Biden’s Soundbite Campaign, Hurricanes Line Up

Besides some fresh econ data for traders to consider, the Threat Board has changed in several important ways in the last 24-hours.  But the  biggest and least-covered change has come from the Federal Reserve.

Fed: Hiding the Sausage?

The Feder Reserve has made what  seems like an innocuous change to financial reporting of its activities.  Here’s their change announcement – with my bolding of “thinks to pencil ahead::

“As announced on March 15, 2020, the Board of Governors reduced reserve requirement ratios on net transaction accounts to 0 percent, effective March 26, 2020. This action eliminated reserve requirements for all depository institutions. As a result, many of the release items on the Board’s Statistical Release H.3, “Aggregate Reserves of Depository Institutions and the Monetary Base,” are zero. Consequently, the Board has decided to consolidate the remaining relevant items from the H.3 statistical release onto Statistical Release H.6, “Money Stock Measures.”

? The H.3 release items that will be consolidated onto the H.6 statistical release include the monetary base and nonborrowed reserves and their components. The components to be moved are (1) “Currency in circulation” and “Total balances maintained” for the monetary base and (2) “Total reserves” and “Total borrowings from the Federal Reserve” for nonborrowed reserves.

? The last H.3 statistical release will be published on September 17, 2020. The first H.6 statistical release containing the monetary base and nonborrowed reserves will be published on September 24, 2020. On this same release, columns labeled “Traveler’s checks” will be removed from the H.6 statistical release.

There are a lot of items here that give us deep concerns.  But the very first is in the opening line of the announcement where it reads “This action eliminated reserve requirements for all depository institutions….”

While I’ve only been “covering news” since 1969, it’s possible I missed something.  As I remember it, reserve requirements were there  to assure that in a crisis, systemic liquidity would be maintained by the institutions, not solely born by government.  Which means taxpayers.

What, Me?  Worry?

I am naturally suspicious of any Fed reporting change.  This is because we recall the huge affront to sane investors when former Fed chief Alan Greenspace “hid the sausage” and axed the M3 Money report.

You can still find approximations on a few remaining honest financial websites – like John William’s grand site – where an M3(b) reconstructed is tracked.  However, Greenspan’s “hiding of M3” served the crooked purpose of hiding a broader monetary measure that might have illuminated in advance of the Housing Bubble Collapse; earlier than events worked out.

We invite readers today to ponder the meaning of “This action eliminated reserve requirements for all depository institutions….”  In our mind, its a foreshadowing of crises to come.  See William’s discussion of M3 over here.

Und Zo?

To our way of thinking, the recent price-action of gold and other “value placeholders” is not so much due to “market demand” as a financial manipulation as many aspects of the current economy have already moved into lah-lah land.  

It’s further evidence of what we have been warning you about for months:  America’s post-collapse hyperinflation to come.  Now more easily accomplished since there are no reserves, anymore.  Unless you count the tax-chattel (you and me) who may be taxed into socialism by the inflation along the same crooked path followed by Venezuela and Zimbabwe. “Free Lunchers” seek power to exploit and follow (ostensibly)  “legal means” to achieve their ends.  But, you knew that, right?

Looking for Some Gush:  Biden’s “Bites”

Soundbites are wonderful things.  You can use well-worn jingoism so the narcissistic socialist media dweebs can do what they do best:  Project their fantasies into reality.  No details means “no lies” in socialist media. Triumph and gush in the aftermath of the American Shallowness Festival on TV:

USA Today gushesJoe Biden puts character on the ballot and other takeaways from the final night of the DNC.

The NY Times joins the effusiveness fest opining “With the Speech of His Life, Joe Biden Becomes the Man for This Moment.

Imagine!  An entire week and no mention of Burisma or the Biden family coziness with China.  New brooms do in fact, sweep clean.  And under the carpet.

Another Trump Boner

Meantime, DNYUZ explains how “How (Steve) Bannon and His Indicted Business Partners Cashed In on Trump.”  Raising money to build a border wall and taking an out-sized slice for themselves, infers the indictment.  Issued, we think notably, by a court in a democrafty stronghold.

What to watch for?  Our money would be on a series of payback indictments from the John Durham grand jury.  Of course, these would be protested as “political” and against “Justice Department policy.”  Yet policy is  not law.  And there are situations, though rarely, when “Laws are meant to be broken.”

Still, the echoes and knock-on from the Bannon encounter with Trump underscores what we’ve said for months.  Basically Trump needs a workable H.R. department, more interested in competence than  looks.  And he needs to lock-up his keyboard.

The most important man in America right now is William Barr, as we read things.

Dow Futures -115:  Reading Ahead

We would draw your attention to an inverse relationship between the strength of the US Dollar and the direction of the domestic markets.  Early this morning was a classic example:  The U.S.  dollar was up a bit (See  FinViz chart here.)

If you’d like to become a financial Einstein in short order, notice how the dollar spiked high as the US market crashed in March.  And now, with the Bucks international purchasing power down, it simply takes many more paper dollars to “buy the indices.”

But the key point is that IF the dollar should begin to trend back to historical levels – as it might with the Biden Gush Rush, that could let a lot of air out of the US market.  It would take fewer FRNs to buy the Dow, for example.  It’s one of those grand valuation paradoxes.  Strong dollars holds down domestic stock prices –  and visa versa.

One caution: The relationship is not  Absolute  (or Finlandia).

Hurricanes and Hysteresis

Dynamics of human behavior are slow to change.  Part of the reason is hysteresis (systemic delays) as information propagates.

A dandy example today as the National Hurricane Information Center is tracking two storms that will slam into the US early next week.  The first storm (link) will mash western Florida (and the panhandle)  on present track.  Second one (link) will come ashore around Houston and we’re figuring a half foot or rain in our planning at the ranch.

The hysteresis?  Well, we’re just up the road from Houston and the weather-serving sites are still not discounting the odds of a landed hurricane or TS here for next week.  Instead, all picnics and pizza weather in a press-time Sunday through Thursday view ahead:

As a “news and information consumer” this is really useful stuff.  And it likely exists because the large-scale computational meteorology models take a lot of processor clicks to change there look-ahead’s.  How much time?  We’ll watch and maybe (if I can remember…) follow up next week.

Houston Flooding to Come – Again?

One of our favorite readers down in Houston has been giving us an eyes on the ground view of what Houstonians worry could be ahead:

“It seems Houston may likely be in a TS (soon to become a hurricane) path, so this weekend will likely be spent prepping for it; folks in Florida Panhandle will be doing the same. Patio furniture will go into the garage, will top off petrol for the car. Have tons of batteries, non-perishable food, gallons of water, etc. If this storm hits Houston directly it will mark the 3rd hurricane at my house: Ike (2008); Harvey (2017); and a TS, Imelda (2019).

Yet my biggest concern is for those CoVid-19 patients in hospitals throughout our metro area. What happens to them when the power fails (after Ike I had no power for 2 weeks)? Will the authorities try to evacuate the most critically ill to other cities like San Antonio or Austin? Workers aboard oil rigs will be evacuated to terra firma; refineries will be secured which means a quick uptick in $$ at the pumps. Grocery shelves will be empty again like they were a few months ago. Meanwhile, I’m still ill, and can’t even get the testing done. By the time we’re all blown to kingdom come it won’t really matter.
So… it’s time to stop the whining, roll up my sleeves and hobble into the unfathomable morass of prepping for another fiasco.”

We will load up earlier than later, here at the ranch, too.  Write is down:  Use hysteresis to your own advantage.  News distribution is not instant – allowing the aware reader a head start in many areas.

The upside is the forecast gives me an excuse to buy some ball park franks and hotdog buns.  Elaine finds ’em disgusting, but like those cheezies and sodas, there’s something reassuring about junk food in junk weather.  Yes, hot dogs and chips is weather prepping food.  Chip bags float, you know. More than can be said for “healthy” frozen dinners.

Hot Times Out West

Huge fire season is still unfolding out west.  Getting lots of play in stories like the one about “Thousands of homes threatened by massive California wildfires; more than 60,000 flee; 2 more deaths reported.”

G2 is still busy as the CV-19 “technical consultant” up on a big fire in eastern Washington (Tonasket).  Summer fire season won’t really end until some decent rainfalls arrive in California and up the coast.

With that…more on Peoplenomics tomorrow – our Around the Ranch episode here Sunday  and an update then on the weather outlooks from the storms.

S&P futures down 4-10 th’s of a percent.  Europe down about one…windage your trades accordingly.

Stay safe…head down…and write when you get rich.  Got mustard and beer,  and the chainsaw ready, too?

70 thoughts on “Biden’s Soundbite Campaign, Hurricanes Line Up”

  1. “I heard a list of concerns: there wasn’t a clear sense of what Biden would actually do as president,”

    a comment on msn about the campaign speech…

    HE CAN’T do anything different than what DJT .. I read daily someone criticizing the president.. yet not one can give you what old sleepy would do.. you can read daily about how DJT acted about covid again.. I remember JB stumbling for words himself.. I sitting in my chair can tell the football players what they are doing wrong.. yet I am not the one playing the game..they are.. JB.. and his ties to his sons corruption.. not heard of and won’t be.. covered up and forgotten..

    • @LOOTB

      JB said..he would
      OPEN THE BORDERS….and on his 2nd day….turn the office over to his VP….

  2. If you want to get the hurricane outlook without all the BS, try this:

    Matt Lanza is meteorologist for Cheniere, the largest operator of commercial boats in the Gulf of Mexico. He keeps his job by being right about when to hunker down. You guys can search the other contributors if you want, but they are all part-timers with the right day jobs.

    They have been right more than most other outfits combined, and they don’t dumb it down and make assumptions NOT in the available data.

  3. great summary as usual George .. but this pendulum of USSA and their corrupt useless financial system and the countries they control like the communist stalag oztralia is breathtaking .. the swings from lies to madness then to insanity and then kaput is amazing .. money finds the best home .. a bury b in shorts

  4. look at the crooks still trying to ramp the dow .. one day anyday yah crooks .. we are always there

  5. Trump won the last election because he was sold as the outside game changer. “Jail Hillary” “Drain the Swamp”.

    Now Trump has nothing to run on except the score card. “Are you better off than you were four years ago?”

    American citizens did get an awesome tax cut so we know he’ll follow-through on more tax cuts.

    • “Jail Hillary” “Drain the Swamp”.

      OTFLMAO… we seen how good that one went.. the minute he said that.. attacks began.. billions spent.. false reports surfaced.. it has been a nonstop ride without any support.. there was so much BS hitting the media it was hard to decipher what was real.. or if any of it is real.. then to complicate things.. DJT.. would get upset and say stupid stuff LOL LOL LOL LOL.. of course we all would have done that.. yet he got more done than any president in my lifetime..
      I truly began to believe the USA had a shot at turning around..
      Now Old sleepy JB will get in.. his son will run rampant and the allegations will cease.. Oh hey they already have been buried.. and we will be in a war in less than a year maybe two.. with false flags hitting up every three months.. the minute JB doesn’t dance for the puppeteers they will begin.. and this time all the survivors will be wandering as destroyed fools..
      and for what.. something that is not worth anything more than a number on a sheet.. bitcoin well that has always been worth nothing and you can’t even play pocket pool with it.. LOL
      Sorry BCN… its a joke and everyone knows it.. your an idiot to be buying it and spending worthless green backs that can still be used for goods and services to get them.
      It is almost as profitable as buying a lottery ticket.. so go buy a burger and a soda some fries.. at least you get a meal out of it..
      Joe biden won’t be able to do a thing.I hear so many Biden supporters telling me we will be in such good shape yet not a one.. nope not a one not even our resident liberal in the bay area can tell you how he plans to do it or how it can be done… that is when war or a war on someone will begin..war has traditionally been a money maker.. but this time we have outsourced everything .. we are dependent on the very ones that we will declare war on.. I am guessing we will head to syria for the oil.. just like a week ago there were talks about missles being launched.. GMAFB….we know that was a ploy to get us involved in a war so some SH can go after the gas fields.. it is always a business model.. and it is always about control or money.. or maybe NK and their lithium deposits.. it is a touch and go thing.. maybe the pipeline..again.. who knows we sure in heck don’t have any say so over any of it.. and if the mass media is for it.. everyone will follow their lead.. of course that is only my opinion.. and opinions are cheap and worth about as much as a BC.. absolutely nothing … give me a roll of quarters instead at least I can play pocket pool and buy a burger.. well not for long.. the economy is going to tank pretty quick.. as a quote from old al…

      “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”
      ? Albert Einstein

    • How’s that tax cut working for non-working families about now? Are they better off? Hell no. When his supporters have too make excuses for their leader at every word that comes out of his crooked mouth, then I’d say it’s time to move on. The lazy or compromised GOP just won’t fight the evil dragon at the helm. I just don’t get it. Nominate someone else for goodness sakes.

      And, Trump didn’t drain the swamp…he hired them…and one by one they all got indicted or quit. Trump was too swampy, even for them. As George has said zillions of times…Trump has an HR problem…Not exactly the mark of a good or competent leader.

  6. Yet my biggest concern is for those CoVid-19 patients in hospitals throughout our metro area. What happens to them when the power fails (after Ike I had no power for 2 weeks)?

    Most hospitals have diesel generators and very large fuel tanks.

    That seems to indicate they need enough onsite fuel for 96 hours. Then get another truck to deliver some fuel at around the 3 day mark.

    • 96 Hours of fuel supply is nothing.
      What makes you thing that they can get resupplied?
      When Katrina hit I was out of commercial power for SIX WEEKS.
      I was scrambling for fuel for my generator every day.
      I fed all the local raccoons with the expensive contents of my refers and freezers.

  7. Ye of Little Faith –

    For so long have I have warned about the pending demise of Ure current Monetary System.

    About the inherent weaknesses of the Fractional Reserve Banking Scams.

    The Chaos to come as FIAT Currencies from around the world RACE to the Zero Valuation Point (ZVP)..Completely Worthless Frauds.

    – Now where has the TBN heard that before?

    But, but, but the BIGGEST FINANCIAL NEWS of the Day – NEWS that G-Dog regularly suppresses, to strengthen/ solidify his “Starwars” name..Darth Luddite

    Is the AMAZE BALLZ Bitcoin Transaction – successfully completed on the INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION this week.

    Thats right all U non believing, horse&buggy whip types,”dam new fangled horseless carriages”, clinging to Ure worthless FIAT – how many people actually considered utilizing FIAT while suffering from lack of TP during early daze of covert19 phys-op?

    Read Em & Weep FedHeads – Space Chain, with the help of the European Space Agency, successfully completed the 1st Multi-Signature (multi-sig) on the blockchain transaction in SPACE!

    Holy Cow G-Man!

    They delivered 0.001 BTC to 2 addresses thru blockchain hardware installed on the ISS.

    Gee Mr. Wizard how do U think they accomplished that small feat?

    Imagine, if U will, a physically Un-Touchable data center in Space with a “higher” level of security because it can not be accessed on EARTH.

    ..and here U all thought the Ferengi were just figment of G. Rodenberry’s imagination..

    Still – No Bitcoiin 4 U, unless Ure a Starman..

    • NO BTC in StarWars of Trek so…no machines up there and a bazillion to get them there.
      The counterparties all suck air and tons of power to do what gold has done for a million years.
      So brother BCN, tell us how a million years are humans is wrong, just right now in the current infactuation with diodian crystals?

    • “how many people actually considered utilizing FIAT while suffering from lack of TP during early daze of covert19 phys-op?”

      Oh you of little faith.. at least I can use fiat to wipe with LOL LOL LOL.. once it tanks and it takes a wheel barrow full to buy a loaf of bread.. I will have plenty to wipe with.. I would love to see you wipe with your BC LOL.. and once the power is off.. oops.. your out of luck.. you can’t even look at it.. Bit Coin is such a joke.. but then so is the dollar.. at least it has uses..and right now it is the trade able currency of the world.

      • Sure LOB – U can use FIAT to buy more of that “EXPLOSIVE” Amommonium Nitrate.

        You know the stuff in EVERYONES garage – its called Lawn Fertilizer..and its EXPLOSIVE. CMaFR!

        Just read the label – theres WARNINGS all over it..”Keep Away from Flame, It Will Blow Ure Face Off! hahahaha

        ATF Agents will be coming to EVERY persons house in AMERICA to Label/Secure and Register each Bag of EXPLOSIVE AN Fertilizer soonly.

        On second thought – better call US Govt.and tell em to send a NEST team to come out and handle Ure exlposive Ammonium Nitrate..cant be too careful.

      • While it works, BTC is useful for low cost transactions between nations and of course, covert use. Other than that, it’s volatile, has too many points of failure, and has an excess reliance on trust. A real commodity has intrinsic value. I have a trailer full of steel and even if I couldn’t sell it, I can use it. Same with the PM’s – they’re shiny and make good gifts, at least.

        Any investment is inadvisable unless you have an exit strategy(or two) in place.

    • So they move all our savings and retirement funds into crypto and then, like Southpark, “oops, It’s gone”!
      If that happens I hope you have a really good place to hide!
      My pitchforks are sharp and my torches are ready.
      “You don’t own it if you can’t stand in front of it with a gun to protect it!”
      …G. Celente

  8. William Barr is another Iran-Contra Geezer using a 1980s playbook. Don’t get your hopes too high. It is either the communist or fascist social engineering agenda; I’m going with option 3, none. When enough of the country burns, some people will figure it out.

  9. Did FEMA help us here in Houston in the last big blow? Nope – they showed up after it was all over, some toting guns they were not allowed to use in the first place. Locals did the rescues in their boats; locals got the water and food together for relief; locals helped others get trees cleared and bail water and furniture out of homes.

    FEMA and Red Cross stayed high and dry and notified the local press as to their location before anyone else. They brought nothing in with them – it arrived later. Even the ATF came down in their starched shirts, guns on hips, loudly announcing they were “here to help”, while not wearing anything but their shiny loafers…

    The Feds cannot even mount an emergency response – which is why people in dire straits rarely encounter them. They show up afterwards, but they “don’t do cleanup, just essential services” – like letting the news folks know where to film them and pointing at local volunteers handing out bottled water from a truck they rented.

    And some people on here worry about Feds taking things over – LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

    • “Did FEMA help us here in Houston in the last big blow? Nope ”

      OTFLMAO… O2… it reminds me of my neice.., they had a tornado.. tore apart her house.. then a flood in tennessee.. she and I was talking and I said salvage as much as you can.. of the buildings and what ever you can find.. set it aside.. she said oh there aren’t any worries.. FEMA said they are here to help..
      well she didn’t salvage a thing at all and the flood took the rest of what was salvageable away downstream.. the wealthy got some help but when it came to the regular people..
      she got 20 bucks and a good luck LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL no loans or any help whatsoever LOL LOL LOL LOL..
      My friend that lived with us for a few years.. one of the Oil companies main engineers.. katrina hit.. and it took out everything.. then a fire and explosion on an oil platform.. LOL LOL he was called in to give testimony.. LOL LOL LOL and he told the truth.. after that he was black balled by the company he worked for.. ended up with nothing and homeless.. everyone shunned him.. it was really sad… FEMA told him they would get them help and maybe a trailer and nothing at all the insurance companies paid a penny on the dollar..and then they even fought over that and it took years to get.. put him under.. the one two punch once an important man.. all the sheets of paper he had meant nothing at all.. and it happens way to much..I have many edumacated friends that have ended up homeless..we are all one or two paychecks away from living on the streets ..
      Now the Mormons have what they call the yellow shirts..which is nice and refreshing.. they rarely help their own and usually chastise them but when it comes to a major catastrophic event they are one of the first on the scene

    • “Red Cross stayed high and dry and notified the local press as to their location before anyone else.”

      I made sandwiches for them during a tornado catastrophic event.. they charged everyone a buck and a quarter for a sandwich and coffee..

      I gave some to the salvation army.. they were out in the muck handing them out.. about the only group I will openly give money to.. there are a few others but take a peek.. and you see that the head people are the ones getting it.. so be careful on who you donate to..

    • Right.
      The only outside help you got was the “Cajun Navy” from Louisiana.
      Private watercraft manned by your neighbors.
      All the Federal govt. does is to suck-down tax and borrowed money into a black hole.

  10. Inexplicable how any American can still be considering trump as a candidate after this:

    The republican lead senate intelligence committee found that team trump colluded with a foreign adversary in 2016. Kushner, Erik Prince, Sam Clovis, Don, Jr. were referred for criminal investigation related to their perjury before the committee. The committee also found that Trump lied in his written answers to Mueller.

    Personally, I don’t know any adults that lie about innocuous events. Maybe it’s normal in other parts of the country for adults to lie about things that don’t matter and innocent events. Maybe republicans support lying and misleading investigations into foreign adversaries gaming US elections.

    “The Committee found that Manafort’s presence on the Campaign and proximity to Trump created opportunities for the Russian intelligence services to exert influence over, and acquire confidential information on, the Trump Campaign. The Committee assesses that Kilimnik likely served as a channel to Manafort for Russian intelligence services, and that those services likely sought to exploit Manafort’s access to gain insight info the Campaign. Taken as a whole, Manafort’s high-level access and willingness to share information with individuals closely affiliated with the Russian intelligence services, particularly Kilimnik, represented a grave counterintelligence threat.”

    “Trump, in written responses to the SCO, stated: “I do not recall discussing WikiLeaks with [Stone], nor do I recall being aware of Mr. Stone having discussed WikiLeaks. with individuals associated with my campaign.”1624 Trump further claimed that he had “no recollection of the specifics of any conversations I had with Mr. Stone between June 1, 2016 and November 8, 2016.”1625 Despite Trump’s recollection, the Committee assesses that Trump did, in fact, speak with Stone about WikiLeaks and with members of his Campaign about Stone’s access to WikiLeaks on multiple occasions.”

    • from your source the committee report
      (U) While this Volume did not find evidence of collusion between President Trump and
      the Russians, it does detail a stunning accounting of the FBl’s sloppy work and poor judgment.
      In 2016, the Democratic Party, using a series of arm’s length transactions, hired a foreign citizen
      to seek out dirt on a political opponent, provided by foreign sources. This Volume confirms that
      Christopher Steele used information gained from sources in Russia-some with direct ties to the
      Russian Government. That unverified, uncorroborated, foreign information was then actively
      circulated with the press to disparage a U.S. political candidate.
      (U) Meanwhile, the FBI should have followed the advice of other intelligence agencies to
      view Steele’s reports skeptically, and the Bureau should have verified the methodology and the
      information before using it. Instead, the Bureau used the material in PISA applications and
      insisted on its inclusion in the Intelligence Community Assessment. Other IC agencies wanted
      to exclude the Dossier from the ICA because they had not verified its sources or its data. All

    • President Trump has done more to undo the mess created by Obama than could ever be expected in three years with massive opposition from those entrenched. THAT’s one reason to vote for him. He’s imperfect, to say the least. Unfortunately, that might be part of the reason he got as much done as he did – he was unexpected and broke all the systems.

      Biden and whatever successors are planned are known insurgents. Must I say more? That group had planned for war with anyone in 2017 and so far, we’ve had no overt war. We are experiencing an insurgency in our country and the party of Biden endorses it. Since we only have two real options going forward, keeping President Trump in place is by far the lesser of two evils.

      Let’s never forget the massive loss of freedoms and opportunity from 2008-2016, brought to you by the party of Obama. Since that person is still pulling strings via various orgs, similar to Soros, we have every reason to expect that to continue if Biden should gain the White House. The whole thing is eerily parallel to Russia in 1917.

    • You tell us how to get Ted Cruz and Dr. Carson on the Republican – or any – ticket and we’ll vote for them. You tell us you’re voting for a dim-o-@#$% and we’ll call you a traitor like Mark-o. Other than that you’re wasting keystrokes.

    • “Inexplicable how any American can still be considering trump as a candidate after this:”

      ON a Serious note .. Really What choices do we have.. we already have the best of the best that the USA can offer on the ballots..
      this video is a view of congress and the federal reserve on the budget……..

    • Assume all the national leaders lie. Just for reference…”I never had sex with that women…” (Clinton)…”If you like your plan you can keep your plan” (Obama)…”I do not recall groping that women” (Biden). Trump is an ego maniac, but come on, you think the lack of integrity is only on one side or the other?

      I would exclude Biden from running simply because he cannot put two coherent thoughts together. Imagine when the pressure of running something besides his basement kicks in. His corrupt support of rioters and promoting racial division also wins no points.

      Our options are the 2nd worst in my voting life (30 years), with the most recent two being the most disgraceful. I consider Joe just a tiny bit less corrupt then Hillary and the pay as you go Clinton foundation.

      • “Assume all the national leaders lie. Just for reference…”I never had sex with that women…” (Clinton)…”If you like your plan you can keep your plan” (Obama)…”I do not recall groping that women” (Biden). Trump is an ego maniac, but come on, you think the lack of integrity is only on one side or the other?”

        Or JB.. in his own words

        Then the alphabets and political machine buried the allegations of corruption under the rug never to be seen again.
        So what if DJT is a narcissist and says what he’s thinking.. to me hes honest you know exactly what’s on his mind.. from non stop attacks false reports and accusations and actions that I would consider deceptive and just plain wrong coming from those that should show some integrity. JB will never have my vote.
        What’s his plan hows he going to implement it..who’s going to pay for it.. theres nothing coming out of that side of the isle
        Of course I think they are pizzing in a windstorm it’s all going to come to a head real soon.. the storm clouds are overhead now..

        The checkbook has to it or not..

      • JOEDISH?
        Biden can’t put two coherent thoughts together? Have you listened to Trump? What the hell? Biden’s speech the other night even had the hacks at Fox News gushing. I was completely blown away by the speech…That is Joe Biden..which in a way is so damn refreshing after listening to the blubbering, incoherent idiot Trump for four years, I turned Fox on specifically to hear their take and was surprised to hear that they had nothing but kind words to say. In fact, they ALL said…What was Trump talking about, when he said Biden was losing his mental capacity? They all agreed that the Trump campaign needed to change its strategy ax a rust of that incredible speech.

        It’s people like you that just read headlines and Tweet characters to get their news that make this country an embarrassment to the rest of the world.

    • organic gardener

      when you finally realize that they ALL lie, you will not feel any better, but you will feel less like a mushroom.

      it helps to parse the words used – as in: “…the committee assesses…” actually means “we have no admissible proof but we suspect”.

      both sides employ this tactic in many ways – because they are both part of the elite bankster class…

    • sometimes you don’t vote for a candidate, you vote against one. i will always vote against raising taxes. it is my money… i work for it it is MINE!

      • Absolutely..why should I pay for a public school system when I dont have kids in school. The same way with fire department.. hell I don’t have a fire..they aren’t fixing my road.. shoot why should I pay for them to fix the water pipes in your neighborhood or your sewer.. it doesn’t affect should be paying for that.
        It all costs money.. they only way to secure community and national services is through taxation unless.. each state and community pays for those repairs and expansions themselves.
        The checkbook must balance and theres just so much you can get from someone making ten dollars an hour.

      • It’s all about spreading risk over people.
        Fire departments make sense. k-12 (with genuine learning instead of PC-BS) does too.
        Insurance is a risk-spreader.

        But some of the nitwit stuff in govt? No risk, so why???

    • Hey O.G.,
      Have you ever had to give a deposition or appeared in court as a defendant?
      I have (we had no liability at all).
      Any and all respect that I may have had for the Judicial System disappeared after that experience,
      We lost (3.5 Million).

    • I still see DJT as the one that will do the most of the two..
      The fact that they buried Hunters actions with the federal shield of protection really is what turned me totally against him. JB also doesnt have any plan at all laid out..DJT as narcissistic and bold as he is still has tried to do the most.. JB just creeps me out with how he acts.. it’s like hes hiding something while we know exactly what DJT is thinking like it or not.

    • OG,
      It’s like Jack Nicholson in the movie “A Few Good Men”, Trump supporters, as dumb as they are…”Can’t handle the truth”.

      •  “A Few Good Men”, Trump supporters, as dumb as they are…”Can’t handle the truth”.

        Here is what I see.. trump is a narcissistic self centered braggart that says what he’s thinking.. but does what he says. He went into office saying he was going g to do a number of things and that is what he did.. even though after he mentioned that some people should be in trouble because of the thi g they have done.
        A non stop attack was started filled with false accusations and every sort of attack against him and his family and everyone associated with him.
        Did he make mistakes absolutely did he say stupid crap you bet.. but he stayed the course.
        Country boy ethics and dignity says you stand up for the right thing.
        If you have a child that sticks a candy bar in his pocket and walks out of the store. You discover it ..what do you do.. do you pretend it didnt happen.. chastise the child.. make him go back to the merchant and make him stand up and tell the merchant what he did…
        Now Trumps adversary was faced with those very same issues. Simple straight forward. What was his actions?
         “A Few Good Men”, you ”Can’t handle the truth”.
        In his own words…
        From my perspective.. I will vote for the one that has integrity. Who does what he says not the one that brags about how he can control others.

  11. The Democrats want to use the Johnny Rocco System:In Key Largo he said:”We keep counting the votes until they come right.”

  12. “Inexplicable how any American can still be considering trump as a candidate after this”

    Because he’s STILL much better than the alternative.

      • This is THE Election.

        It is the most-important Election in our lifetimes, and possibly the most-important in the known history of Mankind, because what we do in ten weeks will screw the entire World for generations or perhaps much longer, if we get it wrong.

        To answer your question: Yes, it is Mr, Trump.

        The choice is binary. Even if Jesus Christ Himself ran in this Election, there’d be no way at this point in time to develop him as a candidate. Trump’s far more honest than JB and far more in-command of his faculties. He is also pro-United States and pro-Constitution, where Biden has sold out to the commies. Socialism in any form is incompatible with our Constitutionally-affirmed freedoms and liberties.

        Do you value your Right to OWN property, or would you be okay with the government telling you where and how you had to live and what you could possess?

        Do you value your ability to move freely about the Country?

        Do you appreciate the Right that, should you be arrested, the government is required to produce evidence sufficient to convince a jury that you’re guilty, or would you prefer that the burden of proof fall on you to convince that jury of your innocence?

        Do you value your ability to have an opinion, broach it in public, and not be imprisoned, should it differ from the one the government tells you you must have?

        Oh, and by the way, how long can YOU live on 70¢/hr?

        THESE are some of the things this Election is, essentially a referendum upon: Do we remain a free-market (sic) Republic or become a reincarnation of East Germany? The things I enumerated above sound like conspiracy tripe. I assure you they’re not, and WILL come to pass in the United States and probably the rest of the world, in our lifetimes, if well-meaning but misguided people like you can’t put your hatred aside, hold your nose, and vote for the incumbent.

        Mr. Biden is not (and will never again be) in-control of his faculties. He will do whatever he’s told, by whomever tells him, whether the Dems hold one or both Houses, or neither. He will be content to be a figurehead, because he’s incapable of being more. YOU should know how dirty and power-mad Kammy is. Some of her crap prosecutions and lacks thereof, HAD to have affected people in your sphere of association.

      • Ray, I think you need your faculties checked. Trump is the biggest puppet in the history of world politics. This guy doesn’t have an original thought in his puny little brain. Wait til the debates. They have been saying that Biden cannot put 5 words together. That’s all a distraction. Biden will destroy Trump in the debates. I know their strategy and its so simple really. Just wait…you will be embarrassed that you even thought for one nano second Trump was worthy of dogcatcher, let alone POTUS.

  13. “This action eliminated reserve requirements for all depository institutions….”

    Um, yeah…

    The only sane reason to lower reserve is to make more money available for circulation. With velocity of money lower than it’s been, probably ever, I can think of nothing this will do except create even larger dead pools, and ensure bank failures/runs when the economy tanks completely — It’s like guaranteeing a financial depression in a country near you (and me) in the not-too-distant future. Since the U.S. is already in a major recession (whether or not the banksters and GAO admit it), the results of this one line could be “leaping out of windows” catastrophic for a LOT of people.

    I’m guessing moving components to H6 will allow for another level of doctoring of numbers (still ANOTHER “set of books”), should it become necessary to cook another set of formerly-useful data before the unwashed see it…

    • “Since the U.S. is already in a major recession (whether or not the banksters and GAO admit it), the results of this one line could be “leaping out of windows” catastrophic”

      Yup..the only difference is they are dumping water on the table.
      Before they just shoved it in the pockets of the hoarders. Which is what they will do again..the only way industry can be secure is to keep the sheep buying..

  14. Tell your Houstonian friend that we’re jealous of them out here in dry, dusty West Texas. The dusty ground I drive over in the pasture is like stirring up dry cocoa and you’d better hope you’re driving into the wind when you do it. We’re looking at another week of triple digits out here and I’m hauling water almost every day to keep up with the thirsty livestock’s demands. Talk about standing around the water cooler – when it gets much past 102 everything stops and looks for a tree or cedar bush. It’s been an extraordinary year as far as rainfall and when it’s occurred but we, inevitably, have to endure the high temperatures every year. Forgive us out here for looking hopefully toward hurricane season.

  15. “Use hysteresis to your own advantage. News distribution is not instant – allowing the aware reader a head start in many areas.”

    Isn’t this just called “day trading”?

    And for anyone who is still mired in partisan rock throwing, first of all, it’s almost over, second we won’t get anything new no matter who gets elected. (Mark Twain is chuckling at you from a hundred years ago)

    More wars? Sure thing.
    More weapons, yep.
    More crooked money manipulation? Uh huh.

    Preparing for massive disasters, won’t happen.
    Healing the social rift between neighbors, not a chance.
    Fixing racism, poverty, gun control, urban violence, drug addiction, homelessness… hahahahaha not a snowball’s chance in hell. Those are all “business drivers” for government.

    WHAT ARE YOU ROOTING FOR EXACTLY? It’s called “crazy” when you do the same thing over and over looking for a new outcome.

    • “You and me don’t matter. Just ask the high school drop out, non doctor. non scientist. doesn’t think anyone needs more than 640k”

      I am at the bottom.. I’ve never had anyone voice that opinion to me.. we need the social classes.. what I do hear is they want to feel their jobs are secure and that they matter. ( like the sixties and seventies..a valued member of the plant family.) Right now all the benefits and insurances are piled on the very few at the top. Employers dont even acknowledge their existence and make sure they know they are replaceable.

      • /You must have never heard George (not this one) Carlin. We want people just smart enough to run the machines and fill out the paperwork. Well with AI you and your social classes are obsolete. Now we are useless eaters destroying the planet. We must be down sized. Take your vaccination with its nano tech implant.
        Now IF you behave correctly you social credit score will be ok for a while but… get to uppity and nothing for you. Go to the grocery store step on the scale to see if you are able to buy food. I could go on forever but. I have been to the mountain top now living below sea level on fixed income. Getting to the top stress almost killed me. the ride down was miserable but peace is in my life and I live according to my means. Merge with the machine the drop out says you will be much happier and will consume none of mother earths precious resources.
        P.S I bet a nickel he and his alleged wife don’t take it Oh and how many versions of the fake disease are there now? Will you need a shot for every one every year? Has the EVER been a vaccine that stops a virus using rDNA.
        Oh sleep well.

  16. “ News distribution is not instant – allowing the aware reader a head start in many areas.”

    Unless it’s a facebook post that the Kona Hawaii Costco is out of toilet paper in January… which led to a nationwide shortage in a matter of days. Stock up now!

  17. George its quite easy .. the buttcoin bloke should be asked if you ask joe normal does he want 10 grand cash 5 oz gold or a bitcoin .. I know he will leave the sheetcoin behind .. and I have never seen a king wearing a crown of buttcoin

  18. I think the tinkle down of the stimulus money has about run it’s course; most of it dribbled into deep dark holding pools where neither fools, angels nor ordinary folk will ever tread.

    From the frame of reference of the Real Job, as Stu calls it, I am not seeing much out there to bolster enthusiasm in anything resembling a real turnaround. My personal observations are mirroring John Williams’ views, just from a lot lower vantage point:

    While everyone is looking over their shoulder for the next Covid wave, the next tsunami of economic misery will hit them square in the face. I am seeing the thousand yard stare in the eyes of people who are paid to make decisions. The mojo is evaporating. Who stays, who goes, and what’s next?

    • AMEN.N..those are my thoughts exactly..
      You wrote them a lot better to and less words lol..

  19. @Philistine

    “Fixing racism, poverty, gun control, urban violence, drug addiction, homelessness… hahahahaha not a snowball’s chance in hell. Those are all “business drivers” for government.”

    …or more-precisely, business drivers for political campaigns and a license for super-constitutional (or anti-constitutional) government intrusion.

    In grade school I had five close friends. Two of them were Black. WE did not know there was racial inequality or racism, until some Black folks from Chicago, Detroit, and Memphis rolled into town and told us so, then told us we had no business sitting at the same table or hanging out after school together.

    Are there racial issues? Yes
    Urban violence? You bet.

    Poverty? – Will never be “fixed.” “Poverty” is specifically defined. It is the lowest 16 and 2/3% of a floating Bell curve which plots gross individual or family income. When some pundit whines because “one sixth of Americans are in poverty” or “17 percent of children are raised in poverty” they are exactly correct — correct in spewing a meaningless statistic based on a datapoint which has no relevance to anything. By this metric and definition, “poverty” will never be “fixed,” because that Bell curve will ALWAYS have a “lowest 16 2/3%.” Even if the poorest guy or gal in the U.S. lives in a 6000 square foot house with 4 bathrooms and 5 big screens, they will STILL be defined as “poor.” The poorest 20 percent of Americans consume more goods and services than the national averages for ALL people in most affluent countries. An honest metric would compare America’s poor with those in the Shanghai or Rio ghettos, or the newformed sh!thole pockets of Caracas. However, an honest metric provides no political fodder or ammunition…

    Gun control? — Means hitting your target, AND knowing when a person is, or is not a target, observing what’s downrange (in case you miss), and learning that a gun is a tool, and the person using it must learn how to use the tool or like any other, [it] becomes dangerous.

    As for drug addiction and homelessness? They are the result of personal choices. They cannot be “solved” until the people involved voluntarily commit to making better life-choices, and then a successful solution lies with a partnership between the person affected and the most-local and most-responsible political authority (town, city, township), never a State or Federal authority…

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