Covid-19: Social Problem-Solver?

One of our readers requested we turn a carefully tuned eye toward some of the longer-term outcomes of CV-19.  Among the question is “What is it doing to the divorce rate?”

We can already see a wide swath of “social destruction” because of the virus.  Yet, in the longer term, is it possible that “What doesn’t kill us might make us stronger?

Indeed a perplexing – and hardly Christmas-like – topic.  But in order to develop a clear-headed model of what’s ahead for next year, we need to begin on some of the really “big picture” items and see where they lead us.

It’s a big shopping cart, too.  So we’ll hop to it as soon as a few of the morning’s big data points (ADP report is just out, for example) and then we will look at the charts to divine what’s ahead.

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67 thoughts on “Covid-19: Social Problem-Solver?”

  1. Dam Wabbits!


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    no worries dumpsterpumbers, gated communities are the LAST place the Patriots will be Hunting down “insurrectionists” –

    • Lol I wonder how the colored revolution feels to them for after all we have instigated them all over the world, its no patriot that would defend the system that rules this country but the traitor’s who defend it where a handful control’s their lives from how much they make to if they make anything at all, as they loot the treasury to maintain their lifestyles, kill people all over the world at their whim, welcome to the brave new world and let her come.!!!

  2. Ure it’s not the virus, it’s the political reaction and its awful consequences.

    As we, most of we, know, it’s one of the least bad boys of a virus.

    It’s not even near as bad as a bad seasonal flu and those go after the young and the mid-age and the elderly.

    So please stop referring to the virus as the problem when its the terrible political policies that are the issue.

    • The virus is older than you imagine. You’re talking to the generation that benefitted the most from past generations sacrifices and hard work, yet shunned it and rebelled against it. That is until they grew up and their brains finally finished development. Then they consumed at an unsustainable rate, taking more than they put in, leaving far less for the generations coming behind them. They are the first generation to, in mass, put themselves before their children. That’s why they told their kids to stay away the past holidays. This generation is the reason why toilet paper and other necessities were scarce, in some places remain so. They have passed their contributing years, yet they are the same ones demanding everyone else halt everything to ensure their survival…regardless of the cost to others. They don’t do “alternative media”. They mostly suck up the main stream propaganda and regurgitate it. They are the original couch potatoes, arm chair quarterbacks, etc. that know everything because they were spoon fed from television and many are wary or even criticize the place that is actually a free market of ideas (Internet).

      “A society grows great when old men plant trees, whose shade they know they will never sit in”. – an old Greek proverb or something

      • Well said. As I’m reading this I can hear my FIL telling me that there is “the news” then there is “fox”(always said with a sneer), and anything else is “conspiracy theories”.

        Even when I say I get my news directly from AP, or the IRS data, or CDC, or NOAA, or anyone else who publishes their work…

        Even when I’m quoting the constitution! When the “news” is blatantly selling unconstitutional opinions as fact, I get to hear “your tin foil hat is on too tight”.

        There is nothing the boomers won’t do. The grups could throw us all in camps as long as they feel safe afterwards. DO NOT challenge their world view, it’s like showing Rainman a burning toaster.

      • You sure hit that one out of the park it was the “me to” generation that looted the system for their own pleasure, made sure there was nothing left for future generations and then whine, cry and bitch if anyone one even mentions anything for the people, trillions for the 1% while the lights go out on main street, but as long as Wall Street keeps going up that’s all that matters.!!!

      • Shawn,

        Thanks for the shit-talk on us older folks.

        2009: Husband died from cerebral aneurysm at 50 years old. One year cat-fight with his sister over estate. Finally said “Fuck it,” let her have it, and moved from California Central Coast to Kansas to be close to son and his kids. (What’s another million $$ lost…*sigh*)
        2012: Returned to school to study Nursing
        2014: Passed NCLEX and received RN license. Hours worked each week vary between 45-72/week.
        2016: Then-32 year old son looked at my 28″ TV and decided Mom needed a bigger one. It is used only for Internet based entertainment (Network and cable news is too F’ing biased for me…not that I had a lot of time to even turn it on.)
        2017: BSN completed online at Notre Dame College (Ohio)
        2018: Started online MSN in Forensic Nursing at Aspen University (Colorado).
        2019: Started Travel nursing and ditched the MSN half way through (5/10 courses completed) due to lack of projected ROI

        2020: 41 year old son got Covid, so took a staff job close to my “Little House on the Prairie.” It is a psychiatric hospital, but about 20% of our patients are sick with Covid, meaning on any given day about 25% of our YOUNGER staff decides to use the generous sick leave and “have a Covid Vacation” – 3 to 5 days off with pay. They are supposed to quarantine, but try monitoring young people’s behaviors out side of work? At least they bring a piece of paper back to work that states they were Covid Free on test day) Average hours worked now are 45-50/week doing 2-3 people’s jobs for one person’s pay due to staffing shortages, so, HEY, I guess I’m one of those “passed their contributing years.”

        June 2021: I will be 62

        In the Midwest, ALL thinking folks have a stash (or two) of necessities. Depends on one’s viewpoint. I have used my stash to help neighbors who were down on their luck – food boxes, toiletries and – yes – TP.

        Where the fuck do you live that you hate us older people?

        You STILL need a mask to cover your nose and mouth when in public…and some education probably wouldn’t hurt. Try Khan Academy, or – if you fancy yourself smarter – Google Stanford and Harvard FREE online university classes.

        While this is not medical advice by any means, you also might try a medication to chill the F out. “Better living through Chemistry,” as the slogan goes…


      • “taking more than they put in, leaving far less for the
        generations coming behind them. ”

        Well Shawn As one of those taking. I personally would have preferred having the option to have the funds I paid in to SS invested in different system than what they made us pay into. Being told that it was our retirement investment.
        I was a workaholic and working part time full time and anytime jobs I paid in considerable more than the average. The last time I had calculated it taking the simple logic of purchasing a simple savings bond from day one.. if every dollar i personally ( not the companies contribution to SS ..I would have had just shy fifty million dollars to retire on.. if I had the option for both sets of funds just shy a hundred million..
        Similarly every other laborer paying in would have retirement savings in the millions..
        Taking that into consideration the worthless generations collecting their retirement funds are not taking from the future. Those are the idiots we keep voting into congress that give a trillion dollars a year to other countries for their needs rather than here at home.
        To fix that vote them out of their privilaged jobs and s th op blaming those that paid into their retirement funds..

      • the laziest, do nothing/sold out, generation the USA has ever seen in 245 years of existence! being as how I unfortunately came into being at the tail end (1962) – I vehemently deny inclusion – No “classholes” will define Me – instead I define myself as a Baby Bloomer !

        Clinton & Obama = Babyboomers .

      • I think Tamarah about summed up the opinion you would get on your little piece from most viewers of George’s website. You really have no idea what you’re talking about.

      • You’re welcome, Tamarah. Do you always respond with your life history to every general comment? With your passive aggressive insults, you’ve only proven my point, as well as the fact that one can grow old without growing up. If the shoe doesn’t fit, heed your own advice, Boomer.

      • WestcoastDeplorable, I have little doubt most here would respond any differently. Maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about. It appears my sentiments are shared. But I know truth hurts and you and Tamarah appear hurt due to a general opinion. Deal with it.

      • Shawn: Let’s pick apart some of your pearls of wisdom and comments from your supporters:

        “The virus is older than you imagine.” Do you have some technical references to back that up, other than pseudo-intellectual social media posts?

        “This generation is the reason why toilet paper and other necessities were scarce, in some places remain so.” So, Boomers are the only generation to wipe their @ss? After listening to you, I’ll buy that. The reason toilet paper was scarce was mis-allocation between commercial and residential production. People wiped at home instead of at work. Commercial warehouses filled up while grocery stores emptied out. This was discussed widely six months ago. Most of the necessities could be had from alternate sources in modified commercial form. Ure discussed this quite a bit on this site. Welcome newbie.

        “They have passed their contributing years”. Funny, most of my coworkers who actually know how to problem solve and be productive are Boomers, many of whom are in their late sixties and even seventies.

        ‘They don’t do “alternative media”’. What do you think this site is?

        “They mostly suck up the main stream propaganda and regurgitate it.” On this website? You need to follow along for a year or two before embarrassing yourself with posts like that.


        “The grups could throw us all in camps …” It was your generation’s votes that will enable the Camps. Biden’s henchies have publicly stated their plans to twist it off in his supporters the first two months in office with a martial law lock-down. Camps will follow.

        “it was the “me to” generation that looted the system” That’s “me too”. Hmm… debt slavery is a bitch. This is about cyclical economics, and what you see now occurred before in the late 1920’s through the 40’s. Not new, same old cycles with better spin doctors. All of what I am seeing looks and sounds like the stories I was told about the Great Depression era by people who really lived it. This time there will be sovereign state defaults, due to a vastly higher level of public debt. Your comments missed the cyclical generational angle, but you are catching on.

        Yup. Post ‘Nam Boomers are really a different group without a handle; the gravy train was being disassembled just for you.

        That’s enough rock throwing for one evening. Have a good Thursday.

      • “not that I had a lot of time to even turn it on.”

        Amen on that one Tamarah I bitched for decades that I was missing out on quality shows.. only to discover that when I did have the time.. what I thought was quality shows was some sort of contest to see who was the best at being a sociopath or some show where there was a lot rape pillage and mahem.. etc…. LOL…I will stick to my books.. now with netflix and prime and the peacock though I can watch some pretty good programing..

      • “They have passed their contributing years, yet they are the same ones demanding everyone else halt everything”

        Okay, until I got to this, I wasn’t sure of which “generation” you spoke. Your diatribe could apply to GenXers or Millennials as easily as you apply it to Boomers because, as our generation developed the lifestyle, it was those who came after who stripped our social constraints, first elevating hedonism to normality, then taking over-consumption and over-indulgence to a fine art.

        I know of no “oldsters” who flat told their progeny “stay away.” I heard several politicians and healthcare bureaucrats and a number of media wonks order same, and I heard of a bunch of youngsters who said “I’m not coming…”

        I fail to see the difference between an 80yo who has their “news” and opinion force-fed them by CNN, and someone who gets their “news” from Koz and has their opinion written for them at HuffPost or Reddit. In neither case is the person acquiring reliable information nor doing their own thinking.

        Every generation seeks words, thoughts, and actions their elders would find offensive. This is a part of the base human animal — alienating oneself from one’s ancestors as a means of escaping the nest. ‘Thing is, as a species, we’ve pretty much exhausted every appalling act which can be done and taboo which can be broken, other than forced acceptance of incest, bestiality, and child sex. One or all will be the “actions” of the next generation. “Words” will be “PC cancel culture” and I’m guessing “thoughts” will be any which contradict the norms and mores of society learned by trial & error (and much pain and death) over the past 10,000 years or so, since I see evidence of these latter two already manifesting themselves in the under-35 crowd.

        BTW: ” leaving far less for the generations coming behind them”

        The Law of Conservation of Mass dictates the same amount of material is for thee as was for me. Since I’m pretty sure I am neither in your ancestral chain, nor that of your educational mentors, I feel no sorrow, regret, nor pity that you can’t figure out how to use it to your advantage…

        I DO like the Greek proverb, though, and like most proverbs, try to live my life by it.

      • Shawn: I have very little use for identity politics and even less use for those who engage in them. There are good and bad, productive and non, givers and takers in all generations, sexes, and races. Arguments about individuals based on such groups are specious.

      • “our YOUNGER staff decides to use the generous sick leave and “have a Covid Vacation” – 3 to 5 days off with pay. ”

        OMG TAMARAH.. lol our hospital system had that one figured out..they hire level 1-10 I was a five the average of the majority of floor workers. A level five guaranteed would get five shifts a pay period. The other one is your required shift change and holiday. We had every other weekend and wednesday as sd gift flip.. I thought I got this figured out and took the thursday night off and sunday of my weekend and if I took off at myother full time position thursday evening and at my PT job the same shifts would be able togs to e someone drive and have four full days and a half off..still make the shift transition etc. When payday hit.. I wasn’t compensated for the days I took for vacation..inquiring minds want to know so I asked. Ohiworked my five guaranteed shifts.. lol lol for decades I gave my two weeks of vacation over to employees bbn that were out critically ill..( they are let go to save insurance money and be able to seize the property of those that pass away… gent living in our spare bedroom lost a farm and a house in the city and his business because of that. His wife was an RN with the hospital insurance plan )
        What use to get us was that college kids were always paid two to five dollars more per hour than all of us on the floor.
        Cute story. I worked a year to pay off a debt for a surgery done .anyway one of the positions I worked in was housekeeping.. one lady made an offhand comment.. we wash windows once a week…I use run a couple of maintenance crews as hats I have worn in at best if you don’t hire it in.. is a once every six month job.. average is once a year broken into stages.. anyway.. one way I would check is by putting a face print on selected windows.. or drop a piece of popcorn on the floor to see if it is vacuumed up..
        That was almost forty years ago..
        The hospital cut the housekeeping budget..installed carpet instead of tile..cut hours..(labor is the way they make money..environmental costs are like at home.. basic must have)
        I every once in a while walk in and check.. get a gander of a younger me staring back..
        The last five years iwas there the security guard and I watched a piece of popcorn roll back and forth across the afteri left the popcorn was gone.. I still am trying to get the now retired security guard to confess that he picked it up.. he threatened to often enough.. it bugged him that housekeeping was so wasn’t that they were bad just budget cut.

      • Ray,

        I was about to go tit for tat with your points but I’d rather discuss them with you directly, or in another capacity other than this comment section. I respect your perspective.

        NM Mike,
        You’re right and I do agree.

        For what it’s worth, I sincerely apologize for my comments to you yesterday.

        For everyone else, I regret making the comment. My opinion hasn’t changed, but the comment added nothing to help anyone or anything. I recognize that, and take accountability. I was wrong for framing the opinion in the way that I did, and I understand and respect the replies in response.

      • “Ray,

        I was about to go tit for tat with your points but I’d rather discuss them with you directly, or in another capacity other than this comment section. I respect your perspective.”

        This is why I made my reply rather less-than pointed. I caught your metaphorspeak…

        If you have read at George’s sites, and read the comments section for any length of time, you would know I generally form opinions of current and near-future sociopolitical events, based on past events — how people got there and what they did, how they reacted, and whether or not the root issue was satisfactorily resolved (or even identified.) I form my opinions of individual people’s beliefs by asking them (novel idea, huh?), and by observation. WRT societies and social behavior, humans are not a very imaginative species. We repeat the same solution for the same problem, whether in the 21st Century, or the First (and often expect a different result.)

        If you wish to cuss, discuss, or debate something, that’s fine. I do not tolerate bait & switch, strawman, namecalling, or rudeness, and I appreciate when all parties involved can learn and grow through a competent discussion. I DO suggest you remember we are both guests here, and not broach a subject which George has not first, brought forth or advanced in his column.

      • “My opinion hasn’t changed, but the comment added nothing to help anyone or anything. ”

        Shawn.. don’t regret sharing your opinion… I have heard those younger all with the very same opinion.. It is the way that MSM has been pushing that thought pattern for some time.. back in the early 80’s I remember a president saying he was going to include the savings that was put away for those in SS to be used in the general budget rather than keep it in the secure funds that it was.. pledging that the security of the elderly would always be there..
        almost everyone here would love to stop donating roughly thirty percent of their income I was a supporter way back in the late seventies when the idea was brought up that hourly wage employee’s could direct the portion of their income paid into social security into secured accounts.. it was shot down by congress by the way 72 the first time this was discussed was by an officer in the military.. he brought up insurance.. and why have it.. the savings would be amazing. He was the first one to bring up the buy savings bonds arguement….
        But never feel bad for sharing a comment.. it offers insight into what others are thinking. We already know that MSM has been pushing the agenda that those that have retired are leaches on the system.. the same with anyone getting public assistance at all.. like rent assistance, food stamps, the EIC tax credit.. etc etc.. all of them given and charged to what the hourly wage employees pay in.. not to mention paying for the care and upkeep of those entering our country illegally..

      • instead the money that was used from the savings that had been secured for those in SS were used to pay big bankers and try to draw us out of the situation we were in at the time.. after the big bankers squandered it off then they went to tax rebates to keep people spending..and free cheese and peanut butter, butter.. ( that peanut butter was great.. I got a chuckle out of everyone that hated it.. none of them realized they took most of the oil out of it to make is long term shelf stable LOL)
        Now as we follow down the yellow brick road.. they are wanting to give out stimulous checks to keep the economy moving.. none of which will stop what is coming.. on the MSM news last night many are as much as twenty grand behind on rent and mortgage payments.. someone I know is six months behind on their rent.. just because of the loss of income.. and the penalties that have accrued.. I know.. JB says he is going to give two grand all the way back to when it first began.. but we all here know that they are not going to send me twenty grand.. and four grand a month.. it won’t happen.. if that happens then the ten million dollar loaf of bread becomes a reality.. if they claim bankruptcy.. then we start from square one.. with nothing in place.. a tricky tricky situation and I don’t think JB is the man to do the job.. with a fast temper.. it could be ugly and after the alleged financial arrangements it could get ugly if he doesn’t push for favoritism.. not good anyway you look at the picture.. for any of us.. we are in the Zimbabwe state of economy pretty quick..

      • Ray, I changed my mind, because you need to know who you’re corresponding with. I’m a long time reader. I study the subjects I discuss. I live in an area that is predominantly retired people. I am active the in the community and I engage in discussions of all types.

        You said: “Your diatribe could apply to GenXers or Millennials as easily as you apply it to Boomers because, as our generation developed the lifestyle, it was those who came after who stripped our social constraints, first elevating hedonism to normality, then taking over-consumption and over-indulgence to a fine art.”

        How you conveniently left out the drug exploration and free love of the 60’s in your “elevating hedonism to normality”, actually made me laugh when I first read it. Then you try to peg over consumption and indulgence, when you can trace that right back to the disco era of the late 70’s and into the 80’s with mantras like “the ones who dies with the most toys wins”. By this time, most gen x’ers still can’t vote yet. So you seemed to project what started in the past onto people that accepted the world as it was presented to them. Now, I regret framing my opinion that makes all baby boomers appear negative, because obviously individuals are not entire generations, and not every person in that generation was the counter culture type. Maybe I’m misunderstanding what you were laying down here.

        You then made the assertion that you see no difference between a passive technology like TV, and a computer. Sure they could be used the same way by a person, but to claim they are no different is disingenuous at best. Since the internet, information has moved freely unlike any other time. George would never get his word out without a computer and he’d never get on controlled television. So are they the same? Is there no difference? Hardly.

        If minimum wage kept up, it would be about $35 hour now. A janitor once was able to own property and raise a family on a single income. Housing availability and affordability was far different as in years past. Job outsourcing, small business opportunities…yeah…there is just as much here now as there always was. As a long time person of this site, I don’t know if you actually typed that with a straight face. I don’t see how you could.

        Now, although it appeared that way, my point isn’t to blame the world’s woes on baby boomers. It is to contrast the present with the past, in an effort to remind a specific generation that they are the closest to our past, they are being used to hamstring us all, and they are almost the only ones left old enough to know better. I can’t blame kids, I have to go to the upbringing. Lately I’ve just gotten a little tired of the bs that I see and hear coming from many of those around me.

        Now, as you can see, there are no straw men, name calling, and I don’t think I am being rude. But I can be rough around the edges. As for your other rules of engagement, I don’t agree with them but you can choose not to respond to me if you wish. Let me remind you that all comments are moderated before posting, so I don’t think you need to assert such a reminder or ruleset about what content is posted.

  3. Best column you have ever written George. Well worth the 40 bucks annual subscription fee just to get this one.

    Thank you.

  4. I think a lot about Occam’s razor these days.

    Does a surgeon always wear a mask in the operating room because:

    (1) He knows that it prevents transmission of germs? OR

    (2) The masks are free and his face gets cold when he operates?

    For the hundreds of people that have sworn affidavits on the irregularities and apparent fraud in the presidential election process, did they:

    (1) Actually experience what they say and as patriots are prepared to go to court under penalty of perjury. OR

    (2) Can no longer pay the rent or buy food and need a warm jail cell with 3 squares a day?

    • Nein “Dudely DR, Surgeons have never worn N95 anything. Standard issue hospital masks – nothing special – unless of course a “special situation” . Smells and spittle are about all they “protect” anybody from. Suggest you spend more time thinking bout Nell and Litecoin !

  5. Hi, George,

    You left me a bit confused when you wrote that investors and you agreed that a Democratic Senate, House, and Presidency would be a good thing. I read that sentence twice. Just need you to further clarify, if you please would. Other than that, you wrote a most excellent column today for your subscribers.

    I am concerned of the danger to our savings and 401K accounts if the Democratic government does a reset and forgives much of the debt, like college loans and credit card debt. The government needs the funds from somewhere, besides its printing presses. What do you think? Thanks.

    • Sorry =- in rush to get E to Dr apt, didn’t proof read Wouldn’t be a good thing (basis the return of higher taxes) and that could cause a pre-Jan sell off.

      And as I said this morning, the answer is stealing from 401Ks and rolling people into an “improved” phony social security.

      Thing is, unless the govt workers at all levels aren’t in the same plan, the workers continue to increasingly work for the governors

      • Or hyper inflation.. so far cut and charge is what we are seeing. They cut then charge you for what use to be covered.

  6. Great column…I’d like to add a few words based on what Bill said yesterday.
    He said my thoughts are contrary to those with ”down-to-Earth, common sense”
    I think that comment from Bill is partially what’s wrong with America. We have too many down to Earth “COMMON” sense people (key word being common) and not enough reach for the sky, exceptionally gifted types.

    The one thing admire about you George is that you are never satisfied with life as it is…but life as it will become. I live in that world here in the Bay Area. It’s the reason why I condemned all that was Trump. (Special emphasis on Was Trump…thank goodness) His mantra Make America Great Again …was at it’s core an effort to step back in time to an era of regressive mediocrity for the masses with a special push to a stronger plutocracy.

    To add to your column…Covid had a huge effect on Education in that we all realized how important our teachers are and and at the same time how broken our system is to not compensate them as “future builders”. Where was the plan from the WH or in particular, major Trump donor and Amway heir Betsy DeVoss to help solve this problem? DeVoss is part of the swamp creatures of do nothing opportunists brought aboard to reward their loyalty to Trump and take up space in a cabinet position. One of the first initiatives after the lockdown should have been a plan to organize pods, install broadband and internet services to the poor, hire tutor relief to dual income families, hiring of more educators to help make student teacher ratios around 10-1 so that proper social distancing could occur, budget for temporary classroom trailers to create more space to accommodate those student teacher ratios, buy proper PPE , plexiglass and shields to limit exposure, install large monitors in those classrooms for those teachers that have immuno-suppressed health issues to teach remotely with Teachers assistants used to police attendance and attention. There was so much more that could have been done, but was ignored. Education is the most important right we have as humans and that right was taken away due to a WH complacency of the pandemic itself.

    Going forward, I hope our mantra can be Make America Smarter. The lack of brain power is what got us into the mess of the last 4 years and has made China more powerful. I just read an article how China has developed an aircraft based on Sodramjet technology based on American ideas dating back 40 years. This sodramjet could reach Mach 16 by leveraging sonic booms. What have we been doing the past 40 years to allow China to create this breakthrough. Is China stealing our intellectual property, or are we lacking in intellectual capital to develop it? I think the latter is more likely. It’s pretty obvious that if a country can elect a brainless leader, the electorate is probably exponentially dumber.

    I see it everyday. The Silicon Valley is growing due to foreign born engineers. 85% of my home buyers are foreign born technology made millionaires. Their cultures shun our vices of media, sports and mindless entertainment and embrace more cultural media like music, art and nature. They are focused, very family oriented and express gratitude to those that help make contributions that enhance the holistic lifestyles that make all of us better people. Maybe it’s their Hindi, Buddhist or Tibetan style teachings that differentiate them from typical Christian Americans…but I have learned to adapt and embrace and am a better person because of it…both personally and financially.

    More to come…I have an appointment with said client…

    • What a bunch of tripe, right from China’s lips and hips to mark’s pocketbook, swinging by Hunter and Mr. 10% O’Biden. You are NOT smart, markie, you proved it in this little diatribe….ASK MR. O’BIDEN WHAT “HE” ‘HAS’ BEEN DOING THE LAST 40 YEARS TO ALLOW CHINA TO CREATE THIS BREAKTHROUGH, WHICH, AS YOU SO NICELY MENTION, WAS A RIP OFF FROM THE USA…. and there are thousands of other cases of companies, small businesses, Mom and Pop shops closed as this CANCER CALLED CHINA HAS CRAWLED ALL OVER OUR COUNTRY AIDED and ABETTED BY OUR OWN LEADERS AND FOREIGN GLOBALIST DESTROYERS.

      Also, a little ANTI-CHRISTIAN I see. This great country, built by the CHRISTIANS in it, were forced and pushed into feminism, multi-culturalism, abortion, miscegenation, same sex marriages, flooded with refugees and illegals, banked right out of their homes, their educations, their savings, their families destroyed economically leading to the highest divorce rates. THESE PEOPLE who you have no respect for, WHO worked their 40 PLUS YEARS RECENTLY, GAVE EVERYTHING they had so all those FOREIGN BORN engineers can come here and get further FREE educations, JOBS, and benefit off of OUR BACKS, our WORKING BACKS. While we get stuck with sub-par education for our children, great-paying jobs going to these “foreigners’ and measly nothing else.

      You have embraced MONEY and the LOVE OF MONEY. That is ALL; you certainly have not embraced AMERICA, or you would Not LORD one community above another, and knock one religion against others.

    • Dear Mark,

      Firstly, let me express my sorrow at your misunderstanding of Mr. Trump’s squeeze on the globalistas in Silicon Valley with H1B visa restrictions. Has there ever been a toddler on a sugar high willing to react favorably to candy removal? However thank you for your service to a cause.

      Now in fact this past week, Mr. Trump has arguably innoculated for the better his Administration in the history books to be written. Two evenings ago, the BBC noted that a US judge released a document with names redacted of a person or persons who are alleged to have offered, on or about this past August 28th, bribes in exchange for a US pardon. Apparently they say it isn’t someone in the Trump administration. Just a couple of coinkydoinks to go with that: The Daily Mail noted on August 29th that the USVI DA had requested assistance from an administration DC law firm for inquiries of a UK private banking head in small matters grown large of 1998 onwards related to the late owner of Little St. James Island; and the incoming new Administration just announced a cabinet appointee with historic roots to the Party. Fair enough, yet allegedly an in-law was the last to speak to Captain Bob – former skipper of the now Auckland anchored Dancing Hare – buried on The Mount of Olives for services rendered to the State.

      Are those public domain facts all components of the same shenanigan? Will there be a meeting in the boardroom? Let’s be content biding our time for Mr. Trump to complete this seeming dig for buried pirates’ treasure. Your previous “pounding rocks” analogies may be prescient indeed; but Mr. Trump appears to have struck the proverbial vanes of gold?

    • Besides vaccine augmentation of a disease process, experimental vaccines have other possible negative effects:

      IMHO, there’s no conceivable reason(other than financial) for this extreme rush to distribute a “vaccine”. Of course, if they wait until a year from now, Covid may well be on a decline. I personally think this winter will be the worst of it, regardless of whether or not a vaccine is used. Check out the timeline for the 1918 “Spanish” flu. The parallels are amazing:

      We should be working on prevention(supplementation and UV), treatment and cure rather than pinning all our hopes on an unknown “vaccine” using new and untested technology that can permanently alter our genome. It may or may not do that, but there’s nothing beyond the word of a pharma company to say that it won’t.

      The Gates “vaccines” for third world countries triggered antibodies to HCG causing sterility. Now, according to my first link, at least one “vaccine” may trigger immune reactions to cincytin-1, necessary for placental formation, leading to functional sterility.

  7. Yo dude. I’m gonna revise that report I eentno ya as new data has become available and God willing it will be available today for purchase. like columbus proved the world was round and not flat to the critics of his day, and as the wright brothers proved to the people who said man could never fly, which layer took us to the moon, we will see it the future can indeed be transcripted in advance.

    I have some corrections to make to the one I sent you previously and a few other things to add. With regards to Canada and Mexico and the US political arena and I do believe I have the winner of the NCA basketball championship. Which was odd because that came to me when I wasn’t looking for it. Lol if anyone cares. As always, you responsible for your own choices. This not trading advise. Think for yourself. The Zero report is a guide.

    I love reason, I’m Greatfull fore it. However, it is cruch at times that I myself lean on too much for support. I do not discard it’s usefulness however, intuitive resonance supercedes it’s in in many ways. Logos is not all there is. There is Pathos and Ethos present in this world. To discount the prevalence of Pathos and Ethos in favor for only Logos, is an error.

    For a 3 strand cord is not easily broken.

    I’m back wright on schedule. Sorry for any delay you have had to experience. It was necessary for me to see I needed all three. Not just one. It seems that the Infinite Mind of Creative Intelligence is doing fore me what I couldn’t do got myself. Thank God for that. Lol

    Ahhhh. Much better. Love is patient.

    Hopefully it all will be deployed by the end of the day.

    • It’s up and ready to roll. I need to test it and I think it should be good to go. Lol. I included a few things that came to me this morning with regards to the 2024 Presidental Election.

  8. minnup minnup minnup. markets never crash at christmas and not until george and the drunks at elliot wheel of fortune say so . wheres the fractal blokes ?? kontratieff was fake news

  9. “”No! We are all just victims and we’re going to mob up and take what’s due us…arghhh….””

    It’s hard not to be a victim to the mob.

    The folks at GM ran their company into the ground then the GM MOB demanded bailouts. To be fair we all deserved checks equal to the amount each GM bailout participant received ($75,000).

    To borrow from Justice Douglas:

    “[i]tis better that we make our own history than be governed by the dead. ”

    GM staff made a deal with some previous generation, not us, yet we were held accountable to the dead men. GM staff stole from us and their lineages should be cursed forevermore! But since we can’t rely on places like Hell or curses do what you can.

    Stop donating blood. The donation could save a member of the mob plotting agaisnt you.

  10. No jobs no food no health no future!!! So good !! Ask George!! Let them eat cake !! Or in 2020 rats fine roasted and marinated from sewer . Happy days gulag promoters and hhheeeerrresss vaccine. Jab fixes all you die

    • You aint kidding – but here in very UN-United States as Hunger begins stalking the land, the current situation on the ground is getting dire for many Americans. Prices on all food stocks/ commodities are starting to Rise noticeably. Food becoming more expensive by the week in the stores. In fact just the other day – it is rumored that lil barkies significant other was heard to quip after reading a post here about hungry Americans ..”well let them eat roadkilled Armadilla”

  11. Yo George, Kudos to Miss Tamarah. That is the can do, never say die, never quit attitude that is the embodiment of the human spirit. I still believe this basic good in people is the wild card that will overcome this nightmare we are currently living. You can tell the propaganda machine is working overtime when you have local weather men telling you to social distance and wear a mask. To me this just doesn’t pass the smell test. Edward Bernays is smiling from his grave. Is it possible to completely program a pandemic?

  12. As a Bay Area resident myself, I see how Indians, Chinese, and Koreans (among others) make up an ever increasing proportion of the well-to-do population here.That is because they are the new (and, actually, more true) “Americans” because they are educated, work hard, and give back. And Mexicans too…contrary to the lies and vitrioI Trump spews. In my experience, though tending to be less educated, these great workers are family oriented, dedicated, and love America. Sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice is what I see with them. I have a business (farming) and our private inside line is “hire a Mexican” if you want something done right. Americans are lazy, entitled, and would rather talk and philosophize rather than actually work. It is shocking.
    Our strength as a nation going forward is from still being able to attract the best and brightest from abroad. America’s home grown population is by and large a joke. Thank God much of the world still believes enough in the American dream to come here and gift this country with their talents (and pay a lot in taxes). Please don’t blame them for our ills. They are one of the few things that are good about America these days. And thank God Trump’s idiotic idea of not allowing foreign born educated workers in is dead. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.
    By the way, in your response you repeatedly do what you accuse Mark of…”LORD-ing one community above another” . Please be more self aware.

    • Unlike many, when I listen to President Trump, especially at rallies, I listen to every word from the White House feed. There is no talking head “interpreting”, or cuts for commercials or other nonsense. I watch his interaction with people of all races, ages and sexes.

      I have NEVER seen him disparage a race or nationality. When he made his famous remark about Mexicans and rapists, he used the word “some”. That was apparently cut from the commercial feeds, and the allegation of his being racist was shouted without foundation from every corner of the USA. When I see real evidence of this allegation, I’ll reconsider, but IMHO, President Trump is NOT racist. He may be loud, rude, and low inhibition, but he’s still far better than the alternative.

      • Globalist tripe as only dumpsterpumper would know how to spin. Visa/Foreign Worker is all about AMERICANS.

        Hiring “cheap” engineers over American engineers, thereby increasing 1%ers bottom line- on AMERICANS backs, while denying an American a job.
        Personal family history with this kinda Scheisse – but shoe was on other foot when newly arrived Irish Ancestors took jobs away from “locals” in Philly by accepting Lower Wages. It was nasty then – getting nastier now.

    • Martin,
      Thanks for the support. The rest of the country is in denial. They can’t handle the truth, because like their faux leader, they too suffer a watered down narcissistic behavior disease. They forget, America was founded by immigrants…we are an entire nation of immigrants. Nowhere in the constitution does it say White immigrants, or Christian immigrants. Trump is doing his best to dumb America down more than it already is for control and manipulation purposes. Thank goodness we have had that influx of worldwide immigrants come into this country, get their citizenship and change the mindset.

      • Mark, I have a great deal of respect for most legal immigrants! They work very hard. Many of my close friends are first or second generation immigrants from many places. I do have a real problem with random foreigners without skills entering and/or staying illegally or under color of law. There is a maximum percent of culturally divergent people that can be accommodated into our melting pot without spoiling it for all of us. Those with skills and a strong work ethic can much more easily be accommodated. Those without create a disruption that interferes with productivity and harmony in a serious way. Allowing uninspected people from many places to enter the country and move all over is a risk for disease and insurgency, among other things. We have a border patrol for a reason. The people moving into your market are for the most part, those legal immigrants who are both accomplished and vetted by Homeland Security. They are an asset to the country and should be respected for that. Those who run criminal operations, use our social services with abandon, and those who flout our laws are the problem. In NM, we have both kinds. It only takes a few words to discern the difference.

      • NM Mike – it’s been demonstrated time and time again that stating the obvious to Mark-o is a lost cause. He lives in his own world where he makes his living on the corruption of the status quo – even if it means treason to our country with his support of the lincoln log boys.

      • I don’t have any complaints about LEGAL immigrants.. I don’t care if someone comes here to raise a family..
        but.. Pay the same taxes.. a non resident tax until you get your citizenship and you don’t receive any of the social programs that have been put in place to assist citizens..
        so far.. it isn’t working out that way from my perspective.. if your going to give a scholarship then give it to a citizens child than to someone that isn’t even a member of our country..
        In the military.. they had at one point when I was in.. lectures about getting romantically involved with women in other countries just because they wanted to get married to an american so that they could get their papers.. a relative of mine.. well actually I have several relatives that married from other countries.. but the one that stands out is the one that married was stationed overseas for over a decade had three kids.. they then moved him back to the states.. and they lived here on base.. then after she got her papers.. he came home from work.. she was gone the kids were by themselves.. the kids are now grown but it is a reality..

    • My reply is to protect Americans, you only seem to care about illegals, refugees, immigrants, and people who came here on the backs of Americans. Those Mexicans all have wives that take thousands a month from America times millions; when you have no respect for Americans because you work product is Mexicans then you don’t need to say anymore.

      Everyone else gets a leg up in America, Americans do NOT get a leg up unless they are connected, wealthy. Even the poor do not get a leg up, just a hand out to no where.

      Are you going into the high schools of America to hire Americans? 25 percent drop out rate in our high schools. Obviously, an education is no reason to work the fields for you so why aren’t you in the schools before they drop out?

      You think America is a joke, but you sat by and oversaw the joke that you now deride.

      You all are all alike, blaming Trump, he’s been there almost 4 years, you have had Biden for almost 40, Schumer, Pelosi, and Feinstein all over 35 years of selling the country out.

      Americans used to be mostly family oriented and all of those things, but it is the FAMILY that has been attacked and destroyed by the liberals. Those immigrants have families because they are all benefiting from the benefits that help keep their families intact. All the AMERICANS that I know have SACRIFICED and are STILL sacrificing and watching everything go down the toilet for them, while the illegals/immigrants get the FREE education, the housing, the jobs, the EBT cards, all the bennies because they have no SS card to DISALLOW them.

      Still, in my city NO Mexicans, illegals, or refugees begging on the streets or sleeping in the homeless tents, but it is filled with Americans; mostly OLDER Americans, white and black males, then white females, and guess what, no help or aid for them.

      All the construction sites hire the illegals, they are living high on the hog in our city. The jobs post must speak Spanish; this was illegal 30 years ago, now it is thrown in our faces and no one stops it.

      You and Mark are pros, pros at tossing your fellow Americans under the bus. It’s all because you benefit off of the back of your fellow Americans by hiring the ‘others’ who come here to benefit themselves. You are a MONEY GRUBBER, too, just a new aged slaver is all.

      Show some respect.

      Pumping and Dumping on America is your slogan.

  13. ” there’s already A.I.. and it has been adopted by the highest levels of Deep State government to keep the “middle of America safe.”

    The AI exists, but it is a hodge-podge of technocrats and patchwork code. True AI tech is still a few orders of magnitude shy of being able to emulate “common sense” and the leaps of logic which are common amongst humans. Thus, they must be constantly supervised by those who believe they’re smarter than we, lest the whole plan be exposed before its roll-out and implementation. The issue with a technocracy, whether run by AI or technocrats, is it will call for the elimination of individuals’ thoughts and actions and will weight decisions based on herd mentality. This is fine, for those who’re part of the herd. For those who are not, it is a particularly vile form of socialism.

    The object is not to keep middle America “safe,” it is to keep it compliant and controlled.

    “Democrats Worry Special Counsel John Durham Will Tie Biden’s Hands, ‘Settle Old Scores’ on Russia. While Politico worries “Barr taps Durham as special counsel, pushing probe into Biden era.”

    Durham’s rep is he is scrupulously honest, and has a particular dislike for dirty politicians and bureaucrats. That “Settle Old Scores on Russia” thing is media misdirection. The deal is: If Biden comes up in Durham’s sights, somebody might discover how dirty he is, and someone might remember that creepy Joe is under indictment in Ukraine. Therefore, the MSM has to do some preemptive damage control.

    “For the fifth time in a row, the new Congress is the most racially and ethnically diverse ever,”

    Yeah, don’t care. I couldn’t care less if the entirety of Congress (and the Boards of Directors of every corporation) were monochromatic and Black, Brown, Red, White, or Yellow. What I care about is that the governing population (of whatever) is the best at what they need to do. BTW ‘have yet to see any governing body, whether public or private, where this pipe-dream of mine has been fulfilled…

    “Is it possible that Covid-19 is just a “tool along that road?””

    Absolutely. Whether a natural or laboratory aberration, Marxists worldwide would use CV-19 to further their ends.

    Excellent column, George — not comforting, but excellent…

    • Ahh yes – and some might want to keep in the back of their minds that the USA is Operating under a War Declaration – We are at WAR officially – and “Rules” such that they are are Different under War Declaration – See Kavanaugh hearing/Lindsey liteloafers Graham question and answer sequence.

  14. Hi George, please explain the term “Buy In.” Opposite of Buy Out, certainly, which specifically means…?


  15. The number one cause of divorce is not money or infidelity. The number one cause of Divorce is one thing and one thing only. Selfishness.

    Pure and simple.

    Selfishness is the number one cause of Divorce. All the other shit is just alibies and scape goats for feelings.

    Everyone wants to be on the Front Page news. LOL

    I aint trading my Inheritance for a bowl of soup.

  16. @Shawn

    “Ray, I changed my mind, because you need to know who you’re corresponding with. I’m a long time reader. I study the subjects I discuss. I live in an area that is predominantly retired people. I am active the in the community and I engage in discussions of all types.”

    Excellent, as well.

    “You said: “Your diatribe could apply to GenXers or Millennials…

    How you conveniently left out the drug exploration and free love of the 60’s in your ‘elevating hedonism to normality'”

    Yeah, how ’bout that. In truth, the Timothy Leary crowd aside, Hef and Helen Brown probably did more to create the ideas of “free love” and hedonism for its own sake than just about anyone else. However, nobody forced anyone to do as they did, or as they espoused in their publications. It was fantasy, not normality.

    Replying with really broad generalities (which don’t necessarily apply to any individual, as an individual) the Boomers had moral standards and social mores. When they violated those standards, they knew there were standards, and that they were violating them. By the time the first Xers were becoming teens (uh, that’d be about 1974), said Xers chose to ignore many of the social mores. When Millennials hit their teen years, they simply rejected any mores as “not applicable” to them.

    Here I would pause, and ask you: Why?

    “Then you try to peg over consumption and indulgence, when you can trace that right back to the disco era of the late 70’s and into the 80’s”

    “Conspicuous consumption” began in the early 1920s, as Ford’s Model-T and well-paid autoworkers met John D’s cheap gas. Manufacturers figured out the concept of “planned obsolescence” (BTW Ford was one of the last to figure it out) and suddenly, it became not-fashionable to drive a not-new car. There’s no such thing as “overconsumption,” because consumption always expands (or contracts) to meet need. There is wasteful consumption, like politicians, entertainers, and business types flying all over the world, unnecessarily. “Indulgence” is a conspicuous display of privilege. I’ve never been privileged, so while I can recognize indulgence, I lack the ability to understand it. We’uns just called it “spoiled” or “phony…”

    “with mantras like “the ones who dies with the most toys wins”. ”

    …Not a mantra, a quote of Malcolm Forbes which caught on with some segments of society. I have a number of toys (okay, actually tools.) I don’t consider myself “winning” anything, nor will I unless I can pass on the knowledge and use of them to inquisitive and enterprising youngsters.

    “By this time, most gen x’ers still can’t vote yet. ”

    Do you define “GenXers” as “those born between 1965 and 1985, or do you define them as “offspring of those born between 1945 and 1965?” I define them as the latter. I have GenX nephews who are approaching 60.

    “So you seemed to project what started in the past onto people that accepted the world as it was presented to them. ”

    Presented by whom?

    “…not every person in that generation was the counter culture type. ”

    Very few Boomers were counter-culture types. There was a huge shift in attitude, between those born before 1957 and those born after. I’ve never researched its cause (nor has anyone with whom I’m familiar), but for an aware person who lived through that period, the shift was palpable. It was not toward counter-cultural attitudes or actions per se, but toward an acceptance of certain (previously-unacceptable) lifestyle choices.

    “You then made the assertion that you see no difference between a passive technology like TV, and a computer. ”

    Um, not what I said. I was referring to the result, not the method of acquisition. My actual quote is:

    I fail to see the difference between an 80yo who has their “news” and opinion force-fed them by CNN, and someone who gets their “news” from Koz and has their opinion written for them at HuffPost or Reddit. In neither case is the person acquiring reliable information nor doing their own thinking.

    “Since the internet, information has moved freely unlike any other time. ”

    It has become exceedingly difficult to acquire information that’s truthful, accurate, or both. “Free” information that’s neither truthful nor accurate is an exercise in mental masturbation. It is both useless and worthless, and accomplishes nothing other than fostering beliefs that are even further removed from truth, accuracy, or worth.

    Information moved fairly freely, 25 years ago. We are in the age of PC speech, doxing, and cancel culture now. If someone has a social or political opinion which differs from that [which is] established by the corporate elitists and tech nerds, and promulgated by mainstream media, they live in constant danger of a cyberattack which could escalate at any time to a financial or physical assault.

    “George would never get his word out without a computer and he’d never get on controlled television. ”

    He (and Clif) were on The History Channel, some years ago because of the WebBot Project. Their inclusion on that show was the result of appearances on Coast to Coast AM, not the Internet.

    “So are they the same? Is there no difference? Hardly. ”

    The only difference in where an 80yo couch potato and a Millennial gets their misinformation and disinformation is the volume level at which it is delivered.

    “If minimum wage kept up, it would be about $35 hour now… I don’t know if you actually typed that with a straight face. I don’t see how you could.”

    Typed WHAT? I have no idea of what you’re referring. I made no mention of “minimum wage.” However, since you did, it would actually be about $20.35/hr today, based on the $1.90/hr it was in 1975. With that said, “minimum wage” is a political racket. It sounds really good to kiddies and life-long waitspeople, but it ALWAYS results in entry-level wage-earners losing a fraction of their purchasing power.

    “Now, although it appeared that way, my point isn’t to blame the world’s woes on baby boomers. ”

    Good. Try to understand, every generation has its counterculture shitheads. Some members (not necessarily the same) of every generation of Americans since Old Hickory was Prez have attempted to push this nation away from its founding principals and toward a monarchical empire. We are the product of 10,000 generations of societies that have been learning “best practices” by trial and error. No tribe, nation, or society in the history of Man has done more good, for its own and all other of Earth’s people, and abused its power less, than the United States.

    With that said, understand, too, that there is a segment of our society which wishes this to change. They care about power, not social or societal evolution. Some of them have been in charge of localized fiefdoms for many decades. Others, in charge of the information we disseminate as “news.” Others yet, are “court jesters” who bring us escapism in one form or another, and tend to gain prominence, which gives them a platform by which to assert an influence on society as they gain notoriety for their various means of exploiting the escapism they proffer, whether they have any expertise in social or societal evolution, or not.

    “…they are being used to hamstring us all”

    How? The only way Boomers (and “Greatests” and GenXers and Millennials BTW) are “hamstringing” society is by spending the young’uns money before it’s made, and limiting everyone’s freedom. That’s not a generational thing though. That is a bunch of people in a position of power, who crave more, and are singularly lacking in morals and scruples. The biggest difference between Pelosi and AOC is not that they’re two generations apart, but that Alex is more-honest WRT her endgame.

    “…I can’t blame kids, I have to go to the upbringing. ”

    And here, I totally agree. This actually did proliferate with the Boomer generation, and has long been a sticking point with me. We abrogated our responsibility for guidance to the TV, didn’t discipline properly or consistently, and didn’t set firm boundaries because Ozzie and Harriet taught us we should be friends with our kids. We did this because for the first time in the history of our species, our existence and survival became a less-than 24/7 job and we discovered we liked “free-time.” (Nobody told us it was, by far, the least-resistible of all aphrodisiacs…) We also voted-in people who created a monetary penalty for married couples, which could be dealt with by middle-class and above, but was utterly devastating to poor families.

    “Now, as you can see, there are no straw men, ”

    Nope. Not at all. Not even when you changed the focus of the “Internet” paragraph from “information” to its delivery system or created a response to a minimum wage argument I didn’t make…

    “As for your other rules of engagement, I don’t agree with them ”

    So, what would you change…?

    “…Let me remind you that all comments are moderated before posting, so I don’t think you need to assert such a reminder or ruleset about what content is posted.”

    Nor would I do so. It’s not my place. What I DID do is lay down a rule set by which you could elicit a more-serious-than-flippant response from me, if you so-chose…

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