get assassinated, God forbid. You don’t have to be a Republican to want to see our electoral system cleaned out and set straight. It’s part of the basic fabric of our nation. We blew through a “preponderance of evidence” of voting fraud a long time ago and little people quit believing anything coming from “on high” about that time, too. Up until now, outside of Obummer Care, things didn’t really affect us but a Biden regime will gleefully wipe out our Constitution. It won’t be Russia, Russia, Russia any more but Iran/Venezuela, Iran/Venezuela, Iran/Venezuela … and, no doubt, China.

  4. ECU,
    None of what you said will happen. In fact, the opposite will happen. Quit listening to OAN and Q nonsense. The next four years will be the most productive and sane in recent memory. Even Trumpster Dumpters and their 10 second sound bite, 280 character count memories, will forget the sh*t show of the last 4 years because they will be so busy with a plethora of new, higher paying jobs, a President more concerned about all of us rather than himself, and an actual plan that will include an executive order to fully open up our economy with one caveat…we all must wear masks…which I am 100000% in favor of. Yesterday, I went to restaurant in Petaluma, CA called Brewster’s. It was crowded, all decked up for the holidays…totally outside venue…but everyone was respectful and wearing masks outside of their own table…it felt felt festive, with everyone wearing holiday and decorative masks. Plus, there was a chill in the air and the mask had a practical use as well.

    All of you angry anti-American jerks that supported our present fascist President, and with apologies to one of my favorite musical artists, Elvis Costello…get used to an America of Peace, Love and Understanding.

    • Mark profits from the status quo remaining the same. Unfortunately that power structure is what is destroying the country because supporting fraud only ends in disaster. The Loyalists 244 years ago were no different.

      • Bill, I profit greatly from people who think and engage in the opposite of what Trump says to do. We ignore his vitriol…go about our business and create magic….BUT…we are worried about those that don’t. It’s the rest of America that needs to wake up and realize that you all have been conned. Until you do that, we will always be a divided of haves and have nots. You want to be a part of the haves. Come over to the force and leave the dark side for a while…

      • Mark, you need to profit greatly now, because once it’s gone, all the money you’ve made will not buy one second of freedom…

      • Black is white and vice-versa with you Mark-o. Who cares as long as you stuff your pockets, right? You’ve enabled the corruption of our country to save your fortune which means you’ve pissed on every soldier that gave his life to allow you to do that.

    • So I guess you wouldn’t sign the petition to recall Gov Newsom?

      I live in Colorado so I’m entitled to 5 votes for that petition… a successful recall might stop the exodus of Cali residents to my state, and you can sell them a home! That’s a win win!

    • Dear Mark,

      Welcome back from hiatus and as we read above perhaps celebrating your candidate-of-choice party’s new embrace of The Electoral College. It sounds like the dems may be backing away from deep-sixing Mr. Trump’s magnum opus in his creation of US Space Command. Who wants to be left stranded at the bottom of a gravity well? With the pending investiture of a new administration, one looks forward to seeing the hustle and bustle of agents of change daily on our screens.

      Here’s a footnote to all regarding street scenes filmed earlier this year in San Francisco masking as Zion for the fourth Matrix movie instalment coined “The Matrix Revolutions”. Final photography apparently wound up this month in Berlin with release planned for theatres late next year according to Wikipedia.

    • Hey Mark. Can hardly wait for the Biden American Utopian paradise of Peace, Love and Understanding.

      And I know that the right wing media and Republicans will treat Biden with the same respect and courtesy that left wing media and Democrats gave Donald Trump for the past 4 years.

      We are so thankful for a completely fair and unimpeded Presidential election and that the “big guy” now gets 100% of the cut instead of a mere 10%.

      As we all come together and sing , there will be no more need for peaceful burning down and looting of small businesses, defacing and destroying of monuments or shooting and defunding of police.

      “0h Lordy won’t you coombya.”

    • You should really take some time to Ure kids US History book (s) big-guy – learn and understand what is Tar & Feathering . Although we no longer have easy access to Pine Tar, Asphalt Tar is a decent sub..

      I would imagine this type of Retribution/Punishment will be meted out on Ure types in very near future..
      – should Deep State Zionists somehow manage to STEAL this Election.
      Of course they CANT ever take the Presidency – Patriots standing BY – READY to BURN IT ALL DOWN – on top of Ure Traitorous head.


  5. The constitution was wiped out long ago where were you, the only way they will clean up this mess is if they have a revolution or start a war with a peer country, which they are looking to do as they poke and prod both Russia and China and will get a good ass whooping which is the only way to rid the country of the 1%.

    It makes little to no difference who occupies the Oval Office for as we have seen Trump didn’t do a thing he campaigns on, lock her up turned into a come on over for dinner invitation, the investigation of the Clinton Foundation turned in maybe I’ll need a few millions, the so- called trade deal with China was a disaster, other than dividing the country I don’t see as where he’s done a thing except rip up the treaties with different countries and telling NATO you have to kick more into the pot so you can buy some more of our super doper missiles and weapon platforms.!!!

  6. Hi George,

    I prefer the normal Peoplenomics web display – it puts more words on the screen at once. I never use a phone for a display – just a real computer. Others may disagree, but that’s my personal thought.

  7. Bebe Netanyahu should know all about cooked government. Cmon Bebe fire it all up . Still remember him hiding under a desk in gulf war1. Worked for cnn as an office copy journo. His brother led ente be force to release poor folk held against will . He was decorated got the courage genes . Bebe got the political genes

  8. I like the page layout the way it is…

    The next time you have a few minutes of free time (2023?) you might give this a whirl, just to see if you like the result.

    One of my layout tricks is to use percentages in a table, for formatting. You can do a single-item table:

    table width=100%

    drop your entire body here
    (including your header and footer, if you so-desire)


    and the page will both automagically load to the full width of the readers’ display (no matter its size), and load lightning-fast, while maintaining your font type and formatting. I don’t know if an editor will do this without injecting a bunch of crap code though. w3’s specs don’t like headers inside tables, but the actual HTML code specification has permitted it since at least HTML-2…

    • Thanks Ray – know that trick well.
      Only one call to change table width 750 px to table width 100%
      But that looked horrible because people like (based on past remarks) a 10-15% border either side, though at the moment table floats left….
      May tinker…

  9. The old aircraft carrier in the Persian gulf . Must be worth a few points on the Dow and a stronger dollar . Is nonsense but keeps the circus at wall and broad happy

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