Is $300 Useless? OR is Congress?

1st: A Dough-Check

Dow futures aren’t rising:  Down over 100 with 60 min. to the open. Driven mainly by virus fears.  Oh, and no-go on dough from the slow…

We Warned You of This!

For months we’ve been saying “Once past the Election, lawmakers in the District of Corruption would return to their well-trodden path:  Taking care of  everyone but the people who put them in office.”  Well, shit, lookie here:P

We see the next round of  non-consensual sex with taxpayers gently broached in “COVID-19 relief proposal won’t offer $1,200 checks, but provides extra $300 in federal unemployment benefits.” BFD.

No one is sure how long the additional dough will last – we won’t until (and unless) is gets through and signed by president [fill-in-the-blank]. [Whenever.]

One of the travesties in all this is it will crush coders – and others in the gig economy.  “‘Right now, I’m in panic mode’: US freelancers plead with Congress to pass Covid relief.’  Already, it’s hard-enough for gigsters to get any kind of financial help.  Yet many were forced into freelancing because companies increasingly are cutting head-counts to puff up failing profitability.

Is it a screw-job of monumental proportions?

Sure is.  But, like the old Soviet Era joke goes:  “Doesn’t matter who votes for whom in the Elections.  What matters is who’s counting the votes.”

yeah…See how those “suitcases of ballots” show on video footage has been disappeared and marginalized by the complicit corporate news ops?

A further description of the “bad news gestation period” shows up in “COVID-19 relief: What’s on the table as Congress seeks deal.”  Like you need more Monday morning bumming… The Big Screw, turned slowly.


Stacking up, all over the place:  Virus response is uneven, uncertain, and unpredictable.  Step over to the buffet line, and we’ll show you what we mean:

Meantime, global deaths are >67-million and US deaths are 282,323.  Our pojections have had 369,343 US deaths by New Years, and sadly, we might reach that.

Especially now that hiccups to vaccine deliveries have cropped up.

{Word to the wise:  As you read these stories about “slow” remember, most of the press reporting is extraordinarily anti-Trump biased.}

It is all part of what we will see between now and February – maneuvering so Biden can take credit for everything good and blame Trump for any bad.  When – in point of fact – other than shoot his mouth offa and promise plans and name “future officials” Biden hasn’t done anything of consequence on the virus yet.  All Trump, so far.

Stick around, though:  Abject lessons in Western-style historical revisionism are just ahead, we’re sure…

“So, This Barr Walks Down the Street and Turns into a Civilian…”

Or, does he?

If it’s true that a grand jury can indict a ham sandwich” are we the only ones who thinking about sending John Durham sandwiches this week?  We’re hearing the Durham grand jury may issue an interim report and that’s designed to put enough pressure on the Bidenariet to keep the probe alive. But, we have faith Dems being able to bury everything from people to votes…

(It’ll all work out in the end.  Your end…)

The “Tehran Tick-Tock”

May come later this week, or next, but we expect there will be retributions shortly for Iran’s loss of a key nuclear scientist.  What he was working on isn’t clear, but the US Navy and Iran have maneuvered into something of a stand-off in their deterrence efforts.

Analytics Check

Among automakers: With the accelerated digitisation of the world, the automotive industry is gearing up to an enormous change in 2021.

If you say so: “How data and analytics can foster a healthier population.”

And of similar interest: “Cloud Analytics Market Outlook 2026: Top Companies, Trends, Growth.”

Mountain Lion Death?

Depends who you ask.  Hood County Texas officials think yes.  But “Texas Parks and Wildlife Disputes Preliminary Report of Hood County Mountain Lion Attack.

This is only 120 miles north of us.  Hood County  Texas is a fairly unpopulated place.  About 65,000 people on 420.6 square miles plus 16 square miles of water.

Not to be confused with the Texas bobcats which are fairly common around here.  Not known for tag-teaming humans, though.

Since we still hear rumbles now and then about mountain lions around here in Anderson County (57,741 people of 1,062 Plus 15.4 square miles of water…), it will be interesting to see how the story develops.  Given the populations of easy meals for mountain lions (herds of deer and tons of wild hogs) we’re open to either outcome.  (Zeus the Cat swears it’s a mountain lion, but he cheats at cards and signs absentee ballots for totally untrustworthy.  Makes him a great candidate for office, though…)

Another Monolith!

This latest one, reports the  NY Post, was discovered on the Isle of Wight.  (We’ll have no Wight-shaming here!).  The first one was found in Utah – then one Romania, and another on a mountain neare Atascadero, California.

Some additional photos (remarkable, at that) may be found on the Sky News site over here

Some Local Woo-Woo

Not to reveal too much, too early, but we’ve have  something of a breakthrough insight in our study of hacking space-time.  I’ll get it written up for the Peoplenomics subscribers, but it’s such an interesting “Grand Unifying Theory of Everything” that it may morph into a short book and then show up on Amazon for  Kindle.

Without details, let’s just say I’m beginning to think Immanuel Velikovsky got it wrong.  Further hint?   “Working title” of this current distraction is called “The The Waters of Mars…”

Mind-bending stuff.  I kid you not.


Best laid plans?  Well, you  know how those work out.  Didn’t get to the ultra-violet light-setting glue project Sunday.  So maybe today.

Biggest problem on Mondays around here is “What to work on?”  Even in your 70s (unless you’re in a hurry to die) there are just  so many cool things to pursue in life…

So let’s go do that and hook-up again tomorrow morning…

Write when you get rich,

63 thoughts on “Is $300 Useless? OR is Congress?”

  1. Both parties are as crooked as they come but people still send the same old ones back to office to do it all over again, the auto industry is still shedding jobs and that will only spread to other industries as people find they have no money to buy much of anything, business/banking has had a long run screwing over the American worker and American people, and now it’s their turn to feel the pain and it couldn’t happen to a finer group as they sold the country down the drain, and they use the election, China, Russia, Iran to keep peoples attention focused on that rather than the fact that just down the road looms a disaster. Grand way to head into a new year carrying the fact that years of corruption is finally catching up with them, as they like to say everything is on the table, it will be interesting to see if the country can still remain one or if we end up with two or more.!!

    • bluedogg, the house NEVER loses.

      I think it is finally obvious that OUR elections have been compromised for a LONG time. Just like Tarrant County went Blue in Texas. No way. Dominion is the question and Dominion is the answer.

      Forever and Ever like a Boot on the Neck of Humanity.

    • One can even go back to before the civil war to see who owns us:


      “The division of the United States into two federations of equal force was decided long before the civil war by the high financial power of Europe. These bankers were afraid that the United States, if they remained in one block and as one nation, would attain economical and financial independence, which would upset their financial domination over the world. The voice of the Rothschilds predominated. They foresaw the tremendous booty if they could substitute two feeble democracies, indebted to the financiers, to the vigorous Republic, confident and self-providing. Therefore they started their emissaries in order to exploit the question of slavery and thus dig an abyss between the two parts of the Republic.” — Otto von Bismarck, 1876

      Nowadays the abyss is between RACES mainly pitting all the minority races against the white race.

    • “auto industry is still shedding jobs”

      I am not sure about everywhere else but around here that’s becoming a common place

  2. As an insight into Veliskovsky, have a look at Donald Pattens book “Flood and the Ice Epoch”, takes Veliskovsky a bit further, and yes, Mars plays into it as well.

    • I read Worlds in Collision waaay back when I was a teen. Velikovsky was onto something, but modern astrophysicists now believe what happened was actually a flip flopping of Velokovky’s theory, where Jupiter and Saturn formed within the inner solar system, dragging nascent ‘super Earths’ into collision courses with each other before being flung into their current orbits. Venus, Earth and Mars formed out of the remaining rubble, explaining why the are younger than the gas giants. Called the ‘Grand Tack’ theory/hypothesis . . .

      . . . support comes from early solar system computer simulations combined with our more recent viewing of hundreds of nearby planetary systems, which show super Earth formations and gas giants closer to their parent stars. Our solar system’s gas giants now serve as solar system sentinels, vacuuming many dangerous comets and asteroids up before they can impact the inner planets.

  3. Flatland mountain lions were referred to as Texas panthers in olden days. The smallish momma panther who lived nearby for a decade or so was a dark reddish brown, and would have looked black in dark shade.
    She was replaced with a regulation mountain lion who was rather large.
    I haven’t seen a big cat other than Little Bobby, my resident hybrid bobcat, in several years.
    I am seeing big canine tracks eith deep nail marks. It looks the timber wolves continue to be more extanct than extinct.

  4. My simple-minded understanding of the matter is this; there are exactly two ways of acquiring immunity to ANY disease. They are:

    A) Get the disease, and survive.


    B) Get vaccinated, and become immune.

    (Actually, a third exists: be somewhere else — such as on another planet — where you’re permanently and effectively out of reach.)

    All these many closings and forced shutdowns and house arrests will do in smear out the duration of the virus’ spread and duration to a much longer period.. The same number of people will “get sick” or die — they’ll just take a lot longer to do it. The virus will spread more slowly, but the body count (independent of acquired immunity via vaccination) will be about the same over time.

    Additionally, a very large number of people will GET the virus, but show little to no symptoms. This is why counting “cases” that test positive for antibodies is a worthless yardstick. The number of actually, physically ill people seems to be a LOT less. MOST people, it seems, shake it off asymptomatically, or have a case of the flu.

    Now, if you’re one of the ones to get it and DIE, obviously, that’s a Very Extremely Big Deal to you and your friends and family. What NASA used to call a “low-probability, high-consequence” event.

    This does seem to be the FIRST pandemic, where EVERBODY was quarantined, and not just the sick ones.

    • I personally think that we all will get it at some point in time.
      From what I’ve read and heard..
      Even though you survive it does damage. The next time you get it will do more damage and weaken until the body eventually gives in..

    • I agree.. my thoughts my curiosity is.If what is being said true. Then just how much cooperation and business dealings does six million a year buy.

  5. No tick-tock Kemosabe – mossad – chief of Operations – fahmi hivani was assassinated in the middle of the street in tel-aviv this weekend – by team Iranian Intelligence “shooters”.

    .. Shadoobie!…..Blackshadow wants the Bitcoinz, or some really nasty stuff has/will be/been”released” regards israhell -pols/businesses-owners..

    * rabbits overheard gossiping regards – creepy meeting with #4 cocaine mitch – looking 4 a deal – “come on man!”- how intellectually weak is this clown ?
    NO DEALS . Been TOLD that since Day 1.

    * morons not paying attention.

    WTF Dept – 5x normal Air Traffic into Nellis airfarcebase this weekend -over 26 c17’s , and at least 20 C-130’s – every other one turn off transponders/Dark..

    .”.C130 rolling the strip, air froggy gonna take a little trip..

    leak : Ure gonna luv the new Dollar – its backed by GOLD, its is Digital/Crypto hint: got a lil Silver?
    “hook up, buckle up, shuffle to the door”

    Coulda,woulda ,shoulda Dept – whats happenin captin ?
    ! Efforce
    “jump right out and count to 4, 1 thousand 2 thousand all is fine, 3 thousand 4 thousand pull that line.”
    – DeCentralized Crypto – that allows anyone/everyone to Benefit from Energy

    “if that chute dont open wide – I gotz another 1 by my side”

    Efficiency Projects – brought U by the Woz hisself.

    “if that chute should fail me too – look out below Im bouncing thru”

    The Woz – one of the few “GOOD Guys” in Sillycon valley..empasis on FEW!

    “if I die on the German/DVD front, bury me in a German/DVD C u next Tuesday!”

    Can NOT Stop Whats Coming – it has already started -doubting Thomas’s ? – Wheres the “Waldos”

    • “But I was there and I saw what you did, I saw with my own two eyes
      So you can wipe off that grin, I know where you’ve been
      It’s all been a pack of lies
      I can feel it coming in the air tonight, Oh Lord
      I’ve been waiting for this moment for all of my life, Oh Lord”
      Phil Collins

    • This Mountain Lion is Alive and I speak Jive. Like Optimist Prime,

      “Jus’ hang loose, blood. She gonna catch ya up on da rebound on da med side.”

      Catch ya on the flip side.

      As smart as I may appear? The only difference is no fear. Like Buda, I’m just a phat ass siting in the shade of a Tree called, Life.

      Since you are getting all fingery and feely? Call me, AT&T.

      I will reach out and touch your soul, brother from another mother. There those who are touched and there the Touch.

      Ya feel me?

      On the topic of Love, toes and flowers?

      Pedistals peditals pedistalls. Head over heels is how one finds their ass.
      These ain’t my plans. They come down from the top of the mountain.

      Last night, Sky Daddy said you are High. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves now…

      • As my friend Native Joe says. Even a bald man that hangs out in the barbershop long enough??
        eventually gets a haircut too.

  6. Hello George,
    “Best laid plans? Well, you know how those work out. Didn’t get to the ultra-violet light-setting glue project Sunday. So maybe today.
    If you are still looking for an adhesive for your light crown project, here is a product that I’ve come to rely on for sticking things together when they are tough to hold.
    Head to Ace Hardware and pick up a tube of “GOOP” brand sealant. Sticks well to unstickable surfaces in wood, metals, plastics-(etches into but is not too ‘hot’ for most plastics), stays flexible, dries clear and has insulative qualities. Good stuff. Not sure of it’s effect on foam based plastics though. If you haven’t tried it yet, you will like it for it’s qualities.

  7. None of the vaccines are going to make you immune to COVID, especially if they are based on anti-bodies. COVID anti-bodies fade within a few months meaning you can keep getting sick even with a vaccine.

  8. I nearly creamed a rather large bobcat last spring. It had been stalking deer when I came along and the deer took the opportunity to run in front of me first, followed by the bobcat. I stopped the car in disbelief! That beast stopped at the side of the road, and turned to look at my jeep as if to communicate that it was next on his hit list. Bold critters, those bobcats. I live pretty close to the Hoosier National Forest and have seen quite the variety of wildlife. But never saw a bobcat that close to my residence till then. Needless to say, when the Yeti-
    Cat gets spooked, he stays indoors and now I know why!

    I’ll take that river otter and mink over a bobcat ANYDAY!

  9. When did this occur?
    …..mossad chief of Operations fahmi hivani was assassinated in the middle of the street in tel-aviv this weekend by team Iranian Intelligence “shooters”.

    Google search shows nothing.

    • No Shit ! who owns Google ? What is Google Works ? Dont know ? EXACT opposite of their famous corp culture quote “do no evil’. Check Middle East news sources ..non israhell sources

      • Maybe in coinahell they can’t read.
        (The rest of us know the chief of Mossad is Yossi Cohen.)
        Right-wing or just nutter news ure claim? Whatever…Fake!
        Anti-Semitism causes (or is) brain damage.

      • Dear George,

        “Remain calm and carryon.”

        Google is compromised?

        Iran is identifying their nuclear scientist retaliatory quarry by an arabic moniker? There is coverage on Turkish-hosted sites. Twitter may be less nimble at filtering arabic and farsi scripts?

        My links? …Confucius say, when darts fly, do not hold dart board.


        Ops Chief – patd! not Chief of mossad.

        more video @Bisimchi Media, Arab News Today.

        Now Ure knows WHO CONTROLS him, Who Ure MASTERS R, U can start grovelling to [Redact stamp comes out] anytime G Ure SHEEP .. and Why Ure Vote NEVER counted ..aint that right gavin gruesome? can U say “overturned” or Gitmo?

        btw – tower of Babel = “Launch Tower”, Baalbek 1st/original spaceport – twinpeaks ararat/ ground guidance sys, other in “enchanted forest” = cedars of lebanon, final location of spaceport&mission control – jerusalem.
        Dropping bombs – its wakey wakey time! also Earthquake Time – pay attention leftcoasters – plans B,C,D should be dusted off and reviewed..

      • Gotta learn to read so I don’t have to redact and read to you.
        From your twit ref your source is? “The Mossad’s Elite Parody Division. Training sharks, weather control and other minor inconveniences…” We don’t do bullshit timewasting on here.
        [Redact stamp comes out]

        Around here: Anti-Semitism [hiding under ‘parody’]is still? Anti-Semitism
        Ditto Racism [hiding under ‘parody’] is still? Racism…

        Seeing the pattern, yet?

      • gonna tell em about giant canyon valles marineris on Mars was created simultaneously as Earths Grand Canyon ? Inter Galactic Lighting not Erosion.
        Was venus involved, is that why ancient peeps/societies “threw down” Women from Leadership positions -after witnessing what that “bitch” did to the planet? its ALL electric after all..

  10. George, small typo today. There are not 67m global deaths, only 1.54m.

    Total cases

  11. The retailers won’t be happy to see no $1,250 per head. The bigger question is…does this signal a slowdown of the massive liquidity the fed is providing to the stock market. That would equal a market pullback. Not a collapse. Remember, England, after WWII, was a shell of itself, but it did not result in anarchy & depression. After 75 years, England is still civilized. London is not a ghost town, but like NYC or LA, dangerous if you are in the wrong part. And to carry that thought forward, civilized life will continue in the USA. No need to panic.

  12. Re: “Meantime, global deaths are >67-million and US deaths are 282,323. Our pojections have had 369,343 US deaths by New Years, and sadly, we might reach that.”

    A very nice piece of work was reported here (and other places) throws your numbers into doubt.

    “There are No Excess Deaths (From All Causes, Including Those “with COVID”) in the USA. Data Matches 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

    In 2015, a total of 2,712,630 resident deaths were registered in the United States:

    In 2016, a total of 2,744,248 resident deaths were registered in the United States:

    In 2017, a total of 2,813,503 resident deaths were registered in the United States:

    In 2018, a total of 2,839,205 resident deaths were registered in the United States:

    2019, January – December month ending number of deaths, 2,855,000:

    2020 number of deaths (all causes) through 11/28/2020, 2,654,825:

    So, from data reported by the CDC, 2019 to current 2020, 200,175 few people died in this country over the last year!
    Some “pandemic”!

    It should be of interest that the published death rate from heart disease has (approximately) dropped in half during 2020, while the published death rate attributed to covid-19 has been climbing.
    (Look it up yourself. I’m not going to do all your work for you. Grin)

    Before jumping to the tempting (and true!) conclusion that reports of covid deaths are being “padded” by deaths from other causes, a study came out a few years back that reported that your odds of surviving a heart attack doubled if your doctor was out of town at the time. So, maybe heart attack deaths really have dropped in half due to people staying away from doctors.

    In 2005 there was a paper published by Gary Null, Ph.D.; Carolyn Dean, M.D., N.D.; Martin Feldman, M.D.; Debora Rasio, M.D. titled ‘Death by Medicine” and in 2011 a book was published by the same authors (available on Amazon) clearly showing that the leading cause of death in this country is NOT heart disease, cancer or diabetes, it is in fact the practice of medicine itself that kills the most people. (by a large margin!)

    Sure, there are some really awesome doctors in this country.
    I don’t mean to imply otherwise.
    There are even more who are simply very good at their jobs.
    The problem lies with the other 99% …

  13. G-dude,
    whats shakin & bakin in the Texas outback U ole sidewinder U.
    Feel the need for some old wisdom to be chewed upon.

    lord Lao wrote many moons ago..”managing a big country – is like cooking many small fish.
    the more U stir – the less their shape can be maintained.”

    – more importantly – “in managing people and serving Heaven, there is nothing better than sparing unnecessary activities and expense.

    To be Thrifty – means to return to simple essence of life.

    To return to the simple essence of life is to nourish subtle Virtue.
    To nourish subtle Virtue is to be able to overcome any difficulty.
    Being able to overcome difficulties, one can break through all limitations..”

    coot went to pick up some junk silver (90% Silver) $100 Face Value – and they were charging 12.5% premium ! uhh NO, nyet, fugitt!
    Hello BTC “shatoshi” (fractional BTC) with only .014% Premium/fee @ Coinbase
    Ure knows what happened to Cash Balances this month – U got a BUZZ cut! rut ruh – & U coulda been starting some building pads/construction on that property for future “farm hands” to live in….
    Lites Out…

  14. “won’t offer $1,200 checks, but provides extra $300 in federal unemployment benefits.” BFD”
    The deal with unemployment benefits… is the average person unemployed WON’T be qualified to get it if they are unemployed…
    It has always been a joke..looks good on paper but something you realistically cannot expect in the event your unemployed..
    At this point with as many people that there are on the verge of being evicted and foreclosed on..even the 1200.00 check won’t touch whats needed.. not even a band aid. I think the only reason they are tossing the extra unemployment benefits is to let the people that are able to get them can spend it for xmas..

    • My big question…is it going to escalate in March.. if March 15 will be the day it all goes ballistic…
      For the longest time I would have dreams where a small blonde woman would take me to see bleak images ..of a storm coming and like men in suits around barrels burning money or people walking listlessly.. then I would wake up at 3/15 every morning with this feeling that it was important…

      • Don’t forget many of the workers aren’t paying payroll tax right now, hail to the chief.

    • Proves “The COVA” is just the flu. Both Rudy & the Donald were moderately sick. A scam to fix the election. Thank you again for pointing this out. You are a wonderful human being.

    • And see how that Bat can’t hit a Democrat if it flew right into it. Surely you understand it is a Bio Weapon.

      Obviously planted on all Republicans as needed.

    • Hey Mark,

      I remember watching a CNN news clip last summer with a reporter standing in front of burning buildings being looted by BLM and telling us it was a peaceful protest. Nothing to see here.

      Now we watch a video of poll observers being ushered out of a room and told to go home, there is a water leak and vote counting is over for the night. Sometime later a table is moved in, several suitcases of votes are moved out from under it and vote counting frantically starts again without the observers. We are told this perfectly normal. Nothing to see here.

      I know we are being asked to redefine “peaceful” and “normal” by the left but can’t help but thinking about Judge Judy’s book “Don’t piss on my leg and tell me its raining.”

      Are we really expected to be that stupid?

  15. “there are some really awesome doctors in this country.”

    Yes there are.. then theres some that you wouldn’t take an animal to..some that rush through procedures and some that have exceptionally high infection rates. Some that think their god .
    If their nurse cant stand them is usually a good clue. I have seen them throw charts ar nurses because the nurse did their job and called them because of something stupid they wrote..I make sure all of my doctors make the notation in an after hours situation let the on call handle it I will evaluate in the am… STP… stabilize and transport patients.. let the man make the million dollar decisions that makes the cash..
    Always check the competency of someone in charge. The same with the facility.. dont go by the dead carp certification check it out..
    Those working on the floor usually know.. they won’t say it though. Their jobs are dependent on it being a secret.. I was lucky.. my doctors worked side by side with me while they went to school..he had to show me his microscope when he got his first practice..

  16. We discussed this Dude before we rang the Liberty doorbell. Slow and steady wins the race said the Great Turtle Nation. I’m not out chasing rabbits. The only competition I’m in, is with me. So I run my own race. It’s the one for me.

    A tree with no roots falls down with a breath of wind. This aint fireweed I’m planting. I’m droppin Acorns dude.

    A ship with it’s sails down is still making subtle movements floating with the current. Ounce the winds of change bellow? I will Hoystt the yard arm, set the main sale and take this ship to the promise land.
    Fer now, I will enjoy the warmth of the sun
    on my face, and sing these songs of freedom. These redemption songs are all I ever had.

    Speaking of plains of existence!

    ~ Its one thing to fly. It’s another to help others discover their wings. ~

    And to fly one must incoperate the system of thought, that airplanes think.

    That’s why I write the gift of Seeds, vessels, and the wright of light. Flight

    And with my 8 tiny raindear?

    Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good night.

    Que: Roodolf the nose that always Knows.

    Clique 116.

  17. The good woo woo news of the day…i found my refractometer… if it had been a bee.. it would have stung me..right in front of me.. I swear I took everything off of the shelf at least twice if not more.. walk out this morning and there it is..

  18. What I find interesting about the man killed in Hood County, supposedly by a mountain lion, is that several wildlife experts disagree with that assessment. The report from the medical examiner from Tarrant County (i.e., Fort Worth), came to the conclusion that the man’s death was the result of an animal attack, most likely a mountain lion. Meanwhile, Texas Parks and Wildlife and a U.S. Department of Agriculture Wildlife Services trapper reviewed the evidence onsite and found no evidence of a predatory attack. The man was last seen early Wednesday morning by neighbors and reported missing Thursday. Deputies found him in a wooded area that same day. I have not found any more details, but it sounds like the man went out to his deer lease to hunt, since the deputies knew the area to look for him. Again, I am speculating he was hunting, as the news reports I have read do not indicate one way or another. If he was, I would be curious to know if his firearm had been discharged. Did he see something in the woods and took a shot at it, only to merely succeed in royally pissing it off? Or have the misfortune of stumbling into something that really wants be left alone, and may be resentful of humans encroaching on its home? If it was a mountain lion, it is only the 31st fatal attack in the last century in the U.S., and the first in Texas. If it is not, are we looking at evidence of a cryptid? Bigfoot or Dogman?

    • These are wild enough areas of Texas, it can’t be rules out.
      Most of the big feet though, simply throw pine cones to distract and failing that move up to small rocks.
      Some day, I have to write up some of the stories about here on the upper reaches of Mound Prairie Creek – think the place even has enough of a “rep” to have made it into one of Steve Quayle’s books on Giants.
      A late friend of ours not only caught glimpses of one at dusk about 4-miles south of us, but has also seen a lot of orbs in that area.
      And several times – out on the property – I have been just standing quietly and there will be some noise and then this stink, stench, or whatever you want to call it. Not the smell of wild pig, and not the smell of a coon or possum. No, this is…um…choking smell but not heavy enough to actually choke you if that makes any sense. But that kind of reaction. It’s weird…

  19. With the exception of maybe a recent dig at Pelosi, I have tried to avoid ethnic and religious hate speech in my comments. The use of banned symbols, threats, and non-political slurs are demeaning to the commentator, and to the discussion. That the comments have not spiraled down the tubes like they have on sites like ZH is to G____’s credit. Everyone take a deep breath, because the next two weeks is shaping up to be very contentious in the extreme. Think before you post a knee-jerk hate comment.

  20. every cent of stimulus is destroying the nothing that is left . numbers tell us that it is a depression worse than 29/34 , 87 , 2000 to 2002 and o8 /09 put together . magnitude of 10 . wake up storytellers everybody cops it

  21. Good Morning Optimist Prime. I am now manifesting in my own life on my site. Not just the world scale as it seems when I’m on those types of sites.

    “We are getting a new computer” in my rant on my site about iPods. 6 hours later my powersupply fried on my tower and it went tits up.


    Well the good news is I didn’t manifest Dante’s 7 circles of hell. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA I hope.

    I guess power is Power.
    Have a wonderful day.

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