KPOTD: “Biden Fix” Plus The “Usual” and the “Un”

TCDC’s Arrive

A brief explanation on Peoplenomics, but condensed here:  We’ve deployed some new tools to  hone our trends-driving focus a bit on the things that matter most in the information space UrbanSurvival transits.

One involves “Tag Cloud Driven Columns” [TCDC’s] because – as a mere human – it’s too easy to become distracted from things that  really matter.  Foolishly, I sometimes write about the “wrong issues” at times.  Using prepubescent A.I. to keep me more focused seems a reasonable solution.

KPOTD: Key Phrase Of The Day:

“Biden Fix”

I have no idea what the hell this one means, but it came floating up (gaseous turd-like) to be this morning’s top “floater.”  Deer-stalker hat on (*and nose plugged) we run off to the news search tools to get a grip on what “Biden Fix” means.

Fix what, Joe?  An assortment of suspects revealing how the MSM is “programming the population” (desensitizing to the word “fix”) with stories like:

While this last is a bit stale (6-days ago), it should nevertheless alert you to how The Managing A.I. to manage the US seems to be a working program.  Resulting in a media fog around “Joe Fix” stories.

MSN and PBS are the “reach & frequency” leads on a lot of this “fix-ation.”  Loci rotate through the corporate-controlled MSM, though.  Depends on the KWOTD being sold.  The “Biden Fix” is key, though.  Revelatory.

Because, dear reader, that will defuse the competing narrative, so dangerous to the Deep A.I. State.

That of “Fixed Elections.”  The Powers have gone wide to defang the verb “fix” – assigning to Biden – quick!

Well played!  Well, except we see it all in stark relief peeking out of data cloud analysis.  But no worries, nowhere but UrbanSurvival is using “aggressive outbound analytics” to sort-out the intent of unelected National Narrative Drivers.

[When our ratings soar past profitability, we promise to dial it back a bit. NOT!]

Work Me!

I ‘spose you saw the ADP job numbers Wednesday?  In short:

“– Private sector employment increased by 307,000 jobs from October to November according to the November ADP National Employment Report®.  “

Which tees up this morning’s Part 2:  The Challenger Job Cuts report.

“CHICAGO, December 3, 2020 – In the penultimate month of the year, U.S.-based employers announced 64,797 job cuts, the second-lowest monthly total for 2020. It is 19.7% lower than the 80,666 job cuts announced in October, according to a report released Thursday by global outplacement and business and executive coaching firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.
November’s total is 45.4% higher than the 44,569 cuts announced in November of last year. So far this year, 2,227,725 job cuts have been announced, 298% higher than the 559,713 cuts announced through November 2019. It is the highest annual total on record. 

Part three of this “viral trilogy from Hell” is the weekly unemployment claims reports.  Which today reads?

“In the week ending November 28, the advance figure for seasonally adjusted initial claims was 712,000, a decrease of 75,000 from the previous week’s revised level. The previous week’s level was revised up by 9,000 from 778,000 to 787,000. The 4-week moving average was 739,500, a decrease of 11,250 from the previous week’s revised average. The previous week’s average was revised up by 2,250 from 748,500 to 750,750. ”  (Yum-yum market crack, Dow futures turn positive…)

Tomorrow, the over-done Part IV is the Federal jobs report…drop by tomorrow for another bed-wetting spine-tingling adventure.

“Take It Away!”

The global socialist take-down of America is advancing on several fronts to be aware of:  The first being “John Kerry goes to Antarctica to discuss climate change with scientists” (keep him!) while also explaining that the Biden fix on climate will be swift.

Fact is, if you liked Covid, you’re really going to love the Climate stooges (where we’d have to pin Kerry).  Because they are driving fairytales like “Britain’s climate advisers call for deeper 2030 emissions-cut target” and “Volvo Cars To Be All-Electric By 2030.”

Thing is, electricity doesn’t fall like rain:  It’s every bit as dirty (*and wasteful) as fossil-fired cars.  It’s just that the (stupid) consumer-end of the pipe looks “clean.”  The other end of the pipe looks filthy!  Acid rain, radioactive shit for centuries, and a whole industry to cut down anything that can be burned as biomass.  (Where do you think our tree farm’s “chip harvest” went, for crying out loud?)

A more honest term for biomass is “clear-cutting for Smart Meters.”

Off on the side – people with more-connected neurons have figured out that if you perpetuate the job losses from CV-19 – then rotate into new unemployment, you can keep a “Global Crisis Rotation” going for perhaps 30-years.  Without the traditional economic collapse work-out: Global War…

What’s Really Ahead?

Oh, shit, this is ugly…the longer version was on Peoplenomics Wednesday, but the globalist workplan goes like this.  Follow along:

  • First, we kill the U.S. economy.  Have you noticed what country has the highest Covid incidence?  (Tell me you ain’t that stupid not to have.?)
  • As people take “the Jab” (as you see where Obama might be taking his shot as a TV stunt to “build trust”?) the climate hype will be ramped up. (Kerry, et alia.)
  • Then, just as people begin to reopen restaurants, the climate hysteria (and climate-nazis) will demand a Great Reset.  Thus, killing any industry that can’t pay-off the Deep Staters (and Congress, but I repeat myself).

The end result is already being revealed by the UN! COVID-19 could push the number of people living in extreme poverty to over 1 billion by 2030, says UNDP study.”   YOU, dear reader, unless you get it right, could be among them.

Warm-up for Hunger Games, IRL Home Edition?

Global Reset = Thieves At Work

Part of what’s coming – and this ought to scare the shit out of you – is to steal from the haves and pay-off a few have-nots so the Deep Staters can Build Incredible Wealth among themselves. D’uh.

The “phrase that pays” has already been pulled over the childish eyes of the “Social Just-US Warrior-types.”  But the follow-on is revealed in today’s headline:

New Jersey lawmakers include ‘Social Equity’ tax in marijuana legalization bill.”

The “social equity” scam here presupposes that Blacks are more likely to get punished for weed-related offenses. (More smoke, more get caught?  Naw…couldn’t be that…gotta make law racist to steal power…)

Rather than a simple “decriminalize” the peaceful “10-plant home growers” would still be in violation of NJ weed laws because this bullshit tax grab criminalizes all but those making payoffs.

Home grower?  Don’t wanna pay a (bullshit) “social equity tax?”  Why, you muss be a racist, bubba.  Pay to play world continues to get more f*cked-up by the day, don’t it?  Rent your life..Freedom has left the building.

500-million years of planetary evolution shit-canned and made illegal because it’s an “easy” monetization by the Deep State and Globalist Stalinist Socialists (The new SS.).  ’bout makes me wanna puke.

Tell ’em to write a demand letter to God:

“Hey!  Yo!  Big Ruler of Universe Dude:

We want reparations for your errors in populating Earth with smokables and injectables.  Social justice tax on ganj.  Just admit drugs are all wrong and give us a sign…

Yours truly, Hack Politicians of New Jersey monetizing race.

Lemme know how the answer comes back.  Like we don’t already know.

Global Reset Reality?  “Robinhood Works for Them.”

The Great Reset will, in our view, likely involve a “Bail-In.”  Excuse to steal most of your life savings, 401’s and what-not.  Anything over perhaps $50,000 – $100,000 of net worth.  Remember Cyprus where (No insured deposit of €100,000 or less would be affected, though 47.5% of all bank deposits above €100,000 were seized) it was test-bedded.

But John Kerry? Richie Rich?  Him?  The “original 8-mm film selfie guy” from the Nam days?  Here’s a 2017 flash-back for you:  “John Kerry spends $11?million on exclusive Martha’s Vineyard property .

You go, Mr. Climate-Stalin.  Pronounce what’s right while pissing away energy to visit the antarctic.  Dude:  Skype, Zoom for f*ck’s sake.  Jeezus what bullshit.

(We did warn you, Biden was the best president money could  buy, right?)

The Monolith Adventures

Got the tool sets tracking the latest on what are now THREE monoliths popping up worldwide:

Third Monolith Appears atop Pine Mountain, California after Mystery Objects in Utah and Romania Removed – definitely worth tracking.  Very much a Guidestones II flavor to it…

Down the Key Phrases

Other Big Data reveals to search?

The attack on the U.S. dollar continues (do your own search, I’m just sharing key research off our research platform):  “…indices finally make crypto based passive investing worthwhile ...”

Under “four-word” recurrent matches the virus hype goes-on strong as “…coronavirus deaths in one …” Which leads to stories like “US marks record number of COVID-19 deaths in one day.”  It  is getting to the after-turkey rush part we were warned of, right?

And we’ll just when we get through this pop, we’ll be into Christmas.  Shoot fat men in chimneys if not masked…

Speaking of Fatman Day “news” searching there dredges up: “Factbox: Not So Merry Christmas Looms for Coronavirus-Hit Europe.”

More interesting, though is this digital gem:The UK sends millions of Christmas cards every year – but where did the idea come from?”  Why is John Kerry going to the Antarctic and NOT staying home to fight the global warming impacts of one billion Christmas cards?  I mean, seriously, WTF?  Are we the only people on Earth who can think in straight cause & effect lines?

Before we shut down this morning’s A.I. run to find media with identical terms, how about “election fraud” from the 2-word pile?

Indiana Sen. Mike Braun criticizes media for failing to investigate voter fraud.”  But of course, they can’t.  Because the keyword today is?  “Biden fix.”

Our News Parser Outs

From our  Computational Future RSS monitor site which we use as a story collecting bin and back-stop, these are of interest:

L.A. mayor issues new order, warns of “devastating tipping point”.

While we see the Middle East as a bit safer in the wake of  Trump Middle East progress,  Time magazine is still on-the-bash claiming Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy Leaves Behind Destruction—and Opportunity—for Joe Biden.  Delusion is contagious, ain’t it?  Maybe Time is relapsing?

No aliens – yet.  Toss another conspiracy theory as NASA confirms mysterious object orbiting Earth is 1960s-era rocket booster.

Proving again: guns and power declare whatever they feel like:Egyptian model arrested over photo shoot at ancient pyramid.”  Seems the Antiquities Bureau didn’t like the get-up worn.  But you see, in a world heritage sense, absent clear title from Tut  or whoever, how does Egypt lay claim?  The answer is (once again) possession  is 99.9999% of “the law.”

Old news, perhaps, but the point is that as go property rights, so goes  freedom.  The inbound Kamunist government’s got lessons ahead for all of us politically incorrect free-thinking humans, we’re sure.

Like my consigliere reminded me:  “You know by definition, an IQ of 100 means half of Americans are below it, right?”

We’re ruled by “standard deviants.”

Write when you get rich,

75 thoughts on “KPOTD: “Biden Fix” Plus The “Usual” and the “Un””

  1. Is a Great Reset is in the near future? It may NOT be what is expected.

    Turn off the sewage known as “News”. Anything besides the headlines is nothing but a waste of your time.

  2. George
    ” (Where do you think our tree farm’s “chip harvest” went, for crying out loud?)”

    About eight years ago I had five acres of pine trees cleared on my Mississippi property. I asked the logging supervisor what would happen to the felled trees. He replied that they would be turned into chips and shipped to Europe to make fuel pellets. Not the best choice for fuel I would think due to the chemicals in pine wood.

    “Got the tool sets tracking the latest on what are now THREE monoliths popping up worldwide:”

    Did you notice that the one in Utah had a left and right side row of indentations / marks that made me think that the monolith was a piece of scrap metal!

    Someone was having fun and now we have others who want to do the “Monkey see – Monkey do” thing.

    Too much time and money in some peoples lives!

    • I was using ground up corn stalks to make fuel pellets.. I ended up trading the pellet press for something else I needed worse.
      What I wanted to do is mix the corn stalk dust with coal dust and make fuel pellets.. three to one mix three parts corn dust or saw dust to one part coal dust.. the mixture gives the heat output of cherry pits or corn at a price so cheap using the discarded waste material from both..
      That could be used in all pellet stoves.
      Unfortunately I didnt have the funds to see it through and needed some roofing done that was more important..

  3. “tax grab ”

    The Second Amendment is free, but if you want to use it, pay at the window. Here in MI the price is $115.00 to renew a CPL….

    • I’ve seen Michigan’s zoning laws and ordinances. EVERYTHING in Michigan is $115 (or multiples, thereof…)

    • I would love to have a Cherry 2000 with the looks of Jia Jia, but she would need to be fully functional and not get jealous. Hopefully with the cooking and cleaning abilities I simply don’t have. Of course, I’d have to keep her dry, but that’s no hardship at all. It’s amazing that to my knowledge, there’s no sex robot yet designed that can move her arms and legs autonomously, or even hug you!

      Most people forget a basic axiom of AI:- Artificial intelligence is artificial!

      • watch that first one..
        Years ago I had a lot of ethic conversations about making a computer that can think for itself and using it in robotics with some gentlemen working on just that…. the first video show how they are letting the computer learn and decide..
        with the new dolls they have.. it truly isn’t that far off.. Robotics has taken a huge jump in the last five years..
        so far.. the robots that are out there are pretty mechanical.. give it a few years with what they are developing.. it could be pretty dramatic.. the scary part is giving it a mind that can think for itself and make decisions..

      • There are… Experimental ones, anyway. ‘Can’t remember if LOOB posted the link or I saw it at Drudge, of a sexbot having tea and a discussion with a female reporter. It was a year or two back. Interesting, but unless I find a Chii in someone’s trash, will forever be out of my budget…

      • “‘Can’t remember if LOOB posted the link or I saw it at Drudge, of a sexbot having tea and a discussion with a female reporter.”

        I posted one a while back.. a few years ago an acquaintance sent me a video and asked me to identify the robot in the video having a conversation around the dinner table..the robot was operated by someone in the back ground but it was still pretty impressive and was tough for me to figure out which one was the robot.. Now build a robot with cognitive awareness with the ability to think and decide for itself combined with the memory of the cloud storage of all things published that can run up stairs at 37 miles an hour with a kevlar skin that can fight and you have a weapon..
        I use to argue the ethics.. the idea was posed to be able to send in robots to help rescue people on the top floor of a building that was on fire.. they didn’t really think about the alternatives.. you watch the baby learn objects.. now put that in an adult body and place them in a mall.. you wouldn’t ever be able to notice which was which until you got right up to them and touched them..I once seen a microphone that was placed in a cherry.. and would be in a mixed drink and that is where it was when I seen it at a place called the spy shop in Washington DC.. made for audio surveillance in a party setting if caught you ate the cherry.. it was pretty impressive and that was in the early seventies.. it had a range that at that time was out of this world..
        Now consider this.. if these robots are the ones that we see now publicly displayed..Just how much more advanced are they that we are not allowed to see..
        thirty five years ago I seen three d goggles that were set up .. put them on and I was standing on the edge of the grand canyon.. look up see the bird flying hear the wind blowing through the tree growing out of the edge.. look to the left look to the right.. it was seamless.. if someone would have come up and gave you a shove.. your mind would totally have you believing that you were falling into the grand canyon.. I always thought that we would have three dimensional television before now..

  4. THIS jumped out at me:

    “John Kerry goes to Antarctica to discuss climate change with scientists”

    Using an airplane to go to Antartica for a meeting that could just as easily be done by a ZOOM call seems to me to make John Kerry PART OF THE ALLEGED “PROBLEM”, not part of the “alleged solution”.

    Isn’t this the same “John Kerry” who has multiple BIG houses, including BIG houses in Europe, vitually always flies on a BIG private jet (not a little Cessna jet) – in fact travels a LOT on that jet to his various houses including multiple trips per year to Europe, and then who lectures those of us who are way below him on the income/asset scale about how WE, the LITTLE PEOPLE, need to reign in OUR energy usage so as to help solve the Climate Change issue.

    What is that phrase from the novel Animal Farm … “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”? Yep … it was a proclamation by the pigs who controlled the government in the novel “Animal Farm”, by George Orwell.

    John Kerry is clearly one of the ruling “pigs”, if put into George Orwell terms, and obviously thinks he is OWED to be one of those ruling pigs and dictate how the rest of us should live our lives..

    • Not there for climate change “person” meeting with “It” who is the acting “ruler/king” of Ea. Marching orders…

    • It’s not about climate. It’s about Antarctica. Research a little further back and you’ll come across a rash of visits by VIP-types. There is something there and he’s getting his read on.

  5. George,
    You start of the column by admitting you write about the wrong issues sometimes, then you state about electric cars..” : It’s every bit as dirty (*and wasteful) as fossil-fired cars. It’s just that the (stupid) consumer-end of the pipe looks “clean.”

    Oh my. That’s just plain wrong. To extract oil from the ground takes a ton of energy, land destruction, water contamination and when fracking is involved earth tremors, ground water contamination and tons of more fossil fuels to extract. Round two is refining the fuel at refineries that contaminate the air. Emissions include a toxic soup of carcinogens, neurotox- ins, and hazardous metals, such as benzene, hydrogen cyanide, and lead — to name a few. In the Bay Area alone…our 5 five refineries released more than 14 million metric tons of CO2e emissions, the second-largest source of fossil fuel emissions in the Bay Area behind passenger cars and trucks, which emitted more than twice this amount….which brings me the third round…the fact that cars and truck emitted twice the amount of carbon emissions than the refineries.

    Now..Let’s take electric cars. There is one round of destruction and that’s the mining of the minerals needed to make the batteries. However, the emissions from mining are half of the emissions from fracking and drilling. The batteries are made at the Gigafactory in Reno, which is a zero emissions factory and of course, tapered are zero emissions from the cars they go in. So…electric cars by using simple math emit about 84% less emissions from materials sourcing to end product. End of story.

    • One more thing. In California and other western states that are a zillion times more advanced than Trump America, we only rely on less than 2% of our electric generation from coal or other fossil fuel polluting fuel. Most of our electricity is generated by renewables from dams, solar, wind, geo-thermal and some natural gas. 100% of my power is generated by my solar and stored in my Tesla Power wall. I generate my own solar powered electricity which powers my car, turns on my lights etc. Since mid last year, ALL newly built homes must have solar power in California…I am part of that initiative and am involved in 3 dozen projects in which solar and power walls are being installed. It’s the new paradigm and it has created tens of thousands of new jobs here in California. You all don’t know what you don’t know. I am telling you so you can stop the ignorant rants you people lie to spew.

      • Arent you rich affording california housing and cost of living, or am i paying that also and not getting the house..? Basic income???

      • So you don’t mind killing salmon for the dams, or that solar panels require more energy to produce than they ever provide? And you blithely step past the nuclear elephant in the valley. What percentage of California power is nuclear? 9% or more.

        Just like a Californian, tell you how there’s no poop in the streets, no nuclear waste in the mountains, no dead fish, and damn, your shit don’t stink! When your arguments leave out all the things that make your arguments, well, stink, sure you look great in the mirror. Aint foolin nobody. Hows that exodus of high wage earners coming along?

      • you are no different than Rockerfeller forcing people to buy his gasoline, when Ford was making cars run on alcohol, prohibition by law forcing what you can and can not buy. Many of your claims are half truths
        Tesla is the answer, not Elon, Nicolas Tesla, battery free, spark gap receiver
        These deep staters also took our cannabis and hemp, Duponts have patents for making plastic from petro and Ford was making plastic from hemp and making a diesel fuel from hemp seeds and cannabis oils were in every Dr’s bag, I remember doctors making house calls. Our health and medicines are profit driven without cures,, no cures for you, and that includes what is readily available to consumers for energy needs,, your solutions are there to drive us deeper in debt to the energy store, your tesla wall will cost more in the long run when all factors are considered. You brag about how much money you are worth and you want to force everyone to have to buy what only the rich can afford. deeper in debt we go NO THANKS

      • Last time I looked into it, Texas generated the most domestc wind power. Tough to generate significant hydropower in bone dry flatlands. Texas does have a lot of solar power, on the roofs of rich people, and backyards of a few hermits. As for the technology, most of that started in Texas at places like Texas Instruments, and was carted off to CA. A zillion times more advanced ? Maybe a zillion times more conniving, self-righteous. and sociopathic. Still, I would like to see the west coast again someday.

      • Aw, sunny California where the street people roam and the skies are not cloudy all day. And the temperature rarely drops below freezing.

        Try that solar panel thing up here in the north where the sun shines intermittently if at all in the winter and the thermometer drops off the bottom of the chart many days.

        Might be able to get a little juice in the Tesla overnight but don’t park the sucker at 20 below for any time and expect to get home.

        By the way how well does the electric car heater work at minus 20?

      • I’m curious Mark, does the math work out on the break even point with the power wall/solar panels or are the programs you mention dependant on gov mandates/subsidies?

      • Glad to hear WE are ignorant while YOU are the “Fountain of Knowledge” … well here are the REAL numbers:

        It looks like Californias largest source of Energy Consumed is Natural Gas, which I thought was a Fosil Fuel … unless Californians use a different definition of a “Fosil Fuel” than the rest of the United States.

        The second largest source of Energy for California is Motor Gasoline, which is also a Fosil Fuel (at least in the rest of the United States)

        The third largest is IMPORTED energy from elsewhere (ie: mostly natural gas and coal powered sources)

        The forth and fifth largest are distillate fuel oil and jet fuel … again considered Fosil Fuels in the rest of the country.

        California Energy Consumption Estimates (2018) by the US Energy Information Administration:

        For electric generation (2019) it seems to be mostly fosil fuels again, though you claim it is less than 2%. I have no idea how you made up YOUR CRAZY numbers, but here are the real ones from the California Energy Commission:

        Natural Gas … 34.2%
        Nuclear … 8.98%
        Coal ….. 2.96%
        Bio Mass (ie: trees, wood chips, etc.) 2.44% (California classifies this as renewable but these are also carbon producing
        Unspecified … 7.34%
        Misc oil etc. .16%
        TOTAL POLUTING fuels used for California Electric Generation (2019) = 55.92% … which is a LONG WAY from your “Claimed” 2%

        Renewables, when you include hydro, DO make up a larger share of California’s energy mix than most other states but then few other states even have the ability to generate hydro power, many do not have good wind locations, and still others are not blessed with California’s generally clear skies (ie: very low humidity and only season rains over much of the state)

        Solar …12.28%
        (isn’t going to work well in gloomy and cloudy Michigan or much of the northern midwest, as well as PA, NY, OH, IN, IL, New England etc. etc. )

        Wind … 10.17% (Texas with 1/2 the population has 4.2x more installed wind capacity, Oklahoma with 1/10 the population has 1.4x more installed capacity fwiw)

        Large Hydro … 14.62%
        Small Hydro … 2.03%

        For ELECTRIC the TOTAL renewables PLUS hydro (which is NOT considered a renewable by most agencies) 39.1% (less than the polluting fuels amount of 55.92%) Take away Hydro and it is only 22.45%

        Maybe the next time before you start making ridiculous claims and calling everyone else ignorant you should check out the REAL numbers.

      • You might want to check your numbers against the state’s. You know, the “official” ones.

        Quick Facts

        California was the seventh-largest producer of crude oil among the 50 states in 2018, and, as of January 2019, it ranked third in oil refining capacity.
        California is the largest consumer of jet fuel among the 50 states and accounted for one-fifth of the nation’s jet fuel consumption in 2018.
        California’s total energy consumption is second-highest in the nation, but, in 2018, the state’s per capita energy consumption was the fourth-lowest, due in part to its mild climate and its energy efficiency programs.
        In 2018, California ranked first in the nation as a producer of electricity from solar, geothermal, and biomass resources and fourth in the nation in conventional hydroelectric power generation.
        In 2018, large- and small-scale solar PV and solar thermal installations provided 19% of California’s net electricity generation.

        Last Updated: January 16, 2020

        Sources of California in-state electricity generation: 2018[1] This accounted for 68% of CA’s demand in 2018; the remaining 32% was imported.[1]
        Natural gas (47%) (So 47% is “some” LOL)
        Renewables – Solar (14%)
        Renewables – Wind (7%)
        Renewables – Other (Geothermal, biomass, etc.) (11%)
        Large hydro (11%)
        Nuclear (9%)

      • “Tesla Power wall”
        My goal is to get a couple of those… definitely nice..
        I thought about building my own.. but after you figure in the case the battery management system and the inverter etc… its just as easy to buy one already made..

      • ” Rockerfeller forcing people to buy his gasoline, ”

        Darrell ..The thing was.. Rockerfeller didn’t force anyone to buy his gasoline… he lulled people to use it put the illusion out.. made it a common product that was generously available and cheap then pushed to make alcohol and hemp illegal painting it as an evil product slapping a slang terminology to the products then gave gasoline out for free…… exactly what elon musk has done.. he gave away the charging units.. you can find them all over .. you stop at the store or restaurant.. charge your car.. free to drive around.. it was the same way with gasoline.. eventually that will change and then the charges begin

        “early example of this was a very noxious product that other refiners couldn’t wait to get rid of. They threw away barrels of the stuff down the creeks and rivers, and this toxic runoff made Ohio’s Cuyahoga River flammable. It was said that if a steamboat threw away hot coals overboard, the water would catch fire.

        Rockefeller, on the other hand, found uses for this toxic byproduct to fuel part of their refining process.

        “We used to burn it for fuel in distilling the oil,” said Rockefeller, “and thousands and hundreds of thousands of barrels of it floated down the creeks and rivers, and the ground was saturated with it, in the constant effort to get rid of it.””Source: “Titan: The Life of John D. Rockefeller Sr.” by Ron Chernow”
        it was garbage.. just like making marijuana the hemp plant an illegal product.. the titan’s of industry wanted to secure the sales of their sawdust for paper and fuel.. ( toilet paper )
        but.. unfortunately.. they didn’t force anyone to turn their way.. it was a business model and they sold the illusion that gas was better and hemp was evil.. they gave it a slang name and sold the illusion.. if they had used the term hemp rather than the slang term marijuana.. I don’t think they could have ever gotten it through.. hemp was one of the countries leading products and plants for farmers.. instead the plan and policy was made in private the illusion published and pushed and when it came to a vote.. the people had bought the agenda that was set before them..alcohol was made illegal to.. leaving the gasoline as the main source for fuel..

      • “I’m curious Mark, does the math work out on the break even point with the power wall/solar panels”

        I can answer that OBX… yes.. I put ours in with the assumption that it would take ten years to pay off.. it took five.
        At this point the electric bill is cheaper than my water bill it is the lowest bill in the house..
        A scientist friend use to razz me about the cost.. back when the cost was ten times higher than now.. then there was a huge storm on the east coast.. he apologized. Later he moved to the south west after retirement.. put in a system and his paid for itselfin six months where my system took five years..
        Just dont get suckered into one of the lease options.. or the price scalpers

    • You forgot disposal costs..
      I had a big rack of absolyte couldn’t even drop them off at the hazardous waste reception facility. I had to call a company hundreds of miles away to dispose of the rack..
      It’s the same with my waste AED batteries. Although they are small where i can get rid of them in large quantities..
      Then the chemicals used in the production.. china has one of the worst water pollution issues in the world.. not as bad but just about as bad as disposing radioactive waste..
      And I’m someone that promotes the electric car and owns a plug in..
      Theres a responsible way and an irresponsible way.

    • Wrong genius – but I am thrilled to see U managed to get Ure shouldersin “there” too. We are waiting on Ure next virtue signal..U know the one – where U Volunteer to store all the Used Up batteries and Electronics. You now the clean Electronics that have decimated Ure clean water supplies – ? hows that almondie flavored arsenic water treating Ya? Better than than AirB&B listings ?

    • By what magic does the electricity appear, in order to charge the EV ?
      Clean hydro power dams are being shutdown
      Solar is usable for about 7 hours a day
      Wind is unreliable & creates un-recyclable waste from fatigued gear.

      Here in Kalifornia, the grid is being turned off for days at a time, to prevent fires from the poorly maintained gear.

      • There’s nothing like a deliberate three day power shutdown in the middle of the summer heat to provoke reassessment of energy priorities. Keeping the HVAC on tends to score more points than green etiquette. Still, small scale solar for other domestic uses has its advocates.

    • Just watch how this plays out…..

      They said what the plan was.. the painter is painting the portrait..guiding the population in the emotional direction they need everyone to follow..

  6. For the umteenth time this morning, “news” is saying the first doses of the vaccine will go to health care workers and the elderly. Has it occurred to anyone that if the vaccine turns out to have a bad trait, you have now preselected for exposure a group of doctors and nurses, some of the world’s most necessary people?

    • Lol lol lol..are you thinking that they may be culling the herd..the doctors I know are scared of it..
      It’s like getting a new windows program for your computer before they have worked out the lol lol so far theres no activity at the dumb facility next to my friends place.. some supplies a while back and some SUV traffic then but none going down so far..

    • Eugenics ! It is in Ure-allz face – Gates Family

      – how many Humans do you think they have planned for mass sterilization ?

      Know Ure SS # – “they” do = Stock market.

      ..what is Ure useful taxable output over Ure project Life span? Guessing the fatties & oldsters equation did not quite add up in the final analysis. Human Resources..hahahah – Yum!

  7. Generally America needs to put if/then conditions on the Trinity of Government.

    If the Executive Branch is of Christian belief then the Legislative branch has to be of Islamic belief, or vice versa.

    Mix the Senate with 50/50 Hindus and Buddhists.

    The Supreme Court shall remain 12 and be weighted 50% Jewish/50% Palestinian.

    All lower courts will be Native Americans.

  8. Gitmo
    why are they improving Gitmo, when we are getting out of middle east wars?

    Now we have a place for the traitors with martial law,, when it is declared,, the Biden Fix has already been initiated with the Dominion voter fraud machines,, the CIA servers hosting the FIX, being confiscated in Germany by the US Army Kraken
    The US Military is the only solution, if the 50 states’s House of Rep. do not follow their US Constitution assignment of selecting the next president. We are NOT a democracy, we are a constitutional republic. We the people only elect our representatives,, they elect the president and vice-president. The president appoints the supreme court justices with senate approval. Some states in the past have released their duty to elect the president to a popular vote in their state, this can be withdrawn and return to the US Constitution with a simple vote in their chamber, effective now. If the corruption of our government by foreign influence can not be repaired by we the people, then we need the military to step up and protect the constitution
    Have you considered the very real possibility of martial law? Will the market take a deep dive, When President Trump steps up to the dais and says ” My fellow Americans, the storm is upon us, effective immediately,,,,, utube at 1:23,, calm before the storm,,

    of course,, this is just my view from being shit on by our corporate controlled government since the bankers got control of the US Treasury,, we are and have been all of our(the living) lives, debt SLAVES, they keep telling us, that we are free and the sheeple believe it.
    how far will the market collapse, with a martial law being called? I believe there is a real possibility of the Feral reserve being confiscated and the gold bullion being returned to the Treasury by lawful gun point,,, this movie is reaching a climactic setting
    And, yes George I was lamp posting, redaction is your right and responsibilty here, I accept it with a smile, may God bless you

  9. Mark, I forgot to mention all the dead bald eagles from windmills, another machine that requires more energy to build than it will ever provide. Destruction and waste, and you call it “renewable”. Does just saying it make you believe it, and thus convince you that others believe it? That’s called solipsism. It’s a mental disorder.

    • Philistine..
      What a maroon! Did you flunk out of grade school genius? Never did your homework? Typical fake news gatherer! Based on your idiotic logic, you now want To get rid of Buildings, power lines, cats and autos too???? Here are the stats!
      What kills the birds?
      Buildings 550 million
      Power lines 130 million
      Cats* 100 million
      Automobiles 80 million
      Pesticides 67 million
      Communications towers 4.5 million
      Wind turbines 28.5 thousand
      Airplanes 25 thousand

      • “What kills the birds?”
        On my wind turbine… when I first put it up.. we have some little birds that live in a birdhouse.. the whole dang family is here.. stay here happy as can be.. ( except when she wanted her nest under the awning.. I kept tearing it down she kept building it.. even brought in reinforcements to help her build it.. I eventually after getting my butt chewed by her in the bush made her a bird house that she live in to this day) anyway.. I put up the wind turbine and I was worried about having dead birds littering the yard.. INSTEAD.. they will fly up and land on the tail fin and sit there.. haven’t lost one yet.. its comical to.. see the girds sitting there are the fan is purring away LOL..I also know a farmer that has ten of the big wind turbines on his farm.. he gets twenty five hundred a month with a fifty year lease on the placement.. … the only thing he has noticed is that when he lands his plane he had to change where the runway was.. no dead birds.. no spooked cows.. his livestock doesn’t even care that they are there..

    • “another machine that requires more energy to build than it will ever provide.”

      I get it that it is a waste of money to invest solely in them.. in this state three of them would put a ten kw solar system on every household.. and not cost anything in infrastructure changes.. but then if you have been here a while you already know I say embrace the tech.. spread it out starting at the furthest point away from the main generation plant and like a tree work your way back to the roots.. every transformer station place a three sided tower.. with an inverted trapazoid reflector in between each v section of solar panels..–zig-zag-vertical.jpg

      well my idea is being shared LOL… three sided one south one east and one west.. with an anchor pole to the north.. between each v shapped solar panel array.. there is an inverted reflective trapezoid..
      from experiments I have played around with.. you can increase the output dramatically.. you want the north side of the system open to keep airflow behind the array to keep the panels cooled down .. but I haven’t won the lottery so I cannot build it.. the cost of one tower at every push station.. working the way back down the branches would in my thoughts secure the grid and increase power potential .. to any home owner wanting to put solar or wind on.. a ten year freeze on his rates.. the company gets any excess power they produce..

      • in the cities.. put co filters on every lamp post.. and all parks and recreation have solar roofs for the picnic area’s.. green scape instead of concrete and asphalt..

  10. The Hong Kong Flu lasted from 1968 til 1970. Highly contagious, killed over 1 mil globally, and over 100K in the US. The young in those days didn’t want to wear bras, so there was little chance they were going to wear masks. Social distancing? Nope, try Woodstock in 1969.

    The parents and even highly susceptible grandparents, would have never accepted the country being shutdown and the populace forced into mass Munchausen syndrome.

    The vaccine for this virus was not developed until it had already peaked in most countries.

    A stark contrast to today. Interesting what has changed and what hasn’t.

    • I had that hong kong flu.. i was so sick.. everyone got the shots and I caught it after the shot..
      I remember the doctor coming to the house to see me.. then sitting at the kitchen table with the parents talking to them..

  11. To bad Admiral Byrd is no longer with us. He could have shipped Kerry directly to the Nazi alien bases in the Antarctic.

  12. NBC did a clever soundbite insertion on Mr. Kerry’s trip to Antarctica as though it was current. I wouldn’t have thought that Mr. Trump had handed over the C-17 Globemaster keys yet to the climate czar-appointee. It seems Mr. Kerry left Washington on November 4, 2016, the day after the election loss. He visited MacMurdo Station on November 11th and 12th. Media present on the day noted that “accomplished pilot” Mr. Kerry spent most of his time from New Zealand to MacMurdo on the C17 flight deck. Poor South Pole weather nixed a sidetrip to Amundsen Scott Station, so keep that one on the bucket list.

    Speaking of Nov. 4, it was news to me that the US only exited the Paris Climate Accord last month one day after the US election because of UN regulations put in place by a previous US administration. There’s a BBC link below explaining it all. Basically if you don’t have 2 terms in office, you can’t cancel deals.

    Here’s another link as well to an October 2020 report from “The Express” on an Antarctic geographic anomoly. If you put the published coordinates into a search map, the feature may be named but perhaps not display.

  13. Ure such and Optimist Geroge, I think I shall Nick name you Optimist Prime.

    Well what do ya do? I don’t write the future like I want it to be. I write it like to is to be. Facts and feelings. Often times we are doing better than we feel.

    I mean Vinal is making a come back. Could have been 8 track. The first two 8 Tracks I ever bought were Kim Karns, “Betty Davis Eyes” and ACDC, “Dirty Deeds”

    Sweet emotion. As Aerosmith poinenly said,

    Remember dude. There is always two waves present. The one ya see and the one not so easily seen. The accostics resonance or (sound of the waves) is the result of both waves working together in motion. The froth. One pulling and one pushing then they reverse and one pushes and the other pulls. One receding and one propelling.

    As it is written: “The Voice of Lord is over the waters. It Thunders.” Psalm 29:3

    Now that the Transcript is done and up. The Future is written. I can go back to writing the stuff that I like writing. Sorry for the change up, There is alot to it. You will forgive me, I’m not used to being all professional and shit.

    As Charlie’s online Indian Doctor said in 2 and a half men, “you need a doobie for your cataract. ” Maybe thats what Jesus meant about a speck and a plank?

    Time for meal prep, gym, pay some bills, and round about the Samurai.

    We do our part and God is in the Results buisness.
    I subscribed yesterday to the Peoplenomics site. You can get a Three Finger Lid for that.

    Attraction rather than Promotion. I like it.

    Cue: ~ Anther thing Coming ~
    From the Album, Screaming for Vengeance. Judas Priest.

    CliQue 116!

  14. As my 14 year old daughter said last night. Jshzyh! Sorry. I said what is jashzyh mean? Because I’m trying up to date with the acronyms of the youth. She said that means crunch it the keyboard. It’s think kids say now when they are frustrated. Interesting to note, well said.

    Perhaps a Quote George,

    From the Mythical Book of Wisdom found with the Empirical Library,

    “Its not all about me as I’m all about it. ” In the chapter, Wisdom of the ages.

    Yep. Theeaning of Life is: Nuts, Bolts and Screws.

    *tips hat.

  15. G, I know this comment doesn’t really touch on your above posting, but I’m curious about what you think of Dan Crenshaw and his political aspirations. I get the impression he could be a fantastic presidential candidate in 2024.

    • I have said this in this site before…Dan Crenshaw is exactly what we need and would make an incredible President! Read his book Fortitude. Impressive!

    • I dont know who Dan Crenshaw is but he without a doubt would be better that the clown acts either one of our parties is putting up.

  16. The Just-Us folks are also toying with the word “discriminate” They seem to be getting away with discriminating against everyone else, simply by saying they’ve been getting discriminated-against when groups are inclusive. Right under people’s noses … sadly, no one challenges it. Guess they don’t want their house vandalized because they complained. Just looking out for what really matters.

    • You understand the LBJ / Pelosi Progressive business model – ethnic hate cleansing posing as social justice. This pogram is LBJ’s Great Society infused with Pelosi’s eastern european leftist ethnic hate savagery, all blended with CA CCP propaganda and mind control techniques.

      These actors are resurrecting motivational propaganda from the most inflamatory and violent periods they can find, in Madison Avenue-style emotional button-pushing, in order to get dissaffected people to do their dirty work.

      These Progressive leftists have resurrected the symbols of the pre-WWII German struggle between the brown shirt and black shirt leftists in the form of Antifa. And they have also dredged up the most potent of violent propaganda, the American Civil War era anti-slavery symbols in the form of BLM.

      Americans have been treated to the spectacle of foreign and domestic leftists turning American streets into a political battleground while American citizens are forced to sit at home burning through their meager debt slave savings. All the while, we are being bonbarded with non-stop political propaganda being spewed by corporate brown shirt journalists.

      The way to defeat this leftist onslaught is not to be sucked in. Your neighbors and your coworkers are not your enemies. Keep lines of communication open with the people around you. Talk to people you actually know. Pull the plug on MSM nightly news. Don’t engage in actions being promoted by talking heads on social media or the MSM. In short, be level-headed and go about your business. But above all else, stand your ground and don’t be bullied by liars looking to steal from you and exploit you.
      Sorry for the long post Bob, but your comments were inspirational.

      • Say 123, media bias fact check says thin ice on the radial right white bs from the britclowns
        “Overall, we rate The Guardian Left-Center biased based on story selection that moderately favors the left and Mixed for factual reporting due to numerous failed fact checks over the last 5 years.”

        Also, remember the AmRadLeft has used those same Hitlerian tactics via white-shaming. “First we kill the labor unioni8sts has become the white males… In all cases the goal is to dispose those who would oppose…
        History doesn’t change.

        Except for lead singers.

      • 123- So you are claiming opposition to BLM & Antifa is anti-semitism??
        The WW1 – WW2 era brown shirt socialists were certainly anti-semitic. I oppose black shirts, brown shirts & the pillow case hat crowd as well.
        I am also opposed to your smear tactic. Labeling anyone an anti-semite who doesn’t agree with you or your fire bomb throwing buddies is hate speech, and a confirmation of my thesis. Anti-semitism is not a factor in this, other than traditional feuding between leftist groups.

  17. Global Reset !?!? they R in Ure head…”they are cryin”

    Whats in Ure Head ? Depends who is doing the Re-Set – sayz here Global “Populace” Re – Set, not globalist/Energy “vampires”, via BITCOIN/LITECOIN pair.

    But what do I know – a self proclaimed luv NAZI …and Luv Nazi’s dont do “shiesty” Pharmaceuticals – bubblegum kush ..please – G & lil barky can “man” up and be 1st in line for the new Vaccine (t-virus=covert19)..Zooooooommmmbie

  18. Ya know George, I wrote a new liesure suit lounge singer kereoke theme song and it starts with “WTF?” But then it get super good. Super good. The last one has served it’s purpose quite well. Like the lat one it’s a catchy tune. Get stuck in the brain on loop for a while. Everyone I played the last one for says, I fricken. Wake up in the morning and your fricken stupid lounge singer song is stuck playing in the back of my head. Ha ha ha ha.

    Well, I guess, it is what it is. I send ya a clip later. It’s pretty good. Hahahah.

    Off to write the Samurai. Mr Optimist Prime.


  19. George your a different bloke. I can tell many people who post sense this as well. It ain’t worth it to join the dark side

  20. I actually think you thought this kibutz would work . You have turned your back on all the things this site started years ago. Ahh well it’s your joint. Where are the time monks hiding? Are they in the same stalag as fractal guy?

  21. bit of satanic worship wouldnt go astray here . expand the site to get more likely types on board george.. none of that hillbilly economics anymore please.

  22. i noticed on the previous link george suggested you collect money for me for meds. this is an outdated stazi and mossad psyoptic technique .. would you please take my med collection and buy food and warm clothing for the other half inUSSA . see george has gone to the dark side with all the turkey /scotch and golden dagolio dreams . he things he is a young boy training again .

  23. Scarcely has msm turned down the lights on coverage of the head of Iran’s nuclear program being dispatched, than the incoming US administration demands Iran’s mullahs get back on board with the nuclear deal which Mr. Trump deep-sixed. There’s a coinkydoink thread on this from public & Wiki reports which stretch from last month’s event back to the days before Pops was even a youngest senator in the US of A. Who will replace the imams? It’s a non-partisan effort?

    At the end of Shah days, who can forget Khomeini’s regal return from Paris? Loser, disgruntled Iranian Mujahedeen e-Khalq, MEK, shopped their marxist guerilla availability to Saddam to annihilate their fellow Iranians. Eventually, after years of having neither friend nor foe to flea to, they became UN refugees receiving safe haven in France and Albania. The Obama administration removes MEK from the terrorist list. During the Trump administration, republican speakers address (see YouTube) MEK conferences speaking to “Iran regime change” sentiments. Their website, mojahedin dot org, appears to be hosted in Florida. The group motif includes an assault rifle and scythe. Of the spousal co-leaders, Madame is projected as the face of the leadership. The website presents Her as President-elect. One looks forward to the announcement of an election.

  24. Wow- Look what them wonderful poll workers did for those po peoples who lost their ballots in baggage at Atlanta Hartsfield; they gathered them all up in suitcases and took them down to be counted:

    My-oh-my, this is so just so, well, American ! May those Georgia D’s and their baggage receive their heavenly just rewards for their officious actions. Why, maybe they will be rewarded with an extended all expense paid vacation to the shores of Lago del Fuego for their diligence. I’m sure their church leaders are arranging for that right now. Why, I believe this should bring tears to a Moderator’s and SC judge’s eyes.

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