California has become a “land of woes” here lately – moreso than  usual.  

First, there are record weather extremes and that’s led to rolling blackouts.  Though today, it looks like the power will be semi-stable.  Even as its reported that California narrowly avoids more rolling blackouts; governor orders investigation.

Secondly, California is eyeing a Wealth Tax that would potentially drive a few billionaires to leave the state.  As  Forbes reported, California Legislators Propose 0.4% Wealth Tax, Plus 16.8% Income Tax Rate.

Which, in itself, is nothing new.  Wealth Taxes have been around for  long time both here and in places like the European Union.  France tried it, with their  Solidarity Tax on Wealth which hit people with a worth of 1.3 million Euros since 2011.

Discussion: An Interstate Tax Grab

What makes California’s proposed Wealth Tax so interesting is the State over-reach planned.  Basically, the proposed Assembly Bill would not only tax the ultra-rich now, but the Franchise Tax Board would be empowered (by the State) to tax the rich for 10-years, even if they move out of state.

So, for example – if we’re reading the draft of the bill correctly – say you’re a South Bay Billionaire.  You move out of state and take all of your assets with you.  The language seems to outline how California could cross state lines to  prosecute its “Wealth Tax” claims.  Which, as a fan of the Constitution, would elevate the Franchise Tax Board to nearly the same status as IRS which has interstate tax reach.  Then, again, it’s a federal agency.

Moreover, the legal showdown would be interesting based on a defense of “No taxation without representation.”  And if you don’t live in a state, non-resident, you can’t vote there, so logically (like this matters in California?) no ability to tax out of state former California residents.

What the liberals are banking on is that initially, this would only impact one-fifteenth of one percent.  Yes…the very very rich. But, like all progressive taxes, this one will start small and then eat its way up the food chain.

Since Commufornia “law maker-uppers” have no shame, we fully anticipate that an “emergency” will be declared.  And thus, empower the state to apply the tax retroactively.  Which is what power-mad, revenue-crazed, power-seekers at the front of the mob rather predictably tend to do.  Popcorn and Accountants, please.

California Quake Watch

Maniacal tax over-reach may not be an issue, however.  Since we are still seeing signs of a possible major quake to come in California.  Mind you, I’m no geologist, but there are three quake swarm areas apparent when you visit the USGS website today:

Activity in these areas is nothing particularly “new.”  But, what IS new today is a swarm of 20 quakes – the largest of which was a 5.1 – in that swarm on the Mexico side of the border just south of L.A.

The 20-quake Swarm in Baja

You can get a full rundown on the USGS site, with a map and detailed list here.  But, we’re sort of surprised that the MainStream Media isn’t paying more attention to this.  Well, except it’s only a potential news event.  Not an actual event like the pseudo-conventions.

Just had a 6.8 in the Philippines this morning which will allow things to move west which could be with a jolt.

Digital Mob Rule:  Online Politicking

That America has become digitally deluded was laid out in my book Broken Web back in 2012.  We mistake retweets as “consensus” and view digital scams as representing “public opinion.”

So we were totally unsurprised when the NY Times syndicate pushed out the story “Democrats Begin Virtual Convention, Hailing Biden and Denouncing Trump’s Presidency.”  The messaging – from Michelle Obama and Bernie Sanders was short – and predictable.

The speeches were only a few minutes in length.  And that, to us, is a huge problem.  The shorter the statements, the easier it is to lie-by-ommission, or present half-truths.  As an example, the brother of George Floyd was on hand as the dems spin-up the election as a vote on racism.

While it’s not, Donald Trump has given them plenty of opportunities for criticism...not the least of which was injecting his out-sized ego into medicine.  Arguably, a bad move.

Still, as long as dems can run a “sound-bite” campaign of no substance, they are likely to unseat Trump, though his numbers in polls have improved slightly.  We still have 77-days.  And we fully expect Trump will “stick his foot in it” again.

Politics Over Relief

If “sound-bite politics” isn’t a sufficient affront, we repeat as we have been saying for almost two months:  Democrats won’t give Trump a dime until after the election.

The MainStream Media failing to call out the clown posse – formerly known as the House of Representatives- for working the Post Office Problem yet not passing continuing Aid to the Unemployed, is an insult to thinking people.  (It’s why the MSM is shuttering newsrooms, too.  Partisan lires and greedy corporatist owners will only get you just so far.)

Notwithstanding Pelosi et al  totally ignoring the Working People (and formerly so), the Trump cock-up by his Postmaster General (disassembling sorting machines? FMTT)  is about to go front-page next week. As USPS Pressure Grows, Postmaster General To Appear For House Hearing Next Week.

As a source in a post office mail facility told us last week “George, we’ve NEVER delayed the mail before…EVER.”

As we explained to Peoplenomics subscribers last weekend, there’s a gap between adequate customer service in private industry (say 97%).  But in government services, the standard is higher (100%) and no exceptions.  You don’t want police and fire services coming 90% of the time, or a day late, do you?

Greedy capitalists operate by one metric (revenue) while government operates by another metric (on-time performance).  If the dems can STFU long-enough to listen to the witness – instead of campaign grand-standing (while we’re  still waiting for benefits)  they might give their witness a chance to talk himself out of a job – and rope Trump in, too.

Alas, IQ90 America is represented by IQ85 Congress.

Housing Data

Scene-setter here:  Five days ago, a story from the Bay area caught our eye “S.F. office vacancy rate doubles as some downtown rents dip to new lows.”  And while the California Clown Home over in Sacramento tries to cobble up decade-long tax over-reach, we were not surprised to see the Bay Area newspapers running things like this “Editorial: San Francisco needs to show results with a bigger homelessness budget.”

West Coast Canaries

Three cities on the left coast are viewed around here are  canaries in the coal mine for what they tell of America’s future.

In Seattle, the police chief quit – due to the communist socialist uprising encouraged by city hall.  Seattle riots continued again this weekend: At least 18 arrested in Seattle after a protest is declared a riot.  And to make matters worse?  Here comes another liberal attempt to subvert law and order by adding heaping spoonful’s of bureaucracy to prevent effective law enforcement: “Seattle, King County bills would require legal advice for youth before questioning by police.”  Favorite tactic of revolutionaries over time:  Turn the rules of their adversaries into weapons of mass confusion.  Time and time again.

The Portland Canary? Dead

Those (dare we say it? lying sacks of shit) “peaceful protesters” are now attempting to  permanently blind police in Portland.  So goes the  Reuters story about how “Portland Police says officers targeted with “powerful green laser” in protest.

Which is all according to the script:  National media are covering-up and down-playing the multiple local/regional violent and well-orchestrated uprisings.  And this, in turn, the plan seems to be, will prevent the presidential election from becoming a “law and order” vote.

So far, the crooked national media – and the militarty-style street-level  coup leaders, are being quite successful.

Both right and left-wing media are so busy blaming one-another that the guts of the uprising – and the military small unit tactics of  antifa are being glossed-over.  And when not, censorship of social(ist) media finishes the con.  Which is why we don’t play in the middle of  that freeway.  Jackbooted thugs are always the same.

Yes, even in Beer Hall Uprising, Oregon.

Now…About that Housing Data

Don’t mean to get off into the weeds, but revolutions are of interest when you’re in one.  So click here for a little music as a mood-music for housing.

Building Permits Privately-owned housing units authorized by building permits in July were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1,495,000.  This is 18.8 percent (±1.1 percent) above the revised June rate of 1,258,000 and is 9.4 percent (±1.5 percent) above the July 2019 rate of 1,366,000.  Single-family authorizations in July were at a rate of 983,000; this is 17.0 percent (±1.2 percent) above the revised June figure of 840,000.  Authorizations of units in buildings with five units or more were at a rate of 467,000 in July.

Housing Starts Privately-owned housing starts in July were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1,496,000.  This is 22.6 percent (±14.7 percent) above the revised June estimate of 1,220,000 and is 23.4 percent (±12.4 percent) above the July 2019 rate of 1,212,000.  Single-family housing starts in July were at a rate of 940,000; this is 8.2 percent (±10.3 percent)* above the revised June figure of 869,000. The July rate for units in buildings with five units or more was 547,000.

Housing Completions Privately-owned housing completions in July were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1,280,000.  This is 3.6 percent (±14.9 percent)* above the revised June estimate of 1,236,000 and is 1.7 percent (±12.8 percent)* above the July 2019 rate of 1,258,000.  Single-family housing completions in July were at a rate of 909,000; this is 1.8 percent (±16.8 percent)* below the revised June rate of 926,000. The July rate for units in buildings with five units or more was 364,000.

We don’t have another real drill-down until next Tuesday when price data will come in from Case-Shiller.

But, no question:  Best investment for average people is their home and with low rates – bound to end sometime – why not, while you can?

Short Economics Reality Check

Real-Life Economics in just a few bullet points:

  • The stock market is not going up.  Only looks that way because the purchasing power of the dollar has been in free-fall since March.
  • The metals are not going up. Only looks that ways because the purchasing power of the dollar has been  in free-fall sinces March.
  • And Bitcoin is not going up.  Wait for it...Only looks that ways because the purchasing power of the dollar has been  in free-fall sinces March.

Study the chart over here.  Learn to think like Soros and Rogers.  Outside the country, there’s a lot of money to be made.  It juse helps not to be locked into nationalistic manias (and national currency delusions) to see it.

A Couple of Personal Health Notes

Keep an eye on my buddy Gaye’s site – she has a great article coming up with a useful health planning note.  Website is here – sometime in the next week, or so.  Will remind.

Second Point

Been meaning to mention the article on Science Daily recently “Declining eyesight improved by looking at deep red light.”

If you are using IRIS or f.Lux to help protect your eyes from too much screen-time and over-exposure to blue/UV light, take a look at settings and considering having a go at something deep red.

In f.lux, I use the Himalayan Salt Lamp setting, and push things down (brightness) and off to red from there.

One of these days, one of these outfits will implement a 40-Hz frame rate/refresh setting because of the recent research into 40-flicking light as a way to address some aspects of early Alzheimer’s.  Much as I love my 55 UHD desktop, I’m not above a 65 UHD with a 120 Hz fresh rate if there’s software to declare a 40 Hz refresh rate.

We’ve been on this 40 Hz flicking light trail since mid 2019 when MIT came out with a news release on it.  And Science Daily picked it up earlier this year.

Normally Peoplenomics Content

but in the interest of public health (THIS IS NOT MEDICAL ADVICE!) some snips of an email to a doc friend who is right out at the front of the

“In addition to the red light therapy device we have been using, I’m working up several additional hardware ideas that may be useful for people trying to get ahead of the Alzheimer’s risk curve.

This is loosely  based on the following articles:

Short-Term Effects of Rhythmic Sensory Stimulation in Alzheimer’s 

Abstract: This study assessed the effect of stimulating the somatosensory system of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) patients at three stages of their illness with 40 Hz sound.

Results are promising in terms of a potential new treatment for persons with AD, and further research is needed.


Multi-sensory Gamma Stimulation Ameliorates Alzheimer’s-Associated Pathology and Improves Cognition

We previously reported that inducing gamma oscillations with a non-invasive light flicker (gamma entrainment using sensory stimulus or GENUS) impacted pathology in the visual cortex of Alzheimer’s disease mouse models. Here, we designed auditory tone stimulation that drove gamma frequency neural activity in auditory cortex (AC) and hippocampal CA1.  combined auditory and visual GENUS, but not either alone, produced microglial-clustering responses, and decreased amyloid in medial prefrontal cortex. Whole brain analysis using SHIELD revealed widespread reduction of amyloid plaques throughout neocortex after multi-sensory GENUS. Thus, GENUS can be achieved through multiple sensory modalities with wide-ranging effects across multiple brain areas to improve cognitive function.


Physical exercise during exposure to 40-Hz light flicker improves cognitive functions in the 3xTg mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease

Exercise promotes brain health and improves cognitive functioning in the elderly, while 40-Hz light flickering through the visual cortex reduces amyloid beta (A?) by stabilizing gamma oscillation.


Our results show that exercising in a 40-Hz light flickering environment may improve cognitive functioning by reducing A? and tau levels, thereby enhancing mitochondrial function and neuroplasticity.”

(my email resumes)

“The simplest way to accomplish the audio portion is to take a small audio signal generator and hook it up to a good speaker with clean audio response down to the 36-40 HZ range.  We’ve been using (Bose) Inter-Audio bookshelf’s for the project.  And driving them with the signal generators with just enough low-level audio that the sound can be heard if you really focus on it.  This way, entrainment would take place at audio levels that would not distract from everyday activities.

A further iteration would be using an audio generator to trigger a small FET transistor to flash the head-mounted LED unit at 40 HZ.

Hence the question:  Any ideas of whether the duty cycles used in pulsed LLLT have been studied anywhere?

The idea being if we’re using systems that deliver 4.6J over 7-10 minutes with a CW power source, would the pulse rate be proportionate (e.g. 7 min/0.5 pulse = 14 minute optimal exposure, or would you anticipate non-linearity out toward shorter pulse durations?  Know of any papers on point?

Reason for asking is intuitively, if the 40 Hz pulses were very short (like <3 %) could the light be applied continuous for extended periods?

Second point is how frequency-dependent would you estimate these effects might be?  In other words, if someone said “Great results at 40 Hz!” (the MIT case) how broad is the time domain?  E.G. is it from 39.5 to 40.5 Hz, or might it has a higher “Q”  (very peaky) kind of response, like from example 40.01327 Hz?

To source a 40 HZ lightweight flicker-source, we’ve been tinkering with a small Velleman Electronics 2-LED strobe light.  I used a frequency counter to set the pulse rate to 40 HZ and it’s reasonably stable.  Next build will be using 700 NM lights (Velleman supplies high output daylight LEDs)  flickering 40 on the eyes.  (seizure risk noted)

Hardly brain surgery to install red LED’s on this unit.  See the picture of the unit (under $14) at  LD1 and LD2 are top of the board.  I just tossed the counter across the leads for setting.

On Amazon, “PandaMama” offers a cheap (under $5) kit to flicker red and blue LEDs.  Cheaper and more LED space.     I’ll let you know if they will “flicker 40.”  (Will load 700 nm’s)

We’ve been using a KK Moon function generator ( but anything similar works provided there’s enough output to drive the speakers a bit and tinker with sine and square outs.  The marginally higher performance units are going for about $107 (here:

Cheap (sine, square, and triangle) audio generator kits are pretty small for old-eyes to solder.  Even with an LCD microscope and no surface mount parts, the board pitch is right down to minimums.  Yuck.”

Again – not medical advice to anyone, but some of the background things going on here at “the ranch” in Olde Man Labs between bouts of writing and shop work.

Write when you get rich,