Jobs Data, “Rusing” Friday

Job & Trade Data

Federal Employment report:

“Total nonfarm payroll employment rose by 245,000 in November, and the unemployment rate edged down to 6.7 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. These improvements in the labor market reflect the continued resumption of economic activity that had been curtailed due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and efforts to contain it. However, the pace of improvement in the labor market has moderated in recent months. In November, notable job gains occurred in transportation and warehousing, professional and business services, and health care. Employment declined in government and retail trade.

Ure’s Ultimate Truth Detector On Jobs Datal (UUTDOJD) (a cross-platform app that runs best on an Amiga or Vic-20) says you need to look at the total number of people working.  Period, full-stop, endo, Finis.

By this (infallible bullshit) filter, we see the number of people working this month (compared to last) is? 149,732,000.  Actually down 74,000 from last month.  Catching that certain stockyard whiff, are you?

What’s less, the number of people working this Novbember, compared to last when 158,536,000 were employed.  Meaning?  The total number of people working is down 5.55% compared with a year ago.

Against that background, at the end of last November, our Aggregate Index of stocks stood at 26,660.93.  The end of this November? 32,696.20.

You following?  People working is down 5.55%.  Stocks are up  22.3%.

Help a brother out here:  How does this have a happy, pain-free, Utopian ending?

Trade Played

…a role in the nightmare-to-come:  Trade the goods and services deficit was $63.1 billion in October, up $1.0 billion from $62.1 billion in September, revised.

The numbers going up (except exports) is BAD.

Despite Trump’s MAGA talk, the reality is we aren’t building factories, hiring people, and getting out of hock to other countries.

So again, wanna share the “happy ending” with us?  (Send comments)

As the A.I. Spins

Our new tool-set to track the A.I. re-spinning “the news” is full of surprising and useful information. Today’s action-figures keyword is “rush.”  No, not as in the “Open Lines Friday” sort.

This morning, the top “spin” was a “Congress rushing” tale.  Which we  all know is total BS.   A.I. not knowing this, of course, continues to spew the illusion that “ It’s all OK, government’s gotcha covered.”  Which they don’t.

If they did, an additional stimulus check would have been in your account  before the election.  And the machinations now – near as we can figure – are aimed at people who comprise over half of America:  Suckers, Droolers, and Fools. (SDF’s)

Because anyone in a rational mindset would have seen the wisdom of our long-predicted out to letting political turds  anywhere near the public’s money:  They’ll hold it hostage with more  gusto than an Iranian Guard’s unit .  Which they continue to do.  While the Big Lies, Often Told are paraded before the (SDF’s) with maddening predictability.

A.I. is selling “ the being in a hurry” – RUSH – to move change along.

Now, are you seeing yet how A.I.s are running the world and messaging back and forth in the daily news flow?

The RUSH to What?

We’re not sure, honestly.  The end of the year being here, we’re stuck on “Do we add a new server here and Section 179 it this year?”  We’ve become rather impressed with what 64 GB DDR4 and 2 TB SSD Intel Octa-Core‘s can do.

One of the best possible ways to reduce your [business] tax liability (in our view, YMMV) is to make wise year-end decisions.  For ideas, the Section 179 website ( is worth a visit.  Remember – hate Trump all you want – what he and other business moguls do is work the tax code.

It’s a two-fer.  You get top-notch tools to remain (and become more) competitive.  And it reduces your “profile” in terms of being one of the hated “Rich.”

The Rush is Wide

The word shows up a lot recently.  Even in video game development, though a bit less manic, is there: Why Take-Two Doesn’t Need To Rush ‘Grand Theft Auto VI’.  (Did I miss GTA-V?  OMG…)

You know what rush is ahead, though?  Can the Nation’s Supply Chains Handle the Holiday Rush?

And while we’re trying to decode the meaning of “Mandryk: Moe caught in the Christmas rush of his own making” in the Regina Leader-Post (*Maybe Chris Tyreman can explain Saskatchewanese-stylized Canadafied-writing to us…), here’s the American Banker going on about how a Coin shortage persists ahead of holiday shopping rush.

We haven’t used coins for years, though.  Near as we can figure, the only thing they buy is tax.

AOC’s (Still) an Idiot

Our favorite idiot (*after Scummer and Schifty) in Washington is AOC.  Who gets well-deserved heat in “AOC’s ‘Tax The Rich’ Sweatshirt Merch Controversy: ‘Only Rich People Can Afford It’.”  $58-bucks?  Line-up the gullible suckers and stand-by to shear the flock, redux

UrbanSurvival readers, being the steely-eyed financial realists, we are, will buy the $13.25 Jerzees Men’s NuBlend Fleece Sweatshirts & Hoodies, Full Zip – White, X-Large off Amazon.

Then, borrowing a Sharpie at work. will emblazon it with a suitable phrase like “AOC Supporters are Idiots.”  (We hold these Truths to be self-evident…is optional.)

Now, having  saved you ($58  less $13.25) $44.75?  Sign up for  Peoplenomics over here.  And take the $4.75 you’ll  still have leftover and use it for a down payment on a couple of beers.  Well, more, actually.

A Pabst 30-pack at Wally World is $19-bucks, so 63.33-cents a beer…11-beers, a year of good reading and a useful full zip sweat shirt.  AOC doesn’t have a chance, except among the stupid/polarized.

Who support a socialist camera-scamera.

Shouldn’t be too tough a decision.  If it is, please leave the country.

In the Shorts

These are lesser-interest, but useful to know.  Coffee-pot talk.  Socially-distanced.

Government wants to snoop your browsing history.  And the  Fools on the Hill  aren’t doing shit about it so far. Don’t hold your breath.

In the heavens, two planets will align this month in an unusual (800-year)  Christmas Star formation.

In southern California, it’s the Endless Fire Season as wildfires continue.

Stock Bubble continues to inflate.  Latest example? ‘Ride the wave’ in Tesla as stock climbs on $780 price target from Goldman Sachs, trader says.  Are we the only ones holding out for a dividend?

More Proof of Bubble? DoorDash On Track To Raise More Than $3BN After Lifting IPO Price.  This is getting to be like a craps game without real money, ain’t it?  With no real value, players are just rolling out of habit.  When will sobriety arrive?

Recent  Amazon flick (was it “ The Outpost”?) kinda got me in the mood to ponder genetically and technologically augmented super-soliders, again.  Right on schedule (as an archetype projection?): ‘China Is Biggest Threat To National Security’ (And Has Been Conducting ‘Super-Soldier’ Experiments) Says Ratcliffe.  Way past speed and rhodioloa, I’m afraid.

Next Delusion, Please?  We already know that robotics and 3D printing are the future (see our site).  But looks to us like the NY Times Biz section (the worthwhile part of the pape) is asking the old Hendrix question:  “…there must be some way out of here, said the Joker to the Thief…”  ”

Experts and Leaders Weigh In on How to Fix America” is worth a read.  And there are some damn good ideas that Andy Sorkin and crew have come up with. None  democrats will roll with, but shit, look surprised by that, huh?

Fake climate compliance?  May be:  Because while Denmark To End North Sea Oil And Gas Production By 2050. the fact is  depletion never sleeps.  Which is what ANWR matters, but don’t mind me.  Denmark may simply run out by then.

Lifestyle Control Rant

We made a conscientious decision when we bought out here in the East Texas Outback in 2003.  We figured in the event of calamity, we would have a better chance of scraping by with a garden and the few head of cattle in the neighborhood, and farm eggs from neighbors, too.

Thing is:  We  voluntarily downscaled.

There’s a story out the UK that underscores a simple fact:  The longer you  delay personal downscaling, the  more it will hurt. UK Insists Can Achieve 68 Percent Emissions Cut By 2030.

A lot of people  talk about “carbon neutrality” but, living on a semi-sustainable property, investing in solar and organics is burdened with an  amazing amoutn of hard work.

We continue to be appalled by the number of bullshitters on the web who have never “lived off grid” or lived a light footprint.  Preach it but can’t walk it.  Too hard work for these pussies and whimps.

Instead, what you read on the web is mostly socialist stooges – like Climate Czar-to-be John Kerry.  Who – by marrying well and such, has multiple homes, travels by private jet a lot, and so forth.  Don’t Skype the Antarctic, make some smoke.  Spin up the Pratts.

If there’s a worthwhile project to put some time into over the holidays, it’s penciling out how to migrate  your own lifestyle to something with a lighter footprint.

The change is evident in our own family.  One daughter has gone into the “shared housing” mode.  The other has been a Prius driver after a micro car.  Things to be proud of.  They’re moving in the  right direction.

We can’t look to people holding office for leadership.  They’re mostly corrupt and “lead from the rear” types.

Yet, groups at the  front of social media – the headline grabbers – do things like burn down their own neighborhoods and then blame racism when business flees – leaving food islands and such.  Yet millions follow idiotic behaviors.

No, the right answer is different.  “It starts with me.”  

Do you buy things based on long-term costs, or because of “fashion?” Do you “buy news clothes” because “Everyone else has ’em….”

Breaking from  the herd is tough.  But, it’s also one of the most freeing and rewarding things you can do.  Savings come almost  authomatically because you don’t over-consume.  Becoming the “strong person”  – and asserting that  you are the only one entitled to judge  you – is one of the finest ways to perpetuate Freedom.  For weaklings, Freedom is a myth, a story…

The  ultimate ground of Freedom is between the ears. Own it there or you don’t have it at all.   But the behaviors (and consumptive patterns) that “leak out” into your nominal world are the real indicators of truth.  Far more than “social media.”

Have no guilt, hold to strength.  Seek truth and be honest even when it hurts.

That’s the salvation of Earth.  If we all “get it” in time.

Right now?  The betting odds are close.  They shouldn’t be.

Write when you get rich,

59 thoughts on “Jobs Data, “Rusing” Friday”

  1. Another Occam’s razor problem.

    The Georgia video shows Republican poll watchers and media being told ballot counting was over for the night. After they left, a large black covered container filled with suitcases of ballots appears and are quickly counted by the remaining small group. This all happened because.

    (1) There was gross cheating going on. OR

    (2) The remaining group realized that the dripping tap had filled the bathroom sink spilling water onto the floor (major water leak) and potentially soiling the ballots that were stored there. They needed to be removed quickly and counted before they were damaged beyond repair. OR

    (3) This is a fake video with staged actors produced by Trump who hacked into the camera security system.

    • Seriously.. at this point.. it doesn’t matter…

      even when it has been reported that there was over a 120 percent of the voters voting.. it is what it is.. and the courts and MSM have already said that our new president is JB..they don’t see anything out of the ordinary.. with any of it..
      We deal with it and move on…

      • I’m sorry that most of you have given up on our President! Please for everyone’s sake, let this play out. While it seems grim, if you haven’t kept up with EVERY word coming out since September, you all just might be in for a surprise!

      • Kiki – I posted back on the 5th President Trump would be inaugurated and I’m still sticking to it. There’s too much fraud being uncovered to simply accept the lies and move on. Add to that the terror show of people Biden is setting in place to take over and it simply can NOT be allowed to happen.

      • “I’m sorry that most of you have given up on our President!”

        Kiki.. I don’t think anyone gave up on the president..
        I think we underestimated the power of the puppeteers..
        The deck is stacked.. if the court system tosses out the fact that 20% more voters voted..and hard drives filled with evidence of corruption is hidden away..nothing will come of the futile efforts..the cost and time to go through each and every voter would be Astronomically impossible..
        The system at this point I fear is beyond repair.
        The economy and value of our currency manipulated and watered down so bad that it’s only time at this point before it totally collapses..
        I totally understand the futility and frustration that’s felt.. we had a congress that spent billions trying to force a president out of office. Does it surprise anyone that there would be efforts to put president in office that would play the game by their rules.

    • BIC,
      Or…Having Powell destroy the credibility of the entire election fraud scam by addressing a Wisconsin lawsuit by sought data at a citing center in Detroit, misspelling district twice in the first paragraph, naming Derrick van Orden as plaintiff, who stated he had nothing, nor wanted nothing to do with the lawsuit, and then alleges improbable vote reporting in Edison County MI…which doesn’t exist. To add to the silliness of the entire “voting fraud charade” Rudy farts on camera in a faux hearing while his fully hammered witness slurs her way to the video viral hall of fame.

      All the while, Republican Governors, Secretary of State’s and others clearly state that there was ZERO election fraud…which of course there wasn’t. DHS has it right. This was the safest and most secure election in American history.

      The Occums Razor theory in all of this is that Trump is actually trying to either destroy the Republican Party, or as I stated 5 years ago when he first came down that escalator, is trying to expose how stupid Americans are and has been planning a big reveal that he indeed conned his base to believe anything and everything despite his purposeful abhorrent and nonsensical behavior. America does indeed need an educational re-set. We are losing jobs to better qualified, much smarter and focused foreign nationals. I know just about every HR director in the Silicon Valley. I have vendor approved status at each of those companies and that’s how I get my home buyer leads…According to them, there just aren’t enough American born engineers to go around and fill the positions at the tech companies. America only has three engineering universities ranked in the top 10 worldwide…MIT, Stanford and Cal-Berkeley. Tsingtao U in Shanghai is #1, followed by MIT, Nanyang Tech in Singapore, Harbin institute of Tech in Harbin, China, National U. In Singapore, Aalborg U. in Aalborg, Denmark, CAL-Berkeley, Stanford, and Shanghai Jiao Tong U. Three of the next four are also in China. Do you get the idea that Asian countries have a bit more focus on education than we do? That said, the elite and wealth class of those Asian countries send their kids to MIT, Stanford and CAL to fill classroom seats, because those universities have high standards and can’t find enough American born kids to fill the classrooms. Besides, Silicon Valley feeds off of the graduates of those American schools. They demand the best of the best worldwide.

      The fact that any of you still believe the crap you see on the dumb and dumber websites and social sites like Qanon and Parlor are indicative of how America has lost its mojo. You all need to Grow up and be somebody other than the dumbasses you are acting like.

      • “clearly state that there was ZERO election fraud…”

        We will never know.. but logic says if you have 20% more voting than are registered to vote.. well that smells a little fishy.. the big problem with that is even though it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck It would still be a labor intensive process to go through the votes and how would you know..its a huge job..would take months and months do go with it. Support the office if the presidency and take what our congress decideswe deserve. Seriously it isnt we orth it.. the president is just a suit sitting at the desk.
        Similar to charge nurse that sits at the desk as the desk anchor . She is licensed and all the assistants med aides x-ray techs etc.. work under her license.. it’s her liability to take the blame in the event of a serious mistake..thats why she or he has their own private malpractice insurance..( many think they are covered by the facility insurance but we all know that is the facilities insurance your expendable)
        Likewise for the president..notice that during JB’s speeches not one word is his own.. hes reading a prepared speech..he had to backup yesterday because he misread it on CNN lol..
        It’s an ugly mess going option 2 rather than option one or three.
        Many are out tens of thousands of dollars on rent mortgages penalties and credit card payments to just name a few..
        I didnt think it was that bad here until I visited with the clerk at the gas station..she was beyond tears..
        Now if DJT had gone with the democrats stimulus even though the majority of it would have gone into the wrong hands. The debate for the seat wouldn’t be going..give a little geta little..
        By not jumping on the dump the water and push it along just positioned DJT in the seat of taking the blame for the economic disaster coming securing that a socialized govt would potentially be good.. ifJB and the Democrats fail to give out a large enough stimulus to push the noodle would show the people that their failure and would be seen as that was worthless as it’s on a boar..
        In my mind they have to go after the wealth of the upper twenty nine percent like a police officer goes after crispy cream doughnut.

    • WOW – That’s gotta be it. Those marvelous poll peoples kept a room full of empty suitcases just in case of a bathroom sink leak. Thank a deity of some sort thst we have Progressives to point out such common sense Occamation to us unintelluctual types. That old Georgia governor who called for the signature audit is so unprogessive. The Donald sure fooled him.

    • The ‘leak’ was more likely caused by the ballot counters flushing Trump ballots down the toilet, they did it too quickly, plugged the toilet and it ran over creating a ‘major’ water leak!

  2. Uretopia ? Ure talking Utopia !

    Dude what do you think a 44% 1-Year Increase in M1 is? Friggin Uretopia baby..FIAT never dies!

    -its like the difference between obumma and Dog Scheisse, one turns white, dries up and sublimates back into ground..

    The nomes in Zurich will confirm – fiat currency has a distinct-defined lifespan and sayz here the USD is a “deadman walking”.
    Forget about Bitcoin/Litecoin at this point in the game – they going,going,gone….

    IMO- Gold (spot/XAU) has turned – according to the best, most timely, accurate trading program available MRI (MomentumReversalIndicator) @Tone Vays.

    Highly customizable, on sale @$500 till ? The best Trading tool I have seen, and at $500 a Grrreat deal – easily make money on one or two trades. No $ interest in aforementioned – just a “gift”
    – Think Tone is one of the best technical analysts active today, with an impressive trading resume and Mathematics. I constantly learn or am reminded of strategies/techniques for setting up “perfect trades”, besides dude is a Libertarian

    ?Coincidence? wtf over..its a SPELL that word/meaning. Of course things are/can be Co-Incident.
    Like Arecibo radio telescope completely destroyed this week, taking out 50% of covered incoming space frequencies/signals. You remember the old International Harvester brand ? Let me introduce the Galactic Harvester – see movie saturn rising – its a message. No worries – nothing is headed our way anytime back to Ure Phones & Tv’s – not done with the “Marination” Stage yet, just a few more billion tons of nano particulates ..kinda like salt.

    No , still no.nope unuh, NIEN,Nyet..BBB-bubkissbitcoinbuckoo!

  3. “A.I. re-spinning “the news””

    I don’t know if it’s A.I. or psychology of people wanting to be first and running with the next sentence. I did some comparable search on DuckDuckGo news and Google news, they are supposed to be separate entities. Both usually have the same sources as the top results.

    There must be plenty of jobs.

    The other day I mentioned a Senate mix of 50/50 Hindus and Buddhists.

    The Hindus already gave themselves a bunch of Green Cards. And the Buddhists went along without a peep.

    US Senate passes Bill eliminating per-country cap for employment-based immigrant visas

    ” The US Senate has unanimously passed a Bill that eliminates the per-country numerical limitation for employment-based immigrant visas and raises it for family-based visas, a legislation that will hugely benefit hundreds of thousands of Indian professionals in America who have been waiting for years to get their green cards.

    The passage of the Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act by the Senate on Wednesday comes as a big relief to Indian IT professionals who come to the US on H-1B work visas and their current waiting period for Green Card or permanent residency is running into decades.”

    • I remember when the US was supposed to become the high tech nation. US system engineers, programmers and technicians expect a higher salary compensation for such technical work. H-1B visa holders often work around minimum wage and US citizens have even had to train their replacements. Tech is obviously another job “Americans don’t want to do”. : /

      • I can’t speak for the majority.. but I would do anything and have done everything that came my way to provide for my family.. a few ultra nasty jobs that even mike from the dirtiest jobs show wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole .
        The vast majority of the people I know or have known it was the same for them.. the only ones that I have known that wouldn’t were the pre-madonna’s that came from affluent families.
        College is usually way to expensive for those at the bottom..

    • OMG! This is a real bill! Who knew? I thought the only news for the last month was that we had a problem with Covid and that nobody knew who the next president would be.

      It certainly makes more sense to import highly skilled immigrants than to import those with no skills at all.

      Of course, competition from highly skilled immigrants was one reason for my own early retirement. If I can’t get paid more than I’m worth, I might as well just relax and live in the sweet spot of the progressive income tax. Now I can spend most all of my time doing things that matter(to me).

    • For markie ET AL, more proof he is just a MONEY GRUBBER without morals.

      Who will stick up for the AMERICAN CITIZEN ENGINEERS AND OTHERS who cannot find jobs because OUR BIG GUNS have sold them OUT!!!


      • I totally agree. See my post just above yours. There is a place for American citizen engineers if you’re willing to get a clearance and work on DOD or DOE projects. I was not. I did well in the contract/consulting area without such a clearance until we began to be flooded with foreigners on H1B visas. I stayed with it for a while until I realized that I didn’t need that income source anymore. The H1B rules say that an employer must seek American engineers first and must hire them if available and qualified. This procedure is rarely followed.

        At this point in my life, I don’t have time for a job. There are too many other interesting things to do.

  4. George,
    -Don’t worry about AOC. She’s still young. She’s just a Social Democrat, like Bernie, but just doesn’t know it yet.
    -Regarding the Iran nuke deal, cool your jets. Even if Biden has to throw another $500 Billion their way due to Trump’s blunder, it will be worth it in the long run not to have nukes in the Middle East. Ditto N.K., where methinks the price tag will be closer to $1 trillion. Still worth it.
    -Our far bigger problem right now is how to increase macro demand with the Great Automation Recession/Depression looming just 5 years off. With the Upper 1% having siphoned off over half of the Middle Class’s income AND wealth over the past 40 years, we are already starting out far behind the 8 ball. (You thought I was just being a crybaby when I warned the cheerleaders about the Trump tax cuts, while you sat there like a bump on a log?) The last global depression brought us 1930s style repression. Tick-tock. Tick-tock. 2026 is coming.
    Best, Mike.

      • Now George I think you really know better than that we are still pissed-off that Iran threw us out after all we went and destroyed their elected president and replace him with our-hand picked dictator the Shah of Iran.

        The Shah had Iran’s money parked in Chase Manhattan Bank run of course by the Rockefeller clan who had made a number of invests that put them behind the eight-ball and David the president of Chase Manhattan was on the verge of being ousted as president, so he sent 7 lawyers to Washington and to make the story short why Iran’s money now became the property of Chase Manhattan Bank. Now if Chase “which is doubtful ever paid that money back is unknown” or perhaps the taxpayer paid it back when Iran’s money was returned.

        As a result of being kicked out with our stooge the Shah why they became like any country that won’t bow down and kiss our ass they became well like China, Russia and a few more who we label as terrorist, the greatest danger to the world, commie’s, liberals, socialist, bastards and any other ist you care to name for the MIC.

        Now George I’m sure I haven’t told you anything that you really didn’t already know but just thought I would refresh it for old time sake.!!!

      • “George Ure
        December 4, 2020 at 16:00

        Iran’s a lying sack-o-shit, Mike. Paying off terrorists never works. If you don’t know that, you’re a sucker waiting for a ransom demand.”

        George, the people trying to buy-a-friend on the world stage are too naive to recognize that integrity on the world stage is just no longer there.
        Saps here tend to think that handing another government a huge sack of our “money” assures friendly compliance from them.
        Just won’t happen anymore. As I said before, the shabby bastards won’t stay bought.
        Now, the next batch of fools from here are hoping to “represent the will of the people” and are moving into position to try, once again, to buy a friend.
        Without integrity, handing these, “friends” another sack of our money just makes them more antagonistic.
        ‘Ol Mike just doesn’t get it. We only become “The Ugly American” with this sort of thinking. They just hate us more with this approach.
        We have to hire people that understand these other countries won’t become like us because there is only one, “us.” Other governments do not want to be like “us,” because our ideas create resistance within their populations. Us trying to buy their cooperation is viewed as insulting to their governments.
        Mike, get a clue…

      • Who was it that said.. we don’t have to fire a shot at the US. that they would let us bankrupt ourselves then sneak warriors in posing as refugees..
        We should take the stand of the saudi’s…no refugees allowed to enter their country for asylum..
        Around here they get the jobs that are the best paid and have the best benefits.. the kids I know are getting free college tuition to boot.. the neighbor’s daughter has to pay 10 percent on her school loans .to me that’s a symbol that something is out of whack…
        (I won’t tell the neighbor. Because she confessed to me that that was what she has to do.. but I know shes looking for apart time friend to help her with her college expenses)

  5. AOC selling T shirts instead of doing her job. WTF is up with those who elected her? Oh wait, votes actually are counted, right. Fire them all.
    SDF’s and Mouth Breathers.

    Saint’s preserve us.

    • “AOC selling T shirts instead of doing her job. ”

      Oh.. she has plenty of time to do both.. Congress is rarely in Congress.. they are mostly on fact finding missions abroad and four star motels and resorts..
      or at home with their constituents.. you know..Like when they invite you to go out to dinner and drinks with them so they can get your point of view on how they are doing their job..
      in between .. heck they could be making baskets to ..

  6. “Total nonfarm payroll employment rose by 245,000 in November”

    I agree the statistics should be for how many are working and not the payrole…
    according to my states statistics on the payrole.. every hourly wage worker is making thirty bucks an hour.. while one set of stats say every one working in a semi professional field is making fifty dollars an hour..
    I think where the stats get swayed is that they take into account the total payrole.. like if you have an exec.. that gets a twenty five million dollar bonus on wages it goes down in the parole category…. and the twenty five is calculated as if everyone benefitted from that bonus.. the same with a ceo that gets a million dollars a month or more.. their income is spread out equally among all the people working in the stats.. sure you can look up what the average wage is per career.. but they push the hey it isn’t so bad look how much we are making in payrole..
    I know a lot of people.. and a lot of small business owners that have been hurt very bad by the country going option 2 rather than freezing everything.. it isn’t a good sign at all..
    I think that thought is being seen in the stores as well.. one big box store sold four million dollars of toilet paper and laundry detergent in two days.. even now.. walk in you are lucky to see anything there even though they get semi loads of it.. the average wage earner sees something coming and is responding the only way they know how.. let me make sure I have a little more than I need..
    many are months behind on rent and mortgage payments not even taking into account their credit cards that they were living on for that period of time..

  7. George

    To borrow a title from STAR WARS: A NEW HOPE

    Everybody is screaming for evidence in the presidential election stealing. Well here it is.

    It’s a long video but it lays it all out for the Georgia Selection because it was not an election. They were caught on surveillance cameras scanning thousands of fake ballots!

    If you love America and want it to remain a free country go see the video and get educated so you can add your voice with all who are screaming for justice.

    If the steal isn’t stopped now America turns into Cuba!!

  8. “Government wants to snoop your browsing history. And the Fools on the Hill aren’t doing shit about it so far. Don’t hold your breath.”

    No need to wait…They already are.. read the security statement for google.. or any other service.. short quick game of solitare.. on the phone.. yup.. they have you sign a statement that what you do on your phone and computer is monitored and sent to them to analyze.. your search history is scrutinized and watched.. ip addresses are kept.. I use to have a program that gave me who and what ip addresses were pinging the computer..NSA built a multi billion dollar facility in Utah.. with google mapping and the new take a tour of homes for sale.. you can take a leisurely stroll down most neighborhoods and walk around through the buildings see the neighborhood.. now with the new mapping every square foot on the planet is being named.. so if you get lost you can be found.. most street mile marker signs have the co-ordinances on them to be located as well..
    wanna have some fun… do a scan on your phone once on available services.. LOL LOL.. do it several times as you drive around neighborhoods…big brother is watching..

  9. Yo Gpop,

    Have a wonderfully humorous entertainment recommendation for Ure weekend viewing pleasure – Zoolander/ dir. Ben Stiller.
    You will need to prepare prior to viewing by saying “Trump is Zooolander, Zoolander is Trump” over and over in Ure head ten times before hitting Play.

    Smoking/Eating/vaping a little “ganj” prior to viewing Zoolander as Trump – will only raise up the Hilarity factor. Luv POTUS, butt this is a hoot…

    ..or maybe it was just the OG & Orange =Orange Kush – “just follow Ure nose, it always knows, the flava fruit, wherever it grows”.
    “Dont Ure bogart that joint my friend..

  10. Anybody know a good book that covers the time period between the fall(ing) of the western Roman Empire and the start of medieval Europe? Or maybe something more recent such as what happened to South and Central America after Spain withdrew?

    • Both difficult. “History” is written by the winners. In these situ, there were few. Between the sacking or Rome and the rise of Chivalry, the best you’re likely to do is Church notes, royal biographies, and 3rd hand reconstructions from transcribed word-of-mouth family histories (These are probably both the best sources, and most-accurate. There are also damn’ few of ’em still publicly-viewable. Louis L’amour found a few, when he was researching a backstory for “The Walking Drum,” but by the time he wrote it, had had 40 bestsellers and carried a lot of clout, and because of his background, knew places to look which less-colorful people would never discover.) Even then, you’ll have to research the period-speak to read between the lines. Both criticism of the Crown and heresy were capital offenses, so folks put stuff in parables or riddles for a thousand years before Nostradamus’ birth, or they died…

      Britain, France, Holland, Portugal, and Spain colonized Central and South America. When did they withdraw…?

      Seriously, I assume you’re speaking of the period of the Conquistadors, or of that immediately following? If the earlier, Spain kept detailed records. If the latter, notes & letters of the Catholic priests — both those who established monasteries and those (like Father Escalanté) who explored, mapped, and evangelized along the way. The Hopi and Zuni (and perhaps the Navajo) also have a detailed history of this period, but I don’t believe it is written, and you’d have to physically spend some time on a Reservation to establish a rapport and trust, before they’d share.

      In any case, the “official” paperwork will be politically biased toward the Crown (any Crown, every country) and may bear little resemblance to historical truth or accuracy.

      Every source, no matter what, will require a good degree of common sense interpolation, and both deductive and inductive reasoning, to divine accurate history and a true historical perspective.

      Good luck…

      • “3rd hand reconstructions from transcribed word-of-mouth family histories (These are probably both the best”

        God that’s the truth lol lol…
        My great great great great grandpa.. is a main character in a lot of history books lol.. taught that they were heroes of the country ..parks and highways and all kinds of wonderful things they did.. lol lol.. when I was a little boy listening to my great great uncle as he showed me around telling me the stories..the family hated him absolutely hated him until my mothers wasn’t until my grandmother’s funeral that the impact hit..all those prople in uniforms generals etc. That anyone started to question..the story I love was that he snuck from home . Made a bunch of berry baskets then told everyone he was hungry for pie.. sent everyone out than ran off.. the family burned all the photos that was stored in sheds even the tin types ..all the papers and journals . I as a kid salvaged one of those berry baskets. Still got was the only thing they would let me have..

    • CNN – Dude U R such a Mis_Informed fool/slave. CNN is Mocking Bird Media .

      1) Zucker will be joining his nasty gal pal Gina haspel at the “spa” in Guantanamo. She is already there – Renditioned from Frankfurt night of raid on Paragon Groups (DVD) server farm. Who owns controls Paragon? Gina’s personal Detail was LIQUIDATED- they were Americans – killed by Americans/”level-1 badasses”

      2) A National Emergency will be Declared soonly, under a State of War, that “colorless” Bi-Don has been booted, and Ure precious obumma is UNDER ARREST. wait what – U didnt hear it on mocking bird TV? must not be true.
      3) Supporters of such treacherous Acts of War and the perpetrators thereof might want to consider their positions in light of the Glorious rise of Extreme Prejudice being directed at America’s Enemies currently.
      See U at the Debrief, oh wait the Losing Side does not do a Debreif – they do a De-Life.

      Good Luck holding Ure scheisse together – FYI -we be Harvesting, in case CrimminalNewsNetwork didnt TELL U.

  11. Yo Jorge, Boys and girls in Ure land, lets change it up for friday. A little music from the greatest guitar player you’ve never heard of: Mr. Danny Gatton, (native of the old line state). A little redneck jazz for your listening enjoyment.

    Enjoy my friends….

  12. George and Elaine ahead of the “breaking from the herd – curve” for a long time.

    As far as simplicity and some of us have lived this way our whole lives, we just outfitted a small house for under $1,000 on garage sales.

    I am thinking my humble life filled with many siblings/family, adventures of all sorts, books, and friendly people has now been a huge blessing. Will never climb that highly educated or funded (Harvard, most of government and corporate criminals have that vaunted degree, Gates/Dell; no college graduates) ladder to the sky scraper.

    I mean, come on man, just face it, all the high tech companies are privately funded by the Federal Reserve or our own Government; try to compete with those Dollars; you can’t. A lot of them are owned offshore; try to reclaim those Tax Dollars; you won’t. Most everything else has been outsourced to CHEENA.

    Many across the world are up for sale to the highest bidder and then they fall flat as money seems to buy a lot of free jumps off of tall buildings with a single bound to just go splat.

    Is there freedom in Poverty? ASK LOOB. Wouldn’t you all like to be on his Christmas LIST and have a beverage sitting around a warm fire with him?

    As an example: I still have my 1986 Queen sleeper couch, and Queen cherry wood bed set (headboard/foot board, large dresser w/mirror, nightstand, chest of drawers) purchased all from Sears brand new. The couch still looks brand new, but the cushions need re-stuffing. The bedroom set is still functioning and looking great.

    We are now downsizing and consolidating and sending the excess to a niece to help her get her start in life.

    Houses can still be purchased on one person’s salary out in the country; so Momma or Poppa can stay home with the kids. With city living being dissolved by the Covid into a computer connection to and from anywhere, why remain in the city with outrageous property taxes? Schooling the same way.

    What did 300,000 New Yorkers figure out? How about the many thousands of families who have left California?

    It is the yard! The yard that matters….big enough for crochet, badminton, horseshoes, swing sets, hammocks, bb gun targets, baseball, football, campfires, golf holes, gardens, chickens, goats, etc., all manner of fun!

    Come Spring, we are asking the gent down the street with TWO mules to come park them in our yard to eat the grass and fertilize our soil; no need to mow.

    It is back to nature and the simple things in life.

    Earthlings are on the move.

    • “We are now downsizing and consolidating and sending the excess to a niece to help her get her start in life.”

      Amen Freedom.. I am giving my tool’s to the grandkids..
      I have given a serious thought about the house to.. I could sell the tools..but seriously I would get more enjoyment over watching the grandkids continue on with the old man’s shop…
      The house well when it gets to the point where we have to downsize and move in a smaller place I will sell the house for 100.00 to the one that deserves it the most.. then give them the hundred back..
      Whatever the kids don’t want will be sold at that time..

  13. We remain more than a month away from The Inauguration but our dinner plates already spilleth over! The buffet table must have shoulders of steal.

    Let’s begin with a sample from that of only a year on the vine, World War Zero. Invited to donate upon entry, it was not readily apparent to this palate if the Climate Czar’s group is a charity or even offers a financial statement. Breathe normally, the world still has 30 years to meet the group’s near-zero emissions goal.

    Let’s proceed to the meat and potatoes table. One of the WW0 directors, a Marine BGen (Ret), is president of a mature aged charity, American Security Project. The ASP head of table is The Honorable Gary Hart, Chairman Emeritus. The Honorable John Kerry is a director.

    A bit Dry? Let’s proceed without delay to the sauces. The ASP president, BGen (Ret) noted above is a director with Alexium International headquartered in Perth, Australia and production in South Carolina, US. According to Wikipedia, the company began with products for the military to counter chemical and biological warfare agents. It would seem the present state of technology for some products requires bromide and halides which can be hazardous to human health and are also associated with ozone depletion.

    Regrets, space does not permit a dessert course.

  14. In counties that have “slipped” into hyperinflation coins rarely are “called in”. When the inevitable new currency appears the coins still tend to have face value. In other words if you have $100 in coins you still have $100. If you have $100 in paper you have toilet paper. So my question would be, is the coin shortage just an expression of Gresham’s law?

    • Even though the dollar is still a dollar..the price of the metals in coins escalates.. prices of things shoots through the roof.. today the loss leader items are increasing at an aggressive rate . Mostly because they are the basic essential items..

  15. meds eh? USSA and its great minds shall be known as hades . george ure shall rule over hades. he was trained in the dark side . the jedi shall regroup to restore the force. disgraceful behaviour but what else did i expect from a upmarket camel jockey . you wouldnt last a day in sicily

    • New Atlantis – vegamite sandwich genius. and the same f-ing group of “Darkside” Worshipers (sonsofbilal) are engaged in destroying our Great Country. No worries – well get around to cleaning out Ure repto nests downunder soon enough..Can U say secret space force?

  16. ” asking the old Hendrix question:”



    Honestly George, I’m sure your mother brought you up better than that!

    **walks away, shaking head**

  17. > the old Hendrix question: “…there must be some way out of here, said the Joker to the Thief…”

    George, I am deeply ashamed of you. It was BOB DYLAN!!

    Your mother raised you better than that, sir.

  18. Yup, That is right G, in the land of the men with their balls held in their women’s purses? Looking much like Shuar shrunken heads coved in lint and used dentine wrappers. The odds are good that the goods are odd.

    Nobody ever called me late for dinner.

    • “the land of the men with their balls held in their women’s purses?”

      OTFLMAO .. I personally like it better when they sort of bounce off the purse. Lol

      I know I know..that’s not funny.

  19. AOC an idiot for selling American made, union wage sweatshirts? Well, maybe. Trump’s MAGA crap, made in China is certainly a lot cheaper….in the short term.
    The real idiots are those who have given the so called “billionaire” Art of the Deal genius nearly $200 million for his “election defense fund”. Yes, education is needed desperately in this country.

  20. Meds eh ? Sarken eh gittin vaccine from Fauci gates moriarty dalio prechter Cramer Biden Obama schumer pellosi kern Holmes . Meds eh ? You want more 4×2 ? Disgrace that’s what you are

  21. “the land of the men with their balls held in their women’s purses?”

    OTFLMAO .. I personally like it better when they sort of bounce off the purse. Lol

    I know I know..that’s not funny.

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