Investing–With IRS???

OK, what does a sailing story, negative interest rates on the horizon, and how to save money for quarterly IRS payments have in common?

By the end of this morning’s report, you’ll know the answer and an interesting outlook.

That is after our ChartPack and a look at the latest solar cycle predictions, which make it appear as though Ma Nature could hand the climate change promoters some difficult weather to deal with.

As we’re fond of mentioning, the MSM has never been a herd to let the facts stand in the way of a good story.

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7 thoughts on “Investing–With IRS???”

  1. “Investing–With IRS???”
    LOL.. you know.. for the average laborer.. that is exactly what they do.. since they earn enough to keep ahead of the curve they rely totally on their income tax return as a savings account to plan badly needed repairs or purchasing items that are needed for their households..

    Now an interesting Idea.. Lets say that the UFO theorists are correct.. and that the Human race was developed to be a slave race harvesting gold for the Annunaki .. If they returned when Nibiru returns.. who gets the gold if they demanded it..
    and who and when did gold become the standard of wealth that you cannot survive without or the piece of paper or number on a piece of paper printed at will I might ad.

  2. Fun report this morning. About 20 years ago banks where paying 5% and credit cards were at %. One Saturday morning borrowed 70 k and put in 5% accounts. Just as long as kept payments current on 11 cards times were good being a banker

  3. thoughts:

    speaking of weather, I just finished “Halsey’s Typhoon.” Now I know why there has never been a ship named Halsey.

    I bank at a local credit union. Published savings rates are 0.2%. However, being member owned, profits are refunded to savers as “bonus interest” at year end. Worked out to something around 1.5% all in. Just something to think about. I will NEVER hold my money at a “too big to fail bank.” And you should read up on “bail-ins.”

    I see a lot of people who use IRS as a forced savings tool. They use their refunds for their annual trip to Mexico, etc. I used to try and talk them out of it, but quickly learned.


    • Yeah – and that was the point of the article. When banks are effectively at Zero, why not let IRS hold the money as at least that way, you never have to worry about bail-ins or tbtf…

  4. Re: Your ‘climate attackers’ yesterday.
    Wow, George! Tag-team, ad-hominem and straw man trollers! You’ve hit the Big Time!

    • LOL jusdt as long as the data doesn’t matter, the climate and carbon promoters will do just fine.

  5. I used to carry an average $6000 balance in checking acct with a regional bank. They also paid 0.01%. Total average interest paid was 1.21/year, over a 4 year period. The bank also charged me $14/year for ATM/Debit cards, but I did get free checks. Now my credit union pays 1.0%, free ATM withdrawals, but I have to pay for printed checks. Very few places accept checks, so what could go wrong with electronic purchases? LOL. With interest paid higher, I’m now saving more cash, and I have adjusted my old IRS saving plan, for smaller refunds. Thanks George!
    Rob C

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