Yes. Money Does Buy Happiness

Even with inflation coming, if you have even grocery money, you can hedge. We tackle some absurdities are we review some of the obvious untruths and lies about Money.  These are programmed into us from a very young age.

The good news is that with a minimum of effort, you can do your own “de-programming” in the comfort of your own home.

But, you will need to move quickly.  For, as we detail this morning, that “inflation in the pipeline” is coming for our dreams.

First, some headlines, and then back to ground Truth about Money.

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58 thoughts on “Yes. Money Does Buy Happiness”

  1. “And maybe tweeting that we should abolish the police isn’t the smartest thing to do because almost fucking no one wants to do that. ”

    I think that is exactly what is going to happen…. it is really hard to get officers to patrol the most dangerous ghetto’s of our nation already.. way back and I mean way back.. in the early seventies.. it was a death sentence if you were sent to patrol the ghetto in DC alone or with just one other officer. they went in groups of six then.. Now BLM and an administration neutering the police.. granted there were a few random acts of discrimination .. and these should be dealt with.. but to neuter the whole bunch.. well that was just stupid in my opinion.. the vast majority of us would never make a leisurely stroll in any of those neighborhoods.. Fear ranks high on the officers as well.. every time they have to go into a neighborhood like that..we would do fire watches and patrol the perimeter fences way back when .. and even then you could hear screams of people being mugged raped or beaten in the park just up the hill.. being a naive kid back then I walked into a bar for a drink.. the whole thing got deathly quiet.. luckily a young black man that I worked with pretended to take me out and beat me to save my life.. I was in the wrong neighborhood wrong bar and definitely the wrong color..

    • Why don’t need firearm ownership and police.

      We all agree “when seconds matter…”

      If a gun owner wants police, that means the gun owner has no intention of defending themselves with their firearm. That firearm owner puts us all at risk by having their firearm in circulation.

      Americans were forced at gun point during the Whiskey Rebellion and repelled during the massive Bonus Army demonstration.

      Side bars are all over the place.

      Four dead in Ohio.
      Randy in Ruby Ridge.
      Dave in Waco.
      Ed and Elaine Brown (jailed tax protesters).
      Crime fighters were protecting Epstein.
      All the Capitol rioters are going down one by one.

      In your story – screaming rapes over the hill – the people refused to defend themselves and the police refused to do their jobs. If someone will let another person rape their mom or sister, I’m not helping them.

      • “If a gun owner wants police, that means the gun owner has no intention of defending themselves with their firearm. ”

        Or it means they’re facing a mob and really don’t want to shoot a bunch of weakassed followers

        or they’ve already shot someone and need a police report filed

        or (and by far, most-frequently) it means they stopped a criminal act without firing a shot, and simply wish to alert the police that the perp is still on the loose…

        “Gun owner” does not equate to “executioner.”

    • This entire ‘defund (abolish) the police’ thing is part of the master plan to eliminate locally-controlled police forces and replace them with a federal police force. When the police are not controlled or even influenced by local mores, the ‘force’ part of their name comes into play. They will answer only to federal authority, and their word will BE the law.

      • You don’t understand what “defund” means as it relates to the police. It is a horrible slogan. It should have been “reform”. The state police where I live are a crime syndicate with all of them screwing taxpayers over for overtime. Another city just put seven cops on paid leave for drugs and abuse of citizens.

        Reforming works. It saves lives and money and makes it better for the cops too. The bad cops make it bad for the good cops.

        Camden and Newark have had lots of success. In Newark last year cops didn’t fire a single shot, claims of brutality, like the crime rate, is dropping and Newark didn’t have to settle a single case last year for the first time ever.

        “In 2013, Camden disbanded its city police at the behest of state and local lawmakers. At the time, there were about 200 police officers, according to the county spokesperson, but 30 percent would call out absent on any given day. In response, city officials came together to enact a new plan: disband the city police, including the expensive police union contract, and rehire more police under the local county jurisdiction of the same name.”

    • I go there all the time — Black, White, Latino — no issues. There are two secrets (now three*):

      !) Accept the people as people, and just talk AND LISTEN to them.
      * 3) Don’t go where outside agitators are present. Talk to the folks who live in the neighborhood, not the bâtards who’re trying to burn it down…

  2. Here in the city we have our own “country store.” I started years ago. Between mobility issues from a connective tissue disease and not being fond of shopping it was just the thing to do. It is a little tricky at times though. For instance, we have a military move coming up in 10 to 11 months and have decided to sell our RV. The house will be sold, too. We do feel a lack of control over timing. Moving all of that is doable, but not fun. (We don’t allow movers to handle it.)

  3. for paper towels.. these are really awesome… I usually carry a few in the car along with the portable urinals..
    It was hell when the city here decided to go SanFran on me. LOL.. Just let er loose on the sidewalk or parking lot the bathrooms are closed due to covid… LOL.. the funniest one was the soda delivery guy.. he had to use the toilet for a bowel movement .. no toilet paper or paper towels.. he was so disgusted LOL LOL LOL…
    just wipe the dirt from under your nails.. LOL LOL..

    • Vets from M.E. & Trashganistan will tell ya the best way to roll is wet wipes. Hot desert, plastic bag, duty..wet wipe or cheap harsh dry paper..prior going out on patrol? small travel packs – literally saved my arse several trips/flights.

  4. “At what point does hoarding begin and careful advance planning become what’s going on?”

    Phew.. I look at your wet pantry and think.. my.. that wouldn’t even last a month here.But then I have to take into account you have two people for the household.. .
    4 cans of vegitables a day.. roughly 120 can’s per month..
    our grocery list for just next week.. 48 can’s of green beans, 24 mixed vegitable, 72 corn..24 sliced carrots, 24 pinto beans, 24 kidney beans, 6 great northern beans, 12 tomato paste, 5 pineapple, 1 fruit coctail, 12 peaches, 6 plumbs, 12 oranges, 6 italian style diced tomatoes, 12 tomato sauce, 4 sweet baby rays barbque, 24 cream of mushroom 24 cream of chicken, 24 cream of celery, 24 cream of bacon, 2 cases of bottled water, 4 lbs of bacon, six dozen eggs, one gallon of sweet cream, two cases of gatorade.. two cases of laundry detergent, one case of bleach.. six of bleach tablets.. two boxes of oxyclean,,
    and fortunately I don’t have a big list this month.. not counting on the snack tray.. a lot of stuff they aren’t selling at the stores.. I have to order that on amazon..
    That is the wet food.. but then you just have the two of you so you don’t have to have as much.. I have grandkids running around.. and five in the household.. our grocery bill runs about 2500.00 a month At four dollars a meal and one dollar per snack and three snacks a day..

    • the freeze dried and emergency long term storage is another matter all together..

    • Hoarding is the act of collecting scarce resources.
      Preparing is the act of collecting resources before they become scarce.

    • Dry canning supplies are a good thing to keep on hand. Foods like legumes, grains, and rice, along with select fruits and vegetables become available in large quantities at harvest time in non-industrial settings, then become scarce. Dry canning with plastic buckets, resealable metallized plastic bags and oxygen absorber packets allow safe storage with a minimum expenditure of energy and minimum capital investment. Freeze drying is the next level up, both in quality and required resources. Freeze drying requires power, but is very effective. Home grinding and dehydrating equipment goes along with that. Your goal should be maximum flexibility with minimum reliance on the grid and refinery products to store food in large quantities.
      Even if you don’t keep a supply of store-bought storage food, you should consider laying in a stock of the buckets, bags and oxygen absorbers required to make the dry canning work. Buckets nest, and all will fit in storage totes. The idea is to have the supplies in hand that require functioning industrial society to produce. The same goes for wet canning. You won’t be finding canning lids in a grid down scenario. While I like the convenience of refrigeration and freezers, those items require massive infrastructure to keep them running. I do have some emergency solar equipment, but in the area I live, I am concerned that visible solar equipment will be a magnet for officious looters under grid-down conditions.

      Looking at G____’s pantry, it looks like it would make for a good transition to higher fiber long term storage provisions in the grid-down or no-resupply scenario. The high fiber diet takes some adjustment.

      As to whether you buy anyone’s particular rationale for stocking up does not have to be germane to the discussion. I personally try to keep things on hand which allow me to adapt to conditions, rather than obsessing on any particular threat. Keeping items on hand which provide the most utility in the widest variety of scenarios is an efficient strategy. I will acknowledge that I do admire the solar power systems and the greenhouses.

      Keeping a functioning covered trailer and a vehicle with a trailer hitch is another efficient defensive strategy. Covered trailers make a nice place to store camping and related equipment. If you have everything arranged in totes, then unloading when the trailer needs to be used for other duties is somewhat less painful. An extra tote with enough new clothing to set up shop elsewhere with nothing but the trailer and the clothes on your back is a possible addition with broad application. Perhaps another tote with water gathering supplies could be handy for an extended road trip. Don’t leave home without a full size shovel and an axe. A small plastic organizer with maps, a radio, a flashlight, and a really sharp sheath knife near the door is good.

      It is amazing how many useful things people buy, stick in boxes in the attic and garage, and then forget about. If you haven’t look through that reserve and perhaps reshuffled it into a more organized collection in recent years, maybe you should think about doing that near term.

  5. It’s not just food prices that are going up.

    Between the covid and the swine flu, China is importing massive amounts of food. The food price increases will hit the labor force in the middle of the global epicenter of manufacturing, which in turn will drive up manufacturing costs.

    It make take a year, but this will translate to higher prices for just about everything.

    Everything has parts made in China. Everything.

    • Discover 800+ Made in USA companies!

      …Although, TBH, even a company like “All American Clothing Co” which uses 100% American cotton, woven in USA on an American-made loom, may have to stitch it into a pair of jeans using a Singer or Coats needle that’s now made in China.

  6. Mrs Howell from ‘Gilligans Island’ when asked if anyone thinks that money does not buy happiness: “Well anyone who thinks that just does not know where to shop!”

  7. ‘A man can’t get rich if he’s taking proper care of his family’'s

    Interesting George that you commend your reasonable low cost health expenses (another Socialist plot by Democrats to ruin you with ‘Obamacare??), but still you must find something to bash on the Democrats..btw Biden has never called for defunding the police:

    Black farmers have had it rough:

    Your new Texas congress people will likely have to answer to Black and Hispanic voters, not the White gerrymandering…

    • Knowing some “farmers of color” I can tell you the weather – unlike government – is very uniform in its punishing of farmers without regard to race, creed, gender, national origin or political affiliation.
      Media that hold one class of farmers as “more punished” are blatant racists.

  8. I have a young friend who owns a packaging company. He buys plastic bottles by the thousands. He just placed an order and was advised of a 35% price increase. They blamed it on COVID. He asked if the price would go down when the virus was gone. Still waiting for a response.

  9. “One other key story to read – because there are some genuinely refreshing stories of political candor out this week – is the one on Vox yesterday. Where democrat strategist James Carville admitted that ““Wokeness is a problem and we all know it.” ”

    The thing about the Ragin’ Cajun, or Karl Rove, or any of ’em is they are political STRATEGISTS. They make millions of dollars, every political cycle, by doing their best to get their clients elected — and they are very good at their jobs.

    It isn’t that Carville is grounded in reality, it’s that he is really, really good at what he does, and doesn’t (nor will he ever) let superfluous bullshit cloud either his thinking or his path forward. If “wokeness” played with a significant majority of likely independent (swing) voters, Carville would be the “wokest SOB on the planet,” and so would his clients…

  10. “We’ve been sort of waiting for the “tide to change” in Ukraine. From Russia going out to Russia coming in.”

    ‘Thing is, if ol’ Hal is correct, they pulled the same “withdrawal” they did in Georgia, and left all their mech in-place, thus making an “attack in-force” only a few hours away from a Kremlin “GO-signal…”

  11. Campbell’s condensed soups that’re stock-based (as opposed to tomato-based) will nearly always keep for 5 years, and often as much as 7-8. Tomato concoctions and Campbell’s heat & eat stuff, only keeps for a year or so after the sell-by date. It’s an acid thing.

    • this is a pretty common thing.. there are some that don’t use butter in their cream of whatever soup mix.. I prefer butter and then store a container of it in the fridge.
      4 cups non-fat powdered milk
      1 stick of butter ( or 1/4 cup of crisco butter flavor)
      1 cups cornstarch
      .5 cups flour
      1 tsp dried onion flakes
      2 tsp dried basil
      2 tsp dried thyme
      1 tsp pepper
      Measure all ingredients and place in a bowl. Mix and blend until it resembles cornmeal..
      When you need a can of soup, heat one cup of water on the stove. Add ? cup dry mix. Cook over low heat until thick, stirring occasionally. I find that a whisk helps it mix better than using a spoon.
      If you want a specific kind of cream of something soup, add one of the following:
      add any flavoring you would like.. for onion soup onion powder and onion flakes
      for chicken chicken broth.. you can add it in at the very beginning but I prefer plain then you can mix it with anything you want..
      –½ cup diced mushrooms
      –½ cup chopped broccoli
      –½ cup diced celery
      –½ cup shredded cheddar cheese
      –½ cup cooked, shredded or cubed chicken
      –½ cup diced tomatoes
      –1/2 cup of split peas and ham
      its your creation have fun with it..

      • “By gosh, LOOB I don’t know where you get the energy. I can barely cook for two, not a whole gang like you…”

        Boy you can say that again.. and try to keep it interesting and a variety of various meals..
        It seems like you just quit cooking to start cooking the next meal..
        The cream of whatever soup is a great thing.. quick gravy mixes and soup base.. I put a half cup of onion powder in mine but don’t have it in the recipe..

      • Oops.. it says one cup of water yo one cup of mix.. its 1/3 cup of mix to one cup of water.. oops I’m bad

  12. Many food “price increases” are hidden by diminishing the amount of product. I have a particular soft spot for frozen pot-pies (which I no longer buy.) “Marie Callender” pies used to be a very good, cheap & fast meal (and the best, from a nutritional standpoint.) After the bubble burst, they went from 17oz to 16oz. A couple years ago, they went from 16oz to 15oz, and last year ConAgra reformulated both the crust and the base stock. The crust is more like a cardboard pizza crust now, the amount of meat diminished and the amount of salt in each pie more-than doubled.

    Don’t get me started on 53oz “half-gallons” of milk or juice…

  13. Bear in-mind “Laundry detergent” is just sodium tetraborate (20 Mule Team Borax), calcium carbonate (washing soda) and plain ol’ shaved, powdered soap. Anyone can make their own and there are hundreds of recipes on the ‘Net for doing so. (I’d almost bet LOOB will post one in this thread, just to show y’all how easy it is…)

    Bleach is easy. I keep a couple sealed tubs of pool shock solid (“pills” or “cakes”) laying around. It’ll keep forever. It takes about two days to dissolve (reconstitute) into chlorine bleach (crushing the “pill” makes it much faster, but I ain’ta gonna mess with that stuff) and once it does, is stronger, but doesn’t have the shelf life of Clorox or liquid shock (remember, chlorine is a gas. “Bleach” is that gas, suspended in water, with an emulsifier added to slow its separation/evaporation.)


      I have a couple of these.. a little salt and a little water.. Nice little unit.
      a note on washing soda.. bicarbonate of soda changed under heat.. washing soda is basically baked bicarb.. in the process its ph level increases making it a product close to the ph level of Lye and will make you sick or kill you if you try to injest it through cooking etc. it is no longer baking soda.

    • “(I’d almost bet LOOB will post one in this thread, just to show y’all how easy it is…)”

      LOL LOL LOL YUP… I do have a couple LOL LOL LOL… I would love to make our own but the wife likes the label LOL.. I use to work as one of my hat’s making this stuff and pesticides and herbicide’s . LOL LOL
      the big issue on most of the DIY recipes is.. Storage.. of the raw materials to make the detergents or whatever..

      • “The bad cops make it bad for the good cops.”

        The problem I see OG is theres a push to make everyone believe that theres a vast majority of the officers that are bad.
        When in reality theres a very small percentage. The issues are for the vast majority are happening in high crime areas that are know for violence. And to people that are trying to escape or aren’t following instructions.
        Let’s face it if I’m a white guy in a neighborhood that the odds are I would not make it to the end of the block on a leisurely walk. I might be a tad jumpy.. I forget exactly which university did a study on this.. Stanford comes to mind .. but the caucasian students placed in the hood had to be taken out and I believe one ended up hospitalized from being gang beat. While the black and others of different ethnic cultures were not attacked in predominantly middle class neighborhoods..
        The other issues looked at was the lack of adult supervision. In the neighborhoods that were studied there was a substantial decline in adult supervision where the neighborhoods were basically being controlled by gangs.
        I get the hint that by discrediting the local police will just open the doors to marshal law.. a high crime area has to be patrolled. If they cannot find officers to patrol those areas then the logical move is bring in a marshal law. And then do like they did with covid.. limit how the information is distributed

    • “Bleach is easy. I keep a couple sealed tubs of pool shock solid (“pills” or “cakes”) laying around. It’ll keep forever. It takes about two days to dissolve (reconstitute) into chlorine bleach”

      Make sure you get the right pool shock..

  14. We’ve sold kid goats over the past two weeks and the prices we’re getting are pretty surprising. It may be due to Orthodox Easter being next week and/or we may have lost a lot of livestock in the area during the Big Freeze back in February. Local head numbers at the sheep and goat sales were way up, though, with Tuesday’s regular sale lasting through today. Hardly any of the meat makes it to our local H.E.B., though so it must be going back East. The local Ag Agent calls it the “Ethnic Market” and it’s what’s been keeping goat ranchers afloat for many years. Given all that, though, be prepared for meat prices to double from here. Haven’t sold any calves yet, though.

    • My cow is already in the field.. and the date is set for the same time every year at the lockers..
      What we dont have is a hog in the pen..

  15. Don’t miss out . Masters of psyops . Paranoia , anxiety , repetition, fear . And most of all discredit and isolate folks like me . AAhh George so well trained . But alas the Jedi are strong . May the 4th day of Jedi . Could be a diabolical outcome for the dark side

  16. bit of a cult thing this mask wearing !! its like im a reset facist ! you all look a bit like muslims . burka thing . gees veges are us USSA USSA USSA.. thats the worst load of sheet to come out of any FED fwits mouth today . no wonder jerome the jerk wears a mask so he cant spray horse sheet everywhere . deflationary depression baby . no other type

  17. “Some people just don’t know good clean dirt when they see it.”

    Point taken.

    Delightful read George. Easy on the eyes. I needed that. A little something to summer down my busy brain.

    You know, one of my heroes (Because I’m with George Carlin i his last stand up act (if memory serves) “f*ck Lance Armstrong! Fck his yellow shirts! and fck his one testical! And Fck Dr Phil too! I’m tired of the media telling me who my heros are supposed to be!”) Was this guy Sal and His Wife Betty. They were a couple of my heroes.

    This old dude when I was in my 30’s used to come in to Golds gym and I talk to alot of people. They were just the cutest couple in late 50’s maaaaybe early 60s. He would lift weights and she would run 5 miles on the treadmill and then she would do Yoga and he would ride the life cycle for an half hour, they would stretch after together. She had big triple D bolt-ons. Pretty little thing for being what I thought was maybe 58 at the oldest. Mind you I was 32 maybe.

    One day Sal asked me to spot him. He had 225lb on the bench. He said I’m going to do 6-8 reps. I said I got ya. He dont grab it till i tell ya to. He did 8 reps and i yelled 2 more. And he barely got the 10th rep up. I said good old dude. He laughed and said ya, not bad for being 76 years old today.

    I laughed and said yeah right Sal. You’re not 76 years old. Maybe 60. Maybe. He got out his driver’s license and showed me. Said see. Today is my 76 th birthday! Nobody around the gym believed him. Sure as shit he was 76 years old and put 225lbs up 10 times on bench. I said what is your secret! He thought for a minute and said, 3 things. First, I smoke a half a cigar every day at 430pm and have a dry martini. Have for 50 years, right before dinner. After dinner I have black coffee and finish my cigar. Second, I never really think I’m my age I guess. I forget how old I am. Most of the time I think I’m your age around 30, and most of the time that works. Every once in a while I realize what I’m doing is a little harder than I realize my body is 76 not 30. He said third thing is, I stop and think. I dont know why that is. everyone is in such a hurry their whole life. I said stop and think? He said yeah. Like of I go to the grocery store. When I park. I dont just jump out of the car and run in, run around the store, run to the car, load up my stuff and run home. I will park at the store, sit and think for a couple minutes, walk in the store, get my stuff. Load up the car, stop and think for a few minutes. Then drive home, park in the garage, stop and think for a few minutes then unload my stuff. My wife of 50 years learned to slow her roll from me. She will even say, let’s just sit here a minute. I said how does that make you younger?

    I will NEVER forget this:

    He said, by slowing my roll and taking my time, I make time my master not be its slave, so I dont age like everyone else.

    I will never forget that he said that as long as I live. That was before I ever met you George. And ever since he told me that. I do the exact same thing.

    Guess how old Betty was. 81 years old. Didnt look a day over 59 maybe. He wouldnt tell me how old she was but I saw them walking out the gym holding hands and I said Happy Birthday again Sal! She looked over her shoulder whispered and said I’m 81. I laughed and said nooooo way! Then she put her finger to her lips to signal shhhhh. I whispered back you are in better shape than most of the women in there fricken. 20s in there. She winked and said thanks.

    I never thought for a minute she was older looking than maybe at most late 50s.

    I got in my car and sat for a few minutes and had my first ponder. I didnt start my car and rip off like a wild young man for first time in my life.

    Everyone who sees me in person because I’m not really photogenic, says I look way younger than 50. Most think late 30s. So what Sal taught me that day was true. I moved and I saw him or her again. But I’m glad he taught me that. Just like lesson you wrote on peoplenomics today.

    Well, best go tune Edition I. Only take 3 or 4 hours.

    Thanks man

    • Good stuff Andy.
      I’ve been grinding hard lately and decided to suspend the race for a little while this morning; read Ure’s blog at a leisurely pace and breathe deep. Your words were a gift and really resonated.

    • Love this story! Taking time to think is akin to being just plain slow, which is what I am. My friends used to call me “turtle.” My kids learned early on that I couldn’t be rushed. Could be that moving slowly gives me the time to think that Sal got when he just sat. So maybe that’s why people always think I’m about 10+ years younger than I am. Even when young, I looked even younger. In my late twenties, a group of eight of us went to a bar. I was the oldest of them all, but I was the only one carded. Sal was onto something, for sure!

    • It’s all about caring for yourself first. Electrical contractor who changed out my meter box and breaker panel was talking to me in the yard about the upgrades. I told him this was my retirement home. He stopped, stunned, and stared at me. “You don’t look old enough to be retired!” he said. I thanked him but told him my real age.

  18. Uhem he said. “I master time not be its slave.'”

    That is what he said. I dont know how that came out like that. Too much on my brain probably.

    I never saw them again. They probably 100 years old now. Lol

    • Andy, I think the couple you described were maintaining a stress free life. Stress is most certainly a killer. Strangely enough, people who retire from a stressful job in whatever field, be it business or military related, can be affected by the sudden absence of stress. Think about cortisol levels and adrenal glands. Your very interesting couple kept stress away with meditation and just keeping a calm and relaxed mental state wherever they went. Thanks.

      • Big problem in the military community, probably in released convict one as well. In the military, there are three groups — 3 and done, retire as soon as possible, and never retire until forced to. Transitioning to a civilian life when you’re a 30 year military dog and don’t know how to be anything else can be extremely stressful. People don’t listen to you, you can’t bark orders, you have to find reason in chaos. It’s enough to drive one to drink.

  19. I hope you all shorted the market. Tomorrow will be a red arrow pointing down day once people hear the tax plan.

    We need a new catch phrase, like “sell before tax talk, then take a walk”.

    • I took your advice and went to the casino instead. Still lost it all. That 22 game is hard to win and I don’t see why so many people keep trying.

  20. The single most important survival food is ..
    Men tend to survive far longer when their women have chocolate!!!

  21. Just finished the page at Stu’s, to which you linked. My sole comment:

    “Why are the numbers of future dead being published on such websites like, clearly operated by a former intelligence-insider, Dr. Edwin A. Deagle Jr., who recently passed away on February 16th, 2021.”

    How soon after Deagle passed away, did the unsettling numbers at change?

    Since Deagle was the driving force behind his website and also its intelligence source, WHO CHANGED THE NUMBERS?

  22. Hey dude. I’d call ya old but I’m old too. Ure just older. FYI: ~THE Zero Report~ Edition (I) is available only website at the link to purchase. The price is $45.00. It 37 pages long. Contains some raw data and of course 20% of all proceeds go to the Union Gospal Mission in Spokane, Wa to help feed and find shelter for the homeless.

    It runs from our current date all the way with some info into 2061.

    If you wish to purchase it.

    I’m fricken soo tired dude. That was alot of work on my brain. Good night. Lol

    • “of course 20% of all proceeds go to the Union Gospal Mission in Spokane, ”

      Spokane where the luckiest men alice reside..
      I sure n heck dont have a clue what draws the women to Spokane but it does.. there are more playing ladies in spokane than any other city with the the exception of vegas..

  23. Yeah . Waste of time . Nobody even contemplated anything apart from greed and madness . Good luck to you all.

  24. So the 30s , 87 , 2000 , 08 /09 they where just a dream . All the books , technicians , that was all make beleive . Nah time to go long

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