Housing Rocks On

Just out from Case-Shiller/S&P/CoreLogic:

The S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller U.S. National Home Price NSA Index, covering all nine U.S. census
divisions, reported a 12.0% annual gain in February, up from 11.2% in the previous month. The 10-City
Composite annual increase came in at 11.7%, up from 10.9% in the previous month. The 20-City
Composite posted an 11.9% year-over-year gain, up from 11.1% in the previous month.
Phoenix, San Diego, and Seattle reported the highest year-over-year gains among the 20 cities in February. Phoenix led the way with a 17.4% year-over-year price increase, followed by San Diego with a 17.0% increase and Seattle with a 15.4% increase. Nineteen of the 20 cities reported higher price increases in the year ending February 2021 versus the year ending January 2021.

Before seasonal adjustment, the U.S. National Index posted an 1.1% month-over-month increase, while
the 10-City and 20-City Composites both posted increases of 1.1% and 1.2% respectively in February.
After seasonal adjustment, the U.S. National Index posted a month-over-month increase of 1.1%, and the 10-City and 20-City Composites both posted increases of 1.1% and 1.2% respectively as well. In February, all 20 cities reported increases before and after seasonal adjustments.

“Strong home price gains continued in February 2021,” says Craig J. Lazzara, Managing Director and
Global Head of Index Investment Strategy at S&P DJI. The National Composite Index marked its ninth
month of accelerating prices with a 12.0% gain from year-ago levels, up from 11.2% in January. This
acceleration is also reflected in the 10- and 20-City Composites (up 11.7% and 11.9%, respectively).
The market’s strength continues to be broadly-based: all 20 cities rose, and 19 cities gained more in the 12 months ended in February than they had gained in the 12 months ended in January.

And looking at the price charts?

With the data out, Dow futures down 27, S&P Futures up 2…so mixed bag.

More for on inflation-ahead for subscribers to our Peoplenomics site tomorrow…


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  1. A quick glance at some home builder’s web catalog a few weeks ago showed them putting up 2-3k sq ft McHouses for about $500k. So that means you make $60k a year for sitting in a house at 12% ? So far lumber, steel and copper have doubled in price, roofing, windows and all the rest next? That would be a permanent inflation lock in if home buyers refuse to take a loss when they sell.

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    Have a wonderful day.

  3. I was just told in meditation that is is the beginning of what is known in the future as “the gathering”.

    The vote starts “The gathering.”

    It is a benevolent move provision by the Councel of Higher Powers to allow Humanity finaly choose their destiny as opposed having it be dictated to them through the prophets and other influences.
    Humanity is finally given a choice and not be swayed and influenced. It’s a leap in the evolution and maturity of the Human Race and its ability to exercise itself as a collective free will.

    I’m trippin dude. My mind is running so fast right now. I can barely grasp it. I get flash moments of it. And it is has mind bending implications and is a very good thing.

    It advances our species to a higher position as bevelant beings. This is all new stuff since I quit. And you talked me into coming back. I feel so humbled to be a working cog in this mechanism. This is soo much bigger than me.

  4. Between India’s mutant strain, Afghan withdrawal, and Syria, if the balloon is not going up right now, when?

  5. Rock on baby . Git on the gravy ..wow gold stories !!! Depression special!!! Cook it up gurus

  6. G – Dude,

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  7. Rut row mr G,

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