Inflation Rears, Housing Pending, Traitor Named?

More coming for subscribers to our site tomorrow.  But if you want to “sense future” a bit, roll with this CNBC video via MSN which look at what roaring commodity prices may bring.

A bit of strategy discussion tomorrow.

Meanwhile, though, the Biden stock market is the strongest opening role since Dwight Eisenhower took the oval. But, as the Fed meetings on rates get underway, no question that the Fed is unlikely to move – yet.

As we have explained many times:  The Fed is guided by inflation less food and energy increases.  But from a home-budgeting perspective Food  and Energy are very real expenses.  As always, a little truth on each side, but no consensus.

Speaking of Census

New data has been turned over to the White House from the 2020 Census and it shows we have a bit more than 331-million residents.  A few highlights:

  • The most populous state was California (39,538,223); the least populous was Wyoming (576,851).
  • The state that gained the most numerically since the 2010 Census was Texas (up 3,999,944 to 29,145,505).
  • The fastest-growing state since the 2010 Census was Utah (up 18.4% to 3,271,616).
  • Puerto Rico’s resident population was 3,285,874, down 11.8% from 3,725,789 in the 2010 Census.

Although we detest the lack of border security, drugs coming in, human-trafficking, taxpayer burdens resulting, not to mention the powerless ness of Kamala Harris to resolve anything, it’s still a fundamental economic ploy – same as used by the European Union:  Bring in boatloads of people and sooner, or later, it will cause economic growth.

Joe – the Tax Bagman

While the Fed’s money sloshing into markets has resulted in stocks being about 32% overpriced on a “sound money basis” the downside of the Fed’s wanton money festival is running up the National Debt.

Which at last count was $28.134-trillion.

Where national bankruptcy becomes apparent is when you look at the U.S. GDP – the value of all goods and services the country is making right now.

The latest quarterly reading was $21.494 trillion.  Meaning America is running “upside down” to the tune of  30.9%.  Which – you’ll notice – is about where our estimate of the stock market’s over-valuation sits.

Given that we are just now coming back to the same level of GDP that we enjoyed in the fall of 2019, when the Dow Jones was in the 28,000 range and the S&P was around 3,100, we can see how little has changed.

In a half-assed effort to balance things a bit, Biden wants to lay much heavier taxes on people making a million a year (top line) and more.  Then turn around and kick $80 billion to IRS to increase audits on the “rich.”

Inflationary Mind **ck

Here’s what’s really going on – in a nutshell:

Suppose you went to the store a year ago and bought $100 worth of goods?  Remember that:  Roll through in your mind what that might have been:  Couple of steaks, a half-rack of Rolling Rock, a few potatoes.  You know:  Health food.

Next we wave the Magic Wand of Liquidity:  Suddenly, you’re making 10% more money but – and here’s the mental cat & mouse – the cost of the steaks, beer, and taters is now actually up 15%.

Scratching your head?  Inflation always hurts.

My buddy Chris Tyreman’s Step-by-Step Millionaire video series will feature details this week on how to really complete the “sausage hiding” we will see packaging games played all over the place.

Can’t speak for you, but remember when a pound of coffee was actually 16-ounces net weight?  Nowadays, when you hit a typical online retailer (and schedule curbside) you get crazy weights.

Like “Folgers Classic Roast Ground Coffee, Medium Roast, 11.3-Ounce  3 dollars and 92 cents$3.92 (Unit cost of) 34.7 cents/oz.”  Which is 0.3342 liters and  0.70625 of a pound. No logic there.

So, instead, we buy super-gonzo large house brand for 16.2 cents and ounce, all the while wondering how Dunkin’ coffee can command more than 43 cents an ounce.  AYFKM?

Kerry:  Smear or Traitor?

Put your thinking cap on and take a gander at this Fox story:  “Iran’s foreign minister says John Kerry told him about Israeli covert operations in Syria.”  Article goes on to say this was Kerry back-stabbing the Trump administration efforts to toughen up with Tehran.

Why are we not surprised?

Still, Iran doesn’t come with “clean hands” making such claims.  In fact, since as one commentator puts it “Biden is reading off Obama’s teleprompter” they could just be making an example out of Kerry if they don’t get more pallets of cash from the OBiden administration to fund their terror network.

Thing is, they know a “soft touch” when they see it.  And the double-damn is China’s got to be watching, too.

Randomly Noted

CNBC figuresSome members of the ‘Saturday Night Live’ cast are confused and annoyed to have Elon Musk host show.”   OK, we’re confused, too:  Shouldn’t he like, you know, be making cars, or something?  Or maybe talking to lawyers since Amazon is challenging the NASA contract to SpaceX and Ure’s new SpaceX ground station ain’t here yet…  Worse still?  WSJ reports Tesla makes more money trading tulips bitcoin than making cars.  Sheesh.

Diversity ain’t selling as the Oscars fell flat in ratings.  Still, a gush-on-cue from the NYH Times in Anthony Hopkins’ Oscar Win Ends Night Highlighted by Diversity.  Hopkins’ award is way overdue but we knew that without the silly “speeches.”

Privacy matters:  NPR’s take on Apple Rolls Out Major New Privacy Protections For iPhones And iPads is worthwhile.  How to do the settings from LifeHacker are here.

Speaking of Which:  If you use Microsoft Edge and you have third-party cookies turned off.  Look again.  One of the updates seems to have turned that flag off.  (Ure was pissed.)  Can’t we trust anyone but Linux, anymore?

Sure as hell can’t trust heavily leftist infiltrated social media.  See Fake Chicago Police tweet that purports to state ‘We are all Derek Chauvin’ not being removed by Twitter: CPD for example.

Back with the Case-Shiller Housing report after the top of the hour.

Enjoying a rather quiet and peaceful day so far. Dow Futures up 15 and S&P up 5…the hype never ends, does it?

Will we know more after the central counterfeiter’s meeting this week?  Doubtful.  Their way-late M1 and M2 dance should come out Thursday on a massively delayed and covered up basis.  So inflation can take more people by surprise.  Why gold isn’t over $3,000 and silver north of $40 is beyond me.  Such is the price of being an economic fundamentalist.

Write when you get rich,

13 thoughts on “Inflation Rears, Housing Pending, Traitor Named?”

  1. RE: Inflation, or in this case, FED-flation, CNN headlines “Biden to raise minimum wage for federal contractors to $15 an hour.”

    Good thing, right! Ah, but down in the budget sausage making plant, bid prices MUST rise accordingly, so Uncle Sam will have to pay out more for every single new contract let. Those extra payouts ultimately come from via ‘we the taxpayers’, meaning all Americans will eventually be stuck funding Biden’s ‘executive order’ mandating pay raises to federal contractors across all branches of government . . . and that’s a lot of mulah!

    And what about existing contracts which have already been let? Do contractors have to eat Biden’s pay raise or let some current employees go? If the former, every previously approved contract will require a funding modifications, which will also incur an additional program administrative costs. If the latter, unemployment numbers (and stimulus checks) will increase. Newton’s 3rd Law applies.

    • “Good thing, right! Ah, but down in the budget sausage making plant, bid prices MUST rise accordingly,”

      The catcher on this… is you can’t live on fifteen dollars an hour in.most areas…
      And.. You cant live on 75.00 dollars an hour if you live in Sanfran cali..
      So in reality a minimum wage hike is just a political propaganda move.

  2. Kerry was a traitor then and he is still one now. He and Hanoi Jane…..sorry, won’t go on. I will never forget what they did. Still hear my friends when I sleep. They deserve better.

    • How does Kerry get tossed in the same basket as Jane Fonda? Please explain. Apparently I missed something at some time in the distant past. I don’t care for Kerry’s politics, but Jane Fonda???

  3. Big hail.

    Five or six days ago, in a state of half-sleep in the wee small hours, with my butt in bed, and my marriage-saving radio earplug in, I vaguely heard a warning on WLW (700 AM) about Big Hail for this Saturday coming, May 1st. Baseball size was definitely mentioned, specifically.

    Now, in the last few days we had a very big garage tag sale, and I was strongly motivated to get it done, finished, and cleaned up, and the left-overs disposed of, BEFORE Saturday, May 1st. This mania has been driving me with a sense of near-manic urgency all week. Constantly, in the back of my mind was the drumbeat of Big Hail Saturday.

    And my over-arching purpose was to get the garage freed up, and get the two cars safely back in and under cover for Saturday’s Big Hail storms.

    This kind of behavior is extremely unusual for me. I’m a pretty normal, easy-going guy.

    Was this a dream, “covered” by a screening but inaccurate dream-memory?

    We’ll know Saturday, maybe.

    (We’re in south-central North Carolina, so our weather comes from southwest of here for the most part, a day or three earlier. Like maybe sometime around Wednesday, April 28th or so, southwest of here might see big, bad weather if there’s anything to this.)

  4. “Traitor named”

    too Humanity – Ure friend and fellow global control freak=anti Bitcoin.. Klaus nueSchwabiland .

    ? is this nosti’s physician of great disease, just an agent of the roths – or Both.

    Dr Copper is once again calling with news of srching hot, infra red like INFLATION – G’s fav TAX..”everybody gets a piece of their ass bit off with each and everything U spend Ure ducats”
    “The Doctor” is only .10 cents off All Time High..
    oldster version

    So hot we gonna need some water – U have been watching, no?

  5. Apple and privacy in the same sentence? My macmini calls home every time I open any ap or turn the wifi on. Other times as well to report just about any activity.
    Bitcoin at zero percent pays more than some sovereign bonds as I just saw pointed out by a genius analyst.

  6. Gold may not be ‘north of $3,000’ but Palladium ask is now over $3.000! Is ‘cold fusion’ being developed?

  7. Anyone keeping up with Monkey Werx might be interested in today’s video. He goes much more in depth as to why the Park Police helo that was shadowing Marine 1 to Delaware and back was so extraordinarily odd. Today he follows the PP helicopter to other locations at odd times at night. It may be medically related to “Flash Bang’s” condition. You decide.

  8. “You know: Health food.”

    Got that small display popcorn canon…lol lol lol
    Ihave thebig one coming but heck this one rocks..
    It was by far the most fun I’ve had in a while lol…1/4 cup of rice will make a good two bowls of cereal lol..
    Startling to pop it open.. a good heart starter and you better wipe your shorts later lol lol lol.. so.. the big one will make a whole package of kabang away lol lol

  9. Been following Monkey on that topic and it is VERY interesting! Also i have been
    following G.S. Stewart and what he has written is Fascinating and very helpful in knowing whats to come shortly.

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