Shop Talk Sunday: Adventuring and UV Glue

Learning From Our Kids

When you creep up into your 70s, one of the things you wonder is “Gee, if I were younger, how would I live in today’s world?”

I’m fortunate.  I consider the offspring:  One daughter is  a mental health counselor, working on a masters.  The other daughter is going up the food chain in medical insurance troubleshooting.  And then there’s son George, II.

As I mentioned recently, (firefighter/emt) he’s been on a couple of Type I forest fire gigs this fall including the East Troublesome fire northwest of Boulder Colorado.  G II likes Boulder because he’s got a heartthrob there.  Which means he goes through the Denver airport a bit.  Therein is the tale.

On a trip recently, he took some of the finest Marketing 101 pictures ever.  Because, as you know, there are all kinds of Conspiracy Theories about what goes on under the Denver Airport.  See if you can figure out the “marketing message” here:

An old business school mantra has it that if you listen “Your customers will tell you whatr business you’re Really In…”  Denver listens

Fox Mulder and Dana Scully would proud.  Wait!  They were here a second ago…

Back Country Winter

G II, when not being ops chief for his fire/health dept’s front line of the ‘rona, is parking his gear this winter in a yurt on the backside of the Washington Cascades.  Yep, yurt with no running water and strictly off-grid:

Out his “back door” it’s a hell of a climb up the boulder field to hilltop:

And at night, with a single 90-watt solar panel, and a low winter sun angle, there’s not much light inside the yurt.

Notwithstanding, though, the small wood stove will bring the inside temp from 20 F up to 70F in about 2-hours.  Now, if he didn’t have to pack-in the wood  and the water.

By the way:  Composting toilet works great, though as he explains “Kinda strange to say “Saturday, so I have to take the garbage  and the shit out…”  The fermenting poo is collected for later gardening use.  (In those boulders?) OK… that’s backcountry living, for sure.  Thought you’d enjoy seeing what real “cool” adventures look like.

We’d keep the “EB on “mother” if you know what that means.  (Hint: EB=electric blanket, lol…though we don’t use ’em.  Figure it’s not a safe mix with a grounding sheet…)

Light Crown Build

As readers know, I’m a  huge  fan  of red light therapy for a variety of physical conditions.  Quackery meets Georgery, except it does work for some things.

Have been a fan since 2016.  Longer for Elaine, since her AMD has been held-at-bay (and partially reversed) using red light therapy, as well.

My “standard Light Crown” is nothing more than a plastic skateboarding helmet that has the padding ripped out.  In its place, I’ve glued in one of those 5-meter long red LED strips.  I order several different types from the Zon and then look at them (powered-up) through the dime-store spectroscope.  (A whopping $8.59 for a EISCO – PH100QA Premium Quantitative Spectroscope, +/- 5nm Accuracy at Amazon.)  Surprisingly good.

The biggest problem is long-term attachment of the light rope inside the helmet.  The “sticky backing” doesn’t hold long-term worth a crap.  I’ve tried a number of adhesives.

Early versions were held in place with Duco Cement which worked pretty well but was time-consuming.  However, because the glue-up is to a styrofoam shell liner (with the pads ripped out), regular  Testors Model Airplane Glue is simply too “hot.”  Melts into the helmet and doesn’t hold well.

I tried the  Gorilla Glue (*Gorilla Clear Glue, 3.75 Ounce Bottle, Clear with little change from an $8-bill).  The problem with it is drying speed.  Needs to be clamped for a good 2-hours.  Strong thereafter, full-strength in 24-hours.  But being ADHD and sitting for 2-hours for each of 15-feet?  Er….maybe… HELL NO!

So in this morning’s build, I’ll be using the “new kids on the block” – Ultraviolet-curing resin.  Seems to hold without melting the styro and with a “hot curing light” (Befenybay 405nm Resin UV- Curing Light 6W Output Effect for LCD DLP SLA 3D, $19.99), but I’ll know a lot more in a few hours.

Since my next 3D printer will be a small resin unit (which make really tough parts), I figure a curing light would be a dual-use tool.  (Z’is guy a delusional tool slut, or what?)

Glue History Lesson

Stick around…

My first “getting to know glue” came when the Major (my mom babysat while the Major’s mom worked)  and I were building paper airplane models.  Mom whipped up some flour and water as glue.  Followed by 5-year old mandatory grilled Velveeta cheese (sort of) sandwiches and cream of mushroom soup…

Next glue through my life was a brown powdered waterproof glue Pappy brewed up out of an  Elmers or Durham’s can of some kind.  Some “casein glue background” over at Wikipedia here.

An early 1960s article about a new “SuperGlue” caught my eye next. Life magazine carried it, remember those?

It was a football helmet, glued to the undersides of a goal post, holding up a football player.   Pappy said “ Big future in adhesives…”  Wasn’t like the Mr. Robinson line in  The Graduate (“Plastics!”) but it was close.  Just like today “3D Printing” and “Robots” are the “new future.”

About age 13, I was helping my late under John on some concrete project, or other  (* he wisely paved over much of his backyard).  Put put a bottle of  Elmers into his concrete.  When asked, he explained that it worked as “bonding compound” with concrete.

Pretty sure the modern analog is along the lines of QUIKRETE GLUES & CEMENTS No. 9902 441607 Concrete Bonding Adhesive which runs about $25-gallon – before shipping.  (*We try to use materials that cost less per gallon than the beer, wine, or liquor served around here, though. This  bonding stuff is almost up to “call brand” pricing.)

A succession of adventures with glues followed.  My current fixation is on 5-minute 2-part epoxies.  These for about $3-bucks a syringe.  There’s a one-minute epoxy but it’s bond is rated 2,400 pounds while the 5-minute variety (going from memory) is up around 3,500 pound rated.

I tried simply speaking to a few parts, but apparently that phrase “In Texas, a man’s word is his bond…” is no longer true.

To make a long story longer:  I’m using the clear UV cure because if it gets on the clear plastic, it will not totally kill light transmissibility.  Even though the epoxies are “clear”, you’re wreck in a sec. with that stuff as a windshield.

Today’s Episode…

Since there are so many “near death experiencers” reporting “life flashed before my eyes” that we have taken to living as “daily movie producer.” With every new day another “episode, or two, to film.”

Today’s “episodes” include UV gluing, shop door lock replacement, new welding table for out side, and maybe a bit of leaf blower time on the pine straw that has been falling inches thick.

There’s also a “gourmet cooking” segment planned featuring the two-legged deer/bubby and two slabs of grilled fresh salmon on the infrared grill.  Stuffed baked potatoes and jug wine.

None of these segments is very challenging, but like that Arctic train ride through Norway on  Youtube – it’s a very relaxing film to watch. Which is what ShopTalk Sunday’s are designed for…

Write when you get rich (or finish your own filming for the day),

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  1. “then look at them (powered-up) through the dime-store spectroscope.”

    Dam… making some xmas wine and wondering.. where in the world did i put the
    I’ll go old school… but now I’ll be curious till I locate it..

  2. george
    we use a cold red laser regularly. wound healing, reducing contusion and swelling at knees and elbow (badly broken once and filled with metal parts now). it’s really quite amazing. considering there are ones that cost 12K with programmable functions, ours at $300 seemed worth taking a chance with (cheapest was around $100 but figured that might be sketchy).

    i’m almost 75, wife is almost 72, and the red light does so much we can actually feel. can’t ask more than that. we sail a 42′ boat, ride bikes lots, and sometimes do dumb shit that hurts. glad we have the little gem.

    check out ringing cedar oil from russia. a shot of that every morning is also recommended. follow with 4 oz of home brew manchurian kombucha… you’ll need retro rockets to slow you down :)


    stop the steal

  3. That’s what nice about this… it’s not can take it with. Just clean it out and roll it up.. then I wouldnt get the toilet just the stove save a hundred bucks..
    In the early to mid eighties I got som chickens.. the owner was telling me how the temperature had to be comment was this must cost you a fortune bvb to run.. nope he had biodigester and the clean out through where all the droppings went into it.. he had the gas from that to heat his buildings run hos equipment and home heat all from that.. when it was digested it was dried and bagged and sold .I was amazed at the system he had in place..the land fill here compressed the gas from the garbage buried and runs their equipment..
    A few of our friends own their own
    Porta potty for their acreage

    • Looks as though that purple thang, is gonna bee a ton o fun in the wintertime!. Bring a bottle of warm water with U when go out to relieve Ureself – so U can Un-Stick Ure frozen ass from the cheap plastic toilet seat. Unless of course U put that thang in the Sun Room/Front porch, of course inside the odors will be rather unpleasant, put at least U wont freeze Ure ass off……..

      • Reminds me of what my grandpa said on the farm back in PA:
        “Nobody was constipated during our cold Winters when we had to use the outhouses.”

    • “Looks as though that purple thang, is gonna bee a ton o fun in the wintertime!. Bring a bottle of warm water with U when go out to relieve Ureself –”

      When I was little.. my parents bought a house that didn’t have any of the modern luxuries.. no electricity no indoor plumbing.. ( well there was a sink.. it drained out into the garden..) an outdoor toilet.. and a wood stove and the lamps were all gas lamps.. we would put the carbide in the container and the water.. my sister and I fought over who got to put in what.. the tub would hang on the wall outback.. anyway my father one year wend and started digging trenches.. in the back yard.. the guys at the gas stations teased him about how they never heard of such a thing that only rich people did that.. he was digging a septic tank and drain line.. LOL LOL LOL….. he would tell them he would be sitting inside at night… rather than making that cold trek to the out door toilet.. we had chamber pots to… eventually we had all the luxuries.. but my father heated the house with wood and coal my whole life.. we would tease him as he got older the temperature got higher in the house LOL…
      around that purple thing.. I guess I would put a green house to heat it.. you can still buy the gas lights but I haven’t seen the carbide units that hung on the walls..

      • Yes sir. Nuts bolts and screws. Lol

        I said that to a friend the other day who asked me the meaning of life. Hahahah. She thought about my answer and said, what?!!

        Then this morning she says, does the screws have to do with Spirals?
        Like the fibonacci spiral? It’s kinda a screw. Hahhahaha.. I said there are all kinds of screws dear. The propeller on a boat is a screw and there is the obvious one. Hahhaa. I said, remember dear. Soemtimes a spiral be can viewed as a circle, a wave, a frequency, a flower, a door and even a Life. It only in added dimension that it can be seen properly.

        She replied, your nuts! And laughed. I said what about them. She has not responded since.


        Yes sir. Nuts.


  4. Composting toilet is a real thing. My first one was a five gallon pail with a smaller bucket for the fluids. Keeping them separate is the key. Add a little peat moss, to absorb moisture from the solids, a little sawdust , it is absorbent as well but mostly for appearances. Work like a charm.

  5. i wonder who is the pitcher and who is the catcher in the moriarty /dalio love affair? like a real odd couple of sith lords . dagolios latest garbage on 321 sewerage is the worst rant of garbage ever .

    • whats amatta Lenster – not digging the GOLD backed Digital/Crypto US Dollar – that is soon to replace the USD fiat ?
      Its one of those wonderful futures – that make up the tini,tiny light U might have glimpsed coming at U from the other end of the “tunnel” ..

  6. I am pleased to announce that Doorfore has begun to feed the Homeless through the revenue produced by it. Thank you SOOO much George, for doing everything you have done so we could get this project launched and make a difference in this world. I am just happy a snug bug in a rug that we are now feeding the homeless through viewing the Future. How Fckn cool is that dude??!!! SOOOO AWESOME!

    Today is a really good day!

  7. i think dagolio would be the catcher . old salty shakin bobby self appointed gold chief would be the pitcher. he would throw em and thrust em good .

  8. A day after a local judge upheld covid-19 provincial health orders prohibiting an objecting church from offering in-person Sunday services rather than online, the group has proceeded to meet again today. The CBC notes that police are in attendance. One anticipates the offertory may include a collection for fine tithing.

    Not to be outdone, SASC Indians have taken to form a motorcade on the city ring road in protest of the Indian government allegedly cutting payments to farmers in India. I’m not sure if similar issues are boiling over for humankind in Silicon Valley.

  9. Conspiracy article on at-home Faraday cages/5G. The take-away, if you have a laptop, connect it to your WiFi, start a continuous ping test then seal in the Faraday cage for a few minutes. That’s a way to test. Could be an encore thought though. LOL

    5G Truthers Bought Faraday Cages to Protect Their Routers. They’re Mad They Worked.

    “A real Faraday cage, however, would block all electromagnetic radiation, including WiFi; these are basically just overpriced metal cages.”

  10. George. How do you feel sharing your Nobel prize in economics with so many people ? Pitchers and catchers . Self interest wins every time.

  11. Old dagolio worried if he can. Ramp gold enough to compensate the life changing devastating pulverising losses in all his other swampwater funds ? I doubt it . Have another cone ray

  12. Geo, while I hate asking stupid questions sometimes I just have to. With the led lights, how do you change the direction when you are installing them? Is it a cut and trim job or what. The other question has to do with the color changing version. If different color lights have different effects would being able to change to a different freq have any benefits.

    • Not too sure what your question is… They wrap (continuously_) around the inside of the helmet, coming in from a rear vent hole (wait! a what???).
      And no, ix-nay on the colored lights./ Only red 660 and longer waves than that show up in the lit.
      A 660 to 700 also seems to restore hair growth in one device. Haven’t needed that, but my hair has gotten darker if that helps?

      • The reason I asked was because in one place you referred to the lights as a rope but in another as the strips. This made wrapping my head around the concept less easy than wrapping the inside of a cap. I think I’ve got it now. The reason I asked about the other lights was with the remote you could set whatever color you wanted(color mixing) and I thought I had remembered one of your comments about the “light crown” was that different colors were associated with different physical effects but maybe I’m just making that up in my head

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