Coping: Living with “Subtle Energies”

It struck me in the shower this morning that we haven’t talked about subtle energy, for a while.

What is “subtle energy?”

Well, depending on who you ask, it is either:

A) The medium through which prayer, intension, and to some degree hope (and luck) operates.

B) It is related to astral influences – and is the operating realm of such things as feng shui (which I’m studying at the moment for an upcoming Peoplenomics report) as well as charms, talisman’s and amulets.

C) It’s “just something that happens” around things like The Oregon Vortex, Native American Kivas, and so forth. Think Bermuda Triangle.  Influences dreams.

This came up in the course of this morning’s “self-talk” discussion as I was thinking (to myself) about how my visiting friend and I – who’ve been pals for 63-years now – have had so many similar sorts of things happen to us.

I look back at some of the screwy stuff we did as kids and I wonder:  “Gee, did this, or that, have something to do with arriving in the late 60’s in robust health?”

When the two of us get together, it’s sort of like a Vulcan mind meld…lots of obvious (but never asked) questions like this, seem to come up.  And memories the odd-to-stpuid things we did as kids.

The list is pretty long.

One of the things we did (as kids) was sun-gazing in late afternoon.  Not recommended unless you are very aware of precisely what you’re doing,   Even Wikipedia mentions it:

Sungazing is the act of looking directly into the Sun. It is sometimes done as part of a spiritual or religious practice.[1] However, the human eye is very sensitive, and prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can lead to solar retinopathy, pterygium,[2] cataracts,[3] and even blindness.[4][5][6] Studies have shown that even when viewing a solar eclipse the eye can still be exposed to harmful levels of ultraviolet radiation.[7]

At age 8 or 9, we were NOT on some kind of quest for enlightenment, but the little bit of it we did, didn’t seem to have much impact on our vision.  My later cataracts were much more statistically linked to eczema and to getting a few too many “eyefuls” dinking around with holograms and a low-powered ruby later in the basement of the University of Washington E.E. building when myself and another chum from back when were in some advanced math and physics program – which gave us a chance to play with Bakeman Angles, and such.

(Turns out there is an angle you can silver a mirror to so that 50% of light will get through enabling a laser to oscillate.  Is that cool, or what?  Kind of like “optical loading” to use the RF analogy.)

Whoops!  Back to point…

So there I was in the shower and I started to make a list of the various ways that I personally “synch” each day.

For example, when the alarm goes off, I lay in bed for just a moment until I can catch what I think of as “an auspicious moment” going by.  I’ve always held the belief – rightly or otherwise – that when we move into the day, we can do so in any of millions of “slots” and that in order to have a really good day, you need to move into action in a particularly good one.

Basically, I lay there, seldom for more than five minutes, and wait for a “good” moment to arrive.  Then I get up to ride the moment.

Another oddity of “subtle energy” seems to involve the bathroom. 

I assume you know enough about feng shui to lower the toilet lid when done, the theory being that this will contain lesser/base/spent energies which are deposited in the toilet.

And I assume that you know about putting a feng shui mirror on the back of the bathroom door to keep said spent energies from following you back into the bedroom?

But there may be other subtle energies that don’t get much press.

I noticed, for example, when I was young, that whenever I visited the home of (what in Seattle) passed for the rich and famous, that they all seemed to have the roll on the toilet paper coming over the top, so when it dangles down, it is to the front.

This was an oddity to me, I’d been taught the dangle down was on the back so as to hide it.  I have been pondering this one for 50-years and have not heard a persuasive argument yet.  But is there a correlation?  Seemed to be, at least in my small sample.

This may seem like a trivial thing, but it is the kind of personal choicing that goes on that I find absolutely fascinating and I can’t really tell you why.  Maybe it is because we have so many choices that can be made, and making them all “right” is impossible.

Another little subtlety that doesn’t get much respect is how you lay out your sleeping arrangements.

Yeah, weird, huh?  But humans do have iron in them, and so (quite logically_) have some aspects of magnetism.  So logically, there should be a noticeable difference between sleeping with the body oriented North to South, versus sleeping East to West, or visa versa.

No, I can’t point to any longitudinal studies on any of this (don’t have time for everything) but there is some body of thought that the sum-total of all these small variations has something to do not only with our personal energy levels, but also with how well we age (or don’t).

Over the years, Elaine and I have come up with a few “things we did as kids” that may have influenced later life.

One – and this one my buddy and I did – was to stand on a sloping hill, preferably sloping 45-degrees, or so, and they hyperventilate like there was no tomorrow.  This was done in a crouched position.  Then, when you were about as puffed and huffed as you could get, you stood up, and held your breath – and fell backwards.

Stupid?  You bet.  But we’d wake up after a couple of seconds and it was like being asleep….so it was really a weird thing to do.

Another oddity:  Eating ants.

I was pretty gullible as a kid – so when my buddy handed me a red ant and said “Try one, they taste like orange juice…”  I went for it.  And they did…in an odd way.

Now let’s fast-forward to present day, sixty-some-years on.

Where are the medical studies of all these weird and way-out things we did as kids?  Did any of them in particular serve to inoculate us, in some small ways, to the effects of aging?

Last weekend, when we went on a George & Elaine mini-adventure up to Oklahoma, we decided to ask our server to guess our ages.  Seems nowadays, due to credit card fraud, you need to present both a credit card and driver’s license, anymore.  They’d see the truth in a moment.

Anyway, I was guessed as low 50’s and Elaine was guessed as upper 40’s – which is what more people take us for.  And they are almost always almost 20-years off.  Go figure.  Is it normal for people to guess way off, consistently?  Or do people lie when there are tips involved?  Well, I suppose, so….

OR.,.  Is there something else at work here?

Did Elaine’s living remote when young and being an Arizona “downwinder” have anything to do with it?  She chewed on tar as a child, as did I now and then.  Pitch, too.  We both did.  Hmmm…

Or, did that deep-breathing and passing out have any impact?

Eating ants, maybe?  Brief acquaintance with sungazing?

Or, was it from my most often being an East/West sleeper?

What continues to amazing me is that the big pharmaceutical companies spend untold billions of researching the tiniest little esters of distilled something-or-other, yet I doubt anyone has studied the long-term effects of eating ants while young. 

Why is it, I feel like there is so much more to be learned from sleep orientations, as well as the dozens of other personal habits we all hold to?

Some days, like this one, I can hardly wait to get out of bed and pose important (and interesting_) questions like these.

But not until an auspicious moment wanders by and the time is right; which seemed to be today.

A Kind Word for Intuition and Planet 9

April 6, does the in-depth on what people are doing looking up.

Intuitively, it felt like the timing was right.

Must have been because I have never seen such a flurry of articles before in my life on the topic.  Like this one.

So is this intuition, kindling effect, or just reporting?

Not that it matters, but while waiting for your “auspicious moment” some morning, use the clock-ticks between as a time to listen to intuition, as well.

Write when you break-even,

24 thoughts on “Coping: Living with “Subtle Energies””

  1. I can’t believe that Sorcha Faal is still around. “She” was debunked as a disinformationalist over a decade ago. Look her up.

    • ONe must be ‘spiritual’ to discern what Sorcho Fail is saying. As in, there are some elements of truth in her reports mixed in with lots of disinfo, nonetheless, everything that he/she says in not false info. Like trowing mud on the wall, and see what sticks, give me all the info and I will pick out what is true rahter than ms media which lies all the time and there is no/very little truth to be picked out/discerned.

      • Sorcha shares more real truth than the MSM, that’s for sure. I find clues there, and everywhere. The truth needs to be aggregated individually according to his/her own understanding.

        Regarding Feng Shui, I truly believe this is important, and need to do my own house right. For that, I need an aware and kind female that can share her perspective, and maybe more.

        Beds seem to provide the best sleep with head to the east or north.

        IMHO, of course.

  2. Sungazing: A Separate Reality by Carlos Castenada. This was my first and only exposure to the practice.

  3. Alarm clock, alarm clock? What is that!
    Relax, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” (love that song).
    Chill and life is good.

  4. She installs the roll on the toilet paper coming over back because the cat can’t unravel it that way!!! Duh

      • My husband made a ‘cover’ to go over the roll out of an old pair of jeans and attached it to the frame of the TP dispenser so that our cats couldn’t have their favorite ‘fun’ – Btw – I was taught to put the TP in back – my husband, in the front – after we got together, we put it in the front – :)!

  5. Um . . . I can’t give you any ‘positional’ advise regarding one’s life – except if you have IF fire alarms – keep the door closed while taking a shower! Your alarm company will thank you as lazy alarm techs seem to always put the sensor just where the damn thing will go off by mistake (badly placed mirrors will cause problems too!)

    Eating ants on a dare? Blech! I was more into watching what they did . . .

  6. A friend of mine posted the original patent drawings for the toilet paper roll holder. They clearly show the paper coming off the roll over the top. End of discussion as far as he and I are concerned. The inventor knows best.

  7. “I noticed, for example, when I was young, that whenever I visited the home of (what in Seattle) passed for the rich and famous, that they all seemed to have the roll on the toilet paper coming over the top, so when it dangles down, it is to the front.

    This was an oddity to me, I’d been taught the dangle down was on the back so as to hide it. I have been pondering this one for 50-years and have not heard a persuasive argument yet. ”

    Over the top or behind.. here is what I was taught.. I ran several maintenance crews through the years.. we actually had an in-service on this very subject..

    the difference is if you load it from the back you save approximately one foot of paper if you load it from the top you use more.. or to put it in money ten cents on average for finished paper work per paperwork session.
    the average is three pads.. the recommended amount is eight squares per pad.. people use approximately three feet per pad.. or twelve to sixteen squares depends on the brand.. for generic two ply it is just a hare under a penny a square.. for the plush it is a penny and a half or a hair under per square depending on where you buy and purchase price.. so for the man you save thirty cents and for a woman just a hare under a dollar per day average..
    Now.. my wife tells me that is some really good miscellaneous and totally useless knowledge LOL but on a yearly budget it gets to add up to some angel soft money..I use to work for a company where if you could save them ten thousand dollars per year. or come up with something new.. you could go to a paid lunch with the boss once a month I was there twelve years and went every month.. you should hear my argument on dripping soap container LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL ..

    • everything to me has a numeric number.. sad huh I think in numbers. but then that is why I love peoplenomics.. I can tell you the prices of everything I get

    • Just think about this for an example.. the brand we use use to be five by five.. it is now 4.5 by 4.5 some are 3.5.. so how much did their profits increase by shaving a half inch off of the paper. another aspect to consider is do you have a septic tank or are you on city sewer.. you could go old school and use phone books I am not sure about there but here they seem to send a new phone book out every two weeks.. the paper isn’t brushed or chemically puffed or layers but and it is a little thicker and you don’t have to worry about the cat playing with it running through the house with it spinning in circles. and it is bio digestible.. LOL LOL LOL…and save you what four hundred plus a year maybe more if your a wadder and not a folder.. give or take just imagine invest that money in a high earning money market or fund what you could make over what twenty or thirty years…
      I personally will never forget the look on my boss when he came by slapped down the suggestion and gave me the oddest look and said.. I cannot believe that I am giving you a free lunch over hand soap.. needless to say they fixed the soap dispensers LOL and I have a great story to tell.. when I left I actually asked if I could will my unclaimed lunches to someone else since I had just about a year coming LOL LMAO..

  8. The paper goes over the front of the roll because if it goes over the back, about 1 in 100 times when reaching for that second wipe, a soiled finger is going to leave a track on the wall. Especially applicable to households where chemical use is high. Old age is probably a factor too.

  9. Strangest pair of questions I was ever asked:
    1. Do you put the TP end over or under the roll?
    2. Do you prefer Hellman’s (Best Foods) mayonnaise or Miracle Whip on sandwiches?

    Years ago a friend of mine claimed a strong positive correlation in years of informal polling — over to Miracle Whip, under to mayonnaise. Maybe it was a regional or Indiana thing, don’t know. Never thought I’d have an opportunity to share that with others. :-)

  10. I don’t know about the advantage of eating ants. But, in terms of subtle energies, I have a story to tell: About twenty years ago, I was working in a newspaper office in Tahoe. Our publisher was a jerk who drank too much, grabbed the ladies, and didn’t speak to my boss after she have me a 25 cent an hour raise after working there 4 years or so. Anyway, one Sunday, when we thought the building was empty, we did a ceremony. We dinged a Tibetan bowl and a drum and drove the evil energy from the building. Then, we went around with incense and prayers of intention to create a supportive atmosphere. In the process we discovered a new reporter, who witnessed the proceedings.
    Within the week, the publisher’s son showed up with boxes to pack up his dad’s office. He was shown the door by the management of the larger organization. Needless to say, the reporter spilled the beans to the rest of the office, and I was asked by several people later on to bless their houses when they bought them.

  11. Somewhere, long ago and far away, I read that hotels found that people used less toilet paper when the end draped over the front of the roll, and was more accessible to the user.

    • Have heard the same; seems that the paper is more likely to rip when coming over the top of the roll. When draped down the back, the roll can spin a few times and users end up just tearing the whole bit rather than rolling back to get a smaller amount.

      BTW Hank – your comments days back about global climate change discounting the effects of the sun was spot on and perfectly reasonable – despite the vague reply which came with a side of vitriol.

  12. I wouldn’t lose sleep over Planet 9. The extinction cycle for which it is hypothetically responsible (if you prefer it to Nemesis the Death Star as the cause of this cycle) happens every 26 million years or so, and we are currently about 15 million years from it happening again. There are so many other catastrophe porn things to dwell upon, not the least of which is Hillary Clinton’s imminent ascendancy to the presidency of the United States.

  13. Tourist in South-East Asia mid 70s. No paper at my $ level of accommodation. Most people had drainage from washroom that was connected to a hole in the floor. (Squatting increases pressure on your guts and facilitates easier exits) A large basin onside with a bowl for dipping and washing with your left hand only! Since 1983 I have been on septic system @ 3 residences. Always use 3 squares to ditch excess, then bidet. Then I dry off with washcloth-then cleanse both my hands. Adds years to a septic and you’ll never see me walking oddly and scratching back there.

  14. My Sungazing teacher says we should sleep headed East.
    Sungazing has been a benefit for me in many ways. Improving my color vision and the sharpness of my vision.
    I use the HRM protocol, found at
    The black ants here have a very sharp taste.

  15. On Sungazing: Exercise caution before experimenting. Sungazing is a powerful practice that is not for everyone. The best resource on the subject, IMHO is here:

    Sungazing near sunrise and sunset is safest, but sungazing at any time can cause damage – particularly if not electrically grounded. Do your research before experimenting.

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