An “Ultimate Defensive Strategy”

There are lots of us – old men of the web who have been writing about pendency of collapse for 20-years (or longer) – and a quiet consensus is beginning to form. It’s not evident unless you either subscribe to a lot of specialist future-oriented publications, or whether (as many newsletter writers do) you simply listen to the tone of inquiries from readers.

This “tone” has turned extremely defensive.  And since Peoplenomics readers know how long we may have before the 1929 replay’s final roll-over, this is a good time to make plans. Just in case.

The global population clock just turned over 7.8 billion people this month.  A sobering number, considering that there are in the USA about 329,877,505  people, plus or minus a Covid outbreak (US Census data, July 2020).

Supporting those millions are 2,043,400 farms (includes ranches) as of 2019.  In fact, there were 2,204,600 farms in 2007 in the U.S. (Peak Farming)  Consolidation, costs, regulations. and an unnatural fascination with tech may have seen Peak Food” pass us by in 2007.

Peak Paper, as the market demonstrated Friday, may still be several weeks ahead.  But the time to plan for massive economic displacements is not during the “bonfire of the equities” but instead while online delivery is still operational.

More such seasonal cheer after a few headlines and our ChartPack.  For which we need a special holiday beverage:  Champagne for the Peak just ahead and Maalox for what likely follows.  ChamLox for breakfast it is, then.

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61 thoughts on “An “Ultimate Defensive Strategy””

  1. Good morning George. I have looked at Treasury Direct a couple of times and their offerings. So, what are you looking at, Bills, Notes or Bonds? Any additional info would be appreciated.

    I also believe that people need to have a ‘stash’ of cash that they can easily access if needed. Banks closed or locked and a glass of wine might be good, for medicinal purposes only of course.

    • Government debt doesn’t pay much right now. Bills, notes and bonds are about the same with exception to length. Generally in this 1% environment you’d want the shortest maturities possible because if interest rates rise, you won’t be stuck in long-term/low yields. Bills.

      “When interest rates rise, bond prices fall, and when interest rates go down, bond prices increase. … Bonds essentially compete against one another on the interest income they provide to investors. When interest rates go up, new bonds that are issued come with a higher interest rate and provide more income to investors.”

      – Internet

      When Interest rates Go up, Prices of Fixed-rate Bonds Fall

    • The problem with the having a stash of cash.. is the vast majority of the hourly wage’d employees are living on plastic .. before now it was paycheck to paycheck..
      Back in the years past employers would give an end of year bonus. That money given was for for investment and or for important issues.. most of the more prominent employers had retirement funds..
      Today both of those things are pretty much unheard of..
      The painter has been busy. Once hyper inflation hits. ( they mentioned that as a possible event on MSM last night. The first time.. then tried to pin that on the trump administration)
      Since if money becomes like germanies during the Weimar depression or similar to Argentina or Zimbabwe .. I will acquire things.. heck a years food stock made us 8 percent in value from last years value of cash already.

  2. What I have observed is that successful land thieves tend to be in cahoots with the local politicals, lawmen, clerks and judges, and come bearing real court orders and deputies. Some of the realtor readers probably have war stories, if you could get them to talk about it. “Sovereign citizens” bearing phony documents sound more like low entertainment than a real threat.

    I have paper copies of the title documents. In most jurisdictions, it is possible for the owner to get certified paper copies at the County records department, if they aren’t on the county sh!t list already.

    In a area where electricity is being blacked out under something resembling martial law, you must black out your windows or the wire cutters will be visiting you personally, armed with Class III & higher. Solar systems can be disabled intentionally. And then there are jealous, desperate neighbors.

    Water is the biggest deal for a home owner. Have a barrel and a sanitary hose at the ready, even if you think your supplies are secure, because they never are. The barrel will be there until you are forced to cut and run. You want a barrel pump and sanitizing chemicals as well. Have nearby natural sources of water scoped out and equipment to bring it home in stock. MSR has a large filter which takes out viruses.

    Call neighbors and warn before attempting to deal with vagrants and marauders. If comms, are down, coordinate walkie-talkies with nearby neighbors. I leave the amateur radio to the hams.

    • About land and property takeover or thievery like what is “reportedly” happening in the Northwest….That is totally impossible. When someone buys a house, the title company, the mortgage company, the county, the IRS, and a dozen affiliate companies like Core Logic, Realist and others have a record of your title securely stored in their data banks. Unless, you are the most gullible person on earth, a person can’t approach you with a fake title and take over your property. Hard copies and thumb drives of title and escrow, are given to homeowners as well. The advantage of technology is that the records are everywhere…even in a CME situation, that data is in the form of paper records in regional title plants across the country.

      • Most people have that notice on their loan papers giving them the option of giving notice for full payment.. at the bottom how they did it is balloon loans..because of a couple of rotten incidents in my life my credit was destroyed.. one my boss took the money the employees paid for health insurance and gambled on the stock market.the kid got seriously hurt and ran up a half mil in medical bills. I didnt even make 3 dollars an hour..
        For someone at the top of the pile theres options at the bottom the dry up. I paid 18 percent on a balloon home loan..didnt make enough to get the low interest loans.. then the banks sell your mortgage to companies..
        On CBS last night they had a woman they cut her power cords trying to force them out..employers don’t give two cents about your daycare or health issues.. I helped a couple whose daughter was dying with brain cancer.. both of their employers let them go because the only doctor was three hundred miles away..they lost their health insurance their home power cut off and a dying daughter..
        Another one that crossed my path similar story.. they are what their pet cat dragged into the house. I found him in a blizzard riding a bicycle to work. He delivered his kid on a filthy kitchen table..( she’s a social worker now) I had to literally hold his hand when I helped him..
        Then there was an old woman her husband was a railroad worker. He didnt fill out the paperwork right and then died.. ssd’s he was in her eighties. She was crying and I asked what’s wrong …she couldn’t even get social security..
        I could tell you stories all day long..the view isnotas rosey at the bottom..for someone at the top with the resources available it doesn’t look to tough atthe bottom an anthill problem is Mount Everest and no one will help. You seek assistance and are let know by the very ones whose job is secured by those needing their help..will let them know that theyare the scum of the earth..
        If your going to migrate where are uh ou going to go..

  3. G Dude,

    thanks for having the BALLZ to write and inform Ure readers of approaching danger.
    – Love is the Opposite of Fear – Know Luv, and U can take advantage of coming Opportunities..

    Cham Lox ? my how the times have progressed – for the Luv nazi can remember when he first heard about the old timers celebratory ghetto juice – ChamPipple(champagne&ripple) – from Mr Fred G Sanford.

    Of course that is also where the Luv nazi learned how to make gorilla cookies..using aunt Esthers face. hahahahahaha

    The financial hardship Timeline “frequency” has turned/tuned up – but I suspect it will be “stepped allover” by “the purge of the globalists” vibe..just a lil chaos.

    ….cyanide,lead,electrocution,rope, glycerin – dont get it on Ure fingers,secret space force.. Do U remember how to PLAY the Game, can U ever forget?

    Bright, Open, Happy Heart – send them thought streams of Luv & watch the demons energy dissipate – ripe for the “plucken”

    Maybe No BTC/LTC, but Luv werx – a special op.

  4. “House passes marijuana decriminalization bill.” If you’ re caught with weed on Federal property, think military bases and others, it will no longer be a Federal crime, only state crime.

  5. Talk about a defense plan…is anyone disturbed that this is happening?
    Trump just fired the non-partisan 9 member Pentagon Advisory board and replaced them with Trump loyalists like Corie Lewandowski…Trump also installed David Bossie who, along with Lewandowski, was among Trump allies who’ve been challenging the 2020 election results.

    Trump also recently nominated Scott O’Grady, another loyalist, to a top Pentagon spot. O’Grady, along with freshly pardoned former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, shared a wild petition on Twitter that compels Trump to “declare limited martial law to temporarily suspend the Constitution” and hold a new presidential election.

    If every major governor and Secretary of State…a lot of Republicans by the way say it was a safe and fair election…if the DHS head that Trump appointed said it was the most secure election in American history…if the FBI, CIA, and every election board says there was no mishandling of ballots…and if Trumps own self appointed attorney general says there was no evidence of election fraud and Trump still declares martial law…aren’t we in fascist, military junta, Stratocracy or dictatorship territory? Our voice, our fair a free elections as Americans ceases to matter. Didn’t that happen with Putin in their last election?

    The bottom line is that Trump’s mad Twitter thumbs, caustic rhetoric and dumb as a box of hammers brain caused more people to vote or register to vote. They had enough of the negative vitriol. We have had no leader…just a shock jock as President. People grew tired and voted. Why is he surprised? He didn’t win the popular vote in 2016. Lost by 3 million votes. The Democrats that hated Hillary and the Bernie supporters that didn’t vote or wasted their vote in 2016, was the reason Trump won. Serves the Democrats right for forcing a witch like Hillary on them. This time…the American people elected their sweet grandpa over the crazy, wild eyed drunk uncle. And…Republicans voted for Biden too…but stayed loyal to the party by balancing their ticket to elect Republican senators and house members. That’s another big difference. That’s why Trump had a 10 million vote swing between 2016 and 2020.

    • the plugs in the drain are being removed, prepare for the flushing of the swamp!
      makes me wonder, if warpspeed is a cover for operation flush, (like double mint, 2 flavors in 1 stick of gum) turd removal. we are only 1:45min in a 2 hr movie, it is the ending that we the people came to see. enjoy the rest of your day mark, dont let this little move bother you, if you truly believe the Biden Fix. Surely Joe can fix it after he is in office, providing someone doesn’t pull the flush chain(old school, tank on wall above toilet). Are your zoom calls letting u know of the dangerous situation for the creatures, I smell fear in your posts, thank you

      • Other brother Darrell,
        Speaking of swamps
        It appears Trump is evacuating American soldiers from Somalia to make way for Betsey DeVos’ brother, Erik Prince of Blackwater and his mercenaries.

        Corey Lewandowski, who was just given a position in the Pentagon, awarded Erik Prince the contract. Keeping it all in the Trump loyalty family. If that’s draining the swamp, well…it’s not…and you are delusional.

        Biden’s team have been banned from Pentagon.

      • Too late 4 ole Creepy whatever that Is wearing a boot over their “keystone” – btw where’s kali-ma?

    • Trump’s voting base grew by 7 million, not sure how you are calculationg the 10 mill swing:

      ‘when we are sick or threatened we are uniqely susceptible to scams’…more on trump votes:

      deja vu ’29, Trump and Hoover only incumbents to lose when no third party running:

      • What I meant to say is that the combination of the 2016 and 2020 elections, (Trump lost the popular vote in 2016 by 3 million and lost by 7 million last month) Trump lost by a combined difference of 10 million votes?. Maybe that’s not the way to look at it… but that’s what I meant to say.

        I also meant to add that what is the point of the hiring and firing of Pentagon personnel and advisors now unless he is trying to enable and force a coup? He doesn’t have the proof nor the competent attorneys (The real lawyers quit) to overturn any votes, so he is forcing himself upon us by hook and crook. Methinks he is trying to give his loyal donation contributors one last hurrah and seed them with contracts that will enrich them and maybe get a post presidency kickback for his awarding of said contracts. The man is deeply in debt…he is trying to remain solvent and lessen the burden to avoid falling into bankruptcy for the 7th time.

    • “Talk about a defense plan…is anyone disturbed that this is happening?
      Trump just fired the non-partisan 9 member Pentagon Advisory board ”

      I say like the post office.. just replace em with illegal refugees.. they need the money worse ..

    • Dear Mark,

      Sorry you are upset that Mr. Trump removed democrat politicians Madeleine Albright and Jean Harmon from the group. As for Mr. Kissinger’s removal, he is…polarizing?

    • Questions ? Mark.
      1. Was not much of your election infrastructure connected to a computer
      network, and to the internet.
      2. Were these servers located in Spain and Germany.
      3.Were foreign “Vendors” overseeing this.
      4. Were they partnered with your intelligence agencies

      Factually it would appear that (according to official sources), the above are all true
      – Chris Krebs admitted much of this on live TV, many times, then i can only say enjoy your very fake election.

      • Wow – All true; furthermore, witnesses say the guy overseeing security for the voting machine company which provided services for most of the contested election states publicly bragged that he threw the election to Biden. Makes you wonder how many other candidates got a digital boost at the polls? It wasn’t an election, it was a (theoretically) bloodless coup. Of course, bloodless coups have a way of turning into very bloody civil wars.

      • Simple Simon,
        The Dumb like you…Shall not inherit the Earth. Absolutely NONE of this is true. While Scytl a Spanish based company, the servers are both hosted and managed within the US by a local subsidiary, SOE software based in Tampa, Fl. Votes are not tabulated by Scytl …They are tabulated by individual state officials. They DO NOT have offices in Germany…The US has NOT seized anything from Barcelona or Frankfurt PERIOD!!!…

        It’s not unusual for a foreign based company to have technology used in foreign business. Does not Google, Apple, Amazon Web Services etc help out foreign governments with technological issues?

        Wow,wow,wow…I am surprised your neurons are still firing . The gullibility level of human brains can only take so much before they implode into anti-matter.

    • If you listen to just the lying main stream media then you will believe Biden won fair and square.
      If you look at actual evidence which is suppressed by big tech and ignored by main stream media you will believe the fraud was massive. Here is where you can see some of the evidence:

      Bookmark it!
      It is being suppressed because searching for it with multiple search engines gives different results!

  6. If the Morlocks and Warlock’s ever chokablock with the Shelocks on Hillock? Here in the BOC? Maybe we picklock the padlock and unchokblock the gridlock that’s cockblockin the gridlock on the encon0me. Eye support the new growth.

    Shukin and Jivin, High vibin,


    I feel for ya George, just another day being a a ray of sunshine in the land of clouds. Turning the tumblers on a million minds. One key at a time. And whalah!

    A perl of wisdom. Don’t fear the Reaper.

    I’m gonna start the youtube portion of my show. A comedy about Aecention this weekend. A hit forsure. My mother and all my family said I should do comedy since I was a we lad. And almost as many people who said I should do radio.

    Have a wonderful day. I gotta go see about a new hat. I’m not writing on the weekends, I’m new at this. I’m not a pros Beginners Luck I spose.

    Thanks dude. You teach me so much.

    • However, raises Finger.

      Just a thought. The locks are illusions, they aren’t really real. Imaginary paradigms constructed in the mind of a day dreamer on a Saturday afternoon.

      As was state many moons ago, symbols? This world isn’t ruled by symbols. It’s ruled by belief in them. It’s a snare got many. Because, because, beacuse, because!

      Not all eyes will open to a light shining. And some who are thirsty will merely rince their mouth out and spit it back out.

      Because of the wonderful things he does.

      It is remarkable thing George, That we live in a world where people are having romantic relationships with ideals as self pitty, resentment and fear. Like they leave a little sticky note by the coffee pot, hi self pitty, I miss you. Lets go for a date on Saturday to the beach and hold hands. They bring fear flowers. And resentment the send candy too. When it is all just a romantic illusion they build in their minds. People romantically love their defects of character because it gives them a sense of purpose and purportion.

      Like sex is about power and races is about scales and weights.

      So grateful I got a divorce from all that and I hitched ky wagon to prosperity and happiness where I write love notes to future dates for long walks on the beach with Happy and free.

      And I been at that a while now.

      Because my friend, if I can create one? I know I can create the other. It is there, the illusions of blocks of locks are seen for what the are. Nothing but a fabricated false construct. And we’ll, I’m kinda done with that sorta nonsense. Lol


      • Ya see, It’s like hunting, son.

        If you go into active search mode? All that crashing and dancing about in the woods will scar off the big game and even small imported cars.

        And anything you bag will not work out, save losing 3/4-million home in 14-years with child support to boot. Ask how I know…

        When you kick the dependency habit and sit quietly, eventually the right bunny will wander by. A few test sniffs, but no sudden moves – and a mutual share-learning.

        As it will for other (you listening in NM?), just as soon one puts away the desire, bounds goals a bit, and moves in the direction “living happily ever after”. Sustainably – then goes about sharing without an agenda.

        People (& animals) can sense as well as natural elements critters. They just don’t know why.

        That’s why one reader (Andy) may have a line up…while another reader might not. No agenda = long lines. Paradoxical.

        Which means that attachment and busting loose from that is one of the cornerstones of personal progress.

        But everyone knows that…

      • The part that most people miss about the story of the Wise Old Bull and the Young Bull who says, “Let’s run down and F one of them cows.”

        The part that most people miss is, The Wise Old Bull got not only wise but Old. When all the not so wise bulls got eaten instead of Old.

        Ahhhh the bunny. Fack! I’m holding steady and I’m just gonna sit on this hill. Just like columbus inadvertently stumbled upon a continent? Hansel discovered in 1812, “delicious candy isn’t always a good for you. It may be a trap!”

        Besides, I think im falling in love. And thats all ackward and Scary. I mean I would run into battle against Golaith….
        Because IDGAF! Butt umm uhhh. Ahhhhh Shit! dude! Ya know?

        I haven’t been all weird inside since the ex wife. I mean the stripper, that was chemical induced sense of purpose.

        I’m sober mind ya.

        And she is a fricken yoga instructor, vegan! I mean nobody’s perfect. And I have glitter all over me and I cant wash it off fort the life of me. And no woman ever get to hold my debit card again! Or drive my car. Damn it George, she already stole one of my Hoodies And left her stuff at my house. Arrgggh!

        Que: Kings of Leon,

        Clique 116!

      • P.S. I thought by the time I got this old I would stop feeling like little kid in side. All butterrlfys, saying yes dear, and standing around waiting. Story of my life “Waiting on a woman. ” Arrgggh

        I don’t like being mushy inside and tripping over myself. Ugh I thought that would go away at some point maybe at age 60. Lol. Now I’m going to buy some flowers. Ugh

      • “All that crashing and dancing about in the woods will scar off the big game”

        back when I was young.. out for a walk with my SO and came across this beautiful little area.. it was gorgeous.. and a nice cool breeze brought on those frisky feelings in such a romantic place out in the wilderness…

        anyway at the height of the incident.. we looked up and there was a buck and doe just standing a few feet away watching us with an intense curiosity. I can tell you from my memory of the incident… I seriously don’t think they had any fear or thought of running for safety running through their minds LOL LOL LOL.. even when we basked in the afterglow they grazed a short distance away..

      • “People (& animals) can sense as well as natural elements critters. They just don’t know why.”

        thats the truth… boy a couple weeks ago I was out for a walk with our dog.. now we walk the same route all the time.. and there hasn’t ever been anything unusual.. well.. we were just going into this area where are a bunch of tree’s.. and the dog is a sniffer.. as we were entering the tree’d in area.. she lowered her head.. the hair stood up on her back.. and she looked cautiously around.. then very quietly backed up about ten feet and then took off in the other direction.. no growling.. but whatever she sensed was in the tree’s scared her.. enough to drag me to safety.. I was telling that story to my son in law.. and he said .. didn’t you go check it out.. Heck no.. if the dog was concerned enough to back up like that then head the other way.. I am taking that as a hint that I don’t want to meet up with the critter there.. ( there have been big cats in the area and a few years ago one of the guys working in one of the shops seen one back there… my guess is that is what was there. and the dogs in the town were all going nuts to.. ) we still walk the same way.. just that one time..

      • George, I’m listening! I understand the theory rather well. The screwups happen in the implementation. Losing desire for someone and then acquiring her is anticlimactic, to say the least! Nevertheless, it may be in the cards, either with the one I know or the one I have yet to know.

        It’s quite difficult for me to find that magic state where I’m neither in stasis nor bumbling around – just the slight twitches that characterize a stable IFR flight. I must say that flying is a whole lot easier than human relationships!

        An ex died recently and I’m doing my best for our kids. There’s a lot involved in settling an estate – even a small one, and it’s technically not my problem. Yes, I still cared for her, though she wanted independence at any price. Other than that, we got along. Unlike others in my life, she didn’t enrich lawyers and herself at my expense.

        She was actually happier being alone, or so she said. Even though we parted decades ago, I feel that somehow her departing this world will change things in my life going forward – though I have no idea how. It was sudden and unexpected, and that’s hard on the kids, even if they are adults. I figured that she would outlive me.

        Next year seems to be lining up it’s challenges already.

        Having your earthly act reasonably together along with a significant spiritual life doesn’t guarantee all the answers.

      • You may have missed the Applicaiton Note from engineering:

        Souses tend to be sucked into the draft or vortex of a major direction in one’s life. I don’t think Elaine would have found me interesting, for example, unless I had a major direction and a hard set of goals in life.
        Yet, when someone says “Me? Oh, like to write, but also long-distance sailing and plan to make six-figures for several years to stack some for retirement… well, that’s not a bad wagon to hitch a star to.
        Compared with “Yep, only got 7-more years at the plant, then I’m parking it on the couch to wait for death.

        Depends what the spouser is after, of course. That much TV though would kill anyone.

        As I have said so many times: If you live your life as an action-adventure movie where the hero (or ine) always wins, that will attract a following. Especially when the part is played with grace, love, and good humor. good directors don’t micro-manage – they let the actors ACT…

      • Good words George. Your subtext seems to indicate the value of massive optimism and vision in the face of facts indicating otherwise. That’s acting or delusion, but perhaps it’s for the best(per Andy and “Optimist Prime”). Even in good times, I’m far from people most of the time, unless I force myself into “social” situations. Here in NM, that may be required due to the governor’s overreach.

        For the moment, there are things to handle close to home and every day is busy. Others in my life are living theirs, without much interference as far as I can tell. I see little reason at the moment to earn six figures plus or have fancy cars except to impress. It’s hard to imagine since such things don’t impress me, and dirt roads are hell on maintenance. Yes, you did that and got Elaine’s attention, but now you two are happy together and are largely avoiding other folks, while you have two older vehicles and your cabin in the woods. I already have too much stuff! The only real reason for excess money/resources is for things such as Elaine’s surgery, other unforeseen expenses, or various trips/projects when/if it may again be possible. I’ll go for opportunities, but in moderation. At this point in life, time is more valuable than additional money.

      • My number 1 goal is, to inspire, inform, encourage, empower and enlighten others beyond what they can imagine. Beyond the boundaries they don’t even know they have. At the same time, I would like to make hella money in the process. Money represents to me security, travel, stability, comfort and adventure. And I need money to move this project to greater heights. Beyond the limitations, I don’t know I have into places I have yet to discover. God willing it will be there.

        The woman was over last night and it’s a tuff call because I see soo deeply into people and situations. I told her we are going to back off for 3 weeks. Still talk every day, I want her to be sure she wants me, not my abilities, not the energy flowing around me, because alot of women have told me that I have this whirling light around me that is intoxicating, that it’s not my Charisma and Charm that has her captivated. That it’s my intelligence or intuition, or ability to speak to her without words using telepathy, and it’s not the amazing sex (and boy howdy, the housemates got an ear full last night. Lol) or my looks or any of that.

        I told her I don’t want to hold you hostage. I want you to be sure it is me, you desire om your own accord. That you want me because you want me. I want you to be sure. She said you are all those things and soo much more. I have never met a man like you. I certainly never had a man say anything like that. And I never had a man tell me he wanted to desk sex so I could be sure that I wanted him because I wanted him. I guess I never thought about that.

        I told her, I know exactly what buttons to push to get your clothes off. I want you to want to take them off without me pushing a button. Lol. She said, I love when you push those buttons. Hahah. I said yes, you do but we have to stop having sex on the stairway at your condoplex every time I leave your place. The last time was on the stairs next to your neighbors door and I really like that but you know one of these times the neighbors are gonna catch us and or we are gonna end up on porn hub. Lmao.

        I said, yes you do. However. That is only good for so long and only so deep. I’m looking for long term. And I want you to be sure.

        I spent alot of years dominating. Especially on message board like Glp. Challenging the mind to think fast, sharp as a razor, and rely on intuition to move the conversation to a place unconsidered. Which helped me improve my skills set.

        I think competition is healthy, and improves skill. Skill the mother of Confidence.

        I’m get back into my rythm. And I will probably see her today. But it will hands off for a fee weeks while she takes some time to think for herself what she wants. Let her catch up. It’s fair. And I want to be Honorable.

        The last thing she said to me was, I had a dream we were naked laying on the beach in Bali. I was wearing nothing but an ankle bracelet and two toe rings. The sun was setting and I just couldn’t stop kissing you. I said, I’d like that. I’d like that alot. I just want you to be sure.
        Because I’m hard kitty to keep pace with. She said I know. And you could have any woman you want. And that that is scary. I said, well take some time to think and if ya decide ya can’t live without me? Then let make magic together and change the world. One key stroke, one blog, one podcast at a time. And we will find ourselves in the Beaches of Bali soon enough.

        It was really hard for me to let her go last night. My intuition says, it won’t take her that long. Lol. Meanwhile, I got alot of ideas to move on. Bold moves and right action. God results.

        Chapter 13, The 6th Sense in the Book Think and Grow Rich is on the menu this morning. Then the gym and I’m starting chantex today, to quit smoking. That is how I quit last time for 5 years. Lol. Seems like a good day to quit as any.

        And I’m going out to lunch with a friend.

        Later peeps.

        No song today. Which is odd. There is always a song. Lol

        Clique 116!

      • Everyone says, Whats your number? What the Amount that says this much. What is your target? I have a figure and I have a target as it relates to $$. That figure is always in the back of my mind. It’s enough for my children’s children to be comfortable.

        However, like my friend the York’s on the east coast. Mr York, didn’t let one of his children (all boys) get a single dime of their Trust Fund until they completed 4 years of active duty military service as an enlisted black shoe. E-1 with an honorable discharge. Not as an officer. But as a grunt. All his sons had to know what it was like to follow orders, be the low man, work hard and not be in charge. All his boys recievd their Trust funds. 1 marine core, 2 Army, 1 airforce and one navy. The navy one is one my oldest friends.

        They could be the richest people I ever met. I don’t know. I know some very wealthy people. I just thought. That is probably the coolest thing in the world. The other condition was. They couldn’t tell anyone until after they completed their 4 years of active duty. I had no idea. But 2 months after I got out of the Navy (a couple weeks) after my good buddy did. He bought a brand Porsha 911 turbo off the show room floor in Tampa. And that is still the fastest I have ever rode in a car to day (except maybe my buddies 790hp 72 Cuda, but that is a differnt kind of fast.) Lol

        It’s 110 miles from Tampa to Ft Myers Beach. We made it in 45 minutes. And ever since then, I always wanted one of those. Hahahaha!

        I will incorporate something like that as well. He said, How else are ya gonna learn what the people who work for ya feel and think? How else are the boys I raised going to stand up as men on their own? I can teach them everything I know. But the wont know it through and through unless they experience it for themselves. I love that. I didnt know what it meant when I was 22 years old. At 50, I finally get it.

        Probably down to earth people I ever met. I love down home southern folk. I miss those days of hanging out on a cigarette boat with a bunch of binki clad Beautiful women and watching the sun set. Immortal youth. Never gonna get old. Lol.

      • “And I’m going out to lunch with a friend.”

        You got my curiosity Andy… you started and have mentioned on and off about your struggles….
        then the women that come in and out of your life.. well from my experiences.. very few women hang around any length of time if your not willing to contribute financially to the relationship.. and like most.. they weigh out the options.. will I have a relationship while he is the couch anchor….
        being nice goes so far.. then the real world aspects to a relationship comes into play.. who pays the rent.. who contributes and who doesn’t..
        Just Curious young man.. I just had this very conversation with a young lady like a daughter to me.. she was asking what she should do.. and was curious.. if your living in your volkswagon.. ( or whatever car you drive.) being a good looker and smart only goes so far then you have to put beans in the pot….
        also going out for drinks.. gets expensive.. go to the bar.. you know as well as I do they are going to charge at least a dollar a drink.. and fifty cents a burger.. a party of two can easily run a tab up of ten dollars..

  7. “To me, it’s a staggering increase in cash. M1 is just HUGE.
    And while there has been a tiny bit of movement on velocity (annual turn-over) of money, it’s still grim:”

    For me the part that really scares me.. is.. the amount of currency it would take to push that noodle.. the federal govt.. going option two is just one straw more on the back of the people.. I didn’t fathom the depth that people were behind.. Now after visiting with a few people.. I get a clearer picture.. the loss of income.. the rend and mortgage not being paid.. utilities.. and the velocity of cash kept moving on.. those I have been visiting with are thousands in the hole.. so do they give a twelve hundred dollar stimulus to someone that is facing eviction.. or the credit cards are all clamoring for their money.. bankruptcy.. if the average person put ten grand on the card.. and the only option they have is to go bankrupt how hard would that hit the banks to big to fail if a hundred million people all claimed bankruptcy.. so do you dump more water on the table.. how about housing.. all these people that are months behind because of the lost rent and the loss of income and the penalties that have been accruing since.. PHEW.. for me this is staggering.. absolutely staggering.. then again lets say our new president does what he said and congress goes for it and gives the twelve hundred per person all the way back to last january.. where does it come from.. from my perspective.. what has been done in the past will be the part that is done now…a war to stimulate the economy.. cut population etc.. something where the people pulling the strings can benefit.. and keep us busy…then hyperinflation.. give every household fifty grand and two grand a month.. and I believe you will see that ten million dollar loaf of bread.. some sobering stuff to contemplate there.. then there is the virus.. what do you do.. cull the herd.. let it run its path.. look at the implications this has had on the insurance industry the medical industry.. many of the nursing facilities have been hit over thirty percent.. now having worked in medical for most of my life part time and full time.. I can tell you they are going to start letting people go.. if a facility is down just a couple of beds they cut hours worked.. mandatory.. if you are down five beds or five percent of a hundred bed facility.. someone is leaving and it is usually someone that makes more than starting wage.. but thirty percent down.. they can’t make their supply costs much less the utilities or building expenses.. the place my wife works.. the only reason he has his doors open is because he gets payments streatched out from a lot of facilities.. so the vast numbers he doesn’t quite get why he has to juggle… sort of like delivering pizza’s or newspapers.. they pay you per paper and mileage but the cost you have is a couple pennies more than what you are being paid.. so you see this huge check.. but don’t quite get why your not making it..
    brick and mortar.. loss of income.. one place a grand child works he overheard the bosses arguing.. they had a basic maintenance electrical repair that needed to be done.. but the income wasn’t there to justify spending the money on getting it done.. ( they did take it in the shorts and got it fixed.. it was the only choice they had or close the doors))

    • The only way we, as Americans will get the velocity of money back where it belongs is to take off the restraints and articulate an American vision!

      China and its people have a vision of themselves as better than others(ethnic pride), and see themselves as owning and ruling the world! That includes being at the bleeding edge of technology and economic growth. This began to be really overt after 2012. It’s one of the things that the CCP uses to motivate everyone in China. That, and the idea that the CCP sits at the head of every dinner table in China. I don’t agree with the vision, but I do agree with its utility.

      We have nothing at present. President Trump articulated the idea of making America great again. I agree, and am motivated to work and support this. Unfortunately, we have a partisan media that doesn’t allow any news unless it’s biased and limited to at most two “stories”. Stories are not news, they are stories.

      The old political hack, Biden, has articulated nothing to incentivize anyone to work and produce. His sidekick is full-on communist. If anything, the only winners under his possible regime will be those who work the system. THAT’s why our money has no velocity!

      People(as a group) get the government they deserve.

  8. “Which gets to the money-angle: “What makes Russia’s Sputnik V a sought-after COVID vaccine for developing world, including India…”

    My guess is.. after the cold war ended.. the bio warfare lab’s were converted to medical research facilities by the big drug companies… with the USA giving grants for the research and the research being done in old labs where labor is cheap.. gave them the leading role in our modern medications..
    where i got a chuckle was I get my meds from a facility in the usa through the VA healthcare system.. two of them arrived in the mail with the postage and address on it from india and one from china.. LOL LOL

  9. “Cantor dust is a multi-dimensional version of the Cantor set. ”
    Not to be confused with Cantor-Fitzgerald dust, which was leftover after 9-11 took down the towers.?

    • Wow! GMO humans! For the love of GOD, WHY?

      My gut feeling remains that these “vaccines” are being pushed for both financial and control purposes. I believe, based on a fair amount of personal study and formal education too, that Covid, as we know it, will likely burn out in 2022, if not sooner. If the “vaccines” are not accepted and indulged in by masses of the population before that, we will have no reason to even consider taking such a risk.

      I’m still on board with prevention, mitigation, and cure. These are all possible and have been demonstrated many times and many ways already.

    • Ankkars: That picture of grinning Bill Gates took me back to 7th grade. I attended summer school once after 7th grade at Lakeside School in Seattle, Bill’s Alma mater.
      When I first got into the classroom everyone was seated around a conference table and only one seat was left, next to “William Gates,III”. (We had to wear name tags.) Whenever we came to study chemistry he thought it was real funny to ask “would you like a potassium milkshake?” or a “Sodium split?” He said it with a phony Dracula accent and laughed with that same grin! The whole class got sick of it. He was truly a nerd among nerds. His friend Paul Allen sat way on the other side of the table. To see him promoting vaccines now is like a nightmare come true!… They offered me a full scholarship to attend full time but I turned it down. I could have been one of the elite! However, I did make it to finally become a bank director. Food Bank Director that is! I have real physical reserves in a truck parked on my business property. Got some popcorn in stock right now.

  10. Remember WTC building 7 collapsing years ago because of falling debris? The collapse of the Arecibo Observatory a few days back may end up being put down to a severe case of benign neglect. It’s a bit puzzling to consider that the second cable that snapped in November was allegedly only carrying 60% of its design weight. Why didn’t the overseeing federal National Science Foundation leadership take repair action when the first cable “popped out of its socket” 6 months earlier? Why has the NSF news archive not been updated since April 2019, and similarly what has happened to the formerly frequent now awol updates from the NSF leadership? Why are the 1996 to 2021 budget requests and appropriations no longer available under ?

    Document NSF18045 “Strategic Plan 2018-2022” published in Feb. 2018 offers some interesting blather about gravitational wave study and bending space time. Sound like Ure thing? No problem, China’s TianQin (Heavens Stringed Instrument) and EU/ESA’s LISA projects are underway. NASA’s? Sorry, nixed under the Obama administration. Hopefully our in-house demopublican can offer the deets on that.

  11. “Change coming? “House passes marijuana decriminalization bill.”

    It is about time…. My daddy always said… list the pro’s and then the con’s.. well.. listing the pro’s and cons on marijuana the pro’s are so numerous that would impact almost every facet of life in a positive way that to list them would literally fills semi loads of paper while the con’s would maybe make a half sheet of paper… and most of the con’s revolve around individuals that already have issues..
    Now take alcohol.. boy that one the pro’s are so minimal that you maybe could make up as much as the con’s of marijuana.. yet the con’s are the ones that are so numerous.. get someone drunk and he is ten feet tall and bulletproof.. with marijuana if you got someone high he might start laughing and ask where the chips are.. maybe that is why violent crime is down.. so are accidents.. hey besides the tax revenue.. and the cost of insurance going down.. and the legal fee’s associated with court cases and incarcerations..
    what really gets me is those that will use it for recreation are already ,whether or not it is legal or not.. an estimated one in three are actively using it for recreation.. so legalize it tax it and regulate it.. if someone is driving high then fine them just like you do someone that is drinking and driving..

    • Absolutely agree. Never gave the law about this (marijuana) a second thought. And despite the decriminalization bill that was not passed here in New Zealand, it makes no practical difference.
      Many, many Kiwis smoke pot. Easy to get, Class A quality, and almost unless you are an idiot or very unlucky, its very hard to get busted. Easy to grow.
      I exercised my god given right to smoke decades ago, do not drink alcohol, and have never looked back.
      I have a Comp Sci degree and a sharp mind at 57.
      Alcohol has little to recommend it. I have from time to drunk a cold bear when offered on a hot day, maybe once every few years.

  12. further george tell your new mates .. nobody wins .. its called survival . im sure they are much smarter than me .

  13. Mark, thanks for your well written comments, I hope that others on this list would stop their rude run on sentences that may truly have something to share, but can’t be deciphered from the hate/sex/victimization fixations.

    Trump’s rallies hurt his vote (most prefer their afternoon live TV entertainment of Sponge Don Square Pants, or ‘the bully who can do no wrong’, appealing to their need of validation for their ‘victimized state’….his blaming of Antifa, leftists, liberals, Democrats parallels how Hitler got the Germans to believe that ‘lefty jews’ were the cause of their defeat and horrible reparations debt from WWI :

    It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to…you would cry too if it happened to you:
    …June ’79 mfg jobs were 22% of total non farm employment, June ’19, 9% of total non farm employment…

    ‘Born In the USA’, circa late ’70’s, last period when immigrants were at a 160 yr low population percentage of 5%!

    Notice, as a percentage of population, immigrants are now at the same 15% population level as ‘the Industrial Age immigrants’ (1860-1920)

    George, more on your farming anxiety, from ‘little New Delhi by the Bay’
    it’s those lefties protesting again, tying up the Bay Bridge due to Punjabi farmers!

  14. Wow- So, supporting Trump, or opposing BLM or Antifa, is antisemitism ? That seems to be the progressive conspiracy theory of the week that keeps cropping up from authors who change their handle on every post. I would hope that progressives might truly have something, well, progressive to share, but it can’t be deciphered from the litany of leftist hate/sex/victimization conspiracy theories they spew. This week anyone who isn’t progressive is another Hitler, it seems.

    So, did you jump the gun and trot out next weeks’ progressive talking points on immigration statistics a day early? That doesn’t fit it with anything posted by the other readers. But why we are on the subject, weren’t most of the losses in employment of the past decade caused by American factories being carted off to the far east? And which subculture common to both the dominant political gangs are champions of the CCP ? You should know, you are acting as a spokesman for them.

  15. “Police in suburbs north of Seattle say so-called “sovereign citizens” have been visiting homes in at least two communities, presenting homeowners with official-looking documents, and announcing that they’re the rightful owners.”

    “Their group believes they own all of the land between Alaska and Argentina and all the islands in between,” Sgt. Josh McClure of the Edmonds Police Department told the station. “Unfortunately, Edmonds falls between that land.”

    In North Carolina, a couple took over a multimillion-dollar home that had been put up for sale and barricaded themselves inside

    In Maryland, a member of the group moved into a 12-bedroom mansion

    At least the confidence jerks have good taste…

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