Kiss the Fed Goodbye?

Just too much going on to ignore fresh developments in CryptoLand. Bye-bye to some long-sought down-time.  Developments at the Federal Reserve in research beg for analysis and commentary.

So here we go.

On the back burner, for now, is  our Big Project – which I hope to have ready for Labor Day Weekend.  It just sailed through 14-thousand words in length.  A seventh of a novel…non-fiction, though.

Superficially its premise is UFO data hints they may be from Here. We draw some fascinating conclusions through data, and in light of recent “disclosure” events.  Like the shows on TV lately.  Does the data leak evidence of “breakaway” involvement is pondered.

When you start “dot-connecting” there’s a mighty big rabbit hole to explore.

For today, short comments after we skim some headlines and “do the charts.”

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44 thoughts on “Kiss the Fed Goodbye?”

  1. im hearing so much fascinating and amazing theory and stories .. probably the escapades of buffet are the best lately .. he has copped criticism from all new gurus and presidents and cnbcccussa as washed up .. his crash indicator is not just flashing red its flashing ultra bright blinding sunlight .. so now we have new currency .. sheetcoin . gold standards and comrads everywhere .. as buffet spends 50 bucks on barrick .. need to have stock to short stock .. seriously nobody got a clue .. just rigged comrads

  2. Think you’re on to something George

    Remember that Michigan Uni Prof who along with some grad students investigated U.S. Gov spending and found 21 Trillion in spending unaccounted for.

    Then he went further and discovered 91 Trillion of debt being rolled over in the Treasuray market. (91 Trillion ……. why so much, we only have about 20 Trillion in debt).

    So, 91 Trillion since end of WW2 when project Paperclip started and black budget skunkworks projects begin.

    75 years of earnest R & D should’ve produced some results I imagine.

    Cue the alien card and project bluebeam.

    Best far out claim I’ve read lately is that benevolent Aliens have given us the tech for a Quantum Financial System that’s run from satellites in orbit from an AI black box overseeing it all. This protected by our Secret Space Force goon squad.

    So … long story short. The 107 year monopoly of the Fed gets replaced by an Alien technology black box new Monopoly shoved down out throats.

    Oh yeah, sounds like a mavelous idea.

    • Sailor –
      No, no,,,,no! It’s not a Quantum Financial System. It’s a quantum fusion lepton reactor the size of a toaster based on Dark Matter principles. You know, like the Mr. Fusion system? Tesla designed it after talking with John Trump, who was actually an alien running incognito.

      The fact that in the current system debt=money has nothing to do with those unaccountable trillions. Don’t take my word for it – just you wait and see.

      Those aliens are here to save us from ourselves and reduce planetary population by taking us to other planets. The shiny new spaceships are over there – see those large doors with the sexy stewardesses waiting?

      Things will be better here after the “exploratory types” have departed because the planets climate and ecosystems can rebalance. All we have to do is cease eating meat, give up our guns to the peace loving aliens, be vaccinated to protect the aliens and live in these nice apartments, replete with modern fencing to keep those roaming, ravenous north American predators out.

      I wonder how many Americans actually believe pieces of what I just wrote??

      I also wonder what P.T.Barnum would make of Project Bluebeam?

      • We stop eating meat because were the meat!
        Oh s**t, it’s a cookbook! (Twilight Zone – “To Serve Man”).

      • @ Oilman2
        many would BECAUSE they never check out details…and they WANT to believe in something….

      • oilman

        Sure it’s silly. However I spend mucho time cruising the Internet, and I’ve been seeing a ramp up in certain narratives being layed.

        For example this youtube link was put on ex-CIA spook Robert Steele’s site a few days back, and now it’s gone.
        It’s still on Utube though.

        This series of videos is new age alien ascention gobby-gook, but someone went to alot of effort to produce them. Looks to me as the sort of nosense the World Economic Forum ALT-section would put out to capture fuzzy thinking minds (about 50% of the world) prone to believing in miracles.

        And then there’s this site. The COBRA cult.
        It’s been around for 8 years and I’ve wondered who is behind it.
        I can’t see any obvious business model.
        Who would go to all the effort for 8 years?

        My thinking is there’s a concerted PsyOp going on to sway though & opinion.

        Globalist soften the world up with a fake pandemic and orchestrated economic chaos, regional conflict, etc get the population scared, tired, destitude, then spring the solution.

        Typical cabal MO.

      • “I’ve wondered who is behind it.
        I can’t see any obvious business model.
        Who would go to all the effort for 8 years?”

        I have believed for years.. that theres nothing secret in the USA. How can there be..

        Take something secret..if it deals with govt. The paperwork alone is in triplicate and comprised of a few thousand pages. It is available someplace. Theres usually a dozen or more communities involved and a few dozen companies each doing one specific job.
        A patient with aids HIPAA says you cant talk or share that information. But every worker knows even if they aren’t involved. Someone other than the patient can acquire the records faster than the patient.
        So my belief is put it out there in the open then alter the story just a little to make it sound stupid.. then officially discredit it..
        Just look in the neighborhood.. what is going on in all of the buildings around you.. their businesses are open and easily to find out. Yet after they have been built if you don’t have a direct dealing with them the business is just there as a question mark.
        Everyone knew it but it fades in the background where only those associated know.
        My question is with the amount of money producing these..what’s the back story.. what are they trying to misdirect your attention from..

    • . “(91 Trillion ……. why so much, we only have about 20 Trillion in debt).”

      Phew I thought it was only 64 trillion..with interest over 127 trillion..
      91 trillion what’s the final figure..
      AKA more than we could ever pay off..

  3. Speaking of electric, I got an alert from Yahoo Mail:

    “Storing unwanted emails uses energy. Unsubscribe and reduce your C02 emissions with Yahoo Mail.”

  4. the USPS has blockchain technology
    could this system be used for a finance money exchange?

    Trump issued an exec order to confiscate the property of those involved in human trafficing,,,,could this be the globalist who own and control world banking? Who owns most of the gold in the world?

    Q told us , gold will end the Fed, here is one of the recent posts

    What about the coin shortage? paper money = fed coins = US Treasury?
    there is a game afoot and we are just pieces on the monoply board,
    pass the popcorn, please, Like Bill and Ted’s most excellent adventure,,nice touch George

    • Can’t use coins or paper money spreads the wicked virus don’t you know? Laws will be written against existing crypto’s and Fed coin will be adopted so they know every little thing about you and if your being a good citizen…..

    • “Trump issued an exec order to confiscate the property of those involved in human trafficing,,,,could this be the globalist who own and control world banking? Who owns most of the gold in the world?”

      I seriously doubt it… the laws aren’t there for the people of political power, business and finance .. their there for the rest of the people.

    • “Like Bill and Ted’s most excellent adventure,,”

      From my perspective the federal reserve and everyone in the bubble reminds me more of Dumb and Dumber then bill and Ted’s most excellent lol
      At the end of the dvd they had a contest on bill and Ted’s most excellent adventure.. if you could answer the question you would win ten grand.. I contacted them and answered it.. the answer was they dialed you back.. you called on a loop back to your own phone. That’s why there was always a busy signal
      Nope I didnt get the ten grand it was a

    • One episode of Beavis and Butthead should help your noggin! If not, try two and call me in the morning.

      Regarding this fantasy money handling – what could go wrong?

      We’re already in a situation where a national power failure means that most everyone is broke – at least temporarily. Internationally it’s potential chaos. Is there a point to using a blockchain and/or endorsed cryptos under these circumstances? Is there some defined benefit not available using a simpler architecture? Most intelligent people can understand the tech of the 20th century. Most such people will not get the current systems without years of training, if not decades. Without redundancy and fallback positions, we’re truly vulnerable. Didn’t anyone learn anything from our current COVID crisis?

      Generally, the simplest system that accomplishes all goals is the most elegant. I see no elegance here at all. The current crop of “outlaw cryptos” will continue for a while and could provide a payment system within a nominal subset of society. For the rest of us, there’s cash. If they outlaw that, we’ll be bartering again.

  5. OTFLMAO….. now this is hilarious.. watching CNN the democratic party brought up the dead horse issue of abortion as a campaign platform lol lol lol
    That’s been a campaign platform since my daddy was teaching me about shaving and I was just getting curious about girls lol lol
    It’s a dead horse issue.. just popular because it gets votes then is tabled lol lol
    Their pulling out all the stops.. next thing is they will bring up border security lol lol

  6. Read the Fed charter…ALL telling…

    (1 Trillion….

    look up the net worth of all government ‘politicians’ since 1952…… and retired…millionaires mostly and living the good life…come out to do ‘cable spots’ to KEEP the ‘rigged game’ going in THEIR favor….By the way ITS a big list….

  7. Hmmm interesting times the circus in on your t.v. set and all the clowns are clapping trying to figure out just who’s the most evil, is it the R’s or the D’s or the fellow behind the tree,the empire is crashing the cities are on fire and the free zone kill fire rules the day and night,unemployment is rocking and the Fed’s press is in full overdrive,meanwhile the over weight hog that passes a sec. of state is running around trying to put out the brush fires he created,and the bail out light is flashing and the question that begs to be answered is just how many countries we will have here when its all over.!!!

  8. Hi, George,

    Blockchain and the FED? How interesting. I wonder how that will work.

    A digital supply chain currently exists for jewelry manufacturing in the US. Blockchain, under IBM, has become the manner in which to do business in the jewelry, gemstone, diamond, and precious metal industry, as it tracks the merchandise from source to store. With the industry now aligned with ethical mining and recognition of miners and artisans outside the US, blockchain can give stores and customers the knowledge that their jewelry and stones are from legitimate sources. This better tracks major parts, like gold and diamonds, by allowing for a better visibility into the supply chains. This is a big subject that Anne B. Miller intelligently discusses. She has presented several talks on this at the Santa Fe Symposium on Jewelry Manufacturing Technology, sponsored by Rio Grande of Albuquerque. All technical papers are available on the internet via Santa Fe Symposium or via Rio Grande. Thanks.

    • Nancy, I see this use in origin tracing as a legitimate use of blockchain tech. I wonder about how the jewelry business handles older items in the used market though.

      Land records and titles in general may also benefit – if the system is sufficiently robust. Of course, paper documents or equivalent need to remain too. I fail to see where this hugely processor intensive tech can be helpful in a high volume situation such as the Fed envisions. Where’s the backup and fallback positions? Unlike the jewelry business, a failure here can take down a nation. Appropriate tech is generally a good thing. Complexity without benefit is technologically evil.

      • NM Mike,

        Thank you for your comments. Older items of jewelry cannot be block-chained but are valued for their replacement estimates when taken in by a store for repair or appraisal. What I did not mention is that being connected to the block chain can be expensive for a store, as they are charged by the month for this service link.

        I agree with you in that this data mining and tracking technology may not be the right solution for the FED to use, since money is printed whenever needed. Tracking for visibility accounting with the FED is doubtful, because they do not answer to hardly anyone.

  9. G Dude, U must have heard a few notes from Crypto Choir on High singing “Glory to Bitcoin King of Cyrpto” !

    Glad to see the Texas Crypto Chainsaw Murderer finally taking a break from his Bloody, Chop Shop, Israeli Tourture&Interrogation Container Style take downs of all things Bitcoin.

    Rule the Future of Money – or be Ruled by it.

    NO Future 4 U!

  10. So the first storm, Marco, is going to be touched by the second storm. Here lay the chance to call the second storm Polo, and it was missed LOL

    • I think the weather service has a rule about alternating male and female names for storms. Dumb rule, IMHO. We all know who has the greater fury!

  11. Dam… no canning jars, jar lids or any canners ..
    They have all told me they were told they can’t get them and the earliest is after xmas..

    • Locally Winco has had both dry and wet canning supplies; however, the demand for home canning supplies may be a lot lower here than in your area. I suggest you lay in a supply of metallized Mylar bags, 02 absorbers and plastic containers with lids as well as the wet canning supplies. I like the zip-lock metallized Mylar bags; theoretically, they are reusable, and don’t require power to seal. I think that the Xmas date you were given may be wishful thinking. You may be buying for a multi-year event. Buying this stuff mail order might be an option, but you get eaten alive on shipping cost for oversize items like lids and buckets, and heavy items like glass jars. The Mylar bags, and 02 absorbers are best bought online, if you can find them, of course. I saw jar lids at Winco last week.

      What I did for some stuff back in March – April during the height of the food panic was to back order and wait my turn. Some items I ordered in April only materialized in July after multiple expediting calls. I also started buying what I could locally, weekly in small quantities to avoid Officious Looter scrutiny. The local grocery clerks were dropping dimes on people who bought more than four cans of peas at a time. Buying large quantities of home canning supplies identifies you as a Hoarder, and an enemy of the Wingnut Debt Slave State. This is not something that leftist parolee dope head store clerks, or their Officious overseers can tolerate.

      Whatever you do, you want to be finished in the next three weeks. I know this is early, but I am anticipating another round of food panic and possible travel and shipping problems in the fall time frame. The canning containers, parts and pieces are the highest priority right now. Wet canning has to be done immediately. Dry canning can be done at your leisure.

      Take care, and be more security-minded than normal.

  12. the much ballyhooed story about alleged Russia involvement peripheral to the 2016 election. Mainstream is peddling this one hard as in “Senate Russia report proves Trump was wrong, and Mueller was right. Do voters care? ”

    Doesn’t matter. What matters is Mueller had Weissmann and several hundred highly-motivated investigators crawl up Trump’s ass for months, to find neither polyp nor poo but only a big fat nothingburger, and to then hand Congress the biggest proctology exam bill in history.

    Trump is innocent of wrongdoing — period.

    “The other – and more difficult for Trump – are the plans to take down some mail sorting machines and just “accept delays” in moving the U.S. Mail.”

    The “plans” are to replace the sorters with new, and more-efficient machines. The drivel on the teevee shows “Trump surrogates” hauling a truck full of “blue boxes” (Mail drop-boxes) down a street. That was actually a file shot from the previous Administration. USPS collects between 8000-12000 blue boxes a year, every year, for refurbishment and replacement — then it puts them back. I suspect there is a “COVID-delay” in getting the new sorters out, and this is the source of consternation at PO sorting and distribution facilities. I also suspect Nasty Nancy will rake the POG over the coals because this is being done now, when it can affect the Democrats’ drive for mail-in (not absentee) voting, because it may make it more difficult for them to “stuff ballot boxes.” Hence:

    “When you screw with the mail, people – and congress – get angry: U.S. House takes on Postal reforms seen as threat to mail-in ballots.”

    “shoving cryptos into COBOL heavy bank code”

    SERIOUSLY? I never took COBOL because it was considered a “dead language” 50 years ago. I’ve a niece who got a job back in the early ’80s, not because she was any good at it, but because she was the only person the company could find, who could program in COBOL or ALGOL…

    • Hey Ray – it’s an incontrovertible fact that trump lied that he had no business interests in russia while he was actually trying to develop a billion dollar tower in moscow. trump himself actually signed the LOI on the same day he took to the stage for a republican debate when he denied business interests with russia. those are established facts.

      why do you figure trump lied to your face, and the face of every other american voter, throughout the campaign over and over and over again that he had no business interests with a foreign adversary when he was secretly trying to develop a billion dollar tower with that very same adversary?

      Do you understand how that made candidate trump a security risk that had to be investigated?

      These are really, really big deals that cut to national security and intelligence threats.

    • I wonder when the people will become intelligent enough to understand that all politicians lie, its their stock in trade and they are experts at it along with the bought and paid for media,and now lol we find one that thinks that Trump is as white as newly fallen snow and people ask what wrong with America,well to start with and finish with they are literally dumber than a post, believing everything and anything that flips their switch,and that ain’t about to change for its an inbred trait and not a fact in the world can change it….

    • At least 5000 dead chicks delivered dead to farmers:

      4 million prescription drugs are delivered by the P.O. daily, all delayed, putting American lives at risk:

      what happened when the high speed sorting machine was removed:

      ‘I suspect there is a Covid delay in getting the new machines out’, well most people suspect there is deliberate crippling of the mail sorting machines by Trump to enhance his ‘mail in ballot’ result, as during the Pandemic crisis most are advised to vote by mail….’the pump don’t work cuz the vandals took the handle’ (bob dylan)

      Used car salesmen use the same trite lies as yourself, ‘Trump is an Angel, did no wrong’ (7 of his assocates are in jail), we’ve had the ‘test drive’ (4 yrs of his screwing of the economy, blatant lies, inability to handle a Pandemic crisis), keep hyping/selling your ‘lemon’ President, I enjoy ‘kicking the tires’….

      • the pandering causes you to believe the lies and half truths of the MSM newspapers radio and TV. You are a fish who has swallowed the rubber worm. Their stories are wordsmithed and designed to LURE you in. I wish you well with that

      • @Baiteater: (S)he’s just a mindless troll, and as typical, is loud, but not bright. Chicks, meds, and other parcels never go through a sorting machine — They are hand-sorted and hand-canceled, and anyone with a brain knows this…

  13. Here’s a goodie. The GED crowd caught up to what “deferred” means. OR, it’s a plan to end the current system.

    President Trump’s payroll executive order could leave Americans with ‘substantial tax liability’

    “Not only is the payroll [executive order] surrounded by uncertainty as to its application and implementation, it creates a substantial tax liability for employees at the end of the deferral period,” the Aug. 12 letter stated. “As current law provides, this is a deferral of tax due, and without congressional action to forgive the payroll tax, it threatens to impose serious hardships on employees who will face a large tax bill at the end of the deferral period.”

    • Payroll deferral is only good for those that work…What about the 30 million collecting unemployment? Trump is a fraud. He is running the biggest Ponzi scheme in the history of world politics.

      • No! FDR did that with the social security scam where the first recipients got a free lunch and we’ve been paying for the previous generation ever since. FDR admitted that this arrangement was to make sure that SS could never be stopped. Eventually, it will be, and a lot of folks will be left out in the cold. For now, I’m collecting what I can of this mandatory non-investment while I can. After all, I paid my share.

      • Silly question..what’s Joe’s plan.
        So far I love the idea of two grand a week per adult and grand for every child..
        But es heres it coming from..
        Since the working class is at the bottom cant afford it that means it has to come from someplace else..
        Opening the boarders for illegals..that’s the stupidest thing I ever heard..
        I actually asked the wife to get a copy of it er pay stub. (Yup they dont give those to you or email them..) I want to make sure they are taking the proper amounts out so I dont have to pay it in four months.. for someone that uses that much for coffee and doughnuts it’s no big deal.. for us its huge..
        Don’t want to pay unemployment then bring jobs back to the USA.
        Most employers don’t allow you to get unemployment comp.

        But if they are planning on two grand per adult and one grand per child..why not give a million per person..hmm in Czech their dollar is about 4 cents of the us dollar.

    • Old Age & Survivor’s trust fund (the monthly Soc Sec check that Roosevelt’s Socialists invented)
      is in drought status, could be dry by 2026, Disability by 2022, due to cov19:

      1 in 6 Americans rely on Social Security check:,young%20survivors%20of%20deceased%20workers.

  14. My roommate in a fraternity house,my “brother”,ah lend me a would you?,gave me great advise one day. I made the comment that I was working my ass off, he mentioned how he received financial aid by lying about his parents joint income.
    So just the politicians lie? Do statesmen lie? Do people who seek truth and live honestly lie? Or is it the liars, cheaters, and stealers that lie? Or is it the violent warmongers,with squeaky clean, faces,clothes, houses, cars, and mansions on top of the hills?
    The meek shall inherit the earth. Let the sinless will cast the first stone. Evil prevails because good men sit and do nothing.
    The innocent die within their mother’s womb.
    From what I have seen in my days- Money will make the Monkey dance, people hide behind their lies, prophets are not heeded and are disgraced, people Will leave their trash for others to deal with, and the quality of a civilization’s water is the measure of their spirituality. Love can only be expressed.

  15. OG, lying isn’t illegal unless one is under oath or being deposed. What was said doesn’t matter, just like his alleged dalliances with porn pups and jetsetters don’t matter, because he was Citizen Trump, not President Trump. Trump’s freewheeling with the truth is a part of his style of negotiation. I understand it, but frankly wish he’d quit, because the CiC shouldn’t need to negotiate with Congress THROUGH the American people (and when (s)he does, I much prefer Reagan’s technique of making a primetime public address, then having constituents pressure their Congresscritters.) Still, every pol lies. Most of ’em come across to me like used car salesmen or patent medicine evangelists — slick, greasy, and in it for themselves. ‘Seems like everything they say is a lie either by omission or obfuscation, hence the reputation of “political promises.”

    Mr. Trump doesn’t strike me as an “in it for himself” confidence player (indeed, being da Prez has cost him more money so far than most of us would make in a hundred lifetimes) and his mere presence in the WH has really upset a bunch of people whom I KNOW to be bad actors and bad people. Once you get to a certain age, you learn to judge people not just by their friends, but also by their enemies.

    I’m not a Trump fanboy. I am a patriotic American. I have also been a student of history for the past 57 years, and not just ours. Trump has accomplished more for the good of the Nation and the People, facing more resistance, having less with which to work, and while receiving more bad press and fewer accolades, than any American President since Lincoln. Unfortunately, the ONLY place where one can reliably find out the stuff he’s accomplished, is (WH permanent staff notes, not Trump’s blather) because the rancid excuse for journalists we have in the World today are agenda-driven, and won’t tell John Q anything of importance with respect to Trump, unless they can make “bad press” out of it.

    …And yes, he should have been (and was) investigated for his proposed Russia project. Have you ever had a security clearance? I have. It takes about two days for the FBI to learn everything about a person they’d need to know, to issue (or deny) a clearance (and BTW, that’s a LOT!) It can take 6 weeks or longer of investigation to grant a top-level clearance. Trump, Junior, Jared, and Ivanka cleared top-level before the Election, yet Trump has (so far) been very thoroughly investigated three more times.

    I haven’t had so much as a speeding ticket in the past 30 years, but I can pretty much guarantee I would not pass a top-level FBI screening.

    Trump did.

    Then he passed three more extremely-thorough investigations, conducted by aggressive and highly-motivated people who were specifically out to “get him” on any illegality of any kind. THEN he survived a “trumped-up” impeachment based on a fake transcript of a phone call:

    {Col. Aleksandr Vindman was supposed to delete the stored transcript and replace it with one which matched the phony transcript given Schiff. Trump had transcript storage moved to a secure computer to which Vindman did not have access (so the switch was never made), then released the actual transcript of the phone call. In real life, Vindman and several dozen Democratic Congresscritters would be in the dock on a variety of charges related to manufacturing evidence and sedition. In modern American politics, the Dems’ myriad illegal and immoral missteps were lauded, and when Vindman, a Ukrainian covert asset (as is Yevgeny, his brother), got canned, his dismissal was panned in the “media” as “Trump retribution.”}

    This is only the most egregious of many attempts to make stuff up about Trump. If’fn you can’t remember, a simple DDG or Startpage search will retrieve the others.

    Ask yourself: If Trump is either dirty or dishonest, a foreign agent or a security risk, why are so many people and groups going to such lengths, to manufacture “offenses” of which to accuse him? Why not just accuse him of that which he is guilty?

    Despite the opinion of Mark and a few others of George’s readership, if there were any ACTUAL dirt of any kind in Trump’s background, it would have been found and publicized by the time of, or before, the Mueller probe concluded, and he’d be a resident of the Graybar Hotel instead of 1600 Penna, by now.

    There simply is no “there,” there.

    Therefore, all “news” like this is not worth wasting any time watching, reading, or even contemplating. It is mental masturbation for Trump-haters and the unamerican Neocon Establishment over at the Lincoln Project, nothing more.

    If you want to hate Trump because of his public personality or persona, I’m with you. If you want to hate him for the job he’s done, or if you prefer Biden over him in the upcoming Election, I’d have to ask: “Why?”

  16. BTW George, we’re going to have to talk about some of your column titles…

    I’ve told you I have this jukebox in my head (that once I hear a song, the music is there, every passage, every riff, every instrument, every rallentando and keychange.) It’s an interesting thing — for instance, I was mowing the grass yesterday to Bach’s “Brandenburg Concerto #4” (in G major), read your column to “Scheherazade” (3rd mvmt), and was listening to the theme from the TV show “Mannix” as I dressed and rolled out of the rack — all stored away in me head…

    THEN I came to THIS thread and Rimsky-Korsakov was replaced by Marvin Hamlish, as “What I Did for Love” from “A Chorus Line” (the line: “Kiss the day goodbye…”) unceremoniously flushed the 1001 Nights from my subconscious thought-train.

    Dammit George, Scheherazade is one of my favs and I didn’t appreciate you Fonzie-ing my internal jukebox…

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