Easy morning to summarize, this one:  It’s All About Spot.

Spot the state where the (crooked) republican establishment won’t let the rank and file have a say in who the next President is.

Answer:  Colorado.

Here’s one disgusted former republican burning his registration in protest.

And read how Trump’s New Right-Hand Man Accuses Cruz Campaign of ‘Gestapo Tactics’.“

And so once again, we see how our claim that both political parties have been taken over by corporate interests (who don’t want anything to do with substantive change) just stole the right to vote on the presidency from a million in Colorado. 

Meantime, we see how Donald “Trump seeks to reshape campaign after Wisconsin loss.”

All this as we await a couple of key states remaining:  “Polls: Trump, Clinton up big in New York and Pennsylvania.

Meantime, I still think Paul Ryan is running for VP as the insider’s inside man.  See Paul Ryan may not be running, but he’s on the GOP track for details.

Spot Two

This one is likely important.  If you’re a ham radio type, see the early press on this via The K7RA Solar Update which has been on it for several days.  Or, more recently “Huge Sunspot Turns Earthward.”

There is not too much that can be done about this spot.  Worst that could happen would be some power disruptions and a few earthquakes pop.

My money would be on the latter, since if we do get a big pop from this thing, it would reasonable to expect something like a mega quake in the next week to 10-days.  It could be large enough to pass out some overtime in the newsroom, with a spot this big.

Spot the Screaming Asset

Oh, that would be gold which is up another $10-bucks today and pressing on the $1,250 region. 

A colleague down in the Austin area pointed out in a note this weekend that the market is still blind to what some of us older dudes see – which makes everything as it should.  Yes we may get new nominal highs, but then the financial world is going to end for most.

Along the way – remember the bad stuff is still a year-to-three out – we have the ho-hum of options expiring this week.

At some point, the government will have to announce the helicopters loaded with money and then hard assets will scream.  It could, however, be a good while before we get to that.

That is because in 2015, US GDP was $17.947 trillion and the current Debt to the Penny is $19.211 trillion.  And at some point, government will have to reconcile that we’re spending more than we’re making.  Which is what makes the “immigrant stimulus” so important to the agendizers.  Welcome to monetizing disaster…just one of the latest and most crazy of things we have figured out to monetize.  Other items monetized include wasting time on computers (social media, or group time-wasting) and conducting wars.

In the meantime,  other than options this week, we have import and export prices tomorrow, retail sales and producer prices Wednesday.  Thursday sees the Consumer Prices and Friday ends with the Empire State manufacturing number and industrial production from the Fed.

One thing that looks interesting as a possible play is with the futures up a good bit, we have to wonder about biting a bit on the short side of things.  A rally into consumer prices would be interesting because when you are getting big news stories, there are two patterns that usually play.

One if where the market drops ahead of the event, then rallies strongly.

The other is where the market rallies before the news and then tanks when disappointment shows up.

Doesn’t always happen, but my sense in here is the rally from the January February period is getting long in the tooth.

Selling Out America Dept.

Navy officer charged with espionage in national security case.

Still no charges for the lady with the hackable server, though.  How to we know?  Because Barrack Obama is now a computer security expert, that’s how.

And yes, Border Patrol is still being told to release people who just swam the Rio Grande.  And if you trust southern border statistics, you need to examine your reality a bit more.

O’s Biggest Mistake?

Well, here’s one story that says it’s not having a “day after” plan for Libya.

But I have a much, much longer list if you want to read it…

U.S. Department of Hype

Here’s what to expect in President Obama’s first Fox News interview in 2 years.

Missing in the Headlines

We can’t help but mention in the story Suicide Bombers Attack Police Station in Southern Russia you need to get half way into the story before it becomes clear Russia still has an Islamist insurgency along its southern tier to worry about.

Out of Europe: “Terrorists who attacked airport and subway station in Brussels last month, killing 32 people, were planning new attacks in France, Belgian prosecutors say.

Tax Time Cometh

Because Friday of this week is Emancipation Day in Washington D.C. federal offices will be closed Friday and that makes this year’s tax filing deadline April 18th.