Sealing the Exits

Building’s on fire.  Fire department has been called.  All safe?  No…not if…..  the exits have been sealed and you’re still inside.

And in a sense, that’s where millions of Americans are finding themselves. And strangely, they can give thanks:

Their jobs have disappeared.  Thanks Virus. 

They’re not as confident in their money holding value: Thanks Fed.

Their mail-in ballots are in question:  Thanks Post Master.

Their tax rates will be skyrocketing.  Thanks again, virus.

No more going the movies, a dinner out, and some of those “personal services” that used to power a vibrant “services sector.”  Once upon a time, we all had servants – at least now and then.  Ah, yesterday.  Thanks – circumstances.

We look today at tomorrow and try to get a sense of how it will all work out when economic reality hits- with the exits sealed and passports useless.  We’re not looking at the short-term bubble crap – but when the real stuff hits the fan on the years-long timescale when the votes aren’t certain, and the tax man commeth for that “advance refund” refund.

What then?

But first, a few headlines and charts – because this is not – as some are errantly framing these times as the “Roaring Twenties, again.”   No way in  hell.  Data set remediation, here we come.

And in this mid-summer writing frenzy, an in-depth look at what’s ahead for Oil, from the front lines with Oilman2, as well.

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48 thoughts on “Sealing the Exits”

  1. so true George as always .. well here in oz the turd that won our rigged election last may has decided for mandatory vaccines from some scum mugs in englaterra .. the communist states of Australia are locked .. everybody is nearly vegetated and lives off government handouts and a rigged stock casino .. nah I cant see myself staying the distance in the land of zombies down under .disgrace

  2. Thank you for this report from Oilman2. This kind of information is unavailable from MSM. I have always believed when you want to know how the war is really going, you ask the people on the front lines.

    • Ya see. George says it all the time. Listen to George!

      Pray the answer not the problem. I never run out of money and can do what ever I want, go where ever i want, and sleep with the most beautiful women in the world. because The Universe is abundance. There is no lacking in it.

      You know how everyone says. Ohhh I seen that 11:11 number all the time. It means this or it means that or Its a coincidence or synchronicity. You know what biokenis is? Look it up. I just use the principles of biokenis to design biogenisis.

      I set alarms on my phone for 444am, 1010am. 1111am. My birth time and 444pm, one at 909 pm, one at 1010 pm and one at 1111pm.

      When my alarm goes off. I repeat my manta. I am a money magnet. I am a love magnet. I am generosity. I am abundance. Etc. Etc. Only takes about 30 seconds each time. Ya see those numbers and “times” are vectors of proposition.

      I do that every day. I am cosmic Consciousness. There is a bit more to it than just that. Ya see all these people listen to others YouTube videos of “I am affirmations” well my subconscious mind isn’t gonna respond as well to someone else’s voice and “Ques”. So I made my own. At alarm bell. I write them on paper with my left hand, one time I listen to my own recording. One time I say them in my mind, one time out loud. One time I write them with my right hand. And when I receive abundance? I am generous with it. The Creative intelligence of the Universe LOVES to give me stuff. Anything I want! All the time! I stopped my car to get gas the other day and left my debit card in it turned around to back to get it and a $100 bill floats by infront of me on the ground and nobody is around. Hahah seriously. Cool thanks God! So I bought gas, smokes, a coffee, left $25 on the counter so the person behind me could have their stuff on me, gave 3 packs of smokes to the 3 homeless fellas standing there, got gas and left. That stuff happens all the time. Lol

      Work with the creative force of the universe and you will never want for anything. Its really that simple. You have to surrender that fear tho. That is a tuff one for most.

      All the best.

      Im not answering questions. Lol

      Infinitely NOW!

      0 aka Andy

      • people just want to jump up and down and fight gravity all day. Hahahahaha. but if you live by the principles of airplanes? If you stop fighting gravity and work with it? Gravity isn’t a problem anymore.

        Its the same with poverty and lack and not having enough time, energy, money, sex, love etc. There is no lacking. There is only non application of principle and if your living in the problem? Your the problem. Hahhaha. If your living in the answer? You are the answer. Super simple stuff. It’s my birthday today. I have a hot 35 year old brunette making me lunch and a roll around in the bed after.

        Its good to be 50. A real OM. Hahaha.

        No further comments. All the best. Rich me! Get it.

  3. What a masterpiece by Oilman2. But I’m waiting for a “Waterman2” analog. I worry about both.

  4. George, good morning from the land of Pleasant Living – – Costa Rica. Nice of ya to mention us today.

    Currently our ‘Country’s’ electrical is 98% from renewables, mostly hydro. The ‘Greenies’ are running around like a bunch of drunk sailors on shore leave. Got the memories and scars of such actions.

    What we don’t have is a supply of oil and natural gas for the transportation of goods and people. Trains are going electric, but that is from China and $$ loans. Terrible idea I think.

    Costa Rica Could Produce some oil, but the Greenies are preventing that. Also, No Refinery in country so ALL oil products need to be imported at extra cost of $$ and jobs of course.

    All in all, I would still recommend the rural area I live in for a possible retirement place. Good weather, good people and reasonable costs for us Gringos.


    • “from the land of Pleasant Living – – Costa Rica. ”

      I actually was considering Costa rica.. a friend was down there for two years.. the only complaint was the infrastructure..seems there was an issue keeping the water flowing at times.. and the dumb bugs.. but she said money went further and the cost of living way cheaper than here.. my complaint was the mail service.. lol I sent a few books that still havent made it there thank god for barnes and noble they refunded the money

      • Yes, the mail is not up to USA standards, but the USA standards are decreasing also.
        Utilities depend on the area you live in, as in the USA.
        Most people can live on Social Insecurity only. Depends on your lifestyle, of course.

        Had lunch with the guys today. One point was why people leave. Grandkids, Language, Infrastructure (which includes roads), Boredom and their Lack of Flexibility in Getting Along.

        Having traveled a bit of the world I can say that the people here are some of the best in the world as to friendliness and helpfulness. Again, some area are better than others.


      • The key take-away from The Tinker,

        ” good people and reasonable costs for us Gringos. ”

        He’s an outsider there and will always be an outsider. The natives see “Gringos” as a mechanism to gain hard currency. If something happens to his hard currency stream…. he mentions China too. Those are two biggies.

        I see a one time event… “They killed everyone there. Nothing we could do.”

      • thanks tinkerer.. If I could convince the wife to move.. I would be gone in a heartbeat.. I can tell you theres nothing in my life that is surrounded by extravagance.. I live modestly.. learned how to do most of the stuff I want to do.. I would be in heaven.. I love to fish I just hate to catch fish LOL… so lounging on the beach with a book and cup of coffee in hand would be nice…kind of like HEAVEN..only if you could keep the bugs down LOL…as far as the mail.. well all I get is junk mail anyway..

  5. G – as a legendary Yankees catcher once said – “its deja-vu all over again.

    It is the roaring 20’s all over again , and WEED is still Illegal as far as Feds are concerned.

    When TRUMP landslides the election, economies will roar again..and what chu talking Oil Depletion/Peak Oil ? I thought we put this BS to rest long ago, nothing like beating a dead horse a few more times for S&G’s though I guess..

    U dont run out of Nat Gas/liquids ..Texans – Gsheesh! come on out to where the best Petroleum Engineering was pioneered and still preformed/taught – Pennsyltucky,
    – boneheads – U just need to drill deeper. See Utica in PA and the STACK in Okla.

    Oil – its like that cold sore on Ure lip – Its the Gift that keeps giving!hahaha

    • You need to go back and read the PN articles on role reprisal.

      Also try to remember that CV-19 – like it or not – WAS (and IS) an ongoing Crash. Trump is in Hoover’s role.
      Biden is his Roosevelt.

      Hoover II has a problem this fall. Himself.

      • Thank you George.Trump IS his own problem. I have been saying that since day 1 and have known that about him for over 30 years. If he would just act Presidential a little bit, the media would back off accordingly. But, he wasn’t raised that way. Mary Trumps book really is an inside look at what Trump is Trump…It’s a sad book, and you almost want to feel sorry for the Donald…but in the end, our POTUS is just stuck in ways and it’s dangerous for the future of this country.

        You can blame the media, but in the end, you have to put the pieces together and blame the person too. Fox blasted Obama at every chance they could…Obama had his faults…there is no doubt…but he rarely took the bait. The liberal media never really did this to George W, because even though “W” lacked a bit in the brains department like Trump, he was a least a lovable lughead. Most of the vitriol in that administration was targeted towards Dick Cheney, WMD’s etc…and rightfully so.

        The problem with Trump is that he takes the bait every time…and now its a game the media plays to expose his weaknesses. You can trace this back to the way his dad treated his sons and daughters… and the incident of the mashed potatoes that his brother dumped on his head that to this day, infuriates Trump.

        It’s just time for a change…I wish the GOP would grow a pair and just nominate someone else…Anyone that’s fair, communicative, can pronounce things and has a basic knowledge of geography, leadership and a vocabulary of more than 50 words would do.

  6. TWO BAD CHOICES…YET AGAIN….BUT THIS TIME IT IS DIFFERENT… the marxist will run ALL our agencies and institutions…….out in the open and IN YOUR FACE…the POLICE STATE has we have seen…takes their ORDERS and preforms as told…Supplies for the country on’a thin rail’…40-50%…in this country do not work and get their food clothing and shelter from their ‘masters’……and do as they are told….the stock market goes away…as YOUR fiat will buy NOTHING….and this FUTURE is here and now…..Dark Days coming…the likes …NO ONE HAS
    SEEN….biblical..?? maybe BUT what ever your belief…..IT will transpire….as this country IS BROKE….and the people have been lied too for decades…the TRUTH has been ignored and the lies have been believed…fatal flaw in mankind……..many just do not see or believe it…..SHTF will’enlighten’ those…’blinded by the light’…of the way we have done and do things today…..soon to be…a country in chaos…good luck

  7. Speaking of doors … many businesses are propping doors open so customers don’t touch them with their hands and, many businesses are one-way entry and one way exit with some blocked … all to not spread a virus. But IF there were a fire, those open doors will feed air to a fire within and those blocked doors will impede you from getting out.
    Both have always been “fire hazards” and carried hefty fines but not during covid season. Seems potentially burning to death takes a back seat to getting a virus
    I’m having a hard time trying to make sense out of all this nonsense.

  8. One more analogy, we’re all locked inside, and the communists have barred the exits and set fire to the building. Just like they did to the cops in Portland recently. Thanks communists.

  9. Im gonna help the yunger folks this one time before i go because i well. God wants me to.

    People ask me all the time. Are you rich? How do you just travel all the time? You haven’t had a job in 8 months. You drive a brand new $43,000 car. I mean your good looking but you’re no model. How do you date some playboy bunny who has 5000 men chasing after her when you have no job or source of income ? How do you afford to stay in Airbnb’s in Hollywoood and hang out with famous rock stars, or pebble Beach golfing with former PGA masters? Or stay in million dollar homes in Palm Springs and hang out with Billion dollar investment brokers and the next week your hanging out with Shamams in a hippy commune participating in free love with 3 women at the same time in some tent after trippin balls on peyote?

    You have no fricken job dude? Yet you always have money. Most women would never throw themselves at a guy with no job. Are you rich? Your so lucky? How are you so fortunate? I will tell you one secret. Im not telling ya Everything because I shouldn’t have to. You just have to think about stuff. Not let someone else think for you.

    Next post I will tell you how.

    • Is the next post you are referring to the mustard stain post, or did you you hide the meaning of life post somewhere else? What kind of mustard? I need to get to the store before G____ buys out all the available mustard in a 500 mile radius.

  10. Tinkerer–I’m currently in S. Florida but continue to look for greener pastures. Would you mind sharing with me the region of C.R. you are in? I prospected property in C.R., Nicaragua, and Panama 8 years ago but decided on Florida; I’m having second thoughts. My email is

  11. Its like fighting gravity. If you live your life by the principles of airplanes? Gravity is not a problem anymore. Or you can just jump up and down all day and wonder why your stuck.

    Off to jersey to see about a 5’1 bossy little thing who’s gonna pick on me about my mustard stain on my t shirt. She sure is cute!

    Thanks George. Its been good. Im the better for knowing you. Im honored by your words. Time for a new thing. Haha. In the next world. Im sure we will see each other then as well.

  12. “But it’s NOT the Roaring Twenties. That was in the rearview in 2018…to mid 2019. The reality is we’re likely in a “false rally” that will collapse when everything else falls apart, right after the election.”

    I don’t necessarily think so. Trump & Co. has skirted the ragged edge so far. Nobody knows how much longer he can do so. Remember, I’m one of the ones who was (and still is) astounded by the tightrope Greenspan walked with first Clinton, then W, ‘cuz we should have crashed into a 20-year pit of financial despair in March of 2000.

    Whatever Trump’s (or Biden’s) advisors’ skillset, the markets will boom to the Moon if Trump is re-elected convincingly, will crash to the 4th sub-basement if Biden is elected convincingly, will probably tank, short-term, should the Election be close or in a state of realistic dispute, and will languish unimpressively between now and November, barring a black swan or asteroid strike.

      • Thank you gain George for pointing the fact that the markets did indeed crash to historic lows on Trumps watch. That said…I think the markets will do just fine no matter who is President. The markets rose from $7,949 to $19,732 (+148%) under Obama. Under Trump it went from $19,732 to $27,692 (+40%- Todays close).

        Let’s not use the stock market to measure the contributions of a President. You may not have liked Obama’s policies, but the stock market did historically well anyway. You may not like Trump’s policies, but Nasdaq and the S&P rocked despite His Dumbness.

  13. “it will be multi-generational and thus hard to countenance in a world where the internet answers everything instantly. ”

    …and impossible to prepare them for, since even the few who pay attention still suffer from that “attention span” issue.

    “You will know things are progressing apace when the abiotic oil idiots start popping up on the internet again”

    Oh, c’mon, I accept that abiotic oil is quite possible. I just believe the idiots’ timeline is off by a few thousand millenia…

  14. “I am also going to look at getting both solar… and a diesel genset of some type for my farm. Have been perusing ads for small diesel tractor engines to run a genset quietly via re-gearing a 3000RPM unit.”

    OM2: My genset ( MEP-002A) is rated @ 5kW, will put out a constant 7.2kW (on a max of .44gph diesel), burn pure BD, and is 47db @ 1m quiet. It also had 1.2 hours on its clock when I purchased it as “used” MIL-surplus.

  15. I think that a belt driven shop is a wonderful option. You can put the diesel engine into a room all by itself, venting to the outside, hooking up a heater and a fan for those chilly winter months. The costs go down for all the shop equipment, as you take off the electric motors and sell them on ebay….

    That’s how many Amish do their shops!

    • I had a Honda civic. The motor blew up.
      A coworker pointed out that Japan has strict air quality standards and engines etc. Are removed at 35000 shipped to the USA.. they had at the time a three year warranty if you replaced certain components. I paid 99 dollars plus shipping had the high school auto mechanic shop class install it..
      That car is still on the road today.
      Today the cost is 200 but heck that’s a great price..

  16. Some Amish replace their electric motors with long running hydraulic motors, and then they have hydraulic plugins scattered around the shop. That may be easier than the long shaft solution.

  17. follow the money in that supreme court case; the following is a cut and paste from the court.
    “To advance the global relief effort, Congress has allocated
    billions of dollars to American and foreign nongovernmental organizations that combat HIV/AIDS abroad. As relevant here, Congress sought to fund only those organizations
    that have, or agree to have, a “policy explicitly opposing
    prostitution and sex trafficking.” §7631(f ); see also
    §7631(e); 45 CFR §89.1 (2019). Congress imposed that con-
    dition on funding, known as the Policy Requirement, because Congress found that prostitution and sex trafficking
    “are additional causes of and factors in the spread of the
    HIV/AIDS epidemic” and that prostitution and sex trafficking “are degrading to women and children.” §7601(23).”end of Quote

    did you Sorass lovers get that, we are shutting off BILLIONS of $ funding Sorass war against America, who, with domestic enemies in CONgress have been winning, but the tide has turned, I am sorry to the Sorass lovers whose feeling I hurt when I cut and paste a tweet, their feelings were hurt by the word ,,threat,, Sorass = Open society = Antifa = BLM = Chyna, they all are a threat to America
    people cannot see the hidden hand that leds them to destroy themselves

    • Your invented ‘war against America’ lives in your own mind, where you are so terrified about the reality of Trump’s moral decrepitude that you desperately try villifying anyone or any entity doing good for the world (Soros’ Open Society organization).

      I’m sorry you’ve forgotten about who Trump picked for Labor Sec’y, Alexander Acosta, who had previously given Jeffrey Epstein a ‘deal of a lifetime’ (later proved as mishandled because victims were never notified), when Acosta was U.S. Atty of Florida. While serving as Sec’y of Labor, Acosta wanted the Sex Trafficking budget severely cut:

      Trump’s words to Ghislaine Maxwell “I wish her well”…wow!! And can he give decent salutations to Democrats, or no, only sex traffickers rate in his circle…

      • you sound just like little markie, you get so upset with anyone who criticizes Sorass, one of the most evil mfers on earth
        You keep bringing up ‘I wish her well “- for G. Maxwell–you don’t see the little insult in that statement to her . Well, I wish you well with that.
        then just like markie you keep on the Acosta thing. He was handed a rigged case to start with and was lucky to get anything on the record
        markie fights himself, just like Jim Carry in “lair liar” bathroom scene
        you just keep siding with your satanic friends and we will see how that turns out , enjoy the show, would you like a beer?

        why don’t we have a conversation about Kevin Clinesmith instead, the rats will turn on each other, Kevin is taking the DEAL

  18. “I am going to try and get a belt-driven shop, running off a long axle as they used to do in ye olden days – because my gut tells me this will be what happens with my grandkids.”

    This has been in the works for me for a couple years. Ideal would be water wheel driven, but that takes specific locations, and the grid + off-grid ability to not need to drop the wheel in the river until after the SHTF and environmental regs are supplanted by needs of survival. I don’t have the right location, so am trying to noodle, to make an artificial tinija + screw (or wheel), or some similar arrangement, work. So far, I’m stuck with the generator and a bigassed motor…

  19. George,This is off the subject, but you published the mantra of the violet flame. I lost my copy and would love to have it again. I think with all that is going on now, we can all use it. Thanks

    • beloved I AM spirit bright
      round me seal your Tube of Light
      From ascended Master’s flame
      Called forth now if God’s great Name
      Let it keep by Temple free
      From all discord sent to me.
      I am calling forth Violet Fire
      To blaze and Transmute All Desire
      Keeping on in Freedom’s Name
      Until I AM ONE with the Violet Flame.

      prayer of St. germaine, was it? What is it they say? Memory goes…uh….

  20. speaking about something pretty nice.. the county extension agency has always been a great place to get material.. love to can or preserve food.. chickens raising them etc.. well
    the University of North Texas has a great digital library of their folders..and publications..

    of course that is one I was looking at.. I am still looking for the image of my great grandmas soddie with my grandpa playing in the front yard.. the state took it over when she passed on and turned it into a museum.. she refused to move out of it and lived in it till she died.. it was her home when they homesteaded..they used that image for the advertisement of the museum.. unfortunately they don’t have it or know where they stored the old image .. so my sister when she took all the family photos took it and it is history..

      • Thanks almost all of the worlds universities and libraries have hundreds of thousands of books and magazines digitized studies and reports.
        I’m just a library crawler that doesnt have enough room to store as many books that I would like to have. ( my wife wants to park in the garage)
        There is to be a library that had all the old pioneer homesteaders reference books in it.

      • You know there were times when I was younger that I was curious with all the books and reports I have studied and read.with the variety of subjects. Just what would my education level be.. I cannot even tell you how many books I have read through my lifetime.. I know of only one other person that reads more than I do.. and she reads a book a day not counting the magazines and articles..
        I try to get the grand kids interested in reading but I think that has proven to be a futile endeavor..
        this use to be the site that had the handbooks that crossed our country by the homesteaders.. unfortunately they are no longer around.. so if you can support the libraries so they don’t vanish due to the lack of funds.
        I haven’t found another yet that has those references available in their card catalog since they left.. the closest one is BYU they have in their library the journals of the homesteaders..

  21. The referenced Supreme Court case is a strange one for us: – asserting the constitutional boundaries of privilege in a case that yet again conflates prostitution with “sex trafficking”. I’m glad the constitutional limits of privilege were asserted and affirmed though.

    There’s a real problem with the conflation above. Honest prostitution really is a good thing and I’m very much in favor of it being decriminalized. That does NOT mean regulated. It’s the oldest profession and has served society for thousands of years. It’s an essential pressure relief valve for society and a source of hope to some. Even monkeys will trade sex for a banana! It’s simply a value for value trade like everything else, and should be done in an ethical way. That’s very hard to do when it’s pushed underground. Many folks get married simply to assure a sex and love partner. Sometimes it works and sometimes not, but the government is party to the contract and gets the vig. Many people are highly disappointed with the results. I’ve known two former prostitutes as friends(I never slept with either of them unfortunately), and they were and are decent, ethical, intelligent, and kind people. I’m sure there are others that are not – but that’s life.

    America needs to get over it’s War on Sex!

    Sex trafficking of consenting adults with no fraud, violence or threat thereof is IMHO legitimate also. I absolutely do NOT condone any trafficking in children for any purpose, but there are adults who make business decisions to indenture themselves for a while – often a year or two. I’ve met some of them and they seem to be decent people. I admire their courage!

    Politics works in strange ways. SCOTUS made the right decision though CONgress created the problem by choosing to become our moral police. Real life decisions are multifactorial – not just about reducing listed and enumerated risks. All relationships are transactional, though the nature of the transactions may be largely obscured.

    • “There’s a real problem with the conflation above. Honest prostitution really is a good thing and I’m very much in favor of it being decriminalized. ”

      AMEN MIKE…

      Theres a huge difference between a woman that chooses to provide those services, to provide for her family.
      And someone forcing her to provide those services.
      The war on sex.. after the disclosure of a vile sex trafficking ring where abducting young children was involved , and suspected satanic rituals involved etc. Where it involved important and powerful members of our politicians and society.
      Instead those were buried and deleted a ring of protection surrounding them by the very organizations sworn to protect the innocent. these people should be the ones that are incarcerated.
      Instead they direct their attention towards the. Lonely truck driver or salesman and the young or old woman trying to provide for her family in the way she chooses.
      It’s one thing to choose this career quite another to be forced..

  22. An aquaintance claims that he was told by the State Department that his new passport requires a six to eight month lead time. The individual is a native-born US citizen traveling for business.

    The digital Wall is already up, guys.

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