Today, we serve a nutritious “full meal deal” for your brain:  On the ultra-rational side, we have a warm slice of government data.  However, with an election just 75-days away, use of facts is discretionary.  For the middle-brain, we have an Anagram due out at 10 Eastern.  And for the empathic/right-brain thinkers, a couple of slices of woo….

Fresh Jobs Data

In the early slog this morning (6:30 A CDT) Dow futures were pointing to a weaker opening.  With Dow futures down 87-points and red showing for the S&P 500 and the NASDAQ composite, as well.  After unemployment data?  -141.

One reason for the jitters?  (Besides the new all-time lows in political specificity from the so-called “convention” nonsense cluttering up streaming?)  The weekly unemployment claims just out from Labor:

“In the week ending August 15, the advance figure for seasonally adjusted initial claims was 1,106,000, an increase of 135,000 from the previous week’s revised level. The previous week’s level was revised up by 8,000 from 963,000 to 971,000. The 4-week moving average was 1,175,750, a decrease of 79,000 from the previous week’s revised average. The previous week’s average was revised up by 2,000 from 1,252,750 to 1,254,750.
The advance seasonally adjusted insured unemployment rate was 10.2 percent for the week ending August 8, a decrease of 0.4 percentage point from the previous week’s unrevised rate. “

Since we’re “in the Zone” where annual market highs are often set (Aug. 1 to Sept. 15, or so, see  the Traders Almanac), there’s much to worry about.  Particularly, due to the mental horsepower declines of IQ90 America.

With a couple of European markets down in the range of 1.3%, a US close today down 300 on the Dow might be possible…we’ll size that up as the market works through data to come…  But some of it this week is already bad:

Futuring:  The Fed’s Best Guess

What’s ahead for the balance of this year?  From the recent Fed meeting – end of July- a key outlook keeps moderating:

The projected rate of recovery in real GDP, and the pace of declines in the unemployment rate, over the second half of this year were expected to be somewhat less robust than in the previous forecast. Although the staff assumed that additional fiscal stimulus measures would be enacted beyond those anticipated in the June forecast, the positive effect on the economic outlook was outweighed somewhat by the staff’s assessment of the likely effects of several other factors. Those factors included the increasing spread of the coronavirus in the United States since mid-June; the reactions of many states and localities in slowing or scaling back the reopening of their economies, especially for businesses, such as restaurants and bars, providing services that entail personal interactions; and some high-frequency indicators that pointed to a deceleration in economic activity. Substantial fiscal policy measures—both enacted and anticipated—along with appreciable support from monetary policy and the Federal Reserve’s liquidity and lending facilities were expected to continue bolstering the economic recovery, although a complete recovery was not expected by year-end.”

Which, if we’re reading it right, gives us the inference is February will hold as the (PPP) highwater mark for a while.  Not in actual prices – which you can move anywhere with enough printers’ ink.

That would mean working all year for no – or negative – growth.


Leading Economic Indicators report is due out at 10-AM Eastern.  Since you know that an  anagram is a jumble of letters hiding deeper meanings, the LEI shouldn’t be too hard to figure out.  Even with decaf.

And speaking of, and after the close today, the Fed’s H.6 Money Stocks report may give us an indication of whether the banker cabal will slow their pouring of financial  Everclear into the firey stock market before the election.

Say, here’s an anagrammatic thought:  H-6 money stocks?  Would that be 666 666 666 666? (H is “four dots in Morse code…)  You make the call.

The Oregon Insurrection

Reminds us of the Energizer Bunny:  Still going.Police declare riot on 84th night of protests, after vandalism at ICE building in Southwest Portland.”

Why the room-temperature IQ residents of Oregon can’t stop this leftist uprising astounds us.  But, given the shrill Marxist squad in Congress, maybe it’s not surprising at all.

Marxism comes down to:  “From each according to his ability.  To each after WE GET OURS.”  Never any leftovers – which is why the Soviet State failed, Venezuela, Cuba.  Can’t these people effing read, either?

Hard to take a party seriously that supports insurrections…but there you have it.

Across the Aisle

Lindsey Graham, on Twitter about Obama’s bashing of Trump:

“The Obama Years: 

  • Pathetically weak foreign policy (ISIS, Iran nuclear deal). 
  • Slow-growth, weak economy. 
  • A rogue Department of Justice.

I welcome a comparison between the accomplishments of President Trump and President Obama on multiple levels.”

Seems to us, the country needs to turn off both political division scams and get back focused on the future…No, not Billie Eilish’s version, either.

Where’s the Real Future?

While the first hits on many search engines – in response to the query “future” – involve revolutionaries and black trans women, there are actually other developments in the works.

For example: How an Epic Battle Against Apple Will Influence Streaming’s Future.

And how aboutThe Stranger Things Creators Have Good News About the Future of the Show…”  Although, it’s getting harder by the day to find stranger things in nominal worlds…

The real future will be found not in victimology/revolutionaries or gender conversion evangelists, but rather in where science leads.  IN this regard, more practical guideposts are found in “How to Ensure America’s Quantum Future” and “IBM hits new quantum computing milestone.”


Maybe the best part of the future is next Friday.  That’s when Bill & Ted Face the Music is due out.

Worth Being Aware Of…

Payback’s a bitch when you cross “The Impaler” – “Alexei Navalny: Russian opposition leader ‘poisoned’.”

Downscaling from CV continues: Auctioneers see surge in Covid-19 bankruptcy sales…”

Environmental note:  See where 750-million mosquitoes are about to be released in the Florida Keys?0 (Bite me?)

PN Note

Been working on a [huge]  Peoplenomics report.  But, it won’t be ready this weekend – so we will be doing charts-only.  Moreover,  no podcast either. This is because in much of media, the last week, or two, of August and until just-past Labor Day, are usually the annual lows for readership.

Spills over into other media, as well.  Although, patterns may change this year.  That’s because “Back to School” activities have evolved into “Back to Home” so the annual school sales, and other promotions, may be a bit muted this year.  Case count of  you-know-what will be passing 23-million globally in a few days.

Gamma Band Health Note

Further to a few recent remarks on using a combination of 40 Hz flickering light and auditory inputs (40 Hz tones, thanks THX…), two data points out of Old Man Labs to relate.

One is historical and it’s about cats, purring, and healing.

We begin with acknowledging that cats purr over a fairly wire range: 30-140 Hz in some studies.

Which seems very pertinent to this 2018 paper, “Gamma Band Neural Stimulation in Humans and the Promise of a New Modality to Prevent and Treat Alzheimer’s Disease.

Second is our experimental results here:

As (did I mention it?) I set up a decent speaker (Bose/Inter-Audio 200) and drove it at 40 Hz.  There’s just enough output that it’s “there” if you listen for it.

Now the interesting and useful data point:  Last night, our partly deaf 14-year old black indoor/outdoor  Zeus-the-Cat stayed in.  There were raccoons on the deck last night and, well, he’s  no fool.

Got up this morning at 4 AM to find him cuddled up to the bookcase/hidden door with two feet on the door.  Never seen him sleep in this location in the house – ever – over 14 years.  Touching the door, it’s very faint, but there’s that 40 Hz coupled from the speaker.  Hmmm…

Elaine and I got a kick out of it.  “ Wonder if he thinks it’s another cat…purring….” proposed E as Zeus slept on.   More as warranted.


A little background:  I’m the father of three children.  One born in 1977 and two born in 1980.  These last two are boy-girl twins.  39-years old, presently.

Had a call from the girl twin Wednesday.  She excitedly told me she had just accepted a job doing medical billing and that she’d be making a good deal more money and her commute is just half what it was in the previous position. Nice!  Congrats!

Now, get this: Shortly after, I get a call from the firefighter/emt son (G2) and he’s been promoted (effective yesterday) to a new regional hot team that’s been stood-up in Washington State doing CV-19 field work at major forest fires.  Good dough, too.  He’ll be sleeping in an aid unit, doing CV-19 work on major forest fire lines.

The Woo?  Well, given that each tends to change jobs every 2-5 years, what are the odds both would latch on to  “new jobs” withina few hours of one-another?

Yeah, yeah, 100-percent.  But  twins, big promotions   same day?  The “rhymyness of it all…”  I thought it was graceful.

Write when you get rich,