Coping: A Time of Great Changes for Some Websters

A spectacularly to the point column this morning. 

The Death/Shooter Cycle Arrives This Week?

imageThis is not something we like to report, but there it is in data from the late website work that Grady has poured thousands of hours into developing and interpreting:

Now, about the data and what we call “The Murder Cycle.”

Once upon a time Grady was doing some work on something called the Fine Structure Constant.

Wikipedia explains what that is:

In physics, the fine-structure constant, also known as Sommerfeld’s constant, commonly denoted ? (the Greek letter alpha), is a fundamental physical constant characterizing the strength of the electromagnetic interaction between elementary charged particles. It is related to the elementary charge (the electromagnetic coupling constant) e, which characterizes the strength of the coupling of an elementary charged particle with the electromagnetic field, by the formula 4??0?c? = e2. Being a dimensionless quantity, it has the same numerical value in all systems of units. Arnold Sommerfeld introduced the fine-structure constant in 1916.

So there was Grady, working on the data and out pops an apparent cycle of mass murders and attacks.  It’s not a hard set date.  No sir.  Soft, like the output tuning of a loosely coupled antenna from an RF Amplifier.  It’s a range, not a thing.

It’s more like a callous that develops when you pour all the mass murders and attacks you can find into an array and then work date math on ‘em. Is there periodicity? 

What you’ll see is there is a gentle lump that begins to form around 129 days and on the far end out to about 155 days.  But it is pretty distinct around that 135-146 day range. 

THAT comes up around April 15th based on mass murders and attacks a bit more than 3-months ago.  Craziness and bloodshed should pour out of headlines in the next week to 10-days, if the pattern holds.

WHY it would be there in the data is just the damnedest question of all, though.  We have no idea.  But as Ecclesiastes says, there is nothing new under the Sun and turn, turn, turn, to everything there is a season.  Perhaps murder and mayhem follows the same rules.

In case you missed it, the public “season” of the website is over.  The code is still very much alive and being run against large data sets.  You need to be sure and visit G.A. Stewarts’s site “The Age of Desolation” periodically.  Fine work on Nostradamus and how news headlines are paving the (downhill) road ahead.

Same with which is another one of our hare-brained concepts that has taken root and benefits from Grady’s code.  Look for their Red Alerts, in particular.  Dreams foretell parts of the future, as do big clumps of data.

In my own data runs, I’m trying to roll it over into useful information about trading markets.   Self-centered?  D’uh.

As much fun as it has been since 1997 to get up in the morning and jot down a few words on the UrbanSurvival website, the only site I own that makes any financial sense is our website.  So in coming weeks, we will likely do some additional promotion of that site, and by this summer, we will turn that whole site (and some of the back issues which number well over a thousand) into responsive/mobile-friendly.

Even those grand designs, though, run into a stumbling block.  As you know, or should, I can do pretty well trading and there is more money (*not to mention a lot more sleep to be had) by working at what markets are for – namely to make money.

When the market rallies today, I will likely – oh, does it matter?  Perhaps free information really has no intrinsic value. 

Grady and I are not the only ones looking at this “work-to-value proposition” of the Internet.  Doing good where we  can doesn’t seem to pay worth a damn.

My friend Chris Tyreman, who runs is considering the same problem and has considered closing down that site.  Not right away, but it is out there are a possibility it could happen.  For now, he is working on a total site overhaul and one of the issues I’ve mentioned to him is the matter of mobile/phone friendly.

The problem with his site is that there is so much Hebrew (a different character set) at the core of the work that large .PDF files has been the most efficient way to deal with things. though there is a lot of work that has been done on Google Fonts so perhaps, the rehab/rework will go down that path.  It’s his site and direction to follow.

Can’t say as I blame him.  People seem not so much interested in the hard work Chris and his team have done, working out something called SDH (self-Defining Hebrew) and seeing how it applies in everyday life.

They seem more drawn to alarmist and doom porn sites and don’t seem to care for what happens in “The Big Sleep” that follows this Life.  I hold to the simplistic idea that what we put in our heads while here is what we carry out with us for later.  I’m no guru, mind you, but it does seem obvious.  Watching another murder on teevee just doesn’t put anything of value into my consciousness, that I can figure.

Chris, by the way, has just finished working on correcting Leviticus 16.23 and lo and behold there is a hidden 50-day cycle apparently in there.  I won’t spoil it, but a visit to may find the document when it’s posted.

This “coming changes to the web” seems in part to be due to human nature, as I touched on a moment ago.  Like the lookers and gawkers on  the freeway, the Internet has fractured into several  twisted “beings” if you want to think about it that way.

One being is the Partisans.  I would line up the whole spectrum of websites from the far right to far left – and everything in between under this heading.  Should Matt Drudge be considered Federal Election campaigning?  I don’t happen to think so, because of this thing call “Freedom of the Press” but funny how liberals turn on the ground rules when the shoe doesn’t fit.

Another, speaking of shoes, is this group of witch-hunters who are spearheading the great Jihad to promote Global Warming as political fact, instead of an interesting theory – based on jiggered data.  Every so often, I fly out to the coast to see if the tide has kept coming in an inundated New York or Houston.  It hasn’t. 

I challenge you to find unadulterated data.

In a narrow sense, though, Global Warming has been going on at geological time scales since the last Ice Age.  Robert Felix is your defining author on “Not by Fire but by Ice” but the climateers seems less interesting in looking for the fulcrum, around which climate flips, as they are anxious to round up cow farts and cause financial ruin to anyone who doesn’t agree with the runaway witch hunters.  In the end they are coming to limit your freedom, not increase it.

Yet another group of people, the Doom Porn crowd came out of the woodwork when a bank in Austria delivered a not-un expected haircut to investors recently.   This was not the Austrian version of the Fed.  It was a bank set up to bail out an earlier failure and it too failed.

Not that we won’t get to bail-ins here.  We will, of course.  That was baked in the cake when YOUR money in banks became THE BANK’S money.  Again, our faith in people in Washington to actually FIX things seems to have been wildly misplaced.

I could go on all morning about how life on the ‘net for reasonable people is difficult.  But that should be apparent.   Good, sincere, hard-working – and independent-thinking shows up only a few places.

One of the best – if you have time for it – is the First Monday website.

Saved by the I-Ching Inbox

For those who are new, the I-Ching Inbox is not an app you can buy.  It’s more like what begins to happen and you’re on “right path” in pursuing the greater good. 

A note from Reader Robert up in Washington State sums up the problems before us quite nicely:

Sounds like Hollywood let some truth out in the movie ‘Shooter’.

“There ARE no Democrats or Republicans; there’s only HAVES and HAVE NOT’S!”

They also hinted that the solution may be just as radical and bloody as the movie depicts, which it will be if the really pissed-off people don’t get a choice.

Trying to survive on the trickle of money left after the corporate ‘money hoses’ have been redirected out of country is extremely exasperating, especially when ‘imported’ replacements get to send even MORE money out of country to bring in even MORE replacements.

Imagine having all your limbs amputated, your body paralyzed, and they STILL keep draining your body of blood!

The economy, being thus drained of it’s ‘blood’ cannot long survive, no matter what resuscitative measures are taken, short of absolute bans on products formerly made in USA, but now produced overseas.

We NEED someone who will turn those ‘money hoses’ back to the USA where they belong, and who will kick out all the foreign ‘replacements’, despite all their whining! We didn’t make them overpopulate their countries, that was the choice of THEIR societies. This country was meant to be an EXAMPLE to follow, NOT a SOLUTION to everyone else’s problems!

Those ‘cultures/societies’ too stupid and/or proud to imitate what works should be REQUIRED to fail, just as success is rewarded.

The student whose mistakes are not addressed learns NOTHING! The Plague in Europe taught Europeans that fewer people means more for each person. All the overbreeders need just such a plague or similar ‘lesson’, with all the attendant horrors.

One cannot ‘populate into prosperity’ unless one is breeding just organ donors.

Also, just like paper money, the more people, the less one individual really matters; just look at the murder rates in some of these ‘overbreeder’ societies (Ciudad Juarez comes to mind).

Low value on human life lowers the threshold for murder. Even the Pope said “Catholics should not breed like rabbits”!

Long have many hidden behind the fallacy of ‘be fruitful AND multiply’ inferred as ‘be fruitful BY multiplying’. We are DONE paying for everyone else’s lack of comprehension of basic math!

We WILL elect Trump or we will likely have a second ‘civil’ war! Left without choice, we will have nothing to lose, as our country will have ceased to exist as such, and we will consider ourselves prisoners of war!

Amendment IX:

“The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.”

I might be considered ‘radical’ by many, but we are increasing in number every day, and we are getting hungrier!

While I would like to think the most popular republican would be the party standard-bearer, that is unlikely to happen.  Insiders simply won’t let it.

Across the aisle, Obama seems to have signaled back to the Clinton camp (if I read between the lines correctly) that there will be no indictment and Hillary will simply big-shot her way in backed by the money class.

As so we arrive on the quandary I expect Chris Tyreman considers rather often:  If people are too lazy to look at the data, is there a point in doing the work?

Not a morning goes by I don’t ask myself the same thing.  Whether you want to think of it as trying to teach pigs to sing a cappella, or some other analogy, the problem isn’t usually intense.

Until the alarm clock goes off.

Write when you break-even,

29 thoughts on “Coping: A Time of Great Changes for Some Websters”

  1. “If people are too lazy to look at the data, is there a point in doing the work?”
    Unless YOU get satisfaction from doing it I see no point. The way I see it, most people reading your work still have it too good, and I wish nothing bad to anyone. Reader Robert up in Washington State summed it up really well. THINK!

  2. Didn’t we have a shooting at Air Force Base here in Texas last week? It seems that it could be counted as a hit on the murder-shooter cycle or possibly show a shorter cycle time.

  3. **Reader Robert**

    “This country was meant to be an EXAMPLE to follow, NOT a SOLUTION to everyone else’s problems!”

    ………+1000, Thank you……….


  4. Here are some quotes from Thomas Sowell, there is a lot of truth to them, especially the second one. From starting as a black high school dropout and Marine veteran to becoming a Sr. Fellow at Stanford, an amazing accomplishment.

    Socialism in general has a record of failure so blatant that only an intellectual could ignore or evade it.

    Much of the social history of the Western world, over the past three decades, has been a history of replacing what worked with what sounded good.

    It takes considerable knowledge just to realize the extent of your own ignorance.

    James Johnson, ex-nuke

    • Awesome quotes and so very true. We are watching the reconstituting of our once great Republic.

  5. I, for one, would miss the Urban articles. However, I would be willing to pay more for my Peoplenomics subscription if articles could be increased from 2 per week to 3 or 4.

  6. Do you wish to change the world and make it a better place for all of us, or at least re-direct the course it has chosen…or do you wish to make a bundle and ‘live the lifestyle of the rich and famous’?

    You can’t do both. Them’s the rules. That’s just the way it works.

    Now, with a long enough lever and a place to stand, one man can re-direct the course of history. Principles, ethics, morals, honor, courage, commitment, etc., all come into play, at that point. …as do Game Theory, Nash, heuristics, and all of their buddies.

    otoh, history, culture, economics, the survival ‘instinct’, lizard hind brains – and over seven billon people – work as a rather large and heavy ‘mass’ to move around with that lever and your place to stand.

    The business side of the question is a cold blooded calculation. What are people buying? What do they want? Find that product, whatever it might be, and sell it to them. You don’t have to like the product. You don’t have to like the customers. You just have to sell the product… at a profit.

    If you have relatively limited resources and are trying to change the world, that’s a completely different calculation than one involved in operating a business and earning some cash along the way.

    Define the ‘sets’, define the problem. The problem you may have, at the moment, is called ‘category error’.

    The longer version of ‘change the world’ involves memetic engineering, patience, sacrifice and time. …lots of time. …but it won’t make you rich. Chances are, it won’t even pay the bills. That’s just the way things work in this ol’ world.

  7. ‘Not a morning goes by I don’t ask myself the same thing’

    Therein lies what my previous ‘Unanswered’ questioning was–What is your Underlying CAUSE to get up at, what I consider ‘Oh NO Dark Thirty’, to write this Stuff?

    I can barely imagine myself in your state of brain functionality , whereas you are reading about and pondering the Mysterious Potentiality of someone’s Predictions actually occurring in your reality. Or how that state of a ‘non illegal substance High’ experienced from the anticipation of ‘Killing It’ in the market, must make you feel

    But the non ceasing “Non-Climate Change’ and ‘Liberal/Hillary’ Demonic Ruin for America’ badge of courage crusade you find yourself resorting to each and ever day, make me exhausted just thinking about what you must feel like after???

  8. I agree with Robert! THE central issue of our time is population growth far beyond our means and adding more “dreamers” only drags down what we built in the USA. Past time to remove the treasonous filth from the White House.

  9. I truly value the work put into the U/S, R/P, and P/N universe. My P/N subscription is a token of that appreciation.

    Thanks for all the work and information!

  10. I had a very cordial relationship bordering on genuine friendship with my therapist (dear lady is long deceased now). She told me about the requirement she had to go to therapy herself to help prevent “ego investment”. This happens a therapist gets caught up in the dramas of their patients’ lives so that they begin to manipulate instead of treat coming from the desire to control the outcome. Your question about whether to do the work is related. The difficult answer is, do what you love and do what is right regardless of outcomes; leave that to God. Of course, one has the right to be paid for work. Just be clear on what you are doing; is it work or is it service? Keep them separated and you will be happier.

  11. George,
    Your Mind, Heart, and diligence is priceless. though I’ve followed you for years now, I cannot allow myself to become addicted to your awesome perspective at 4 a.m.every morning, unless you are addicted to writing it.
    It is NOT your responsibility to change the world, unless your mother named you ‘Atlas’. then go ahead and shrug.
    I am content with my subscription of Peoplenomics, but would also want some extra ‘flare’ to make up for the retirement of Urb Surv. (kidding)
    As for putting it on a moblie app- great idea, however a warning to ALL readers on that- watch our for new legislation to tap that phone.Its here.…ing/710803
    stay undistracted or else.

    also on the murder cycle stats- history repeating itself?
    recall what’s happened in the past around this now symbolic time of year-
    April 19 1993- WACO
    April 19 1995 – Oklahoma City
    April 19 2013 – Boston bombing

  12. I used to visit here daily then I didn’t. I think I was getting too much negative information. Truth or not it seems unhealthy and depressing.
    We need healthy food and healthy soul food. I have to focus on healthy thoughts and work on changing/growing me. Changing others isn’t realistic as most change when crisis hits. Telling the world the end is near is fruitless. So what’s the answer? Let it be. Live and let live or die. Or get to a place where you can help the helpless. If you are good at trading do it and get rich and help the weak and exploited. Screw the rest! LOL

  13. Instead of adding to someone else’s voice this time, I’ll give you my own.

    You’ve gotten up to do this because it is what you love to do, share information with others who care similarly as you about a vast array of subjects, some of which can have an effect on our own personal economies, or even existences, if recent stories hold any credence.

    You’ve also gotten up when you do to accomplish this because, like many men of a certain age, sleep is there, then it isn’t, then the internal clock shifts and we seem to get up a little earlier, often for no apparent (or at least valid) reason. We sit quietly, for all of 10 seconds, then have to be about something or other because all this damn quiet is just a bit annoying.

    I read you when I can, comment when I feel I have something intelligent, or even snarky, to say, and feel a kinship with the intellect that resides at the other end of all these photons.

    If you ever decided you had to outsource your pages to these literary bots I’ve heard about, I hope that I’d be able to tell the difference.

    And yes, I’m back to my “old” computer.


    • Oh, and I saw a quote recently, supposedly from JP Morgan himself.

      Gold is money, everything else is credit.

      Thought that was a pretty good mantra.

  14. I look forward to each installment of Urban Survival and will happily pay more for Peoplenomics. I subscribe to other weekly publications for more money…a lot more in fact.. than Peoplenomics and get a lot less.

  15. Kudos to Robert!

    I have a single bone to pick with you however, good sir:

    People who say they’ll vote for Trump or not vote, or say they’ll vote for Cruz or not vote, do the Nation and themselves a tremendous disservice. Both Cruz and Trump are orders of magnitude better, as Presidential choices, than any of the (IMO four) potential Democrat candidates. Trump and Cruz supporters are neither stupid nor egotistical enough to not recognize that the net result of their “not voting” is universally bad news for the continuation of the U.S. as a viable sociopolitical, economic entity.

    Why then, would any of them bolster their loyalty for a man they’ve never met by forging an antagonism toward an equally good man, whom they’ve also never met, and why on Earth would they bail on the process if their personal favorite isn’t the nominee?

    Most Presidential elections during my lifetime, voters have had to make a choice of the lesser of evils. In this particular primary cycle, we’re blessed with two very good Republican candidates, and poor (and eminently beatable) Democrat candidates. With a once-in-a-generation opportunity to elect an actual leader instead of a puppet or a sell-out, I really don’t want to see either the Trump or the Cruz supporters “take their marbles and go home…”

  16. Someone else said it best, but this is my takeaway: The greatest among us are those that serve. Work to pay the bills. Serve to learn to love. Blessed are those who can combine the two.

    Do what you need to do George. I have appreciated your service. But if you find yourself in need of reform and redirection I will miss the morning missives. But changes are a part of life. I have learned to cope. ;-)

  17. A once a week urban survival report, with ‘specials’ if you felt something urgent ‘coming down the pike’ – might be a good compromise – that way you could concentrate on the ‘money-making’ end of things and yet be ‘creative’ at the same time . . . you also might get more consistent feedback if you opened your blog to allow/encourage readers to comment more in a general nature – not that they don’t do ‘that’ already . . .

    I like reading your general musings on life – so much has become an ‘echo chamber’ where people will only allow in their minds what they already believe to be ‘truth’, not to mention that it comes from ‘on high’.

    Yes, we have many contrary opinions – but what many people fail to understand is that more is accomplished with discussion between divergent points of view than blindly following only one course and missing the ‘ravine’ right ahead.

  18. George, another idea might be for you, Chris, & the others combine sites/ forces & create one site where each only has to write 1 day / week. Maybe this could create an “aggregate index” of what’s coming that week or day. Lots of us just don’t have time to read lots of different sites with in-depth data at this time in our lives (or your time management experience maybe). I think lots of people truly appreciate the efforts, but since there seems to be a lot of upheaval in the world in general, keep aggregating and writing on whatever schedule you all like.

  19. On Robert’s comment on overpopulation, the Nestle Corporation provided infant formula to 3rd world countries, thus increasing the birth rate, because when a woman quits nursing she is able to become pregnant again. Therefore “we” have helped increase third world populations, in other ways too.

  20. The way to stop the madness is to quit using the money created by the psychotic murderes who rule the world (Federal Reserve Notes)
    Barter, and other forms of money, will benefit humanity.

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