Biz Confidence Falls – Consumer Debt Weak

More Evidence 2021 A Bummer

I made a personal  “investment policy decision” last week:  I’ve decided not to play the market until after the presidential inauguration January 20, 2021. 

There’s simply too much that can go wrong – too many hidden variable to mess with.  Plus a ton of contrary and conflicting views.

Before we roll out the latest data – and take a stab at what it means – a few points on trading:

  • There’s a story today about the number of restaurants that have closed-up and are unlikely to ever re-open: 110,000.  In and of itself, the number  feels  small on the surface:  It’s not.  Most restaurants – if they had any  game on at all, had around 10-employees.  Couple of people doing dishes out back, a hostess or two, another 3-4 on the wait-staff.  Maybe a manager and surely the owner.  And that’s for one shift…
  • When you push out those kinds of numbers, we’re well over 1-million people.  And since restaurants often have a great side benefit (some free meals for employees) the tossing of the former restaurant workers under the Covid bus may account (in part) for the record number of people claiming food stamps.
  • In economics – when pushing out numbers – these are primary jobs.  There are second-level impacts and layers beyond.  The food service delivery trucks.  The produce market workers.  Who made the paper products (napkins), made, and delivered those?  Didn’t the place recently put in a new point-of-sale system?  Those companies may survive for a while, but it’s not looking very good.

While our Idiots of the Swamp can’t get their collective poop in a group, did you notice how without histrionics Japan Approves $700 Billion Stimulus Package?

Could it be that Mitch is holding out for cash for everyone? Bipartisan stimulus deal in jeopardy as McConnell refuses to back package.

New Small Business Optimism

National Federation of Independent Business is out with it’s monthly read of future from the trenches – small business owners.  Happy-face is there, but it’s wearing a bit thin:

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Dec. 8, 2020) – The NFIB Small Business Optimism Index declined 2.6 points in November to 101.4 but remains well above the 47-year historical average reading of 98. Six of the 10 Index components declined and four increased. The NFIB Uncertainty Index decreased 8 points to 90, still a historically high reading. Owners expecting better business conditions over the next 6 months declined 19 points to a net 8%.

“Small business owners are still facing major uncertainties, including the COVID-19 crisis and the upcoming Georgia runoff election, which is shaping how they’re viewing future business conditions,” said NFIB Chief Economist Bill Dunkelberg. “The recovery will remain uneven as long as we see state and local mandates that target business conditions and disproportionately affect small businesses.”

  • Earnings trends over the past 3 months declined 4 points to a net negative 7% reporting higher earnings quarter over quarter.
  • Inventory investment plans for the next 3 to 6 months decreased 7 points from a 48-year record high of a net 12% in October to a net 5% in November.

As reported in NFIB’s November jobs report, finding qualified employees remains a problem for small business owners with 89% of those hiring or trying to hire reporting few or no “qualified” applicants for the positions they were trying to fill. Twenty-seven percent of owners reported few qualified applicants for their open positions and 20% reported none.”

We won’t even begin to rewrite the NFIB  press release – the facts are there –and starkly so – and need to be taken seriously.  No second Covid-check’s and a lame-ass congress.  Which should explain our pre-election mantra “Throw them ALL Out…

Debt?  The Yoke’s On You

Amidst the gathering gloom, the Fed’s Consumer Debt report (called a credit report because they are on the creditor’s side) didn’t look too healthy, either.

  • Revolving debt (as in credit cards) dropped at a 6.7% annual rate. With no second CV checks and BS in lieu of promises kept, you’re like what....Surprised???
  • On the other hand, non-revolving was up a tenth to 4.8% annualized.  But, just between us, when the money supply has been jacked up 40%, that whispers (just off-stage) that deflation of more than 35% annualized is continuing.
  • On the other side, average new car  loan values were $34,660 in September,  Though we think anyone buying new wheels while facing CV lockdowns oughta have their heads examined.  You need a new ride to go where, exactly?
  • More inferences are Ure’s for the taking here.

One other thing:  If you own bank stocks, note this to your calendar: Federal Reserve Board announces results from second round of bank stress tests will be released Friday, December 18, at 4:30 p.m. EST.  After the market closes on a Friday with a couple of cooling off days to follow?  “Z’at a hint there Powell, or what?”

Airplanes and Aliens Dept.

Chuck Yeager, test pilot extraordinaire – and first to break the  sound barrier dead at age 97.

Curiously, another “Look!  Up in the sky!” of interest rolls out the same day:

Story in the J-Post demands more details as the “Former Israeli space security chief says aliens exist, humanity not ready.”  And, goes the story, D.C. and Tel Aviv have been in contact for years.

Once again, is another “wild, unfounded conspiracy theory” proving to be correct?  We await confessions and confirmations.

If these “larger contexts” are of interest, tomorrow morning’s “The Oceans of Mars” on the Peoplenomics site will be of interest, too.  4,500 words…and tons of background to finish today.

A.I. News Check

A quiet day between  the “warring factions” who use A.I. direction of news to push events around.  Usually, we find a couple of widely  repeated 7 and 8 words phrases being programmed into the population by news sites.

This morning in one view of the data, the only repeated 7 word phrase is how presidential (hopeful) Joe Biden has decided “…to nominate retired army general lloyd austin…”  Pardon the A.I.’s not capitalizing his name, but m ore details on Austin’s appointment flow from Wikipedia over here:

Lloyd James Austin III (born August 8, 1953) is an American retired four-star general. An Army officer, he served as the 12th commander of United States Central Command (CENTCOM). Austin was the first Black commander of CENTCOM.

Before CENTCOM, Austin was the 33rd vice chief of staff of the United States Army from January 31, 2012, to March 22, 2013, and the final commanding general of United States Forces – Iraq Operation New Dawn, which ended on December 18, 2011. He retired from the armed services in 2016.”

Good pick, near as we can figure it.

Worth Tracking

Another A.I. ping:  “coronavirus infections” worldwide are 67.7 million cases today.

Another – if you were planning to move to Europe (are you that dumb?) is
“post brexit.”  No doubt a ref to stories like “Moment May Come to End Post-Brexit EU Trade Talks, Says UK PM Johnson.

Harder to find a date? Ghislaine Maxwell losing her hair, weight from imprisonment: lawyers.

Smart or Dumb?  You make the call: She owes $581,000 in student loans — the bill is coming due.

Does Bill Gates need  more? Battery startup backed by Bill Gates claims major breakthrough.  Based on a lithium-metal technology.  Ramp-up speed is the issue now…

Getting Older… But Younger

Short version of a Peoplenomics focus story The Reaction Speed Diet from early October.  In the public interest…

I’ve been continuing the protocol and measuring my reaction speeds using the online tool  Just Park has over here.  As of this morning, the “personal clocking” is going along at  smoking gamer speeds:  

Not bad for almost 72-years old, huh?

If you’re not a subscriber *(shame!) or you aren’t interested in “gunfighter-fast reaction times)  the core idea of the article has to do with what I call “evidence-based personal optimizations.”  Where you can take a body functional test (lower reaction times) and then using changes in your diet, and so forth, and see what changes speed your reactions.

Data tracking stored in Excel reveals things over time.  Following?

As we have long suggested (besides whining about the lack of daily  evidence and data-based medicine being marketed by the Medical Industry/Pharma) if your reactions are half the speed of someone else, you will effectively  live twice as long

It’s like being able to read 2-books a day, instead of one.

And yes, that’s one of the insights into why I seem to get so much done.  Think of it as personal hyperthreading.

You go think about it (but not slowly, right?) and then?

Write when you get rich (or live faster…),

89 thoughts on “Biz Confidence Falls – Consumer Debt Weak”

      • To clarify, the states have to follow the same broadly defined federal laws defined in the constitution and the laws set forth by each state’s constitution and legislature. The only the federal laws must be the same, but the state laws can be different so long as they do not violate the Constitution.

        Quote from Texas AG
        “The states violated statutes enacted by their duly elected legislatures, thereby violating the Constitution. By ignoring both state and federal law, these states have not only tainted the integrity of their own citizens’ vote, but of Texas and every other state that held lawful elections,” Paxton said. “Their failure to abide by the rule of law casts a dark shadow of doubt over the outcome of the entire election. We now ask that the Supreme Court step in to correct this egregious error.”

    • The Constitution NEVER said anything about the rules being the same, and in fact they were different from the Get Go for all the various states.

      The rules were to be determined by each state’s Legislature … and different states utilized different rules from the first election onward. Some states even had their Presidential “electors” chosen by their one or both bodies of their State Legislatures with NO direct vote of the citizenry right up into the 20th century.

      Have no idea where you get the idea the rules for chosing the electors should be the same. Nowhere in the Constitution, or it’s Amendments as I read them is that stated ANYWHERE (only thing in the Amendments is the overall enfranchising of previously disenfranchised citizens for ALL elections).

  1. An article over at News Max said that 75% of people are not complying with their mandated Covid tracking rules. A person commenting on that article from Rhode Island said it was more like 90+% in that state. New York restaurateurs are skirting the rules any way they can in open defiance. Things are slowly building to a crescendo of some sorts.

    • Good!

      The rules I’ve seen in my state and elsewhere are unAmerican!

      People at risk need the option to stay safe. We all need the option to interact with people. Human touch is an actual need – babies die without it and others wither and become damaged goods.

      Choices and autonomy are the essence of freedom. Not false choices, but actual ones. Freedom and self-reliance are the core values of the American experience. Everything else is secondary.

      • Which is why TPTB are doing this while both science and common sense scream the opposite. There are many more of us than there are of those that would be lords over us.

  2. G –

    Have WE been Brainwashed since we were a toddlers, prior too ?
    How easy is it to brainwash an entire Planet ? What is going on in Chinese Economy right now ?
    Do you think a truly “Global Pandemic” virus would have died out already in those overcrowded cities.
    Why did “they” Lockdown” Healthy people? How did U BECOME a mask NAZI – a friggin NAZI.
    The CCP is kicking the shit out of the US/World, with this made up B.S.. a made up Virus/Phys=Op.
    There is NO Virus Sample EVER from China – EVER! PCR is testing ,after 30 cycles, for something that they made up with “off the self” virus code and try to match “closely” for a Positive result..yeah yeah Asymptomatic..bwahahahahaha

    All about Sovereign Nations vs Mr/Mrs Global – archonic, no?

    Now where did that bag of junk silver get forward supplied to ? statepark,county park,under huntin cabin portable porta potty(5 gal bucket)…its cold and dark in them thar “Revolutionary” forests..

    • “How did U BECOME a mask NAZI – a friggin NAZI.”

      Well, I learned to read at age 4, for openers.

      Proceedings of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 3 Nov.

      “Do face masks help? is not the question”

      Ure’s tend to be belt & suspenders people – we stick to numbers and leave the rest of the bullshit (like politics) on the table. Knowing 2% dead is the functional analog to 100% dead puts this into a practical example.

      If the BCN is dumb enough to play Chinese Roulette with a virus, have fun. We’ll try to send a little something to Mrs. BCN when time comes.

      Which we reckon will be before ours.

      Biased to action, pre-emptive risk reduction, critical-thinking, comparative analytics. If BCN believes this to be the result of brainwashing, you have a lot of books (and schools and witches) to burn.

      Still using leeches?

      The reason I can enjoy hobbies with legal voltages (3 KV in ham radio), can race Porsches at 150 MPH and fly multiple transcon’s single engine, year round is a testament to science. I don’t bullshit with high voltage insulation, winds or temps aloft, braking marker at turn 3 at Laguna Seca, or any of a thousand other “science works” examples. Masks are cheaper than burials even with a 2% risk.

      In my world, bullshit will get you killed. Which is why my son is at 1,800+ sky dives, can “lock-in” and show both hands 100-feet up an aerial ladder, and has worked as a high risk infectious disease tracker.

      Seriously? You can’t bullshit people with emotional hot-button nonsense. Life is not a game. It’s an adventure film. We’re doing a “directors cut’ – long version. You’re in the “3-minute feature line” bubba. This is the real shit.

      \Picture a 200 barrel revolver and one bullet. Wanna pull?

      You spin, you pull the trigger. Ka-BLAM – splat! I spin, spin again, spin again, spin again…seeing how the outcome is different?

      I turned a 200 barrel revolver into a 6,000 barrel revolver.

      It’s OK…we have “barrels of fun” in our other parts of life.

      • Got a Covid 19 Virus Sample ?

        Got a electron microscope picture of the COVID19 Virus Sample ? Ever seen one ?

        Can you or anybody else PROVE the COVID 19 Virus Exists.

        Does Ure Son have a COVID 19 virus Sample – has he ever seen one ?

        NONE-NOPE_NYET! otherwise PROVE IT – Geniuses.

        ZERO – U have been had,conned,brainwashed and stupefied, but at least you can drive a back-porch around a turn at speed without coming out of turn rear end 1st – great ! Sure those driving skills will come in handy when Ure running from the phantom virus…aaarrrggghhhheeeellllpppp -Im Scared.

        on the battlefield of LIFE – U be losing to chynease, badly.

      • Okay Mr Narrator – Prove IT!

        Prove its “real shit” !

        SHOW Ure audience THE COVID 19 VIRUS – surly you can produce a electron microscope picture of this nasty virus – so many millions of taxpayer dollars have gone into faking.

        Surly you have detailed analysis and pictures of the Novel protein spike (s). Remember a Novel coronavirus – NEW.

        Ask Ure experts – maybe they have a picture, and novel genetic sequence..

        yep – still waiting ..

        ..since I just Sold some BTC and got Way moar dollars back than put into – let me know when u run out of TP during the Next scare – I got plenty of worthless paper with which to wipe away your tears for fears..

      • I have that no nonsense mini-me called G-11. Chief of ops for a two county fire dept/public health incident command team.
        If I can’t trust the numbers from my son (which jive with the Johns Hopkins number) many of which he has taken to hospital and uncountable more of the tests he’s done, who do you expect me to believe?

        Comes a time all Doubting Thomas’s have to chosen their minimum thresholds. My son’s numbers and reports are more than sufficient for me.

        Maybe you don’t have children who’ve been emt’s for a decade?>

      • Good morning George and all. Up here in the Socialist State of Washington when the so called pandemic broke out, the mention of the so called homeless people (especially in Seattle) ceased to exist. NADA. Now that the election is mostly over, there seems to be more mention of them in the so called nightly news. The one thing about this so called pandemic that bothers me is if the bug was so catchy like the powers that want to be would have you believe, why is it that the street people haven’t been decimated by it? It would seem that their lifestyle would have made survival impossible for them, but yet now that the election is over? they have made it back into the news, just like they never went away. Hmmmmm, the narrative that the working people have to suffer as always with shutdowns and masks etc. seems to be a lot B.S. to me. Don’t get me wrong, I know that people have died from this and that some version of it is real. However, the numbers seem like controlling B.S. when you look at it. I also understand the need for precaution due to health considerations. I just wonder if what is being done by some states is for health reasons, or maybe some other nefarious reason. When so called political leaders say one thing, then do another (do as I say, not as I do), then I have to call a B.S. on the situation because we the people are being lied to. Case in point, some neighbors of my sister were going to have the test done, and at the last moment they couldn’t make it, they got a letter a week or so later saying that they had tested positive for the China flu. HMMMM, mind you, NO TEST! That is why I think that there are other reasons for things being what they are. How many business’s have to go out of business for the powers that want to be to be satisfied? It seem to mainly adversely affect the small ones who aren’t a part of a larger corporation.
        I thought that the suit of the State of Texas against the several battleground states might be interesting if it’s allowed to go forward. If the Supreme Court will hear it, it might be a game changer. Hopefully the suit has the necessary evidence to make the election right. Time, and the court doing it’s job will tell.
        William of the Radio Ranch, I think you’re more right than you think. If you were of the religious persuasion, than it would appear that the powers that want to be are doing everything possible to make their under lord come to power.
        What do you call a failed lawyer, a politician!

      • ECU-
        “Got a electron microscope picture of the COVID19 Virus Sample ? Ever seen one ?”
        I am SO tired of reposting these images again, and again, and AGAIN for you ignorant SOBs who will not do a simple web search of “COVID-19 IMAGE”
        HERE… I did the work for you:

        And that’s not the only one…. there are others out there that I have posted here before . Grow a freakin’ brain, will ya, instead of reposting the ignorant, unfounded conspiracy Bull S#!t.

      • ZERO – like I stated G2 cant prove shit, except people are Sick.
        Its FLU Season geniuses – EVERY YEAR – till year 0/ 2020 – we worried and planned accordingly with oldsters regards Colds & Flu’s and the kids.
        25 cycles on the PCR is FRAUD – sayz the Guy who Designed it.

        Just calling me anti semitic –

        In reality LCN – a Palestinian Peoples Supporter is in FACT a Semetic Supporter – as Palestinians have Semetic Blood, NOT Israeli’s – they got Ure blood – AskaNazi.

        So now I have a “dark soul” and I am “anti- semetic”

        as Twisted Sister Dee Synder once said..”worthless and weak”.

      • “Can you or anybody else PROVE the COVID 19 Virus Exists.”

        Trump stated in front of God, country and men he had the COVID. That’s what changed my mind toward the virus. Like Trump or not, he’s the leader and said he had COVID. If Trump is in on it, we don’t have a chance.

        But that’s not to discount acts like the Tuskegee experiment. People were in on that.

      • “not to discount acts like the Tuskegee experiment”

        I am sure that random experiments like that are done all the time the thing is what did the doctors know.. how much information was shared with the people involved.. and not just in this country.. my ex had an experimental IUD caused all kinds of issues.. that ended up in cancer.. and of course they got caught we had to front the expenses from their experiment… then again.. one of my hats was to clean a purging unit.. they had sprayed biologicals over our city to see how the winds traveled and track who got sick..
        the thing is.. what do they tell the pilots and the people on the ground I didn’t have a clue what was going around.. it was a job that during the time of two and three dollar an hour wages that for a day I was paid five dollars an hour to clean a shower tent the same thing when day labor I scooped hot dirt from a radioactive spill.. none of us knew what was behind the job to just scoop dirt…… the thing is no one in their right mind is going to spray something toxic so that either they or their families get sick.. so what do they know.. I am more than positive that no one in the loop knows.. the only secrets are those not told.. I found out about the hot dirt after the job was done.. we were at the bar having a cold adult beverage and I asked some of the men in charge what the reason for their suits and the detector pens were for.. that is when they let us know just what we were doing.. my comment was dam at least you could have given us a suit and pen… the same with the purging tent.. dam had a powder in it that stung like hell.. what it was.. I still don’t know.. the papers when the story was printed up said a simple illness to track the trade winds.. I will never know .. but the year after I did that I was sick on and off for the whole winter..

      • “dumb enough to play Chinese Roulette”

        Or… NORTH CAROLINA roulette…lol we made it..we patented it .
        I got an interesting text message..
        I will paste it below..
        “The Chinese biological laboratory in Wuhan is owned by Glaxo!
        Who, by chance, owns Pfizer! (the one who produces the vaccine!)
        Which, by chance, is managed by Black Rock finances.
        Who, by chance, manages the finances of the Open Foundation Company (SOROS FOUNDATION)!
        Which, by chance, serves the French AXA!
        Coincidentally, he owns the German company Winterthur.
        Who, by chance, built the Chinese laboratory in Wuhan!
        Accidentally bought by the German Allianz.
        Which, incidentally, has Vanguard as a shareholder.
        Which is a shareholder of Black Rock.
        Which controls the central banks and manages about ONE-THIRD of the global investment capital.
        Which, incidentally, is a major shareholder of MICROSOFT,
        the property of BILL GATES, who happens to be a shareholder of PFIZER (which sells the miracle VACCINE) and is currently the first sponsor of WHO !!!
        If it is not clear enough why a bat came in and grabbed the SNAKE and the ENTIRE PLANET became infected?
        Maybe the Covid 19 virus was not just an accident of nature?”

        I have always had the thought that neither China or the USA was responsible for its release..
        Just like Antifa and BLM that were being controlled on a global scale.. I think someone was upset because DJT wasn’t playing by their rules. Was afraid he would be re-elected so they through the proverbial monkey wrench into the mess..

      • “I just wonder if what is being done by some states is for health reasons, or maybe some other nefarious reason.”

        My guess Is a little of both..
        I am lucky because I was wearing masks because of my allergies long before it became fashionable to wear them.

  3. We are nearing being ripe for a demagogue.

    Somebody who is charismatic, a fabulous speaker, and willing to employ the worst (best) propaganda techniques (N.L.P.) along with the best (worst) scapegoating — and who stands ready to Solve ALL Our Problems, if only we give him the Power to crack some eggs and skulls — richly deserving eggs and skulls, he’ll help us to identify.

    Somebody who is an evil combo of Billy Graham, Glenn Beck, Obama, Bill Clinton, and several Hollywood stars — too numerous to list. (He could be religiously-based, but just as easily not — he might be fully secular and “practical.”)

    A Magic, Compelling, Lovable, Trustworthy, Confidence-Inspiring, Powerful Guy. Coming soon to a TeeVee near you! (He’ll be in ALL the media — who will LOVE him…) (You may very well love him yourself.)

    Things need to get a more dire firsts, but have patience: they will.

    In January, a lot of people get evicted — a lot of people who have never had to survive in the streets, and don’t know how.

    Various other support programs (which we never really could afford) will end or be cut back, and no new stims or support appear to be on the horizon yet. Congress endlessly wrangles and feuds. No problem: their paychecks are secure. They have plenty of armed security to keep the riff-raff (you) at bay.

    Imagine a bunch of squeezed, vastly pissed-off truckers go on strike,

    Imagine the many cops and many military decide to protect their own families and roofs first, and bunker-in for a time, in view of widespread civil disobedience and chaos, some of it violent.

    …and then along comes The Man. The Man With The Plan…

      • Thank you! For a moment I thought he was talking about me.

        This is large reason that kept me from doing the website in the first place. Because everything William just said, I am. Lol

        Except the Evil part. I dont like evil. Especially pedos fellas beat women and children. And I can do things I ain’t never seen or heard of anyone ever doing.

        I want to empower others. I don’t really like it being all about me. The most gifted person I know is a royal princess.

        I Deffinently don’t want to be the bad guy or work for them.

        Afa masks. I don’t wear one. I don’t care if anyone does. Do as you feel you must. Everyone has a Consious, follow it’s lead. It’s certainly not my job to convince you otherwise. That is above my pay grade. But If I can help ya dicove your wings? So you can fly to destinations you dreamed were possible? So be it! Find the keys within you to unlock yourself from your self made prisons? Hell yeah I will do that! Because that is good do so.

        I have been in 3 differnt countries and 7 different states in the last 6 months. Inlcuding Mexico. I never got the Covid and I been tested more than a few times. I passed each one. Didn’t even study or nothing.

        ***** This is noteworthy and important experiance. Whooo heavy wave of Dejavu just now. Been happening again.

        The first time I got tested I had to call the CDC at the entrance to the Eisenhower Hospital in Rancho Mirage, Ca before entering the ER. Because that was protocol. I had every symptom. I called the number and Russian sounding woman answered. She asked me my symptom’s, I told her. She asked my name, address and social security number. I told her and she replied. You dont have it. Have a good day. I said excuse me?! How I do you know I don’t have it by my giving you my personal information???!!! She said you do not have it sir. You just have thr flue. Drink lots of fluids and go home and rest. I said how in the F can you tell that by me giving my you name, address and Social security number??? She you don’t have it sir. You can’t get it and hung up.

        So I marched my ass into the Eisenhower ER and demanded a test! I said have all the symptom’s and the lady at the CDC is an idiot! I want a test! I have Union Teamster Insurance and if that doesn work? I will pay cash. I demand a test. So they tested me. Sure as shinola a week later it came back as negative. I just had a mild cold. It went a way 2 days late. I very rarely ever get sick. And if so it usually only last a day.

        So I don’t know what to tell ya. It not job to tell ya to wear a mask or not wear a mask. I don’t. And i have never got it. Do as you feel you must. Live your best life. It’s yours to live. And don’t let anyone, not even me or you, stop you from doing so.

        I tell ya what. If I knew who this evil person is? Id right into battle with Him

        Because David slew Goliath who cursed the Living God with a stone. Shaped much like this symbol below:


        And I have an artillery cannon full of them. :)

        Have a wonderful day. I’m off to the gym and find a new power supply for the Tower. Much Roland in his Quest to slay the Mad Red King in the Dark Tower series. Which I have been called “The Gun slinger” more times than I can count. And if ya read today’s edition? We have the “Drawing of the Four.” Within it.

        Always more than meets the eye, presented.

        Love ya man! I am Greatfull for William at the Ranch. It’s true! I mentioned him in my article last night. He is now Famouse. Hahahah. Immortalized forever on Door Fore. Like all four, phonetically the same word: the North, South, East and West are infinite lines in all directions. :).

        Good day Gentleman. ladies. *Tips hat.

        Aka The Doorman aka the cosmic Chicken Bunny. Aka 0 and a bunch of other names including but not limited to asshole. Lol

  4. “humanity not ready”

    The space aliens show up, somehow get to the world leaders then tell them to tell us humanity isn’t ready.

    Humans love the chain of command.

    • Take this a step further… If we aren’t ready, why is this even news? Were Aliens waiting for us to rectify our 2016 transgressions and purge Trump out of office before one of their Galactic Federation members gave us the green light to spill the beans about them? Are Advanced Aliens Democrats?

      Trump wanted to break this news, but the Galactic Federation said no. Not making this stuff up. Maybe they threatened to turn his Orange face green and being such a narcissist, that’s all it took to shut him up. Or maybe that’s the control Trump has over the rest of the dim witted GOP party. Support me or I will blow the minds of all of your evangelical supporters and tell them there is no God and and aliens created us…of course causing the less intelligent Trump supporters to convulse and become zombies.

      • Mark you got part of it right, except the part about the zombies. That’s what happens when the vaccine hits critical mass, then it becomes the virus behind “The Walking Dead”. Stay tuned…it’ll be FUN!

  5. Dear Abby, uhem Optimist Prime, “110,000 in and of itself” sure sticks out to me. All bright and shiney.

    Not sure what fer. But that is Golden. Golden

    I was going to skip sleeping today and well I think I will go to bed.. I kinda got a little mush earlier. Ugh.

    I mean it’s cool. Remember when every one said Cool Hand Luke couldnt eat a dozen eggs in one sitting? Kinda reminds me of herding kittens. You got them going every which way. As soon as you crack open a fresh can of tuna. Just sound of it opening lines them all up.

    Speaking of Big Shopping carts George. You know how ya eat an elephant. One bite at a time.

    Kitty’s and kiddies.

    I suspect at 12/15 they will crack that can and all them kittens are gonna like right up. Just like the song by the Go Go’s. We got the beat and like Cool hand luke and eating an elephant. He ate one egg at a time. Good thing they weren’t ostrich eggs. Lol

    Sometimes the best thing ya can do is take a step back and get a different point of view.

    110,000? As beautiful a number as I’ve seen in a long time. Thanks for sharing.

  6. “As we have long suggested (besides whining about the lack of daily evidence and data-based medicine being marketed by the Medical Industry/Pharma) if your reactions are half the speed of someone else, you will effectively live twice as long…”

    George, living in the fast reaction world has its place, but it’s error prone. You might want to reread your sentence. IMHO, your reactions need to be twice the speed of others if your premise is to be correct.

    I’ve done many things that you have(certainly not all), and I can enjoy almost every moment of my life while remaining in touch with my inner being. This may not be attractive to others, but it does allow me to enjoy life regardless of what I’m doing. That said, working toward quicker reactions without error is a worthwhile endeavor. Living outside the meditative state is less so.

  7. From their lofty perch, it looks like those struggling at the bottom have it pretty good. No address, no bank, no vote, can’t get a stimulus check or any other welfare perks. Off the hook, can’t do anything to help, it’s a local problem. Money can’t buy happiness so homeless are happy, right? They should have more compassion for those paying for multiple mansions, wrangling free travel, struggling to make profitable trades on legislative discussion and not get caught.

    • “They should have more compassion for those paying for multiple mansions, wrangling free travel, struggling to make profitable trades on legislative discussion and not get caught.”

      Hell.. I weep daily over the struggles of the wealthy poor things … the fact that they don’t have a clue on real life on the street is a horror story about to be made into a national movie…
      I feel that our members in congress are abused and mistreated it isn’t their fault that they don’t have a clue.. we allowed them the rights to be corrupted and we endorse and sanction those actions by voting in the same people every election.. .. instead of two billion dollars being spent on them by lobbyists they should have four or ten billion..

      This one will shock you LOL LOL… the homeless are pretty much happy.. the poor love their children as much as those that are wealthy.. well maybe even a little more than those that are wealthy.. the wealthy may act like they care about their children.. but in reality what they cherish is money.. numbers on a sheet of paper..
      the children of the wealthy learn that they are privileged and can pretty much do what they want and daddy will fix it if they don’t.. even get them a sheet of paper to make sure that they can acquire a job where more money is involved.. doors open for them that won’t open for someone that is poor.. education.. hmm tough to get if your poor and the way our system is made up is to ensure the people of privilege can stay in the classification.. so a poor woman will take a loan out and pay that loan back keeper her income level similar to those at the bottom..crimes committed by those in a class of privilege is usually buried where a poor man child doing a crime is imprisoned.. a certain hard drive and what it contained comes to mind on that one.. see how fast everyone made excuses then buried it.. a child of privilege and power..

      • Here’s one for you. My wife is a volunteer firefighter is the local district, and at some previous Christmas’s I did some of the Santa runs for them (I was Santa because I didn’t have to wear the pillow to fit the suit). It was amazing to me which neighborhoods would go out of there way to provide food and money for the local food bank. ALWAYS, it was what might be considered the poorer neighborhoods who would bend over backwards to give whatever they could. The rest of them (nicer neighborhoods), when they could break themselves away from their activities, usually were outdid by an embarrassing amount from their poorer? brethren. It would seem like the social stature of not having as much material stuff wasn’t as important as the giving. God bless them.

      • “It was amazing to me which neighborhoods would go out of there way to provide food and money for the local food bank.”

        I know was the same when I dicered pizzas.. it ways shockedme what lengths they would go to to skip out on paying for a lol lol.
        Hide their house numbers turn off all the lights and disconnect the door lol
        The pizza company that ad to bribe drivers to deliver to those neighborhoods…its the same data restaurant to.. the entitled ones demand more and give less.. at the grocery store they had ways to get their groceries for free to.. it was the common joke..
        We had a gent living in our spare bedroom that lived in a dumpster.. he would give the shirt off of his back to help another..from my experience they are the biggest givers..

  8. Is it just me, or do some of your commenters display sign of Schizophrenia in their writing? The sentences and ideas are dis jointed and cropped. Some of them make no sense at all. Am I just missing reference points?

  9. It’s full speed ahead for Top’s Diner in East Newark,NJ-rated one of the Top 20 diners in the USA-with their new restaurant they’re building on the site.They’re benefitting from the many new apartment complexes being built in the area to house the Manhattanites bailing out before Kurt Russell has to come out of retirement.

  10. I’m eating lunch at a national restaurant chain. All the hired help has on masks. They checked my temperature at the door before they would seat me. The place is empty. I see two couples and two solos at other tables. Rules and public opinion have flip-flopped here.

      • By this time next year. No one is going to be worrying about wether this thing was real or not. They will have the empirical evidence of diaspora all around them. Unless of course they already live in the exurbs.. Then maybe only when they do travel into town to re supply. If the shelves are stocked at all, the prices will be 2X what they were in. 2019.

  11. Student Loans

    OMG $581,000 for a Chiropractor Degree!! She is an I-D-I-O-T (only Medical Doctors who get a specialization can ever pay off that size debt), but an even BIGGER issue imo is the willingness on the part of schools to ENCOURAGE that kind of behavior – aided and abetted by the entire Student Loan Banker SCAM initiated under Clinton.

    BEFORE Bill Clinton came along one could Discharge in Bankrupcy virtually all student loans … which tended to “Reign In” the loans that were made which kept the schools under control as to how much they could charge (otherwise they wouldn’t have enough students). That was how it had worked in the US since the dawn of the country, ie: the FIRST Congress, about 200 years before, and it worked well. People got educated, higher enducation costs were reasonable, and few people came out of college with much debt.

    Bill Clinton and the Higher Education Lobby though had a BETTER IDEA!! … UNLIMITED Student Loans to ANYBODY for ANY Degree with the tradeoff being NO DISCHARGE EVER in Bankruptcy.

    Voila … schools could raise their tuition and fees Sky High since students could just “borrow” the money to pay it by a simple signature on the dotted line. OH BOY … the schools took advantage of that and quickly worked to drive tuition and fees up, up, and up some more! Tuition and fees went up at a rate that was about 8x to 12x the rate of inflation, (and the earnings of those graduating).

    Bankers, licking their chops, got into the game by writing HIGH INTEREST student loans, loans guaranteed by the government so they would NEVER suffer a loss on the loan, most of which could NOT be renegotiated to lower rates in the future even if interest rates dropped. Why should a banker EVER write off a student loan, even an ancient one where the person couldn’t pay, since eventually the government will come in and MAKE GOOD the entire loan and back due interest? VOILA … you can still owe student loans once you start collecting Social Security … and the bankers will STILL KEEP attaching your bank accounts and income for the back due amounts right up until the day you DIE.

    The Bankruptcy “Reform” that Bill Clinton and the Democrats pushed through upended 200 years of the entire concept of a “Fresh Start” for people/workers which was one of the fundamental underlying concepts of the beginning of the United States. Between MANDATORY Chapter 13 Plans, the non-discharability of Student Loans, and the non-discharability of other items (that were previously discharable), the 200 year historic concept of an economic “Fresh Start” for US citizens was tossed in the waste can … just so BANKERS could make MORE money off the working population (ie: a work and pay us bankers until the day you DIE concept).

    My concept to restore a balance to the system is simple … make Student Loans BANKRUPTABLE again, but with a delay before someone can do that – say 15 years after the last loan is entered into (which adds a “moral” responsibility on the part of the borrower to the concept and means people can’t get out of the debt and totally back on their feet until they are in their late 30’s to early 40’s – still time to have a good life and prepare for retirement). In addition make the lenders EAT their losses when the loans are defaulted on too!! (even though it is a LONG tail until the losses would show up it would restore “some” sense of lending responsibility to the lenders).

    Of course NOBODY will go along with my “solution” since TOO MANY PEOPLE are eating from the trough of enforced labor … from all sorts of colleges/professors/administrators to bankers galore. LOTS of people eating off the future endentured FOR LIFE labor of the young people they are getting signed up for with those high tuition amounts and the high interest rate loans that they are peddling.

    Maybe “online learning” is what will finally “crack” the Clinton Student Loan SCAM, but something will have to give. If the system as it is currently structured continues LARGE parts of the population will NEVER be in an economic position to buy a house or have a family … and those are the dynamics which lead to revolutions and rebellions.

    • Good ideas. I’d clear off all the interest and perhaps recompute at 0.5% on current loans. That would provide an incentive to clear the loan, but not a punitive one. Remove all the fees that often get attached to the loans.

      Make no new guaranteed loans. Let the lenders take their legitimate risks. Allow regular bankruptcy proceedings for those new non-guaranteed loans.

      We have to stop proliferating this nonsense. It’s been going on for decades and getting worse all the time. We really don’t need the institutions as presently structured and it’s on them to come up with a better way or perish.

      • “OMG $581,000 for a Chiropractor Degree!! She is an I-D-I-O-T (only Medical Doctors who get a specialization can ever pay off that size debt), ”

        I was friends to the father in law of a cardiologist that this happened to.. he thought he could play catch up..literally on his feet pumping out cabbages for sixteen hours a day.
        He had one of the highest infection rates I’ve ever seen..totally would never let him cut into me..

    • Stephen 2 thank you for reminding this comment board what a POS O’Clinton was and is for this student loan debaucle, NAFTA, and let’s not forget signing the repeal of Glass-Steagal Act. And for the women on the board; YES, BILL O’CLINTON IS A RAPIST. We know the looney liberal Vagina Hat Squad missed that LITTLE big Dicktail.

      NM Mike, excellent, you all got it.

      As you mentioned, why would someone like her get into that kind of debt? Does it really make any ‘financial or common sense?”

      But…’some people’ are already getting out of their high debt student loans, and I bet the little lady in the CBS article, will, too. I was enlightened a few months ago, and this is what our Ms. Schreiber did in her state. First of all her Mother stopped working. Then she stopped working, and they both stayed out of work stating they could not find a job. One year of flying around the country and having fun ended. Then, she went before a board, a phone call, some process, and ALL of her $500,000 student loans to Harvard were 100% forgiven because she could not pay them back as she had no income. Yes, this really happened. Is it a hardship process?

      And within the week, after the student loans were discharged, she had a good paying job, and she worked for one quarter (only need to work one quarter in the USA to pay into the SS system, minimum earnings $5,640 to get the maximum FOUR credits per year.)

      And off she is debt free and flying around the country some more, but ah ha…she is looking for her next mark, as she wants to become a doctor.

      She is a hunting the schools, and I can guarantee she will find one and her little gig will repeat itself, as necessary, in 4 to 7 years.

      That’s how some do it in Ameerica!

    • The Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act was enacted in 2005 to include private student loans as one of the 10 debts that can’t be forgiven.
      If I’m not mistaken George W Bush was president when this was enacted!

      • Lol shame on you for bringing up that bit of truth for that don’t fly very well here, where one party is considered whiter than snow and the other well has dirty skirts and tells you all kind of fairy tales and of course all children love fairy tales, some outgrow them and some never do.!!!

    • She describes herself on Instagram as “Chiropractor, World Traveler, Tea Enthusiast and CEO and Founder of Lux Vitae Wellness”, which sells Doterra Essential Oils and water ionizers. She started her clinic in 2010. She may be one of George’s readers because she also offers infra-red healing at her clinic. On Facebook, she is described as a Public Figure, probably based on the self-promotion of being financially illiterate. It must have worked, because we’ve all heard about her now.

      I met a woman one time, a doctor, who had plans to be enrolled in school until she died. She planned to have repayment of her student loans deferred until then.

      • “She describes herself on Instagram as “Chiropractor, World Traveler, Tea Enthusiast and CEO and Founder of Lux Vitae Wellness”, which sells Doterra Essential Oils and water ionizers.”

        I am pretty sure she would do just about anything to pay off that debt….
        I know I did.. when the kid got hurt.. I was working like a fiend trying to pay it off.. all the time knowing that there wasn’t anyway feasible that I could ever do it..
        when the ex had surgery and I was getting calls every hour on the hour.. about the debt for it.. ( no insurance.. it was not good)
        I worked off the surgeons bill by resurfacing his parking lot by hand.. that is how I made friends with my wife.. she had been reduced to nothing after a medical expense she had…. then I worked hell year by working one full time job at the hospital in exchange for the debt owed at the hospital. 140 plus hours a week.. three full time jobs and one part time job.. two weeks of that I screwed up on scheduling and was scared to lay down because I thought I might die in my sleep.. I made it.. years later a friend of mine was trying to do the same thing.. I told him don’t do it.. look what happened to my body.. and me that was saturday.. he called me when he got off of work the monday after and said how tired he was.. went to lay down for a couple of hours and died.. hit ticker just couldn’t deal with it..
        Most kids either find a community that is in need for a doctor or nurse and then work for them in exchange for the education expense.. a great deal of them try to get into the govt. Health system.. the hospitals etc.. they get their education paid off.. they get a decent wage.. ( not the hundreds of thousands but a wage.. the issue with that is they have no enviromental expenses.. they don’t have to pay their nurses wages or benefits and they don’t have to pay for any supplies a win win) besides getting the education paid off they get the golden goose health insurance.. they get a retirement if they stay so long.. I think the one lady said she has to stay there five years.. every holiday off.. and a months vacation a year.. they can alos expand their education free of charge to.. my doctors.. worked side by side with me on the floor.. when they got out they found a community to pay their education expenses.. then went into the VA healthcare system to get the retirement and the health care coverage.. I have debates with one that worked with them in the same office.. he is fun to debate to.. stanford grad.. good guy.. trust him with my life.. he is there for the school loan payoff and the retirement and health insurance.. when I asked him why he went there.. he pointed at the place and said DUH…. LOL LOL hard to get into though around here.. real hard..

    • They were tinkering with student loans and bankruptcy rules long before Clinton. The first amendment to discharge rules was in 1979. The 1979 Act did two things. First, it made it so a student loan made by the government or made under a program funded by the government or a nonprofit institution was nondischargeable. This change was to make sure that a loan made under the federal Perkins Loan program received discharge protection. Read more here.

    • The Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act was enacted in 2005 to include private student loans as one of the 10 debts that can’t be forgiven.
      George W Bush was commander in thief at that time!

    • “OMG $581,000 for a Chiropractor Degree!! She is an I-D-I-O-T (only Medical Doctors who get a specialization can ever pay off that size debt), ”

      Not really..shes commited…
      She probably Borrow a hundred grand and realized it’s either give up take a job for fifteen dollars an hour.. or continue on.. more than likely she was forced to reduce her classes to earn money to live. Then go back.. like owning a car.. something goes wrong you fix it then something more goes wrong pretty soon your committed either you keep going or give up and loose it all. If you choose to give up You still owe the money borrowed and the interest keeps growing .. pretty soon you realize the only work you can get won’t even pay the interest..much less a living so you push on.
      That is also why theres such a large percentage of college girls seek out friends with benefits to help fund their college or buy books. It’s better than a six pack and a big mac..the better the school the larger the percentage there are.
      I am surprised she didnt seek out friends with benefits.

      • We really don’t know if she had FWB situations. I’ve read of girls that have several of them and just keep them on different days and times. With the absence of CL and BP, I have no idea where they market themselves today. Covid is certainly not helping.

        Regardless, many of those who get student loans and can’t pay even the interest with whatever resources they can earn just give up and default. That’s really not helpful to the stability of either the individual or the country. Blaming them for poor choices(when barely an adult) is not helpful. Finding a middle way might be.

      • “We really don’t know if she had FWB situations. I’ve read of girls that have several of them and just keep them on different days and times.”

        I helped a young lady several years ago that was telling me that was what she had to do to provide for her three kids it was an emotional confession.. for some reason people tell me their deepest regrets etc…one day I was in Sunday school and in she walks.. she was terrified I would tell the other members what she had told me… SLC is known as the mecca..
        One of my grand daughters confessed she was looking for of my director’s that is now the administrator of a big company.
        It’s a situation more common than you might imagine. I know guys that caddy at a large country club and it works in reverse to.
        I believe they attacked BP and CL to draw the attention away from the real evil lurking out go after the legal aged single woman trying to make a living and having to compromise her principles.. and the lonely salesman or the odd hour shift worker looking for friendship and companionship.. with this young lady and a 600 thousand dollar debt she has to make thirty dollars clear an hour just to pay the interest on that debt.
        I am sure Shes frustraited scared and grasping at straws to figure out a way to pay this off..

    • Sometimes thinking of the problem in reverse order helps to connect all the dots. Ask the question that pulls together all of the various observations / symptoms across the social and econometric categories. Q: What does a plan to undermine and destabilize a system of systems look like? How do you boil a frog without having it leap out of the pot? Slowly, raising the temperature over the course of years/decades then, as the frog passes out you can accelerate the temperature to complete cooking of the frog . Delicious. Not.

  12. thanks george . sincerely . at least you are telling it like it is . ahh well keep physical and mental health and carry on . its seems to be all about the fake vaccine now

  13. Herd a good one Cowpokes = “Consensual Hallucinations”
    All of today,so far, people have trailed like an absentee ballot.
    Does ” Torture Toy ” ring bell?

    • Has anyone done study on frequent use 80% alcohol hand wash? Cumulative effect?
      This hand rinse is Requested of patrons at all business here in Ontario

      • No study done but I can tell you from long term use your hands crack and bleed..
        Udder balm,coconut oil, baby oil and olive oil works good for that

  14. The higher the payoff, the closer to the eye of the pyramid,the bigger the lie,
    Surely you don’t believe anything that The WHO or any AMA tells you after all the disclosures that you’ve came across AFTER ALL THOSE YEARS OF DISCOVERING THE TRUTH HIDDEN AND REMOVED ,being on the internet DO you still believe those people that are in power in every lower stage of government.
    Have a good day .

  15. George, Do you think they have a smoking section in Heaven? Or do ya have go outside and stand 25 feet away from the door to comply with regulations while having Marlboro Red.

    If I ever meet Obama. I know the first thj g im going to ask him. It’s not what most people would. I just ask him a newport menthal. Haha.

    Guess I had better start the chantex today. That is how I quit last time. I didnt get any weird dreams or anything. Only after about 2 weeks every cigarette I smoked made me wanna puke. So stopped smoking. Pretty simple stuff.

    Funny I was texting the woman after I finished up my meditation time at my spot on South Hill over looking the Valley. and in the driver’s mirror of my I noticed a beautiful woman running up the hill. i looked at my phone to finish my text and she saw my car and jumped through the driver’s side window on my lap and started kissing me. Saying thank you for what you wrote to the world shout me. Nobody had ever done that before. All the money in the world can’t buy that.

    I said, well all the money in the world would be nice. However, I don’t mind sitting here with you in my lap kissiing on me, while we wait for my piece of that pie. Hahahah. And I said, yes dear. Somethings are more valuable than gold.

    Off to go find a power supply. Hahahha

      • OTFLMAO…..
        you heard the story of the two bums that ended up dying and going to Hell..
        they are standing there and the devil comes up and says.. so what do you think about this boys..
        the one bum looks to the other and says.. it kind of reminds me of june in Forida… so the devil cranks up the heat and humidity.. then comes back and says.. so what do you think now..
        the two look at each other and say.. this is more reminiscent of august in Texas… so this irritates the devil.. he shuts it off.. cold shivering and ice on the ends of their nose .. the one bum looks over at the other shaking and says.. dam I think the Vikings just won the super bowl.. LOL

  16. “Most restaurants – if they had any game on at all, had around 10-employees. ”

    Boy I totally get one plays out the numbers.. they see the total..salesmen do that all the time to make a sale.. it’s only a dollar increase..
    I had this very discussion yesterday with a member of the fiduciary department..we were having coffee and the comment was made that they couldnt understand why one facility was having issues.. then told me how much they made..
    I gotta little snidey with him.. your a bean counter did you fo the math..
    Many of the medical facilities are almost to the point of closing..they have a loss of revenue of thirty percent and a drastic increase in supply costs..they are cutting staff.. it’s the only flexible areas.. the other one is food..they areaking the meals at the absolute lowest cost..

  17. Isn’t it something how following the election a donnybrook rumble can now feature a left field event to turn the tables and snatch defeat from victory. Such it is as the current apparent negotiations between the US DoJ and Vancouver detainee billionaire heiress Meng Wanzhou of China’s Huawei kingpins. Huawei’s alleged breaching of sanctions on Iran may well end up being swept under the rug. No dust up here for the paying rubes; please proceed to the egress at your earliest convenience. Meanwhile in Beijing there can be a hip-hip-Huawei celebratory moment at Party HQ on the Long March to global 5G dominance. Demopublicans better not bring tears here down the road when their Internet of Things coffee makers start spouting the Chairman’s favorite sayings while churning out a tepid brew.

  18. Breaking News:
    Donald Trump will star in the reprise of the hit reality show “The Biggest Loser”
    After losing yet another appeal…this time to the highest court in the land…by a unanimous 9-0 spanking, Trump is now the biggest loser of all time, the like we have never seen before. Nobody has lost more than him. He lost by a record 7 million to Biden who set the all time record for getting over 80 million votes. He lost 50 post election lawsuits. He did win one that was meaningless. So 1 for 50…that losing bigly! He has lost his GOP lawmakers. He has lost the military’s support. He has lost most of Fox’s support…and note important HE LOST THE ELECTION!
    Now can we get back to normal? What we have been experiencing the last 4 years has been far from normal.

  19. The entropy of municipal governments has started in earnest. Ask yourself. Hows all that debt serviced in the muni market? Lockdown equals no activity, no activity equals no retail or service sales, which equals record collapse in tax revenue. Now Have a look at M2 and MZM/M3 money supply. Then look at M2 and M1 velocity (money in circulation). No matter how much they create its not working like it used to. Thats why, in a last gasp too little too late attempt, the banksters are trying to deliver money directly into peoples pockets instead of bailing fellow corpsters and banksters in an attempt to get money velocity accelerating again. When you have fiat currency with nothing backing it, its value is determined by its velocity as its exchanged for goods and services. If its not exchamged for anything , then whats its worth? Its function is of no more calue than the paper or digital numbers and electrons in memory address. They didnt realize (or maybe they did) that the USA population was really the category that should be treated as too big to fail. Ergo the social contract has failed along with Money velocity, and municipalities themselves are beginning to loose relevance. Strap in and get some popcorn. This is just getting started . BTW this is across the country not just isolated to NYC.

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