Job-Jitter Markets, Anagram, and Woo-Woo

Today, we serve a nutritious “full meal deal” for your brain:  On the ultra-rational side, we have a warm slice of government data.  However, with an election just 75-days away, use of facts is discretionary.  For the middle-brain, we have an Anagram due out at 10 Eastern.  And for the empathic/right-brain thinkers, a couple of slices of woo….

Fresh Jobs Data

In the early slog this morning (6:30 A CDT) Dow futures were pointing to a weaker opening.  With Dow futures down 87-points and red showing for the S&P 500 and the NASDAQ composite, as well.  After unemployment data?  -141.

One reason for the jitters?  (Besides the new all-time lows in political specificity from the so-called “convention” nonsense cluttering up streaming?)  The weekly unemployment claims just out from Labor:

“In the week ending August 15, the advance figure for seasonally adjusted initial claims was 1,106,000, an increase of 135,000 from the previous week’s revised level. The previous week’s level was revised up by 8,000 from 963,000 to 971,000. The 4-week moving average was 1,175,750, a decrease of 79,000 from the previous week’s revised average. The previous week’s average was revised up by 2,000 from 1,252,750 to 1,254,750.
The advance seasonally adjusted insured unemployment rate was 10.2 percent for the week ending August 8, a decrease of 0.4 percentage point from the previous week’s unrevised rate. “

Since we’re “in the Zone” where annual market highs are often set (Aug. 1 to Sept. 15, or so, see  the Traders Almanac), there’s much to worry about.  Particularly, due to the mental horsepower declines of IQ90 America.

With a couple of European markets down in the range of 1.3%, a US close today down 300 on the Dow might be possible…we’ll size that up as the market works through data to come…  But some of it this week is already bad:

Futuring:  The Fed’s Best Guess

What’s ahead for the balance of this year?  From the recent Fed meeting – end of July- a key outlook keeps moderating:

The projected rate of recovery in real GDP, and the pace of declines in the unemployment rate, over the second half of this year were expected to be somewhat less robust than in the previous forecast. Although the staff assumed that additional fiscal stimulus measures would be enacted beyond those anticipated in the June forecast, the positive effect on the economic outlook was outweighed somewhat by the staff’s assessment of the likely effects of several other factors. Those factors included the increasing spread of the coronavirus in the United States since mid-June; the reactions of many states and localities in slowing or scaling back the reopening of their economies, especially for businesses, such as restaurants and bars, providing services that entail personal interactions; and some high-frequency indicators that pointed to a deceleration in economic activity. Substantial fiscal policy measures—both enacted and anticipated—along with appreciable support from monetary policy and the Federal Reserve’s liquidity and lending facilities were expected to continue bolstering the economic recovery, although a complete recovery was not expected by year-end.”

Which, if we’re reading it right, gives us the inference is February will hold as the (PPP) highwater mark for a while.  Not in actual prices – which you can move anywhere with enough printers’ ink.

That would mean working all year for no – or negative – growth.


Leading Economic Indicators report is due out at 10-AM Eastern.  Since you know that an  anagram is a jumble of letters hiding deeper meanings, the LEI shouldn’t be too hard to figure out.  Even with decaf.

And speaking of, and after the close today, the Fed’s H.6 Money Stocks report may give us an indication of whether the banker cabal will slow their pouring of financial  Everclear into the firey stock market before the election.

Say, here’s an anagrammatic thought:  H-6 money stocks?  Would that be 666 666 666 666? (H is “four dots in Morse code…)  You make the call.

The Oregon Insurrection

Reminds us of the Energizer Bunny:  Still going.Police declare riot on 84th night of protests, after vandalism at ICE building in Southwest Portland.”

Why the room-temperature IQ residents of Oregon can’t stop this leftist uprising astounds us.  But, given the shrill Marxist squad in Congress, maybe it’s not surprising at all.

Marxism comes down to:  “From each according to his ability.  To each after WE GET OURS.”  Never any leftovers – which is why the Soviet State failed, Venezuela, Cuba.  Can’t these people effing read, either?

Hard to take a party seriously that supports insurrections…but there you have it.

Across the Aisle

Lindsey Graham, on Twitter about Obama’s bashing of Trump:

“The Obama Years: 

  • Pathetically weak foreign policy (ISIS, Iran nuclear deal). 
  • Slow-growth, weak economy. 
  • A rogue Department of Justice.

I welcome a comparison between the accomplishments of President Trump and President Obama on multiple levels.”

Seems to us, the country needs to turn off both political division scams and get back focused on the future…No, not Billie Eilish’s version, either.

Where’s the Real Future?

While the first hits on many search engines – in response to the query “future” – involve revolutionaries and black trans women, there are actually other developments in the works.

For example: How an Epic Battle Against Apple Will Influence Streaming’s Future.

And how aboutThe Stranger Things Creators Have Good News About the Future of the Show…”  Although, it’s getting harder by the day to find stranger things in nominal worlds…

The real future will be found not in victimology/revolutionaries or gender conversion evangelists, but rather in where science leads.  IN this regard, more practical guideposts are found in “How to Ensure America’s Quantum Future” and “IBM hits new quantum computing milestone.”


Maybe the best part of the future is next Friday.  That’s when Bill & Ted Face the Music is due out.

Worth Being Aware Of…

Payback’s a bitch when you cross “The Impaler” – “Alexei Navalny: Russian opposition leader ‘poisoned’.”

Downscaling from CV continues: Auctioneers see surge in Covid-19 bankruptcy sales…”

Environmental note:  See where 750-million mosquitoes are about to be released in the Florida Keys?0 (Bite me?)

PN Note

Been working on a [huge]  Peoplenomics report.  But, it won’t be ready this weekend – so we will be doing charts-only.  Moreover,  no podcast either. This is because in much of media, the last week, or two, of August and until just-past Labor Day, are usually the annual lows for readership.

Spills over into other media, as well.  Although, patterns may change this year.  That’s because “Back to School” activities have evolved into “Back to Home” so the annual school sales, and other promotions, may be a bit muted this year.  Case count of  you-know-what will be passing 23-million globally in a few days.

Gamma Band Health Note

Further to a few recent remarks on using a combination of 40 Hz flickering light and auditory inputs (40 Hz tones, thanks THX…), two data points out of Old Man Labs to relate.

One is historical and it’s about cats, purring, and healing.

We begin with acknowledging that cats purr over a fairly wire range: 30-140 Hz in some studies.

Which seems very pertinent to this 2018 paper, “Gamma Band Neural Stimulation in Humans and the Promise of a New Modality to Prevent and Treat Alzheimer’s Disease.

Second is our experimental results here:

As (did I mention it?) I set up a decent speaker (Bose/Inter-Audio 200) and drove it at 40 Hz.  There’s just enough output that it’s “there” if you listen for it.

Now the interesting and useful data point:  Last night, our partly deaf 14-year old black indoor/outdoor  Zeus-the-Cat stayed in.  There were raccoons on the deck last night and, well, he’s  no fool.

Got up this morning at 4 AM to find him cuddled up to the bookcase/hidden door with two feet on the door.  Never seen him sleep in this location in the house – ever – over 14 years.  Touching the door, it’s very faint, but there’s that 40 Hz coupled from the speaker.  Hmmm…

Elaine and I got a kick out of it.  “ Wonder if he thinks it’s another cat…purring….” proposed E as Zeus slept on.   More as warranted.


A little background:  I’m the father of three children.  One born in 1977 and two born in 1980.  These last two are boy-girl twins.  39-years old, presently.

Had a call from the girl twin Wednesday.  She excitedly told me she had just accepted a job doing medical billing and that she’d be making a good deal more money and her commute is just half what it was in the previous position. Nice!  Congrats!

Now, get this: Shortly after, I get a call from the firefighter/emt son (G2) and he’s been promoted (effective yesterday) to a new regional hot team that’s been stood-up in Washington State doing CV-19 field work at major forest fires.  Good dough, too.  He’ll be sleeping in an aid unit, doing CV-19 work on major forest fire lines.

The Woo?  Well, given that each tends to change jobs every 2-5 years, what are the odds both would latch on to  “new jobs” withina few hours of one-another?

Yeah, yeah, 100-percent.  But  twins, big promotions   same day?  The “rhymyness of it all…”  I thought it was graceful.

Write when you get rich,

26 thoughts on “Job-Jitter Markets, Anagram, and Woo-Woo”

  1. “The Obama Years:

    Pathetically weak foreign policy”

    Good one.

    The way I see it under Trump China attacked America with a Bio-bomb. But maybe China didn’t attack?

    I don’t know. To me weak foreign policy is letting China kill 173,000 Americans.

    In less than a year China’s kill is almost 50% of the Americans killed in WW2. And then I go to the store and where were the COVID masks made? Pathetic or a joke.

    • Lol well maybe your waking up to the scam,how many Americans die each year from the flu probably about the same as from the virus, but simply by a different name, as the 1% increase their wealth from said virus.Russia was probably right when they called it a form of the flu and the 1% is still leaching off the untold wealth they dumped into the financial system,meanwhile they are burning the country down week-ends in the big cities are little more then kill anything that moves zones.But we are to busy meddling in every other countries business to pay any attention to that.!!!

  2. “which is why the Soviet State failed, Venezuela, Cuba.  Can’t these people effing read, either?”

    Congress will give an argument as to why they don’t have to read.. just ask Rand paul and the handful of members that supported his read the Bill’s act. They basically laughed him off the floor.
    My guess is the real string pullers caused the situation in Zimbabwe, Argentina etc. As an experiment or trial to see what they would have to do to get control of the USA.
    Similar to having us blast the hell out of countries so they can gain control of the people and the resources. It’s all about control and the enslavement of the people.
    Question why would someone dilute and destroy their own product. Take the dollar basically worthless piece of paper backed by nothing at all.. prop it up make everyone dependent on it then destroy it..control ..a sheepdog herding the sheep to the pens..

  3. Frankenskeeters, just what we need with everything else going weird. Nature has a way of reversing unwanted alterations; The female insects will not stay genetically altered. As for the Russian politician, this is twice now in less than two years, so it’s stated. I think he might want to consider a career change.

  4. Jeez George, enough with the goofy, wild liberal bashing already. Don’t forget that it was your guy pouring gasoline on the protests to get reelected. And who let the whole thing fester in the first place by re-branding murdered black guys as an attack on patriotism.

    BTW, it’s unthinkable that any political figure, in either major party, would embrace the violent fringe. Or is it? Of course Trump just had to embrace the violent QAnon fringe. And did the same thing with the violent Right fringe at Charlottesville. Best, Mike.

    • Send along the “fringe” Q-Anons beating the shit out of people torn from their cars and burning down their communities. Then whining about no local merchants.

      Can’t find it? Then light your own fringe on fire. Stop defending assholes. It’s like you have Toilet Paper stocks, for crying out louds.

    • I do have one question. When is California going to use some of their “technology” to figure out a way to keep the lights on?

    • Mike, I believe you are confused, Q followers are not violent and are not fringe. They are peaceable. and Quite numerous. Just look at the attendence at Trump rallies, most of them are Q followers and they all are familiar with Q! You might find 1 or 2 examples of a nut pretending to be MAGA or Qanon follower but 99.99% are peaceful law abiding.
      The MSM has miles and miles and mile of footage of the Antifa/BLM throwing molotov cocktails and burning buildings . Where is your Q riots? Crickets.
      It is unthinkable that anybody would embrace the violence of the radical left, Sorass funded, commie idealists, Antifa/BLM,,go ahead and raise your fist as they do in their symbols and flags
      They only manage to have their rampages in cities and states ran by ,who, Oh Ya them democrats. Their leaders and paid organizers travel across state lines to go where they are protected from the police by dirty corrupt politicians
      My Question to you is, how do you abide them, Antifa/BLM/destructionists and the politicans that allow their crimes,arson,looting, assault.
      And why would you care? Remember the global warming is killing us all anyway, so what the hell. Take the red pill Neo

    • gold and silver is priced on dollar. as the dollar weakens ( hyper inflation) gold and silver will go up accordingly. who knows what the prices will be? and oil will be priced accordingly also.. But there is a finite amount of gold, silver and oil. So get a horse and buggy, 1850’s is down the road!

  5. G, how time flies. Can it really have been 14 years? It seems like yesterday that you wooed little Zuesie with some food. I have always felt bad because we usually outlive our pets. They own us for such a short time. George treasure the remaining time. I still miss my last dog and cat.I have decided to try and not have another animal in my life even though a watchdog would be invaluable during our coming times of trouble.

    • The critters get to be like little fuzzy kids, and it always so tragic when they croak.

      We have pretty much every local predatory species migrating through the neighborhood, along with some released exotics and at least one extinct species that is a lot more alive and well than publicly acknowledged, due to Federal restocking up in OK.

      My current policy is to try to avoid feeding the native species.

  6. I think I’m hitting a new low of depression after reading Oilman2’s take on peak oil. We’re doomed, for sure. Not just COVID to deal with going forward. I think we have reached the peak of the human species. It’s all downhill from here. There’s no going back to ‘what once was’. Best course is to hunker down, socially isolate, and let the rest of the world go by…. right down the coriolis swirl.

  7. My Day.. phew.. well I stopped up to the infectious disease wing of the hospital.. an old old friend .. that works healthcare didn’t wash good enough between patients or touched something that had the bacteria or viral agent on.. and caught it.. so far they are in the hospital for over a week.. on the strongest medicine that they make.. and so far it isn’t cutting it.. her doctor came in and told her that her case was extremely serious and they are keeping a close eye on it to see if the medicines are working..
    she put on her call light four times while I was there.. they don’t have any contact precautions but I kept my distance and masked.. I have taken care of what a good thousand patients with what she caught.. but the doctor gave her the death speech so who knows.. she looked pretty good though and I don’t think she will die.. but then it is serious and hopefully the medications are working.. if they don’t then she is in deep do do..
    read a book.. seen a woman along side the road.. sign stranded no money no food hungry please help.. I wasn’t going to help at all.. then I noticed she had the look and there was a few tear streaks.. that was enough.. went to the bank got some money made a trip back and waved her over told her to walk to the nearby restaurant.. I would buy her breakfast.. she almost ran over to the restaurant.. and devoured the food.. you would have thought she hadn’t had a meal in a month.. we visited I found out how she got stranded and how she was trying to get back home.. I directed her to where she can get the help.. and then told her to order a few other meals to go and gave her a couple of dollars.. she did.. at least she has food for a couple of days.. I felt good about it.. it wasn’t that much but a meal is a meal and she was looking for food.. I don’t normally give handouts to those along the road.. but it was the tears and that look.. I know that look well.. I seen that same look of futility in my own reflection in the mirror….
    got home and then put a couple of coats of polyurethane on the cardboard cabinet.. the poly is absorbed and when it dries it gets the cardboard hard.. next I will put the screen on it and coat it.. then lay out the ship lap card board.. the wind glass holder is done.. the wine bottle holder will be done as soon as I coat the wine glass holder.. then I can glue it in place.. lay out the counter top.. we are on the down side.. it took about four ounces of poly to coat the thing twice..soaked right in..
    the two youngest grandkids were telling me they are looking on the ground for diamonds and emeralds.. I told them to just look for some pretty rocks.. we will polish them up real nice and they will have their own precious stones.. LOL.. so they are busy in the rock pile looking for the gem just waiting to be discovered by little eyes.. LOL…only one of the older grandkids kept their rock.. I think one other to he just doesn’t want anyone to know he kept a rock from when he was little.. but I usually tell them pick one that you think is gorgeous and it speaks to you.. that is the rock you carry.. I carry a rose quartz.. my favorite rock.. one side is sort of rubbed smooth.. when I get deep in thought I find myself rubbing the rock LOL… out of habit of course..

  8. “Worth Being Aware Of…
    Payback’s a bitch when you cross “The Impaler” – “Alexei Navalny: Russian opposition leader ‘poisoned’.”

    Hmm.. here is what gets me about that story and similar stories.. you read stories like this.. yet there are those that openly manipulate leaders of nations in our world and not one word of anyone even opposing their actions of using them.. and its not just one country it is all of them.. now that is power.. absolute power.. to control nations leaders around the globe without anyone even questioning why..

  9. Comrades,

    I usually never remember my dreams. However at the start of this week I was given a message: “Kos”. Maybe Zeus knows?

  10. Hank dont get to discouraged on oil. In 1982 I was going to work for Exxon in Rifle Colorado. They had already spent over 1billion dollars getting ready to extract oil from a deposit above ground that has enough oil to last the US a good 50 years. I drove up there to go to work on a Sat. On Sunday the board of directors met and decided to put the next billion into leases in the China area. There went my job. Who would of thought what would happen to the coal fields. Something is taking their place. Just watch and wait and there wll be another oil boom and or an energy boom of some kind. It just might not be the same old game.

  11. So, how come judges, politicians and billionaires aren’t covered by this rule:

    I can’t wait to see the SC justices dressed in black dog cones, with spikes. Will DJT get a fuzzy orange comb over cone? Biden will need a blank (clear) cone. Former presidents should get acoustic insulated dog cones of silence. I can just see Warren and Bill playing bridge in complementary corduroy and tweed Fido cones. There are just so many public figures who deserve their own signature dog cone. Nancy. Soros. It boggles the imagination.

  12. We do love our doom and Gloom..
    Peak Oil? Yes I have heard about it for 30 years. Ain’t here yet. Others say we got 30 years of production of Oil from the frack fields. I do not know about that but I do know that West Virgina has 250 years of coal in the ground plus Wyoming,Pennsylvania,Kentucky all have large deposits.
    We also have Nuclear at least 1000 years of uranium, breeder reactors to make plutonium for another 1000 years. Enough Thorium,in high temp 700 degrees,low pressure,salt reactors,safer and little to no risk of melt downs,able to burn nuclear waste from uranium and plutonium reactors too.
    We GOT OPTIONS.. Yeah we got Problems. But there are SOLUTIONS..
    Be Prepared. Food ,clothing ,shelter ,garden or farm. Heat/cooling,some tools.A gold or silver coin or 2. Get the Popcorn and Enjoy the show..
    How well is up to You

    • “Peak Oil? Yes I have heard about it for 30 years. Ain’t here yet. ”

      And it won’t ever happen Jesse….
      Just take a peek at your trash and you know.. take a peek at everyones trash and you know.. peek oil is just a ploy to get everyone to panic and justification to charge more money for your fuel your utilities your products just about every facet of your life is affected by oil.. yet we have plenty everywhere..

      Plastic is nothing more than stabilized spun oil…basically.. the conversion back to its base is easy and cheap and doesn’t take a lot of energy to do.. the same with oil shale.. or the oil sands.. easy to extract the oil and cheaply done.. ( well you can do it cheaply they are idiots wanting to spend money but hey that is work for someone else)

      fuel.. everything is fuel.. whether it is a rock through nuclear energy..( one I don’t think we should seek out.. since we don’t really understand it and the waste product is hard to dispose of.. it is expensive and dangerous..)
      to carbon.. ( coal is everywhere and easy to obtain and if done right can be used without the harmful and destructive exhaust fumes. I have nothing against coal and use it myself to heat with)
      your garbage.. can be converted to fuel.. turned into cengas and burned in any propane or natural gas engine or furnace..
      water.. at the right frequency you can split water effectively and cheaply to produce fuel..
      so no I wouldn’t worry to much about the peek oil.. we throw tons of it out daily in our trash and when things get to where it has to be used will start building conversion plants to extract the oil from the plastic..
      heck you can make one in your own house and convert your own oil.. it would be time consuming.. the university of Washington state is the only place that was allowed to get a converter for spun oil.. that is also why they put the warnings on the microwaves to not use plastic containers in them.. the oil starts to leach out of the plastic and the carcinogens are so toxic are then in your food.. but hey I just put a Styrofoam cup in the microwave with some cold joe.. we all do it..

    • Oil and its derivatives are extraordinarily convenient. Oil and gas are fuel, and fuel is transportable, storable energy! Nuclear and renewables can release energy, but they don’t generally make fuel. Fuel has extra value. I’m sure there is truth regarding OM2 and depletion. I’m also sure that alternatives will emerge. China is electrifying everything so their reliance on actual fuels is declining as a percent of total energy use. The same is true in Japan and Europe. We have a far flung nation and fuels are far more convenient in many cases. We’ll adapt, IF we maintain a will and a reason to actually maintain society. If that fails, we’re done.

      Right now, there are few incentives.

  13. please spare me the tears and stories .. peak oil my butt .. more oil than water .. covid hoax aahhhhhhaaaaaa !! now that’s a good one .. just crash , forget about it

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